I hope you will all respect my opinion as I want to respect Liam's Blog so I am taking my reasoning to another platform.

Personally I have no incentive to leave this wiki. What do i gain from leaving this wiki. A majority of the people who are active on chat speak to me rarely and if they do it is usually to fight with me which is not fun for any of us. So if I go and join your new wiki that is all I have to look forward too, being excluded from your group more.

Also if I leave I lose all the history that I have spent the last 5 years working on. To me the 11,000 edits I have are important as the Featured Camper, Featured Camp and other awards I have won here. If I leave this wiki I feel that I would lose all of that. I also have a lot of blogs, tables and camps that I have participated in or made that I do not want to transport or can't transport since they are so old. Also I have older friends like TeamNoah and Seth who come here periodically just to talk to me and if I switched wikis they would not know where to find me.

Finally I really have no interest in making FanFics or anything that is not a camp. I am here to compete and it seem to me on this new wiki there will be No Role plays or Camps.

Just a combination of not feeling included in the community and not wanting to lose the history I have worked so hard to create and waning to only do camps makes me want to stay here. If you all want to go and create a new wiki all power to you but as for me I am going to stay unless circumstances change. You can leave comment below but please respect my opinion as I have respected yours

-- Holden is my name and winning camps is my game 03:02, July 30, 2015 (UTC)

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