Happy Friday!!!!!

I wanna say HAPPY belated B-DAY to owenguy101 (sorry buddy)

Its been a short week because its already FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

A reminder to myself and you guys, I wont be here monday-sunday (well ill try to get on this sunday).

And for my ultimate CARMELLDANSEN drawings i got pairs (and some tripletes) HAVE ANY QUESTIONS about these pair (or triplets)


Love, Sorrie

p.s. if you are a guy paired with a guy IM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!


1. Nalyd and TDIfan

2. Sunshine and Matt

3. Sorrie , Codaa, Rocky

4. TDI19 and Redflare (sorry)

5. Nonny and T-tang (sorry)

6. Caramella and Owester

this is it so far

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