Good News Edit

1.Im happy!

2. Im much happy


4. A MIRACLE JUST HAPPENED!!!! I just got a new laptop and i might be still editing here! I tried to imagine what would've happened here without me, i would've missed yall!!!

Bad News Edit

now to the horrbile news

1. Caramelldnasen project is now official called off!

2, I think this is horrible right now so if we were LYLAS AND LYLABS i recommend to umm i dont know how to put this but read it!!!!

Soon you guys might not see me much now, in the past weeks I've been spending time at Warriors Wiki, and was appointed Project Characters Warrior (meaning i help out with stubs) and Its been kinda difficult to keep up with both wikias and know that school is gonna start in 3 weeks and that im going to be gone cause of camps I may not edit here as much, like Total Drama Island Fanfic. It was a difficult descion Tdicamps wikia or warriors wiki. I ve noticed how most of you all changed (in a good way) so i choose Warriors Wiki cause thats my first wikia and I made new friends there. DONT WORRY THOSE WHO ARE MY FRIENDS!!! I LUV YALL AS SISTERS BROTHERS AND FRIENDS!!!!! So i may not edit here much next week!

What happened to Sorrie's Friend list? Edit

Well if you guys checked my user page my friend lists is gone and im gonna receal the 11 friends who deserves the SORRIE FRIEND AWARD!!!! (whooo clap bang whateve!)

Tdifan1234 you deserve cause you my 1st buddy and your random ah-mazing and a great drawer,

Sunshine- you deserve cause we used to be close and all that, girl what happened lately we arent close anymore (i nearly cried while i typed this)

Ezekielguy- you deserve cause you are also one of my 1st buddies!

Codaa5- you deserve this cause you are also my 1st buddies

Redflare- you deserve cause we are like cousins! and i see you at warriors wikia!!!

Rocky!- you deseve cause we are kinda like bro and sis but i dont talk to you no more so that puts us as cousins but here the award!

TDI19- you deserve cause we are like bro and sis as well but WHERE ARE YOU??????? well if you ever read this YAH!!!

D-Scope- you deserve cause we are well friends!

Owester- you deserve cause you are nice and you make awesome camps

Anonymous- you deserve cause you are my buddy

Tunertang- you deserve cause you are my buddy as well

Nalyd- you deserve casue your a good admin and a strong player (you are and trust me i know who will win Ravioli Academy (points to myself) LA LA LA)

Sprinklemist- you deserve cause your cool like that

WM- you deserve cause we are buddies like that

TDAfaN- you deserve cause we are cool like that too \

Wait... there is more awards??? Edit

Well yea~

The Artist AwardEdit

- the artist awards is for those who take time and effort in their art. They try their hardest and it always comes out good! So far I have choosen 3 users that has earned this award!

SUNSHINE- you a great drawer!

SPRINKLEMIST- Im really impressed on what you can do!

TDIFAN- luv the drawings!

NIZzy- makeover=10

Zekey- your drawing are funny LOL

The Editor award- Edit

These are the top 6 campers (says in Top Campers)







The Senior Editor awardEdit








The randomness award Edit

-This goes to those who are well random like meh!






The Admin Award Edit

- these goes to the Admins, because they have been here for a while and likes to help with stuff

NALYD- The creator of the ah-mazing wikia, great job on being an admin

TDI19- BFF LOL, one of my oldest friends along with those who are gonna recieve the Senior Editro awards!

REDFLARE- my cousin-like friend! Great admin as well

SUNSHINE- another award eh? LOL great job so far!

Webkinz Mania- learned you were an admin

wanna say PEACE OUT TO YALL!!!

love sorrie!