aka Sorrel

  • I live in North America
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is being a cat!
  • I am a cat :3
  • Sorreltail18

    Awards Awards Awards! I selected an amount of users to get these special-fantastic awards :) this is the 2nd year of the awards that i give out every august :) The awards will be up (in the same blog) soon :)

    All the admins

    I like to say: all the admins deserve something. Thank you for all your hard work, and helping others.

    1. Nalyd Renrut- creator of this wikia, what could we do without you

    2. Sunshine- my ravioli pixie friend :)

    3. Tdifan1234- always there when theres a friend in need

    4. Kenzen11- my good friend, always here on this wiki

    5. Chiimmy- you worked hard for this admin position, despite being new when appointed, you are a hard worker

    (the top five most editting users)

    Nalyd Renrut (aka Nalyd)

    Chimchar2356025 (aka Chimmy)


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  • Sorreltail18

    Sorrie is back... If you guys don't know.

    I was reading all my past blogs... All the users that I knew, and ya. I wonder if I can pull of that one caramelldansen project I planned like a year ago...

    Everythings changed. I don't see a lot of the old users, there's so many new users, so many admins, it crazyyyy

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  • Sorreltail18

    sorrie made another blog! and now shes out of ideas hahaha

    lately i have been seeing snakes with swim googles in the snow =^.^=

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  • Sorreltail18

    a very random blog

    November 10, 2009 by Sorreltail18

    I was bored.... and random... i wanted to make a random blog

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  • Sorreltail18


    August 6, 2009 by Sorreltail18

    I HAVE GOOD NEW A HORRIBLE NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1.Im happy!

    2. Im much happy


    4. A MIRACLE JUST HAPPENED!!!! I just got a new laptop and i might be still editing here! I tried to imagine what would've happened here without me, i would've missed yall!!!

    now to the horrbile news

    1. Caramelldnasen project is now official called off!

    2, I think this is horrible right now so if we were LYLAS AND LYLABS i recommend to umm i dont know how to put this but read it!!!!

    Soon you guys might not see me much now, in the past weeks I've been spending time at Warriors Wiki, and was appointed Project Characters Warrior (meaning i help out with stubs) and Its been kinda difficult to keep up with both wikias and know that school is gonna …

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