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    July 4, 2011 by Redflare


    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    May 8, 2010 by Redflare

    Just posting my survivor fanfic because koopa told me to.

    If it messes up then too BAD!

    Survivor Lol Fanfic Host: Courtney Yates Minaju Tribe: Janet Koth (Amazon) Ghandia Johnson (Thailand) John Raymond (Thailand) Becky Lee (Cook Islands) Brianna Valera (Guatemala) Siobhan Magnus (American Idol Season 9) Junus Tribe: James Clement (China) Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands) Colby Donaldson (Australia) Rob Mariano (Marquesas) Stephanie Lagrossa (Palau) Barry Bonds (Base Ball player) Linox Tribe: Debb Eaton (Australia) Joanna Ward (Amazon) Wanda Shirk (Palau) Linda Spencer (Africa) Crystal Cox (Gabon) Greg Buis (Palau Tiga/Borneo [Note Borneo will be referred to as Palau Tiga]

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    Hello Long time no see

    April 2, 2010 by Redflare

    Well hi I finally got a chance to say hi, and I mean to say a few things. So there are a few things I have seen you guys talk about that need to be taken care of. So the things are: 1) The Wikia 2) Survivor (which you guys have no taste in) 3) Villains 4) Congradulations

    But before I start I have a question. Who won total drama author 3? That was Chimmy right?

    I have to say you guys have taken care of the wikia very, very well. I am proud to have seen you guys go through so much. I started out disliking most people because of the soul fact that they talked to much but then I got used to them and now I like them all a lot.

    Especially Sunshine, if you are reading this when you were new I was very impressed with your work, though I thought you w…

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    My camp experience

    November 1, 2009 by Redflare

    So yeah i was just on youtube it was the finale for a tdi camp I was on and I WON!!!!!!! I was so happy but i knew all along i would win no one even posed a threat to me. I openly dominated the game and i was handed a space in the finals. Kind of like i was planning with Total Drama World.

    So the camp was like TDI but with characterrs from Vh1. I was New York from Flavor of love and I love New York. There were two teams the Gold team and the green team.

    Gold team- Ashley(Rock of love) Farah(Rock of love) Newyork(Flavor of love)-ME Bootz(Flavor of love) Flex (Daisy of love) London (Daisy of love) Big Rig (Daisy of love) Donald (Megan wants a millionaire)

    I don't remember all the green team members but the 5 that made it t the merge were Gia (r…

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    Okay i have seen some things on the wiki lately and i have to adress them here. These need to be handled.

    LEAVE HIM ALONE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TBTF IS AWSOME!!!!!

    Look I am tired of you all being mean to him, your excuse is..."Well he's not exactly nice." Tell me what has he ever done to you. I bet 99% of people here don't have anything against him. He's gone through some tough times and i feel for him. So here is what i am saying he doesn't mean to be mean... Look what he says doesn't come out as he wanted to.

    As most of you must be wondering TDI19 is temporarly away from the wiki and he will be gone for a while i know why, but i was requested not to tell anyone. I have locked all his camps, and fanfictions until he comes back.

    I don'…

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