A lot has happened recently especially drama in the WaitWhenDidThisHappenShipping between two users. I would like to ask that we ignore the incident as a forgiving community.

Things are really heating up in the Ravioli Academy between the on-going struggle for power between me and Sorrel. Just look at this: "(Conf.)Sorrel: losing stinks *holding back tears* but if nalyd wins invincibillty i dont know who to vote off *bits lip*" That's cold. No hard feelings though, I mean, I think we ALL know who is going to win!

I set a record recently for most camps to go in a series. FIVE! Booyah!

Many people have been wondering where TDI19 is. Well, I have the answer! *opens magic envelope* He is... somewhere!

Thank you for reading! Remember to leave a comment. This is Nalyd Renrut wishing you good camping and good mental health. (You know who you are.)