About This Camp

The title image is a combination of last season's winner's, Chimmy, images from the camp. Welcome to my second character editing camp. I've made my share of character pics... Quite a number of them. You can find them here. The first Total Sprink Character Editing went fairly well, so why not make a second camp dedicated to recoloring/editing my pics? I made them very, very easy to recolor/edit. Please only use pics for characters from my stories and not other's characters or chapter images/fanart/superhero pics, unless I state otherwise. If there's some other pic of mine you want to use, let me know. This is not related to Bad Drawing iz Us, so these should be pretty, unless stated otherwise.


I think fifteen people will be the limit. Sign-Ups closed. Though, MTDM wanted to join. T_T

Reddy (Going all the way this time! >:D )

Usitgz (I'll try)

Codaa5 (I can't draw, but meh.)

Joanna- Tcf09 (im pretty sure this is drawing)

Oweguy (Gonna give this a try)

Shane (Why not? I think I can do this now that I'm used to my new art program)

Jessica(My Name)-TDALindsayfan1(Sprink, I'm gonna take this challenge!)

Kenny (I did great last season so yeah)

Christian- TDAFan99

Fanny - Oh yeah

Kev (I hope I win)

YoshiPerson (*crosses fingers*)

Nad331(I told my self no art camps but ahh what the heck)

Tdafan123(I wanna do better this time)

Dark- 15th person

MTDM (Thank You Sprink! :D)

Pre-Game Chat

Sprink: Welcome interested parties.

reddy; Hiya sprink! im gonna go all the way this time1 >:D

Joanna: ahah mee too:)

Reddy: You werent in last time ;) XD

Joanna: ...whatever im still going far XD

Kenzen:I am going all the way Reddy so back off XD

Reddy:Poor Ken, cuz I'm gonna win! XD :P


Joanna: silly silly boys ahah:)... im gonna win case closed!!!>:)

Reddy: We'll see when the first challenge closes. But right now everyone has a clean slate, well, IDK about the pol who were in the first *cough*MeKennyShaneEtc.*cough*

Shane: I'm fairly confident now that I can re-color Sprink's characters with that new art program. I'm used to it now, so I'll do my best! I don't know if I will win, but I'll do my best.

Reddy: I hope I win this time. I went down third place last time, and I want to prove I can win a camp XD

Jessica: I just hope I win...the highest Ive gotten in a camp is sixth...

Fanny: I'm ready! Beware, xD

Reddy: THIRD PLACE RECIPIENT OF LAST SEASON IN DA HOUZE! xD watch out! >:D im watcvhing you, ken XD

Fanny: Gonna kick some butts. I'm hoping for second place and I'm gonna take my time with these pics.

Sprink: Lots of smack talk. XD As winner of the last TSCE, Chimmy can comment and submit a pic whenever she wants. It would just be for fun though. I'll also ask her for challenge suggestions, too, sometimes.

YP: NO!!!!!! I will win!

Fanny: GET THE CHALLENGE UP! please? xD

Reddy: Im gonna win! >:D

Sprink: It'll be up when sign-ups are filled up.

Jessica: I'm gonna win!

Kenzen: RUNNER UP OFF LAST SEASON GONNA KICK YO BUTTOXES*points to Owe, Reddy, Jessica, Joanna, Fanny, Shane, and Sprink*

Usitgz: I'm new at this!

Sprink: Challenge tomorrow, maybe.

Reddy: I'm willing to give my spot to MTDM, ice had a shot at this (MTDM reply if you accept :) )

Sprink: It wouldn't kill me to add one more contestant than I planned. I just chose sixteen to not have an overwhelming amount of contestants, but sixteen should be fine.

MTDM: Thank you Sprink! :D

Chimmy: Just saw that I could comment now. :P

Challenge 1

For the first challenge I would like you to make a character model from either Total Drama: Boney Island, Total Drama Reality, Total Drama Tropics, Total Drama Wilderness, Total Drama Time Travel, Endurance, or Total Drama Infinity and edit them as their 35 year old selves. This challenge will be due in two Tuesdays from today. Have fun, as always.

Chat 1 & Pictures

Sprink: Welcome to the first challenge. I look forward to the entries.

MTDM: We have a long time. :) BTW, ty Sprink. :)

Dark : that was a little easy

Shane: I just now saw the challenge, I'll do it tomorrow if I have time. But I'm not gonna procrastinate. Trust me, I'll get this done soon.

Fanny: Can we do Endurance or no?

Reddy: IDK what to do, I've tried Xiomara, herman, Dirk;all failed

Sprink: Fanny, if you give permission for everyone to use the Endurance characters. I guess I'll add them to the list.

Reddy: I can tell this season will be a lot harder than last season...:|

Nad331: Can it be ANYONE from Total Drama Time Travel...anyone at all? Like, I don't know, someone besides Daisuke, Cleo, Quog, Julietta, Love Possum, Inga, Xiomara, Ira, Crimson Rose, El Serpiente, Therese, Robert, Millie, Jon Pierre, Florence, Mark, Sandi, Leopold, Bianka, Sir Perlative, and Roxie?

Sprink: They have to have a character model that I drew. Alexander's the only one you didn't list, so if that's who you mean, you can use him. XD

Dark: I was gonna make Alexander a zombie XD

Nad331: I did want to use Alexander, but seeing as we have to draw them as their 35 year old selves....

Sprink: You can still do that. This challenge isn't related to plot line. (Plus, no one ever did an Alexander edit, even though I think he has a strong pic...)

Fanny: You have my permission. I'd like to see them recolored.

Reddy;done1 :D


Sprink: Nad had trouble uploading his pic, so here it is.

MTDM: Mine sucks. :(

Tdafan:I hope mine is good enough! I worked hard on it :)!

Kenzen:MTDM, I agree O_O... XD. Her is mine i screwed the hair up.

Dark: I decided to do a bonus pic

Jessica: I did Sky Lynn and I put Trees Save Them! on her shirt instead of writing Please Save Them! See Please/Trees

Dark: wouldn't the trees be saved or dead after 20 years? and if we put 2012 into the matter we would all be screwed

Jessica: You're right! I'll fix the shirt to say Trees, We Saved Them!

Usitgz: My version of Val s um...strange.

Judging 1

Reddy - I like what you did with the hair especially. SHe looks pretty sleazy, but there's no rule against that. The shirt looks pretty strange with a shirt under it, but I do like the color palette. This is nice, overall.

Usitgz - This is pretty weird, but believable. I imagine her more likely getting a short haircut, as opposed to getting her head shaved, though. The shirt looks fine, but the head seems a little off. Bald heads are hard to pull off.

Codaa5 - No Pic.

Joanna/Tcf09 - I like this one pretty good. It's hard to judge early pics, as my newer ones are better, honestly. I like that you tried to make it different. The hair is a good idea, but it makes her look a little older than 35. If she had one grey streak, or something like that, it may have worked better. I thin you did good overall.

Oweguy - No Pic.

Shane - No Pic.

Jessica - This is a little weird, but it is believable. I think it's pretty funny. I like it overall, and trees are awesome. XD

Kenny - This is probably my favorite entry. The suit looks really nice, except the main line button up thing seems a little off. The hair seems off, but I really like this one, though.

Christian - No Pic.

Fanny - I like this quite a lot. My only problem is the hair over her left shoulder. It looks a little too fluffy by her arm there.

Kev - No Pic.

YoshiPerson - The haircut is weird, but I like it for some reason. This looks a lot like the original picture, so it doesn't seem like a ton of effort into it. Also, save it as a PNG if you can.

Nad331 - Well, I feel like you could have done more. I get that Stevie already looks thirty-five, but you could have given him a jacket. Also, just a hint of gray in his hair and beard would have looked nice.

Tdafan123 - This is pretty good. There are some rough parts, though. Also, the hair looks odd because of the straight lines on the inside. I like the outfit, though.

Dark - I like this, a lot. It looks nice in several parts. My only issue is that he looks younger than 16 to me, for some reason. I appreciate the effort it took, though.

MTDM - Okay. The major flaw in this one is that he looks like he's eighty-five. 35 would basically be an adult, before they start lookin' real old. Also, try using the solid color fill in tool. You don't need to scribble in order to color it in. If you made Wade's body look like a bingo card, that would have been epic, even if it didn't fit the challenge...

Elimination 1 - This is tough. A bunch of you didn't submit a pic. IDK if I want to eliminate all five... But I will. Sorry, guys. This decision is tough, but I don't want to be biased. So in short, that means, Owe, Shane, Christian, Kev, and Codaa are out. Thanks for joining, guys.

Challenge 2

This challenge will be for Endurance characters, or one of Spenny's characters: Gary, Darren, or Raphael. I would like to see these ones done as no one has done them, yet. You may edit the pictures any way you want as there won't be a specific criteria. Just try to keep em pretty.

Chat 2 & Pictures

Sprink: *looks forward to pics*

Reddy: done :D


MTDM: O.O FIVE PEOPLE OUT!?!? XDDDDDDDDDDDD I thought I was gettin' the boot. And I only scribbled, 'cause the bucket tool just wasn't working. >_>

Sprink: I'm so indecisive that I usually make huge eliminations like that. XD I hope your bucket tool works for this challenge.

Kenzen:I thought Nad would get the boot, he did NOTHING to the pic V_V

Chimmy: I finally submit something! :D

Fanny: Got Candice done. Do you regonize here?

MTDM: I think I did better this time. (I g2g now.)

Usitgz: I hope you've never seen Jorge like this.

Judging 2

Reddy - This is definitely different. I do like the way it looks, minus the red marks. You did good, and made it look creative.

Usitgz - Jorge zombie... I'm not a big fan of zombie type things, but this idea was definitely creative. I think it looks good... For what it is. XD

Joanna/Tcf09 - I think this looks nice, though I don't think the gray background was necessary. There is a problem with the entry, however. I asked that you edit an Endurance character, or one of Spenny's specific characters. Not any one of Spenny's characters. I'll let it slide, though, as I see why you could get confused. I like that you made her look really girly, especially.

Jessica - XD This is nice. I like the overall idea, and the image, overall. My major issue is the pink bandanna thing, though.

Kenny - I think this looks nice. The highlight is definitely the head. He looks cool. I think my only tiny, tiny issue is that his shirt is low enough for his chest muscle to show, but you didn't draw that. I'm thinking that's why it looks slightly off.

Fanny - I like this picture, a lot. SHe looks really good this way. I like the earrings, and the extra effort they took. My main issue is the lines on the boots, but this is a good entry overall.

YoshiPerson - No Pic

Nad331 - No Pic

Tdafan123 - I actually really like the way this looks. He looks pretty cool. He looks like a happening UPS guy, though. The pants also look a little off, but I'm being nit-picky. It looks really good overall.

Dark - I love this. This is exactly what I was thinking of when I drew the picture originally, a mad scientist. Great job with the concept. The only issues I see is with the blank parts of the hair, and his left sleeve. Nice job, though.

MTDM - A million times better than last time, so I don't regret keeping you in. I like the color palette you used. He looks cool. The only issue is the brown shirt on his right side. It's a little choppy there, but great improvement.

Elimination Pick - Okay, for not submitting a picture this week... YoshiPerson and Nad are out. Thanks for joining, guys.

Challenge 3

It's opposite day! Not really... But for the challenge it is. For this challenge, I'd like for you to take a character and turn them into the opposite of what they are. So for example, you can take Quog and make him into a proper, high society guy, you can take Tamira and make her into a poor looking girl that is proud of being that way, or you can take someone like Kendall and make him a super happy dude. You can do whatever you think of that applies (even one of the examples, if you want). You can use characters from Total Drama: Boney Island, Total Drama Reality, Total Drama Tropics, Total Drama Wilderness, or Total Drama Time Travel. This picture is due next Tuesday.

Chat 3 & Pictures

Sprink: This one sounds fun... I hope it is.

Fanny: This might be my bonus pic. I'll see.

MTDM: I might start tommorow...

Kenny:I have mine, i just want to see other entries.

Jessica: Cealey had a streak...(Epic Fail)...Can I do Fiona as a goth?

Sprink: Sure, Jessica. Sorry about the Cealey mistake. XD

MTDM: Can I do Ivan as a person who think TDI SUCKS!?!? XD

Kenzen:Guys just do something

MTDM: I did Hedda as a... Uhh... non-gossiper? XD

Reddy:badboy Creigh in da houze!!!! XD

Usitgz:Normal Renee Reporting!

Tdafan: Sorry mine took so long, it took a lot of work.

Judging 3

Reddy - Neck tattoos are becoming increasingly more popular. XD I think the hair looks a little flat toward the left side (our left). I think I like it other than that point.

Usitgz - This is alright. The hair looks a little strange, and it doesn't seem like much else was done with it, but it's fine.

Joanna/Tcf09 - Nooooo piiiic.

Jessica - I love this much. It looks awesome, she could totally be a creepy goth person.

Kenny - Nice. I like this. My only problems are with the beard having the chin line through it, and his stubby leg. I love the tattoo. Nice.

Fanny - This is a strong idea. I'm guessing you edited a body I drew, but I can't tell who it is. I don't know if it's perfect for the challenge, though, as she isn't in a box wherever she is.

Tdafan123 - This is too funny. XD You did really well this time. My only complaints are the underwear lines light thickness, and the collar bone abruptly stopping. Other than that, very well done.

Dark - I'm impressed by your entry, yet again. I had a good laugh over this. He is a surprisingly good-looking ugly person, though, reminiscent of Alvin and the Chipmunks. I like the small extra details you put into this. Great job, all around. I like the bonus entry, too.

MTDM - You know? I'm not positive as to what a non-gossiper looks like, though. Your entries need lines, bad. It's not quite on par with the other entries.

Elimination Pick - Aw. I really like Tcf09, but it's only fair to keep everyone who submitted a pic. Thanks for joining, Tcf09.

Challenge 4

For this challenge I would like to kind of reuse one from the first season. I would like you to take a character from Total Drama Tropic or Total Drama Wilderness and make them look like a character from a set time period so that they could legitimately be a contestant from a season of Total Drama Time Travel. I'm excited for your entries. They'll be due next Thursday, most likely.

Chat 4 & Pictures

Sprink: Entries go here.

dark: my pic mabe a bonus pic IDK yet

MTDM: I can't think of anything... example please? :/

Sprink: They can be from any time period, even ones represented in Total Drama Time Travel. Some examples would be a caveperson, a chinese emperor, a pioneer, a prospector, etc. I think there's quite a few possibilities. THey can be from the future, too.

Fanny: Oh, Patsy's a robot secretary. That will make sense.

Sprink: Please don't post images in the heading. T_T

Reddy:Sorry, sprink. i sometimes mess up with that XD

Sprink: The challenge will be over next Thursday, instead, so Kenny can submit something.

MTDM: Sprink, please give me an example. I get it can be a caveman, chinese emporer, what else you said... But, please, anoither example? :s I don't want to get eliminated...

Sprink: A viking... IDK. Try looking through the Total Drama Time Travel characters if you lack ideas. I don't usually map out ideas for contestants, though, other than what the challenge entails.

MTDM: I get it. So I can make... Lea as a pioneer? :D

Sprink: Sure, that's fine.

reddy: :( i think mine tanks.

MTDM: Reeve as viking... This might be my bonus pic...

Tdafan:*sighs* I hate to do this, as I liked this camp, but, it must be done. I'm gonna have to quit. I am very sorry and I feel I wasted my time signing up, but, I have a lot going on right now, and I'm in a lot of camps, out of all the ones I'm in, I hate that I have to quit this one. I'm very very very sorry. Bye guys :(.

Sprink: If that's what you feel needs to be done, alright. Thanks for joining, though. :)

Tdafan: Don't thank me for joining, this was a waste. Bye guys :(.

MTDM: Sooooo, is someone getting eliminated this week? ^_^

Sprink: Yup. ^_^ Thought you'd get off easy, huh? XD

MTDM: Yup... On Wednesday, I'll count how many users didn't submit a pic and if at least one user, except Tdafan, didn't make one, I won't make another one... and make the viking my bonus... If everyone made a pic... I'll be making another pic and make Reeve the Viking my bonus. :P

Kenzen:The Legs THEY FAIL on mine

Reddy: I cant wait for judging, cuz i want a new challenge! :P

MTDM: I asked Sprink to judge now and he said he has a little time... and he said sure! :D

Judging 4

Reddy - A little crazy, but I like it. The mask is cool. The leggings should have been removed, but if you made her joints look like a doll, that would have been cool. Good job, overall, though.

Usitgz - No picture.

Jessica - I think this looks really good. You did a nice job. :)

Kenny - The legs are off, and her left eye is off, but everything else looks nice.

Fanny - I like your story about her. She looks pretty futuristic and cool, though it doesn't seem like you did a ton with her, though it isn't necessary to do a ton of things.

Tdafan123 - Tdafan quit. Bye, dude. Thanks for playing. :)

Dark - Nice picture. I like the idea. The lips look strange, but I like everything else. I like the feet, especially. They look really nice.

MTDM - This looks... pretty crazy. The pics need to be prettier.

Elimination Pick - No suspense, again. Usitgz is out for missing a week. Sorry, Usitgz. Thanks so much for joining and competing.

Challenge 5

This time, take a look at my scene images on my TDI fanfiction wiki. You can edit one of those any way you see fit. You can change the backgrounds if you want, but the character or characters in the picture have to be changed in some way. Have fun with this one.

Chat 5 & Pictures

Sprinklemist: Okay. Pics go here as usual.

MTDM: Huh? I don't get the challenge... w00t! FInal Six! :D


Sprink: Dark got it right. Something like that.

MTDM: Okay... I think I get it... Almost done... WHen I post it, can you tell me if I got it right?

MTDM: This might be a bonus...

MTDM: Why won't mine show up? D:

Dark: I did an bonus, aka a Sequwel to mine

Kenny:When Due?

Fanny: I hope this is good!

Reddy:I like my new pic better ^_^

(Usitgz: Sorry that I couldn't turn anything I'm grounded from my computer, so I can't access paint.)

Reddy:new bonus >:D

Kenzen:The girl is based off my Cousin Alicia

Reddy:*underbreath* cWhy do I have a feeling Ill get third again? (BDIU: 3rd TSCE1: 3rd XD)

Sprink: A lot of bonus pics this week. I thought you guys would like this one. XD

Judging 5

Dark - This is really nice and sweet. I like the color changes, and the background. I appreciate the effort you put forth.

MTDM - This is probably one of your better entries, but there are some issues with the coloring cutting into the character outlines.

Fanny - I like this a lot since it seems that you switched the character's color palettes around. You did a good job.

Jessica - No picture.

Reddy - I love this. I love that you made it into two wiki members. The background didn't change much, but that's okay.

Kenny - Nice. This is really cool. Kendall looks cute as a girl, and Zane looks pretty awesome too. Great job this time.

Elimination Pick - Well, I have to eliminate Jessica this time. :( Sorry. I love your work, but no picture means you get eliminated, basically (at least in a Sprink camp). Thanks so much for competing and submitting entries. I really enjoyed them. :)

Challenge 6

I was waiting forever for this one! This challenge involves you to make a Total Drama Wilderness character look like the character that they are related to. This challenge is due next Tuesday. Here's the list of characters. Put your name next to the character you'd like to draw, only one name per choice. For gender swaps, you don't need to change the gender. For example, you can make Nolan look like he has Melinda's style without her outfit.

Anders as Sabrina or Katrina (or both) -

Brad as Frederick -User:Darkdonpatch

Celia as Priscilla -

Daniel as Sky Lynn -

Eduardo as Kendall -Reddy!!:) :( :D xD DX >:D ;( ;)Reddy loves emotioncons. 00:30, June 30, 2010 (UTC)

Francesca as Willow -

Hedda as "iRene" -

Holly as Missy - Dr. TotaldramamanYou want an appointment? Then talk to me. 21:28, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

Joanna as Beau -

Kristy as Sheena -

Lea as Libby -

Nolan as Melinda -Reddy!!:) :( :D xD DX >:D ;( ;)Reddy loves emotioncons. 14:45, June 29, 2010 (UTC) (BONUS)

Reeve as Stevie - SprinklemistCyan is the new green. 01:01, June 30, 2010 (UTC)

Shaila as Levi -

Stefan as Yancy -

Tamira as Lisa -

Toby as Isaiah -

Wade as Tommy ---Kenzen Eleven!Pandemonium 22:37, June 30, 2010 (UTC)

Wayne as Dinah -

Yesenia as Val - Fanny

Chat 6 & Pictures

Sprink: Yay! I'm excited for this one. :)

Reddy:Nolan as melinda sorta XD Well, as a guy Melinda XD

Sprink: How come Reddy's name is under two choices? o_O

Reddy:Since evertyone's chosen something. Id figure I'd do a bonus. :P though im gonna change my Nolinda (XD) to bonus since its meh...

Sprink: There's one I want to do, so I think I will.

Fanny: Here!

MTDM: Thanks, Red. :)

Sptink: I'll wait a few more days to judge, in cse anyone wants to make there current one a bonus... And I have stuff to do tomorrow and Friday

Kenzen:I am busy so i won't do a bonus

MTDM: I hope I stay in the game... :(

Reddy:Dont we all? :P

MTDM: yeah, but I'm obviously getting eliminated this week. :'(

Judging 6

Reddy - I like it even though the fact that certain things were copy and pasted makes it look a little off. Also, where the hair color is placed seems off. Overall, you did good, though. This was one of my favorite choices, so I'm glad someone tried it.

Fanny - This looks really good. I think it might be your best yet. I just wish that you attempted to change the hairstyle to Val's and erased the shirt line so it looked more like the T-shirt that Val wears.

MTDM - This is one of your better entries, but it still has a few problems with it...

Kenny - I think this looks good in general, but the chin looks a little crazy. Nice effort, though.

Dark - I like the eye color and hair, but the shirt looks pretty... strange. Everything but the shirt seems pretty good.

Elimination - The person leaving the competition right now is... MTDM. Sorry, man. Thanks for joining, and you made it really far. :)

Challenge 7

We did a challenge where the characters were meant to look thirty five. This time the challenge is for you to take a Total Drama: Boney Island, Total Drama Reality, Total Drama Tropics, Total Drama Wilderness, Total Drama Time Travel, Total Drama Infinity, or Endurance character and make them into an old person (75 or 80-ish). This is due next Tuesday, unless everyone gets it done early.

Chat 7 & Pictures

Sprink: Bring on da old peeps.

Reddy: hmmmmmm..... Fanny = Last newbie Standing XD

Kenzen:hmmmmmm..... Reddy and Me Final Four again.....

Reddy: You're going down, kenny boy! XD and no, im not jk :P

Reddy:You irk me Kenny. But, Ill make sure you don't beat me XD

Kenzen:Why beause my Pic is Epic

reddy:no cuz I wanna beat third place. If I get third again I'll scream my head off XD

Kenzen:What about Second

reddy:I'm not planning for second. I'm gonna wipe you fanny and dark out! (wow I'm competitive XD gtg)

Kenzen:I will defeat you =D

Dark: Cary died early,and Grant is wearing his funeral shirt, I'm evil >_<

Fanny: Here!

Judging 7

Reddy - ... This looks hilarious. XD I love it majorly. I'm not sure what's on the shirt, but the face is epic. Awesome job.

Kenny - This looks really really good. The face is a little odd, but you did great, overall. I absolutely love the pudding storyline. XD

Fanny - This is rally good. My only issue is that it's obvious that you simply recolored it. While there's nothing wrong with that, the others did a little more. If you had given her face some wrinkles, it would have been that much better. That being said, it is a really good recolor.

Dark - Wow. Grant aged really well. XD I'm sure Cary was jealous of him for that. I like the shirt, and the overall look, but he could have looked slightly older.

Elimination Time - This is a tough choice since you guys all did really well this time. Good job to all of you. My choice for elimination this time is... Fanny. Sorry, man. You did really great, but I think the others were just slightly better. I really enjoyed seeing your entries each week. Thanks so much for competing.

Challenge 8

This challenge is fairly simple. Take a character from TD:BI, TDR,TDT, TDW, TDTT, TDInfinity, or Endurance and give them an alternate outfit that still suits their personality. This challenge is due Tuesday, unless you all randomly post your entry in a day. :P

Chat 8 & Pictures

Sprink: Congrats to the final three. Be nice to each other. XD

reddy:Darks the only new person here XD

Dark: I'm so happy that I made it here, I'm against 2 finalists from last season,I made it further then last season, and if I win, this will be my 1st camp ever, but I'm ot to sure about winning, but I'll try! (I made 5th)

reddy:if dark wins that proves my inability to win. Also kennys XD

Dark: I probably won't win XD

Sprink: I honestly think that all three of you have a shot to win this. I love all three of your entries (each time), majorly.

Kenzen:Heres mine

Reddy: Yay! Everyone's pic is in :D


Dark: Kenzen, he probably is doing something -_- (I fell ASLEEP TILL 5!)

Kenzen:Ok, Sprink Do this

Reddy:I can not freakin wait! >:D XD

Judging 8

Good job on the early submissions.

Kenny - The picture looks fine, honestly. The problem lies... Alas... in not following the rules of the challenge. You were to give a character an alternate outfit, not an all new look. That tattoo was permanent, and Reeve has no arm hair, making him a different character...

Reddy - This is entirely believable, and it looks awesome! My one issue is with the boxers. Not sure what's on them.

Dark - ... I love this. I could have gone without the hair change, but he would highlight his hair. I wish the arrow looked more like an arrow, but the shirt works on many levels. It has double meaning for the character, as in he cockily wants people to love him, or he desperately wants acceptance... Maybe I'm reading too much into it. XD

Elimination - You guys were a great final three, but unfortunately... Kenny has been eliminated. I'm really sorry man. You were a great contestant! Thanks for submitting a pic each time.

Challenge 9

Congratulations on making it to the final two, guys! I would like for you to take a character from TD:BI, TDR, TDT TDW, TDTT, Endurance, or TDInfinity and make them look like another character from one of those stories (they can even be from the same story). THEN... Take the character you chose, and make them look like the character you originally edited. In other words, if you decide to make Dante look like Jonathan, then you would do a picture of Jonathan as Dante. So two pictures from each of you, this time. I hope that's not too much to ask.

Chat 9 & Pictures

Sprink: Congrats to the final two. If you are unclear on the challenge, don't be afraid to ask.

Reddy: Finally! I'm in the finals of something! :DDDDDDDDDDD Good game Kenzen, good luck Dark :P

Dark: I'm in the finals,I made it this far, SWEET!

Fanny: Sorry to pop in, but congrats to the both of you. You both deserve to win. Reddy, also congrats on not getting third. Bye :)

Reddy:Spazzy red guy no get third! >:D XD

Reddy: Here's Quog as reeve. It took forever X_x

Dark: I did them both at the same time, I think They look good (Never did abs before)

Reddy:Done. Cant wait for the results. :)

Kenzen:But i thought, and that last challenge was*facepalm* :(.

Sprink: Sorry, Kenny. It sucks eliminating someone that way. :(

Judging 9

Thanks so much to both of you for always being really early with your entries. :)

Dark - I like your idea of doing them side by side (I honestly didn't think of that. XD). I also love your idea of taking two opposite characters and switching them around. Logan's body seems a little off, but my main concern is the facial expressions. The eyes and eyebrows of these particular characters are very expressive, and you can read the character from them. Brad's pic doesn't have that shame that Logan's original picture has, and Logan's doesn't have the confidence. All that said, you were one of my favorites throughout the competition, which surprised me a little. You did really great, and you're definitely the dark horse of the competition.

Reddy - You took on a major challenge with this idea. Reeve is probably my most complex character model... Him or Celia, I think. Quog looks really good the way you made him. You did a very valiant effort with the skeleton arm. It's not perfect, but it looks good overall. They outfit is spot on. For the other pic, I probably like it even more. There are some flaws with the hair and legs (I'm assuming you copy and pasted Quog's legs to Reeve, but to make it look natural, you could have copied the leg, split it so it aligned with his leg, and then filled in the color). You missed Quog's arm hair (he has arm hair, I think), but the overall look is very good. I think a lot of people are challenged with shirtless guys, but that aspect of it looks very well done. Both entries are very strong, though. Throughout the competition, you've done really well, taking on some of the more challenging options.

Who is the winner? Scroll down to find out.

The winner is Reddude! Congratulations, man! Dark has been a great competitor, but you earned the win with a very solid final entry. Good job to both of you. :) You did great.

Final Chat

Sprink: TSCE3? Anyone can comment here, that competed. Reddy, can I use two of your pics for the title card if there is a third season of this?

Reddy:Yay!!!!!!! :D good game dark, and sure sprink.

Reddy:And also, I say yes to TSCE3, fanny was talking about joining earlier XD

Kenzen:I thought that the challenge i left on was Edit the character picture to fit the same stereo type. Not Edit the outfit V_V. Good job red. Yes I want to win this game for once V_V.

Dark: Good game Reddy

reddy:that happened to me in a camp. It really sucked, but I guaruntee you would have won without that mistake. And dark put up a good fight too. The final 3 went the opposite way I thought it would... XD

Fanny: Well yes, I was talking about that earlier but Reddy said Sprink might not be having one. :(

red:if enough ppl want it he'll make it. Sprink u should make TSCE3 today XD

Fanny: YEAH!

Elimination Table

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Codaa OUT
Christian * OUT
Shane OUT
Owe * OUT