About This Camp

Catchy title, huh? Anyway, welcome to my character editing camp. I've made my share of character pics... Quite a number of them. You can find them here. I thought, why not make a camp dedicated to recoloring/editing my pics? I made them very, very easy to recolor/edit. Please only use pics for characters from my stories and not other's characters or chapter images/fanart/superhero pics, unless I state otherwise. If there's some other pic of mine you want to use, let me know. I'll specify whether a challenge will be recoloring, editing, or both. The difference between the two is that you change the outfit/hair/whatever for editing (just not completely redrawing, please), and just the colors for recoloring. This is not related to Bad Drawing iz Us, so these should be pretty, unless stated otherwise.

Sign Ups

Kenzen (First =D)


Tdafan(This looks fun)

Dark(Hey hey, don't wanna talk about it!)

Chimmy (Bring. It. On. >=D)

Reddude (Oh yes! Bring it on! im in it to win it now!)

Anonymos (So ready for this.)



Tdifan (Hm....Can't think of anything to say now....Can I get back to ya? :D)

Sunshine (Watch me fail due to my lack of ability to draw TDI-style! XD)



Challenge 1

This is the first challenge. When you sign up, you can get started on your project. This challenge is basically a very free one. You can either edit or recolor a character image from Total Dram: Boney Island, Total Drama Reality, Total Drama Tropics, or Total Drama Time Travel. What I would like is for you to recolor or edit the character to be an all new character. Also post a name and label for your new character, please. I'll state when the challenge is over a little later on.

Chat and Pictures 1

Spenny: This is gonna be fun! =D Where do we post the finished pics?

Sprink: Under this section is fine. Is it okay if people use the pics I did for you, Spenny (just not for this challenge)?

Kenzen:Any pics you made for me are Fine XD. Lets ReColor(slash)Edit

Sorink: Thanks, Kenzen. They may have to find them, though, as they aren't all on my page. >_>

Kezen:Yeah XD

Kenzen:Wow i am done already I will edit and add on later XD

Sprink: Can you put your name on the desription thing? (under the pic on the right) Just so it's easier for me to see who did what when it's time to judge.

Kenzen:Yeah, wait coudn't you have done that XD JK

Sprink: Oh yeah... Uh... I made the camp? XD

Kenzen:Yeah... Uh.... I joined the camp? XD

Spenny: Yeah that's fine Sprink. =D

Dark: HI GUYS!

Chimmy:I be done! ^^


Chimmy:Aw, I gotta start over....

Shane: Hey guys! I can't wait to get started.

Shane: I am done! FYI, she's a re-color of Sky Lynn.

Sprink: Very nice so far. :)

Red: hope i continue that string of awesomes, xD

Shane: When is the judging?

Red: Id assume in a week, it JUST started, xD

Anonymos: Done!! ^^

Spenny: Mine's done! ^^

Sprink: I'll decide when the challenge is over once people are about done signing up.

GM: My terrible art is over.

Jason: I hope I do well!

Sunshine: I'm not quite sure what I was thinking when I made this. XD

Kenzen:Sunshine just turned a guy into a girl O_O

Red: Wow! Sunshine, you have amazed me AND creeped me out at the same time. xD

Tdifan: Is it just me, or does Spenny's Nalyd fanboy look like a pale murdoc? o_o

Sunshine: Thanks, guys. I think. XD Tdifan... you're kind of right... o_o

Tdifan: You know, I almost did something like Spenny's pic. It was a recolor of Love Possum, and his name was "Sherbert" the legendary pale kid. :p

Sunshine: ROFLOL!!! XD

Tdifan: If you want, I'll post it up on your talk page or something (don't want to cause any confusion with two pics up on this page by me, ya know?)

Sprink: O_O @ Nancy.

Shane: Oh my goodness Sunny, but, I knew it. You just proved me right. Jon Pierre is really a Jonni Pierrette! XD JK, anyway, can I do another one? Please? I would love to do two, three, four, five, even six! I really would! Can I? (I'm being serious here)

Sprink: Sure, Shane. Label them as bonus pics (though keep in mind that there will be more challenges). I want to see dat pic you mentioned, tdifan, if the offer applies to me.

Shane: YAY! YAY! I will NOT let you down! And I know there will be other challenges, but I wanna do more now. XD

Sunshine: I totally want to see your other pic, Tdifan! Sprink, I can't wait to see your review on my pic. XD

Dark: I got bored......

Tdifan: Why, Of course the offer applies to you, Sprink! :D Just as soon as I finish my actualy entry...

Sprink: Sign ups are closed, and the entries are due tomorrow.

Reddy: Sprink, whens judging?

Spenny: Whenever the crap he feels like judging! xD

Reddy: xD spenny. Im just anxious to know if my edit gets me booted, xD

Sunshine: I'm anxious to know what the heck Sprink thinks of my wonderfully creepy edit. XD

Tdifan: Sorry, didn't have time to make another one. So, I'm just going to post the one I told you all about. Say hello to "Sherbert"!

Sprink: Hello, Sherbert. Will judge.. Soon-ish. XD

Judging 1

Let's judge in the order that you signed up. If I sound overly critical, sorry. I liked mostly everyone's pictures, though.

Kenzen - You did a lot of revisions to this pic, and it was an interesting picture to choose in the first place, as it's very unique. I like the coloring of the chair, it makes it look different, somehow. I wish the hair above her ear blended better, and I like the picture better without the glasses, but overall it does look pretty good.

Spenny - I like this idea, a lot. It looks very Nalyd like, and I think you successfully closed up the hoodie. I don't love the mouth, but everything else looks really good.

Tdafan - This reminds me a little of Johnny Bravo. I actually like that you kind of made Yancy into the opposite of how he is. I think it is very simple, overall, but I do like the overall effect that you were going for, and it came out real well.

Dark - I do like that you modernized Ira. I probably like the shoes and pants best. My big concern is the striped shirt. It's a nice idea, but some of the lines match up, if that's the effect you were going for, it still seems off with the upper stripes. The hair looks a little flat, too. I definitely like your bonus picture better. That's the risk you run when you decide to put up a bonus pic. If you can, save the file as a .PNG. It makes the picture look clearer than a jpg.

Chimmy - I like some of the changes here, like the long sleeved shirt, and the pockets on the pants. My big issue is that the glasses don't really look like glasses, but other than that, its fine.

Reddude - I really like what you did here. The ribbon looks very nice, and I like the recoloring of the skin color most. Unfortunately, there are some coloring problems on the dress on her right side. It should have all been color, and that would have made the pic look nicer. Overall good job, just pay attention to those small details.

Anonymos - I like that I barely recognize her as Sky Lynn, so the recolor looks really nice. The right shoe and right shoulder look a little off, and the outfit is slightly simple, however. I think it might have looked nicer with a longer skirt. I appreciate that you tried to rework everything, though.

Shane - I actually planned a female character with a hairstyle like this after seeing a girl with a similar hairstyle. The top of the hair seems a little short, but overall it looks nice. The shirt looks a little long and the skirt looks a little short. XD But I like the overall recoloring. The shoes look very nice.

Jason - This looks really good, Jason. I think you made something unique, though I'm guessing it is based on Lady Gaga. I think it works here, and it feels like a believable character. I just wish you didn't just change the color of the shoes. You could have done something different. Overall, I like it, a lot.

Tdifan - This is nice. I like the haircut and the idea. The hoodie looks very nice. There are a few spots on the inside of the outline that look like they were overlooked, but the picture as a whole looks very nice.

Sunshine - This is definitely the most unique. You took a definite risk, and it truthfully is traumatizing, but I love the work you did on the details, like on the glasses, and the plaid on the top. I also like that you left his face/head alone mostly. Some of the outlines you did yourself are a little chunky, though.

TBTDIF - No picture.

GM - I like the idea you had, but there were a few flaws. The hair would have looked nicer if it were colored inside the outline. The pants could have looked smoother, and the exposed abs should have had a line in the middle to look more ab like.

Okay, so the first person to be eliminated is TBTDIF. Sorry, but no pic when everyone else did one is enough of an excuse to eliminate you. Thanks for showing some sort of interest in this camp, though.

Challenge 2

Your second challenge is to color or edit one of the Total Drama: Boney Island, Total Drama Reality, Total Drama Tropics, Total Drama Time Travel, Total Drama Infinity, or the pictures I did for Kenzen as an actual Total Drama series character. How much the character looks like the Total Drama character beforehand is unimportant. Like you can edit Sabrina to look like Duncan, if you want. This challenge is due next Sunday.

Chat 2 and Pictures

Shane: I have an idea, it might seem a tad unlikely, but if it goes how I envision it, it should be perfect.

Kenzen:Stupid Hair Probs XD, I will try on Izzy's Hair later...

Red: I have two ideas, that are really challenging for me, but, i wont say them becuz im still clinging to hope that they'll (or at least one) will work. xD

Tdafan:This was very hard to make, but it was really fun.

Shane: I hope it looks like Gwen.

Kenzen:Holy... That is like the bestest pic ever (XD)

Shane: Um, mine? If it is.....Thanks!

Kenzen:Yeah*drools*She also looks hot,(XD)

Shane: Thanks! Also, Sky Lynn really doesn't like being gothic, but I told her that I'd give her candy if she dressed like Gwen. So she listened. (XD)

Kenzen:XD. I am doing something different, No matter how cool Izzy is i cant to her hair :(. I am doing a Bianka edit now XD.

Jason: I think mine looks good! :)

Chimmy:Noah? :D

Kenzen:Heather is Hot =D (The Eybrows make the face expression work XD)

Spenny: Mine iz up! =D

Dark: I made the worst one ever!

reddy: oh contrare Dark, i did. xD

Anonymos: I really don't like mine this week... *sigh*

Kenzen:Her face is scrunched Nonny, XD

Anonymos: That's why I don't like it. Her head is too small for Lindsay's big facial features...

Kenzen:It is, and editing cam why not edit her face

Reddy: i changed my entry, to Yancy as Duncan! :D

Sunshine: I made this week's entry a little less terrifying. XD

Kenzen:We all know who will win unless s/he misses a week. *pushes s/he off bridge* Heh heh

Reddy: I srsly cant wait to get a review on Yancan, xD. I think its better than my first. :)

Judging 2

Kenzen - This looks very nice, and very much like Heather. You did a good job. The colors look really really spot on. I would have liked a belly button, and the feet look slightly awkward, but overall, a very nice pic.

Spenny - I always thought Logan and Trent bore some similarities to each other in appearance. This looks very nice. I think the handprint looks awesome. I think everything looks good, but the camouflage on the sleeves could have been better, but that's a very minor complaint. Great job, overall.

Tdafan - I'm glad you edited Jerome to look like Duncan, as Jerome's head is based on Duncan. It was a good choice, overall. I think it all looks quite good, and the face is probably my favorite part. I think the skull should be lower, but the major issue is the legs. I think you could have made the pants look like legs on the bottom. Unfortunately, it detracts from how good the rest of the picture looks.

Dark - I think this is pretty nice. Good job on it. It looks like DJ, but retains some Yi Min-ness. I don't really have many complaints. The toes look nice, especially. I think the beard could have been centered better, and one of the pockets has thick lines, but those are pretty minor complaints.

Chimmy - This is reaaaally good. I like it lots. I barely had any idea who it was (if it wasn't for the pose, I may have not known who it was). The only complaint I see is the red above the collar of the sweater. It looks kind of awkward, and I don't think it's supposed to be there, but overall it's verrrry nice.

Reddude - I love that you did something polar opposite-y. This seems like Yancy's next attempt at getting a girl. XD The face looks good, but the way the blue irises go over the outline of the eyes makes it look pretty thin (if you get what I mean). The undershirt thing would have looked better if you erased Yancy's butt(!) to make it look straighter. But I think the rest is pretty good.

Anonymos - You are right about the squished face, but overall, everything else looks nice. I think the clothes look excellent. You used a character model that is probably one of the least favorite ones of mine that I've done, so I'll commend you for taking on a challenge.

Shane - Very nice job. I think everything looks great except for... The hair. It looks a tad flat. But the outfit and face look phenomenal.

Jason - Interesting choice. I think you did it quite well. The black eye make-up seems straighter in the actual Pixie Corpse picture, though. I think the color of the hair is off a bit, too. I t should be more purple. But I commend you for doing something very original.

Tdifan - No picture.

Sunshine - This looks very nice all over the place. I love the way the hair looks, especially. Everything looks great, except for the outline of the hoodie under her chin, but that's a tiny complaint. Overall, very nice job.

GM - No image.

Great job to a lot of you. You mostly did very nice. The bottom two is GM and tdifan for not submitting pics. Based on last weeks entries... GM is leaving. Thanks for signing up, and all. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Challenge 3

This week, you will be only using Total Drama Reality characters. There are two chapters that involve some of the contestants in ridiculous costumes. They are I Endured a Japanese Game Show and The Vole. I'll list the contestants, and what they wore as stated in the chapter. Please sign your name by the picture you would like to do, first come, first serve. Only one person may do a single option.

  1. Brent in a black shirt and pants with fly wings on his back.
  2. Sheena in a black shirt and pants with fly wings on her back.-Kenzen(Sheena Will look like the most epic fly person ever =D)
  3. Herman dressed as a baby (diaper and bonnet are what is specified). -Spenny
  4. Tsuyoshi in a loincloth. -Nonny
  5. Jonathan in a loincloth. -Tdafan123
  6. Priscilla in a suit of armor.- I have a idea~jason.
  7. Dinah in a suit of armor.
  8. Tsuyoshi in a bunny suit (I know I did a pic like this, but I wouldn't mind someone else giving their take on it). -Sunshine (I couldn't resist. XD)
  9. "iRene" in a monkey costume.Reddyloves to talk and blog.Oh yes he did!!! 19:28, March 28, 2010 (UTC)
  10. Micky D. in a cyan polo shirt and skinny jeans. User:Darkdonpatch
  11. Priscilla in a ballerina costume, with a tutu. Shane
  12. Melinda dressed as the front end of a horse.
  13. Yi Min with a mermaid fin (no shirt). Chimmy

Have fun with this one. It's due Tuesday, April 6th. I'll be busy before then.

Chat 3 and Pictures

Sprinklemist: I hope you guys like this challenge. I look forward to the entries.

Jason: Sprink, I don't think I can do this. My uncle deleted paint on my computer.

Dark: I did Micky D. :D

Red: i love making people in suits! im just in that type of mood. xD

Sprink: Ouch. So are you quitting Jason?

Jason: I really, really don't want to. Is there anything else I can do without paint? Please! :(

Kenzen:Jason, I know a FREE paint program that is very easy and nice to use. Message me if interested (It is a download)

Kenzen:Not my best but it'll do

Sprinklemist: I dunno, Jason. Do you have other options?

Chimmy:Yi Min seems to like the mermaid suit. XD

Tdafan:Well, if I upload a pic this bad, I'm pretty sure ends my time here :(

Sunshine: It's so... so... pink. XD

Judging 3

Quite a few of you didn't submit an entry this time. Hopefully, everyone who makes it through submits a picture next time, as I was looking forward to the other pics, too.

Dark - This picture didn't turn out right for me. The lines are too thick or too thin in some places. Also, Micky D. is thin, but not that thin. He wears a tight shirt in his modeling picture, for example, and your picture made him looks like he was the same width as his neck.

Reddude - This made me lol. It's really funny, and the monkey is really, really cute. I love the slot for Irene's face, and camera. The problem is... That the monkey suit was supposed to be on Irene, not her device. XD I didn't specify that on here, though, so it's my fault. But the pic does look very nice. :)

Kenzen - This looks good. A tad simple, and the fly wings on the top feel too far over on the sides, but that's fine. You did what was asked of you.

Chimmy - I LOVE this. It looks really polished and funny, too. I love the blushing and the fin, and the muscles look about right. I won't fault you for not including nipples, as TDI style guys have them (where not all cartoons do). One slight problem is that his left arm starts too low, though that might be my fault. T_T

Tdafan - Yeah... you admitted that this isn't that great. The legs and loincloth look alright, though the lines in the middle legs could have been straighter. But the nipples are way too close together and the chest muscles look very angular, making the picture look awkward. I don't think it's quite as bad as you think, though.

Sunshine - This seriously made me lol forever when I first saw it. You imagined the bunny suit in a way I never did. I love the way Tsuyoshi's face looks, and the fact that the bunny has eyes but no nose. XD I also love that he's still wearing his scarf, and I love the stitches, too. XD Great job. :)

Anonymos, Shane, Jason, Tdifan, Spenny = No pic.

Everyone who submitted a picture is safe. As for the elimination... Tdifan, this is the second week in a row that you failed to submit a picture. You're out, but I really enjoyed your first submission. Thanks for joining.

Challenge 4

This time the challenge is Total Drama Time Travel themed. All of the characters are fairly... not modern. For this challenge, I would like you to edit a character model from the story to make them look more modern and stylish without changing there skin color, like they could be in a normal series, as opposed to one where they were taken from a time period. This challenge is due... next Tuesday. Have fun with this one.

Chat 4 and Pictures

Sprinklemist: *hopes everyone submits something T_T*

Red: I, for some reason, always get these things handed in quickly :P

Sunshine: I can't believe I finished this so quickly. Normally I procrastinate a lot more. XD

Chimmy: Cyan jacket! XD

Kenzen:I Call Crimson Rose Editing XD

Tdafan:It isn't my best, but it took me a bit.

Kenzen:This Took awhile

Shane: Sorry for not doing one last week, didn't have any time. I think this one is one of my best!

Spenny: I haz new piccy! ^_^

Sprinklemist: Awesome! Everyone submitted something. I'll update this either tonight or tomorrow.

Judging 4

It is definitely awesome that everyone turned in a picture this time. Awesome job, everyone. Now on to the judging.

Dark - I think you could have done a better job with updating Ira, both with his shirt and his newspaper. Also, you could have added to the top of his hair so it didn't end up looking so flat.

Reddude - I like the shirt. XD I think he could have used a hairbrushing and some tweezing for his eyebrow. I like the clothes in general, but I think you need to work on filling out the entire inside of things to make them look even nicer.

Kenzen - I love the idea. You turned the pirate into someone from the pirate season of Survivor. XD It remings me of a pirate-fied picture of Trish I did from that season. My only complaint would be the hoodie. The fabric seems heavy on top and light/flimsy on the bottom.

Chimmy - Nice idea. He reminds me of sort of a Beatles vibe. IDK how modern that is, but I like it. The glaring problem is that the stra that carries the guitar is on the inside of the jacket, while the guitar is on the outside of the jacket. I like the guitar idea, though, and his pants.

Tdafan - I think the pants and shoes look really good. However, you erased a finger so he only has three, and the mouth is far too low. His head looks slightly flat, but not too bad.

Sunshine - Nice. I love that you changed up the hairstyle. The shirt looks nice, but it could have been updated even more by erasing the coat-of-arms. I'm not sure what's going on with the belt type thingy, but everything else looks very nice.

Anonymos - I like the outfit, a lot, and think you did good on that part. The eyes and hair are a little off. The hair probably should have been lengthened on the shorter side, but I do like the pic, overall.

Shane - I think this looks nice. You turned an ancient Egyptian into a modern Latina. XD I love the hairstyle and the overall outfit. I think the collar is a little off on the jacket, but that's about it.

Jason - This turned out really nice. I love the overall style and coloring. I don't know how modern Fran Fine is, but it works here. This is awkward, but... The crotch is high, and the cleavage looks a little off. There. I said it. XD

Spenny - I like this a lot. Everything looks really smooth, and I like what you did with her hair. I think the clothes could have been made more complicated, and the colors might have looked better less bright, but that's just me being picky.

Elimination Pick - Dark and tdafan, I choose you as the bottom two. I felt Dark's was too simple, and tdafan's had a couple of issues. If I had to choose one of you to be eliminated... It would be... tdafan. I'm really sorry. I appreciate that you joined, but I think Dark's pics were a little better, overall.

Challenge 5

For challenge five, I would like to see you edit any character model from Total Drama: Boney Island, Total Drama Reality, Total Drama Tropics, Total Drama Time Travel, Total Drama Infinity, or one of Kenzen's pics (that I did for him) as another character from any one of the other stories I listed. I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

Chat 5 and Pictures

Sprinklemist: You better bring it on. Grrr...

Spenny: Coolio. Hold on though, I'd like to include Raphael and Darren, the two TD: TW characters of mine that had your pics, as among the bunch that can be used here. =D

Spenny: Done! ^^

Red: Done! I think its kinda good :P cool pic spenny. ^^

Sunshine: This is, by far, my favorite pic I've made for this camp so far. XDDD

Kenzen:Done won't be on again for a bit so here

Jason: My Leopold looks horrible T_T

Kenzen:Yes XD

Spenny: Judging time!

rted:really? did sprink say? :D

Judging 5

Dark - No pic.

Reddude - This looks, very very good. It took me a while to figure out who the original character was, but I really like how good the Julietta aspect looks. There's still a little discoloring on the edges of the inside of the skirt, though. You did a really great job overall, though.

Kenzen - You took two pretty opposite characters and changed them around. I like the final result. It looks pretty cool. Something seems off, and I apologize for not being able to tell you what it is, because I'm not sure.

Chimmy - It's cool that you decided to use one of my original story character models. I think he looks pretty awesome with a new look. The lines around her chin should be thicker, but I like the picture a lot, overall.

Sunshine - This looks very, very nice. You did great this week, and I like the reversal of the TDR picture. The boots/shoes look great. You did a great job. One criticism I can give you is the tears aren't there on Tsuyoshi's character model, but that a pretty tiny complaint.

Anonymos - No pic... Again.

Shane - No pic... Again.

Jason - Well... You already know this isn't your best, and I agree. I won't point out the flaws, just try a little harder next time, and maybe don't try such a crazy combination. XD

Spenny - I think this looks more like Xavier recolored to look like Dante, but it does look pretty good. I think I get what you were gong for, though. XD

Elimination Pick - *rubs chin* Everyone who submitted a picture is safe. Congratulations. This is a tough one as I think I know each of the people who didn't submit a pics reasons, so it's difficult to choose. I guess, Shane is eliminated, because he has a different art program, and it's harder for him to submit a pic. Plus this is the second challenge he missed. Nonny is also eliminated for missing two pictures in this camp. I know you're really busy, so this is one less thing to have to (maybe) worry about. Thanks for joining, guys. :)

Challenge 6

Here's the latest challenge. It's Total Drama Tropics themed. I'll give you a list of costume changes of one of the male characters (and Willow) from the story(I didn't see any non sleep-wear/specific costume changes in the story I made for any other females... Sorry.). Please put your name next to the one you would like to do. First come, first serve.

  1. Willow in her school swimsuit.
  2. Topher in his wetsuit.
  3. Creigh with his pant leg rolled up and his prosthetic leg revealed. It should look something like this: Oscar Pistorius.
  4. Isaiah in a sumo wrestling costume.-Dark
  5. Beau in camouflage.
  6. Al in camouflage.
  7. Yancy in camouflage.
  8. Beau in a sumo wrestling costume. - SprinklemistCyan is the new green. 04:19, April 21, 2010 (UTC)
  9. Beau in Yancy's clothes. (Keep in mind that Yancy is slightly smaller than Beau) -- Reddy!!:) :( :D xD DX >:D ;( ;)Reddy loves emotioncons. 23:38, April 20, 2010 (UTC) (:D)
  10. Yancy is Beau's clothing. (Keep in mind that Beau is slightly taller and has a bigger chest than Yancy) -- DJ Spenstar! 22:45, April 20, 2010 (UTC)
  11. Topher in his boxers. (i.e. with tattoos on his chest, left side of his stomach, and his arms. A scar on whatever side his appendix isn't on, and trackmarks if you feel like it/know what they look like [don't guess]) --Show me how to lie, you're getting better all the time... 23:28, April 20, 2010 (UTC) (*wants a challenge*)
  12. Dante after his beating. Shirtless with bandages around his chest and ribs, his arm in a sling, and a black eye.--Kenzen Eleven! 23:32, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

Chat 6 and Pictures

Sprinklemist: Have fun with this challenge. It seems pretty difficult for the most part, but I'm sure you guys are up for the challenge.

Dark: sorry for not making a pic, it was to hard to find a good pic....well make it

Spenny: The Xavier Dante pic I made wasn't a full recolor - I added a soul patch onto Xavier. xD

Kenzen:I will work on mine as soon as i can

Sprinklemist: Cool! All the awesome choices are getting picked.

Reddy: done :D

Chimmy: I included nipples this time. :P

Sprink: Aren't you proud?

Chimmy: :P...oh, BTW, those things on Toph's elbows look like dragons breathing fire...the 'fire' is track marks. I looked them up to see what they looked like, and that was the closest I could translate that....

Sprink: I made a pic, too! Yay! (Don't show the children) Sorry Sunny, if you wanted to do that one. XD

Kenzen:I like mine

Spenny: I haz mine.

Judging 6

Dark - I think you got the idea pretty well. The back of his legs are slightly off, and his chest is high. I do like the loincloth, though.

Reddude - You imagined this slightly different than I did, but I still think it works perfectly. The pants, glasses, and sweater look great, and he would blush like that so I appreciate that added detail. Some of the lines are a tad thick, though. I like that his stomach is showing, as I figured the dress shirt would be showing, but I think it looks funny/great.

Kenzen - I like this pic a lot. It looks very polished. The black eye is a little too dark, and the arm in the sling looks slightly short. The bandages were higher as described in the story, though. I think you did the best this week, though, at drawing muscles.

Chimmy - I think the boxers and the body in general look good. The nipples are pretty high (XD). Also, I imagine his tattoos look almost like a shirt, so it looks off from my imagination, which you couldn't have known. Also, the legs where the pant legs end should have been edited, and he logically wouldn't be wearing shoes. I think the scar is a little too high, and I'm not positive the trackmarks go horizontal, though. I like it overall, but it's not what I imagined.

Sunshine - No pic.

Jason - No pic.

Spenny - I think this is pretty funny. The jeans look epic. The v-neck is a little big, though, and probably should just look baggy. You forgot the vest, and the glasses were never part of this costume change, as he handed them to Beau. I must commend you though for doing this, as there was a little mix up with you and Reddy, and you graciously agreed to do this picture, instead.

Elimination Pick - Okay so the elimination is between Sunshine and Jason. I'm making the elimination choice based on who didn't submit a picture in another challenge. That means that the person eliminated is... Jason. I really liked your pictures each time you submitted them, but this was a tough decision. It was a pleasure to see your pictures when you posted them.

Challenge 7

This week I want you to imagine the Total Drama Infinity reunion. Now imagine what the contestants might be wearing. Most likely, they'd be at least semi-formal. I want you to edit a character from that story in formal clothing.

Chat 7 & Pictures

Reddy:I have it done, time for the other three pics due soon XD

Kenzen:Here is mine, I am also gonna do a second one since there are few people left and alot of characters to do =D

Spenny: I haz mine: Formal Spike!

Chimmy: Curse you, Kenny, I was gonna do Richard. T_T

Kenzen:It isn't my entry XD. You can do him.

Chimmy: Too late, I did Darla...she didn't really like dressing up, though. *points to black eye O_O*

Dark: I did Lee....I MADE HIM INTO A STUD!....Well. so he thinks XD

Sprink: I won't be able to update this today, so sorry. I'll get to it when I can. I decided to update this today.

Judging 7

Dark - I think you did really well this week. I like that you made Lee try to look cool, as that seems in character to me. I think the pants may have looked better a different collar, and the collar looks strange for some reason, but I think you did well overall, especially with the hairstyle and sunglasses.

Reddude - I like what you did here. You tried something incredibly formal. There are some problems, though, one being that you gave him a pretty big makeover, where he's just dressing up. Also, the tie should be between the two sections of the collar. I really appreciate the risk you took, though.

Kenzen - I think this looks nice. I don't have much to complain about. I like the pattern on the skirt, especially.

Chimmy - This looks pretty believable for me, and you went out of your way to make her far more formal than her outfit normally is. I like the outfit. My only critique is that the shoulder, hair, and part of the leg look a little off.

Sunshine - No pic.

Spenny - With this pic, I feel that it is a believable outfit for him to wear to a more formal occasion. I also like that his underwear isn't exposed and you removed the hat. I just feel a little more could have been done to make the picture differ more than the original pic.

Elimination Time - Well... Two weeks in a row with no pic sadly means that Sunshine is eliminated from the competition. Your entries always made me smile, but I know you've been busy for the last few weeks. Thanks for joining and showing an interest in this camp.

Challenge 8

It's time for another Total Drama Time Travel challenge. There have been two costume changes described in the story. One of them is Midieval garb, the other is 1920s mystery novel type garb (most are not described for the mystery challenge, but you can use your imagination). I would like you to choose one outfit of the two choices to do. Below is a list of the specific costume changes. If you feel you want to add something to what is described, do so, just don't take anything away. You don't have to put your name next to your selection.

  1. Alexander The Generally Awesome - Armor for Medeival. A jacket mentioned for the mystery challenge.
  2. Bianka - Green dress for Medieval. No costume change for mystery challenge.
  3. Cleo - Maroon and white barmaid costume for Medeival. She didn't make it to the mystery challenge. T_T
  4. Crimson Rose - Orange dress for Medieval. No costume specified for the mystery challenge.
  5. Daisuke - Nothing specified for Medeival. A jacket mentioned for mystery challenge.
  6. El Serpiente - Monk robe with his mask for Medieval challenge. No costume change specified for mystery challenge.
  7. Florence - Yellow dress with flowers in her hair for Medieval. Nothing specified for mystery challenge.
  8. Inga - Armor for Medieval. No costume specified for the mystery challenge.
  9. Ira - Long red shirt, tights, poofy hat with a feather for Medieval challenge. No costume specified for mystery challenge.
  10. Julietta - No costume change for Medieval challenge. No costume specified for mystery challenge.
  11. Leopold - A red tunic, leather pants, boots, gloves, no makeup or wig, short light brown hair, and stubble for Medieval. No wig and makeup for mystery challenge.
  12. Love Possum - Blue tunic, chain mail, and leather boots for Medieval. Nothing specified for the mystery challenge.--Reddy!!:) :( :D xD DX >:D ;( ;)Reddy loves emotioncons. 02:55, May 6, 2010 (UTC)
  13. Mark - Wandering minstrel costume for Medieval, with a mandolin. No costume change specified for mystery challenge.
  14. Millie - Pink dress for Medieval. Nothing specified for mystery challenge.
  15. Quog - Yellow sleeveless shirt with upward collar, chain mail on arms and legs for Medeival. Three piece brown suit for the mystery challenge.
  16. Robert - Armor and plaid cape for Medeival. Monocle and same old kilt for mystery challenge.
  17. Sandi - White dress with yellow flowers in her hair for Medieval. Nothing specified for the mystery challenge.
  18. Sir Perlative - No costume change for Medeival challenge. Nothing specified for mystery challenge.
  19. Therese - Jester outfit for Medieval. No costume change specified for mystery challenge.
  20. Xiomara - Long dress that covers her chair in Medieval. Gray hair and wheel chair for mystery challenge.

Chat 8 & Pictures

Sprink: Congrat to our final five! Good job on making it this far.

Sprink: You guys aren't supposed to claim choices.

Kenzen:Then we just say which ones were taking

Sprink: I know but each choice is two separate choices. So if someone chose to do one, someone else could still so the other option.

Chimmy: Oh my god, I think I'm gonna faint after this D:

Dark: I really am the underdog of this

Kenzen:I call him El Monkador

Dark: Here goes everything

Red: Im so doomed. But i like how it turned out for me, overall. ;)

Chimmy: Wow, I'm the only one who did the mystery challenge so far O__O

Kenzen:Liar XD.

Sprink: Kenny, make sure you mark what one is your bonus entry.

Kenzen:Ummm, I like both. i thought we were doing two make me choose sprink T_T (XD JK about the T_T)

Sprink: Just one (as the rules mention). If you don't decide, I'll pick the one I like less. :P

Kenzen:Dang it, which one do you like less. Hmmm, El Monkador or Robert Snooty Mystery Person. Why am i talking to myself.

Spenny: I has mine!

Judging 8

Chimmy - I appreciate heavily that it appears that you put some extra effort into your entry this week. You did really well at making Xiomara look like an old woman. I never knew she'd look so appropriate like that. The back tire of the wheelchair looks slightly off, and it seems like she would look more like the 1920s style with a shawl, or something. Overall, nice work.

Kenny - This was one of my favorite costume changes in the chapter. It looks really good, and about how I imagined it. I'm not sure why certain spots are darker on the hood, but that's my only slight complaint.

Dark - I think more could have been done with this. I imagine her having a dress more like what Julietta normally wears. I think the hair and the jewelery should have been different. Also, it just seems like you changed the dress color, and pasted on Sir Perlative's coat of arms. Thanks for submitting something, though.

Reddy - I'm not positive that this seems too Medieval. I like the pic, but think more could have been done with it.

Spenny - I don't see a lot of 1920s in this outfit. Sir Perlative kind of looks like a little boy, I guess, so maybe it works in a way I wasn't expecting. Not sure what the belt is supposed to be, though...

Elimination Time - The eliminated contestant this week is... Dark. I appreciate your effort every week. Thanks so much for competing each week, that means a lot to me. :)

Challenge 9

This week, we'll go back to the original challenge... That would be a free week. You can use any character from the approved stories I listed previously, however you want. I suggest doing something different than what you did the first week, obviously.

Chat 9 & Pictures

Sprink: Congratulations to the final four. Good job, guys & Chimmy.

Chimmy: I allowed to edit one of your character models into a character from another fanfic?

Reddy: I can tell I'll leave this week. CD might as well go out with a bang.... >:D

Kenzen:ahh, Red dont put yourself down, the comp is getting to me so i am hating every edit i start XD

Kenzen:Wait so this is a redo of the first challenge

Sprink: You can do whatever you want Chimmy. Kenny, yeah, but you can use the character pics I made for you, mine, and the ones I did for Spenny.

Chimmy: Shameless TDL self promotion FTW! :P

Kenzen:I did a shameless future youtube vid from me promotion

Reddy: I am almost dine with my big bang! It'll be up tomorrow :D

Reddy:I be done! Shameless upcoming character stuff! :D

Judging 9

Kenny - Nice job. It looks almost nothing like Sandi, but still good. My one problem is the bald spot above the ear. There should be hair there...

Chimmy - I think you did a really good job. I like the color palette. The long shirt sleeve bugs me a little, and the shoes look weird... and the eyes look a little big... But I like it overall. XD

Reddy - This is pretty cool. I like the color palette here, too, even though it is a bit matchy matchy, but I like that about a lot of the characters you draw. I think everything looks really good, except maybe the bottom the hoodie/the top of the pants.

Spenny - No piccy.

Elimination - Spenny has to be eliminated for not submitting a pic, especially at this stage of the competition. Thanks for competing. You did a good job throughout, and I enjoyed seeing your entries each time.

Challenge 10

This is a two part challenge. Each part of the challenge is fairly easy, so it shouldn't take too much effort.

The first part of the challenge is to only do what's specified. Put your name next to the option you would like to do:

  1. Love Possum with his hair out of his eyes. It can be a new hairstyle, or simply moved from in front of his eyes. -- All around me are familliar faces, worn out places, worn out faces... 19:58, May 18, 2010 (UTC)
  2. Sebastian without his sunglasses.--Kenzen Eleven! 03:01, May 19, 2010 (UTC)
  3. El Serpiente without his mask.Reddy!!:) :( :D xD DX >:D ;( ;)Reddy loves emotioncons. 20:52, May 18, 2010 (UTC)
  4. Leopold without his wig and makeup.
  5. Yancy with his hair sticking up, and no glasses.

For the second part of the challenge, I want you all to do the same character. That would be the brand new character model, Brad. Just give him a shirt. You can make it any style you want. You can cover the top of his underwear or not, that's up to you.

Chat 10 & Pictures

Sprink: Good job to the final three for making it to this point.

Chimmy: TECHNICALLY, I already did one of these, but oh well :P

Kenzen:Curse you Chimmy i wanted Love Ferret XD, I will go with Sebass though.

Reddy: Woohooo! Final three! I have a feeling that the winner will be announced. :D I know it aint me, though. If i DO beat Chimmy and ken, I'd fall over in my chair XD.

Reddy: done with brad. This is important, if im eliminated im in debt to Chimmy 20 shadow drawings. And if chimmy is eliminated, she gives me 5 sumtins. XD

Reddy; me, chimmy, and kenzen are agreeing to this bet, and we shook hands, cyberly. :P

Kenzen beats Chimmy – 3 chapter images

If Kenzen beats Reddy – Two characters from Reddy.

If Reddy beats Chimmy – 5 sumtins.

If Reddy beats Kenzen – Kenzen has to write a two page essay on how epic reddy is.

If Chimmy beats Kenzen – She gets two TDI style shadow from kenzen.

If Chimmy beats Reddy – She gets 20 shadow pictures from him.


Kenzen:I haven't read past the first and second chapter so leopold is bald right

Reddy: yea

Kenzen: :P i am just going with C-Bass

Reddy: also, in the bet, say I get third i'd give both you and chummy rewards. And if u get second, you only have to give chummy her stuff, just to clarify, and chummy gets to party. XD

Sprink: Leopold is not bald. XD

Chimmy: Ahem. My name is not that an insult? :P

Kenzen:Chimmy the u is next to the i on the keyboard... he probably was typing fast

Chimmy: I know, I know. Just beinf overly critical here, don't mind me. :P (Wow, did I make a typo in that? o.O)

Kenzen:Sprink, you are now able to send one of us packing... Chimmy where did you put my toothbrush... Wait*sees her lighting her and Reddy and His toothbrushs on fire* (Random O.o)

Sprink: I'll judge tomorrow, but I gotta say you guys did great this challenge. It'll be a tough decision.

Reddy: Ah man, so much pressure. I'm so excited to see who goes, XD prolly me

Judging 10

Thanks for all doing the challenge, and so quickly.

Reddy - El Serpiente: I actually like this quite nicely. It's definitely not what I expected, though. I imagine El Serpiente having a very full head of hair. But it looks fine so it doesn't matter. The ear is about the only thing that bugs me, so overall, you did good. BTW, is his head shiny or is that a bandage or sometihng?

Brad: I honestly do like this. I think the proportion of the shirt is the best out of the three entries. My problem lies in the thinkness of the new lines you created, it should be one degree thinner, and also that you chose to outline the letters with the thin black line. I think it would have looked epic without those lines, and maybe centered better.

Kenny - Sebastian: I hope this doesn't sound mean, but this is my least favorite of the entries. Sorry. I just don't imagine Sebastian having giant eyes like that, and the pupils don't allign quite right.

Brad: I hope this doesn't sound mean, but this is my favorite of the entries. Very, very creative and clever. The rip looks seamed in naturally, like their isn't even a rip, and I like the way the arrow twists and turns. Epic job. If Brad wore shirts, this one seems like one he would wear.

Chimmy - Love Possum: This is my favorite of the non-Brad entries. You did well in making the eyes look laid back and partly closed, like I'm sure they might. The hair also looks believable for a hippie, while completely different from what it was originally. The left eye could have been wider to match the other eye, but you did a good job, overall.

Brad: I like that you were ambitious in doing more than just a T-Shirt. My complaint is that the bird could have looked more bird like, but overall I liked your concept.

Elimination - Now... This is a very, very tough decision. You all did so well throughout the entire competition, but somebody has to be eliminated. Kenny... You made it especially tough, as I absolutely love your Brad entry, while I don't quite love the Sebastian entry as much as the others. With that said... The person out of the competition is... Reddy. Sorry, Reddy. You did a fantastic job throughout the competition, and you were one of my top favorites. This time, though, your pics were in the middle of the pack. Try not to doubt yourself as an artist, as I'm very impressed by your work. Thanks so much for competing, and I hope to see you again if anyone wants another season of this camp.

Challenge 11

This is the final challenge. Congrats to Kenny and Chimmy for making it to this stage. This one you get to choose among the Total Drama Wilderness characters. I know there aren't many to choose from, yet, but there aren't many left competing in this camp, so it all works out in the end. I would like you to choose one of the contestants (it doesn't matter if you pick the same one), and edit them as a character that could believably be used in Total Drama Time Travel. They don't have to be from the same era, or specifically represent an actual character from the story. Any questions, let me know.

Chat & Pictures 11

Sprink: Congrats to the final 2! Good job, guys.

Chimmy: :DDDD (PS: Get to work, Reddy. :P JK)

(Reddy:sprink, erase this if I'm not allowed to comment, I'm working chim XD)

(Reddy: Aw man, this challenge looks fun! XD)

Kenzen:=DDDD(P.S.Get to work Reddy XD. :P JK)

(Chimmy: You stole me line! :P)

Chimmy: I dub, the 50's Chick! :D

Kenzen:I am going all out right now so yeah it will be up soon =D

(reddude: ok, u'know what....)

Reddy:*appears in flash of Red* Ello! Im gonna watch the finals; LIVE! XD

Sprink: Anyone that played can comment here if they want (at least this week). I can't wait for Kenny's entry. Do you guys think I should do another one of these? I enjoyed it.

Reddy: Heck yes sprink! Next time I won't go down in the semifinals! XD

(Kenzen:I am doing two and in the end i will post which one i like more)

Chimmy: On the bright side, you're eligible for your own camp! :P And Sprink, YES. >:D

Fanny the Uber Fan: YES! I WANNA PLAY! *leaves*

Reddy:what do you mean chimmy?

Reds biggest fan: Reddy shoulda won! (XD)

Dark:....I couldn't even believe I made it to the final 5, but I'm probably joining the 2nd one.

Kenzen:I am Done.... It is a Holly edit... The bio IDK i just felt like it.

Sprink: Alright. I'll get to the judging later today. Thanks for getting your entries in so early.

Sprink: Hey, Kenny and Chimmy. For whoever wins, do you mind if I use two of your entries from this season for next seasons title image (I'll pick my favorites)?

Kenzen:I am fine with that.... Which ones?


Sprink: The ones I decide on, Kenny. (sorry for erasing the back story, but I didn't want all that in the gallery. I appreciated it, though.)

Judging 11

Chimmy - I really enjoyed your entry this week. It seems very natural, and you did really well with the poodle skirt. I like the shoes and the top, too. The only thing I didn't love was the random sideburn. XD But good job overall.

Kenny - I like that you tried to make the picture way different from the original. I had issues with the hair and the dress. The hair looked off for some reason, and the dress kind of makes her look like she has huge hips, and they look off. I will admit that Holly is a difficult picture to use, as the shape of her dress throws off where everything is.

Final Decision - So we have a winner... The winner of the very first ever Total Sprink Character Editing is...

Chimmy! Congrats, Chimmy. You stuck with submitting an entry each week, and I enjoyed your pics every time. You made some of my favorite pics throughout the competition, including the final one. Sorry, Kenny. You did great, too. I just felt Chimmy was more consistent. Thanks for competing, both. Both of you did awesome.

Final Chat

Sprink: Congrats to Chimmy. Reddy and Kenny gave you a run for the win, as I thought it could be between any of you. I plan on making another season of this, but I'm not sure win. Chimmy gets two of her pics in the title image (I think I've decided on them). Thanks to everyone who competed. Anyone who competed may comment, now.

Kenzen:Aw :(

Chimmy: .....oh my god. O_o

Sprink: Kenny, you should be proud. You did awesome!

Kenny:But i lost XD. So if i win next season will you do a third that i could help host?

Sprink: Maybe. I didn't plan on having Chimmy host, as cohosting is hard... XD Maybe I can think of a way to incorporate Chimmy next time.

Kenzen:Hmmm... Sprink you should start TSCE:S2 Now XD--Kenzen Eleven! 20:16, May 21, 2010 (UTC)

Sprink: Awesome! Thanks for making that elimination chart, Reddy. It looks great.

Elimination Table

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Crimson + (Contestant) = This user competed in Total Sprink Character Editing

Green + SAFE = This contestant was safe from elimination.

Orange + Low = This contestant was in the Bottom Two.

Red + OUT = This contestant was eliminated.

Silver + RUNNER-UP = This contestant was the runner-up of Total Sprink Character Editing.

Gold + WINNER = This contestant was the winner of Total Sprink Character Editing.

* = This contestant signed-up for season two!