Tour of the Losers

Tour of the Losers Resort

Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Tour of the Losers! Chris here! This is where all the eliminated contestants go from every season so far! So far we only have one season of losers, and that would be season 1!!! You lucky losers get to chill here!!! So Welcome to total...drama...Tour of the Losers!! (credit to MrDaimon for the idea). Chances to come back will come here once we get more users in here! You may NOT speak if you are in a current season (i.e. returnees)

Current Residents

Character User Team Place/s
Total Drama Tour of the World
Bronwyn Neko-naito Team Chris 21st
Seth SethAllred343 Team Chris 20th
Boo Sunslicer2 Team Victory 19th
Alejandro Drama786 Team Chris 18th
Javier TT66 Team Victory 16th
Enrique 124eo Team Chris 15th
Zeke Zannabanna Team Victory 13th/14th
Alexander Mister.. E. Team Chris 13th/14th
Zach TDADJ Team Victory 12th
Jackson Codyfan9000 Team Amazon 11th
Chase First123 Team Amazon 9th
Sam Misstditylerfan Team Chris 5th
Gerard Sunslicer2 No Team 3rd
Total Drama Tour of the Seas
Henrietta Fanfiction2010 Pink Team 24th
Harriet Sierrastalker Purple Team 23rd
Oatmeal Oatmeal- Green Team 22nd
Jade Puffles Rule Green Team 20th
Chad Bbhinton15 Blue Team 19th
Max Mister.. E. Yellow Team/Team Dynamite 17th
Daniel Jake R Purple Team/Team Bronson 16th
Brittany Totalcartoonfan09 Blue Team/Team Awesome 15th
Jake Codmister22 Turquoise Team/Team Bronson 14th
Gillian Sunslicer2 Red Team/Team Bronson 13th
Bronson Reddude Pink Team/Team Bronson 11th
Pablo Platypus09 White Team/Team Awesome 8th
Iris Kate4TDWT Lime Team/Team Awesome 6th
Cal TDAddict Red Team/Team Dynamite 5th
Kevin Kgman04 Gray Team/Team Dynamite 4th
Total Drama Tour of the Island
Angel XrosHearts Radioactive Rabbits 18th
Raven Zannabanna Mutant Mongooses 17th
Mike Survivor321 Radioactive Rabbits 16th
Nalyd Nalyd Renrut Mutant Mongooses 15th
Rose RoseGui Mutant Mongooses 14th
Zach Codmister22 Radioactive Rabbits 13th
Liz Kate4TDWT Radioactive Rabbits 12th
Jake Jake R Mutant Mongooses 11th
Jessa Zoomer72 Mutant Mongooses 9th
Cell BlazeHead51 Mutant Mongooses/Radioactive Rabbits 8th
Karen ACTN Radioactive Rabbits 6th
Ryan Mister. E Mutant Mongooses 5th
Xenes Reddude Mutant Mongooses 4th
Lucy Mrdaimion Radioactive Rabbits 3rd
Martin Aimers Mutant Mongooses 1st
Destiny Sunslicer2 Radioactive Rabbits 1st
Total Drama Tour of the City
James Survivor321 Team Broadway 18th
Peter Kgman04 Team Broadway 17th
Matthew MTDM Team Broadway 16th
Zoey Heather rocks Team Amazon/Orange Team/ Team Dynamite 7th /18th
Destinee Leshawnafan Team Amazon/Gray Team/Team Bronson WINNER/12th
Abby Nduke Team Amazon/Orange Team/Team Dynamite 22nd/9th
Sarah Alejandrofan300 White Team/Team Dynamite 2nd/3rd
Brandon Zoomer72 Team Victory/Yellow Team/Team Awesome 9th/2nd
Samuel Mrdaimion Team Chris/Black Team/Team Bronson 5th/WINNER
Quinn EvaBridgetteGwenRocks Team Chris/Black/Awesome/Bronson/Rabbits 10th/7th/10th
AJ Bridgette_dj10 Team Victory/Lime/Awesome/Rabbits 5th/10th/7th

Season Links:

Season 1: Total Drama Tour of the World

Season 2: Total Drama Tour of the Seas

Season 3: Total Drama Tour of the Island

Season 4: Total Drama Tour of the City (Has not begun)

Tour of the Losers Resort:


Jackson: So this is the bedrooms? Not too bad...

Skylar: Grr i should be IN the season...not stuck here

Scott: I think its cool!

Chris: Everyone meet Scott and Skylar, future competitors! They will remain here until their respective season approaches

Skylar: Grrr (CONF) I cant bevlieve im stuck here >.> Chris is so gonna get it

Quinn: room am I in?!

Raven: *arrives* This place looks awesome. Where's my room? Nevermind, I know where it is.

Angel: Not bad.


Skylar: *Sees Henrietta walk in* What is that old lady doing here?

Scott: Aren't you watching Skylar? She was the first eliminated from Total Drama Tour of the Seas.

Skylar: Yeah but shes...old

Zeke: *swims around*


Skylar: *sees Oatmeal and Harrietarrive* Great, a model and a breakfast food.

Scott: *sees Xalia swing in on a vine* Wow what is with this show? o.O

Xalia: *relaxes on the beach, glaring at Scott*

Scott: *Strums his guitar some more* I can't believe i'm stuck here until season 4

Enrique: So I fould a way out, but returned back, Got caught by cops. :(


Chris: If you guys don't talk i'm not putting up challenges for you >.>

Alexander: Okay...?

Max: Hey, step-bro.

Alexander: Max? You were eliminated? O.O

Max: Yep.

Skylar: *grinning* Well soon we will ALL get a chance to return to the game! woot!!

Scott: Wow people getting along? I have been with Jade and Xalia too long

Skylar: *sees Destinee and Bronson arrive* Isn't that...last season's winner?!

Quinn: *arrives with luggage* Hi Everyone! (CONF): At least i'm away from those losers in that stupid crap game.

Skylar: Hey Quinn! Sorry about being eliminated

Cell: (walks in) Quinn, it's nice to see you again.

Chrissie McLean: Oh don't think you guys are done yet. You have some surprises coming up!

AJ: Hey guys what's up! I missed you all!

Skylar: Great it's you

AJ:...what are you even still doing here?

Skylar: My season is coming eventually!

Cell: and I hope mine comes soon...(sigh)

AJ: I'm sure we will get a chance to return

Quinn: AJ! :)

AJ: Quinn!!! At least were here together

Quinn: Yes!!! I missed you SO much!

Fitness Center

Xalia: *is training on a punching bag* Once I return Jade, you are going DOWN!

Scott: Don't worry, are you watching the show? Jade is racking up votes

Jade: *sarcastic* It's nice to see you too...

Scott: Awk...ward...*walks down to the beach*

Xalia :*smacks the punching bag into Jade's face at great force*

Skylar: *Helps Xalia*

Xalia: *tackles Jade*

Jade: AH! *pushes Skylar out the way, and pins down Xalia* The hatred I feel right now! *repeatedly slaps her*

Xalia: *grabs Jade and throws her into the window and pushes her out* Take that! *tackles her and is attmepting to stab her with glass*

Jade: Wow, you really are a lunatic. *throws Xalia off of her, and dust self off* You might wanna be shutting your face up. >.> *walks to pool*

Xalia:*tackles her and stabs her in the arm with a tiny piece of glass then snaps out of it and walks away* (CONF) I wonder what got into me? But whatever! One of my step parents from aes ago goto hit by a bus! How old was he? About sixty! It was soo funny! I cracked up laughing! His wife was so sad because he had died! She didn't like me for laughing so I got put up for adoption again. But that still was so lol!

Jade: OW. You stabbed me, physco. >.> *punches Xalia in the arm* I hate you.


Herman: *is relaxing and sees the cameras* Umm, leave now, you're violating my privacy...

Cameraguy: Ummm, dude, you signed a contract. You have four years more here.

Herman: Ugh! >.< Okay, I'm not mad at all to be here. I mean, at least i wasn't the first voted off, *yells* RIGHT BRONWYN?! *voice goes back normal* anyways, this is better than that crappy plane, or that crappy cruise >_> *keeps relaxing*

Skylar: Herman you were ON the season and i wasn't and even i know that it was Abby from team Amazon that was eliminated first!

Xalia: *gets in and relaxes while kicking water into the cameraman and Herman*

Chase: *Randomly appears*Hi!

Xalia: When is the challenge?

Scott: Your lucky, im stuck here for TWO more seasons until i get to compete

Xalia: HA!

AJ: Urgh, i can't believe i got eliminated!! Well...quit...again..

Skylar: *mumbling* Loser

Cal: *relaxes* No starship has this treatment, that's for sure.

Quinn: *unrelaxed* I should be in the final 4! I was voted off UNFAIRLY!

Cal: ... Okay. :|

Jade: Maybe I could replace someone if they like if they get sick, or go missing, or gets hit by a bus!!! *breaks glass*

Spa Women: Uh, she can't drive a bus... right?

AJ: Uh oh

Cal: I hope not...

Jade: Great! I spent hours of my life violating glass for nothing.

AJ: (CONF) I can't believe im stuck here


Chris: All challenges will be posted in this section! You are free to talk in the chat above as much as you like!

Challenge 1:

Chris: Hehehe, challenge time!!! It won't start until Friday. Everyone who says SAFE gets to compete for a chance to return to Total Drama Tour of the Seas!!! Anyone may compete, even competitors from the first season!!!!


Chris: You can't compete >.>

Skylar: >: ( (XD)


Alexander: SAFE.

Xalia: SAFE!

Zeke: SAFE

Herman: SAFE

Chase: SAFE!

Jade: Safe... do you all have to scream?

Xalia: Shut up!

Alexander: Yes, yes I do. -w-

Chris: Ok so we have Jade, Alexander, Max, Xalia, Zeke, Herman and Chase so far!!! I'll wait for one or two more!!

Harriet: SAFE!

Chris: 1 or 2 more spots, probably 2, 10 is a good number!

Jake: SAFE!

Chris: Ok, challenge time!!! You have TWO WEEKS for this challenge. Your challenge is three-fold, it's to make your own character or submit it (draw i mean, it can be your person in TOL but it doesn't have to be, BE SURE to include a stereotype), write a character bio, and pick a song that best fits your character!

( Erica's song)

TDI Base by Loloflorio

Name: EricaGender: FemaleStereotype: The Piano PlayerBio: Erica was born on August 18th, 1994.By 5 years old, she knew how to play 3 songs. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Flamenco, and she made her own song. Dedicated to her piano teacher, Mr Ranman. He hasn't been feeling well and she played that song for him before he died.Erica has done this for her teacher, and for herself.

Herman, The A Type

Herman was born in a normal family amongst normal things. When he started kindergarden he already knew how to write and read, and, to be honest, really good to his age.
When he started school, he was sometimes bullied, but, using his brains only, he got revenge of these bullies. They never bothered him again.
In School, he had lots of good friends throughout all of the years, but, when he started high school, some of them left him apart and hurt his feelings. However, other of his friends helped him go through this moment, which made him stronger.
He joined Total Drama Tour of the World to test himself and see how far he could make it on a reality show, which he has loved since young. Sadly, he was eliminated just before he could show his real skills. He would like a second chance to show what he can do.

Herman's Song
Firework, by Katy Perry

This song describes how Herman feels at times. He feels like if he shouldn't have existed, and that he isn't worth anything, but there's always something that helps him to go on.

Herman, The A Type
Zeke, the Lover-boy



Zeke was born in 1992. His parents had him when they were only 17 and 18. He grew up in a musical family, though! He was an Actor from 2000-2009. At school, every girl liked him but, He stopped being an actor because he met ,his girlfriend, Maria. They dated from 2009-2010. They broke up because he auditioned for TDTOTW without her. So, Zeke joined Total Drama Tour of the World to find a girl. He never did find a girl, but hopes to find one on Total Drama Tour of the Seas, if he gets to debut.

Zeke's Song
Good Girls Go Bad, by Cobra Starship

This song describes who Zeke is. He just wants the girls!

Zeke, the Lover-boy
Xalia, the Insane Girl



Xalia was born in 1993. She had been in many foster homes because her parents didn't like the fact she suffered from a rare disease called 'Doesnotknowhowtoactsane'. Though her parents where insane, they still didn't want her. She had no siblings wherever she was. She had no friends and if people bullied her, they would pay the price. She still manages to get around. After alot of foster homes, nobody else wanted Xalia so her original parents took her back. She joined Total Drama Tour of the Seas so she could be on tv.

Xalia's Song
Lonely, By Akon

This song describes how lonely Xalia is at times.

Xalia, the Insane Girl
Jake, the Sensitive Strategist


Jake is a very awkward but popular teenager, who lives a pretty normal life. But when he wants to, he can be very serious, and harsh, in order to get what he wants.

Jake signed up for TOTS to try and win it, but was unfortunately eliminated early on, and before he was able to show off his true strategic self. Jake wants to return IMMENSELY but is worried that the other contestants might have better reasons to return, and may have much better bios...

Jake's Song

Forget You, by Cee-Lo Green

This song describes how Jake and his ex-girlfriend have had trouble, and shows how vulnerable he can be, when it comes to love.

Jake, the Sensitive Strategist

Jade, the Mean/Bad Girl

Jade has a snarky persona. She insults "everyone", especially her enemies, but shows her soft side to some people. Jade's known for wearing dark clothes, a lot of dark eyeshadow, piercings, and a star tattoo. She isn't goth, even though she seems like it. She likes coffe, scissors (cuts weird things like flowers and trashcans), blood, and weird things like a lump of fat! She's a talented singer, dancer, and play-writer (some people think her plays are to weird). Shes in love with her boyfriend, but when other girls flirt with him, she could go balistic! Jade hates many things: tuna fish, flowers, giggling, the word "panties", cilantro, rainbows, ducks, cramps, string cheese, clocks, wet doorknobs, bra's the hook of in the front, the color yellow, carpeting, etc.

She wants to come back to Total Drama Tour of the Seas for revenge on everyone that voted for her, probably going balistic and being "nicer". Jade also wants to win the money, and possibly return as "Betsy Sue Golden Heart" for unknown reason.

Jade's Song
Bennie and the Jets (not sung by actual singer)

This song describes that Jade wants to be known for her talents and that just may happen someday.

Jade, the Mean/Bad Girl

Challenge 2:

Chris: Who wants to participate?

Cal: I'd like to participate.

Jade: I'd love to make them feel my wrath. (This means she's participating.)

Zeke: I would

(Zanna: Zeke has been waiting for this)

Chris: Ok, we will wait a little longer, two people will win. One will be sent to round one of the next liberty island, and if they can win all 10 episodes they will return. The 1st place person will just be let into the game

Max & Alexander: We also want to play!

Sarah:I will enjoy this. >:D

Chris: 6 is enough! Cal, Sarah, Jade, Zeke, Alexander, and Max!! So, everyone has three dodgeballs, if you get hit twice your out. Last two players standing win! You have one dodge. If you are inactive for 1 day, you get a hit. Go!!

Sarah:*throws at Zeke*

Max: *throws at Zeke

Alex: *Throws at Zeke*

Sarah:*throws a ball at Cal*

Max: *throws at Cal*

Alex: *Throws at Cal*

Sarah:*throws a ball at Jade*

Max: *throws at Jade*

Alex: *Throws at Jade*

Jade: Ugh. *throws all 3 balls at all of them*

Cal: *throws two balls at Max, and one at Sarah

Chris: And the winner is....Alexander! Alexander, you get a spot in Tour of the City! Sarah your being sent to redemption at Week 9!!

Alexander: Woo hoo!

Jade: *groans* My life is slipping away!

AJ: Its ok! Theres gonna be another chance soon!!

Zeke: WHAT?!!? I'm tired of chances.....this is my 3rd try! *goes crazy* Can 2 people debut

Max: *rolls eyes* Get over yourself.

Cell: (arrives) what a shame...i was expecting to be in the final five at least. but oh can't win them all..(heads over to the bar)

Mike: I haven't talked in a while, but I'm upset.