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Featured Camper

The Featured Camper for May is AlejandroCodyTylerNoah. Being known for his extremely successful series "Total Drama: All-Stars vs. Underdogs", ACTN is one of the most friendly and reliable people in the wikia. He also visits chat alot and is participant in various camps, making him one of the most active people in the community

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Featured Camp of the Month

The Featured Camp for May is Total Drama Hotel. 20 contestants, varying from normal to extremely weird, compete against eachother for the million dollar prize in a luxurious hotel. Full of risky challenges, shocking eliminations, unexpected cameos and comic moments, this camp is surely one of the most memorable of this wikia.

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Anybody Is Welcomed!

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All users are welcome! Have fun, meet new people, compete in camps, roleplays, and do so much more!


The wiki where you can create Total Drama camps that anyone can join and compete!

Our users have made 582 camps since January 2009!

Hot Camps!


The newest series by Sunsummer7 is a horror camp. Watch as ten teenagers survive on an island while fighting for their lives!

Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs 7
In one of the most popular camps, all stars will compete against underdogs once more, brought to you by AlejandroCodyTylerNoah.

Featured Quote

Quote1 Thanks! But money isnt everything. But love is the thing what people need in the world. Im going to my million dollars. Geoff, Family, friends etc. *smiles* Quote2
– Bridgette

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Featured Character

The Featured Character for May is Robin. In general he's a friendly smoking addict that despises whoever minds about him smoking. He developed a relationship with Azuna in Total Drama Hotel and it continued in Total Drama After The Island (Again) where things went....too far. He is also friends with Lily and Daniel and he managed to get far in his camps

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