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Welcome to TDI Camps Wiki!

Welcome to the TDI Camps Wiki! A website where you can freely edit and compete in all sorts of competitive and creative camps! The wiki where you can create Total Drama camps that anyone can join and compete!

Our hardworking users have made 428 camps since January 2009!

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  • Check out the new Fanfiction Showcase forum to check out some work from our campers on the sister wiki!
  • Check out the new Friend Codes forum to add your fellow wikians' friend codes for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U titles!
  • The normal theme has been updated! Tell us what you think in the poll!
  • Thanks to the users WelshGirlAmber and WinstonMacdonald, the wiki has set up the Wikivision competition!
  • One of our administrators, MRace2010, is looking for ideas for the wiki! Do you have any ideas? Comment on his blog!
  • The wiki has received a brand new look! And more features have been added! Click here and here for a run-down!
  • Administrator Sunsummer7 has hit his five year anniversary, congratulations Sun!
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Total Drama Space
Chris is taking some teens to space because reasons. Get ready for fun, strategy, and an adventure in the stars!

View the camp here.

Click for another top camp!

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