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Featured Camper

The Featured Camper for February is BlazeHead 51! True to his name, Blaze He is a beloved veteran from the UK and is very respected. He likes to play the anti-hero role and has come up with some great characters. He also respects Tim Sherwood. Completely irrelevant, but thought it should be pointed out. Anyway, congrats, Blaze!

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Featured Camp of the Month

The Featured Camp for February is Songs of the TDI. This amazing season, hosted by Wesley Evilton (under the alias of Wes Holden should the cops show), had 14 Wikians competing for the title of Song Grandmaster Champ. In a thrilling conclusion, TrentFan and Don faced off in the finale, which had Don chanting "AHO AHO AHO." What happened? Read for yourself to find out!

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Anybody Is Welcomed!

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All users are welcome! Have fun, meet new people, compete in camps, roleplays, and do so much more!


The wiki where you can create Total Drama camps that anyone can join and compete!

Our users have made 384 camps since January 2009!

Hot Camps!


My Total Drama: Fresh Batch
This season in the My Total Drama series created by Sunsummer7, Chris is finally using an all-new cast to fight for the million dollars as new interactions form and contestants battle, many twists will occur and chaos ensues. Which newbie will win? Watch and find out!

Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs 11
In the eleventh installment of the popular series created by AlejandroCodyTylerNoah, the season of Pahkitew Island is revisited as 14 contestants compete for the million. Which contestant will win in this Pahkitew Island retelling?

Featured Quote

The Featured Quote for February is

Quote1 Surfer: Life is a cycle of love and loss, happiness and despair. Love is a path to an end, where every second brings you closer to your demise. Life is unfair; it gives and it takes, but in the end it always ends up with peace. Quote2
– Surfer the Cat

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Featured Character

The Featured Character for February is Mack! Played by ConkerChu, this character has been the attention of many controversies, but he's still lovable nevertheless! He's keen to prove predictions wrong and nothing ever goes his way. Despite all of that, Mack continues to be as happy and friendly as possible. Besides his bad luck, he also has battles with his insecurities and longing for friends. Despite being a friendly guy, Mack's only managed to make a few friends, due to others starting a bad reputation for him. We still love him- even if other characters don't. Congrats, Mack!

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