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Featured Camper

The Featured Camper for March is Wesley Evilton! The Gundam/Max in a bag, Wesley Evilton has been here for a long while and is one of our oldest and more respected users. While his evil tendencies might cause you to be suspicious of him, he will only rob you of your awards and cookies. Your fresh batch of cookies. While he has been under the spotlight of controversy, he's an overall good guy and tries to help the wiki in the ways he can- whether marking dead pages for deletion or adding his two cents on arguments. He may seem overly strict at times, but that's just because he cares about the wiki. He's been trying since December 2010, so this is a real milestone for him. He's one of our more well-known veterans and tries to help forge and mend bonds with the Fanfiction Wiki. This achievement seems overdue. Congrats Wes!

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Featured Camp of the Month

The Featured Camp for March is Sunsummer7's Camp 2. This fun and quick camp was hosted by Sunsummer7. It had 14 classic contestants competing for one million dollars. Through all of the twists and bizarre scenarios, including an extremely hungry Geoff, the surprising winner at the end turned out to be the homeschooled Ezekiel. Read this camp for yourself to enjoy all of its uniqueness.

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Anybody Is Welcomed!

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All users are welcome! Have fun, meet new people, compete in camps, roleplays, and do so much more!


The wiki where you can create Total Drama camps that anyone can join and compete!

Our users have made 387 camps since January 2009!

Hot Camps!


My Total Drama: Fresh Batch
This season in the My Total Drama series created by Sunsummer7, Chris is finally using an all-new cast to fight for the million dollars as new interactions form and contestants battle, many twists will occur and chaos ensues. Which newbie will win? Watch and find out!

Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs 11
In the eleventh installment of the popular series created by AlejandroCodyTylerNoah, the season of Pahkitew Island is revisited as 14 contestants compete for the million. Which contestant will win in this Pahkitew Island retelling?

Featured Quote

The Featured Quote for March is

Quote1 *writes Sunshine* Sorry, but when opportunity comes knocking you have to let him in. 'Cause opportunity's a scary dude and if you don't let him in he might burn down your house, or steal your car. Quote2
– Nalyd

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Featured Character

The Featured Character for March is Holden! Played by Our Featured Camper winner this month, Holden is, simply put, an Irish Jerk. While there is much more to his personality, just keep those in mind. He's obsessed with the ideals of evil and wishes to be one himself- even corrupting his more reasonable brother Wes into sharing similar ideals despite once being wise. Holden believes that strategy is above all, but will stay loyal to his true friends- not the friends he just makes for alliances. And while he may mistreat his brothers, he can otherwise, be a nice guy- though he won't admit it. Congrats, Holden!

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