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Featured Camper

There were no applicants for the month of December '14

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Featured Camp of the Month

There were no applicants for the month of December '14
Previous FC

The Featured Camp from September is The camp without a good name. A camp created by WinstonMacdonald, Contestants competed week to week in challenges in order to stay out of the bottom 3. The Bottom 3 then competed in another challenge to stay out of the bottom 2 where one of them was voted out. In the end ACTN nudged out Wes in the F2 vote to take the title of this great camp.

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The wiki where you can create Total Drama camps that anyone can join and compete!

Our users have made 446 camps since January 2009!

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After the Rating Game, Chris decides to host a new reality show with 18 contestants and the prize of 250.000 dollars

Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs 9
In one of the most popular camps, all stars will compete against underdogs once more, brought to you by AlejandroCodyTylerNoah.

Featured Quote

The Featured Quote from September is

Quote1 No kidding, Chris, but you know why? Because my whole team is full of incompetent freaks! First of all, Laney is hardly trustworthy and is only okay in challenges, Leo. Leo, you're actually really dumb. You aren't even a villain! You think you have control of the game? You don't. Laney does. Drown. Next, Heather, you don't even deserve to be here (screw you actn if you thought we needed "help". This is barely help). Jump off a cliff, losers. Lastly, Saionji. I have had to deal with you for three seasons straight, and I swear to god that you are the last person I want to see. Get over your dumb, whiny self before you get eliminated. By the way, Laney is planning to backstab you now that she has Heather and Leo. JUST SAYING. Oh, yeah, forgot about Max. You're weird. Get help. And I know you losers won't listen to this, so have fun getting wiped out. :) Quote2
– Dyrek

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Featured Character

<center>There were no applicants for the month of December '14
Previous FC

The Featured Character for October is Cassidy. Cassidy is a nice humble girl who is shy soft spoken but Who wants another Zoey. Kassidy was an obvious choice to add instead of Kassidy being summoned by "Anne Maria coming" or "Zoey needing help". She actually portrays it naturally sure she hided it at first but she knew it was a part of her however in the finale Kassidy and Cassidy split apart because Kassidy is a demon so yeah she had a relationship with ryan eliminated ryan acted like peck killed her and pin it on mariah and they both were eliminated and cassidy ended 1st place against lizzie so yeah.

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