FANDOM's me, Heather. You know, the complete overlord of all living things? Anyways, whatever. I got 20 losers who are on here to do something...or win....whatever I feel like giving. Anyways, there will be one winner...and I guess there were two previous seasons which were ok. Anyways, welcome to Total Drama Invasion!!!!!

Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

Owen- Platypus09

Gwen- DxGForever

Duncan- Wes Holden

LeShawna- Leshawnafan

Geoff- Cragiled dyrium

Izzy- TDObsessed

DJ- Duncanjustin

Trent- Youre2490

Bridgette- Weblykinly

Lindsay- Heather rocks

Eva- Poppyseed56

Harold- Codmister22

Courtney- Tdi

Sadie- Teamnoah123

Katie- Fanny

Cody- Mrdaimion

Justin- D-Squire

Noah- NoahFTW

Ezekiel- MTDM

Blade(squirrel from TDI)- Sunslicer2

Jerd- Reddy


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Do NOT sing. You can use *sing*, but don't actually put lyrics. It takes up WAY too much space.


And Killing is allowed...>:)...after they get booted.

Theme Song

Dear mom and dad, I'm doing fine. *shows Katie and Sadie screaming*

You guys are on my mind. *Blade appears*

You asked me what I wanted to be *Lindsay comes and stares at Blade*

And now I think the answer's plain to see. *Jerd comes and eats Blade while Lindsay freaks out*

I wanna be famous! *Jerd spits out Blade and passes Cody, who is hiding behind a bush*

I wanna live close to the sun. *Owen appears hugging Gwen and Duncan*

I'll pack your bags cause I've already won. *Gwen and Duncan break free and make out, while Trent glares*

Everything to prove, nothing in my way. *Noah rolls his eyes while Ezekiel captures him from the shadows*

I'll get there one day. *Izzy laughs maniacally with Ezekiel as Geoff frantically runs away*

Cause I wanna be famous! *Geoff runs past Courtney who is writing down a future strategy*

Na, na, na, na na! *Eva and LeShawna are sunbathing*

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ,na! *Harold walks past and winks while LeShawna blushes and Eva beats him up*

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! *DJ and Bridgette are shown surfing to the camp while Tyler tries to surf and fails*

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! *Justin comes up to greet them, but Chris and Blainely's ghost scares them away*

De, de, de, de, de, de, de, de,de de! *Heather appears with all 20 contestants while she evilly grins*

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
1st LeShawna IN WIN WIN WIN Harold WIN Jerd WIN Courtney/Owen NV Gwen Gwen Sadie Bridgette Blade Cody Lindsay Blade LOW WINNER
2nd Harold IN WIN WIN WIN Jerd IN Noah NV Gwen Sadie Bridgette Katie Cody Lindsay Blade Geoff RUNNER-UP
3rd Geoff IN WIN Ezekiel WIN WIN NV WIN WIN Owen Noah Eva Gwen Sadie NV Katie Blade Lindsay Blade OUT
4th Blade IN WIN WIN WIN Harold WIN Jerd WIN Owen Noah Eva NV Sadie Bridgette Katie Cody Harold NV
5th Lindsay IN WIN WIN NV Sadie WIN WIN Sadie Courtney Eva Eva NV Harold NV NV NV NV
6th Cody IN Tyler WIN Duncan Trent WIN WIN Courtney Courtney Noah Eva Gwen Sadie Bridgette Blade LeShawna
7th Katie IN NV NV WIN WIN NV WIN WIN Courtney Eva Eva Gwen Blade Bridgette Geoff
8th Bridgette IN Tyler Ezekiel WIN WIN Justin WIN WIN Owen Noah Gwen Gwen NV Lindsay
9th Sadie IN Tyler WIN Duncan Trent WIN WIN Courtney Courtney Noah Eva Gwen Blade
10th Gwen IN WIN WIN Trent Trent WIN WIN Courtney NV NV NV NV
11th Eva IN WIN WIN WIN NV WIN Jerd WIN Owen Noah Gwen
12th Noah IN WIN WIN WIN Harold WIN Jerd WIN Courtney Eva
13th/14th Owen IN WIN WIN Duncan Trent WIN WIN Courtney Courtney
13th/14th Courtney IN WIN WIN Duncan NV WIN WIN IDOL/NV Owen
15th Izzy IN WIN WIN WIN Harold WIN Jerd WIN OUT
17th Justin IN Tyler NV WIN WIN QUIT
18th Trent IN WIN WIN NV NV
19th Duncan IN WIN WIN Trent
20th Ezekiel IN NV NV
21st Tyler IN Ezekiel
22nd DJ OUT


Heather: Welcome to Total Drama Invasion. losers!!!

Izzy: Hi Heather, I survived and so did you, lol

Cody: *is hiding from GHwen, Sierra, and Lindsay*

Izzy: cody, dont hide, show yourself!

Lindsay:My stiches hurt..

Gwen: I wonder how am I still alive....

Duncan:*Hides cody behind a bush*

Trent: Hy guys

Heather: Oh, yeah. I revived you or something.

Harold: I told you I would return!!!

Trent: You think Chef would be in charge.

Lindsay:Greta and Ivy!*hugs them*

Cody: When? *covers his mouth once he realizes he revealed his location*

Izzy: Hi Lindsay *hugs back*

Harold: Last season GOSH!

sadie:yaaaaaaaaa......another chance to die'

Sadie:(conf):im starting to consider that might be a bad thing

Lindsay:Ivy!Where's Cody?

Blade: *in high pitch voice* Hi, guys!

Courtney: (glares at Noah, Gwen, Owen, and Ezekiel)

Sadie:*turns lindsays head towards bush*there he is

Katie: *hugs Cody* Hi Cody!

Gwen: Umm, hey guys!

Jewrd: *on phone* Yah! I'm suing the trousers of dis shoe!

Cody:... Hi Katie, I guess...

Lindsay:Cody!*hugs him*Squirrel was that a squirrel?

Blade: *waves* Yup!

Trent: A talking squirrel.

Owen: Hey everyone! What's going on?

Trnet: Hey Owen.

Harold: If you look at its molecular structure, its actually a Wawanakwa Blue Squirrel

Sadie:*smiles*hey katie

Blade: *punches Harold* Nerd.

Harold: Oww! What's your problem GOSH.

Noah:Hi guys, I guess.

Trent: I wonder what squirrel tastes like?

Lindsay:Aw look at the cute little squirrel.*goes to Blade and scratches it chin*

Harold: Look out Lindsay! That thing is dangerous!

Katie: Hey Sadie! Wait, Lindsay! That's my cute Cody! *catfights*

Gwen: (to Trent) I don't think we can.... or at least should eat him

Trent: Wow.....................

Duncan: cool girls fighting

Cody: (CONF) How did I manage to get four girls to like me?

Lindsay:Help me!!

Sadei:harold, iuts a squirel man up

Harold: I'll save you! *starts kung-fu kicking the air*

Trent: *pulls her back and kicks Blade away*


Trent: I just did.......................or is it something else.

Gwen: Catfights are just wrong... can someone help them?

Harold: *actually does something and Helps Lindsay*

Lindsay:*pushes Katie off her**leaves screaming*(CONF)She's scary.

Bridgette: Hey guys!

Jerd: *hangs up phone* Heather! Tel' de producers to be ready for some biiiiiiiiiiiiig leg'l trebles.

Trent: Lindsay you ok?

Sadie:oh my gosh katie, are you okay

Harold: (CONF) If Cody can be a ladies man then I can too.


Blade: *is on the ground crippled and twitching* Hep me!

Trent: *sits next to Lindsay* Are you ok?

Katie: *is crying*

Lindsay:*gasp*Squirrley!*goes to it and grabs it*Are you okay?

Gwen: (to Katie) Are you ok?

Noah:(CONF) How does Cody get all the girls!

Blade: *coughs up little bone parts*

Trent: The squirrel is evil!

Izzy: fishcakes are evil

Harold: I told you!

Lindsay:How dare you!*slaps him*HOSPITAL!*running around*The squirrel is HURT!

Cody: *runs over to Lindsay and Blade* Are you okay?

Courtney: Heather! Control everyone!

Blade: You! *points at Cody then coughs again*

Trent: see H-Bomb is with me.

Cody: What did I do?

Lindsay:I don't know!

Courtney: What is going on?!

Trent: The evil squirrel is dieing.

Blade: The pervert stepped on me on the island place! And then laughed!

Cody: When?

Gwen: (CONF) Ok, this is getting weird

Trent: You don't remember.

Lindsay:What should I do!?

sadie:i thought i was the pervert that did that

Duncan; Courtny Why do you always ruin everything that is fun

Blade: *to Sadie* You would never do-*cough* that. You're a *cough* nice person.

Harold: Who Cares!! Just kill the da** thing! Its evil! GOSH!!!

Courtney: WHAT?!??! I'M FUN!!!!!

Trent: There are two things we can do bury him or do surgury our selves.


Noah:*whacks Blade with golf club*

Trent: Or um..................that.

Blade: *cries in air* Why do Harold, Noah and Trent want to be mean to me?

Gwen: (to Courtney) Amm, no, you aren't

Duncan: Whatever you say courtney (CONF) Courtney is a fun sucke, Whay do you think i left her for Gwen.......because of that and the reson that she left me for dead for a million bucks

Courtney: (to Gwen) I don't need to hear it from you, gothy!

Lindsay:*leaves with squirrel*It's okay squirrel they won't hurt you.

Cody: *chases after Lindsay*

Gwen: Whatev

Courtney:Hmm.*looking around*

Duncan: *chases blade with an ax*

Noah:Just leave him alone, sorry for hitting you, I was just kinda caught in the moment.

Courtney: (sits down)

Sadie:*chases harold*dont hurt squirley


Trent: *sits down and trips Sadie*

Noah:What's wrong Lindsay?!

Duncan: *Cuts off Blade's tail*

Cody: Everyone, stop trying to hurt Blade.

Lindsay:Duncan is chasing me with an axe!

Gwen: Duncan! Don't hurt him!

Courtney: (drinks tea)

Trent: One Q who is dating Duncan.

Cody: *tackles Duncan*

Lindsay:Is there a hospital.

Blade: *throws an acorn at Duncan's face* Meanie!

Lindsay:*hits a hospital*Ow.

Trent: Why is there a hospital on a show about dieing?

Cody: *runs up to Lindsay* Are you okay?

Duncan: Whatever *Drops ax on Blade and punches Cody

Noah:*knocks Duncan out with blunt edge of ax*

Lindsay:Is there a hospital.

Gwen: I really don't think so

Trent: That is a cardboard cut out.

Lindsay:*sees that they are on an other state*Am I in Mexico?

Blade: *being crushed by axe* Hep me!

Trent: *picks up the axe* HEP?

Cody: *starts mending Blade's wounds*

Duncan: *jumps out of the bushes and jumps on Noah*

Trent: Cody I think your girlfriend is in Mexico.

Lindsay:*walking around*Where am I?.

Noah:*throws Duncan into the Twilight Zone* HA!

Cody: I'm coming Lindsay! *runs to Mexico*

Gwen: (to Duncan) Don't you have something better to do than hurting people?

Lindsay:Ooh!Mexican food.*goes inside a taco shop*

Taco Man: We need money muchacha.

Cody: *runs into the taco shop* Lindsay! *hugs*

Lindsay:Umm how about this.*gives him a lip gloss*!*hugs back*

Taco Man: Pay or I'll call the cops!

Gwen: (to Duncan) Like for example.... wanna make out?

Lindsay:Cody do you have money.

Cody: I'll handle this. *gives the cashier 5 bucks*

Taco Man: No U.S. Money!

Trent: Hey Gwen.

Lindsay:What no fair.*gives back the taco*

Taco Man: *shows sign* No refunds or returns!

Noah:Here *gives Cody 1,000,000 Mexican Dollars*

Cody:... Not sure how you got that much money, but thanks. *buys 5 tacos for everyone*

Lindsay:Yay Tacos!*eats one*I'm full.

Taco Man: Grasias.

Gwen: (to trent) *a bit awkwardly* hey (that's about 150 000 dolars)

Lindsay:De nede!

Noah:I always carry emergency money from each country just in case. And no tacos is definetaly an emergency.

Taco Man: Rubia tonta

Trent: Gwen can we talk?

Gwen: *nervously* ...sure

Trent: I still like you.

Lindsay:*eats another taco*

Gwen: *shocked*... as a friend? (CONF) I know the answer

Taco Man: Si no voy a tomar una propina.

Trent: No I still like like you.

Gwen: I see... but I'm whit Duncan, you know.

Trent: *disapointed* I know.

Gwen: (CONF) I really like Trent... as a friend... I think... but Duncan is my boyfriend and... *sights*

Noah:I don't know why you still like Duncan, he's such a jerk now.

Lindsay:(CONF)I think Gwen and Trent will be great together.

Gwen: It's complicated... he is like my best best friend... however he's sometimes a big jerk...

Trent: *starts to smile a bit*

Lindsay:*gets back from Mexico*

Blade: *waves at Lindsay*

Taco Man: ¿Por qué me Brind de regreso con ustedes uno no inteligent?

Lindsay:*waves back*

Cody: *is right behind Lindsay* We brought tacos! :D (xD)

Noah:*takes one* That's the stuff!

Taco Man: Why did you guys bring me?!?!?!?!?!

Heather: No Mexican food allowed!!!! *throws all tacos off a cliff*


Taco Man: What about me? I have it I could Co-host.

Heather: *throws Taco Man off the cliff* Anyone else???

Lindsay:*points to Duncan*

Gwen: No! He's my boyfriend! (CONF) At least for now

'Lindsay:He almost killed me!

Gwen: True... but still

Blade: *points at Harold, Noah, Duncan, Trent, and a hobo* Make them go bye-bye.

Lindsay:What he did good?

Noah:Blade, I tried to help you!

Duncan: See Noah being nice and friendly doesn't get you anywhere in life. Gwen if you are nice to people the hurt you at the end so it is easier to hurt them in the begining *kisses Gwen*

Gwen: *smiles* *kisses back*

Duncan: good with that out of the way lets beat up some geeks *gives Harold a wedgie*

Gwen: *giggles*

Courtney: Why is there a raco man here?

Sadie:*eye twitching*a better question is why am i covered in a dead taco mans blood and guts

Day 1

Heather: Ew, I hate host...oh hi losers! Anyways, you're first challenge is*lets out a bunch of aliens* Think of the most creative way to deal with the aliens! The best two creative ways get to pick teams!!!

SadieL:i KNOW WHAT TO DO*runs into forest

Sadie(CONF):you know that board game mouse trap, if ii can make a giant mouse trap field, i could win

Noah:*sets up automatic laser shooter, enters average alien body mass coordinates and waits*

Sadie*while building her trap*:noah, there comes a time when strategy overtakes reason, we should be allies for 1 because no one would expect it, and 2 because you could maybe become a target eventually

Cody: *starts drawing down on paper a machine that shoots a laser into the sky causing it to rain unicorns and the unicorns pick up the aliens and drop them in a fake volcano, and that volcano is really a cannon that shoots them back to their home planet.*

Katie: *is getting abducted but then faceplants the ground* Ow

Cody: *calls out* Are you okay?

Geoff:I totally know what most people hate the most! It's no different for aliens*runs off*

Duncan: *Tricks the aliems into thinking that some buffon like harold was their master and then rip them into pieces with a chainsaw when they think we're friendly.*

Blade: I know! *looks at Lindsay*

Noah:*uses his machine to annihalate 22 aliens*

Izzy: I know, feed them fishcakes, with poison in them, but they taste like cupcakes! :D And then, they end up dying!

Geoff:*comes back with books*These things kill me! Get the aliens to read these books and do my homework

Bridgette: Geoff, that is not a way to properly deal with aliens! Now get the aliens to make a machine to stop world hunger.

Noah:*drops a bomb that has radiation that only affects aliens and destroys them*

LeShawna: Uhh where the heck did she get all of these things??? And are we on teams?

Noah:Not Yet, Oh one left *shoots it in head*

LeShawna: That is just nasty

Gwen:*uses a weapon that leaves all the aliens immobiles* *uses a nuclear weapon who kills them*

Noah:So I guess that wraps that up, what's the prize, Team Captain?

LeShawna: As long as nothing nasty like that comes after me as the reward, then present it Heather.

Izzy: Heather, I have a way to kill the aliens! :D, you can show yourself and they would faint from your hotness!

Izzy: *shows aliens picture of heather* told ya' theyd faint! *aliens faint*

Sadie:*throws up*Izzy, put that away

LeShawna: *Laughs* Only Heather has the power to do that.

Izzy: Sadie, that was mean, heatehr happens to be gorgeous (sorry for bein OOC there :p)

Noah:Um...Izzy, all of the aliens are already dead.

Sadie:we need to keep the challenge going, so im using puppies*lets out a box of puppies*there, let it continue

LeShawna: Good. I'm glad those aliens are dead. They were some kind of freaky

Sadie;i thought they were cuter than the puppies*throws puppy in a paper shredder*

LeShawna: Girl you crazy if you think aliens are cuter then puppies

Duncan: *chases after the puppies with an Ax*

  • puppie sadie threw comes out of the paper shedder, is eaten by a dog, which is eaten by a shark, which is eaten by a killer whale, which then spits it off a cliff*

Sadie:*eye twitching and shocked*i.........i meant to do that

Noah:Uh-Oh *sees walkers from War of the Worlds coming toward them*

Heather: The challenge is to be creative, because there is an endless supply! *sends out more aliens*

Sadie:*grabs aliens and throws it in paper shredder*come back whaley, eat the alien

Izzy: Explosivo returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boom-Boom! I must make that bomb i made last season! *starts making bomb*

Duncan: *teaches then high school level math........this makes their brains hurt and then explode*

Noah:*travels through time and brings back a Raptor which starts mutilating the aliens*

Lindsay:Here aliens!*gets lipgloss out*Throws it at them*On dies*Yay!

Duncan *takes some of the math books and smashesa in the aliens skulls with the books*

Lindsay:*puts lipstick on one alien*It dissapears*Yay!

Duncan *takes out an Ax and starts chopping them up into little pieces and makes an alien Stew and feeds it to Owen*

LeShawna: *Smacks an alien* Ohh you're gonna feel that one

Lindsay:*smacks a Alien with her purse*Take that!

Noah:*puts them in a cabinet that turns them into popcorn that everybody enjoys*

Duncan:*pepper sprays an alien and watches it crash and explode* Heather this is the best challenge EVER

Eva: Okay, you pound em.

Lindsay:*hits the aliens with her purse*

Sadie:*makes aliens watch two and a half men(nough said)

Eva: *crashes two aliens' heads together, makes them eat chef's cooking*

Sadie:*thows one of her 3 bras at aliens*take that

Lindsay:*&draws on an alien face and it burnms*

Eva: *takes one of Sadie's other bras and throws it at the alien*

'Gwen: *sprays tear gas on aliens* *cuts them in little pieces* *thrwos the pieces into a volcano*

Duncan: *Makes them watch the movie signs* (lets just say lots of aliens die in that movie)

Lindsay:I don't know what to do..Hmm..

Sadie:Im down to my last bra aliens, IM NOT PLAYING AROUND HERE

Blade: *starts throwing acorn grenades* Wha-cha!

Duncan: *steps on Blade* Sorry I thought you were an alien


Noah:*crushes alien's heads with doors*

Sadie:*throws aliens into another universe*

Lindsay:Wow your strong..

Duncan: *cuts more aliens up waith an Ax*

Noah:*makes them watch bad comedians until they comitt suicide*

Sadie:crap, thats hard to beat

Noah:*has Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster attack them*

Lindsay:*kicks an alien it does nothing**alien chase after her*AH!

Blade: Wha-cha! *jumps on aliens face, pees on him, jumps off, then watches as the alien runs into the paper shredder and dies, then Blade does a ninja pose*

Katie: This worked for E.T., *cuts herself, causing blood to drip out*

Aliens: *are fascinated*

Cody: *shoots the alien chasing Lindsay*

Lindsay:Thank you!

LeShawna: *Pepper sprays an alien* I always have this with me. *Looks around* What? A girls gotta be prepared

Sadie:*sighs*i was hoping it would not come to this*makes them watch justin beiber and Jersey shore

Lindsay:*holds a icture of Justin Bieber*

Noah:*burys some alive and gives others a potion that makes them shhrivel up and die* Forgive me God! *sends the real Justin Bieber at them*

Justin Beiber:im from canada

Sadie:thst may have been the most evil action ive ever seen

Noah:It had to be done. *Sends a Werewolf and Werecat after the remaining aliens*

Aliens: *heal blood* Friend,

Katie: Huh?

Eva: Oh no you don't! *takes recording of Justin Beiber and starts playing it*

Cody: Katie, are you alright?

Sadie:*sees katie *whats wrong katie

Courtney: (to aliens) We come in peace!

Eva: No, we don't. *smashes aliens*

Blade: I know! To kill the aliens all we have to do is lock them in the room with Harold, who makes all wants to kill ourselves!

LeShawna: *Feels hair and feels blood in it* Oh no my Weave!!!

Eva: Who cares? Punch them to death, I say!

Lindsay:*slams an alien on the floor*

Eva: *suddenly pulls out two very confused lokking aliens* And this is your new home, Mr. and Mrs. Oz! *points to cardboard box*

Courtney: Sign this contract, saying we will do whatever you say as long as it isn't tyranny! (CONF) If they don't we can kill them! >:D

Gwen: *gives the aliens poisoned sandwiches*

Eva: *once aliens are inside box, pulls a trigger* Finally! They were the power source for my plan!

Sadie:*flamethrower on aliens*take that

Lindsay:I heard of this.*throws water at the alien*

Duncan: *Gets a piar of large boot and starts stomping the aliens guts righ out of their bodies* Instaed of Weasle Stomping I call it exterme alien stomping

Lindsay:.I don't know what to do..

Courtney: Don't kill the aliens! Yet.......

Sadie:i wont*shoots alien*starting now

Trent: I think killing them is better.

Courtney: Hmm, well, we need to make the most creative way to deal with them, and killing them isn't, so, your lost.

Heather: And the winners are Cody, indsay, and Blade! Now, pick the teams!

Trent: Courtney can we talk.

Sadie:crap, i lost

Lindsay:I pick Cody!

Heather: You can't pick Cody, he won the challenge.

Blade: I pick.... Sadie....

Lindsay:I pick Lefonda and Greta!

Cody: Can I give Katie the prize instead so I can be on Lindsay's team? :D If not, I choose Katie

Lindsay:I choose Izzy also!

Sadie:*high fives blade*

Blade: *cries* i wasn't meant to be leader! I'll let someone else take the leader prize! *starts crying a lot*

Courtney: Yes trent?

Lindsay:I also choose Jerd..

Trent: I have a plan to get us back together with our ex's.

Blade: Wait, I actually wanna be captain. I'll pick Sadie.... and.... Eva.

Courtney: I dont wanna be back with DUncan! But I'l help you get back with Gwen

Lindsay:I pick Owen!

Cody: Fine, I won't give up my position, and I choose Katie and Bridgette.

Trent: *whispers to her* You might have to make-out with him.

Courtney: Can't you just make out with her?!

Blade: I pick Owen!

Lindsay:I already picked him,and I choose Geoff.

Gwen: ...Umm, Lindsay, could you do me a favor

Blade: I guess I'll pick Noah.

Lindsay:Yeah Gwen.

Gwen: I was wondering... could you choose Duncan?

Jerd: I'm over mah loss. I drooped charges. Newf Jerd on the bloock!


Sadie:i think he said something about disney channel

Trent: Don't call Lindsay a monkey.

Gwen: (CONF) Sweet! I'm on the same team whit Duncan!

Trent: Wow............Me, Courtney, Gwen and Duncan are on the same team. team only has 3 good members

Gwen: So we aren't eliminting anyone today, right?

Heather: WRONG!! Since DJ hasn't spoken, he is out! *throws DJ into a mine field* Who will win on Total Drama Invasion?

Noah:(CONF)I can only trust LeShawna and Blade, maybe Eva. The rest are like an eel dipped in grease.

Tyler: *walks in* Am I late?

(Plat: Kevvy, why do you keep adding random text boxes at the bottom?)

Courtney: (CONF) Great. I have the worst team ever! But Trent could be a great ally, and Izzy won last season. Maybe they can get Lindsay for me

Eva: (CONF) Blade's team? Let's see... Sadie, Blade, Owen, and... me. Well, Sadie wears three bras,, Owen ends up killing himself, and Blade... he's a squirel.

Duncan (CONF) Lets see what happens but I need votes. I'm sure that I have Gwen's vote....But I also need two more. I'm pretty sure that me and Owen are good enough friends that he will vote with me and for the last one if Gwen could convince Trent or If i could convince coutrney we would have the majority. Lets see if this plan works or I am going to die

Sadie:(CONF):I heard my team and thought,"oh crap"i wanted to say **** you guys go home, but i had to keep my cool, i just sat there and thought:What would momma do"but my moms a violent crack addict so.......................................................

LeShawna: Thanks for picking me. But, I'm confused about who else is on our team. (CONF) Last season, before I died, I had just debuted in the season. I'm surprised I made it that far because I thought people would think I was a threat. I know I can trust Noah and Jerd on my team, but I have no idea how things will work out

Eva: (CONF) Well, my revised team isn't that much better... Blade might vote with me, and maybe Noah or Harold... I just have to get Jerd and LeShawna's trust...

Bridgette: LeShawna, Sadie so what are you guys doing?

Eva: Hello, guys.

LeShawna: Hey y'all. What's up?

Harold: Hey LeShawna!

Eva: Hello Harold, LeShawna. so, do you guys want to have an alliance?

Harold: Fine with me! As long as we get rid of that Wawanakwa Blue Squirrel

LeShawna: You mean Blade, right suga baby? And yes it's fine with me Eva

Duncan: (CONF) I wish heather would show up so a loser on the other team would die

Eva: Sure, we'll vote off Blade.

Tyler: *sees a squirrel* How did that get in here because it's not an contestent? (MrD: Seriously, STOP)

Eva: Because, Heather probably had no idea what she's doing.

LeShawna: (CONF) Woah, pump the brakes. I'm on Team Heather? *Rolls eyes* I ain't no suck up, hear that?

Eva: (CONF) Seriously? i'm put on a team named after Heather? There is something messed up with this...

Sadie:so............................nice weather

Day 2

Heather: Bla...bla...teams are above, and I need one making out couple from each team.

Duncan: I pick me and Gwen

Sadie:Ill do it, i know im sexy

Gwen: (to Duncan) Sure!

Tyler: I will do it

Trent: *falls to the ground laughing because of what Sadie said*

Duncan: Good *makes out with Gwen*

Tyler: *remembers* I have to kiss Sadie to save are team but not make lindsay break up with me

Gwen: *kisses back*

\Duncan; *keeps kissing*

Trent: Tyler you know Lindsay is with Cody.

Duncan: *to haether* Did we win yet *keeps kissing Gwen*

Tyler: Wait she cheated and I didn't know about it till now

Trent: They hooked last season

Bridgette: I'll make out with only Geoff!

Trent: You guys arn't even on the same Trent: You guys arn't even on the same team.

Tyler: I don't really remember that but since Lindsay cheated on me I will get her back *Kisses Sadie for 24 seconds*

Lindsay:What do we do.I want to make out with Cody.

Gwen: Now what? *continues kissing Duncan*

Sadie:yeah, we dont lose*high fives tyler8

Lindsay:Who's my team again?

Dunacn: Me and Gwen *keeps kissing Gwen*

Tyler: Lindsay why did you cheat on me?

Lindsay:I didn't say you can make out,I will make the others vote for you.

Duncan: But were winning

Tyler: Lindsay answer me

Lindsay:What?And Duncan no your not.

Duncan: Okay lindsey wahtever you say


Tyler: Why did you cheat on me?

Lindsay:Duncan,you can now win for us.Tyler,you didn't act like my boyfriend.

Tyler: Remember Total drama island, action, and world tour?

Blade: *to Harold* I'm sowwy, Harold. I didn't mean to be mean. It's just that the last time I saw Molotov, the bear, he was being chased down by the po-po, and when you said Wawanakwa, it brought back the bad memories.

Trent: Um...................Tyler remember she has a hsrd time remembering.

Lindsay:I don't care about World whatever,whatever happen there.The other last two seasons..

Tyler: *sees the squirrel* Leave now so you don't get hurt but if you don't you mite die

Heather: I am announcing a team switch!! Team Heather is now called The Awesome Heathers. That is all. Anyways, here's the couples: Duncan and Gwen, Tyler and Sadie, and....Blade and LeShawna. The most horrific make out wins!!!

Gwen: What do you mean exactly by "horrific make out"?

Blade: How's this? *pees in a cup, drinks the pee, eats dog poop and then starts to make out with Leshawna* And remember, I'm a squirrel!

Duncan *kills a rabbit and eats its head and makes otu with Gwen and then vomits in her mouth*


Gwen: (CONF) Now I know what she meant... gross... I gotta do it for my team (CONF ENDS) *drinks Duncan's vomit* *continues making out with him* *vomits on his mouth*

Heather: I am so glad I am out of this show!!!

Gwen: Please shut it Heather *continues making out with Duncan*

Duncan: *Drinks the blood of the bunny and continues to make out with Gwen*

Tyler: (conf) I will kill the squirrel one day (conf ends) *takes off his pants and pees and poops in Sadie's mouth then vomits in her mouth then puts a dead body in her mouth then shoves his ***** and **** in her mouth then moves Gwen and shoves Gwen's ****s and ******* aka Gwen's nuts into her mouth then kisses her* She said horrific and this is horrific

Eva: I'm not sure she meant THAT horrific Tyler!

Tyler: IDC we will win for sure now *takes off shirt and Sadie's clothes then has *** with her* We will win

Sadie:WHAT THE ****, rape, thats how youre gonna win, RAPE, what the **** is wrong with you, this isnt two girls one cup, you cant just piss in peoples mouth pervert(seriously though dude, that might be taking it WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY to far, i think you can get baned for that)

(Kevvy9: I didn't know whaat I was thinking back then and I just wanted to win) Tyler: *rewinds time before he took off his pants* *vomits in Sadies mouth then shoves a dead body in her mouth and puts old milk, dead fish, and sewage water on her mouth then kisses her* We will win for sure now

Eva: Wow, our team is so gonna fail.

Duncan (CONF) Tyler is a real charecter, thats for sure

Blade: Ewa, are you going to get me out? I did the chawwenge. LeShawna didn't. Lemme try again! *shoves Sadie's bras into his mouth, pees in LeShawna's mouth, throws up into Leshawna's mouth, and then makes out with her* Yummys.\

Duncan: *continues to make out with Gwen with the bunny's blood and Gwen's vomit dripping out of my mouth*

Tyler: What happened before I put old milk on Sadie's mouth? *Puts real blood on Sadies lips and a 3 inch piece of crap then kisses her*

Lindsay:Eww,Go Duncan and Gwen!

Duncan: *thanks lindsey* Contiues the barf and blood kissing*

Lindsay:Go!Yay!(CONF)My team is good,at least I have Greta.

Bridgette: (CONF) All of these people are going crazy here. (Sadie was not the crazy from the last season, I know, I played her.) I can't wait to kill someone off! I can't believe I just said that...

Lindsay:(CONF)The challenge is so gross..eeew

LeShawna: *Pinches nose while making out with Blade* (CONF) Even if he puked in my mouth, and pissed in it to, I've tasted worse things. And trust me, we are gonna win this challenge.

Sadie:(CONF):*barfs*this is disgusting*barfs*is it normal to vomit out of your butt

Duncan: *keeps making out* *gets some more blood and some rabbit bones and puts it in Gwen's mouth and continues to make out* (CONF) I would LOVE for this challenge to end becuase I am pretty discusted what some other people are doing, exspecially Tyler and Sadie. What their doing is really discuting and I thought this was a family show.

Courtney: (CONF) I am so glad me and Duncan aren't together. I wouldn't make out with him!

Gwen: (CONF) I love Duncan, but I think I'm traumatized for life

LeShawna: (CONF) It's bad enough Blade's a squirrel, but now having all this disgusting stuff in my mouth to? It's hard, but our team needs a win for morale

Lindsay:(CONF)How can they still be making out?

Sadie:*chews up a dead squirel and continues kissing tyler*

LeShawna: *Pukes while making out with Blade, and continues to make out with him*

Bridgette: Can we end the challenge?

Lindsay:I agree,it's getting really gross.

Duncan: *takes some of the dead alien guts from the last chalenge and blends it with some blood, vomit and Blade's tail that I cut off the first day and puts into into my mouth and then keeps kissing Gwen*


Gwen Please, Heather, end this *keeps kissing Duncan*

Duncan: (CONF) I really need this win because I will probally be voted off and killed by my team if we lose becaus thats what I have been told and I know that some people on my team really do not like me so i need this win

Lindsay:How can you still be making-*vomits*

Courtney: Make it look good!

Lindsay:Make what look good?

Courtney: Duncan and Gwen! I want to win!

Lindsay:Yeah,the team leader demands it!

Courtney: Yes, I demand it!

Lindsay:No,I do!I'm the team leader.

Duncan: Yeah, what Lindsey anmd Courtny say *drinks more of the alien/Blade shake and contiuues to kiss Gwen*

Lindsay:How does Gwen,like him?

Courtney: I don't know how ANYONE could like him!

Sadie:lindsay, youre suprised how someone could like duncan when you went out with the guy who craps in peoples mouths.

Lindsay:Who's that?

Harold: *glares at Blade and LeShawna* (CONF) WHY!!! This stupid squirrel is tearing me and LeShawna APART!!!!

Heather: ENOUGH!! Since what Tyler did is technically against the law, the Screaming Chris lose!!!

Lindsay:Who won?

Sadie:you shoot people daily, and we are breaking the law

LeShawna: Oh you just got raped, shouldn't you be angry? And Heather, who won??

Heather: Both of ya. Now, the Screaming Chris will vote someone out!!!

Duncan: My team won Woo Hoo does anybodyn have mouth wash so I can get all the nasty stuff that I coinsumed out of my mouth

Lindsay:Yay!*hugs LeShawna*

LeShawna: *Cheers and hugs Lindsay* Yeah that's right, both of our teams won!

Sadie:*griumbles*stupid law breakin, tyler

Lindsay:Hooray,for um...what's our team's name?

Duncan: *takes a shower and brushes my teeth for 2 horurs and uses 2 gallons of mouthwash. Heather you truely are evil for putting me through that torture. and Linsay we are on Duncan: *takes a shower and brushes my teeth for 2 horurs and uses 2 gallons of mouthwash. Heather you truely are evil for putting me through that torture. and Linsay we are on the killer Blainley(CONF) at least that torture will keep me alive for at least 1 more day.

Tyler: (conf) I vote off Zeke (non conf) *everyone looks on his team looks at him* I'm sorry I did't know we would lose cuz of that

Lindsay:*to Duncan*I couldn't understand you?.

Gwen: (CONF) *vomits* This was the most gross thing I've ever done. At least it was Duncan the one I made out with.

Duncan: I sadi we were on the killer Blainley's

Sadie:(CONF):i feel like voting zeke, i at least think tyler did it for the team

Cody: (CONF) I vote Tyler, he r*ped Sadie. (Besides, he causes major spam with the text box glitch.)

Eva: (CONF) I'm so glad we didn't have to do that.


Justin:*Is quiet*

Vote 2

Cody:(CONF) Tyler, he r*ped Sadie. (Besides, he causes major lag with the textbox glitch)


Bridgette: Tyler, no one should rape in the game. It's sick and gross and I honestly can't wait until you die! (and it's nothing KEVVY, a ten year old needs to know)

Sadie:i thought tyler was a nice guy, but rape , REALLY, thats one step to far



Tyler: Zeke

Chat 2

Lindsay:Eee we win!

Gwen: Yeah we did! *high fives Lindsay* (CONF) I need one or two alliace members and Lindsay could work out.

Lindsay:Yay!*hugs Gwen*

LeShawna: Hey fellow winners!

Duncan: Yes we did *high fives Lindsay and Gwen*


Gwen: Hey LeShawna!

Lindsay:We win!

Cody: *sighs, then smiles faintly* Well Lindsay, at least you're safe.


Lindsay:*hugs Cody*Yay!

Justin:*To Gwen* ICan I join your alliance?

Gwen: you're on the other team, Justin

Justin:Doesn't mean I can't join........doesn't it.

Gwen: Ok, so it's me, Duncan and... (to Lindsay) would you like to be on an alliance?

Justin:Lindsay join

Cody: *hugs Lindsay back*

Justin:*Wraps arm around Lindsay*Come on if you join we'll have Cody join with you!

Lindsay:*takes arm off her*I'll join unless Cody is there.

Duncan: does that mean you'll, join with or without cody....... That and you'll get to be the allaince captain and single handedly get to choose the order that people will be going home in.

Justin:Yes you may join, with or without Cody!

Noah:(CONF) That last challenge was completely idiotic, I mean Heather must have known someone would take it way too far, a.k.a. Tyler, he deserves to die.

Blade: *dances on a table with a lampshade on his head* I just found out Molotov is alive!

Trent: How can a squrrel talk.

Izzy: Blade is adorable! Awww! (Sorry i was inactive today, I was busy)

Blade: Wait! You're Izzy! The one that Molotov told me about!

Duncan: Whose Molotov

Trent: Thebear from TDI.

Izzy: I remember Molotov, can you do an impression of him, it was awhile since i last saw him

Duncan: Oh I knew that (CONF) I so did not totally know that

Heather: And Tyler's out! *pushes him into a fiery fire* Who will win on Total Drama Invasion???

Gwen: I hope our next challenge start soon, I'm getting bored

Sadie:*whistles*glad im not tyler

Courtney: Next challenge please!

Day 3

Heather: Guess what it's time for...MUTINY!!!! That's right...if you don't like your current team, you can ditch them and join a new one! However,...if you switch, you will be hated once you get to the merge, and you lower your chances of winning. However, if you are in a pickle, ditch your tribe!


Cody: I wanna switch to the Blainley's.

Blade: Switch me to the Blainely's. Izzy's there!


Cody, Sadie, Blade->Blainely

Katie: I wanna be on my own team!

Blade: Never mind. I don't want to switch! I'll stay on Team Heather! (Just looked at the votes... and unless Reddy goes against me (God smite him), I won't get out.)

Izzy: I want to go on the Awesome Heather's, LeShawna and Blade are there so we can talk about Molotov

Geoff:I want to go to Bridgette's team :D

Mutiny Chat

Heather: This is a big decision, so talk here.

Sadie:im switching to the blaineleys, cody is the only other member of my team with any power

Cody: I switch to the Blainley's too, because I want to be on the same team as Lindsay.

Heather: Oh, I forgot. Everyone who mutinies will not get a chance at a hidden immunity idol down the road.

Jerd: I weel sta' loyal. *bows*

Sadie:the benifits outway the risk, im still switching

Owen: I'm staying's evil to switch.]

Duncan: I like tribe because Gwen is on it so I am staying true *to Sadie and Cody* hey do you want to make an alliance


Duncan: Good if Cody joins it will be me, Gwen, You, Cody, Justin and Lindsay

Courtney: Um, I'll switch to the Heather's...... (CONF) How can I eliminate Duncan if he's going to eliminate me??!

Noah:(CONF) I wonder if I should join the Blainely's or not(Out of CONF) I think I'll stay loyal.

Eva: (CONF) I'm gonna stay.

Courtney: (to Trent) I think you should switch, or you're out......

LeShawna: (CONF) I do have more friends, and a better chance on Blainely's team, but this is an opportunity to show my team what a good player and loyal player I am, to make new friends, and also not piss anyone off. *Out of CONF* I'm gonna stay on my team

Bridgette: I'll stay loyal to my team as I don't want to upset anyone. Geoff, on the other hand, you're free to come and trade with someone else from my team!

Izzy: (CONF) Duncan is playing hard....I dont know what to do....I dont want to be a traitor, but he is probobly gunning for me....Maybe ill switch to the blainely's, you know i have a superior mind!

Noah:(CONF) This is getting pretty confusing.G

Gwen: I'm ok whit my team

LeShawna: (CONF) So many people want to switch teams. It's weird, I'm actually happy with how my team worked out

Geoff:(CONF)My teams great but Bridgette....

Bridgette: Please Geoff, you must respect my loyalty.

Courtney: (CONF) New team, new start. Hopefully, if there's another mutiny, I won't have to switch.....

Lindsay:What's happening..

Duncan: I don't know but I think that Cournty should be elimanated because she muntied from our tribe

Sadie:*screams*cant you see all this fighting is tearing us apart

Courtney: Others are doing it to :P

Lindsay:I think you should be eliminated because you are mean!

Duncan: But Lindsay She LEFT us and so did Izzy, but I lke her more than Courtney

Courtney: HAH! I'm not your problem now

Lindsay:I don't care you are always mean to everyone.

Trent: I'm with Lindsay on that one.

Courtney: Hey, you two should transfer to Team Chris with me! :D

Lindsay:No,I'm the team captin hear.

Duncan: Lindsay I guess it is in my nature and Courtney why did you munity because they will probally vote you out first tribe when you were probally like one of the last to go one on this tribe. Plus WHY do you fear me, so far I have one maybe two allies on this trbe so you could have easily voted me out.

Courtney: I only have one ally

Trent: *whispers to her* You need to stay to help us get rid of Duncan.

Courtney: Fine, I'll stay............

Duncan: Nice now you aren't the traitor anymore..... Izzy is

Lindsay:*wakes up*What I fell asleep when you said Courtney..
Duncan: *to trent* Hey want to make an alliance

Courtney: (CONF) He better say no

Trent: I don't really need one.

Duncan: Well I'm just going to tell you that I care about Gwen its both of our best intrests if you don't vote me out because i like staying alive plus if I die Gwen will never forgive you

Gwen: (to Duncan) Don't worry, maybe our alliance is big enough

Duncan: I know but i know you still have some feeloings for trent and I want him to live so you are happy. Plus another vote would be good in case Cody and Lindsay don't vote along with us. so trent what do you say do you want to be in our allinance

Gwen: *kisses Duncan* You're awesome.... I know we can make this out, even without more alliance members

Duncan: But they are targeting me not you and I think that we only have a soild three people that are in this alliance that are also on are team so If we can get a soild foruth then maybe Lindsay will join us which will also bring Cody into aour allaince. But most of all I want you to be happy and i know the two things that will amke you the most happ will be me not dying and Trent not dying

Sadie:but logically one of you guys has to die

Duncan: But when that problem comes up we will hopefully be in the finals and everyonewith knowing that whose not in our allance will be dead and at least Me or Trent can die Ultimanlty knowing that Gwen is happy and their is no alternatives and that one of us must die. But in our current state there are many people who are not in our allince that must go first.

Day 3-2

Heather: New teams above!!! Anyways, your new challenge is to make the scariest looking dinosaur possible! And everyone who is not Cody, Sadie, Izzy, or Geoff gets clue 1 to the immunity idol: It's a number you must seek, thats an ineterger and that's the clue this week.

Cody: *starts making a 'Ugly-Heatherasourous'.*

Jerd: *constructs a 'Blaineley-sucks Raptor'* (conf) the immunity clue... might it be 7...?

Blade: *starts making a Beth-o-saurus-rex* Isn't it horrific? (CONF) The clue.... I'm guessing 41.

Blade: *starts to build the face and makes it super-ugly*

Cody: *irritated* You obviously don't get the point of it, but fine. *starts making a Gwen-Beth-Lindsayasourous instead*

Gwen: A scarry dinosaur, I'm not sure... *starts making a really ugly gargoyle-sourous*

Duncan: *helps Cody build his scary- Heatherasourous* I just though about this Cody and it is actually the best idea ever. It is not supposed to be scary and this is scary and you were absolutly right so lets contiue building it. Gwen can you help me *puts a bunch of pimples os Heatherasauras face*

Gwen: Sure, I guess *helps Duncan*

Blade: *puts a mole(meatball) on Beth's face* Let's add some of this. *puts reeds in the mole*

Duncan: *shaves heather's headbut leaves a few patches of hair* This is going to be the sacriest thing ever tpo be created*

Blade: *puts dog poop on Beth's head for hair*

Blade: *puts a picture of Beth and Heather hugging all over the dinosaur, then makes the eyes out of bird poop*

Sadie:*vomits on heathersaurus and then tapes half naked pictures of herself all over it*

Duncan: *Dresses Heathersaurus up like a Sumo Wrestler* (CONF) I remebered that Heather is terrifies of Sumo's

Katie: *makes a dinosaur with a bad hair cut* AAAHHH!

Bridgette: *helps Katie and puts on fake barf*

Gwen: *continues bulding her dinosaour*

LeShawna: *Starts making a dinosaur that looks dead* What? This is a murder camp, it should fit the theme.

Duncan: *gets some blood and puts it all over the mouth and head ofthe Ugly Heathersaurus*

Cody: *finishes the Beth-Gwen-Lindsayasourous* There we go.

Duncan: Earth to Cody I said you were right about the Ugly Heatrasauras and spent all night building it because I realized it was a really good idea.

Cody: I'm building two different dinosuars to help us win. *starts finishing the Ugly-Heatherasourous*

Courtney: (thinks) I got it! (starts working)

Duncan Whatever *gives the Heatherasuaras a shrunken head* This is the scariest thing ever

Courtney: Here it is! The Everyonebutheather-sourous!

Duncan: *Finishes the Ugly Heathrasaoros* Our Team is going to win off my dino

Courtney: (CONF) Heather thinks everyone is ugly but herself. Mix everyone, and you get a whole bunch of ugly!

Duncan: The challenge is Scary not ugly so you need reverse thinking courtney

Courtney: It's still scary. Heather isn't scared of herself. If she is, that's just sad

Duncan: Mine is heather ugly whcih would be one of the scariest thing to heather and it also has the element of what Heather is scared of the most..... Somo Wreslter

Courtney: Why didn't I think of that? (CONF) I have to admit, Duncan is good at this game, but not good enough to beat me!

Harold: Hmmm..... AHA! *starts building BaldHeatherandAlejandrosSaurus*

Geoff:*puts hook hands on dinosaur's hands*

Heather: And the losers are the Screaming Chris!!! I will see you tonight for elimination.

Vote 3

Geoff:Ezekiel.. Dudes weird


Bridgette: Ezekiel is very odd.



Chat 3

Owen: Yes!!! We rock!

Duncan: Yes we do *high fives Owen*

Sadie:this week was WAY better than last week

Gwen: Cool, we won... or didn't lose

Duncan: Yeah *high fives Sadie and Gwen*

Eva: Okay, this is wierd... (CONF) Well, my team is pretty much the same.

Duncan: (CONF) WE Won thanks to Cody's idea and my hard work and knowlegge of thing that Heather's fears... hopefully we can continue to win these challenges because on my tribe i don't feel complely safe but I will try to work on the swing votes so that if we do lose then I won't get voted off and die.

Eva: Okay, we won, and I wasn't there. HOW WRONG IS THAT?

Harold: It's ok Eva. At least we didn't lose

Eva: So Harold, are we still in that alliance?
Harold: I am and hopefully LeShawna

Eva: Good. Can you also try to convince Izzy to join?

Harold: Sure. With my mad skills, I can convince anyone because I went Convincing Steve's Convincing Camp

Eva: Great. Just don't let me down. (CONF) So, Harold is marked off as "trustworthy"... for now.

Harold*goes to Izzy* Hey Izzy. Since you won last year, Eva, LeShawna and I need your helpful tips about how to get far in the game. Would you like to join our alliance?

Eva: *walks up to jerd* Hey Jerd, you came in second last year, and me, Harold and LeShawna need your advice. Will yoou join our alliance?

Cody: (CONF) How did last season affect me? Well, I learned I'll probably be voted out soon to the finale for having no enemies, and being the most likely to win like last season. I also don't rely on alliances that much anymore because I had a few secret alliances last season that virtually immedietly after being formed they would betray me.

Duncan: Hey cody so do you want to be in that alliance that I talked about when you joined our team....Lindsay can join too sine I need two more votes

Cody: ...Okay, but let me give you some advice: You should stop forming so much alliances, it makes you a target.

Duncan: Okay I'll stop because now i have votes and plus I was already a target to Trent and Counrtney before I started making allinaces and I made them so that they wouln't lead the way to my elinmanation and death.(CONF) this game is so stressful to try not to die. Ho[pefully I have done enough to kepp myself from dying but we will see what happens

Eva: (CONF) If Izzy and Jerd don't join our alliance, we will definitely vote them off.


Trent: Lindsy if we lose you'll vote for Duncan right.

Blade: *talking to Eva* You know that if you vote me off, it would be bad. I've done almost all of the last two challenges alone.

Izzy: *talking to Eva* I'll join your alliance! Harold asked me to join!

Duncan: Trent why do you want to vote me off so much anyway. I'm doing all the challenges

Courtney: (to Trent) He has a point. We'll get him later

Lindsay:What!?Too many people talking!

Cody: I'm pretty sure everyone is talking about alliances.


Harold: Does anyone know who got booted yet?

Duncan: Nope they haven't come back from eleimanation yet.

Cody: It will probably be Ezekiel though, he hasn't said a word.

Harold: I just need to do the next challnege cuz i keep missing them

Duncan: (CONF) Challenges are so stressful, so the fact that I get to take a break is Great

Courtney: (CONF) I have to admit, havng Duncan is a good thing. But he better watch out at the merge

LeShawna: Yes! Nice job team! (CONF) My team is on a roll, and ain't nothing gonna stop us. Were a strong team

Harold: (CONF) With our alliance I really hope I can get far in this game

Heather: Puh-lease! Why aren't people voting?

Heather: And Zeke is out!!! *pushes him into the depths of the Serengeti* Who will win on Total Drama Invasion???

Day 4

Heather: Your challenge is to make a Chinese Horrror film!!! And all non-mutinists: your next clue is that it's a three digit number which digits add up to 14.

Cody: *makes a film about freedom* (xD)

Duncan: *Helps cody by going to get a bunch of chinnese commiunist* (CONF) I guess Chinese peoppl fear freedom because of communism oh and my guess from immunity is 473

Eva: *starts making a film about the torture of... Chinese DISNEYLAND! xD*

Geoff:What don't Chinese people like.. Bridgette, any ideas? I got mothing

Eva: (CONF) Okay. In my alliance, we have Harold, Izzy, LeShawna, and me.

Geoff:I know, one with Chinese dragons killing Chinese people and vice versa!It's scary to me...*starts making fake dragons*

Bridgette: I don't like violence but yes, it does sound scary.

Blade: Eva, do you want to form an alliance? I may be going soon on our team, but I do every challenge, and I shouldn't be voted off because of that. Thanks for listening! *starts to make a movie about no schools*

Izzy: I love scary movies! Why dont we do one like Mike Meyers except it is a ninja around the chinese new year! That would be scary!

Owen: Maybe we could make a scary classic ninja movie.

Gwen: *helps her team making the movie*

Bridgette: *starts making the fake city scene which actually looks pretty good*

LeShawna: I like Izzy's idea. It's not to classic, so it's different, but it ties in with chinese and it sounds scary!

Duncan: *implies free everyting and watch as the people feak out as this has never happened before* Cody this is the best idea ever

Geoff:*finishes dragons which looks quite good*Sweet! Now, now what Bridgette?

Duncan: *gives the people the freedom of religion and watch as people start to fear their destruction by God*

Izzy: Thanks LeShawna, lets put mine and Owen's idea together! (TDO: Wes, you are going a little far, that is kind of racist)

Noah:So are we doing ninja Myers?

LeShawna: Yes we are

Duncan: *Finishes the movie by filiming the people destroying themselves because now instead of never using their freedoms they are abusing them and because of this they are destroying their civilzation* (Wes: Thanks TDO for the advice because I don't want to end up like kevy so I just ended the movie)

Noah:Can I be the ninja. I have a Mike Myers costume, all I have to do is wrap it in black.

Bridgette: Geoff, let's now make the script.

Geoff:Sweet!*starts writing scipt*We're going to lose :(

Sadie:*runs out of bathroom*what did i miss

LeShawna: Sure Noah! Go get your costume ready, and we'll figure everything else out.

Eva: I'll write the script.

LeShawna: Ok! Make sure you remember to have some chinese things in there, along with the horror stuff as well.

Eva: Yeah yeah, sure. *starts writing script*

Sadie:*starts making her own movie with lindsay lohan*

Sadie:(CONF)we dont need more controversy, the rape thing was enough, so im making a backup movie just in case

Eva: *thinking of script* Okay, LeShawna, Noah, and Izzy, you'll be the main characters.

Sadie*facepalms*lindsay lohan, stop doing crack, i said no controversy, now heres some chinese food, impress me

Eva: Great, Sadie.

Geoff:Okay.. We need some nerds to control the dragons and some Chinese people for obvious reasons.. Or, do you have any objections?

Courtney: Duh, we make a movie with some supernatural force that kills people

Harold: Eva, what about me? I want to help! Izzy: We already finished!

(Codmister: Sorry I could'nt do the challenege, I was busy yesterday and today)

Eva: Wait Izzy, we need Harold to do all the special effects.

Harold: Awesome! I can use my technological skills to help produce the effect of the ninja being transparent and make all the deaths look real!

Noah:When does filming start.

Blade: (CONF) It seems like everyone forgets that I'm on their team.... (NON-CONF) *starts filing Chinese, no school, movie, with Lindsay Lohan as star*

Sadie:my drunken movie star*lures her back with a cookie*

Izzy:Blade silly, we arent doing that!


Ninja meyers (Sorry for the highliter)

Heather: *is mad that the Blainely were being semi-racist* That's it, the Blainely lose!!! Next time, don't insult China, cause Hether doesn't like it!!!

Duncan: That sucks exsecailly for me (CONF) Hopefully I get to stay in the game... I hope my onlyallaince of Me Cody Linsday Sadie and Gwen will voteout trent and then make it to the final five later in the game. We need to vote out the people who don't particpate in the chaleenges like Trent who hates my guts and wants to vote me off (NON CONF) My allaince vote off trent tonight becaus ehe is not doing challenges

Vote 4


Courtney: I vote..... Duncan! He lost us the challenge. Sorry, but that's just how it works. I can't vote Trent since he's an ally of mine. Sorry, but that's just how it is.

Gwen: I guess I vote for Trent

Owen: I vote Duncan only because he was the one who lost the challenge by being mean to Heather.


Duncan: *Votes Trent* Sorry you don't participate in challenges

Cody: *votes Duncan* Not only did you lose the challenge for us, but you also just cling onto my ideas and make them worse, and you also have way too many alliances to stay loyal to, frankly, anyone in the game. Sorry dude.

Sadie:I have gotta vote duncan, I CANT HAVE CONTROVERSY

Chat 4

Noah:(CONF)Hmmmmm.......Who's gonna walk, Duncan or Trent.

Gwen: (CONF) I really dont want Duncan to leave, he can be a jerk sometimes, but I still... love him

Courtney: (CONF) Duncan is gone.

Eva: (CONF) Trent wouldn't vote for himself, so if he does vote for Duncan, it would be a tie! *out of CONF* Izzy, Harold, and LeShawna, our first target is Jerd. He has not competed in most of the challenges.

LeShawna: (CONF) This elimination is intense! Who's gonna go? I'd like to see Duncan go because he's a bigger threat then Trent.

Sadie:(CONF):i hate that i voted duncan, it was a jerk thing to do, and now i have a really pissed offf alliance guning for me

Noah:Can I join your alliance Eva.

Harold: (CONF) I totally think Duncan should leave. He is always a jerk to me! Besides, me and Trent were in The Drama Brothers together.

Eva: Sure Noah, you can join. (CONF) Yep, Jerd is going if we lose.

Heather: And Duncan is out! *shoves him into something that'll kill him* Who will win on Total Drama Invasion!!!

Cody: (CONF) Alright, I'm done being the reason for people's elimination, I mean I got both Tyler and Duncan eliminated. I feel so bad...

(Wes: Well it was fun while it lasted and I like to thank plat for the oppurtunity o play with some of the vetrans on this wiki and even though it didn't last long I LEARNED alot s THANK YOU PLAT and I look foward to hopefully playing again next season Oh ad Go Cody and Gwen I want one of you tw yto win beacue yu taught me so much in the shotrt time that I was here)

LeShawna: Uhh, ain't he supposed to be dead already?

Sadie:by duncan, im sorry, there was alot of pressure to vote for you

Day 5

Heather: Go relax...and I'll judge the relaxing. It's a chill challenge. *goes sunbathing*

Cody: *starts meditating*

Heather: By the way...the number does not have a 4 or a 5 in it

Harold: *Starts doing Tai-Kwon-Do meditation*

Gwen: (CONF) I'm so sad Duncan's out... *starts crying a bit* (OUT OF CONF) *sits down and relaxes* Is it 196?

Harold: I got something to help! *brings out Duncan's dead body and starts mashing it with baseball bat* DIE YOU FU***** PIECE OF SH**!!! Ahh. Now I feel much more relaxed and confident that I can win this challenge.

Courtney: (grabs iced tea and a magazine and sunbaths)


Sadie:(CONF):i hate controversy, im an openminded person, but things like stereotyping, killing, raping, being curt, yelling, crying, crapping, sleeping, watching the simpsons, and dying ARE WRONG AND CAUSE CONTROVERSY

Harold: *speaks dreamily* Sadie, why are you obsessed with controversy?

Sadie:*shrugs*i dont know, controversy is controversial

Harold: Oh. Ok. That makes sense.

Eva: *twitches* Must... relax...

Harold: Eva, think about who you love. For me its...(CONF) LeShawna....

Eva: LOVE? LOVE? I don't.. love.. anybody... *blushes*

Gwen: *sights* how am I supposed to relax if the one I loved has just died

Eva: I guess I could relax... *starts to nap*

Harold:(CONF) Now that Eva acted kinda suspicious, I wanna find out who she loves.

Eva: (CONF) I don't love anybody! Okay? I don't? *hears snickering* OH? YOU WANNA GO THERE PUNK?

Sadie:MINT BERRY CRUNCH, just felt like randomly saying that carry on

(Codmister: I loved that episode!! Haha! Shablagoo!)

Eva: *tries to fall asleep*

Blade: *resting in an oak tree in the shade, drinking acorn juice* Ah, what a day to rest in the shade.

Eva: *talking to Blade* I'll join a temporary alliance with you to vote off Jerd, K?

Harold: I hope this challenge never ends....*starts floating in mid-air*

Lindsay:Haha,what are we doing?

Blade: *with an afro and bandana thingy around head* Woah, chill bra. Gotta me in the chillaxing mood. Alliances should not be made to get someone out, they should be made to bring us together!

Harold: *falls on his face because of Lindsay interrupting*

Eva: Sureeeee.... *starts to meditate*

Courtney: (falls asleep)

Lindsay:Ooh,does this mean,I can get a tan!?

Heather: *sunbathing* I guess no one really cares about the idol.

Noah:*lounges on a beach chair near a pool drinking lemonade with an iPod and laptop*Ahhhhhhh......This is the life.

COurtney: 239, 293, 329, 392, 923, 932?'

Lindsay:What are you doing?

Heather: Meh. *idol falls out of the sky and into Courtney's pocket. It reads: Thi idol may only be used once before your losing tribe votes. As soon as one member votes, this idol cannot be used that ceremony*

Courtney: Yes! (grabs lemonade, a magazine, and a bench and relaxes)

Lindsay:Ooh,you have a doll


Courtney: Sure

Eva: *keeps meditating*

Cody: *whispers to Courtney* I swear to God I'll never vote for you if you give me the idol. Which would you rather have, one elimination you'll be safe for, or all of the eliminations you standing a better chance? *goes back to meditating*

Eva: *still meditating* (CONF) Black belt in Ty- Kwan- Do, Brazillian Jitzu, and Karate. I know how to meditate.

LeShawna: *Starts making food* (CONF) What? I relax by making food to take down to the kids home that I volunteer at. Do you gottta problem with that?

Eva: *still medatating*

Harold: *starts reading Owl Man comics and eating his mom's cookies* Ahhhh....

Geoff:*sits on beach chair and sleeps*

(Codmister: WHen will the challenge end?)

Eva: *still meditating*

Bridgette: *is seen asleep* (CONF) A relax challenge? This is really stupid. Half the people on my team relax in the challenges while Geoff and I do the work. Which is hard to believe, judging on how we got out in TDA!

Noah:*wakes up from a nap, takes a hot shower, and watches "The Best of Harold's Injuries" online* HAH!

Heather: I heard cursing from Harold and strategizing from therefore, it's gonna be double elimination with the Blainelys and Heathers going to vote someone out!

Sadie:wow....................well what do you have to say for yourself cody

Vote 5

Killer Blainelys



Gwen: Trent

Owen- I vote Trent, he isn't really talking


Cody- Trent.

Sadie-i vote owen, hed probsably just quit again anywa what i meant to say was trent

The Awesome Heathers

Blade-Harold.... I don't know any curses.... so that must mean it's bad!


Noah-Harold, he lost the challenge for us.


LeShawna- Sorry Suga babe, but you lost an easy challenge for us so I vote Harold.

Harold: I vote Jerd(CONF) Why isn't our alliance working?

Izzy - I vote for Harold...I thought I was crazy!

Chat 5

Sadie:*yawns and smiles*(CONF):now that heather has made you lose for controversy, there should be a lot less controversy now

Lindsay:Umm..does anybody have any mascara.?

Cody: Sorry, I didn't know we would lose for my strategising.

Lindsay:*talking to a tree*Do you have mascara?

Cody: I'd giver you mascara, but I'm a boy, and boys don't tend to carry mascara around...

Sadie:here lindsay, i have noahs*throws it to her*

Lindsay:*puts it on*

LeShawna: Hey y'all.
Cody: Hey LeShawna.

LeShawna: Hey Cody! What's up?

Noah:Sadie, I don't wear mascara.

Sadie:*looks at noah and squints*are you sure

Cody: I'm fine, I suppose. I just still don't get why we signed up for a season with crappy prizes, and if you don't win you die.

LeShawna: And yet somehow were all alive now.........

Lindsay:*mascara drops**gasp*Oh no!!

(Codemiester: Thanks Plat for letting me in this popular camp. I felt like I could have been in the game longer but it was stupid of me to do that thing above :\ Thanks again!)

Bridgette: *is seen still laying on the beach* That was the easiest challenge I've ever done! And I didn't see on single member of my team. Ah...

Day 6

Heather: Your challenge is to make the most inappropriate PG Horror flick ever.

Izzy: didnt we already do this!

Cody: *turns to his team* Any ideas?

LeShawna: (CONF) How in the wrold are we supposed to make an inappropriate PG horro movie? Hello, PG means not inappropriate. It stands for parental Guidance. It means boring

Owen: *tries to kill someone but remembers* THis is so weird!

Cody: *has girls in bikinis being forced to listen to Justin Beiber*

Noah:*has people in their underwear find out that Santa isn't real*

Sadie:cody, just change it a little*turns justin beiber into heavy metal and sends justin beiber chasing them*

Owen: No, those poor girls!!!

Courtney: (films Heather kissing guys)

Cody: *whispers to Courtney* Will you give me the immunity idol if I swear to never vote against you? Which would you rather have, one elimination to be safe from, or all eliminations to stand a much better chance in?

Courtney: Let me think about it............

Cody: Alright, just remember my offer.

Eva: Okay, here goes. *gets the people that Noah had to start swearing one at a time* (They swear in PG movies)

(MTDM: O.O''''''''''''' I got eliminated? That fast? When I didn't even get to play? D: Guys, I had the busiest week. I hope Plat lets me return. *crosses fingers; school*

LeShawna: Guys, we can win this! Eva, once you're done filming your part, start editing it together so that yours and Noah's flow together.

Owen: This is so weird!!!!

Eva: Okay. How do I do this?

Sadie:*to cody*your pulling a marty, youll just send her home next week

LeShawna: Are you done Eva? I can edit it together if you don't know how to.

LeShawna: (CONF) No answer? That's a yes for me. *Starts editing movie together* This better get us the win. I hope they got good footage.

Sadie:*with a directors hat on*okay, can anyone think of a way for me to call George Bush a r*tard without taking it out of the PG rating

Blade: *starts filming 6 hours of Justin Beiber slapping a fat man who is dressed up as santa's belly* Okay, Justin, now scream Squishie every time you smack it!

LeShawna: *Finishes editing Eva's and Noah's footage* Oh, that's so nasty Blade. But, now we have two videos thanks to you. Let's see who's is better once you're done.

Blade: Thank you! *puts the fat guy in a tutu for the next 4 hours of the movie*

Eva: Hey, why doesn't the person who finds out Santa is real goes on a journey to get Santa. *starts editing film together*

Sadie:*dresses up like barney*Hi kids, guess what, santa isnt real and your douchebag parents adopted you, and there is probably a convicted sex offender in your city........................................HUGS(sorry if that offends anyone, and they can say sex and douchebag in a PG movie)

Heather: Since the Chris didn't even try...they are going to elimination!!!!

Vote 6



Bridgette: Justin

Justin:I'm eliminating myself! Everything is going by so fas I can't catch up!

Chat 6

Sadie:so heather, who was first

Courtney: (CONF) Oh great, Justin just made this game easier..... sigh

Day 7

Heather: Um...give a horrific recap of either TDH or TDH2. The scariest one wins for their team.

Sadie:*in her barney suit*gather around kids, because im about to tell you the most horrific story ever, an evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evile evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evill evil evil EVIL women named blaineley decided to put 16 contestants EVILLY through a life or death situation, were 15 would die, and the winner was left with nothing more than a haunted life and a broken microwave.The deaths of alejando duncan geoff sierra eva tyler noah lindsay courtney bridgette dj harold heather owen ezekiel leshawna gwen sadie cody and jerd respectivally were all gruesome and HORRIBLY BLOODY PAINFUL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BRITISH ACCENT PAINFUL ALMOST,and in the end blaineley was violently killed by our beutiful host heather

Eva: Um, the deaths of the contestants on TDH were so gruesome, Justin Beiber almost died. And he's like, invincible.

Bridgette: *in a retarded voice* In a nicer way, Alejandro is the first voted off for payback. Duncan and Geoff are then eliminated for not participating in the challenges. The other team finally loses and votes off Sierra, one of their stronger players instead of I who was asleep that day. Sadie reveals she wears a ton of bra's and that she's always wanted to be stalked. Bad thing to say, honey. Then Eva was eliminated for non-participation. Tyler is then voted off while some of the eliminated players started to seek revenge almost resulting in getting them banned. The stupid country guy, Jerd, comes in the game and then Lindsay is eliminated for being a big threat. Noah is also voted out that night in a very close vote which included Owen voting for himself like he did every elimination after. Courtney is voted off and then they had a rhyming challenge which is the last challenge before merge. At the merge two people win immunity, and I am voted off while Heather is almost blindsided out of the game but DJ saves her by quitting. In the destroyful challenge, everything was practically destroyed and Harold was then voted out. Blaineley then gives everyone candy while Heather is then voted out of the game. Owen then randomly dies. While the hardest challenge of the season takes place and Sadie finally wins immunity. Ezekiel, Leshawna, and Gwen then die soon after. Leaving Izzy, Cody, Jerd, and Sadie to the final four. In a blindside, Sadie was eliminated and then Cody soon after leaving the epic final 2 in which Cody won and the country guy was left in flames! *realizes she farted after she said every word so no one could here her great speech* Crap!

Owen: Uh...there was a camp and everyone almost died...

Lindsay:Okay,I was in camp where they're were so many people dieing,yeah I know,so then I was like super scared and the whole season I had no mascara!And then there were this guy name Noah and he was in the final three with me,so he had to choose with me or Courtney.So he decide and chose me,and now I was in the final two,so we had to guess the prize,but then some guy,I think it was Ezekiel,and killed Chris,but then came Blainley.She was nice first but now she was getting more and more horrible!But this guy came named Jerd,and I got out,*gasp*So I was stuck in closet for a long time,untill I almost got immunity,but then he started stabbing me and ketchup came out everywhere!And everything went black and I awoke here!

Katie: Ok, so like OMG, In the first season there was some stuff was done that I wasn't apart of and Chris was murdered. In the second season my BFFFL competed and Blaineley was killed. DID I MENTION I WASN'T IN THAT SEASON TOO?

Owen: I guess I should say more...umm....we all got "killed" by Ezekiel??

Courtney: In TDH1, all of us got brutally murdered until it was me, Noah, and Lindsay. Then I died, Lindsay won and then TDH2 started. Many players were voted out for doing nothing until we switched teams, more people got murdered, Izzy won :P

Owen: Yea, what she said.

Eva: So, in TDH2 people were goin' like, I'm CRAZY! Cause they already died.

Geoff:Well, in TDH1, I think lots of people got killed in horrible manners, each more painful than the last! Personally, Owen gotta win! Dude was amazing at challenges and had friends. TDH2 I died early so I only remember Alejandro and Duncan dieing

LeShawna: Ok, so in TDH2, I debuted in this season! So, I made lots of weird friends, and the people were all some kind of crazy, and because of some Technical difficulties (XD), I was killed in the final 6. My girl Izzy went on to win the whole season, and somehow all of us came back to life, and now we've been brought back to life just to be brutally and vicisously murdered once again in this psycho place.

Gwen: (Sorry I haven't edit, I had some problems with my computer) In TDH2 things were really horrific, everyday someone died on a terrible way, we had to do the grossest and creepiest things you could ever imagine. Alejandro was the first out. Some of the contestant's souls were still around here, they wanted revange from Blayneley, who killed them. After a whole season of terrible "murders" and scary stuff, Izzy won the finale versus Jerd, however Blaineley was killed before Izzy could recibe any price.

Noah:Chris and Ezekeil "killed" everybody, I almost won, we "came back to life" and went through another grueling round this time led by Blainely who killed us all again and Newfoundlad joined and almost beat Crazy Girl, but then we came back again and are getting invaded by Hather this time around.

Heather: So the losers are the...Heather!!! They are going to elimination!!!

Noah:(CONF.)I have to admit, I'm not surprised, only three of us did the challenge, and we only put in one or two sentences each, so I'm gonna vote off someone who didn't do the challenge.

Bridgette: I can't believe my team didn't lose!

Ghost of Harold: Maybe if you didn't vote me off I would have helped..

Vote 7

Blade: Jerd... he no do challenges.

Eva: Jerd, he doesn't do anything.

Noah:Jerd, he NEVER participates.


LeShawna: Jerd (Told me vote ahead of time)

Izzy: I vote JErd...He doesn't much

Chat 7

Sadie:im from canada

Lindsay:Ooh,me too!

Owen: many people dead...\

Lindsay:*gasp*I'm dead?

Katie: *is holding a knife over Katie's head* Not yet,

Sadie:*grabs knife from katie*katie, dont kill yourself,your my BFFFL, AND SUICIDE IS CONTROVERSIAL, now lets go play with glitter glue and watch high school musical *sadies squeel*

Heather: And with so many votes against him, Jerd is out! *throws him into waters of Newfoundland*

Day 8

Heather: Your challenge is to...make a commercial for a movie called "Heather: The Awesome Queen Bee"

Sadie:okay guys, when i got voted out i did a little something like that tell me if we could use this as a script

Sadies script:

Narrarator:Heather was always the queen bee

  • sadie dressed in a heather wig* youre not in the popular crowd, STONE HIM
  • cody in a girls wig* wait what the **** *everyone starts throwing rocks at him*

Narrarator:but this summer, heathers gonna do a little more then that


Narrarator:now heather has to do her same ussual routine, ON AN ISLAND
Heather:im in the popular crowd

Gwen:what a *****


Gwen:wait what the **** *everyone throws rocks at gwen*

SUMMER 2011 Owen: Umm...*shows Heather killing everyone*


  • shows Heather in a pink bee costume, surround by models, all in a bee hive*

Heather: Now, my servants, fetch me some grapes and a lemonade with a spritz of lime.

Bee 1: Yes me queen!

Bee 2: You are the hottest bee in the world!

Heather: Why thank you, peasant. Now don't forget the grapes.

Bee 3: I LOVEZ YOU!!!! *randomly appears with food and drinks* YOU AWESOME

Heather: *freaked out, but still eats grapes on her throne* Meh... Tastes good.


  • in hive*

Heather: Hello servants, I am Queen Heather.

Servant 1: I have your crown

Heather: *places on crown and dies*

Servant 1: It was poisoned!

Servant 2: Heh heh

Servant 3: Kill numbah 2

Servant: Heather would want it

Servant 1 and 3: *kills numbah 2*

Heather: *is reading a story book* And in the end everyone ended up killing each other over me.

Katie: I'm Katie Jackson and I approve this message.

Heather: And the juding goes that...Killer Blainely are going to elimination tonight!!!!


Heather: WHy? Are you quitting?

Katie: P'shaw, but Bridgette must die

Sadie:but you killed your worst enemies in ours

Vote 8

Lindsay:I vote Sadie..I don't like her..


Gwen: Bye Courtney...

Owen: I vote

Cody: Courtney, she doesn't do challenges.

Sadie:courtney, shes not here much

Blade: *scurries in* Wait! Courtney has the immunity idol, remember? (Plat, remember TDI's blog, saying she wants to use the immunity idol if she loses?)

Heather: But she didn't use it! (Plat: Tdi never responded, I checked the blog)

Courtney: Wait! I'm using my immunity idol! (SS2: She never responded to that, but she did ask for a substitute, and here I am.)

Chat 8

sadie:lindsay,, why dont you like me

Lindsay:*gets scared*Umm(CONF)How did she know I voted for her?

Heather: SO...Courtney would be voted out...if this was an elimination challlenge!! Psych!!! But unfortunately, she uses her idol so there will be a new one in play!!!

Eva: (CONF) GREAT. Another Idol?

LeShawna: (CONF) Just what we all need, another immunity idol in play for everyone to go crazy about.

Bridgette: At least nobody died? *shrugs*

LeShawna: *Shrugs* Whatever. I guess that's a plus?

ppy Day 9

Blainely: Here is a twist, if you talk, you're safe. If you don't you could be eliminated...and the HI clue can go to anyone... "Find something that is made of metal, but can be safely fed to the most timid of animals."

Cody: Woohoo, I'm safe!

Blade: Hi! I be safe!

Courtney: Losers...

Blade: *finds Iron* Where's the idol?

Heather: Waiting for someone to get the right answer.

Cody: *finds nothing* Do I win? (xD)


Cody: *runs from Katie*

Sadie:IM SAFE,im gonna go play with my cuponk set*starts throwing and keeps missing* **** it, **** it, **** it

Owen: Wait, we get immunity if we talk??? Sweet!!!


Geoff:This is way to easy

Lindsay:This challenge is hard..(XD)

LeShawna: Such an easy challenge. But what animal even eats something that's made of metal?

Bridgette: This is a killing game! But yet we are based on if we talk or not? That's a little odd if I don't say so myself.

Sadie:it like deal or no deal, only not at all

Lindsay:Deal or no deal?

Sadie:YEAH*throws arms in the air but it unbalances her weight and she falls backwards*

Gwen: I'm safe!...

Blainely: FIne, if you guys want a's a practice one...make a horrific rumor about another contestant still in the game. The winner gets two votes at tonight's ceremony.

LeShawna: Did you hear about what Courtney did? I heard that she went so crazy after her school election, which she didn't win, that she started chucking pens at people, and she started ripping out her hair, and started over eating for comfort food. Girl went over the deep end.

Sadie:*starts shaking her head*did you her about eva.....................joined Al Queda, Osama was just to persuasive, she jumped off a bridge with a bomb and killed Russel from survivor while watching pokemon, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................that eva and her Al Queda

Lindsay:Did you hear about Harold being an assasin he kills people at night and goes out of camp,and he wants to kill us all,yeah,and he robbed a store of lip-gloss,*gasp*,I know right!

Blade: Did you hear about Blade learning the answer to the riddle by killing everyone? He slaughter Osama, killed Hannah Montana, and punched Madonna in the face, but he still got the answer! It's a nail! A nail is made of metal, and when animals nibble on you're fingers, they can bite off a fingernail. I should know.... I am an animal.

Heather: And Blade's right...he got the clue...but since I'm democratic and he killed Obama, he doesn't get the idol. Keep guessing!!

Blade: I didn't killed Obama! I killed Osama!

Courtney: Who the heck is Osama? (thanks to whoever subbed me)

Heather: He's already dead, so therefore, it was Obama. Case closed.

Eva: I'm safe, too.

Blade: Pwease, Heather. I never killed anywone. This is just a stowy. *eyes bulge out and make him cute*

Courtney: Iron? I don't know! (checks PDA) Gar! It crashed!

LeShawna: That's why we don't trust electronics! And Blade, you ain't fooling anyone with your cute squirrel look, although it is cute....................

Eva: I love this game.

Sadie:AL QUEDA MEMBER*hits eva with a frying pan*oh, sorry got a little carried away there

Bridgete: (CONF) Blade really didn't deserve it anyways.

Eva: What the heck?

Blade: *by Bridgette* Hi Bridgette.... Do you wanna be friends? Not many people wike me here... I don't know why... *starts "tearing" up*

Bridgette: Sure Blade!

Eva: (CONF) Okay, I honestly have no idea who to vote off if my team loses...

Sadie:eva im sorry i fooled myself into believing you were in al queda

LeShawna: (CONF) Blade better not bat those squirrel eyes at me, cause I ain't buying it. He's playing everyone to get their support. But hey, it's his tactics, so why not just see how they go. Worse case scenario, he goes sometime.

HEather: Here's a twist: Everyone who didn't talk is auto booted!!! And no one gets immunity,'s the merge!!!! And LeShawna gets two votes at the double elimination tonight!!!

LeShawna: YES!!!!!!

Blade: *crying* Why does Noah always have to be so mean to be? *still crying with Puss-In-Boots eyes*

(TN123:are you trying to finish this faster)

(Plat: No, I just have a returnee coming and I haven't had an elimination in a week)

Vote 9


Katie - Courtney!

Bridgette- This was a tough vote but I had to vote Owen!

Lindsay:I vote Courtney,Owen is cool!

Courtney- I vote for Owen


Owen: I vote for Courtney.

Cody- Sorry Courtney, I have to vote for you.

Sadie-i vote courtney, shes not that active and already used her idol

Blade: I vote off....... Owen! I'm afraid he's going to eat me.

Eva: I vote off Owen.


LeShawna: I'm gonna vote for Courtney, and Owen. I hope my two votes work!

Chat 9

Sadie:*hyperventalating*6-6 tie, WHO WILL GO

Heather: Since, it's double elimination, both Owen and Courtney are out!!! Who will win on Total Drama Invasion!!!! And fine, Blade, here's your stupid idol. *throws a Badly Drawn Harold at him* Oh, and speaking of Harold, he has returned to the competition because he was annoying me with his nerdy emails.

Lindsay:Bye Owen.

Day 10

Heather: *gets a call* Fine, I'll be more creative in the challenges. This time, in honor of Christmas which is coming up soon (:P), make a horror story with Santa dead in the end!

LeShawna: Uhh it's not even december yet.

Lindsay:Can we do it about Turkey Day?

Heather: Do I look like I care???

Sadie:in a time long ago in december 2008, santa was preparing for flight, his reindeer were all hammered from a long night of partying, which was very illy adviced of by santa, anyway they were out flying and rudolph thought he saw milry cyrus in new mexico, so since he was leading the reindeer him turning for her made them go spiralling towards the ground, the impact was brutal and the explosion was massive, but santa survived, and it wasnt even miley cyrus it was only Beth.Santa went out to search for help, and walked for several miles without success, eventually finding a sole house, it was the house of a conservative republican mayor who fully utelized his right to bear arms, upon seeing santa he was hesitant to let him in because he thought he was an illegal immagrant, santa pleaded and pleaded with him, trying to appeal to his sence of human decency, but the man slowly but surely started to get more and more infuriated at santa, as santa was going unconsious from lack of food, he made one last pllea with the man to help him, which was the breaking point for the mayor, he took his loaded shotgun and shot santa 3 times in the head, and then the man left to watch famiy feud.

Harold: One Christmas in the year 2020, Santa was a wanted criminal for breaking into houses and giving presents to children. One night, a boy wanted to meet Santa and waited up all night. He finally saw Santa! "Why hello Billy!" Santa said in his booming voice. Unfortunatly, the mother of Billy heard this racket and decided to check downstairs. She saw Santa and screamed. She ran to the kitchen and got a knife ready to attack Santa, a wanted criminal. "Janet! Remember me? I got you that My Little Pony one year!", said Santa. "Shut the F*** up and get away from my son!!!" Screamed Janet. She lunged with the knife and started to fight. Cutting his throat and stabbing his internal organs. Santa was dead. Christmas was ruined.......The end :D

Heather: I like the entries, keep going.

Katie: A long time ago, Santa was creeping into a house when a car on a table started rolling around. Santa was proud that his Christmas magic could move items. But then the car's tracks started going on fire. The entire coffee table collapsed into ashes. Santa was confused. Christmas magic never did nything bad! Then, the cookies started having bites taken out of them. The milk spilled on the floor. "Hello?" Kris Kringle called. The couch suddenly lurched backwards and fle up the stairs. Now, the cat the family owned, Mittens got worried and jumped onto something, but the cat was floating in midair! Wait, no. The cat was on top of a demon. The cat the was eaten by the demon. Santa screamed. He tried running away, but all the doors in living room shut. "The chimmney!" Santa exclaimed. Then from the chimmney emerged bats and they viciously attacked Santa's face. Then the demon whispered "Rabies shot." A butcher knife floated from the kitchen and landed into the demon's hand. "Sweet dreams, Kringle." the demon bellowed and stabbed the knife into Santa, but missed and hit a bat. "Curses," the demon yelled, echoing in the room. Then a vampire bat transformed into Edward Cullen who sank his teeth into Santa's neck. With a yell, Santa collapsed onto the floor, unconscious. The demon plunged the butcher knife into Santa's back. Santa was dead. Edward then transformed into Santa Claus. "I have the blood of the bloody red fatso." Edward said and attacked the demon. "Dude, what the hell!" the demon bellowed and slit Edward's throat open. Edward fell on the ground, blood spewing out of his neck like a fountain. "Have a holly jolly X-Mas." the demon yelled and then all the Christmas lights blacked out and a scream was heard. That's all we know about the murder of Kris Kringle aka Santa Claus.

Eva: Great job Harold! And I'm so psyched you came back. More alliance members!

Harold: Whatever Eva. Thanks alot for voting me off, gosh...

Geoff:Santa doesn't die.. So I won't do the challenge

Heather: I don't mind. It's your fate in the game, not mine.

Eva: Harold, I didn't vote you off!

Harold: You might as well have..I'm not mad at you. Just LeShawna and Izzy. And Blade, that dumb squirrel. (CONF) *crying* How could LeShawna betray me!? Why why why!! *starts to cry*

Lindsay:Okay my story begins like this:One day on a christmas night,an elf is betraying Santa because of all the things Santa has done to him,that no one knows about.He tortures him for not doing things right,he slaps him everytime he gets a chance,and many other things that you don't want to know about.So he got tires of being the elf that gets pushed around,and that elf was going to assinate Santa Claus.So he got all the weapons he could and went out to get Santa Claus.Later on that day,Santa was getting ready to go out and deliver christmas presens,but before he got on the sled,the Elf shot the gun he build on his own,didn't do much dammage,so he got out a sharpen Candy cane and jumped at Santa and stabbed him right in the heart,he fell down moaning in pain,the elf just turned around and walked away.-The End-(CONF)That was hard.

LeShawna: Yeah so I don't do stories where people die, so I'm just gonna say: One day when Santa was making his rounds at night, it was storming, and while he was on his was to a house. his Sleigh got struck by lightning and he never made it to any houses. The end. (CONF) That was painful.

Heather: Lindsay??? I didn't know you had that in you? Lindsay wins immunity!!! Now Blade, would you like to use your idol now or save it for another ceremony?

Blade: I'll save it for now, considering I have the chance to use it after the votes.

Heather: Sorry, but the rules of this compeition state that you must use the idol BEFORE the votes.

Blade: But you let Courtney use her idol after the votes...

(Tdi told me before the vote)

(Blargh! Fine! Lemme think a little bit.)

Blade: I'm not gonna use it.

Vote 10


Katie - Eva, we need to get rid of the stronger players first.

Bridgette- Noah

Lindsay-I vote Eva because she is scary.


Cody- Noah, sorry dude.

Sadie-hard vote but i have to say noah

Blade: I vote off Noah. He tried to kill me!

Eva: Noah. Sorry, but I can't leave yet.

Noah:I, am so leaving....So I guess I vote Eva


Harold: Noah.

Chat 10

Harold: So Sadie, hows it going?

Sadie:good thanks, how are you

Harold: Not very well...It hurts to die and then come back...

Heather: And that is five votes for Noah! And Harld, I revived you with my awesomeness.

Lindsay:(CONF)I didn't know I had it in me either!

Harold: So when is the next challenge?

Heather: More people have to vote first.

Eva: (CONF My alliance has to stick together! Its falling apart... I still have LeShawna, Harold, (?) and hopefully Blade., though.

Heather: And Noah is out! *throws him into a plane engine* Who will win on Total Drama Invasion?

Day 11

Heather: So, since we are on the subject of alliances, just backstab each other. The person who backstabs the most wins.

Cody: Wait, how do we back-stab each other, if everyone knows that we're going to be back-stabbing people...

Katie: *stabs Cody in the back with a plastic knife* Got ya!

Cody: I don't think that's what she meant...

Harold: You mean like kill? *plays keyboard dramatic music*

LeShawna: Uhh, could you explain to us what you mean by "backstab people," Heather?

Sadie:i REALLY dont wanna do this katie*punches her in face and throws her off cliff, comes back crying*

Heather: Go break alliances and stuff.

LeShawna: Some people don't have alliances.

Sadie:well then prank call someone*prank calls G.W. Bush*Hello is your refrigerator running

Heather: Wow, it seems like no one wants immunity.

Blade: I don't want immunity from this. I'll just get eliminated next time if I win.

Heather: *rolls eyes* Fine, new challenge. I`ll give immunity to the first person who asks.

Sadie:I would prefer it if i could please have immunity heather

LeShawna: What type of challenge is this? Asking her to give us immunity. Like thats gonna happen.

Heather: Then I wanna see some manipulation and such!!!

Harold: No wait! Can I have immunity Grand Master of all things Heather?

Bridgette: (CONF) I'm sitting out this challenge as backstabbing is not a thing I usually do. I sure hope some other people will get some sense into their minds.

LeShawna: *Sits down* (CONF) I ain't having anything to do with this challenge. I'm not gonna back stab anyone, or plead Heather for Immunity.

Geoff:(CONF)Well, this challenge is over... I wouldn't beg or backstab anyway

Heather: Ok guys are so useless. In that case, Harold wins immunity since he "backstabbed" the best.

Bridgette: Well... let's get to the vote!

Heather: But first...Blade has to say whether he wants to use his hidden immunity idol.

Bridgette: What's it going to be Blade?

Eva: I missed the challenge? AGAIN?

Sadie:AL QUEDA MEMBER*throws rocks at eva*

Heather: Blade, your choice?

Blade: Nope. I feel safe.

Lindsay:What happen who won?

Heather: Harold won.

Vote 11

Geoff-Eva's scary dude, she gets my vote

Katie - I want you gone last time. Eva!

Bridgette- *pretends to vote Eva* Violence is never the answer, even if we are in a game that could get us killed. I can be reasonable sometimes, *votes Gwen*

Lindsay-I vote Eva,she is scary.


Cody- *about to vote Gwen, then sighs.* I can't. *votes Eva instead.*

Sadie-*votes eva*goodbye al queda member

Blade: I vote Eva. He's scawy. *to cameraman* Eva's a girl? You're lying to me!

Eva- I vote Gwen. She NEVER DOES ANYTHING.

LeShawna- I vote Gwen. Sorry, but you never do anything.


Chat 11

Katie: *to Sadie, Bridgette, Geoff, and LeShawna* Next time we should vote out Lindsay. She's a big threat and we can't let her win twice.

Cody: *overhears* You mean you don't want my girlfriend to be on the show still so you can 'try to seduce me'?

Katie: Possibly, what's it matter to you?

Cody: She's my girlfriend...

Katie: Not for long. *evil grin*

Heather: Enough annoying talk, Eva is out! *throws her into a frozen pole* Who will win on Total Drama Invasion? Cody: *shrugs* Heather will bring us all back to life again at the end of the season, so we'll still most likely be dating even if she's eliminated. Sure, I'll miss her, but still.

LeShawna: Let me think about that. She's a close friend of mine.

Katie: Yeah, but would you rather have a close friend or a million bucks? Come on guys, it's the final ten already. It's gonna come sooner or later and I pick sooner.

LeShawna: I guesss.....As long as she doesn't win Immunity.


Katie: *quickly answers* Harold!

Sadie:yeah that harolds sabatoshing all of us

Lindsay:(CONF)*relizes*They want to vote me out..*gasp*They're my friends!*starts crying*

Sadie:(CONF):i like lindsay, but shes voted me off twice, i cant have people in the game who dont like me, ITS CONTROVERSIAL

LeShawna: (CONF) I don't want to vote Lindsay off! But, She can't win twice!

Lindsay:*sobbing in her arms*

LeShawna: *Hugs Lindsay and whispers* Don't worry, I won't vote for you.

Lindsay:Thanks,I want you to win Lefonda

Harold: (CONF) Now that Eva is gone, I don't have someone to count on......

LeShawna: Thanks Lindsay.

Lindsay:No for realse.

LeShawna: I know, I believed you!

Harold: LeShawna, are we still friends? (CONF) Getting LeShawna on my side is crucial to my game playing skills and my ladies skills

LeShawna: Why wouldn't we be? Of course we are!

Harold: Well, you voted me off last time I was here so I thought you were mad at me for losing the challenge. Oh well. At least we're friends. (CONF) *sighs*

LeShawna: Just cause I voted for you doesn't mean I'm mad at you. It was just what the team needed at the time.

Day 12

Heather: Since today is Tuesday (I know its Monday :P), there will be two immunity winners, and two people going home in back to back elimination ceremonies, leaving us down to eight. Your challenge is to have the spookiest CONF ever.

Blade: (CONF) *dark shadows are moving around in the background, and creepy music is playing* Why does this feel so weird? I feel like I'm being watched. *one of the shadows comes out of the walls and drags Blade in*

Cody: (CONF) *is locked in the confessional, and someone left their I-pod on in their repeating 'Monster Mash', he can't turn it off, and it has enough battery left for eight hours.* WHY?

Katie: (is in dark confessional) Hmm, hmm, hmm *a loud thud* AAAAHHH! *silence* Is anybody there? *another thud is heard* Hello? *more thuds* AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! WHY WON'T THIS DOOR OPEN????? *Door slams open to reveal a killer with a butcher knife* AAAAAHHHHH! *screen cuts blank*

Bridgette: (CONF) *is pushed into confessional* This confessional is not going to be spooky, I didn't even set up... *trips and appears with blood after she gets up* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *kicks door hard and is pulled to the ground by what appeared to be Sadie* SADIE? *Sadie whispers something to Bridgette* I'm covered in ketchup and this was for someone else? *Sadie whispers something to Bridgette* A REAL MONSTER IN HERE!!!! GET ME OUTT!!!

Bridgette: *breaks out of confessional*

LeShawna: (CONF) *Creepily walks into the confessinal, slamming the door shut and locking herself in* *Begins to talk in a spooky tone* Ever wondered where the dead bodies of the fellow contestants go once there voted off? *Has a smirk on her face* Why don't I show you! *Lifts up Eva's dead bodie* All of them are stored under the confessional, and some are even flushed down the toilet. *Pulls out severed hand from toilet* They're forced to haunt this confessional, until the host brings them back to life. *Whispers begin from the confessional* One the next season begins, the cycle begins once again. That is the life of someone on this show. *Starts laughing evily, and breaks down door to get out* See you next time, maybe with one of my friends. *Throws hand at camera and leaves confessional*.

Sadie:*walks into confessional while dancing*nothing is ever gonna scare me, now im just gonna listen to blink 182 with my eyes closed*starts banging her head back and forth and a hand starts to come from outside of the confessional trying to grab her head, blood dripping from the hand all the while* **** **** i made a mistake, poetry *the hand then grabs her and pulls her out of the confessional*HELP*sadie ensues a heated battle with the hand, using her kung fu skills to help,the hand then leaves, she feels safe*guess i showed that ha........................*the hand shoots her from behind*

Harold: (CONF) You don't know what I can do......*starts focusing at the camera and making it move around* YOU SHALL BURN IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL!! *starts laughing while Carosel music plays and the CONF starts burning on fire* *video cuts off* *camera briefly comes on again in pure dark with red eyes staring at the camera and cuts off again* (Cod: Mine sucks....)

Heather: And the first immunity winner is....LeShawna!!! Guys, fight for that second immunity spot!

Sadie:only a guy can win the second immunity

Blade: (CONF) *blood is dripping from the ceiling, and dead bodies are scattered on the floor* This season, all those who die shall haunt those who vote them off, and try to drag their bodies to the grave with them. They will cut of their heads, playing soccer, competing for the best prize of all. Your guts stored in a golden cup, stained from the blood of past competitors. It is said that these ghosts haunt this very confessional, and that whoever comes in here for to long shall-! *get dragged down through the ground by a bloody, scabby, two-fingered hand*

LeShawna: Yes! I rocked the horror challenge!

Heather: And the second immunity winner is Cody! I know what it's like to have a song jabbed in my Blade, would you like to use the idol?

Cody: (CONF) Woohoo! Hmmm... Should I give Lindsay my immunity or not, I have a feeling she'll be safe tonight, but still... I won't.

LeShawna: (CONF) I already got my two votes. Katie's wrong. Lindsay doesn't have to go yet. And that's why she wont.

Harold: (CONF) I don't want Lindsay to leave, she's my friend. Hopefully LeShawna will tell people not to vote me out...

LeShawna: Can we get to the vote? I know who I want gone.

Bridgette: ME too!

Harold: Same. Gosh,Heather! Stop taking so long!

Cody: Yeah, just get to the vote already.

Vote 12

Geoff:Gwen is still here? She has to go

Katie: I still think Lindsay should go, but Gwen I guess.

Bridgette: Gwen



Cody:*sighs* Gwen.

Sadie:I vote Gwen, she does nothing


LeShawna: Gwen, for obvious reasons.

Harold: Gwen.

Chat 12

Heather: Btw, you get one vote now, and there are back to back elimination ceremonies.

(TN123:can we just eliminate gwen, she has 5 of 10 votes)

Heather: And Weird Goth Girl is out! *pushes her into a mouse trap* Who will win on Total Drama Invasion! (Plat: Btw, thanks for making the prequel to this camp featured!!!!!)

Day 13

Heather: One thing will happen today....a vote. Blade, would you like to use your hidden immunity idol?
Cody: (CONF) I still can't belive I'm the in the final eight, and my girlfriend might be in it too...

Blade: No... I don't really want to... I don't wanna be unfair... *cue cute music and puppy dog eyes*

Lindsay:(CONF)Oh yay I made it..*silent*

Katie: No, Sadie can't go yet! SADIE!

-Vote 13


Katie - People won't agree with me but Blade shouldda used his idol. So I vote him.


Lindsay:I vote for..uh..uh...uh...uh..*randomly votes Harold*

Cody-Sadie. (You've been REALLY OOC this season.)

Sadie-im already out but i hate seeing nv at the top, its like i didnt try, so i vote blade(i know ive been OOC, i sometimes warp characters a little to much sorry)

Blade- Sadie... she almost CRUSHED me today! (Too OOC)

LeShawna- Sadie! Sorry but you're out of control.

Harold: I vote Sadie. Sorry.

Chat 13

Lindsay:Who should we vote out?

Heather: And Sadie is out!!! *pushes her into a boat motor* Who will win on Total Drama Invasion???

Blade: *praying* Please kill me. Please don't kill me.


Blade: I don't really wanna be shoved into a motor, if you know what I mean.


Day 14

Heather: Time for one of our infamous number guessing challenges! It's an integer from 1-1000, and you get three clues.

1: Multiply by two

2: 2, 3, 1

3: Look at the left.

Geoff:I have no idea...7?

Katie: 4?

Cody: 462?

Harold: 465? (CONF) I am usually a Math Wiz but I don't have my calculator!

LeShawna: 461?

Blade: Could it be 43 maybe?

Heather: Btw, if you didn't know, it's double elimination. Now the have to look at all the clues. Clue 2 states the ORDER in which to read the clues which is Clue 2, Clue 3, then Clue 1. Since you follow clue two by reading it, you then go to clue three, which says "Look at the left". Well, the numbers on the left are "123" or One hundred and twenty three. The last step is "Multiply it by two" which gives it the grand total of 246. The person closest below and above it wins immunity. Blade was closest below with "43" and LeShawna was the closest above with 461. So, Blade and LeShawna win immunity until the final six.

LeShawna: That's what I'm talking about!

Blade: Yayz!

Cody: (CONF) ...Really? Just, really?

Vote 14


Katie - Bridgette, you do nothing. I hope I'm not gone this early.

Bridgette- I've done a lot throughout the game, the only reason I was inactive is because I was christmas shopping. If you let me in another week, I'll be as active as ever. I vote Lindsay. Lindsay

Cody- I want to vote out Katie... But, I'll vote out Bridgette instead for being inactive. Consider yourself lucky.

Blade: Katie. She voted for me last time, but then again. I always have my immunity idol. *votes Bridgette* You're lucky Katie.

LeShawna- Bridgette. You've haven't done much lately. You're just dead weight now.

Harold: Bridgette. She hasn't done much.

Chat 14

Heather: *pushes Bridgette into a wedged hole*

Vote 15

Geoff;Tough choice, but I vote for Katie

Katie - A group of us were voting Geoff, so that's who I vote for.


Cody- Blade, I can't decide either...

Blade: I vote for Katie. (Crag did a favour for me... I was being racist and he helped... sorry fanny)

LeShawna- I'm sorry, but I have to do this. I vote Blade. (I know he has immunity, this is a waste vote. I can't decide.)

Harold: Kat....Geo....Kat....Geo....Katie...sorry..

Chat 15

Katie: (CONF) I hope the alliance I picked is like totally trustworthy. Sadie and me would cry our eyes out until we died if I left without my winnings.

Geoff:The voting is intense...

Harold: (CONF) I survived another day and I still have my LeShawna with me... life is good....

Heather: *pushes Katie into a dead fish* Suddenly, the game is male dominated! Who will win on Total Drama Invasion???

Katie: Hey, wait. I want to say one thing. To Blade, Cody, LeShawna, Lindsay, and Harold are all planning to vote you out next time. To Harold and Geoff, LeShawna thinks you guys are swing votes. To Lindsay, LeShawna's voting you out too. To Cody, LeShawna is just playing you and is planning to vote you out. Hope you liked my dirt spilling.

Day 16

Heather: Welcome, final six! It's finally a single elimination challenge.'s challenge is as OOC as you can while still being IC. What do I mean? Figure it out. :P

Geoff:OOC while being IC*thinks about what it means*

LeShawna: *Rolls eyes* Whatever Heather wants it to mean.

Blade: I like acorns! I wove you all, but soon, you'll be gone! Acorns! *twitches*

Cody: Lindsay... I'm breaking up with you *whispers too quietly for Heather to hear* not really though *speaks normally again* Because... *sighs* I still like Gwen, I regret voting her off, and I'm hoping to get with her after the season's over.

Lindsay: Where's the spa? Why are all these people getting killed? I accidently lost all my winnings from the first season. How do we die and come back to life? I think squirrels are soooo cute! Cody, come here! I love you! (I don't know if this is OOC, but it's my attempt.)

Heather: And Lindsay wins immunity!!! She was out of character.... (Plat: I know it was you LF, but you put it as Lindsay :P)

(LF: It looked like when I checked the others had doen it for someone else........Gahh!)

Blade: I'm using my immunity idol. Can we start with the vote now?

Heather: Ok then...

Vote 16

Geoff-I vote for.. er... Blade? He has immunity right?


Cody- (I knew it, you traitourous swines!) I vote LeShawna, this is the first time she didn't get immunity for four votes. :|

Blade: I choose Cody. He almost won last season, and now he's in the final 6.

LeShawna- My vote was gonna be different, but I messed up, so sorry but I have to vote Cody.

Harold: Cody cannot treat LeShawna like that! Besides, he almost won last season. I vote Cody.

Chat 16

Heather: And that is two votes Cody, and one vote LeShawna.

LeShawna: *Sighs* (CONF) Yeah I'm nervous! This is the first time I haven't gotten immunity for awhile. Hopefully my sugar baby Harold will vote with me and Blade.

Heather: SInce there is a 3-1-1 vote, Cody is kicked off! *throws him into a robotic Sierra* Only five remain!

Day 17

Heather: Welcome, final five! Time for....the annual guess the prize contest? Yup, that's right, we have a final five this season! Guess the prize and you win!

Geoff:Is it an autographed picture of you?

LeShawna: A Hobos shopping cart?

Heather: Remember, you have as many guesses as you want!

LeShawna: We get to dress up like you and live your life so you never have to go back to your parents?

Geoff:I know sometihng that's gotta be right.. It's something

Heather: More specific, Geoff... -.-

LeShawna: *Rolls eyes* Ok this is impossible. Maybe it's nothing. You are that selfish.

Blade: It's either an acorn, or we get to be your slave! Yay!

LeShawna: (CONF) Being a slave for her? No way!

Harold: Money or death.

LeShawna: Or we would have to stand by her side, everyday, and compliment her.........*gags*

Blade: We get LIFE!

Heather: Wow, you guys are weak guessers.

Geoff:Um, is it... er... Everyone else becomes alive again?

Blade: Umm... Candy canes or immunity!

LeShawna: Ughh just let someone win already. Is it a life size poster of you?

Heather: I would give the prize....but no one is even close to close on guessing.

Geoff:Is it a pet platypus? But they don't do much y'know

Heather: I'll give you a has something to do with this "finale"

LeShawna: 5 dollars?

(Fanny: XDDDDDD, LF. Invasion? Try that!)

LeShawna: We get invaded by aliens? I don't know........

Heather: Ugh.....hurry up....

Harold: We win? Blaineley? CHris? You die like the other host?

Heather: Fine....the closest is.....Blade!!!!! Yea, I didn't notice before, but the prize is immunity.

Vote 17

Geoff-I vote for Lindsay, she doesn't do much y'know


Blade: I vote for Harold. He's been in way to long for a returnee.

LeShawna-It's obvious who should go home. Sorry girl, but I vote Lindsay. You don't do anything anymore.

Harold: Sorry Lindsay, but I have to vote you. I hope we can still be friends.

Chat 17

Harold: (CONF) I can't believe that EVIL squirrel voted for me! Hopefully, LeShawna and Geoff will vote with me.

Heather: And Lindsay is out! *throws a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool* Who will win on Total Drama Invasion!

Day 18

Heather: Tell the most horrific joke. Either make it incredibly corny, or make the humor based off of scariness.

LeShawna: One word: Blainely

Blade: People that think they're better than you.

Geoff:Knock knock. Who's there? Boo. Boo who? Aw, don't cry now

Harold: Baldness. Alejandro. The million dollars, burned in a volcano.

Heather: And the winner is.....LeShawna! I hated Blainely with a passion! She wins immunity, the rest of you three could be voted out.

Vote 18

Geoff:Blade.. Big threat


LeShawna- I'm sorry for doing this, but I vote Blade. You're a very big threat, and if you win immunity again, you'll win this season.

Harold: Blade...I've been waiting for this Wawanakwa Blue Squirrel to leave since day one.

Chat 18

Heather: And Blade is out! *squishes him* Only three remain, who will win the prize?

Harold: Wow. I am so close to the final two and I still have Leshawna alive! Things might turn out ok after all...

Day 19

Heather: In one word, describe me. In two words, describe this season. In three words, describe yourself.

Harold: You: Goddess. Season: Bloody,Horrific. Me: skillz, weak, pitiful

LeShawna: You: Hot. Season: Intense, murderous. Myself: Luschious, Loud, fabulous.

Geoff:You:Heatherlicious? Season:Hard, killerific Myself:Happy, excited, annoying

Heather: And the winner is....Harold!!!! I liked his spin on calling himself weak, it boosts my ego. Voting time!

Vote 19

Harold: There is only one stratigical thing to do in this game. Take LeShawna with me. Even if she wins, she may share some of her money with me. I am sorry but I have to do this. I vote, Geoff.

Chat 19

Harold: (CONF) It's unbelievable!! I made it to the final 2!!! I have 1/2 chance of winning this!!! Yesssss!!

Heather: And Geoff is out! *pushes him into a shark* The disgusting couple remains, who will win on Total Drama Invasion!

Day 20

Heather: The finale! *party streamers* Anyways, part one is vote! Oh, btw, you can give a speech to influence people.

<poll> Who deserves to win part one? Harold LeShawna </poll>

Heather: So LeShawna wins by one vote! Part two will be trivia which will be announced soon!

Harold: (CONF) I am not giving up. Even though winning the first part doesn't feel very good, I am still confident that I can win this!

Heather: Part two! :) Your second part is not a trivia, it's more like an opinion. Say a couple words on the people who have been eliminated before you. And I mean ALL the contestants on TDH3.

Harold: DJ didn't do much but was really nice. Tyler didn't do much either but sucked at sports. Ezekiel was a dirty home-schooled guy who can't do well in any game he plays. Duncan was a jerkface! He didn't know when to stop insulting me! Trent was ok, he deserved to be booted off the island for kissing you. It wasn't your fault. Justin was the hottest guy here but sucked antagonizing people. You are the best at that Heather. Jerd was hard to understand and was related to the worst host ever, Chris McClean. Izzy won last season and couldn't win again because of you awesome hosting skillz. She was also crazy in the head! Courtney is just as bad as Duncan, thats why I got to do the funnest thing on the island, cheat to vote her of on Total Drama Island. Owen is a giant guy with an even bigger digestive system which helped him release gas from all the food he ate that was stored in his stomach. Noah was the sarcastic guy, always cracking sarcastic jokes about people. Eva had a HUGE temper and didn't deserve to win. What would she do with whatever the prize is? Gwen was the ugly goth girl, always tormenting you and being a jerk. She would NEVER win. Sadie was a contestant who was really annoying. Sadie always acted crazy and would never shut up. Bridgette was the nicer surfer girl. She turned out to be useless because she never did anything. Katie was really stratigical and changed from TDI. She and Sadie were both really annoying. Cody was my main man, I was rooting for him in the final 4 for TDH2. I didn't want him to win TDWT really, I wanted you to win, remember how I helped you? Lindsay was a dumb and back-stabbing player. She never really had anything in her brain, did she? Blade was a stupid Wawanawkwa Blue Squirrel and wanted me gone the whole game. I can't blame you for letting him in the game. Geoff was the party guy and never could take the game seriously. That is all I have to say about the eliminated contestants. I hope I can win with my pitiful skillz...

LeShawna: Where to start? Ehh, out of order! Here we go. Owen was really nice, but he always had worries about his team and himself. He was worried he would get voted off, or he was so caring that he couldn't vote anyone off, so he voted himself. His heart is big, just like the rest of him. Gwen is my home-girl, and will always be that, but she was kind of anti social this time. She never really did anything in the challenges, and only talked during the beginning. Duncan was crazy this season, but he'll always be the delinquent. That's something you can't take from him, even when he's doing outrageous things. Geoff is one fun guy. He always seems to find the best in things, even when we were in a competition like this. He didn't really do a lot of the challenges, but he still made a big impact on this game. Izzy is one crazy girl, doing the most insane things. She won last season, but was eliminated pretty early because she was a threat. DJ didn't d much at all this season, and I have the right to say that since he went first. Trent, well I never really talked to him, but he did stir up things on the other team this season. Bridgette is another one of my home-girls. She was somebody I'm glad made it past the merge with me, until she stopped talking. Lindsay, my girl, was probably one of my closest friends. She won the first season, and didn't give up, and even made final 5 this time. She is willed, and a nice friend. Eva was nice to have as an ally until the merge, because she kept our team strong. Courtney was miss loud annoying mouth once again. Sadie and Katie were still pretty good friends thiss eason, and although Sadie made it farther, Katie never lost hope. Sadie was really OOC this time though, once Katie left. Poor Cody, always not making it to the end, when he's so close. Well, he was a big threat both seasons. Justin, and Ezekiel were both quiet, but they did do alright I guess? Didn't see much of them. Noah, like Eva, was a nice person to have on my team. Blade, the squirrel was a huge competitor, and if we didn't get rid of him, who knows how this finale would've been. Tyler was crazy this season, still athletic, but he was real crazy, and did a lot of unmentionable things. And Jerd, who got second place last season, bu ended up not talking or doing anything this time, bot sent home early. That is how I few my lost friends.

Heather: So, nice answers, to everyone who played. I liked your sucking up Harold, that scored you points. LeShawna, why didn't you kiss up to me more? However, I don't even know what this TDI or TDWT, the winner of Total Drama Invasion is.....

LESHAWNA!!! Congrats on being the third female to win Total Drama Invasion!!!!

Chris's ghost: Why did you steal my show?

Heather: What the heck are you talking about?

Chris' ghost: I'll get you!!!! *tackles Heather and kills her* Now I will be the host of next season!

Owen: Yea....but you're dead.

Chris' ghost: Oh yeah.....well, we'll find a host somehow!!!!!

Who will be the host? TBC....

....right now

Owen: So....what should we do? *gets a phone call* What? I'm host??? The HORROR!!!!!!