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This camp is reminiscent of a modeling camp, but with a twist! In this camp, you will be making costume designs! Every week, I will choose three musicals. You can design your character any way you want in a costume from the musicals. Each week, it will be narrowed down to six people. The top three, and the bottom three. I will critique the six selected, and will then make my decision.


Sign- Ups

Signups are closed!

I will be using TDI characters, and some customs! Ten of each! You may be two characters at the most! (You can choose which TDI character you want. No gender restrictions.)


Tatiana- Anonymos

TDI Characters


Ezekiel- Sunshineandravioli (random... XD)


Courtney-COKEMAN11 (Just had to)

Noah-COKEMAN11 (Sadstic Shirts, Inc.)

Tyler - Turnertang

Bridgette - Turnertang

Katie - Tdi (Im Back!)

Cody-Tdifan1234(OMG this'll be so fun! ^^)

Jasmine - Sprinklemist

Custom Characters


Sunshine- Sunshineandravioli


Lady Gaga - Tdi (I really have a TDI pic! She's also a part of... oops! I've said too much!)

Jonathan - Sprinklemist


Day One


Sunshine: WHOOT!!!!

Chimmy:OMGZ IT'S SUNSHINE! EEEEEEEEEE!!! And some kid who looks life he's shot his mom with an arrow. (XD) Now that's over with...*listens to Silver's theme song on iPod* 9XD, I'm actually listening to it now.)

Tye: This is gonna be awesome! (This should be interesting, me and Geoff are about the same XD)

Noah: I'm here to represent Sadistic Shirts Incorporated.

Lady Gaga: *Appears in outfit from "Poker Face" Gaga is in da house!

Tatiana: Nice to see you all, chiquitos! .... And chiquitas!

Lady Gaga: Ahh! It's the Papa-paparazzi!

Jonathan: I'm so excited for this to start! I can put my skills to use.

Tatiana: Let's not waste any time! Let's have challenge one begin, now!

Jonathan: Tatiana, sir, ma'am... When does the challenge end this week? (Sprinklemist: Lol! Jonathan will look awesome as the guy from Xanadu. I might not be able to get to this for a few days, though)

(Tye: I'll have this up this weekend, but I can't start it right now, homework XP)

Tatiana: (Yeah, I'll bet, Sprinklemist! And, that's fine, Tye.) Good question, Johnny. I forgot to post that, I'm sorry. You will have one week! Challenge ends on Friday, October 2nd!

Jonathan: Yay! I'm done! (Sprinklemist: When I asked if it was supposed to be an original costume, I wanted it to be, but I just could not not do Jonathan as the exact character. Lol. I'll be more original next time [if I survive].)

(Anonymos: I can't wait to see your original design! I can't wait to see Jasmine's too! Yours is right, TDI. You found the right info, I guess.)

Jasmine: I'm just so excited to be a part of this amazing opportunity. The stage is my passion.

Jonathan: I did good. Yay! I wonder when the next challenge is...


Tatiana: Here are the musicals you may choose from this week...

  • Xanadu
  • Mamma Mia
  • Cats

If you're not sure what the musicals look like, just google them! Good luck, and have fun!


Tatiana: Challenge is over!! Now to the results... If I call your name, please step forward. NIzzy... Katie and Courtney... Lady Gaga... Tyler... Bridgette... Ezekiel.. Cody... Chimmy... and Sunshine. If I have called your name, congratulations, you have all qualified to make it to the next week. You may leave the room. That leaves six: Jonathan, Geoff, Duncan, Noah, Tye, and Jasmine. Three of you have the best designs, and three of you, have the worst. I shall go one at a time and give criticism.

Jonathan, you had one of the best designs here. Your outfit was sensational and it kept the feeling in Xanadu alive. However, I would like to see poses, and that goes for everyone.

Geoff, you're next. You also had one of the best designs this week. Wonderful Xanadu design. But, poses.

Duncan, you had no submission. Neither did Tye or Noah. I'm afraid that you three are in the bottom three for the week.

Which leaves Jasmine. Jasmine, your design was amazing! You were able to keep alive the spirit of Cats, while making it seem gorgeous at the same time! Wonderful! I shall contemplate all of your designs, and soon, we will have a winner, and one of you will be out.

Tatiana: I think that I've kept you all waiting long enough, so here we go... Jonathan... You are safe, and have qualified to make it to this week. Next, is Jasmine.... Jasmine, congratulations!! You are the winner of this challenge!! You also have immunity for the next challenge. Geoff, you are safe and have made it to week two. And then there were three: Tye, Duncan and Noah... Duncan... You are safe, and have made it to next week. Tye and Noah, you are the bottom two... Next............. Tye............ Congratulations. You have made it to the next week. Which means Noah is out. I'm sorry, but without and entry, you have dug your own grave.

Day Two


Tatiana: Welcome to your second day, designers. The challenge will be up soon.

Jasmine: I think I was made for this role. *clears throat* Garn! *excitedly* See?!

Ezekiel: Phew, I got my costume done this time... what? You thought I'd take my hat off, eh? (XD)

Chimmy:*walks over* Hey, whaddya you guys think?

Jasmine: It looks easy to walk in *looks at own skirt* But mine looks easier to sit down in...

Duncan:*walks over in outfit* This sucks...

Cody: *takes a picture of Duncan and posts it to facebook* :-)

Duncan:Grr....someone restrain me! *tries to maul Cody*

Chimmy:*is trying despretly to restrain Duncan* I'm gonna need help!

Cody(CONF): I don't think that was the best idea.......

Chimmy:(CONF) *is hacking into Cody's facebook* hehehe...little does he know that I already removed the pics! Only he can see them now...

Jonathan: I had to bathe in dye... Now it's not comin' off.

Chimmy:OMGZ FRANKENSTEIN!!! *pokes repeatedly* (XD, that's something Sunshine would do...)

Jonathan: Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Besides, I'm Frankenstein's monster. There is so a big difference.

Chimmy:OK! *pokes Cody repeatedly for no reason* (XD)

Cody: Uhhh.... Is this really necessary, Chimmy? (XD)

Chimmy:YA IT IZ!!! *foams at mouth, continues poking* (XD)

Cody(Conf): Now, I'm sort of scared of her...... 

Chimmy:*burns through confessional door* TELL MY EYEBROW YOU'RE SORRY!! (XD, inside joke)

Cody: *screams like a little girl* I thought these things were supposed to be private!

Chimmy:I SAID, TELL MY EYEBROW YOU'RE SORRY!! (XD, wanna hear the inside joke?)

Cody: I'M SORRY!!! (Sure! ^^)

Chimmy: IT'S TOO LATE FOR APOLIGIES!!! (Cool! I'll post it on your talk)

Cody: Cool costume, Tyler. Now please save me from her! *eye twitches as he points to Chimmy*


Cody: But I already did! DX *points to comment above*


Cody: *trying to change the subject*Hey, heh heh, Isn't this sort of lke a de ja vu moment? Like this has already happened before? There's no need to reapeat the past so.... *runs away from Chimmy*

Chimmy:*runs after Cody at supersonic speed* COME BACK HERE! YOU HAVEN'T SAID SORRY TO MY EYEBROW YET!!! (XD)

(Tye: Could I possibly be excused from the challenge this week? I have a legitimate reason: MS Paint is currently messing with my head and not opening, and my scanner is temporarily out of order, but it should be up by Monday. I'll also be at my schools fair =D most of the day tommorow, too, so I wouldn't be able to upload it anyways. I hope you understand my situation, and if you can't excuse me, that's fine too, because if I'm not eliminated, I'll definitly be able to complete the challenges in the future)

(Anonymos: Well, you won't win, I can guarantee you that, but you won't be eliminated either.)

Jonathan: I hopes I is safe.

(Tye: I got my scanner back, and paint will open, but crash randomly, so I'll see if I could make some decent drawings in time)

(Chimmy:Um...are the reviews gonna be up soon?)

(Anonymos: Sorry, no. This challenge is gonna be extended by one week.)

(Sprinklemist: How 'bout now?)

(Anonymos: Later today. I have like seven minutes to do it now. Sorry for being so late!!)


Tatiana: Alright, here are the three musicals that you may choose from for this week...

  • My Fair Lady
  • Young Frankenstein
  • Guys and Dolls

Good luck and have fun. This challenge closes on Sunday the 11th.


Tatiana: First, I would like to apologize for being so incredibly late. Well, I've kept you long enough, so let's go right to the results. If I call your name, please step forward: ... Cody... Courtney... Katie... Tye... Geoff... Tyler... Bridgette... Chimmy. If I have called your name, congratulations. You're scores have qualified you to move on to the next round. The six of you that remain: NIzzy, Jonathan, Jasmine, Lady Gaga, Ezekiel, and Sunshine, the six of you have the highest, and the lowest scores. One of you will be named the winner, and one of you, will be out.

First off, NIzzy, Lady Gaga, and Sunshine. You three ladies do not have an entry, and two of you failed to represent yourselves last week as well.

Next, Ezekiel. You're outfit was quite amazing. The simplicity of it made it all the more attractive. Good pose too.

Third is Jasmine. While this was outstanding, I am afraid it does not come up to par with your last. Good work overall, though.

Finally, Jonathan. Jonathan, you had one of the best designs this week, and you maintained it through this week. This was truly amazing.

Well, I've given you all quick reviews, so here are the results. Jasmine... congratulations. You're scores have qualified you to move on to the next round. Ezekiel, you also have qualified for the next round, which means the winner is... Jonathan!! Congratulations!! You had a superb look that fit the show perfectly! You have won, which means you have immunity for the next challenge, although I doubt you will need it. Now we are down to our three ladies. Lady Gaga... You did represent yourself last week, which saved you this week, but I wouldn't count on it as a savior next week, too. NIzzy and Sunshine. You are the bottom two. Neither one of you has presented an entry for this or the last challenge. NIzzy...... I am sorry, but you are out. Sunshine, you are holding on by a thread. You have managed to slip by for the past two weeks, so next week, you may not be so lucky. Congratulations to all that have made it, and you're next challenge will be presented to you later today, or tomorrow.

Day Three


Tatiana: You're challenge will be presented now.

(Anonymos: Ya'll do realize there's a challenge going on, right?)

Chimmy:*walks out of dressing room* BOW DOWN TO FIOCHIMMY!!!

Tatiana: Because we have one entry, and the challenge ends tomorrow, I have decided to extend this challenge by a week.

Jonathan: Here's me and my puppet guy. He's silly.

(Sprinklemist: Sorry, I'm late. I've been so busy this week.)

Jasmine: The star *mutters* extra *goes back to normal* has arrived!

Duncan:*emerges from dressing room*

Cody: *takes a picture of DUncan and posts it on his "Weird pictures of Duncan" blog*

Jasmine: *giggles* What? That wasn't a word.

Duncan:*randomly pulls out pocket knife* Don't move. *fooling around* I sense a disturbance in the force....(XD)

Tatiana: For those of you who haven't posted entries... (Glares at them.) GET 'EM DONE!!!

(Tye: OH CRAP A CHALLENGE! Getting started right now XD)


Tatiana: Designers, here is your next group of musicals...

  • Shrek the Musical
  • Avenue Q (For this, draw your character holding a puppet. The puppet's design will be judged.)
  • West Side Story

Good luck, and have fun! This challenge will close on Sunday, October 25th.


Tatiana: Alright, before I get on to these results, I would like to say that I am extremely disappointed in you, as you had three weeks for this challenge, and I received only four submissions. I will still select a top and bottom three. So, if I call your name, please step forward... Ezekiel... Geoff... Courtney... Tyler... Bridgette... Katie... Cody... and Chimmy. If I have called your name, congratulations. Your have qualified to move on to the next round. Now, the six of you that remian: Sunshine, Jasmine, Duncan, Tye, Lady Gaga, and Jonathan. You present the highest, and the lowest scores. I will begin with the bottom three...

Sunshine, not once have you represented yourself, and I am quite disappointed in you. Same for Tye.

Lady Gaga, your week one submission is barely getting you through these rounds. You need to start turning in entries again if you want to continue.

Now for our top three...

Jasmine, as I expected, this was stunning, although I found the design to be fairly simplistic, which retracts from your score.

Duncan, your design was good. It was nice, and amusing, so it was good enough for you to be in the top three. Although I did like last week's submission slightly more, this was good.

Finally, Jonathan. I did not think you were going to top last week's design, but you did. This design had absolutely no flaws. You continue to stun me, Jonathan.

You've all gotten your scores, so onto the results... Duncan, you have qualified for the next round. Jonathan... Congratulations! You have just gotten your second challenge win, and you have immunity next week. Jasmine, you have also qualified for the next round. Lady Gaga... You have proceeded to the next round. Tye and Sunshine, you are the bottom two, and with no entries for the entirety of this competition, it's anyone guess. Tye........... I am sorry, but your journey ends here. Sunshine, you are not off the hook either. You have been eliminated as well. Congratulations to those that have made it to our top twelve.

Day Four


Tatiana: Your next challenge will be presented to you later today.

Chimmy:*realizes that Sunshine's gone* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *takes out her anger on Cody* (XD, every time Chimmy attacks someone, it seems to be Cody...)

Duncan:(CONF) I must say...I'm officialy surprised. Maybe this competition isn't so bad after all...

Cody: runs from Chimmy* Why does this always happen to me? (lol, Maybe because Cody always takes pictures of Duncan in embarrassing outfits XD)

Duncan:Chimmy's got a point. *chases after Cody* REVVVEEEENNNGGGEEEE!!!!! (XD)

Cody: CRAP!!!!!*wishes Tdifan was there(lol in my dreams XD)*

Jonathan: Wow... Now I feel as embarrassed as Duncan. (Sprinklemist: I'm so sorry. XD)

(Anonymos: For what? I'm so clueless...)

(Sprinklemist: For how traumatic my picture is. T_T)

(Anonymos: It's not bad! I like it!)

(Sprinklemist: Thanks! I just thought it was... Scary. It fits the play, though [imo])

(Anonymos: It definitely fits. I knew someone was going to do an Edna Turnblad thing... BTW, your comment would've made much more sense to me if I knew what IMO meant... XD)

Duncan:And for the first time ever, I remotely like my costume...

Chimmy:*flies out of dressing room* WEeeee!!!!

(Tdifan: Nonny, IMO means "In my opinion")

(Anonymos: Oh... That explains a lot... XD)

Jonathan: *hits Chimmy with a newspaper*

(Sprinklemist: I'm really sorry, but I don't think I can make Jasmine's picture, today, but I might be able to tommorrow if the challenge doesn't end too early)

Chimmy:*is sprawled out on floor*Ow....I think you busted a wing...

(Sprinklemist: I think I busted the whole picture, as it disappeared. O_O)

(Chimmy:YOU BROKE MY PICTURE! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK TO MAKE THAT? (It usually takes me half and hour once I get started, but this took more than an hour...) XD JK, I put it back up.)

(Anonymos: Sprink, this challenge ends next weekend. You have time.)

Jasmine: Yeehaw! I'm all pre-pared!

Duncan:*jaw drops*

Duncan:(CONF) I hate to say this when I'm dating Courtney, but...Jasmine's costume's kinda hot...

Jasmine: *stares at Duncan's unhinged jaw* You gonna get a doctor for that?

Duncan:*snaps out of trance* N-no...I'm fine...

(Sprinklemist: Who thinks Chimmy and I should automatically be the final four? XD I really love this camp, though, and I want it to continue...)

(Chimmy:*raises hand* XD. But I have a lot of fun with this, and I want it to go on!)

(Anonymos: Yeah. It's a shame that people aren't submitting entries, but don't worry. I have a solution for that.)


Tatiana: Now it is time for your fourth challenge, and I hope to see entries from all twelve of you. Here are the musicals that you can choose from this week:

  • Hairspray
  • Gypsy
  • Annie Get Your Gun

This challenge will be due on Sunday, November 15. Good luck, and have fun.


Tatiana: Sorry that this took so long. I am also sorry that you did not even take advantage of the extended time, and submit an entry. But I have a surprise for you. But, before we get to that, I would like to have announce some names... Ezekiel... Courtney... Tyler... Bridgette... Katie... Cody... If I have called your name, you have qualified for the next round. The six of you that remain, Chimmy, Jasmine, Jonathan, Duncan, Lady Gaga and Geoff. Now, on to ratings.

Lady Gaga and Geoff: This one is a no-brainer. You haven't submitted entries since week one, and are obviously up for elimination.

Chimmy: This outfit was very nice. It took me some time to realize what you were trying to do with it, but in the end I understood.

Jonathan: This was, as usual, very, very good. It was somewhat creepy, but it fit the show perfectly. Overall good.

Jasmine: Oh my gosh! This was unbelievable! I loved everything about this! You took cowgirl to a whole new level, and added a factor of beauty, and kept it in the theme of the show.

Duncan: This was very good, and it was an instant understanding of what you were trying to do with this outfit.

Tatiana: There are the reviews, and I have already decided your results. Lady Gaga and Geoff, you are both out. I didn't bother putting in any elements of suspense, as you probably saw this coming. Jasmine... Congratulations, you are the winner of this challenge. You did have the best outfit, but you are not alone. Jonathan, Chimmy, and Duncan have also won invincibility too. There is a reason for this. You four are my only consistent submitters, and it will be very clear why you were given invincibility during the next challenge, which will be up soon.

Day Five


Tatiana: Congratulations to those who have made it this far, and if you are not one of the four winners from last week, I would stay on my toes if I were you.

(Sprinklemist: That invincibility twist rocks, Nonny. Thanks so much! I'll try my hardest to submit my pics, again, this week.)

(Anonymos: Thanks! I had to come up with some way to get people to submit entries... Now I just have to see if this works...)

(Sprinklemist: Threatening them should help. XD I hope they submit something... *goes to work on Jonathan idea*)

(Chimmy:Man, I'm fast...)

(Anonymos: That was fast... XD)

(Sprinklemist: It was, but I think it's awesome. I know the exact character you were going for.)

(Anonymos: I don't want to say whether it's good or not just yet, but I do know the character she was going for. I was hoping to see some little old ladies! XD)

Duncan:*walks out of dressing room* I'm sick of suits....(Seriously, like, 90% of his costumes have been suits XD)

(Anonymos: XD, sorry. Next week I'll *try to* come up with a musical with more options for guys.)

(Chimmy:Thanks. If not, I can always do what Sprink did...*shudders XD*)

(Sprinklemist: Anything but that! XD This pic took... So... Long...

Jonathan: Wow... This chain mail really chafes.


Jasmine: Wrong musical, girl.

Chimmy:Oops...let's see....everyone's a little bit racist! Sometimes! (XD)

Tatiana: Eh, not quite. (XD, I don't really like Avenue Q, but there's like two songs that I have on my ipod. That's one of them.) DON'T KNOW ANYMORE!!!! (Seriously, the only musical I knew from these challenges was Cats. XD)

Courtney: A good makeup artist and a little hair dye really helps you in this competition, doesn't it, Duncan?

(Anonymos: Yes! The threat worked! XD) Duncan:Yeah...I've had to put my mohawk down whenever I do this! (Sprinklemist: I've known every musical, but the only musical on Broadway I've seen was Phantom of the Opera. I really don't like anything with adult subject matter, like Avenue Q. I've seen the Producers 70s non-musical version.)

(Anonymos: I've known them all too. (XD, no duh.) I don't especially like musicals like that either, but it seemed fun for a challenge. I've seen the movie-musical of The Producers, and that was really funny. On Broadway, I've seen Lion King (that would be so fun for a challenge! I'll have to work that one in somewhere), Spamalot, Spamalot again, Gypsy, Shrek the Musical and Hairspray.

(Sprinklemist: I hope, if you do Phantom of the Opera, it's not an option with the Lion King, as I already have costume ideas for PtO. I'm really glad Cokeman submitted something... I hope more do, too. I want this camp to live on! XD)

Courtney: I'm in this thing to win this thing.

(CK11: I really like this camp. I see myself in third, losing to Sprinklemist, the obvious best. No offense, all. I'm overconfident XD)

(Chimmy:I could see myself in third losing to Sprink as well. That is, unless he doesn't post an entry up fro a week, which I highly doubt will happen)

(Sprinklemist: Thanks, guys. You're too kind. Nonny, will this challenge be judged next week?)

(Anonymos: Yeah.)

(Tdifan: I could see my self in fifth or possibly fourth, If I can post up my entries on time. I can't draw very many entries anymore because the computer with the scanner is really slow and I have a TON of schoolwork on a regular basis.)

(Chimmy:That stinks...:( )

(Tdifan: Ikr, But I still pwn at recolors right?....You don't have to answer that XD)

(CK11: I dunno what you mean. but okay.)

Katie: I MISS SADIE!!! I QUIT!!!!! (Sorry, I don't have the time to do a re-color)

Jasmine: Aw. Bye, girl.

(Sprinklemist: Will this be updated, today?)

(Anonymos: This afternoon. I got caught up in the TDA3 finale yesterday, and I can't do it this morning.)

(Sprinklemist: Okay.)

(Sprinklemist: I'm really glad to win another one. Thanks. When's the next challenge?)


Tatiana: Here is this week's batch of musicals...

  • The Producers
  • Wicked
  • Camelot

And here's the thing that is very special about this challenge: If you do not post en entry, you will be automatically eliminated. Have fun, good luck, and I hope to see more entries this week, or we may be looking at a six person elimination.


Tatiana: First, before I reveal anything, I would like to congratulate you. We received entries from almost all of you. As many of you know, Katie has quit the competition, leaving one person entry-less: Ezekiel. Before I do anything else, Ezekiel you have been eliminated. I'm sure you saw this coming. Now, for the remaining eight of you, there will be no elimination, but we will have a top three. If I call your name, please step forward: Courtney... Tyler... Bridgette... Chimmy... Duncan. The five of you have scores to qualify you to move onto the next round. I would like to inform you, that a couple of you were a very close second to the top three designers this week. Now, the three of you I see before me: Jasmine, Cody and Jonathan present the highest scores.

Jonathan... You never cease to amaze me. I was very impressed by some of the details in this look, as well as how it really fit the show. I also want to congratulate you on being the only one to use Camelot as your musical.

Cody... This is your first time in the top three, so congratulations to you on that. This design fit the character you were going for, although it was not a requirement that you use a specific character, but only fit into the presence of the show. Good job, overall, however.

Jasmine... You are a very, very, very talented designer. I hope you know that. From the green skin, to the witch's hat, to the your long, black cloak, this outfit was a perfect representation of Wicked.

I have three very good looks here, but only one can win the challenge. So... Jasmine, congratulations, your scores have qualified you to move onto the next round. Jonathan... Congratulations! You are the winner of this challenge!! Cody, you have also qualified for the next round. I would like to say again how happy I am about the amount of entries I received. Please continue to do so.

Day Six


Tatiana: Welcome final eight. I hope to see as many entries as last week.

Jasmine: All done.

Chimmy:I think someone's starting to sabatouge me...I'm running out of fabric!

Duncan:Yeah, me too.

Jasmine: Don't look at me.

Duncan:*stares at Jasmine*'t...look...away...(XD)

Jasmine: Okay... As long as you don't look at how much fabric I used.

Duncan:Oh, it's fine....(XD)

Jonathan: *glares at Jasmine's excessive use of fabric*

Chimmy:*stares at Jonathan in fear XD*

Duncan:*continues to stare at Jasmine*

Jonathan: *stares at self in mirror in horror*

Chimmy:I agree with you, dude. (XD)

Courtney: Sorry about the tardiness!

Jonathan: You're just in time.

Courtney: *flips hair XD*

Cody: *starts to sing* Oh, the Sun will come out eventually!

Jonathan: Bet your bottom that eventually, there will be sun!

Jasmine: *facepalm*

(Sprinklemist: *hopes for results and new challenge*)

(Anonymos: Yeah, yeah, I'll get on that soon/eventually.)

(Sprinklemist: Sorry. T_T)

(Tdifan: Oh, We'll get the results, eventually! XDD)


Tatiana: Here are the musicals you may choose from this week...

  • Spamalot
  • Annie
  • Hair

This assignment will be due on Friday, December 18. Good luck, have fun, and please submit.


Tatiana: I'm sorry I was late. Well, better late than never. Anyway... If I call your name please step forward... Duncan and...... Jonathan. If I have called your name, congratulations. You have qualified to move on to the next round. Now, the six of you that remain... Chimmy... Courtney... Tyler... Bridgette... Jasmine... Cody... You present the highest and the lowest scores this week. Now, on to the reviews...

Chimmy... I was very impressed by this costume. I instantaneously knew which character you were going for, and it fit the show's world, clearly. Your hair looked pretty, too!

Courtney... This outfit was... under average. I'm sorry. The dress was too poofy, and I have no idea what was up with those streaks. Sorry, Courtney. Not your best.

Tyler... This was... very sloppy. The crown looked good, but the actual costume looked like there was minimal effort in it, and like a t-shirt and jeans were dyed gray. This is a costume design camp, and although accessories are always a plus, the majority comes from the actual costume.

Bridgette... like Tyler, this was... extremely sloppy. As I remember Hair, none of the characters wore dresses, and the only thing that made it look like it was from Hair, was the peace sign that was randomly slapped onto the dress.

Jasmine... I'm always a fan of your work. And this week was no exception. You look stunningly beautiful, and in character, too. Overall, it was absolutely amazing.

Finally we have Cody... Cody, you look adorable. I love you with red hair, and you look very in character, although the character is a girl.

Now, you've gotten your reviews. Onto the elimination and winner. Chimmy... Congratulations. Your scores have qualified you to move onto the next round. Jasmine... a very large congratulations to this week's winner! Your look will always be amazing, now and forever. I could see it on Broadway right now. Cody... You also have moved onto the next round. That leaves our bottom three... Bridgette, Cody, and Tyler. Bridgette... remain here for a moment, Tyler, you have qualified for the next week. Courtney and Bridgette, the bottom two. The one eliminated is.............. Bridgette. I'm very sorry, but you don't exactly have what it takes to compete among the others. Good luck, and goodbye.

Day Seven


Tatiana: Your challenge will be presented to you tomorrow.

Chimmy:(CONF) I actually made it to the top 3 last week! Yay

Courtney (CONF): The streaks were to show the ripples in the skirt, like when it goes up and down in a dress thingy! You know what I'm talking about! No, I'm not contacting you! I'm VENTING! (XD)

Duncan:(CONF) *shrugs* Since I'm at this point, I might as well try to win...

Jasmine:(CONF) Yay! I'm so happy I won another one!


Tyler: Yeah! Final 7!

(Tdifan: When will the challenge be posted up?)

(Anonymos: Sorry, it'll probably be Wednesday for reasons I feel that it would take too long to explain, including the fact that Mr. Shuman locked his wi-fi connection!)

Courtney: Well, this may be a little much...I'm Dorothy!

(Chimmy:My pic I almost wish I hadn't incorperated those details...)

(Anonymos: Don't say that! Details make things great!)

Jonathan: I'm a kitty.

Cody: Cool. I'm a robot. (Wow, I realized how scary Cody looks! XDDD)

Jasmine: Why do I feel like I should be a different Disney princess?

Cody (CONF): I now understand what Jonathan was going through in Challenge 2, I hope this silver stuff comes off...(XD)

Duncan:Good god, I look like an idiot...

Cody: *logs on to Facebook and takes out his camera* (Oh dear God, not this again...XD)

Duncan:*tackles Cody* GIVE IT UP!!!

Cody: *runs as fast as he can* Ow, all these metal joints hurt! (XD)

Tyler: my picture should be up tomorrow!

(Sprinklemist: Duncan's pic looks like my cat that died last week. T_T)

(Chimmy:Entirely coincidental. <.<)

(CK11: I'm still in light depression from when my cat died in October. *hugs Sprink* But on the bright side, I now has KITTENS!)

(Chimmy:My cat died recently too...what's with all the pet deaths?)

(CK11: It's actually more like cat deaths. *cries over his lost friend*)

(Tdifan: My fish died sort of recently....Sorry to break the chain of cat deaths..... <.< )

(CK11: My cat died in october. I currently have a tabby kitten sitting in my lap now.)

(Anonymos: I'm so glad that my camp has turned into a discussion about cat deaths... XD)

(Chimmy:Yes, it's gone from TDCD to Total Drama: Pet Deaths Anonymous XD)

(CK11: *goes to make Total Drama: Pet Deaths as an actual camp* Brainstorming time. What would it be about?)

(Sprinklemist: Entirely coincidental Chimmy? I'm not so sure. XD He was the best cat I owned, ever. T_T He was very sick during 2009, so I knew it was coming for a while. I tried to treat his sickness, but it wasn't curable. T_T I highly suggest not having a pet death camp. O_o)

(Tdifan:Yes, A Pet death camp would be sort of...emotional :\)

(CK11: Now what was I thinking? Actually going to MAKE TDPD...*facepalms*)

(Sprinklemist: *patiently waits for judging*)

(Tdifan:*patiently waits with Sprink*)


Tatiana: Here are this week's batch of musicals...

  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Lion King
  • Beauty and the Beast

Good luck, and have fun. These are due of Tuesday, the twelfth of January.


Tatiana: Sorry for being late, again. Anyway... if I call your name, step forward: ... Jasmine. Congratulations, your scores have qualified you to move on to the next round. I am left with six: Chimmy, Cody, Tyler, Courtney, Jonathan, and Duncan. You present the highest and the lowest scores for the next round:

Chimmy... This week was one of your best. I loved all of the makeup work you did, as that really brought the whole outfit together. Good job, overall, good.

Cody... This week was definitely your best work. I loved all of the little metallic details, including the rust, and I also loved that broken heart necklace. Amazing work.

Tyler... This was pretty good, but not as good as the others, so I have no choice but to put you in the bottom three.

Courtney... This was just alright for me. You looked very much like the character, however, some of the work itself looked kind of sloppy.

Jonathan... You never fail to amaze me, Jonathan. As always, good.

Duncan... Sorry, boy, but this, at the very best, was mediocre. It looked as if it was done in an instant, and I wouldn't have minded, if it had looked presentable, which this didn't.

Now, for your actual results... Chimmy... congratulations, your scores have qualified you to move on to the next round. Cody... congratulations! This is your first challenge win! You have immunity, which you means you cannot be eliminated in the next challenge! Congratulations, again! Jonathan... your scores also have qualified you for the next round. Tyler... your scores have, as well, allowed you to move on. Courtney and Duncan, our bottom two. One of you will be out, and that person is............ Duncan. Sorry, sweetheart, but when you turn in something like this, you can't expect the response to be good.

Day Eight



(Chimmy:I personally think this is my best entry yet. Also, I putlast week's pictures in a gallery if that's OK.)

Cody: Now my facebook page is going to be all boring again! :( *logs on to facebook and takes down his "Funny Pictures of Duncan" Section* (OMG that's awesome. I love all the detail in the shading!)

(Chimmy:There goes our hopes of sad characters for the American Idiot challenge XD)

(Tdifan1234: There's going to be an american idiot challenge? :DDDDD)

(Chimmy:IDK, but if there is one, we're screwed XD)

(Tdifan: *imagines Cody as St. Jimmy* Yep, we're very screwed. XDD)

(Chimmy:Fixed some things with the pic.)

Tyler: Yeah final 6!

(Nonny: It's fine that you put up the gallery, Chimmy. I was going to, but I didn't have enough time this morning.)

Jasmine: Here I am. *whispers* Yay. Final six.

Chimmy:*is too busy mourning Duncan to realize she's in the final 6 XD*

(Tdifan: Oh my gosh, this picture took sooo long...XD)

Jonathan: The phaaaaa*cough*ntom of the opera is here!

Cody: *howls* Awesome cape, Jonathan! ^^

Jonathan: Thanks, puppy.

Courtney: *comes out* Ugh! I look HORRIBLE!

Cody: Courtney, What's that yellow thing in your hands? o_o Should I be scared? (XD)

Chimmy:Wow, Courtney, you

Courtney: I think it's a purse. (XD)

Chimmy:*pokes "purse", it growls XD*

Cody: Are you...erm...sure it a purse?

Courtney: Not really. *purse bites her hand* OW! I fear that I'll get eliminated today... *goes back into dressing room to find a real purse*

Courtney: *exits* Now THIS is a real purse.


Tatiana: Here is the list of musicals to choose from this week...

  • Legally Blonde
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Into the Woods

This challenge is due on February tenth. Have fun, good luck.


Tatiana: This time I wasn't as late, as usual. Now, since there are only six of you left, I'm going to talk to all of you, although there won't be a bottom three, just a bottom two.

Courtney... this was, in a word, trashy. The dress looked very poorly made, not to mention your shoes. The purse, was the worst part, though. It looked like you were holding a sombrero.

Tyler... While this was a step above your past entries, I found nothing totally special in this. It looked okay, but the outfit was boring.

Chimmy... This was, without a doubt, your best entry. I loved every part of this, the details were wonderful, and the outfit looked just like it was from the show. Wonderful job.

Cody... this was your second best. It was second to your winning look. This was great, all of it, really.

Jonathan... this was great, in a word. Great, but nothing special. The look was kind of bland, but it was in the style of the show, which was good.

Jasmine... I really, sincerely, loved this. It was fantastic. Simply fantastic. You never cease to amaze me, Jasmine.

Now then... Jonathan, your scores have qualified you to move on to the next round. Cody... your scores have qualified you to move on to the next round. Jasmine... congratulations. Your scores have qualified you to move on to the next round. Chimmy, congratulations! You are the winner of this challenge, and you have immunity next week, so you cannot be eliminated. Now, to our bottom two... Tyler, and Courtney... one of you is safe, and that is... Tyler. Courtney, I'm sorry, but that means you are out. Congratulations to the top five. Your next challenge will be presented soon.

Day Nine



Tyler: Yeah! I'm in the final 5!

Cody: Final 5! *high fives Tyler*

Jonathan: Congrats, Chimmy. Wait, I'm in the final five, too! Yay!

Jasmine: We all knew I'd be here.

Tyler: Okay...

Chimmy:Me look pretty! ^^

(Chimmy:....I have a strange urge to do another picture...)

(Tdifan: They're both so cute, Chimmy! ^^)

Jonathan: I iz a sailor.

Tyler: Yes!

(Sprinklemist: *patiently waits for results*)


Tatiana: Here is the batch of musicals for this week...

  • The Little Mermaid
  • South Pacific
  • Little Shop of Horrors

This challenge is due on February 27, unless all entries in before.


Tatiana: Sorry, once again, for my extreme lateness. I'm not going to leave any suspense in this, at all. There will be no bottom two. Tyler, you are out. I'm sorry, but when you don't submit something, at this point in the competition, you can tell it'll be you. Anyway, as to the other four of you...

Jasmine... this was good. But only good. I did like it, but it seemed rather... I don't know. There was something about that I can't quite grasp that made me put it behind the others.

Cody... your was quite good, as it usually is. It looked in character, well made, and was, simply put, very good.

Jonathan... this was actually one of my favorites, from you. It was extremely in character, and all of the details looked perfect! I love it!

Chimmy... I'm just going to go with the one I liked more, if that's alright. I personally liked your Little Shop of Horrors look, more. I could tell just how you were going for, and looked nice.

Jasmine and Cody, you two are safe. Jonathan and Chimmy, you are this week's top two. The winner of this challenge is... Jonathan!! Congratulations!! It's been a little while since you've won, but now you're back on top! But, you won't have immunity. I am no longer going to give you immunity for challenge wins. Your next challenge will be presented to you soon.

Day Ten


(Chimmy:Don't worry, Nonny, you aren't going insane. I had the same feeling with Jas's pic 0.o)

Chimmy:*sings to Eddie's Teddie*

(Sprinklemist: Aw. Jasmine's pic took a lot of work, but I'm glad I won with Jonathan. It's been a while, as my competition stepped it up. :))

Chimmy:FINAL 4! WOOT!

(Tdifan: About the Jasmine pic, I think it may have to do with the fact that she's sitting in the picture, but not sitting on shes sitting on air)

(Chimmy:I think it MIGHT be the necklace, or the HUGE amount of detail on it...when I first saw it, I was like..."...woah." XD)

Chimmy:Let me tell you! It was NOT easy picking from the bird thing or...THE HILLS ARE ALLIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUUSIC! (XD)

(Tdifan: Good Job, but I would have liked to see Chimmy in a nun costume XDD)

(Anonymos: I'm actually totally hoping for some nuns. XD)

(Sprinklemist: Here's Jonathan... I felt my only other option for a guy was a Nazi from the Sound of Music, so I went with this. XD)

(Tdifan: Not the only other guy option. I think you forgot one more...)

(Sprinklemist: Yeah, I thought about a generic Bye Bye Birdie guy, but I didn't have really good ideas for it. I could have done him as Ed Sullivan. XD)

(Chimmy:That reminds me...weren't my character and Tdifan's character a couple? The musical ones...)

(Tdifan: I think so.... New fan pairing? XDD)

(Chimmy:CodyxLindsay. O____________O)

(Sprinklemist: I seriously never heard of that pairing/even thought about it.)

(Tdifan: It's fun to think of random pairings, like.....erm....BethxDJ! XD That would be weird come to think of it....)

(Sprinklemist: Hmmm... SadieXDJ? That would be sooooooooo cute. XD)

(Tdifan: Yeah, that would be cute. :3 How about..........EvaxOwen? LOL, She'd whip him into shape!)

Jasmine: Sing it with me, ya'll. (XD)

(Sprinklemist: All the entries are in early. :D)

Chimmy:The hills are alive with the sound of mmuuuusssiiiccc! (XD) (*jaw drops at the other's entries*...well, I know who's getting 4th place...she just happens to be a pyro with a Shadow obsession...>_<)

(Anonymos: Dang it!! No nuns!! XD I'll try and get the reviews up tomorrow. I'm off from school, anyway.)

(Tdifan: Awesome! But, I was hoping for a nun, too. XD I would have done a nun....but my character isn't a girl :p)

(Anonymos: You still could've been a nun. It just would've been... awkward. XD)

(Tdifan: Speaking of awkward, wouldn't it be awesome if someone recolored their character as Audrey during the Little Shop of Horrors round? I thought of that when I finished Seymour. XD)

(Anonymos: Audrey from Sprink's story? That would be awkward, but I never made that connection.)

(Sprinklemist: Sorry for not doing the nun, but... I could think of a way to make that not simple. XD If I was using Audrey II as an original character, I would have been forced to do that costume. XD *wonders if Nonny is serious*)

(Tdifan: I was talking the plant, Nonny. :p I was really hoping for a Chimmy nun, since Chimmy doesn't act very nun-like....*imagines Chimmy the Pyro nun* O_O)

(Chimmy:Imma do that even if I get eliminated just for fun now. XD)

(Anonymos: Oh, well... so was I, Tdifan, so was I. XD Chimmy as a nun would be win.)

(Tdifan: Maybe for the next week, if there's like another nun musical, Chimmy better dress up as a nun.*starts writing "Nuns: The Musical"* XD)

(Sprinklemist: I'm not aware of any other nun themed Broadway musicals...)

(Tdifan: *patiently waits for results*)

(Anonymos: Shoooooot... I needed more time than I had planned for... oh, well... I don't think I can do them tomorrow, but Thursday, hopefully.)

(Sprink: I just noticed the Jasmine mermaid talk. I placed a rock under her at one point, but it looked weird. Oh well, I'll live. XD)

(Tdifan: Yeah. Well, at least you won as Jonathan! :D)


Tatiana: Here is your next assignment. Choose from any of these musicals...

  • Bye Bye Birdie
  • The Sound of Music
  • Sunday in the Park With George

These are due on Tuesday, the twenty-third.


Tatiana: For like the seventh week in a row, sorry for being late. There will only be a top two and a bottom two this week, just so you know. Anyway, here are your critiques...

Jasmine... last week, I wasn't too into it, but this week I'm back on the Jasmine bandwagon. This was very, very good. Perfectly in the spirit of the show, despite the fact that it wasn't a nun.

Cody... sadly, I didn't love it this week. It was a perfectly fine look, in the spirit of the show, and all, but there is just something there that doesn't make me like it as much as some of your past outfits.

Chimmy... this was very, very good. I liked it, a lot. Very in the context of the show, very pretty, and just an overall good job.

Jonathan... like Cody's entry, I wasn't in love with it, this week. It was nice, but... I don't know what it was the detracted from it.

Now... this week... the winner of the challenge is... Jasmine!! Excellent work, and welcome to the final three!! Chimmy, you have also made it to the final three, congratulations. That brings it down to Jonathan and Cody. Neither one of you really stunned me this week, but after some careful consideration, the one that will continue competing... is.... Cody. Jonathan, I'm sorry, but you're out. You had some very, very, nice outfits in the past, and you were an excellent competitor. You've done an outstanding job throughout the competition.

Day Eleven


Tatiana: Cody, Chimmy, Jasmine, welcome to the final three!! You will get your challenge soon.

(Sprinkle mist: Ouch... I thought that was my best in the competition, and it was the first one I drew from scratch, without at least copying and pasting the head... Well... I figured one of mine was going since it would be kind of unfair for me to have two in the final three... Glad Jasmine won, though, and congrats to Chimmy and tdifan.) considered that my worst entry...well, besides my first one. And I beat out Johnny to the final three! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...oops. Sorry Johnothan! ><;;

(Anonymos: Sorry, Sprink. Yeah, one of the key factors contributing to the elimination was that I didn't really want you to have two in the final three, for your benefit, and the benefit of the other two competitors.)

(Chimmy:...I'm actually done with my nun. Can I post it here, or on your talk page? :D)

(Anonymos: You can post it here.)

(Chimmy: Imma evil nun. >:D)

(Anonymos: LOL, Chimmy. You shoulda entered that, instead.)

(Tdifan: *is shocked at the results* Oh...My...Gosh. I totally thought it was me. I tried to make him look like he was from the 50s, but I also based him off of Billie Joe Armstrong, ergo the messy hair and that beard...thing. XD)

(Sprinklemist: XD @ nun Chimmy.)

(Tdifan: The more and more I look at nun Chimmy, the more and more she looks like Julie Andrews XD)

(Tdifan: challenge soon? :D)

Jasmine: Here's my first costume. *goes to change into the other one*

Jasmine: Aaaaand... my second one.

Chimmy Nun

A random picture - Chimmy as a nun. XD


Jasmine in Hair


Jasmine in Annie


Tatiana: Okay, sorry for the EXTREMELY long wait for this challenge... Cody, Chimmy and Jasmine... not only have you three made it to the final three, but you've also made it to... the finale! Due to a strong desire to have a final three, rather than a final two, for some reason, that is what we will have. Now, as to your challenge...

Each one of you must submit two pictures, this week, and you may choose any musical we have done in the past as your inspiration for this challenge.

Have fun, good luck, and this challenge is due on July 15.

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
TBA Chimmy Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Top 3 Top 3 Win Top 2 Top 2
TBA Cody Safe Safe Safe Safe Top 3 Top 3 Win Top 3 Safe Btm 2
TBA Jasmine Win Top 3 Top 3 Win Top 3 Win Safe Top 3 Safe Win
4 Jonathan Top 3 Win Win Win Win Safe Top 3 Safe Win Out
5 Tyler Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Btm 3 Btm 3 Btm 2 Out
6 Courtney Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Btm 2 Btm 2 Out
7 Duncan Btm 3 Safe Top 3 Win Safe Safe Out
8 Bridgette Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Out
9 Ezekiel Safe Top 3 Safe Safe Out
10 Katie Safe Safe Safe Safe Out*
11/12 Geoff Top 3 Safe Safe Out
11/12 Lady Gaga Safe Btm 3 Btm 3 Out
13/14 Sunshine Safe Btm 2 Out
13/14 Tye Btm 2 Safe Out
15 NIzzy Safe Out
16 Noah Out

*- This contestant was not formally eliminated.

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