Introductory Statement

Hello, everyone, and welcome to an all-new Sprink art camp. In this camp, I'll provide a base, and then it's up to you to design the hair, costume, and color scheme. Each challenge will have a new base, and this set up should allow for all sorts of different outcomes from each participant. As the weeks go by, ultimately, a winner will be decided through my judgments and such after a good number of eliminations.

Sign Ups (Closed)

If you decide to sign up, keep in mind that this is an art camp. You will be asked to submit art. If that's not something you're confident in, don't sign up, please. Save a spot for someone else.

  1. Kate *is confident*
  2. TDISF I love this idea :D
  3. Snow Will win
  4. Toad. (YESYES)
  5. Aimers I'll give this a try :P
  6. GF120 I'll try!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Mr. E Meh.
  8. Oatmeal-
  9. Lindsaysbiggestfan\
  10. Jake Writer, Drawer, Friend 22:28, April 29, 2011 (UTC) :D
  11. Kickin in the front seat Sittin in the back seat Which seat can I take? 22:30, April 29, 2011 (UTC)/INSF
  12. ~ Kgman04! Talk! Contribs!
  13. What the 23:21, April 29, 2011 (UTC)
  14. Big O-ette Is La For Coco! 23:40, April 29, 2011 (UTC)
  15. --One by one, they’ll all go down!Trixie for Roleplay Season 4!!! 00:22, April 30, 2011 (UTC)
  16. Tcf09
  17. Dark clouds all around, lightning rain is pouring down! 06:21, April 30, 2011 (UTC)
  18. Zinc
  19. Reddy
  20. Zoomer72
  21. Mrodd


  1. I can't think of any rules...

Pre-game Chat

Sprink: Well, the camp is made. Thanks for the support of the idea, and all. The first challenge will be posted after sign-ups, most likely on Sunday. I'm not sure how many will be competing at this moment.

Toad: Looks interesting. I'm good at art so...

Snow: Its on!

Mr. E: I predict Snow will leave first... (xD)

Toad: XDDDDDDD Really, we'll see about that.

Sprink: Should I include underwear in the bases or just have them anatomically incorrect (like a mannequinn or Barbie) so there won't be lines from clothing in the way?

Mr. E: Either... I'm fine with both.

Toad: I'd say underwear, anatomically incorrect things scare me. XD

Sprink: K. I'll make them extra anatomically correct for you, Toadie. :P

INSF: I love this so much, I brought Rebecca Black to sign ups with me!

Sprink: I hope you're joking. XD

NSF: Fine, I just crushed her voice into my sig

Sprink: Would you mind putting your name up there someplace? So I remember you? Please? It's not sig ups. XD

TDISF: How many of us are there gonna be? :P

Sprink: I'm not sure, yet. I'll leave a little time for more sign ups. No more than twenty if it gets that high.

Dakota: This sounds so cool!

Jake: I came to get better :P.

Sprink: Thanks, Dakota. :)

Dakota: I mean, I don't think I will win, but I am pretty good at MS Paint.

Toad: Anyone could easily win. I'm excited for this! :D

Sprink: That's true. I try to keep an open mind with who is competing, and I'll base everything on the entries, of course. I think there's a new generation of good artists on this wiki, and a lot of them are competing.

Snow: I think Mr.E will leave first.

Sprin: Guys, don't say stuff like that. It's not so nice, even if you're joking.

Toad: Ugh, yeah, guys, stop trolling...

Mr. E: Snow, I was joking, if you submit something, you'll probably get through the first round, on the otherhand, but if everyone submits something, I'm not to sure.

Toad: Yay, nineteen people. One more then we can get started! :D

Sprink: All twenty have joined. Thanks, folks! The first challenge will (likely) be posted tomorrow.

Toad: Goody. :P


Sprink: Well... I'll try to get the first base done right now.

Toad: Yay, sounds good :D

Dakota: First challenge! Yay!

Challenge 1

Here's the first base for your first challenge... It should look familiar. XD Do whatever you can think of for it. I just ask that you keep the general shape the same, and no random gender swap or anything. o_O Feel free to erase body details if you need to (like abs and such). They're only there if you need them to be there for your final product. Also, if you need the image to be taller or wider, you can adjust that, too. This will be due next Sunday, May 8th.


Chat 1

Sprink: Chat here, or whatever.

Toad: Quick question, does the character have to have a name and stereotype too?

Sprink:Doesn't have to, but it can. Hold up. I'm going to submit a different version with shorter arms.

TDISF: I already started with this one. Must I start again? D:

Dakota: This will be fun!

Sprink: No, TDISF. If you started with the first version, that's entirely fine.You don't have to restart. I look forward to seeing it.

Sprink: Oh, and it shows up as the first version above for now. If you click it you'll see the second version. I should have taken a good look at it before posting. XD

Toad: Yeah, I already finished it. XDD I had trouble on what should be on the shirt but settled on the awesome smiley. 8)

Aimers: Whoa...this looks exciting :D Can't wait to start...tommorrow :D Because I can >.>

Sprink: Thanks, Aimers. And thanks to you who already submitted something. If I have time, I may do an entry, too, since this looks fun. I know I did this one in the title card, but you can do it so many different ways.

Zoomer: Sorry, the quality on my picture kind of got screwed up. :P Everyone`s looks great, guys!

Lindsay: My pic is the one with the purple hat and stripped shirt. I call him Bruno, the Model that doesn't want to be a model

Toad: Wow, people are actually doing great. I like everyone's entry so far.

Sierra: Mine is the ****ed up one with the bigger eye. You don't like it.

Kg: Loving all of these. o.o

Sierra: You're such a bad liar KG.

Kg: Well, sorry for being nice, next time I'll try to be more of a jerk. -_-

Oatmeal: Mine sucks. o: I was thinkign of Internet MeMe's went making it XD

SprinkL Don't be mean, SierraStalker.

OHF- Fi. Na. Lly. DONE. >_< That stupid pic took TWO hours. D:

Oatmeal: You wannah know how long it took me to draw those pics? o:

Sprink: IDK. XD I never time myself. I am quite impressed that fourteen entries are done, and it's only been a day. O_O

Zinc: 3 more to go!

Snow: Mines Bob.

Dakota: When will this challenge be over?

Sprink: Sunday, as mentioned in the challenge description. Unless everyone submits early.

Tcf09: Eh. Matt looks rough around the edges...I'll fix that next time :P

Zinc: Mr. E, enter!

Dakota: Well, the challenge ends today, so if he doesn't enter, he'll be eliminated anyways.

Snow: True.

Sprink: Maybe... (shh! I like to keep some suspense going) He has until later today, anyway. I won't judge until I have the second base drawn, and won't have time to do it until later.

Gallery 1

Put images here, please. Please provide your name, too.

Judging 1

Let me start off by saying one little thing. This is a base, it's not going to have pants built in. It's fine if you want to give a male character tight pants, but that doesn't happen ever in Total Drama (I do it in my art, but hey, I take liberties). I intended for you guys to draw over the main figure unless you need some part of it, so just keep that in mind for next time (this isn't meant to be harsh, just letting everyone know). Also, feel free to add more volume to the eyebrows if you feel the need. The rest of the face is meant to generally stay the same, though. Let's get on with the judging:

Toadie - This is good, overall. I like the shirt. Its one of the better entries. However, I'm not loving the hair. he's bald above the ear, and it just doesn't really look right. you can draw over that part. It would have looked better with a hairline and sideburns. The earring is also just hanging there, not attached. It is a good entry, though.

Sierra Stalker - Put your name under your pic next time. I know you don't seem to like your entry, but it really is not all bad. Next time, just work on the large image, not the thumbnail. It'll make things far easier. Also, part of the base is the face. I wouldn't have added anything if I wanted that part completely drawn over. But I hope that doesn't seem harsh, because I liked the clothing and hairstyle.

TDISF - The clothes are really nice. I think the hair looks a little flat, though, and it could use a hairline by the ear to look slightly less awkward, but you did nicely.

Zoomer - I like this, though the shorts are slightly girlie. The hair is slightly weird, but I appreciate that you made some shape out of it, as opposed to leaving it the way it was.

Kate - I like this one, a lot. It was quite amusing. XD I also appreciate that you flattened his butt. It's not meant to stick out when clothed.

Kg - I like it. The top is cool. The hair looks slightly odd, though, for whatever reason.

Lindsay - I think this looks pretty good. The cheeks should be redder higher, and the dark spot you colored in between the arm is awkward. I like his facial hair and hair, but the hat should have been colored to match his shirt better, or vice versa. Nice job, though.

insf - Not bad. I just don't love the hair or zipper on the pants. It might have looked better without the circle on the shirt.

Dakota - I like it. The hair looks quite good. I wish you covered the calves, though, since you got rid of his bum.

Oatmeal - I really like this. XD I don't recognize every meme, but I know some. The stubble could have been placed better.

Zinc - This is pretty plain, but I really like that you chose a darker skin color. He looks good that way. I like the hair, though the shirt's color doesn't seem to flatter him too well. It's not too pessimistic of a color. XD

Aimers - I'm not sure why his clothes are shredded, but its a decent entry. I especially like the hat.

OwenandHeatherfan - I like the body on this, a lot. The briefs look good, but on his head, they looks slightly odd.

TBTDIF - The clothes are pretty good on this, and the scars and stuff. I wish you didn't mess with the face, though, since that's part of the base. I also wish his shoes looked more shoe-like.

Snow - Well, I'll be honest. The fact that the main outline is colored a different color is offputting. If you do that, you may as well restart, or at least undo it. No clothing added kind of defeats the purpose of this camp.

Tcf09 - Of the clothes, I think this is my favorite. You put some effort into that. I also like that you made the shorts loose fitting. The hair is good, but looks off on the side with no ear showing.

Jake - This isn't bad, but I want some more detail next time. It's quite plain.

Reddy - This is one of my favorite entries. A very creative idea, Reddy. It looks really good, too. Nice work.

Gwenfan - I like the head/necklace on this one. The clothes seem odd, though. The shorts look like bicycle shorts, and the shirt style doesn't really work. I see potential, though. XD

Elimination - Everyone is getting a second chance who submitted. I appreciate that so many of you made an effort. Work on the issues you had the first time, though, please. Mr E is out for not submitting anything.

Challenge 2

Here's the second base for the second challenge. Do whatever you can think of for it, like last time. This camp is more about your creativity than me telling you exactly what to do (though I may have some more specified challenges). I ask that you keep the general shape the same, and no random gender swap or anything. o_O Feel free to erase clothe details if you need to (Even I'm not sure what she's wearing. XD). Also, if you need the image to be taller or wider, you can adjust that, too. This will be due next Sunday, May 15th.


Chat 2

Sprink: Looking forward to more.

Reddy: Aw, I was hoping for a specific challenge. XD Oh, well. The base reminds me of Sadie. XD

Sprink: Oh, you were? It'd be kind of hard to do that on a specific model, but I'll try to think up some ideas for next time.

O - I have a PERFECT idea for this challenge. >:D

Sprink - Cool. As long as its not mean. :P

O- lol, oh and for my last entry, the briefs on th head were supposed to look odd, that was the point. :P

Sprink: I know. I just in regard to his face. It made his face look weird, and the positioning of it was weird. I basically wanted to see what his face looked like, too.

O- Oh he just had blue eyes, a beard as shown, and a nose like Tyler. :P

Sprink: No hair? O_O I have to ask. Mrodd expressed interest in joining, but didn't make sign ups ( I forgot to message him). He's done images for both challenges, and I was wondering if anyone had any objections to him joining.

Oatmeal: Mrodd's a bud, let him in.

TDISF: No problem with him joining. Oh, and BTW, I might not submit an entry ASAP since I'm kinda sick -_- sorry :\

O - No problem with him joining. and yeah, he's bald, which is why he grew the beard, in hopes of him looking cooler. :P

Sprink:Thanks for the opinions. I'll wait for a few more. I hope you feel better, TDISF.

Reddy: Mrodd can join, sure. :)

Zinc: Mrodd's awesome. He SHALL join.

O - Hahaha, done. :D

Zinc: Mine has different eyes. :)

Mrodd: Thanks to all my Stalk-Errr Fans.... And tons of love to Sprinkles :D Errr My entry this week started out a joke for Chimmy.... But I like it o.0 DONT JUDGE me ;O

Sprink: Waitin' for more entries. *whistles*

Mrodd: o.0 Still only six xD?

Sprink: Ah, yes. The lethargy known that is week two. :B

Zinc: Make pictures! D:

Aimers: Mine you have to click on the link to understand ;) XDDD

O - Aimers, you stole my idea! >:(

Sprink: Aw, O. He probably wasn't trying to do it on purpose.

O - lol, I was joking, Aimers is mah friend. :P

Lindsay: My pic is the tilted India. Her name is Tersea the fashion risk taker

GF120: Guys, I quit, I just don't think that I'm good at this. Sorry I quit.

Mrodd: Luck all?

Zinc: Bye GF. :( ... Hey, are you making an elimination table?

Mrodd: * Takcles Tameron* BESTY!

Tcf: Crap! I'll get mine in today xD :P

Gallery 2

Judging 2

Toadie - No entry.

Sierra Stalker - No entry.

TDISF - I like the outfit. Nice work on it, in general. The skirt does seem slightly oddly proportioned, however, but that can be in style, I guess.

Zoomer - Nice work, Zoomer. This looks super. 8D

Kate - No entry

Kg - No entry.

Lindsay - Nice work on this. I like that you did something fairly creative with the base I provided. Good work. Just add your name under the pic in the gallery, just to make things easier for me.

insf - No entry.

Dakota - I think this looks quite good. Nice work. Not sure what she has to do with Jersey Shore, as I don't watch that show. XD I do know what a grenade is, though. XD As for, the pic, I do have an issue with the lack of a hairline above the ear. Other than that, I think you did really will.

Oatmeal - No entry.

Zinc - I really like this one. The outfit looks good, and everything. The hair looks flat on the side of her ear, but that's the only thing I see that bugs me. XD Great job. A big improvement from your first entry, for me.

Aimers - I like this one pretty well. I don't love the lack of a hairline above the ear, but I like that you added make-up, and I like the eyes, too. Also, there should be lines on the clothes where there aren't, but I like the effort you made.

OwenandHeatherfan - This looks really good, and A LOT like Sadie. XD My only issue is that the shorts are a little up too high. But that's just a tiny complaint.

TBTDIF - This looks pretty good.I think it's an improvement from you r first entry. The hair and the butt look odd, though.

Snow - Better than last time, so I can see improvement. This camp is about designing clothes and hair, though, not just coloring in, plus the eyes should not be one solid color.

Tcf09 - I like your entry, a lot. Good job. 8D

Jake - No entry.

Reddy - I really like this. You did a nice job, Reddy.

Mrodd - I like this quite a bit. I like the elaborateness of the outfit, though the differently shaped Faberge eggs on the chest look super weird. XD

Kenny - Like Mrodd, Kenny earned his way into the competition by doing pictures for the first two challenges. On to his judging. This looks good. I like that you added glasses, and the pants look well done. I don't know about the top, though. It looks weird to me, for whatever reason.

Elimination - Gwenfan quit. Bye Gwenfan, I looked forward to your entries, as I do like them. Ah, well. The elimination isn't over, though, as quite a few did not submit something, including some of the stronger competitors. Judging based on the first entries of the ones who did not submit this time, insf, Sierra Stalker, and Jake R are out. Sorry, you three. I wish you submitted something this time, I just preferred the other pics from the first challenge. Thanks for submitting something that time, at least.

Challenge 3

Okay, so I'm guessing you guys want an actual theme (and by you guys I mean Reddy). For this challenge, I'd like you to make the base into either a lazy guy, a goth/emo/punk/scene guy, or a general depressed/gloomy guy. This challenge is due next Sunday.


Chat 3

Sprink: This is where the chat goes. :3 And Zinc, I wasn't planning on doing an elimination table, but if you, or anyone else wants to, I'm fine with that.

Reddy: wheeeeeee theme. XD

Mrodd: Great..... xD Lets see if I can do this xD

Sprink: Have fun with the challenge. I love this model, as weird-ish as it is. XD

Mrodd: tehe... I have an Idea just gonna finish Lf up first :)

Dakota: Sprink, do you want me to make an elimination chart?

Mrodd: Ps. Vamp Fangs were not a mistake xD

Sprink: Sure, Dakota. I'd appreciate it. :)

aimers: I feel stupid for asking this but, Sprink, what is a hairline next to the ear O__ o yea I'm pretty stuoid DX

Sprink: Aw, don't feel stupid. I don't know what it's actually called. Look at the title pic. It's the line between his eyebrow and ear. It's basically so the character doesn't look bald with hair floating behind their head.

Snow: This is my best yet!

Sprink: Any more entries on the way?

Kenny:Mine is halfway done heh heh.

Sprink: Good to know. I am considering extending the deadline on this, though.

Snow: K!

Mrodd: ... No offence but if you extrend the deadline you might get 1 or two more entries... Il let the people on Chatango know any ways, maybe we will get some more in o.0

Sprink: Probably. I just feel that end of the schoolyear, camps suffer. Part of the reason for pushing it back, though, is that I may not have time to do a new base. Also, Sierrastalker, you were eliminated for missing last time, sorry. I like your new entry, though.

Zinc: Arrgh, I was doing mine at school on my laptop, then it crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. I had almost finished, too.

Mrodd: :o Maybe more will come in today.... Maybe?

Sprink: I'll give you guys until Wednesday or Thursday, I think. I need time to do the image, and I'm not feeling great, at the moment. Zinc, you still have more time.

Toad: I'm gonna need way more time, the only time I can do this is at school, sadly. It'll be up by Friday.

Sprink: I'll give you a free pass, Toadie, only if you do get the pic up by Friday. I'll still do the judging before then, though.

Zinc: Yay finshed. ... Wait Toad, you'e alive? :D

O - Can this be due tomorrow? :(

Sprink: Yup. I have the base pic done, so the challenge will be posted tomorrow (or Wednesday in case you don't know whent tomorrow is).

Gallery 3

Judging 3

Toadie - You did get something in on time. Nice work on it. My one complaint is that the pants look pretty weird.

TDISF - Nice job on this entry. It's one of my favorites. The skin color worked well, and he looks good all around.

Zoomer - No entry for the first time.

Kate - No entry... again.

Kg - No entry, again.

Lindsay - I like this in general. I would have preferred him with pants and irises in his eyes, though.

Dakota - No entry for the first time.

Oatmeal - No entry. Again.

Zinc - I think you did pretty well. The shirt could have been better, though, in my opinion.

Aimers - I was amused by this. I like the idea, and it fits the challenge.. This is one of my favorites by you yet.

OwenandHeatherfan - I like this, particularly the hair, though I don't know the point of the brown spot in his hair... Or do I not want to know? And also... Did he murder someone with his socks? o_O

TBTDIF - This is decent. I just don't love the shape on the shirt and pants. It's a nice effort, though.

Snow - I'm not so sure about this one. I appreciate that you're trying harder, but I don't like the color choices on the clothes, too feminine and not remotely challenge appropriate (goth/emo/lazy), and they look too scribbled on. It also seems a bit mean spirited. Sorry.

Tcf09 - You did really well with this. It was one of my favorite entries. I like the hat and hair, especially. Nice job.

Reddy - No entry for the first time.

Mrodd - I like this. You should give yourself more credit. I'm not sure why you erased the ear, though. It would have looked better/fine with it.

Kenny - No entry for the first time.

Elimination - All of the second time offenders are eliminated, meaning Kate, Oatmel, and KG. Sorry to you all, but you know... I do feel like you had strong first entries, though. I also am going to eliminate Snow. Sorry Snow, but you didn't follow the rules of the challenge.

Challenge 4

For your next entry, I would like you to make this character model into something fantasy related, meaning futuristic, mideival, superhero, a fairytale character, whatever you can think of. I apologize for the scale of this character model being so small. It just ended up that way. Have fun, though, and this one is due in two Saturdays from now, June 4.


Chat 4

Sprink: Chat goes here.

Reddy: I'm soooo sorry I didn't get another entry up! D= I was super busy. D: I'll work on mine right now.

O - :| Sprink you lied. You said the challenge was due tomorrow. I just finished my picture. :|

Sprink: You guys can still post it (try for it to be posted today). It is tomorrow, O. Please don't call me a liar. I'll judge it as if you posted it before I posted the challenge, I just had time to do the judging and such earlier today.

O - Oh man, I had no idea what I had said. D: Sorry, Sprink. I've been having a really bad day today. D: Sorry, man.

Sprink: That's alright. I was also having a bad day. XD

O - Is it okay if I were to make my character a marvel fan? D:

Sprink: Sure, that's fine.

O - Sprink, for the last pic, that thing in his hair was supposed to be chocolate. xDD

Toad: Sorry if Boris' pants looked weird. I had to do him during Language Arts in like 10 minutes. But some of my friends helped him look more emo-ish, with the green streak in his hair and the "Life sux" shirt.

Sprink: So it was a team effort? XD

Zoomer: Finished mine! She's a tree pixie :) And sorry about missing last week's entries, I was really busy.

Sprink: It's okay, Zoomer. I take into account that people might be busy, that's why there's usually a second chance given.

Reddy: Here's my entry. I won't be here June 5th through 12th, so sorry if I don't get a pic in next week.

Sprink: I might give two weeks for challenges from now on. You should be fine in that case.

Zinc: Sorry if making her a mermaid was too big a jump...

Sprink: I'm planning to push the due date back a little. Mostly to give myself time to do a base.

Toad: I'm making two. You can decide which one you like better. xD

Sprink: I've got the new base done. Should I judge this now, then?

Gallery 4

Judging 4

Toadie - This looks good to me, I'm judging the Medusa one. The outfit is fairly simple, though, and the snakes for hair probably should have bigger to balance out the pic.

TDISF - No entry for the first time.

Zoomer - I enjoy this, though I wish it had eyebrows, and you should have expanded the image in order to make the wings fit into it.

Lindsay - I'm guessing this is meant to fall under the futuristic criteria of the challenge? I think it looks good. Nice work.

Dakota - No entry for the second time.

Zinc - While this is simple, I do like the idea. Mermaids are perfectly fine. XD Nice job, though.

Aimers - This doesn't look that bad, really. The edges on the hood look pretty odd, though.

OwenandHeatherfan - This looks good. I wish you added eyebrows, and the arms look odd being all muscley. Other than that, I really like all the Marvel hero references. XD

TBTDIF - No entry for the first time.

Tcf09 - I appreciate the obvious effort you took to do this. Everything loks super good, except maybe the crown. Other than that, it's great.

Reddy - This is pretty cute. I especially like the head. Nice job.

Mrodd - No entry for the first time.

Kenny - While the outfit is odd, I do like this. The head looks especially nice.

Elimination - Out are Dakota for missing a second challenge, and TBTDIF for having the weakest previous entries of who missed this time. Sorry, but I do appreciate your efforts. Thanks for competing.

Challenge 5

For this challenge I'd like you to do the character model as a jock. What kind of jock is for you to decide. Simply think of an adjective (like mean, friendly, confused, etc. I don't want adjectives like leafy, vampire, or brick. I want adjectives that would describe a personality.). Be sure to add eyebrows if you can get them to fit on the character model. This challenge is due Saturday June 11.


Chat 5

Sprink: Chat here.

Reddy: I'll try to throw together and entry real quick today and tomorrow, but there's no guaruntee. D:

O - LOL, the no eyebrows were supposed to represent Hulk. xDD

TDISF: Sorry I didn't do last challenge. I really couldn't think of anything x_x

O - Ugh, >.> Finally done. :D LOVE the results though. :P Oh, and those logo's are from the Chicago Bears. ;)

Toad: Sorry about the simple outfit for Medusa, I was in a huge rush yesterday. -_- This week, it'll be better.

Sprink: Alright, Toadie. I expect something great. XD

O - Sprink, I changed my entry's hair if thats alright with you.

Sprink - Sure. I'm fine with that.

Toad: Mine will be up soon, I'm busy but I'll fit it in.

Toad: (Again, xD) Mine is done, he's a Jocktopus gijinka. He's also wearing skinny jeans. xD

Zinc: I'm not able to do this challenge because I was on my grade eight grad trip for three days, plus I had guests from Wisconsin AND confirmation, and to top it off, it's 9 pm here, so... sorry.

Sprink: It's okay Zinc. I actually plan to extend the challenge. Maybe to Tuesday?


Sprink: You're welcome. 8D

Toad: Just got eliminated from TDAuthor... Well, that gives me an excuse to do even better entries for this camp! 8D

Sprink: I have the base done, but I still think I want to judge this on Thursday, instead.

Gallery 5

Judging 5

Toadie - I like this quite a bit, and I feel you were pandering to me with the Jocktopus reference. XD Jocktopus usually has a hat, though, but it's okay that it's excluded. Also the fly should be rectangular instead of triangular to both look better and to fit Total Drama style.

TDISF - No entry for the second time.

Zoomer - No entry for the second time.

Lindsay - I think this looks pretty nice. The outfit is a little o_O, but I do feel that it works well for the challenge. You did good, all around.

Zinc - You did good on this, though I can't quite tell what sport he's into? Does he like baseball, or is he a jockey? XD It looks good, though, but it could have used shoes.

Aimers - This looks decent. I like the hairstyle, and I like the effort you're putting forth. He doesn't read as a jock to me, though, besides his build. Shoes would have been nice, too.

OwenandHeatherfan - It may have taken you a full day, but... Well, it shows. It looks amazing. Definitely my favorite entry from you for this whole camp. The costume looks especially great. Nice work. My tiny complaint would be that sideburns could have made his head look better, but this is really nice.

Tcf09 - The effort on the vest is great. I like the whole outfit, a ton. Really good work on it. This is one of my favorite entries, though your adjective was 'Golf' when it was supposed to be something descriptive. Ah, well. I still love this, and some of the other entries you couldn't tell what the adjective was supposed to be.

Reddy - While this is quite simple, it does look good. I think the hair could have been better, but I do like what you did. He could have used boots, though. Wrestlers usually wear boots and other gear.

Mrodd - No entry for the second time.

Kenny - He looks good. I like his head, especially. He doesn't quite look like a jock to me, though. Perhaps he looks like an outdoorsman? I like the detail on the shoes, though. A nice job, overall.

Elimination - The eliminated contestants are as follows: Mrodd, TDISF, and Zoomer. All of you missed an entry for the second time. I thought you guys had some great entries before, so it's too bad that you're out. I appreciate your participation.

Challenge 6

For this challenge I would like you to turn the character model into an antagonist (or in other words, a villain). I don't want anything like a witch, or anything, I'm asking for an antagonist that would appear on a normal season of Total Drama, believably. This challenge will be due in two Sundays from now.


Chat 6

Sprink: Have fun with this one, I hope.

Zinc: Mine is the older sister of one of my fanfic characters. I have a bio in mind for her. xD

Reddy: I'm having trouble thinking of a shirt for her to wear... But I've got the hair down-packed. ^^

Sprink: Down pat, I think you mean. XD Look around for ideas in life, magazines, etc, if you need to.

Reddy: Pat, packed, same thing to me. XD I've been looking around the internet for good shirts, no such luck yet, though.

Toad: Oooh. I like this challenge. Anyways, last challenge, Jocktopus didn't have a hat because it was annoying trying to put it on him. XD

Sprink: *Waits for more entries*

Toad: Mine's done. I was having trouble with the hair (I was trying to put a flower in it and make it blonde and brown streaks) so I made it like my length. XD

Sprink: I'll allow another extension. How about... Next Saturday? Or is that too long? Well, I guess I'll wait to see how many entries there are tomorrow.

Sprink: I'm officially extending this to Friday.

Sprink: One more day left.

Gallery 6

Judging 6

Only four pictures, but at least that makes my judging job easier. XD

Zinc - I'm not sure how she's an antagonist, but I do like the image. I think her hair could look better, and her outfit could cover more, but I appreciate the effort.

Kenzen - I like it. I know the effort in making freckles like that (I'm guessing this was Doyce inspired). I like it pretty good. Nice work on this. I think the fly on the pants looks odd, but I like everything else.

Toad - I like this one, though the fly is odd. I think you did a nice job. I think the pants could be more of a denim color, though.

Tcf09 - This is pretty nice. I like it, a lot. Good work.

Lindsay, Aimers, OwenandHeatherfan, Reddy - No entries.

Elimination - A lot of you gave really strong entries before, so I'm slightly disappointed with lack of entries. But I'm going to eliminate Aimers (for the others having better previous entries) and Reddy for missing two challenges. Sorry, guys. But you did really well.

Challenge 7

This one, do what you want with the provided image. This will be due in two Tuesdays from today.


Chat 7

Sprink: Have fun.

Toad: Ooh, a fat dude. xD

Sprink: Be glad he's not in a speedo or tighty whiteys. XD

Tcf: O.o I just got an image

Aimers: Ahh I have to apologize for getting eliminated for not giving an entry...I'm getting too busy to do any art D: Good luck everyone else and thank you Sprink for the experience!

Sprink: I tried to postpone the challenge as long as I could, tcf09, so I'm glad you got something in. Aimers, I understand that people can be busy. Thanks for playing.

O - Um, Sprink, can my strike be taken off? The reason is because well, my computer broke. Ask anyone on the TD Wiki, my computer broke and it just got fixed today. I'll hand in the entry for the previous challenge in a bit. :(

Sprink: That should be fine. Just get something posted. Sorry about your broke computer.

O: Thanks, I'll get a pic this week. :)

Sprink - I hope someone does. TT_TT


Sprink: Okay, here's what's gonna happen. If no one submits something, the judging will be postponed for three weeks (I'm going somwhere for a while). If anyone does get something up by tomorrow, I'll do the judging then.

Kenzen:I fogot bout this heh heh...

Zinc: My character is drawn as if he's trying to sweet-talk somebody.

Sprink: I'm judging this tonight, so there's still a little time to submit.

Sprink: You know... I'll judge this in the morning. Anyone who doesn't submit will be eliminated. *dun dun dun*

Gallery 7

Judging 7

I'll make this brief-ish.

OwenandHeatherfan - This looks very good. I wish you'd done more with the shorts, because it mostly seems like what I provided, but the lei and the head/hair look great.

Toad - This looks good, in my opinion. I'd prefer something a little more original, for next time. I do like it, though.

Zinc - I think he looks good. The sandals confuse me a little, but I think it looks really nice.

Tcf09 - You did nice, as is expected. A little odd, but nicely done.

Great job to all the entrants. I thought you all did nicely.

Elimination - Kenny/Lindsay are out for missing, leaving the final four.

Challenge 8

For this challenge, I'd like you to use a base from a previous challenge to do something completely different with it. I want to see how creative you can be with an already provided base. I'd also appreciate it if it differs quite a bit from the last entry you did with it, assuming you pick a base you did the challenge for. This one will be due in two Mondays from today.

Chat 8

Sprink: {insert chat here}

Toad: Sorry if I wasn't original enough, but I have an idea to change it for this challenge. xD

Sprink: Should be good.

Zinc: I've picked out the base I'm using, I'll do the pic this afternoon or tomorrow. (P.S. I have tennis camp most of teh day Monday to Friday next week, so if I miss something, that's why.)

Sprink: I plan to judge this, tomorrow.

Gallery 8


So, well. I was planning on ending this here (due to having trouble with making bases due to lack of time). So I'm here to announce the winner! Teh winner is...

Total Drama Zinc! You've been consistent with your entries, so you deserve the win. Congratulations! Thanks to everyone for participating.

Finale Chat

Sprink: Congrats TDZ! 8D

OHF: Congrats TDZ. :P I wanted to win, but I totally forgot about this camp... >.> XD but, yeah, congrats.

Mrodd: Good job Lil Zincles ^_^ <3

Zinc: :D