A lot of people think that they are great authors. Over half of these people are mediocre. This is not only a camp where people are getting their writing skills improved but they are competing to be the best author.... Who will prove that they have the skills? Who will crumble under the pressure? Who will rise to the occasion?

This... is... TOTAL! DRAMA! AUTHOR! 6!!!

How It Works

  1. Two teams will be constructed.
  2. The teams will compete in challenges. (i.e. Write a story where Lindsay and Tyler break up OR write a story where Beth suddenly becomes popular OR write a story about the contest itself.)
  3. Shane and Reddy will read and judge the stories, and determine which team wins.
  4. The winning team is invincible!
  5. Shane/Reddy (Whoever judged the losing team) will pick whoever was the best author on the team that week.
  6. The best person on the losing team will pick two of their teammates to be up for elimination.
  7. The bottom two will give reasons to stay in the game.
  8. Nalyd, Sunshine, and Chimmy will determine who goes home (The only guarantee that one is safe is if they're on the winning team, or they win an individual challenge).
  9. Repeat the above steps.
  10. Later in the game, there will be a merge, and the two teams will become the Best-Sellers.
  11. More challenges, stories, elimination.
  12. One author will be left and will be declared the best author ever!!



Best Sellers

  1. Bbhinton15
  2. Spenstar


  1. DuncanGuy
  2. Ult
  3. Cards777
  4. Mrdaimion
  5. Poppy
  6. Crag
  7. Tdi
  8. Webly
  9. MTDM
  10. Plat

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
10th Cards777 BOW SAFE OUTN
11th Ult BOW WIN OUT1
12th DuncanGuy BOW OUTN

Color Code:

[User] = Writing Gopher

[User] = Typing Bass

[User] = Best-Sellers

WIN = Won that week's challenge

BOW = Was the best of the worst/nominator that week

SAFE = Was not eliminated that week

NOM = Was in nominated but was not eliminated

OUT = Was eliminated

N No story was submitted by this person this week.

I Incomplete story was submitted by this person this week.

D This person dropped out before a decision was made.

1 Ult dropped out before the due date.

Week One Chat

Nalyd: Welcome contestants to... TOTAL DRAMA AUTHOR 6!

Chimmy: *attempts to walk in with a giant sign that says TDA6, but trips and falls on Nalyd*

Nalyd: Chimmy, what are you doing with the sign? You're supposed to be manning the confetti cannon!

Chimmy: ...oh yeah, about kinda threw it at a homeless guy

Nalyd: ... *takes handful of shredded newspaper, throws in faces of contestants* Surprise.

Sierra: Hey Nalyd.

Bill:Hey Nalyd grat to be here!

Plat: Ooh... a lot of people want to be an admin. Or want to write stories, like me!

Red: Welcome y'all. :P

Ben:: * is tanned on one sid eof his face and bruttaly pale on hos other side* This competiton turned me into a monster and I'll probally become one again!

TD0bsessed: This is going to be awesome i always wanted to be an admin

Plat: have to earn it!

TDO88: I know hopefully we make it far!

Kate: Admin? I just want to write!

Ult: "As do I."

Plat: Same! Hopefully, there is a challenge where I could state how I would like to improve the wiki!

Shane: *chases down homeless guy with confetti cannon* GET BACK HERE!
Mrdaimion: Same here Kate.

Mr.E:I hope I'm not the first one out

Shane: *beats up the homeless guy with the cannon* DON'T YOU EVER STEAL MY TACO AGAIN! *turns to the contestants* Hi!

Kate: *looks creeped out* What the....? ANYWAY! I'm GREAT with words! Am I bragging?

Plat: Ooh...really Kate? The game's on!

Shane: Confident people...I can't WAIT to crush your dreams!

Mrdaimion: Don't worry Mr.E, as long as you submit an entry, you won't be first out.

Kate: You speak soliliquized. But you shall be morose! But I shall conciliate!

Plat: Your sophisticated language does not intimidate me, Kate. You don't need big words to prove your point.

Ult: "Such confident words...I wonder, can this false bravado actually account to anything?"

Plat: Confident? Me? I'm not cocky...Knowing me...I'm probably not gonna get that far.

Shane: Honestly, I just want to judge you all! *looks at Kate* Those shorts don't go with that shirt, sweetie.

Kate: I'm wearing pants.

Shane: Whatevs, I just want to judge you. (XD)

Plat: Good luck, fellow users!

Ult: "And to you as well!"

Ben: PWNED! *Dark voice* How dare oyou speak without my orders* *normal voice8 SHUT UP *strangels self*

Dark:Many of these people haven't even made any stories yet,but I still doubt my own writing skills *sighs*

Plat: Guys, Featured Camp is up! How cool is that?

Phy: Its great to be here

Spenny: ...hai

DG: Hi guys!

Shane: SPENNY! *tackle-hugs*

Spenny: *hugs* Hey Shane :/ . Great to be here... I guess... I already got my elimination speech planned for the final three >_>

124oeo:Hello People!!! I am shy well ok

Phy: *to 124oeo* What are the odds I am to

Ult: "I expect a good and fair competition, everyone. Please don't disappoint."

TDO88: I am not shy! I am not afraid to say what i need to say! (2 song refrences their LOL)

Mr. E:How many ppl do we need?

Ult: "Only ten people have yet to join the festivities..."

Christina: Hi!!

Shane: Well Ult, start getting disappointed.

Ult: *Looks at Shane* "And why would that be?"

Plat: Because some people here don't even write in capital letters.

Shane: *looks at Ult* I was kidding...or was I?

Ult: "The world may never know..."

Christina: I cannot wait!

Plat: Do we start when sign ups are filled? Or do we start when October begins?

DG: Idk...

Jake: I`ll be on any team

Christina: Me too.

TDA ROCKS: Hello, fellow teammates!

Phy: I am psyched to be here

Plat: Can't wait for the teams. Will there be two or three?

Phy: I'm guessing two teams of 15

Cards: YES!!!! I got in!!! Woo-hoo! I'm excited for this to start!

Holli: Yikes. Fierce competetion.

DG: Yeah....I agree....

Mrdaimion: Yeah, and the TDA6 should start soon.

Plat: Whoever wins this one really deserves it.

Mrdaimion: Yeah, I suspect Webly or Spenstar will win.

Plat: I dunno...there could be underdogs...

Cards: Gee, thanks. >.< XD. JKJKJKJKJKJK.

Poppy: Aww Plat! Thanks for mentioning me!

Plat:'re welcome Poppy?

LF: hey guys

Mrdaimion: Hey. I'll look at the first challenge and look at peoples stories to make a better guess.

DG: Hi LF!

Plat: LF, you're going to have to use capital letters and periods in order to win.

LF: what i always do

Plat: How long are the stories going to be?

Mrdaimion: Depends on the writer.

Poppy: I wanna write about random crap!

Mrdaimion: You can't, there's a theme you have to write by.

Showdown:Hey everybody.

Showdown:*CONF* I'm Gonna Win This!

Plat: There are confessionals?

Poppy: I want to write!

LF: i want to write to!

Plat: How's about we have a pre-challenge for fun then!

Crag:You can't wait to be eliminated... Good luck everyone

Tdi: Time to fail at yet another TDAuthor......

Plat: What do you mean Crag? You confident?

DG: (CONF) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TDA6 is more popular then TDM D:

Plat: Well DG, this is sorta one of the main camps on this wiki.

Sunsummer7:I'm so excited!

Tdi: I want to get back into writing. so thats why I joined ^^

Mrdaimion: YES! The spots are filled up!

LF: I love to write! You might not be able to tell from the way I type on camps, but that's because they dont focus on writing.

Sunsummer7:Let's get this party started!

Mrdaimion: Sunsummer, sign into your account please.

Sunsummer7:I'm in now.

Mrdaimion: So, who do you all think will win, except for yourself?

Sunsummer7:I don't know. But, we will cross that bridge when we get there. And by that, I mean the finale.

LF: I don't think you can tell right now who might win. We haven't even done a writing yet, so you can't see if people are good or not

DG: Im not good...

Mrdaimion: You actually can, since a lot of people were in other TDA's.

DG: It's my first season..

Poppy:Mine too!

LF: Same here

Kate: Agreed!

Mrdaimion: Same.

Tdi: My third (TDA1, TDA2, and this)

Holli: First season. *crosses fingers*

Kate: I wonder what our first challenge will be!? It's a componation of suspence and excitement that makes this game thrilling!

Sunsummer7:20 people gone in one day!? I've offically lost 99.9% of confidence.

Mrdaimion: Stop editing so Nayld can put up the challenge.

TDO88: OH NO! this isn't going to be good only ten of us will make it!

Holli: *gulps*

Mrdaimion: I've known that for a while TDO88.

TDO88: i just want to make it to the top 10!

Tdi: (bites nails)

Mrdaimion: As long as you submit a story, you should.

Plat: Only 10? That's harsh.

Kate: I KNOW RIGHT! Harshness.

124oeo:I need to make a story in the top 10

Plat: least it's faster. Otherwise it could've taken 30 weeks for this to finish!

124oeo:I wish 20 coud make it.

Kate: What do we write 'bout?

Mrdaimion: We'll see when Nayld posts the challenge.

Plat: @124oeo Yea...that would make more sense...

Mrdaimion: Not really, if they let 20 in, for awhile people would be out only for not submitting an entry.

Tdi: 20 is too much... 14 is better

Plat: TDA...but let's see how many people enter before we decide.

Zanna: It Will Be Ok Guys It Makes This Camp Go Faster I Guess So We can Start #7 Soon. But Maybe A Few More like 13 or 14 Would Be Good.

Jake; I could win. I dunno. Hi Spenstar and Reddy

Kate: Ain't it AMAZING that we are here!?!?! I am SOOOO happy to be here!

Mr. E:Nalyd, whats the challenge?

Mrdaimion: He's going to post it soon.

Fanny: Ya'll are trippin'. I MISSED SIGNUPS???? :(

Holli: Yikes. Two new people... So, before we had a 10/30 chance of making, now we have a 12/32 chance of making... Since there are two new contestants, nothing has changed in chances. Yikes!

Plat: Actually...we have a 3/8 chance instead of a 3/10 chance..better!


Holli: You just made it simplest form.

Plat" *trying to explain it easier* If we pick 3 out of 8 apples, only 5 get left behind. If we pick 3 out of 10 apples, 7 get left behind. Get it now?

Kate: *confused* No. I'm a writer. Math is my WOST subject. Me no like numbers!!!

Plat: What I'm trying to say is...we still have a bad chance of making it, but not as bad as before.

Kate: OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I knew that! *writing in notebook*

Plat: Good for you, Kate. You just reached your breaking point. It's all downhill from here.

Kate: Whateves.

Ult: "I missed a lot, didn't I? Good luck to all on the first challenge!"

Sunsummer7:Done! What do you think?

Plat: Finally! How is mine, guys? Do you like it?

Ult: "I'm still hard at work on my own creation..."

Tdi: Urs is good, Plat

Bbhinton15 (BB): Hello, my fellow competitors.

Plat: Yours is good too TdI!!! Wow, there are so many competitors...

TDO88: How is mine,.. I am not close to done trying to finish writing it now! yours is really great plat!

Plat: Yours is good TDO!!! It's different how yours is dialogue and mine is mostly description...but theres a million ways to do it!!!

TDO88: I know right! LOL I am writing it like it is a camp! I don't know how to write a story other than with dialougue :P

Plat: is like a camp!! I like writing paragraphs and description because you get to know the characters more.

TDO88: yeah! i'll probobly do that for the next one or so... like paragraphs and stuff i'll ask my english teacher for Help! LOL JK

Plat: But remember...only 3/8 of us get in...

TDO88: Oh yeah! Forgot! Hopefully me, you and Kate get in! we will be the 3 out of those 8 and then whoever else gets in because out of every 8 people only 3 get in... US!

Plat: Yea...hope that a lotta people won't enter...

Tdi: I'll just be glad to even make it to the final 12!

Mrdaimion: Same here TDI, and I submitted part of my story.

Ult: "I've submitted a small portion of my story, as well."

Cards: I'm planning my story, so it should be up about Saturday ,maybe even Friday. :D.

Plat: Good stories so far...hopefully mine makes it in.

LF: I know! I've read a lot of them, and oh my god there all so good! I would hate to be the person who has to pick the best ones.

Plat: Really? Is mine close to decent? XD

LF: Yes! Your's is so much better then mine! You have people talking in it! Mine is just like a monster blob XD!!!

Mrdaimion: I wouldn't call your story good, but it is decent enough to make you be in the final 12.

Plat: I'm not done yet...I just started!!! I just wanted to get the general stuuf sown first and then expand with details.

TDO88: I think i ight finish it and then make it into paragraphs so it looks like a legit story from a book!

Mr. E:Good luck to everyone.

Plat: There sure are a lot of us.

Cards: Is it due tomorrow or next Saturday?

Ult: "Next Saturday is the deadline."

Plat: Ooh...only a week left!

LF: Uhhh is it bad then that I'm already done? XD

Mr. E:Does it end today? Or next week?

Tdi: Next week. And it isn't bad if you're done... unless u did ur story in five minutes XD

Plat: I know...I spent about two hours on mine...XD I have no life.

Mrdaimion: Honestly Plat, I'm pretty sure a lot of the people like Tdi and Ult spent much more than that.

Plat: Do you have to be so pessimistic? And I spent MUCH more than two hours, I just don't like saying stuff like this over the Internet...

124oeo:I am done.Well I want to make it.

Mrdaimion: Good luck, I'm almost done with my story.

Plat: It seems that a lot of stories here are mostly dialogue and less the famous Courtney said, (XD) Less yakking, more packing.

Mrdaimion: Yeah, the only stories here that will make it into the final 12, hands down, are Ults, Bens, and Tdi's.

Plat: To be honest, I could pick the final 12 now with no close calls...

Mrdamion: Same here, but we haven't seen all of the stories yet, but those are the 3 that will make it no matter what.

Plat: It's sad because in the top 12, there are about 3 stories that are only a paragraph long...

TDA ROCKS: I hope my story makes it.. xD

Ult: "Plat, who would you place in the final twelve?"

LF: I doubt mine will make it. I went back and fixed it up cause it was only a paragraph and had no dialogue, but I doubt that will help! Good luck to everyone!

Plat: Who would I place? No comment. It would hurt people's feelings.

Ult: *Claps Plat on the back* "Good for you."

Plat: What about you, Ult? >:)

Ult: "I prefer to simply wait and see...and assume nothing."

Plat: And I prefer not to use quotation marks but hey...only "time will tell".

LF: Ult, I really like what you said! You can really never assume anything, cause just cause you like something, doesnt mean it'll make it.

Mrdaimion: I agree Ult, but I can say safely you're going to be in the final 12,

Plat: Yea...Ult's is too long. XD But how do you have the time for an 8000 word story???

Ult: "It comes with a lot of practice and just pure enjoyment and enthrallment of the storyline."

Plat: No...HOW do you have time? I'm here all the time and could barely get my story done!

LF: Along with this camp, I am also taking a creative writing class at my school. I wa shoping that they would both help me with my writing since i havent lived in the US the whole time

Ult: "Well, for one thing, this particular story intrigued me from the moment I thought of it (a more mature superhero story) and I just went with it. The words came easily, and it did take me all of one week to complete. I just wrote with the little time I had..."

124oeo:Looks like I am writing a 'newspaper'!!!! OMG!!!

Mrdaimion: Two more days until we're judged.

TDO88: I know! Mrdaimon, your story was really good! I just finished my story EEE!!

Mrdaimion: Thanks Obsessed.

LF: Yea Mrdaimion, your's was really good! I doubt mine will make it, but it was worth a shot

Plat: I was reading Total Drama Author 1...and look at the size of their stories compared to ours!!!

Mr. E:Can we just end the first challenge now?

LF: Yeah reading Total Drama Author 1 the other day, and some of theirs were long, but most of them were kind of short. That doesn't show anything though

Plat: Quite the contrary. It shows how this wiki has expanded!

LF: That's true, we have gotten a lot more people signed up this season!

Mrdaimion: More people signed up since there were more spots available.

Tdi: One more day......

Webly: I wish it was due on Sunday! :(

Mrdaimion: Today we're being judged.

Kate: Yikes. Hopefully everyone worked as roborantly on there's as I did.

124oeo:I need to think about it.

Mrdaimion: I do too Kate, then I won't have much competetion. No offense, but there are a lot of stories here better than yours.

Kate: Fine?

Ult: "There's no need for fighting. We all tried our best, and that's all that matters in the end."

Mrdaimion: Curse you Ult and your way with words!

LF: Ult's right, we shouldn't wish that other's do bad, because if your story is really good, then it'll make it through.

Tdi: The anticipation is killing me XD

Mr. E:What are the results?

LF: No one has judged yet, so there are no results yet. We'll probably get them later today

Plat: The suspense is HUGE!!!

BB: ..... :/

Crag:The suspense is HUGE?*plays suspenseful music* Yay!

LF: That makes it even more suspenseful Crag XD!

Mrdaimion: Who do y'all think deserves to be an admin the most, besides yourself?

BB: I'm not on this wiki as much as the next guy, so I don't have much of an opinion.

LF: Personally, I don't know who deserves to be admin. So many people who are active signed up here, so I think anyone could

tdo88: Uggghhh!!!!! The suspense is killing meee!!!!

Tdi: I know! Only twelve people.......

Mrdaimion: *taps foot impatiently*

BB: Goodness, I'm anxious.

MTDM: o.o Bb, yours is truly epic...

BB: Oh, thank you, but... I don't think so. I never do. :S

Challenge One

Nalyd: Congratulations to the thirty-two of you who made it into Total Drama Author 6. Unfortunately, not all of you are actually competing. Only twelve of you are going to actually move onto compete. The challenge will be posted shortly, but the top twelve entries will move onto compete in the actual competition. (No editing this section)

Reddude: This week's challenge, we are writing about Total Drama contestants as superheroes/villians! You may have their super power be anything you want, from being able to see things in 3D to being able to fly! Bonus points if you make the power fit their personality in some way. This will be judged on creativity, originality, and grammar, and is due two saturdays from now (the saturday after this next saturday). I honestly can’t wait for this to end cuz I have a lot of names to make…

Week One Stories


Nalyd: Here is who will be judging who. I've crossed out the names of people who didn't submit a story, and automatically are not in the running to be in the top 12.

  • Reddy - Holli, Bill, XSF, Kev, Dark, Ult, 124oeo, Webly, GM, BB, Christinahorst.2018
  • Shane - Plat, Crag, Phy, TDO88, Sierrastalker, Duncanguy, Ben, Mrdaimon, Kate4TDWT, Mister E, Spenstar
  • Chimmy - Jake, TDA ROCKS, Nad, Zannabanana, Cards, Poppy, Leshawnafan, Tdi, Sunsummer, MTDM

Reddy's Judging

Reddy: I will be judging Holli, Bill, XSF, Kev, Dark, Ult, 124oeo, Webly, GM, Bb, and Christinahorst.2018!

  • Holli, Bill, Dark, Christina.2018: No Stories, No Reviews
  • XSF: This is a story?
  • Kev: This is a story?
  • Ult: I loved this story... Words can not describe how much i love it. XD
  • 124oeo: I would have liked to see more to this story. You didn’t do so hot on grammar… And it’s not really a story, just a summary.
  • Webly: Only half a story, but judging from your other stories in this series, you have potential. You could still make it through, who knows?
  • GM: These are just powers.
  • BB: I loved this all! Great work, great work! I can definitely tell you’ll make it far! :D I only have one complaint… Wouldn’t Duncan be a villain? XD Other than that; phenomenal job! Can I get a w00t now?!?!

Shane's Judging

Plat: Wow! This was actually way better than what I was expecting. I think you might have a shot of getting in! Trust me, the story was quite good! Well written, good grammar and spelling. My only complaint would be that maybe you could use a little more detail? IDK, next time, state WHY they're villains and some of the dialog seemed unrealistic. Other than that, amazing job!

Crag: While this was okay, some of the characters seemed a bit... OOC. You had some spelling errors and grammar errors. There were some spacing problems,but nothing too major. Overall, okay entry.

Phy: First of all, I laughed at Owen's "wind bursts" Your should be you're. And there is one glaring problem. Every time someone new speaks, there is a new paragraph to be made. You had some capitalizing errors also. Overall, kinda weak entry.

TDO88: First off, every time someone new speaks, there's a new paragraph to be made. Honestly people, when joining a writing contest like this one, you have to know grammar and spelling. Also, you have some spacing problems. If there is something other than a quote before some dialog, you would space AFTER the thing other than dialog. Also, the characters weren't in character, plus, this was a very weak entry. I'm sorry, but try next time.

Sierrastalker: Just... no. Look above to see what is wrong, though I'll point something out. After a quotation mark DURING the quote, you don't space. Very weak entry.

DuncanGuy: There were some spelling errors, and you should have had more commas and punctuation marks, plus, you need to have more description. This really is a script story in narrative format.

Ben: There are some grammar errors and you need to put in some more commas where they need to go. Anyway, there are quite a few OOC moments, but nothing to bad. This was an okay entry.

Mrdaimion: Okay, this is pretty much perfect, I can't say anything bad about this story except that you might want to clarify that Lindsay is writing all of this. It took me a while to figure that out.

Kate: This... wasn't that good to tell the truth. I think you should've fleshed things out more. In other words, more description. Also, SO many out of character moments. Overall, weaker entry.

Mister E: Every time a new person speaks, there is to be a new paragraph. Also, after commas, you need to space after them. Pretty weak entry.

Spenstar: My name is Golden Shane, you're about to go into TDA6. No, seriously, this was perfect. I loved the Princess Bride's reference, that had me laughing. Anyway, only complaint was that Gwen was a bit out of character. Also, how did Alejandro gain powers and no one else did? Same question applies to Cody. Anyway, I have no more complaints. Literally, I think this is the best story that I had to judge.

Chimmy's Judging

Let me just let you know, fingers are about to fall off. Thank you XD

Jake: Oh boy...I have problems with this right off the bat. First of all...if the doctor KNOWS how to give people superpowers, why has this not made the national news? He can give people supernatural abilities, for pete's sake! Anyways...second, Duncan said "Nice arms, bolty". No one knew about her powers yet, so how could he make this remark? I can give you something, though: although I don't really get it, you DID give Alejandro a decent reason for accquiring his powers. Though...HEATHER IS A SUPERVILLIAN NOW. She's not stupid, so why would she reveal everything about her...not only that, I have never seen a point where she has been mutual friends with Harold. ...HOLD ON. HOW DID HEATHER LOSE HER POWERS?! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXPLANATION FOR THIS, NOTHING HAPPENED! This is the last thing I have to rip on with this story, though the having babies thing seemed like a big jump. There were a lot of spelling and grammar issues, coupled with a weak's not looking good on your case.

TDARocks: ...though the sections made it look rather professional, I feel it distracted from the actual story. Though as I said with the last story...if Chris knows how to give people supernatural abilites, how has this not made the national news? can't send people to jail just for annoying some people. Granted, it COULD be considered noise pollution, so I'll give you that. I also dislike the insertion Eminem, in that it does not make sense...I would have respected a parody of his name, but flat out inserting him in the story felt weird. On a technical point, the bear's name was Bruno...and excuse me, but how do you ACCIDENTALLY shove someone off a cliff? XD I dislike even more, however, the explanation of the parody: the whole point of parodying something is for the reader to get the reference, explaining it defeats the purpose. I have to admit, though: I laughed at "The Burrito of Wisdom". I don't have many complaints about the next parts, except that the To Be Continued annoys me a little for a oneshot story, and that the very small sections are tedious on the eyes. Overall, it's not THAT bad, just not that good either.

Nad: I really enjoyed the opening of this, and the Freestyle reference. The introduction to the villian was very nice, and I laughed the "my neck is hurting" part. However...I am VERY dissapointed in how it ended, as I was actually hanging in suspense at this point. I would have liked a more epic showdown. At least a longer ending would have been appreciated, as well as some explanation as to how they acquired these powers. Overall, a lot of missed potential here.

Zannabanana: Again, a problem right off the bat...Gwen mostly has good intentions, but...if she WANTED to, she could turn the whole world dark? If she has THAT much power, than why doesn't she USE that? Again, a rather short story...I really dislike that Bounce Boy doesn't have any part in the short, but still is, a plot. A lot of spelling and grammar issues too.

Cards: I seriously LOL'd at Lindsay's power. Though...I'm not sure squealing would exactly fix bad singing. XD This is rather cliche, but I think the cliche works here for some reason. I like the setup, and the mocking of their superhero/villain names is a nice touch. I did not, however, as much like the calling of the police...though it was unexpected from a superhero story, I'll give you that. I absolutely loved the arrest of the superheroes. XDD A few grammar issues, but a nice story.

Poppy: Nice name for Chris, and I love the exxageration of his egotistical nature. Somehow the inclusion of Chris as president works...XD Katie and Sadie were great up until they started speaking in textspeak. It was hard to understand without the words in parentases, and the story could have done without it. Also, I should have brought this up earlier, but I don't think vandalism really counts as a superpower. Once the textspeak stopped, though, the story really kicked in for me...until the intercom said where his hideout was. WHO THE HECK GIVES DIRECTIONS TO THEIR SECRET BASE? I have to admit though, I loved the 595. This story had a lot of grammar issues, however, and detracts from an otherwise good piece of work.

Leshawnafan: Not too many complaints on the power choices, but...I dislike how you started, with "In my story..." This is not a competition for stating what you would want in your story, but actually WRITING a story, and the former is what it seemed like you were doing for a little while. The actually story, though...was kind of bland, and I genuinely got bored reading it. The action was hard to follow, and the plot points were a little dull. This is not to say everything about this story is bad, however: everyone was fairly in character. But, the grammar was bad, it ended on a cliffhanger for a oneshot story, and it overall wasn't very exciting.

Tdi: A little continuity error at the beginning: Trent's dad is an accountant, not whatever he does at a plane factory. (Though technically, he could manage its budget, and therefore still be an accountant, but it's not likely.) I was generally impressed by how good you did with the 'waking up' scenes: I literally LOL'd at Cody's. I found, however, another technical issue: if Sierra is invisible, how could they tell her that, and for that matter, how did they even rescue her? This issue is explained later in the story, but I'm still confused as to that point, and how she involuntarilly turned invisible. I have to say, though: my favorite power is Gwen's, for it's decent amount of originality. However, Trent's superhero name is a little unfitting: he touched a person's arm, and broke it, as well as broke windows with a scream. I'm not sure how the former fits in. I loved when Sierra just flat out fainted, and apparently it deserved it's own paragraph. XD I loved the twist ending, and despite the technical points, this was a great story.

Sunsummer: The powers were decent, but Gwen's seemed unfitting...she only manipulated people once, and with Heather...and, third time's the charm, if they KNOW how to give people super powers, how has this not made the national news? Also, I usually don't point out specific grammatical errors, but when Gwen says, "What about me?" the line that Duncan says should be in a seperate paragraph. I made an O_o face when he realized he had the tranquilizer balls, cause...well, it was just unexpected, and not in a very good way. Overall, a decent story, but not the best.

MTDM: Not sure how bad sports skills can hypnotize people, but alright...the butterknife was random too. XD Considering Owen is a kind hearted guy, though...why did he not go down to help the first time he heard? Courtney's power be honest, surprisingly usefull, though I imagined the money generating out of thin air. Gwen kinda came out of nowhere...and the lying wooulldn't really work at that point. XD I assume it was Tyler saying he was melting, but it's kind of unclear at that point...on the other hand, I love how simple the climax was. ...oh god, the dream cliche? I'm sorry, but that's the only declining point in the story.

The Top Twelve

Nalyd: Ult, Plat, Spenny, Tdi, BB, Cards, Poppy, MTDM, Webly, Mrdaimon, Crag, Duncanguy. Congratulations to the twelve of you for moving on.

Week Two Chat

Nalyd: Welcome to TDA6!

Mrdaimion: Isn't it ironic? Kevvy and Showdown, who both said they were going to make it really far, had the worst submitted stories.

BB: Kevvy can be a lot of talk sometimes, IMO. Showdown, not sure.

Mrdaimion: Still not sure why everyone liked my story so much.

Spenny: WOOHOO! I am in! Good luck you guys :D

Plat: Yay!!! Top 12!!!

Mrdaimion: Thanks Spenny, although we all know Ult will win if he submits a story every week.

Spenny: we don't know that -_-

Plat: Unfortunately, we sorta do...

Ult: "No, Plat, the truth is that we don't. Anything can happen in the coming weeks."

Mrdaimion: I meant if all of the stories are as good as the ones we used to get in, then we're all screwed.

BB: @Plat - No, we don't. Not saying anything bad about Ult (he's a soon-to-be author, IMO), but any of these judges could pull a trick somehow. (i.e. Auto-Elimination or the Best Story actually gets eliminated, etc.) It may not have been done before, but... it could happen. If not, there's still hope for the rest of us.

Plat: It was a bad joke...we all could win this!

Mrdaimion: But you do have to admit, the odds are in Ult's favor.

Red: Well, the odds were in favor of spenny from my discoveries in TDA5. So hey, anything can happen!

Mrdaimion: That's true. I wonder who will make the merge.

Ult: "If there even is a merge."

Tdi: YES! Top 12!

MTDM: O.O I... I made it!? Oh, yes! When I read my name, I was literally jumping on my bed for joy. xD. This is the amazing-est birthday present ever (tomorrow's my bday)! Anyways, I'm up against amazing authors, especially Spenny, Ult, and Bb, and have no chance! Anyways, Ult's not obviously winning. -_-. Although he's great, Spenny lost last season (no offence :S), and had the most BoWs, I believe. Oh, and can we have a story storage? My page is already starting to lag. :|

Mrdaimion:... Wow, it took me this long to realize that BoW doesn't stand for Best or Worst. *facepalms*

Ult: "In case I forget to say this tomorrow, Happy Birthday MTDM!"

Plat: Same here MTDM! Anyways, for top 12, it's so serious...

BB: I'm still super-nervous. -.-'

Plat: Having teams is going to be fun.

Tdi: My next goal: Final 6 :D

Mrdaimion: Same here.

Plat: As above. The competition is only going to get tougher.

Ult: "Still, it is quite an accomplishment to get even this far."

Plat: Let's face it, I'm not TV star. But now I'm in the final 12. *switches tone* Nothing rhymes with 12. People want to win and the competition's (not) mine!

Mrdaimion: What does it matter if you're a TV star or not, this is a writing camp.

BB: Lol...

Plat: Cody reference...and then Sierra reference ... He ended in "far".

Mrdaimion: I know, I was joking. And yay, the wikia's back to normal.

BB: Soooooo, am I the only one anxious for Week Two's challenge? :3

Mrdaimion: Nope. And I just noticed Webly moved on.

MTDM: @Bb - Nope. @Mrdaimion - Enjoy it while it lasts. €.€

Plat: I'm anxious...and nice emotion MTDM.

MTDM: Thank you? xD. It's from iPod. You click the numbers button, shift, and then where "$" is supposed to go, "€" is there.

BB: :P

Mrdaimion: Wait... What were we talking about again, the subject keeps changing.

Plat: €.€ I'm using an iPhone's cool!

Nalyd: We will not eliminate somebody for having the best story, we will do story archive soon, and we will be ignoring contestants' participation in previous seasons. *goes into his office*

Plat: Thanks Nalyd. That would suck if the best story got eliminated.

MTDM: *goes into Nalyd's office; sits on his chair* 'Sup Nal'?

BB: Just something I thought of. I had doubted that you guys would be that cruel.

Plat: How will the teams be chosen?

Spenny: @Red: Yeah... THANKS -_-

Webly: I can't BELIEVE I made it! *hugs the judges XD*

BB: That just reminded me... I never congratulated everyone. So, congratulations to everyone who made it to the Top 12 and the second week of competition! ^_^

Mrdaimion: Thanks BB.

Sunshine: Congrats to those who made it! This is gonna be a great season, I can tell! :D

Poppy: Wow. I- I- I... I MADE IT!

Mrdaimion: Thanks Sunshine. And yes you did Poppy.

Plat: Congrats Poppy!

Poppy: Thanks Plat! Your story is great, too!

Sierra: God *******************!

Ult: "Judges, I have a question. When will the next challenge begin? The only reason I'm asking is that I'm leaving for short trips this and next week, and will not be able to post anything during those days. Talk about troubling..."

BB: I don't know if this is confidential, but Nalyd told me that the challenges will be posted every Sunday. The one coming up is to be due on Thursday or Friday, according to him.

Ult: "That's not good."

BB: Uh-oh. :/

Ult: "It'll be interesting to see how this plays out."

BB: All I can say is 'good luck' to ya.

Plat: We only have four-five days to post?

BB: I'm not entirely sure. Nalyd just told me that this is how the Week Two Challenge is going to work. Others may be different, who knows...?

Webly: Since I've already competed in two seasons, I know the due dates are very close together which can impact a players game. You usually only get 4-5 days. The first challenge just was extended so we could showcase everyone's talent is what I'm guessing.

BB: I'm soooooo ready for the next challenge.

DG: I made it? I don't know english much.....but I MADE IT!

MTDM: So a 'limerick' is a rhyming poem? Anyways, if I'm BOW or nominated, you might have to wait until Saturday night or Sunday... :/ Wait... Due Thursday. :p

Plat: If anyone doesn't know the meaning of words in mine, ask me.

MTDM: Who thinks mine is good? I might change it later on...

Mrdaimion: I think the teams are unfair, the Writing Bass has Ult, Spenny, and Webly, three people predicted to be in the final 4.

Plat: Who else here likes this challenge? It makes everyone play on the same field.

Mrdaimion: I don't, I suck at poetry.

MTDM: @Daimion - It's ABC order. :| @Plat09 - MEEEEE! This is my favorite challenge if all TDAs! no, not 'cuz it's short xD

Cards: YES!! I made it!! And I'm a Writing Gopher!!!! And on the challenge, letters count as one syllable right?

Mrdaimion: No, it's sort of hard to explain. Basically, you tell how much syllables are in something by saying it outloud, and clapping. Not clapping super fast or slow, but in the middle. How many times you clap is how much syllables it has in it.

Cards: I know that trick because I've had to write Haikus in school before, but in one season I thought someone wrote about Izzy and included RCMP and they were penanlized for that.

Mrdaimion: Thats because RCMP is four syllables, but normally a letter isn't a syllable. The only cases thats in is either, A., it's a one letter word, or B., it's the initails of a few words like FBI, CSI, etc.

Ult: "Although poetry is not my strong suit, I'll give it a shot..."

Plat: Ult, yours is good. I hope people understand mine...

Mrdaimion: Same here Ult, mine isn't very good, and my team will probably lose. I mainly submitted an entry in the first place so I wouldn't be put up for nomination to be eliminated.

Cards: O_O. Gee, thanks for being a team player (Sarcasm) XD. JKJJKJKJKJKJKJKJK. And you never know, because there's still a week left.

Mrdaimion: xD Sorry, but the other team is the one with a lot of the people expected to go far, which is what I'm a little annoyed by.

Cards: Well that's true, but in my first season, I was in the final six! I was so excited! I was one of the last three people on my team, so if I made it to the final six in my first season, anything can happen.

Mrdaimion: I still hope that the merge happens before the final 6, since if the merge happens then or later, there's a possibility our entire team will be wiped out. I'm sure we'll win one challenge at least, but still.

Cards: True, but you never know. People could come back, someone "expected to win" could forget to submit an entry and get eliminated. That's what makes this game so interesting, anything can happen.

Plat: Or you could get a curveball challenge like this one.

Mrdaimion: What do you mean by a curve ball challenge? And Cards, thats what I suspect will happen with Ult.

Cards: With Total Drama Author 4, I honestly expected Nonny to win, but he dropped out. So there you go, anything can happen. I think what Plat is referring to is that anything can happen in this challenge because someone might have wrote the poem incorrectly so it's a curveball challenge and can throw you off pace.

Webly: Honestly, I shouldn't have got 6th in TDA4 but this time I'll get farther than sixth worthy of it. Also, whoever edited my story be honest because you kind of messed it up.

Plat: I want to ask a question out of curiosity. Who do you guys think has the best entry so far? It could be on either haiku/limerick because a lot of people have only done the haiku.

Mrdaimion: Honestly, yours. And wow, in the first two days almost everyone submited at least their haiku,

Ult: "It's probably because we only have four days (instead of fourteen) for the challenge."

Mrdaimion: Yeah, and why do you talk in qoutation marks?

Ult: "It sets me apart from everyone else."

Mrdaimion: I see said the blind man.

BB: Just posted mine. I hope I don't get "counted off" or anything for the joke I tried to make on the end of my limerick. It's LeShawna-Harold-related, but it was supposed to make people laugh. -w-

Mrdaimion: Alright, so if we lose this challenge, is it agreed we eliminate DG if he doesn't submit a story?

MTDM: That's not how it works. >.< The BoW nomitates two peeps, and they give reasons. The judges eliminate.

BB: Yeah, he's right. Within our team, IMO, I like Card's haiku and a tie between Crag and MTDM for my opinion of our team's best limerick. Soooo, again, IMO, I'd think the BoW title for this week would go to one of those three if our team just so happens to lose.

Mrdaimion: It's the day of reckoning.

Plat: The judging has started.

BB: It has? How do you know? (I know the due date is today, but... I didn't know they already started.)

Mrdaimion: Congrats on getting BoW if we lose BB.

BB: Oh, thank you. :) I was very shocked over here; I thought one of the three I mentioned would get it.

Challenge Two

Nalyd: This is your first team challenge, and one of my favorites from the past 5 seasons. Somehow, every season, we get people messing up what I believe to be a simple challenge; the poetry challenge. Because I believe that the 12 of you are some of the best authors we've had yet, I'm going to raise the bar. You have to write a haiku from one Total Drama character to another (please specify who to who) and a limerick about anything Total Drama related. The poems will be judged spelling, if you followed the correct format for a poem, and if it makes sense. This challenge is due Thursday. Here is an example of each poem:

LeShawna's booty
LeShawna's beautiful hair
Harold is creepy

There was a boy on TDA
And he tried really hard to stay
So he used his looks
Made girls read his books
But he ended up sent away

Bbhinton15's Story


  • Setting: Bridgette's conflicting feelings towards Alejandro and Geoff after the kiss shared between Bridgette and Alejandro in the Yukon of the Total Drama World Tour season.
  • Poet's Note: One of the guidelines of this challenge is to have the haiku contemplate from one Total Drama character to another. In this haiku, the haiku goes from Bridgette to Alejandro.

A warm kiss you gave...
Distaste formed within my heart...
I have another.


  • Setting: The finale to the Total Drama Action season.
  • Poet's Note: The challenge guidelines said this challenge had to be Total Drama-related. The characters used are Beth and Brady, which are Total Drama-related.

TDA's favorite wannabe...
Has a "boyfriend", who is named Brady...
All thought he was a fake...
But, this was a mistake...
After she hugged her "sugar-baby".

Cards777's Story


Alejandro to Heather

On a special trip

Around the world, I found you…

I love you Heather.


(It's About Ezekiel)

I was once on TDI...

But I was gone in the blink of an eye!

I left so early because I was sexist

Or just because I was an annoying pest!

So, TDI… I bid you goodbye.

Crag's Story


(From Sadie to Katie after Katie's elimination)

Oh my gosh, Katie

I can't believe we're apart

I miss you so much.


(About Chris McClean)

There once was an evil host,

Often all he would do was boast,

He treated the campers like crap,

Only to fall into a trap,

And ended up paying the most.

Duncanguy's Story

Mrdaimon's Story

(The haiku is about Sierra's feelings torwards Cody)

I could feel the sparks

Our hearts beating as a whole

Too bad he likes Gwen...

(Now Gwen and Cody's 'relationship', in Cody's perspective)

Our conversations are filled with empty "Hi's"

I'll try to get her to look deep into my eyes

But when I do she still wears her frown

There are those times when I'm feeling down

But looking at her reminds me it'll be alright.

MTDM's Story

Story 1: A Haiku, by Owen, to IzzyAUTHOR'S NOTE: After Izzy's first elimination in TDI.

Had captured you, my Izzy.
Oh, what a sad day.

Story 2: A Limerick, Ezekiel

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The title is "Ezekiel." That means TDI Ezekiel. Not TDA Zeke, nor TDWT Zombie Zeke.

There was once a boy on TDI.
After elimination one, he had to say "goodbye."
Due to his sexist remarks.
He made zero sparks.
And to Playa des Losers, he shall die.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Not literally "die". Die from the competition.

Plat's Story

A Haiku From Gwen to Trent During the Events of 3:10 to Crazytown
Sentimental Trent'Expressed love with unhinged mind

Regressed sympathy

A Limerick For The Kindhearted Gwen, By: Cody Emmett Jameson Anderson

Your majestic smile and cottony skin

Are coercive enough to discover within

My fragile heart

Which has been deplumated apart

By your feministic yet pragmatic sin

Poppy's Story


(From Sierra to Cody)

Stalker Love

Every great morning

Your pink toothbrush is sighted

When I go stalking


What Show Is It?

There once was a show on TV,

A show that was reality,

Contestants arrived,

And Chris made them dive,

It will go down in history!

Spenstar's Story


Heather, don't you care?
Why did you leave me down there,
To burn in despair?



Alejandro was his name.
Like a pro, he played the game.
She fell for his lies,
Till he left her to die,
Stuck to a pole and her shame.

Tdi's Story

Haiku: Duncan to Courtney

Little miss crazy

Rules are for fools, you are one

You pushed me away

Limerick: Katie and Sadie

Two girls went to Camp Wawanakwa

Spent every second together

Katie chosen to leave

Sadie was filled with grief

Pelted by apples, Courtney yelled "Grrr!"

Ult's Story

Haiku (from Owen to Mr. Coconut)

Mr. Coconut

My "mad" delusions made him

Sadly chopped in half


Chris Maclean was a sadistic host

Who always claimed that he had the most,

But take it all away

All his things and his pay,

And the poor "host with the most" was toast.

Webly's Story

A Unexperienced Lover's Haiku (from Noah to Bridgette)Love is strange, Bridgette.

You know you love me inside.

But love is tricky.

A Tale of Two Friends (a simple limerick about Katie and Sadie)

Two women joined Total Drama Island with please,

They were opposite as paper is to trapeze,

One was scrawny but tall,

While the other one was as fat as a gigantic ball,

But they both left the show with ease.


Reddy: Nalyd said I get Writing Gophers and Shane gets the Typing Bass....

Reddy's Judging

  • BB: You’re haiku was really awesome. ^_^ I can’t think of any criticism to give, sorry. :( You’re limerick was also good, but it doesn’t stick out to me much because I’m notr the biggest fan of BethxBrady, but that’s just my opinion. :P
  • Cards: The haiku is sketchy for me… Alejandro likes to flirt and play hard-to-get, and is not the one to admit his feelings straight forward, if I remember right. Limerick? Awesome! ‘Nuff said.
  • Crag: Haiku is fine, except I think that second line is eight syllables, though that may just be me… LOL @ the limerick! Great! :D
  • DG: No Story, No Review
  • Mrdaimion: I can totally imagine Sierra singing that haiku… XD. Limerick, good. But, the fifth line should rhyme with the first and second. Good job!
  • MTDM: I have a little complaint about your haiku… Owen said this to Izzy at her first TDI elimination, buw OwenxIzzy hadn’t even sparked yet… Unless he’s reciting this, in like, TDA… Limerick’s okay, except the last line… If I remember, Ezekiel was fully alive all TDI. xD

Reddy: There you have it! Good stories, everyone. The BOW for this team if they lose would have to be… BB! Good job, Gophers!

Shane's Judging

Elimination Ceremony One

Nalyd: The Gophers lose, the Bass all submitted good poems. BB, please nominate two of your teammates and tell us why.

BB: Nothing's ever personal when it comes to these things, guys. So, don't take anything out on me. Nalyd, I'd like to nominate DuncanGuy and MTDM. :/

Nalyd: Can you give me a reason for the nominations?

BB: I apologize. The reason is fairly obvious for DuncanGuy; this user didn't submit a story. As for MTDM, I based this choice off of Reddy's review for him. I do agree with what Reddy said about MTDM. Also, I think that, in my own reviews of all of my team's challenges, I got the most complaints to myself out of MTDM's haiku and limerick. All in all, however, I agree with Reddy's review to MTDM's challenge. (Let the record show that I did not get influenced by Reddy; I only agree with him.)

Nalyd: Alright. Duncanguy, MTDM, why do you deserve to stay?

MTDM: Okay, I deserve to be nominated. Yeah, I found out that IxO didn't spark..., but it was TDI...2008(?). I thought it sparked. My limerick...I couldn't find something that rhymed, other than "die". I'm not really a good poet, eh? I promise to do better if I make it in. ...But, DG didn't post an entry. On the first challenge of the real season. If I'm eliminated, I respect the decisions.

Nalyd: The person leaving is... DuncanGuy.

Week Three Chat

Nalyd: Eleven remain...

MTDM: w00t!!! I made it!! :D

Cards: Well, the Gophers are down to five. *sigh* I'm already ready for the next challenge O_O

Plat: Final 11!

BB: Awesome-ness! ^_^

MrD:Honestly, I'm surprised I wasn't nominated.

Ult: "I would have enjoyed the judging of my poetry, but I suppose it's for the best. On to the next challenge, then?"

Sunshine: *serves up ravioli for the competitors* Congrats on passing the first challenge, y'all! The next challenge should be up soonish. I have no idea what the challenge is, but it'll probably be up soon. Or whenever Nalyd feels like posting it. XD

Ult: "Thanks, Sunshine, that was quite...helpful."

Plat: Thanks for the ravioli...I guess...

Sunshine: No problem! It's my only real job here! (XD, that was a joke. Or was it? o.O)

MrD: Ravioli? *tackles Sunshine, and steals all of it* MINE!

Plat: Ok then...*tastes ravioli* MINE!!! *about to tackle but realizes that it's not a roleplay* Whoops....

Mrdaimion: I expected more people to post previews of their story by now.

Poppy: When is this due, anyways?

Mrdaimion: Thursday or Friday probably.

Plat: Ult quit... :(

Mrdaimion: I'm not trying to be mean by saying this is any way, but I'm honestly a little glad he quit. Not only was he a big threat in the competetition, but, IMO, other people should be an admin instead, ex. Webly and Spenny, do.

Plat: Entries are due today.

Challenge Three

Nalyd: Last season we had to do stories about Sierra before she went on Total Drama World Tour, and now you will do the same thing for Alejandro. Justo una cuenta a cerca de la muy normal viva de Alejandro (Just a story about the very normal life of Alejandro). It doesn't have to be "normal" just pick a day in his life before he competed on Total Drama and write about it. This will be judged on spelling, grammar, in-character-ness, creativity, and originality. This is due Friday. (If we don't say when it's due, assume Friday.)

Bbhinton15's Story

  • Author's Point of View - 3rd Person Past Omniscient
  • Author's Notes:
    • This story takes place on a Saturday, eliminating the factor of Alejandro's educational institution.
    • This story also focuses on characters not proven to have the personalities given from Total Drama. Most, if not, all of this story is based on my imagination of Alejandro's family.
    • Words typed in italics are either words in Spanish, words with extra emphasis put on them, or the thoughts Alejandro is forming.

"Work it! Work it! Oh, you're an animal! The camera loves you!" a voice was heard in the distance. It was later revealed to be a male cameraman, taking fast snapshots of Alejandro, who was posing differently for each camera picture.
"Gimme fierce! Gimme anger! Give. Me. That. Hot. Nature!" the cameraman continued. Alejandro, a tall and vividly attractive young man, seeming to be of a type of Hispanic descent, gave his cameraman what he had been craving. Alejandro went from a pose of muscle flexes to showing his covered rear to the camera, to blowing a kiss to the camera. All poses imaginable came from this seemingly perfect gentleman.
"And, scene!" the cameraman yelled, snapping his last picture for the day. He, then, ran over to Alejandro and quickly shook his hand.
"Great work for the day, Alejandro."
"Thanks, Frank."
"Uhh... It's Jordan."
Alejandro covered his mouth, "Oops. My sincerest apologies."
Jordan got within centimeters of Alejandro's face, yelling, "Oh, it's fine! Nothing but a slip of the tongue!"
Alejandro pushed Jordan a couple inches back, "And, thank you again for choosing me for this modeling internship those weeks ago. Modeling isn't really what interests me, pero..."
Alejandro ripped off the shirt he was wearing to show a glistening chest, abs, and perfect figure, "... who am I to keep this from wandering eyes?" Jordan tried to touch Alejandro's chest, but his hand was immediately slapped by Alejandro, causing Jordan to extend his hand back to him.
"Meow," Jordan muttered. Looking at his watch, he continued, "Well, it's about noontime. We'll pick back up here tomorrow at the same time, 8:00. Alejandro, you're really doing great here! My choosing you was really not in vain for our internship program!"
Alejandro sultrily chuckled and proceeded to walk out of the modeling agency, "Heh. No problem. And, thank you again for choosing me."
"It was obvious you were going to, anyway," Alejandro thought with an unusual grin on his face, as he left the agency, waving.

Eyes closed, shoulders cocked, and with an esteemed, yet relaxed presence, Alejandro proceeded to walk home after talking with Jordan. His home, or manor as he refers to it as, was about a 5 minute walk away from the modeling agency he had just left. Alejandro walked past a garden shop and the near dead plants it had out for display for potential customers. Right after Alejandro graced them with his presence by walking past them, the flowers sprang back to life, bright and effervescent as could be. Along the way to his home, he ran into a few girls talking on their cellphones... to each other. Alejandro walked past all of them, unmercifully making the girls faint with every step he took, as they all saw him. One by one, step by step, each girl passed out.
"Naturally...," Alejandro spat out of his mouth.
He ventured further and ran into a dog on his neighbor's lawn. The dog was restrained by stainless steel silver chains and prisoned in his own doghouse. Alejandro, still walking on the sidewalk, along his neighbor's house, eyed the dog. The dog looked over to Alejandro and ran as far as it could to bite him, choking himself with his own chains. The guy took it upon himself and hopped his neighbor's fence, and went up to the devilish dog, who was growling, louder and louder towards Alejandro with each step he took. He proceeded to pet the dog, brushing its fur with his hand. This action actually stopped the dog from growling and had it lay down and purr, similar to a cat.
"There, there. All you need is a little love," Alejandro whispered to the dog.

There was no doubt about it. Alejandro was an amazing person... loved by many, envied by more... he was a true god-like figure.
After a few minutes of petting the dog, Alejandro hopped the fence again, and ran into his own home.
"Mamá! I'm ho--" Alejandro opened the door, only to be knocked out by a punch which came from his brother, José.
"Oof!" Alejandro fell onto the sidewalk in, what seemed like, slow-motion. Alejandro slowly opened his eyes, looking to see José, standing there, proud of what he had just did.
"¡Jaja! ¡No seas tan torpe, Al!" José laughed up above.
Alejandro, covering his face, immediately got up and began poking José's chest, "Klutz?! Impossible! You're the one that hit me! And, for the kajillionth time, don't call me Al!" The two sounded like spoiled little children.
"Fine, 'Al'!" José yelled, putting air quotes around every time he said the word 'Al'. "I won't call you Al anymore, Al! Okay, Al? Did'ja get that, Al?! I won't call you, Al, by that name anymore.... AL!"
Blistering mad, Alejandro screamed and ran into the manor, with one hand on his face. Seconds after, he bumped into his mother, who had an uncovered pot in her hand. A taste of what was inside it spilled on the floor, as Alejandro ran past her.
"Alejandro, mijo, watch where you're going," she called out to him.
"What's wrong with him?" she asked José, as he came up to Alejandro's mother.
José smiled to himself and lied, "Ohhhh, Al just had a... bad fall a few minutes ago."
"Do not call me 'Al'!" a voice was heard in the distance. Alejandro's mother ignored this, and went on into the kitchen. José began laughing as she did.

Much later in the day, dinner was about to take place in Al's manor.
Alejandro's mother was just finishing the meal preparation, José was next to her, setting the table, and Alejandro came into the kitchen, covering the left half of his face with a dishrag.
Alejandro's mother, Julia, turned around and saw the cloth on her son's face, "Oh, Alejandro. For the fourth time today, take that rag off your face."
"Noooo. I must hide this... this... imperfección," Alejandro replied.
"Well, can you at least tell me how this happened?"
Alejandro got offended, "I already did! José punched my beautiful face earlier today.... only because he's jealous!"
José set the last piece of silverware on the table, "Did not!"
"Di-- Ugh. I'm not even going to argue with you," Alejandro assured him. Alejandro's mother went over to him and took the rag off.
She gasped, feeling Alejandro's skin. There was a giant bruised area where Julia was feeling, "Ouch. Alejandro, that looks bad."
Alejandro smoothly ran his hand on the bruised area José punched, "I need something for this. Stupid José. Do we have any ailments?"
"Did someone say 'ailment'?!" a heroic-like voice was heard towards the front of the house. Alejandro peered his head to the direction the voice came from. When looking, he saw his manor's front door opened with his father standing in it, carrying a rather large box with a random cat on top of it.
"Dad's home! Let the party begin.," Alejandro yelled to José and his mother.

Alejandro's father was a very tall figure, with looks parallel to Alejandro's. The cat on top of the box hopped down and landed in the manor. Alejandro's dad quickly ran over to Alejandro and observed the damage, "Hmm... Good thing I was in Ireland a couple days ago. Those Irish can make great ailments for this kind of thing."
"What kind of thing?! You just came in! How do you know what's wrong with me?" Alejandro looked at his dad, confused.
Alejandro's dad set the box down, "Okay, let's see--" Alejandro's father was cut short by a cat's shrieks and screams. Both men looked over to see that Alejandro's father dropped the large box on the cat's, who was initially on top of it, tail. The cat screeched with pain, and quickly ran around and about the house.
"Who's cat is that?!" Alejandro looked immediately as his dad, who shrugged his shoulders, causing Alejandro to think, I totally get it from him.
"Stop it! Stop it, Diego!" Julia called out, as the cat scurried past her. The cat was still hissing out of pain, running amongst the house. José got up from the table and began chasing the cat. In the living room, he dove for it, but ended up hitting his head on a side table when the cat ran away from José. Diego, Alejandro's father, tried going for it; however, he ended up sliding down the hallway after a failed attempt at also diving for the cat. When Alejandro tried doing the same, the cat made it's way back into the kitchen, hopped onto the table, running all over the dinner Julia prepared, and tracked foodstuffs all about the house.

"Get this demon cat out of mi casa!" Julia shouted. As soon as that was said, the cat hopped out of an open window.
"You think he understood me?" she whispered to Alejandro.
Alejandro thought, "It's a cat! It barely understands how to wash itself!". Afterwards, he then said, "Oh, I'm sure it did, mamá." When Alejandro's mother walked away, he immediately shook his head 'no' to himself and smacked his forehead.
"Well... Dinner's ruined," José said, looking at the destroyed meals.
With a phone in his hand, Diego mentioned, "I wouldn't be too sure. Hello? Pizza Town?"

After a filling dinner, Alejandro quickly got into his pajamas and crawled into his bed, "Another day with this family... another day to.... tooooo...." Alejandro yawned, "Ah, forget it." As he nearly passed out, a spitball was launched toward his face, and hit his left cheek. He woke up to see, across the hall, José was in his own bed, with a straw dangling from his mouth.
"Here we go again..." Alejandro thought, as he finally went to sleep.

Cards777's Story

Crag's Story

Alejandro brought down the knife onto the slithering snake that had compromised the safety of his mansion. His father, a diplomat, was working that day and his mother had left to complete daily chores to keep the devilish household at bay.

With his parents out he was left with Jose, his brother but the vendetta between the brothers held deep meaning. He mocked his brother for everything, and on top he called him Al. Alejandro despised this title, and his brother.

Jose strode into the room, “Hello Al oser. I see your being your normal loser self.”

Alejandro's face was a bright shade of pink when he retaliated, “It's Alejandro! You know how much I dislike Al. It's Alejandro! Alejandro! ALEJANDRO!”

“Calm down, Al. Sergio is at the door, leave twerp, Belinda is coming and I don't want you embarrassing me!” Jose replied.

Alejandro grumbled and proceeded to exit his house while he thought, “Stupid Jose! Stupid Belinda! Stupid Sergio! I despise them all! I wish Carlos was here, he's the only person who treats me with a level of respect! If I get on Total Drama I'll become respected and feared! Obtain new, better friends, those on the same intelligence level!”

Alejandro wore a mask, a smile, and opened the grand door revealing a smiling Sergio, “Alejandro, are you able to come play some soccer? The poor kids have challenged us and,” he smiled confidentially, “We never refuse a challenge. We need you up front with Adolfo they will have no chance.”

Despite his hidden hatred for his so called friend he exited the Burromuerto household and went to the soccer pitches. Stained from much use and little cleaning. Alejandro cursed his luck as a fresh blood stain made home the previous night. Alejandro was great at soccer. His brother, Carlos, was an inspiration to him which vastly helped.

Alejandro went to the centre of the pitch with Adolfo. Adolfo was tanned, had silky blonde hair. He matched Alejandro's build but the key difference between the two Latino was that Adolfo was gullible. Extremely gullible. Alejandro used his naïve nature and manipulated him. This is the reason Alejandro is as he is.

The ball was kicked into the pitch and the poor children rushed for it whiled the rich took a strategic approach. The orphan's top man ran down the pitch with the speed of a cheetah.

Alejandro noticed their less than desirable position, “Hey Adan, your shoe is untied!”

The boy immediately bent down to tie his laces but by then Alejandro was at their net with the ball. He took a shot and it went into the top-right hand corner.

“One-nil! To the champions! One-nil to the champions!” His team loudly sang as Alejandro was smirking.

This is going to be a fun match he thought.

Through many dishonorable acts Alejandro led his team to a landslide. The final score was seven-one with the opposition obtaining a goal through pure luck.

“Well, Adan, that was a fun game,” Alejandro said, “Let's shake on it like men!” Alejandro offered his sweating hand but Adan turned away with a look of pure disgust swept across his face.

“You played dishonorably,” Adan began, “So I can never respect you!”

Alejandro feared his cover may have been blown, “No, no, no! I played it honourably, I hope you can forgive me! Maybe I could buy you a burger?”Alejandro suggested.

Adan was skeptical at first but ended up following the puppet master.

When Alejandro and Adan reached burger joint, “Go sit over there,” Alejandro gestured to a nearby table with two seats.

Adan sat and observed his surroundings. While that happened Alejandro walked over to Adolfo. “Hello again, you did well in the game. We couldn't have won it without you.” Alejandro said.

Adolfo's eyes lit up, “Really?”

“Yes,” Alejandro said, “By the way, I forgot my wallet, could you buy me two burgers?”

“Sure!” Adolfo replied and rushed off to get into a long line.

This is almost too easy! Alejandro thought as he joined Adan who was looking out a nearby window, “Alright, the burgers the burgers are coming,” Alejandro spoke aloud with a smile on his face.

Adan greeted the smile with one of his own, “I can't believe I thought you were mean!”

Sergio came over with a burger and was followed by Adolfo who carried three more. They joined the two boys and each bit into a burger, “Thanks for this burger!” Adan gleefully said.

Alejandro smiled and looked at his watch, “Woah, it's already 4:30! I'm so sorry but for now, I must leave you.”

Alejandro left the establishment with a smirk across his face. He walked back to his house to find Jose and Belinda making out, “Ah, Jose!” Alejandro shrieked before he pointed upstairs by his brother.

Alejandro was angry by this action as Belinda was someone on the same wave link as him, cunning, and threatening. With the couple looking healthy he vowed to find another. Another girl who was just as mischievous and unhanded- but not too unhanded. He still needed to be the dominant one.

“ALEJANDRO! You've got a phone call!” A masculine voice said.

Alejandro sullenly went down the stairs, “Yes mother?” He picked up the phone and his eyes lit up, “Yes sir, no sir, no sir, I can make it down there for 7:00?”

A muffled voice replied, “Yes, this is costing me so much, you better be worth it!”

“Don't worry Chris. I'm better!” Alejandro laughed as he hung up....

Mrdaimon's Story

I woke up. I breathed in. I looked around my room, and saw nothing special, not surprisingly. I breathed out. After a few minutes and yells from my mom, I got out of bed, and went to the kitchen. I looked around the kitchen, and there was only my mom, my dad, and… Jose.

“Hey ‘Al’,” Jose called to me, mainly because he knew how much he hated it. “Why don’t you DO something with your life instead of sitting around here, watching everything?” He grinned the kind of grin you’d expect a bully to use. “Oh, I almost forgot, you’re too busy having no friends. My bad.” I clenched my fists, and it probably would have gotten physical if my bus didn’t pull up.

“Come on Alejandro, you don’t have any more time to play with Jose, you need to get to school.” My mom said. I glared at Jose, and ran to my bus. I got on just before the driver was going to leave, and I sat down next to my best friend, Alexander.

“Hey Alexander,” I said as I sat down. “How’s your brother doing?” I joked. We both met because out older brothers were friends, only God knows why anyone could like those two. Before he could answer, a bully came by.

“Hey Alex.” He said in the same way my brother did. Like me, he got really annoyed when he was called that, which is another way how we met. Alexander started to get up, but I grabbed his arm, and pulled him back down. Alexander sighed. We exchanged small talk until the bus pulled up at our school.

As I got out the bus, some jacka** pushed me aside and ran towards the school at full speed, knocking me onto the ground. I muttered some swears I heard from Jose, and got back up and ran to the school.

I got in my class just before the bell rung, and I sighed out of relief. I sat down, and I heard my teacher go on and on about things I couldn’t care less about. I started day dreaming, and I drifted back to reality when my teacher hit my desk with a yardstick.

“Gah!” I screamed, jumping up from the shock. How cliché I thought. The class laughed at my expense, and I started thinking about how to get revenge on them when the bell rang. They all started talking about things that there would never be any appeal in them for me, and I walked over to one of the main people who laughed at me. I noted his appearance more carefully, and then walked off.

I observed him for the rest of the day, and noted his habits. I noticed how he never pay attention, how he’d be looking for opportunities to get out of class, and how he has a short attention span. I noted all of these, and I started thinking of a trap. A few hours later I thought of one, but I needed to stay at school to do it. When school ended, I hid in a trash can, and patiently waited until 8:00 PM until all of the teachers left. I snuck out, and I started working on my trap.

I got to my house late, and made up some lies about working on a project at Alexander’s house. She didn’t call his parents to check luckily, so she let me go on to my room. I sat there, thinking how sweet revenge would be…

I arrived at school again today, and kept my eyes on the kid who was laughing at me the other day. The teacher started giving us a lecture, so, like I predicted, he started looking for ways out of class. Also like I predicted, he noticed the fire alarm, but not the tiny string around the handle. He reached his hand over to pull it. He did, and when it rang, he was the first one out. He was running, and he didn’t noticed the bucket falling from above filled with marbles. When they came raining down, they hit him, and he started tripping. There was only one thing I over looked in my plan: We were on the second floor. He came tumbling down the stairs, and we could tell before he hit the bottom that he was most likely dead. We ran to the bottom to examine him, only to have our fears confirmed.

I was horrified. How could some simple revenge have gone so horribly wrong? I thought. When I got home, I ran into my room and cried. I killed someone. I’m not even out of high school yet, and I’m responsible for someone’s death. When I pulled myself together, I looked out the window, and the bright sunshine seemed to be mocking me. I pulled shut my curtains, and cried some more.

I left my room a few hours after I entered, and I saw Jose was about to knock it down so he could torture me. He chuckled at me saving him the trouble, and he picked me up by the collar of my shirt. He threw me against the wall, and carried me to the bathroom. He stuck my head in the toilet, and only brought me out every minute so I could get enough oxygen to still live. When Jose got bored with me, he dropped me on the ground, and as he walked away I tried not to drown in self-pity. I failed however, and I just sat there felling sad about myself, until my mom called me down for dinner.

At dinner, there was light conversation, and plenty of awkward pauses in it. When I was finally done eating, I ran up to my room, and started crying again. They were worried about me, but they let me be, since they knew they wouldn’t be much help. I got myself together after a hour, and I saw an ad on the T.V. for a show called ‘Total Drama World Tour’, and that two people could sign up to travel around the world. I dismissed it at first, but soon, I decided that I needed to get away from my life. So I filled up my application about how I was seeing myself right now, a horrible, terrible, evil, and other synonyms person.

By the time I went to bed, I had just sent in my application, and although I didn’t care too much, I was glad that it took my mind off things for a while. Who knows, I thought. I might even get in. I chuckled softly. Yeah, right.

MTDM's Story

Story: Joining Total Drama...And Being The Next Gemmies Host
Point of View: Alejandro

(MTDM: This takes place Saturday, and TDA new episodes are every Friday.)

I have just woken up from my bed. I was thinking about last night's Total Drama Action episode. I still can't believe Duncan won! Beth would be bad, too, but Duncan? Burro muerto, I thought. My mother has called to me from downstairs:

"Alejandro, vamos a desayunar (come down for breakfast)!"

"Venida, mamá (coming, mom)!" I yelled. As soon as I changed from my pajamas to my regular clothing, I went downstairs.

"Oh. Hey Al," my brother, José smirked at me. "Why don't you go out and do something useful?" I was starting to clench my fist. "Be like me, your handsome, athletic, not you, brother, José."

"Listen José," I said. José glared at me. "Stop calling me Al!"

"Oh, sure thing, Al," José said, with a dirty look upon his face.

Burro muerto, I thought about José. Worst brother ever, he knows I hate that nickname! As I went to the living room from the breakfast room, I turned on the television. It had a commercial about Celebrity Manhunt.

How would YOU like to be the Gemmies host/hostess?
Think you've got it?
We are looking for a good looking, evil, manipulative, smart, handsome, evil host..., oh, and evil.
If you want to be the host of the Gemmie Awards for Celebrity Manhunt's Josh & Blaineley, call 1-800-555-0125!
We look forward to the calls!
The Gemmies are in six months, thank you.

Hm..., I thought. The publicity. Maybe José will finally respect me. As soon as I was about to pick up the phone, a commercial for Total Drama season three, Total Drama World Tour came up:

How would YOU like to be a newcomer for Total Drama?
We are looking for two people: an over-obsessed fan-girl, and a manipulative dude.
If you're the manipulative dude, you must be the Gemmie's host!
We have a plan!
Just call 1-800-TDW-TROX!
This will probably be in six months. —Chris McLean

Man, being on Total Drama, and being the Gemmies host? I thought. José will be on the floor, begging to be me. I smirked, as I picked up the phone. First, I called Celebrity Manhunt.

"Hello?" Blaineley asked.

"Hi, this is Alejandro, signing up to be the Gemmies host," I said.

"Great. You're in," she responded.

"As easy as that?" I asked.

"No one called...," she said, as I hung up the phone.

Time for Total Drama, I thought.

"Hello, this is McLean. Chris McLean," Chris said.

"Hi, my name is Alejandro, and I'm signing up for season three," I said.

"Great. Did you call Celebrity Manhunt?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm the Gemmies host," I said.

"Okay," he said. "Manipulative?"

"Very much, indeed," I said.

"Great, you're in. I'll call you tommorow about our fake Total Drama Dirtbags scheme," he said, as I hung up the phone.

"Good job, Alejandro," I said. "Good job."

Plat's Story

May Contain Spoilers...Read at your own Risk...

"Quiero vivir cerca del sol..."

The Total Drama Action theme song was playing on the television in Alejandro's very scrunchy house. His house was in the outskirts of town, and it needed a lot of money to be enjoyably lived in. Alejandro was enjoying his usual life in Mexico City while watching an episode of Total Drama Action. The episode was entitled, "Million Dollar Babies."

"Why, isn't Courtney a more bigger than Heather?" he asked his TV while the episode was playing.

His mother yelled at him from the kitchen.

"Alejandro! Limpia los platos, por favor!"

"Fine, I'll wash the dishes after I watch this episode!" Alejandro answered reluctantly.

He has watched every episode of Total Drama and knew that a million dollars would really help his home. However, his main focus of wanting to apply was to manipulate the people there and show everyone around the world how great his flirting and manipulation skills are and how he could easily win a million dollars with his hands behind his back.

"I'll show those naive teenagers the wrath of Alejandro. Just you wait and see," he said with an evil smile.

At the end of the episode, it was shown that Heather was voted out. Alejandro has a small tear in his eye but shakes it off before anyone noticed.

"Heather didn't play as well as her potential allowed her to," Alejandro said as he was watching the credits. "She was bald, and her concern for her hair overpowered her will to win a million dollars. She could've gone further in the game, but wasn't manipulative enough to go that far."

Alejandro's mother eventually got furious and made Alejandro do the dishes. After he balanced them perfectly on a plate, he went outside to see his friend Isidro.

"Welcome back, Alejandro!" exclaimed Isidro. "Do you wanna play some basketball today?"

"No time, amigo," answered Alejandro. "Today, I need your help to win a million dollars."

"Really?" asked Isidro with a slight interest. "How long might this take?"

"Not long," exclaimed Alejandro. "I just need to convince the producers to let me on the show."

"Are we going to let Jose know about this?" asked Isidro.

"There is no way that I am ever going to let my evil brother in on this," said Alejandro with a firm belief.

Jose is Alejandro's brother, and according to Alejandro, is more evil, manipulative, handsome, athletic, and more popular than he is. Jose is Alejandro's worst enemy and one of the main reasons Alejandro wants to join Total Drama is to beat Jose at one thing: obtaining a million dollars.

"Hello, my intelligent brother," came a voice with an evil smile.

Sure enough, Jose entered right as they started to talk about him and Isidro and Alejandro quickly shut their mouths before more could be said.

"You!" shouted Alejandro, as if he had nothing else to say.

"Yes, it is me, Al, you're smarter, more handsome, more athletic brother," Jose said egotistically.

Alejandro hated the nickname Al. It shows that Jose doesn't think Alejandro has reached his full potential yet. When Alejandro was eight years old, Jose said that he will call Alejandro by his proper name if he increases the value of the last name Burromuerto. However, until then, he will continue to use the nickname Al. Eight years later, Alejandro has still not gotten rid of the cursed nickname that he despised so much.

"I overheard that you are trying to get into a reality show," says Jose, as if the entire conversation was just sucked out of the air. "Too bad that I am not 16, for otherwise, I would have dominated the competition in a heartbeat."

"Well, it looks like Lady Luck is not on your side today, is it Jose?" questions Alejandro.

"Ah well," sighs Jose. "It looks like I get to watch you get last place on television!"

"Are you continuing to mock me in front of my amigo Isidro? asks Alejandro.

However, in the midst of the fighting, Isidro had left earlier because he didn't want to get conflicted with the antagonistic natures of the Burromuertos.

"Great, you scared Isidro away," said Alejandro. "It's because you have to be so mean to me!"

"Whatever," claims Jose. "All your friends are incompetent freaks anyways."

Alejandro got mad and storms off cursing Jose's name repeatedly. Jose is seen in the background laughing at the pathetic excuses of Alejandro.

"That's it!" yells Alejandro. "I will get on that reality show and win the million dollars!"

At 8:00 PM, Alejandro snuck out of his house to try to force Chris to let him on the show when he was asleep. He took a plane to Toronto, Canada and slept on the way their. It was 1:00 AM when the plane landed in Canada.

"I'll show Jose the might of Hurricane Alejandro!" yells Alejandro, waking up everyone on the plane.

Alejandro runs out of the plane to avoid the complaints of cranky elderly men who were on the flight. Alejandro then took a train to the Total Drama studio, where he saw Chris' trailer.

"Time for revenge," says Alejandro with an evil smile.

Alejandro entered the trailer quietly while carefully avoiding the alarms set by Chris.

Eventually, Alejandro looked around with night vision goggles, the same type that Gwen would eventually use in "The Am-AH-zon Race". He looked around Chris' trailer. There were numerous wigs and hair gel that belonged to the narcissistic host. He saw Chris and took out a tranquilizer gun. The bullet suddenly came spiraling out of the gun and into Chris's neck.

"My beautiful body!" yelled Chris, a second before going unconscious.

Chris woke up in a dark room tied up to a dark brown, wooden chair. He could speak but saw a dark figure slowly creep its way out of the shadows.

"So, el huesped de Total Drama," said Alejandro. "I have been watching some of your episodes of that reality show." Alejandro slammed down his right fist. "I want to win a million dollars and will do anything to make sure that will happen."

"Whatever, as long as you don't touch my hair gel, or tell anyone I'm bald," Chris said nervously. "Got it?"

"When will I compete?" Alejandro eagerly asks, waiting for the closest chance possible to compete.

"You will be competing next season on a show called Total Drama Dirtbags." Chris says quite unsure of himself, as if he is making it up on the spot. "It's a show, where, um, people go around a dirtbike studio or something...uh, maybe beat each other up?"

"As long as I can win a lot of money, I don't care what my competition is," Alejandro claims.

So, Alejandro eventually got all of his information from Chris and left his trailer. He took a plane back to Mexico and arrived before 8:00 AM the next day. He snuck back into his room and his mom entered.

"Alejandro, levantate!" yelled his mother.

Alejandro "woke up" and continued his daily routine. He continued to be teased by Jose and played basketball with Isidro, but he knew that his time to shine was coming soon...


Alejandro finally returns home after two pain-filled months of Total Drama World Tour. He came back seeing Jose waiting at the doorstep. He saw Jose's experession and knew it was not good.

"Do you know what happened, hermano? asks Alejandro.

"I know exactly what happened," said Jose while smiling.

"How do you know? The season hasn't even started airing yet!" yelled Alejandro, trying to defend himself.

"I know people and I have sources," claims Jose. "I have one word for you that sums up all of your accomplishments and failures on the show.".

"Really? What word is it? Do you even know what place I got?" asked Alejandro, while curiously wanting to know what the word is.

"Are you sure you want to know, second place?" asked Jose, while smiling with a glare.

Alejandro and Jose stared at each other for two minutes while neither gestured nor spoke a word. Alejandro could guess the word coming out of his mouth before Jose even said it.



Quiero vivir cerca del sol: I wanna live close to the sun.

Limpia los platos, por favor!: Wash the dishes, please!

Amigo: Friend

El huesped de Total Drama: The host of Total Drama

Alejandro, levantate!: Alejandro, get (wake) up!

Hermano: Brother

Poppy's Story

Feel My Wrath

"Al? Al? Al? Are you awake yet?" A large voice cried out above me.

"Ugh, five more minutes Jose. And don't call me Al." I said. I sat up in my bed.

"Don't call my name then Alejandro!" Jose, my older brother mockingly called from the bunk above me. He knows I dislike Lady GaGa.

"Just go back to bed!" I called from my bottom bunk.

"Alejandro! Get down here!" My mother called.

"Coming Mom!" I yelled downstairs.

Later, after I had gotten dressed and was starting to eat breakfast, my father, the diplomat came downstairs. "Good morning Alejandro. What's for breakfast?" He questioned playfully.

That's strange. Usually my father knows what's going on around our house. He is a diplomat, I thought. I took a closer look and noticed that his tie was wrinkled, his socks didn't match, and his briefcase wasn't even clasped all the way. I decided not to pressure it. He probably just had a bad day at the office.

"Good morning Harry! We're having a great meal of scrambled eggs and toast! Would you like any?" My mom was a woman who came from Mexico and was very diverse when it came to food. Sometimes we went out for chinese, or maybe french. She used to always have mexican food, but after marrying my father and moving to Chicago, she decided to open up.

"No thanks, Maria, maybe later." My father responded nervously.

What? My father not having his favorite food in the world? That's not right, I thought to myself.

I must have been daydreaming, because Jose came in and started to yell at me. "Come on Al! We'll be late for school!"

"Don't call me Al." I grumbled, following him out the door. Suddenly, I stopped. "Where's my report? I spent three hours working on that last night! I, I'll catch up with you later Jose."

I franticly sped back to my house with Jose singing in the distance. "Don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandro..."

I got to my house and started to run upstairs. I found the report next to my half-empty can of cola (Man, I love that stuff) and was tearing back down the stairs when the clock struck nine. School was starting! I then heard voices coming from the kitchen. I froze. If my mom and dad knew I was there, I'd be toast!

"Maria, I'm afraid we have to move." My father started off.

"Again?" She responded. The same thought struck me. We had moved three times in the last two years. My father was always trying to find a new place to be a diplomat, apparently.

"Yes, again. The kids are having a horrible time at school, and people don't want to hire me because I'm mexican." My father answered. It was true. Jose and I always got teased, and my father always seemed tired lately. Who would do this to my father? They are so mean. Suddenly, a feeling of hatred crept across me. It felt warm, but it was a healing warmth. It felt good. All those people out there are evil. They deserve to feel the wrath of I, Alejandro Burromuerto.

After that day, I never stopped being mean to other kids. My hatred lead me to a path of destruction. I was happy with it too. I knew I was very handsome, but I was too busy being mean in general to fall in love. I would not stop until I, Alejandro Burromuerto, made everyone feel my wrath.


Spenstar's Story

"You thought you're so tough, isn't that right, little one? You thought you were on top of the world!" Alejandro's evil laugh sent shivers down the spine of everyone in the vicinity. "Now look at you, you filthy little disgrace! And look at I, the rightful ruler!"

Richard quaked with fear, but quickly regained his composure and retorted, "You won't last! Even the most 'mighty' like yourself will crumble!"

"Is that so?" Alejandro chuckled, "Do you think you'll be the one to take me down? What a joke! Take him away!" Two big, buff guys entered the scene and grabbed Richard. They dragged him away as he shouted to Alejandro and struggled to break free the entire time.

The stage blacked out. Alejandro smiled at the applause and walked off stage left.

When the play was over, Alejandro waited backstage for his cue at the curtain call. After Richard took his bow and stepped back, Alejandro, the star actor and the last to bow during the call, walked center stage and gave a big, dramatic bow. The audience cheered and stood upon seeing him. Alejandro's eyes filled with tears of joy.

This is the greatest day of my life. He thought to himself.

Some time later, that same night, Alejandro and Richard were walking down the street together.

"You were awesome!" said Alejandro.

"So were you," Richard smiled.

"Thank you." They walked for a few minutes in silence.

"Hey Richard?"

"Yeah Alejandro?"

"Why does Mr. Posting always cast me as the over-the-top villains?"

"Because, my friend, nobody can play those roles except you."

"But Richard, I may just be paranoid about this, but does Mr. Posting see something in me that's, well, evil?"

Richard shrugged. "I guess he sees someone that can act evil, but that doesn't mean you are evil."

"I guess so," Alejandro sighed, "Well, this is my house. Night."

"Night, man."

Alejandro walked inside, all alone as usual, and sat down on the couch. He turned on the TV and widened his eyes at what he saw.

"Hello, viewers of Total Drama Island! Do you want to be a part of the drama? Do you want to be a star? Then call 1-800-833-7262 and ask for an audition!"

Alejandro smirked at the possibilities. He was always known for being a phenomenal actor for villainous characters. The face time, he figured, could give him his big break, and in return, he can save Total Drama from the cancelation heap. He grabbed the house phone and dialed the number.

"Hello, this is Chris McLean speaking."

"Hello Chris, this is Alejandro. I'm calling about an audition."

"Why should we pick you?" Chris sounded sadistic as ever through the other line.

"Because," Alejandro smirked, "I am an actor, and my talent is playing villains. Total Drama Action's ratings were awful, so I'd like to propose a deal. You let me on your show and give me the face time that I want, and I'll be your villain and give you the ratings you need. It's up to you, McLean."

"Alejandro, I think we got ourselves a new player! Come to Ontario Studios this Saturday at 5 PM and we'll see just how good you are."

"Excellent," said Alejandro, almost devilishly, as he hung up the phone. "Excellent."

Tdi's Story

Woke up from another good night sleep, knowing that another day is here.

"Alejandro!" my mother yelled," Come and eat!"

I got up, and walked downstairs to the kitchen, and got my food.

"Did you finish your homework?" my mother said.

"Oh mom, you know I always do my homework," I replied.

Of course, this is another lie, as I have people to do my homework. I am just too smart to do it, so I hired some smart girls to do it. If they miss one, I will mock them.

"That's good," my mother said," Pablo will be coming back from his trip today!"

Ugh, I thought to myself, Pablo. My annoying older brother who is student body president and a goody-goody. We both get the highest grades possible, but he doesn't need to be smooth talking or good looking for friends. He isn't ugly, but I am certainly more handsome than he is.

"Well, Amanda will be here soon, so let me get ready," I told my mother.

Amanda is the most popular person in my grade, other than me, and she is the first person in our grade to drive. After getting ready, I ran out to find Amanda with her very nice car.

"Hi Alejandro!" Amanda yelled.

The only thing I didn't like about her was her niceness and ignorance.

"Hello my sweet Amanda!" I yelled back, jumping into her car. She sped off for school.

"We have that Physics test today," she reminded me.

"I am ready," I replied.

"Is there anything you can't do?" Amanda asked me, with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, I can't seem to get a girlfriend," I replied, with fake sadness," as every girl seems to be afraid of me. While we hang out, it seems like no girl wants to be with me."

"I find you charming," Amanda said, with the wind blowing her hair," and I like you a lot."

"No," I refused," we weren't meant to be. It would ruin our friendship."

"We can see how it turns out, just give it a try," Amanda persisted.

"Well, I guess you're right," I replied swiftly. This will be great.

We got to the school parking lot and got out of the car, holding hands. Everyone around us would look and whisper. Exactly as I planned. I walked into the library.

"Hey girls," I spoke as I went up to some girls in my classes," how's the homework?"

"It's great!" One of them said," I was able to do everything!"

"Yeah!" The others yelled.

"Shh!" The librarian shushed us.

"Thanks," I whispered," and here's the invites to Troy Efron's party."

The girls squealed and walked out.

"You had them do your homework for invites?" Amanda asked, with a slight grin.

"Hey, they were willing to do it," I said with a grin.

"Oh, that's so mean," Amanda playfully punched me.

I had come up with the perfect plan, which would be acted at lunch. During fourth period, I wrote a note saying," Meet me at the fountain" and passed it to others who passed it to Amanda. She read it, and passed back another. The bell rang and I headed out for lunch. I sat at the fountain for five minutes before Amanda came.

"Sorry I'm a bit late," she apologized.

"Oh, it's no problem," I lied, a bit angry, as some people left the area.

"So, what do you want?" Amanda asked.

"I was thinking, this is the best place for a first kiss," I cleverly said.

"Oh, well, okay then," Amanda said, a bit stiff. I had her now.

We both leaned in, but I quickly leaned back, and Amanda fell in the fountain.

"Help!" Amanda screamed.

I put out my arm for her to grab, but I purposely let go, having her fall in. A girl in yearbook, who I hired, came by and took her picture. Everyone around us was laughing. I went to the nurse to have her call Amanda's mom, and to make a request of her least favorite outfit. Perfect. Amanda's popularity is over. Well, at least it's on hold for a while. But it will usually turn into forever. After a few periods, it was time to go home. I walked home with my good friend, Renaldo.

"Wow, I can't believe you did that!" Renaldo said with excitement," well, I can believe that."

"Another one down," I said, pleased," not many to go."

"Well," Renaldo said," see you tomorrow!"

Renaldo walked down his street, which was a block away from mine. I walked the rest of the way alone, and walked into my house.

"Al's here!" An annoying voice yelled. Crap.

Ult's Story

"Senor Burromuerto?"

Alejandro stared up from the dark cavern of his enclosed hands, and met the female orderly's gaze. She smiled sympathetically at him, though there was something unfathomable in her friendly expression.

The orderly motioned at the door beside her. "She's ready to see you now."

The young man didn't need any more prompting, and he immediately stood and marched through the door and into the room beyond. This hospital room would have looked like any other hospital room to the untrained eye, but to Alejandro, this room was a true blessing, keeping its occupant alive in ways that even he could not.

Lying there, so still in the pristine bed, breathing laboriously, was his mother. She squinted in his general direction, as if her vision was darkening. "Alejandro? Come and see your mama."

Alejandro walked slowly towards the bed, hardly believing that the shrunken being now beside him had once been his proud mother, who had never been willing to let one single thing beat her. Even now, he supposed she was fighting to the very end.

To distract himself from this possibility, he blurted out, "I was accepted into that reality show last night."

His mother's hand cupped his cheek slowly, and Alejandro could clearly see that she was struggling to move. This wasn't good. However, despite the fact that she was losing the most important battle of her life, she was smiling brightly. "That's wonderful. Good news is the best news to hear before a person dies. My sons can carry on without me."

Alejandro felt tears, no matter how hard he tried to force them back, leak out from the corners of his eyes. "You'll watch the season, won't you?"

His mother looked at him for a moment, and then opened her mouth. "Send the orderly in again, Alejandro."

The young man didn't react to her words for a moment, and then walked out of the room as if in a daze, barely registering the orderly rushing past him. He simply sat down, staring at the wall but seeing nothing, and waited.

If you were to ask him, Alejandro Burromuerto would not be able to tell you how long he sat there, on that bench beside his mother's door. Since we have been observers to this story, I can say with confidence that the troubled young man sat, never breaking his stare with the wall, for a total of exactly one hour. He would have undoubtedly sat longer, but the orderly's sudden and solemn appearance at his mother's doorway distracted him.

He stood abruptly, fear and desperation powering his voice. "My mother! Is she-"

The orderly shook her head, as her bright green eyes shimmered with tears. "I'm sorry, Senor Burromuerto. She passed on peacefully."

Alejandro strode over to the door, and peered in, not wanting to set foot in the room itself. His mother lay there, as defeated as ever, but there was one crucial difference, one that made Alejandro's heart freeze in his chest.

She was no longer breathing.

The female orderly was about to place a comforting hand on the young man's shoulder when he abruptly turned on his heel and walked out, never glancing back at where his mother was contained. Accustomed to such actions, the female orderly decided to wait for the distressed son to return, and sat on the same bench that Alejandro himself had sat on while waiting for a verdict on his mother's fate.

She would wait a long while, as Alejandro Burromuerto would never return.

The son was, in fact, sitting on a plane bound for Canada, and mentally preparing the reality show's trials that lay ahead. He breathed inwards and outwards, and watched the sun descent through his window.

These competitors would have no idea what he was capable of. He would be a whirlwind of destruction, and he would leave no one standing but himself.

He would make his mother proud.

The plane continued on towards its destination, even as the sun finally disappeared from everyone's sight. Night had fallen, and Alejandro Burromuerto was heading towards the next chapter in his life.

But without one main character to see him through.

In the black of night, Alejandro buried his head in a pillow and sobbed with all of his strength. He would compose himself by morning's first light, but now was a rare time for weakness.

The plane flew on into the darkness.

Webly's Story


Alejandro was always arrogant and never had the most proper manners but he managed to have the charms. He got fairly good grades and lived with his mom and sister, Bonnie, who had some brain cancer at such a young age. Bonnie was his world, the only thing he truly cared about for 5 years of his life. After that, it was to win and cheat but before that, Bonnie was healthier than she is now and only a week after being diagnosed with cancer. So, it was an almost typical day.

It was thunder storming when Alejandro found out that his 8-year old sister was sick. She immediately was skipping school and Alejandro’s mother thought it was just a common virus. The reason Alejandro asked his mother what was going on was because one night Bonnie was screaming in bed. Alejandro came to the rescue but Bonnie said she was just having a nightmare. Alejandro knew something was up and he had to get to the bottom of it which leads us to where we are today, anticipating what’s happening.

“Mom,” Alejandro started. “I may not have the guts to take this without doing anything but I need an answer. When Bonnie said she was having a nightmare, I knew she was lying. Her face started twitching and her eyes blinked fast just like the time when she told me she wasn’t the one who ate the last poptart.” In Alejandro’s mind, he was questioning himself how he could remember that memory so vividly as if it just happened but he was also anxious for an answer that was correct.

Alejandro’s mother tried not to cry but a tear came down anyways. She always tried to keep everything together when something terrible had occurred and she was good at that until her husband mysteriously disappeared ever since then she couldn’t keep anything together. She was a strong person nonetheless and wasn’t going to lie to Alejandro about Bonnie but she wasn’t going to be happy telling him the truth. “She has brain cancer, Alejandro. I wanted to tell you, I really did. Everything this family has went through is tearing me apart. I wanted to act like we were a normal family. I know it was wrong that I didn’t tell you and you may not ever speak to me again. But, I’m telling you now.”

Alejandro couldn’t find words to say what he was thinking. He was full of emotions ready to burst but all he said was the wrong words. “I’m ashamed of what’s happening. Bonnie was the only thing I’ve ever truly cared about and now she’s practically gone. I can’t deal with this anymore. After Dad left, it’s never been the same. That’s why I’m leaving.”

“Alejandro, please,” His mother started crying hard while another piece of her heart left.

Alejandro took one look back and headed for the door. It was the last time he would ever see his parents again. His last words were, “Tell Bonnie I love her.”

(This week this story was rushed. I'm truly sorry but I was considering quitting because it was getting in the way of school but now I decided I'm going to stay in and not miss or rush through a story again this competition.)


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Challenge Four

Reddy: Your challenge is to write a scary story/Halloween story with some of the Total Drama characters, in honor of Halloween. Maybe a killer is loose, the kids go trick-or-treating, either a scary story or Halloween-based story. Do NOT us pointless violence and blood. This is due this Friday.

Bbhinton15's Story


  • This story takes place after the Total Drama World Tour special. All aspects of Total Drama are still in tact. The only difference between this story's and the real show is that Heather, Total Drama World Tour's winner, does, in fact, get her cash prize. She uses a fraction of it for a "We Hate Chris" reunion party with all other Total Drama Contestants, excluding Blaineley, Ezekiel and Alejandro, due to my not wanting Blaineley in this story, the state of being feral, and robotic, respectively.


  • Beth
  • Bridgette
  • Cody
  • Courtney
  • DJ
  • Duncan
  • Eva
  • Geoff
  • Gwen
  • Harold
  • Heather
  • Izzy
  • Justin
  • Katie
  • LeShawna
  • Lindsay
  • Noah
  • Owen
  • Sadie
  • Sierra
  • Trent
  • Tyler


Two beverage glasses are heard clinking together. Further observation revealed it to be Noah and Tyler toasting to the success of the first annual "We Hate Chris" party. Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Katie & Sadie, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Sierra, Trent, and Tyler were all conversing, having a great time in a rather large stately manor, rented out by Heather, for the aforementioned occasion. After Total Drama World Tour ended, Heather decided to put away some of her winnings to rejoin her "enemies" in a party with a theme none of them could reject going to... mutual hatred towards Chris McLean, the person who had tortured the teens for so long with mindless challenges and false trust.

All the previous contestants were in the main room of Heather's manor, dancing, talking, socializing, listening to music, eating, and being merry with one another all because they came together for one purpose only.. to hate on Chris.
"Great party, dudes! One of the best I've been to!" Geoff yelled out to everyone, while dancing with Bridgette, who only laughed.
"You can say that again, bro!" Tyler chimed in, walking up to Geoff. Noah followed close behind.
"Great par--" Geoff started, as Noah closed Geoff's mouth with his hand.
He snidely commented, "Not literally, genius."

"Oh. My. Gosh. Sadie! I'm having, like, a totally wonderful time here!!" Katie told her BFFFL, who were both sitting down, watching everyone dance.
Sadie gasped, "You, too?! So am I!! It's a totally wonderful splend-iferous time!!"
Katie and Sadie eyed Justin, who was on a stage in front of the manor's main room with Trent, Cody, and Harold. The four of them were singing their musical renditions of Baby to entertain the masses.
"Sooooooooooooooo hot!" both Katie and Sadie said to each other, simultaneously.

"My physics know-how ain't got a hope of explaining why your butt's so dope!" Harold rapped and sang on stage as Trent, Justin, and Cody backed him up.
"He really thinks he's someone now," Gwen said, sitting down.
A voice came from behind Gwen, "You wanna dance?"
She began to turn around, "No, thanks, I--" She looked to see that, of course, it was the bold Duncan that asked her this, sitting in a seat next to her. Duncan winked at her.
The goth sharply gasped, "Well.... Just this once." Courtney, sitting next to Duncan, peered her head from behind him.
"What?! I just asked you to dance and you were all 'Dudeee, dancin' ain't my thing.'." she scolded him, badly imitating Duncan's voice. Courtney had her eyes closed when saying all of this. When she opened them, she observed that both Gwen and Duncan were out of her presence, dancing on the main room's floor. A few seconds afterwards, Gwen looked at Courtney, who was balling and shaking her fist at Gwen as a reply to her looking.

Later, Harold and The Drama Brothers began rapping up the song Baby. A few of the contestants clapped for them. As soon as the band finished, Sierra, the super fan, ran up on stage and hugged Cody.
"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she squealed.
Cody got out of her grasp by sliding out from under her hands, "Sierra! What are you doing?!"
"Just what any other girlfriend and soon-to-be-wifey would do for her soulmate... cheering him on!"
"Well... you can do that from the ground."
Heather, then, came up on stage, grabbed the microphone Harold was using, and violently pushed Sierra and The Drama Brothers off-stage. At that point, everyone began gathering up and around the main room's stage.

"What's up, Total Dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?" Heather screamed into the microphone. Complete and utter silence.
Heather waited for a response, "I said, 'what's up, Total Dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?'!" Again, complete and utter silence was heard.
"Get off the stage!" a muffled voice was heard within the crowd.
"Ugh! Why do I even bother!?" Heather spoke into the microphone, "Anyway... the party's almost over. It's about midnight right now. We're going to move on to the final part of the party... burning down the wooden Chris statue!!" After that was said, LeShawna and Owen came from the back into the main room, pulling the giant Chris statue on wheels towards the previous contestants.
Laughing, Heather went on, "I kinda milked it with my moolah. Heh, whatever, it's mine... so I can do whatever I want with it. I used some of it to hire a loser that could sculpt wood into replicas of people! And, I got him to do Chris. An--"
"Blah, blah, blah, no one wants to hear your skinny-self talk!" LeShawna told her, rushing her.
Heather interrupted her, "Anyway, let's just do this so we can go home... You all ready?"
"No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o," a strange, shaky voice came from below the crowd.
Heather sighed, "That's enough, LeDumb-a."
LeShawna looked confused, "... That wasn't me."
"Yeah, right. Anyway, everyone grab a match and let's light this thing! Stupid jerk..."
"I wouldn't do-o-o-o that if I were you-u-u-u-u-uuuu, bro-o-o-o-o," the voice chimed in again.
Heather started getting mad, "LeShawna, I said 'that's--'" Heather was stopped by every light and all music-playing devices randomly shorted out and stopped. A scream was heard in the night, but after a couple seconds, it was immediately stopped.

The lights and music slowly faded back on.
"You-u-u-u-u-u have been wa-a-a-a-a-rned," the voice creepily and quietly moaned.
Beth began looking everywhere, sad, "Heather, what's going on!? I'm scared!"
"Obviously another LeShawna trick. It's getting old, isn't that right, LeBigButt?........ LeShawna?" Heather and the other contestants looked to see where LeShawna and Owen were previously standing and neither of them were there. Everyone gasped.
"What if that was LeShawna that screamed!? What's going on!?" Sadie sadly squealed.
Heather snootily raised her head high, "Hmph. I thought things randomly got skinner in here."

"Seriously, Heather. What's up and where's LeShawna!?" Bridgette accosted her.
"Yeah, and Owen!" Beth followed behind.
Heather replied, "For the hundredth time, how should I--" The lights went out again.
"Ge-e-e-e-e-e-et o-o-o-o-o-o-o-out, du-u-u-u-ude!" the same voice rang in everyone's ears, as more and more screams were heard in the dark.
"Heather, stop!" Gwen warned her.
"Stop what!?" Heather screamed, as the shaky voice began laughing in the background.
Heather continued, "I don't know what's going on, bu-- Oooof! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Heather was knocked down, screaming, and suddenly silenced.

Once again, the lights faded back on, and many gaps were seen in the group of past contestants.
"Look! Heather's gone!" Geoff pointed up on the stage.
"Yeah, and so's Izzy and DJ!" Duncan felt the ground where they were once standing.
Sierra over-exaggerated, "Why must the quiet ones die first!?"
Lindsay immediately gasped, "'Die!?' I want some dye! I was thinking about getting my hair dyed brown this weekend, bu--" Sierra immediately closed Lindsay's mouth.
Cody looked around the room, "I don't see Eva, Katie... or Sadie anymore." Courtney began getting upset over everything that was going on.
"UGH! Will this ever end!? It's obvious it's Gwen behind all of this... whatever this is!" she yelled at Duncan, who was next to Gwen.
"What?! No! I would never go this low. I still think it's Heather."
"Uhh, hello?? Look around! Do you see a Heather? I don't see a Heather! For all we know, she could be dead!"
"Well, instead of blaming each other," Tyler pointed out, "why don't we try finding these guys?"
Gwen sighed, "Did you guys not learn anything about going off on your own in situations like this? You know the random girl in the slasher movies that goes off alone and breaks her leg at some point? You're all that girl!"
Trent came up behind Gwen, "We can split up. Just make sure nobody's alone, ya know?"
Confused about the entire situation, Harold just simply agreed with Trent.
"I said 'ge-e-e-e-e-et ou-u-u-u-u-ut'!!" the voice came back again.
"Oh, no," Bridgette uneasily said.

Thunder began clapping outside and lightning brightened up the room. The room went black again, with no one still knowing the reason why. Right after the lights went pitch black, Geoff and Tyler were heard screaming.
"Geoff!!" Bridgette yelled after hearing her boyfriend. Much thumping was, then, heard after the screams of terror.
The lights came back on again and, of course, Geoff and Tyler became victims.
Bridgette looked around and began weeping a bit, "Geoff, nooooooo!" She fell to her knees as Lindsay began looking around.
"Uhhh, guys? Where's... uhhh... what's his name again? Toddler?" Lindsay tried her best to say.
Courtney smacked her head, "It's Tyler, and we don't--" Duncan stopped Courtney.
"It's Lindsay. She probably won't get it. Just stop while you're ahead," Duncan told her. When Courtney began to speak again, she looked over to see Lindsay was talking to a wall and realized Duncan was right.

At this point, only Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Harold, Justin, Lindsay, Noah, Sierra, and Trent were left. After Geoff and Tyler "died", everyone began talking at once. Noah, stressfully holding his head, couldn't take it anymore.
"Ahhhh! Enough! You guys are accomplishing nothing just yelling random things!" he yelled at them all, "I'm outta here." Noah began walking off somewhere.
Gwen shook her head, "Noah, if you know what's good for you, you'd stay here!" Gwen began getting a tad arrogant.
Noah continued to walk, "Anywhere is a lot better than h-- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Noah's walk led him right into a planned trap. Somehow, Noah triggered a sensor in the ground, and a small dropzone opened up which Noah walked in, plummeting. Right then, Lindsay and Harold grabbed each other as Noah's sarcastic, yet curdling scream echoed down the dropzone. The dropzone, then, closed back up to look like the regular floor.

"This is getting scary..." Harold said.
Trent raised his hand, "I still propose we search this place and figure out what's going on. I'm so confused... and just standing here really isn't going to help us."
Sierra thrusted Cody in her hands and winked, "Well, if we're in groups, I'm... with Cody." Cody immediately sighed.
"The Drama Bros can go together. We're always together anyway," Justin added, stepping out of the quietness. Sierra cleared her throat, rather loud, trying to get Justin's attention.
Justin sighed, "....... The Drama Brothers... and Sierra can go together."
"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I knew you'd say that!!" Sierra weirdly commented.
"I'll go with Gwen," Duncan added, quietly. Gwen looked at him and simply blushed.
Courtney scowled, "Figures... I'll go with Bridgette and... I guess Lindsiot and Beth can tag-along. Right, Lindsay? ......... Lindsay? Beth?" Courtney turned around to see Lindsay wasn't talking to the walls anymore and was actually gone and that Beth was nowhere to be seen.
"Lindsay? Beth?" Bridgette turned around also, only to see a blank, dry area of the room.
"Well, we've lost another couple. We've got to get moving!" Gwen threw out.

Gwen & Duncan
Bridgette & Courtney
Harold, Trent, Cody, Justin, & Sierra

Sierra and The Drama Brothers started off.
"So, what do you think is going on?" Cody wondered out loud.
Sierra followed closely behind him, breathing very hard. Cody turned around and began walking backwards, "Sierra, can you give me a little more elbow room?"
Sierra went into Cody's intimate space and talked sultrily, "Oh... Sorry, Codykinz." She, then, proceeded back behind Cody.
Harold replied to Cody, "Poltergeist. It's starting to get a little obvious, now. Gosh, I wish it'd go away, though. What do you think, Trent?"
"Nooo! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!" Trent was yelling way behind The Drama Brothers.
"Get away from my beautiful pecs!!" Justin shouted out at about the same location Trent was.
Harold screamed, "Trent! Justin!" He then ran back for them. Sierra and Cody stayed where they were.
"Alooooooooooone at last," Sierra winked at Cody. Right after this was said, Cody immediately ran after Harold.
"Wait up, H-Bomb!" Cody yelled toward him.
Sierra sighed lovingly and turned the opposite way, walking the original way she and The Drama Brothers were walking, "Cody is such a--" Sierra was stopped by a figure she immediately recognized.
"What?! You've been behind all this!?" Sierra shrieked, right before the figure grabbed her and dragged her away.

Bridgette and Courtney were following close behind Gwen & Duncan.
"Why are we follo--" Bridgette was about to say, but was stopped by Courtney.
"Shhhh!" Courtney told her, "I want to know what they're about to do." Gwen and Duncan were continuing to walk in one direction, in front of Bridgette & Courtney. Unfortunately, Bridgette tripped over air, and fell down; Courtney proceeded to follow Gwen and Duncan. At that moment, a figure came immediately behind Bridgette and tapped her mouth with a napkin that had some type of liquid drug on it. Bridgette's muffled screaming proved ineffective, as the figure kept the cloth on Bridgette's mouth, causing her to pass out. It, then, dragged Bridgette the opposite way Gwen, Duncan, and Courtney were going.

"This is gettin' interesting," Duncan told her.
Gwen laughed and replied, "...... Yeahhh." Courtney immediately groaned, but was very loud with it. Gwen and Duncan turned around to see the hidden Courtney had been been behind them for a while.
"Courtney!? What are you doing!?" they both said at once. Courtney began twiddling her thumbs.
"Well, you know, I--" she was interrupted by Cody and Harold, coming in out of nowhere to bump into Duncan, Gwen, and Courtney.
"Cody! Harold!" what sounded like Gwen said.
Cody was flailing his limbs everywhere, "This... thing took Trent and Justin!"
"Is Sierra with you guys?" Harold wondered. Everyone's eyes, at that point, grew huge, as they all shook their heads.
"Who-o-o-o-o-o-oa! I'm not a thi-i-i-i-i-ing, du-u-u-u-ude!!" the shaky voice muttered.
"You're taking all of our friends! And, if you're not a thing, then what are you?!" Cody wondered.
"Only the be-e-e-e-est. Thing. E-e-e-e-ver!" it replied. Immediately, the voice began cackling evilly, forcing the lights to go out again.
"Not again!" Gwen said in the dark.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!" Cody's voice was heard.
"Ohhhhh, no you don't!" Harold muttered. Right after, a lot of thumping noises and thuds were heard; a few blows were landed, however, nobody could see who did what due to the darkness.
"Owww!! That's me!" Duncan yelled at someone who actually punched him.
Harold tried to throw his voice to sound like Courtney, "Ooooh! I, Courtney, am sorry for punching you! And I--" Harold immediately stopped talking.
"I'm destroying that nerd when the lights come back--" Duncan was stopped by the lights coming back on, "--on?"
Gwen, Courtney, and Duncan began looking around.
"Hey, Cody's gone! I mean....... uhhh....... Cody's gone," Gwen said, throwing her voice into an uncaring accent.
"Yeah, so's that nerd... Whatever he's doing, he's lucky. What I woulda done woulda been far worse," Duncan mutttered, cracking his knuckles.

Courtney smacked her head, "'Doing'? Get it through your head! Whatever this thing is, it's killing our friends!!"
"......... You have friends?" Gwen asked, after waiting a few seconds.
Courtney immediately backhanded Gwen, "Hey! Mr. Killer Guy! Get her next!" Courtney began pointing to Gwen.
"The toll you have taken... is far lesser than the toll you will be taking!" the figure screamed at the remaining three characters. It, then, appeared in the form of a ghost in front of the three.
Courtney screamed, then squinted her eyes, "......... Chris!?"
"No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o one must know about this!" the 'Chris-ghost' said, walking towards them, pulling out a bloody knife.
"Nobody!!!" the ghost said, as the lights went out for the final time, causing everyone to scream. The screams then, die down and fade out along with the light of the room...

The End...

Crag's Story

Main Characters





Three months ago, three ex-contestants staying at Playa Des Losers tried to get back to the competition through the woods. They have not been seen since, all they left was a video camera. Here is it's footage...

Two males are seen, “Noah, when will we get there, eh?” A Canadian voice asked.

The other boy rolled his eyes, “Are you in a rush to get voted off again?” The darn complexioned boy retaliated.

“You two need to calm down, imagine what would happen if we won!” A feminine voice from the camera said.

“Katie, why are you taping this?” The boy, Noah, asked.

“To show to Sadie when we get back!” She squealed.

The three where walking in a dark forest, they weren't sure where they should go but they all had a reason to be there. The males felt cheated out of the competition and planned this endeavour since Noah first arrived. They originally wanted Eva to help but she was told by a source that she was already going to return, so she decided to stay in paradise, so when Katie arrived Eva threatened the two young men to take her. Katie was crying about her separation from her best friend, Sadie, and Eva didn't want to listen to that.

Wondering through the woods.. Ezekiel, the male with the Canadian voice tripped. He tumbled down the hill but thankfully a tree stopped his descend, but his legs were on either side of the tree. He screamed out in pain, “Hold this Noah!” Katie handed the camera to Noah who took it reluctantly while he pointed it at the ground so the next few actions where unseen.

“Ouch! Stupid tree eh, if my moose was here you'd be in for it!” Ezekiel threatened while walking in an awkward stance to avoid further injury after Katie helped him.

Katie took the camera back from Noah and told Ezekiel, “The least you could have done is thank me.”

Ezekiel immediately burst out laughing, “Good one, eh! Everyone knows girls aren't nearly as good as guys, Noah was just a bit one ya know!”

Katie glared at home-school.

“How about we do this is the competition?” Noah said dryly.

CRACK! The teens huddled. They saw a shadow in the woods, and it was coming towards them! The three ran but the camera's view suddenly dropped. Katie had tripped!

Then there was static. The signal came back roughly five minutes later, “What- What was that?” Katie asked as snot fell from her nose.

“Let's set up camp and wait till morning eh!” Ezekiel suggested, “I'll go get some firewood! Noah, your in charge.” Noah rolled his eyes.

Katie and Noah set up camp, although after three hours there was no sign of Ezekiel. “You think we should look for him?” Katie suggested.

“Sure, let's go on in the middle of the night while there's a weird thing on the loose,” Noah replied with sarcasm.

The camera looked down, “You're right.” Katie and Noah entered their respective tents and entered the land of sleep.

But Ezekiel couldn't have such a luxury, he was chained to a wall in the basement of a house. He went to see if they could help but the man inside the tiny house in the middle of the woods hit Ezekiel with a pan. “What's going on!”

“I could kill you now or make you suffer!” A masculine voice from shadows claimed. The shadow was tall and looked well built.

Ezekiel gulped as he discovered his fate, “Kill me quickly eh!”

“If you insist!” The man pulled out a butcher's knife and drove it into the soft flesh of the stomach before jolting the knife upwards. Ezekiel was dead.

In the morning, Noah awoke to see Katie by the ashes of the fire they had neglected to put on. “I never thought I'd say it but, I think we're actually in trouble!”

“I have to agree, but we have to get out of here! Screw Ezekiel! He'd leave you, survival of the fittest!” Noah said, he tried to sound brave but his fear didn't allow this.

“I-I..” Katie looked around at her surroundings, “Okay, but we have to remember Ezekiel! I mean have been a sexist jerk, but.. You never want to harm another human being.” Katie frowns as she and Noah packed the supplies, sullen from their previous night's events. They knew Ezekiel was dead. But neither were comfortable to address the issue, so they walked in silence which Katie actually enjoyed as with her camera she was able to get a few very nice nature shots, “Isn't nature beautiful?” Katie sighed.

“Can we just keep walking?” Noah asked, but he immediately looked in Katie's eyes and saw he offended Katie, “I mean, yeah, it is.” Noah knew a high morale would be easy to work with.

The two teens kept walking until they saw a house in a clearing. It was a small cottage that looked run-down, but both ran towards it with hopes of security.

“We're saved, Noah!” Katie exclaimed and went over to Noah and the camera just saw Katie kiss Noah.

Noah's face went a deep shade of maroon, and both nervously laughed. Noah went and knocked on the door. He and Katie heard the creaking of floorboards. But they abruptly stopped.

Noah opened the door slowly, while Katie squeaked, “Hello? Is there anyone here? We cant find our friend and we ourselves are lost.”

There was no reply. The two slowly moved around the cottage were it seemed fine,and agreed that everywhere they checked was okay. They had checked everywhere but the basement. Noah lead while Katie turned on night-vision on the recorder as there was no visible light switch, but when they reached the bottom of the stairs, Noah found a switch. He flicked it upwards and regretted it immediately regretted it. He saw Ezekiel's corpse on the wall. The two knew they were in danger but as they went to retreat up the stairs, a figure is seen.

“You two are mine now!” The figure walks down the stairs. Grabs the camera out off Katie's hands and it slides into the corner.

“Chef.. You killed us!” Noah gasped in his final moments.

The camera had a position were the murders were seen... But Chef wasn't seen again. And never again were these teens able too enjoy freedom but- Ezekiel, Noah and Katie walked into the room.

“Are you showing this amazingly bad movie we shot, Tyler?” Noah asked.

The narrator turned and was revealed to be Chef. He pulled out the knife.

The nightmare was only just beginning...

The End Beinning?

Mrdaimion's Story

“Yes!” I cheered when I woke up one morning. Today was Halloween! And I knew what that meant; I got to trick everyone in the neighborhood.

“Duncan Miller,” I heard my dad call. “Get down here for breakfast this instant!”

“And if I don’t?” I replied, getting ready for school.

“Then I’ll call your patrol officer and tell him you were attacking me.: He called back, dead serious. I leapt downstairs, not wanting to go back to prison. “What do you know, there’s one language you understand. The language of punishment.”

I gritted my teeth.

“Yes,” I said. “You’re right once again, like you f***ing always are. Because you know, why show your son love when you can threaten to send him to jail repeatedly.”

My dad stood up. “Hey! I provide you with a house, food, and everything you need to live, so don’t go complaining about me treating you badly.”

“Hey, I’d rather be dying and loved then living and hated!” I yelled back. “In fact, I’ll leave right now.” I ran out the door without looking back, blinded by rage.


Now, it’s five hours later, and I’m lost and hungry.

“Why did I do it?” I groaned. “Now I have no good way to survive.” I grumbled some more, then walked away to an evacuated warehouse. I decided to stay there for the night, then get myself arrested since even prison was better then dying. I decided to go to sleep, so I laid down and slept.

I woke up, and was strapped to a chair. I looked around, and saw a tape recorder on the ground. I tried to play it, but I found that I couldn’t reach it because I was strapped to the chair.

“Stupid chair…” I muttered, and pulled out a lip piercing. I threw it at the play button on the tape recorder.

“Hello Duncan.” The tape recorder ‘said’. “You threw away your life getting arrested countless times, and not learning a thing from it. Now, you will realize how valuable your life is. Around this time you should notice the metal saw coming down at you.” I looked around, and sure as hell, found it.

“How did I not notice that earlier…” I wondered, and the tape recorder kept ‘speaking’.

“Now, you have to rip of your hands in order to escape from the chair, and get away from the saw. How much blood will you shed just to stay alive?”

“He obviously knows nothing about me…” I muttered, and ripped off the straps and got up. I was about to walk out the door, when I looked out the peephole first. I saw a gun pointed straight at the door, and it looked like if I even opened the door the shotgun would fire and kill me. “F***” I muttered, and I started looking around for another way out.

I saw only one other door way, and to get to it I’d have to crawl through a bunch of needles. I gulped, then crawled through the needles as quickly as possible, then went out that door. I was surprised at what awaited me at the next room.

“Welcome.” A man in a mask said.

“Who the hell are you?” I answered back, angry.

“I’m Jigsaw, and since you managed to survive my traps, I want you to be my next apprentice.”

“No way.” I answered back, and headed for the exit.

“That’s too bad then.” He called back, and I opened the door. I saw a shotgun, and some smoke, then I saw a final bullet before I saw no more.

(Sorry for this one being bad, I had a much better version but my brother X'd out of it before I could save.)

MTDM's Story


  • Cody Emmett Jameson Anderson
  • Duncan
  • Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V
  • Sierra

Story: A Night of Fright

(MTDM: All TD contestants know eachother; the relationships/friendships/conflicts/personalities all remain the same, due to this being a day while TDRealoded takes place, so the TDI contestants, Al, and Sierra, are enjoying the non-season ways. And I've watched TDWT up until Sierra's elimination, so...)

Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V had just woken up from his bed. "Oh, boy!" Harold looked at his calendar, "Today's Halloween!" Harold immediatley changed into his regular clothing, and went downstairs for breakfast.
"Hello, Harold, dear," Harold's mother said. "What would you like for breakfast?"
"Mom, today's Halloween!" Harold yelled.
"...That is correct. Which is why I am letting you decide your breakfast," Harold's mother said.
"Surprise me," Harold smiled joyfully.

As Cody Emmett James Anderson changed into his regular clothing, and went for breakfast, he has seen Sierra in his kitchen. "Ahhhh!!" Cody said.
"Hi, Cody," Sierra chuckled. "I love that scream you do everyday. Now, since we're married, and today's Halloween, I made you breakfast."
"Wow, Sierra," Cody said, starting to space out.
"Cody? ...Cody?" Sierra waved her hand in front of Cody's eyes.
"...Oh, right," Cody said. "What'd you make me!?" Cody licked his lips in joy, while grabbing a spoon and fork, with a napkin randomly in his shirt. "Where'd this come from?" he pointed at the napkin, shrugged, and took it off.
"Pumpkin-chip pancakes," Sierra served Cody his breakfast. "Your favorite."
"Hey..., thanks!" Cody said in delight. "Wait...where are my parents? They were here yesterday."
"Hehe, a business trip," Sierra said, as a flashback of her dressed up as a business man, giving Cody's parents two tickets to Anarctica by plane, was shown.
"Okay...," Cody said.

Duncan had been sleeping in his bedroom.
His alarm clock busrted out, "Time to wa-."
It was cut off, due to Duncan throwing a knife at it. "I hate that stupid alarm!" he yelled.
He changed into his clothing, and thought, Tonight. Halloween. The night of fright. I get to pull pranks on little kids. Muahaha!

"Man, what should I dress up as?" Harold asked his mother, as his father came in.
"Oh..., you're fine," Harold's father said. "You scare me all the time."
"Hey, thanks," Harold said sarcastically.
"It'll be the perfect costume," Harold's father smirked, as Harold stormed off, leaving his breakast behind.
"Honey, wait, your breakfast!" Harold's mother yelled.

Duncan was in his house, eating his breakfast: Lucky Skulls Cereal.
He started the think, The best costume... Hmph... I have the perfect idea on what to do, but I need a costume...
"Duncan, my boy, dress up as Frankenstein like your pop, got it!?" Duncan's father said, holding a butter-knife.
Perfect, Duncan thought. "Sure, I guess." Duncan folded his arms.

"What to dress as...," Cody said, being a bit suspicious about his parents.
"How about Gwen? She scares me a lot," Sierra said.
"Nah, Gwen's hot," Cody said.
Sierra glared at Cody.
"What?" he asked.
"Right in front of your own wife," Sierra started to cry. "You"
"What?" Cody asked, yet again. "I like her."
Sierra was still crying, "Right in front of your own wife..."
"What do you mean by 'wi-," Cody said, going into flashback mode.
Oh, yeah, Cody thought. She thinks we're married.
"Be... Gwen...," Sierra said, storming off.

12:00 A.M.; November 1

"Haha, gotcha!" Duncan, dressed as Frankenstein, said, as Cody made an accident.
"What's your problem, Duncan?" Harold, dressed as nothing, asked.
"Seriously!" Cody, dressed as Lady BlaBla, said.
"No problem, today's Halloween," Duncan said.
"No, a few minutes ago was Halloween," Harold said.
"So?" Duncan said, laughing, going back to his house.

The flashback cloud appeared around the screen. It was 8:00 P.M.
"The joy of Halloween," Harold said, back at his house.
"The joy of dressing up as Lady BlaBla," Cody said.
"The joy of scaring people," Duncan said.
"The depression of Cody calling Gwen hot," Sierra cried, back at Cody's house.
Duncan, dressed as Frankenstein, was shown stealing (or in his words: borrowing without asking) his father's car keys.
He went to the driveway, then the car, and started it up.
He was driving to Cody's house. As he got there, he slipped a note under Cody's door, and ran back to his father's car.
"Where are my keys?" Duncan's father said at his house.
He went to Harold's house, and did the same.
This will be the best Halloween ever, Duncan thought.
An hour later, Harold and Cody each found their letter. They begand reading it:

To whom it may concern,
Hey, I'm throwing a Halloween party. Want to come? Bring food, costumes, food..., or anything else you think is important for Halloween!
It'll be at 11:30, up until 12! Be there! It'll be held at 123 Peanut Brittle St.

"Oh boy, a Halloween party!" both Harold & Cody yelled.
21/2 hours later, both Cody and Harold went to the room. Nobody was in there. It was a complete silence.
"Hello?" Harold said.
"Harold?" Cody asked.
"Cody?" Harold asked.
As they found eachother, they said in unision, "You threw a Halloween party? No. Really? Why are we saying the same things? Ugh!"
Twenty-five minutes later, the teens were hearing numerous voices. "Take me to your leader."
"What was that?" Harold asked.
"Braaaaains," the voice said.
"It sound like...," Cody said, as a Frankenstein costume walked by. "...Frankenstein!"
"Braaaaaains," the Frankenstein costume said.
"Aaaaaah!!!!" Harold yelled, as the costume took off his mask, and revealed he was Duncan.
"Haha, gotcha!" Duncan said, as Cody made an accident.
"What's your problem, Duncan?" Harold, asked.
"Seriously!" Cody said.
"No problem, today's Halloween," Duncan said.
"No, a few minutes ago was Halloween," Harold said.
"So?" Duncan said, laughing, going back to his house.

The End...?

Plat's Story

Author's Note: This story takes place after the events of Total Drama Action but before Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

"My worst nightmare has come true!"

Harold was in major shock this Halloween. He had told his parents to get him a costume to go out with his friends. However, his parents had forgotten to buy it for him.

"What am I going to do?" wondered Harold. "I can't go out without my Merlin costume! I wonder how I can get one soon..."

He had just finished a reality show called Total Drama Action and had met a few people there. Some he liked, while others he despised during the show.

"But the only one who lives near me is...him..." he said while lowering his voice in fear.

He had a rough experience on Total Drama Action with a bully named Duncan. Harold knew that every Halloween, Duncan would play a huge prank on one of the local "nerds" that he lived by. Harold had a huge dilemna. He either had to confront Duncan at his house, or possibly admit to his friends that he has not obtained a costume.

"Why am I faced with such a dilemna?" wondered Harold, as he pondered in his room.

Duncan was ecstatic this Halloween. He had one of the most devious pranks that anyone could pull ready for some unsuspecting nerd to run into.

"Let's see, we've got the ketchup, the fake hand, and the electric candy," said Duncan, while trying to remember what he was missing. "What did I forget?"

He gazed around his room trying to find his missing ingredient. He knew that his friend Gwen was going to arrive soon to help him pull the prank.

"Oh, that's right," said Duncan with an evil smile. He got out his fake chainsaw and was ready to scare someone. At that moment, the doorbell rung.


"I'm coming!" yelled Duncan, as he ran down the stairs.

He opened the door and saw Gwen in a Frankenstein outfit standing on the porch.

"Well, hello Flakystein," said Duncan, obviously trying to pull a bad joke.

"So, what do you need me for again?" asked Gwen, while smiling.

"You know, the usual Halloween," claimed Duncan. "We're going to pull a prank on one of the local losers."

"That sounds like fun," said Gwen, not being clear if she was sarcastic or not. "What'cha got there?"

"Oh, nothing," claimed Duncan as he looked out the window.

He took out his binoculars and stared into the distance. He could not believe his eyes when he saw what would be perfect for this prank.

"Gwen, look who we've got here..."

Harold was walking down the street trying to remember where Duncan's address was. He remember Duncan blurting it out to Courtney after Total Drama Action but knew his brain wasn't functioning well when he couldn't remember it.

"Was it 213 Maple Street, or was it..." Harold stopped in his tracks.

He saw a house that had spooky, almost gothic, Halloween decorations. He wiped his glasses clean to see if his vision was clear, but it seemed to be more spooky than a haunted house.

"Well, here goes nothing," Harold gulped as he approached the house.

With every step, he heard voices come from the bushes.

"Harold..." whispered a voice coming from a nearby tree.

Harold heard this and started to run away until he noticed no one was there. He realized that this was Duncan's house because his name was spoken.

"No, I'm not having fear do me in this time!" yelled Harold as he slowly approached the spooky house.

He heard laughter as he slowly approached the front door...

"Well, I need a costume, and even if I have to get wedgied..." Harold whispered to himself.

Harold walked to the front porch, and slowly touched the button to activate the doorbell.

Ding dong!

LeShawna looked at the sheet of paper in her hand.

"Is this my sugar baby's house?" she asked while on the other end of town.

LeShawna was visiting the town Harold lived in and wanted to give him a surprise visit before she went back to her house.

"Is anyone there?" yelled LeShawna as she approached Harold's house.

Harold's mom opened the door and spoke to LeShawna. "Who are you looking for?"

"Oh, I was just wondering if my su....Harold was home. Do you know where he could've gone?" answered LeShawna.

"Well, last time I saw him, he ran out of the house screaming about getting a wizard costume for Halloween or something." answered his mom. "He also said something about getting new underwear ready for when he gets home just in case he gets bulli...oh, he probably doesn't want me to tell you that."

" underwear," wondered LeShawna as she looked at her paper with the addresses at all of her fellow Total Drama castmates.

She looked at all the addresses and looked at all the cast members to match up with them. She then realized where Harold went and ran down the street.

I'm coming, Harold!

Harold saw the door opening and heard a voice from inside.

"Come on in Harold..."

Harold walked in the door as he heard someone running down the street. He was about to turn around, but a mysterioius force pulled Harold inside and the door locked.

"Gosh!" yelled Harold fell to the floor. "Duncan, stop pulling my leg!"

He then saw a chainsaw that was coming towards him. He tried to run away, but the chainsaw was coming closer. He felt an electric shock on his wrist. Then, the unspokable happened. He felt liquid on his hand, and knew this was no joke.

His hand has been cut off...

"Ow!" yelled Harold, screaming in pain. He could not believe that Duncan would do such a thing.

The lights flickered on, and Harold saw his hand on the floor, with blood spurting all over the place. He started to run out of the house crying.

"Duncan!" yelled Gwen. "I thought it was a prank!"

"It is," said Duncan, with an evil smile. "You'll see..."

Harold was running back to the house and ran into LeShawna.

"LeShawna? Is that you?" asked Harold, as his eyes widened.

"What happened to your hand?" asked LeShawna before even greeting him. "Was it that evil punk Duncan?"

"Well, not exactly..." answered Harold. "Fine, it was," Harold admitted. "But for some reason, it doesn't hurt that much."

"I'll hurt him anyways for bullying you!" yelled LeShawna.

Harold then tried to clean up his blood and saw that the blood was not as moist as he expected it to be. In fact, it looked like something someone would use in a prank...

"It's ketchup!" yelled Harold, as he licked it. "It was all just a Halloween prank!"

LeShawna had already started to go to Duncan's house to get revenge. Harold ran to try to stop her. He arrived and saw the horror. LeShawna had actually cut off Duncan's hand.

"And that's what you get for messing with my Harold!" she said as Duncan was on the floor crying in pain.

"Uh, LeShawna..." Harold said. "The blood was ketchup. My hand was just fine"

"LeShawna realized her mistake and was about to run back to her hotel where she was staying at to hide from the police until Duncan stopped her.

"I don't really mind," said Duncan. "Bound to happen eventually. Also, I get to have a real hook hand to scare Courtney now!"

Harold, LeShawna, and Gwen were dumbfounded and slowly pretended to laugh with him as they all wondered what he was really thinking. However, Duncan pulled out his real hand from under his shirt.

"Gotcha!" yelled Duncan, as Harold, Gwen, and LeShawna all ran away.

Happy Halloween!

Poppy's Story

One Night

One night to release it. One night to let it out. One night...

Courtney was waking up from a deep sleep on October 31st. The worst day of her life. It wasn't a bad experience that caused this hate of the holiday. It was that she had no experience. For some reason, whenever halloween comes around, she does not remember any of it. She nodded off to sleep again.


"Come on Cody, you can do it!" A teenage boy said, all the way on the other side of town. He was standing in front of a haunted house on Mayford Street.

"No way." Cody, the star from Total Drama said, with a petrified look on his face.

"It's just a haunted house." Cody's friend reasoned.

"No way. This is the scariest house ever! It's even scarier than," Cody proceeded to shudder, "Sierra!"

"That psycho girl? Yeah, nothing can be scarier than that." The friend said.

"Sure, Chase. You weren't there! Why can't you go?" Cody questioned.

"Because I wasn't dared, that's why! Now just go!" Chase shouted, pushing a very terified Cody onto the spooky property. The graveyard gave off an eerie precsence, and the wind sent daggers through his body.

"I'm going in!" Cody cried.

"Great." Chase said, rolling his eyes.

Cody walked up the grim, broken path to the overwhelming door. He pushed it open and went in.


Courtney was dreaming. She dreamed her body was being taken away by someone. She was rising... rising... rising...

She woke up. "Where am I?" she wondered aloud. For she was not in her bedroom. She was alone, in a house that gave her a very cold feeling. She stood up, and started to explore. She was around the living room of the house when she heard something. Who's there?" She exclaimed. She heard a scream answer her and took off running.


Cody was running through the house. He had entered the house, and gotten to the living room when he heard a noise. He screamed and took off running. A paranormal being is behind this, he thought. Cody loved Halloween, mainly because he got free candy from random strangers. He did not like all of the haunted houses and ghosts of it, though. He easily gets scared, and whenever he even thinks he hears something, he darts into the nearest closet. Unfortuntely for him, it appeared there were no closets in this dastardly house. He continued walking, unsure of what to do.


Courtney was still stumbling through the house when she came across the kitchen. Maybe I'll rest here, she thought. She was about to sit in a chair when she tripped and fell on the table. She got up, and realized something. She had actually fallen through the table . She screamed in uttermost horror. She was a ghost!


Cody heard the scream. It's just your mind playing with you, Cody, he thought. He looked at his watch. It was only twenty minutes sience he had entered the house, but It felt like hours. It was nine now. One more hour before the stupid bet would be over. He still walked now, but more wary than before.


Courtney staggered. She couldn't be a ghost! Ghosts were only in movies, not real life! She wondered why she wasn't falling through the floor. She looked down for the first time and noticed she was floating. This is just a dream, she told herself. She started walking, and that's when she ran through Cody.


Cody knew there was a ghost when Courtney passed through him. Somehow, he just knew. He didn't know how, or why, but a ghost had passed right through him. He ran out, screaming like a utterly terrified girl.


Courtney was as surprised as Cody, except the screaming part. She felt like she was rising again. She fell to the floor, and this timed passed through.


Courtney's mom went into her daughter's bedroom.She saw her little girl sleeping soundly. She smiled sadly, knowing that her daughter could never know the spirit locked inside her. For halloween was the only night, the only chance for Courtney Jr. to release her paranormal being dwelling inside her. For that was what Courtney didn't know. She was the younger sister of her sibling who had died somehow at the house on Mayford street.

"One night." She wispered, kissing Courtney on the forehead.

Spenny's Story

Nightmares Galore -- A TDI Halloween Story

This is a story about the one time of the year where spirits come alive. The entities who have been deceased for hundreds of years rise and scream in ecstasy at this supernatural time of the year. They rise from their graves and fly around the neighborhoods, reliving the thrills they experienced so long ago. This wonderful holiday, known as Halloween, was their lives, quite literally. And it had been transformed into a cutesy ritual to eat candy and look slutty by the new generation of Halloween victims.

Someone would have to bring the old spirit of Halloween back, but who? Who wasn't consumed by false pumpkins filled with Snickers and Kit-Kats? Who wasn't sold by the prospect of wearing a flattering bumblebee costume and watching the boys stare? Who didn't view the watching of cheap horror movies to steal smooches from a significant other as what Halloween is all about?

Only one person stood out from the crowd.

His name was Trent Cook. He was different from his peers on Halloween night. He had no costume, and his candy bag was empty. He was not at home with his girlfriend watching Earnest Scared Stupid. Instead, he was at the local graveyard, with tears in his eyes and a single rose in his hand. Trant laid the rose with the others, at a tombstone that read:

Daniel Simon Cook: 1997-2005

The rose, the sixth one placed here by Trent, grew damp with tears in the memory of Trent's little brother, Daniel.

"Happy Halloween, little bro," said Trent, with a bittersweet tone that leaned toward the bitter end of things. His tears watered the ground beneath him. Trent kneeled at the grave of his brother, lost in thought. Ten minutes later, Trent got up and began to head home.

Of course, the playful spirits of Halloween couldn't end it at that. Though they couldn't manifest, they knew they had to get their message across somehow. As Trent got into his red car and drove off, he heard a weird noise on the back of his head, almost supernatural. On his way home, Trent drove past a party building. The rock music was noticeable from a hundred feet away, and the lights were in no way subtle. On any other night, Trent would have dismissed this, but something eerie hit him as he was driving past it. He had no choice but to park outside it.

Daniel loved parties.

It was almost as if he could hear his eight year old brother beside him, saying something along the lines of, "come on big bro, let's party!" Trent knew he couldn't hear such things, and that it was only a trick of the mind, but he also knew that the voice he was hearing was probably himself, telling himself to relax and party a little.

Trent opened the door and walked inside, but the subconscious instinct that would allow Trent's hand to close the door behind him wasn't there. Nobody noticed, nobody cared. Trent scanned the loud room. He saw a hundred pairs of flattering legs, among other things. He rolled his eyes at the Halloween "tradition". Trent scanned the room further, and found Gwen, in a spooky-looking spider witch costume, complete with a floor-length dress. Trent walked over to his beloved Gwen and gave her a big hug.

"Hey beautiful," said Trent lovingly.

"Hey," said Gwen, "I see you decided to come."

"Yeah," he sighed, "Daniel loved parties like this."

Out of nowhere, the happy couple heard an ear-incinerating shriek from the middle of the croud. Lindsay, in a very flattering bunny costume, pointed at the open door and let another one loose. Lindsay's screaming wasn't completely without reason; thousands of spiders, each one with glowing red eyes, ran into the party room. The spiders quickly went to work, covering every wall and floor tile, destroying lights and other electronics, and pummeling tables. The girls' bare legs were covered in them, as were the guys. The only ones that were spider-free were the spider witch herself, and her boyfriend Trent.

Running, screaming, and otherwise panicking, the party guests ran like heck out of the party house. The spiders followed, leaving nothing but an empty house and one couple behind. The spirits of Halloween had done their job.

"That was random." Gwen smirked at Trent. Trent laced his hand through hers.

"Want to go for a walk in the forest?"

"You mean, the dark, creepy one that's the stuff of nightmares?"

"That's the one."

"I'd love to."

Gwen and Trent walked out of the house together, and into the dark forest. Though there was nobody else around, Trent could have sworn he heard the laughter of a familiar eight-year-old, coming from the direction of the graveyard...

Author Notes:

  • The "supernatural noise" Trent hears is real. I went into a supposedly "haunted house" and was tortured by this eerie sound, and at times I hear it at home. There's no explanation, but my dad says it's supernatural. I wish I could describe it better.

Webly's Story

Halloween: The Happening! Note: This story is not based on the movie and does not contain any violence. Another note this was a lost episode of Total Drama Island and on the final note, if this scares you too much you may need medical attention and probably psychiatric help. I think we’re good now, enjoy!

(The main characters are the final 10 of Total Drama Island. The characters with the most part are Izzy, Bridgette, Sierra, and Eva.)

The Total Drama Island campers were down to the final 10. This was right before “Hide and Be Sneaky” but it wasn’t exactly right because the campers needed to time to rethink what disturbing things had happened but it all started out as a little walk in the woods.

Bridgette and Izzy were walking in the woods to gather some fruit and suddenly they heard some leaves cracking instantly that were not coming from themselves. They both followed the sound to find an unfamiliar face to them, but to us it was more than that.

“Well, well we meet again!” Sierra says to Bridgette and Izzy.

Bridgette shivered but asked a bold question anyways, “Excuse me but I’ve never seen you ever before.”

“Hm…” Sierra starts. “I see I’m a better hider than I thought it was. Anyways, I’ll let you on a little secret, Bridgette Juliet Grammar.

“Wow, you knew Bridgette’s name, guess mine next!” Izzy bellowed enthusiastically not knowing that a great misfortunate thing had just occurred.

“I think we should go,” Bridgette states while running away.

Sierra looked at Bridgette in panic. She hollered, “Your next!”

Izzy followed Bridgette’s path to find her way back but did say one last word to Sierra, “Crap.”

Poor Bridgette, the innocent soul could not discover what Sierra meant when she said she was next. Only Sierra and a few other unfortunate familiars knew what Bridgette’s fate would be. The only thing that puzzled the other familiars was that Bridgette was next.

LeShawna greeted Bridgette on her way back. Bridgette didn’t tell LeShawna what happened but when Izzy came she spilled the ill-fated news.

“Attention, people, attention! Bridgette and I walked into the woods to gather fruit and then we were attacked by a crazy zombie who told Bridgette she was next.” Izzy exclaimed deeply. “And then in the middle of it, I had to go to the bathroom so don’t walk really far in the woods. Anyways, what’s happening with you?”

Gwen ran up to Bridgette’s side and questioned, “Are you okay? Is Izzy lying?”

“I’m fine alright! And, this is what really happened. I went into the woods to gather fruit as Izzy explained but then this psychotic phenomenon occurred to me. I was hearing strange footsteps and then we followed them to find a crazy girl who said I was going to be next. I abandoned Izzy and ran away just in case anything bad happened.” Bridgette says intensely.

“I can’t lose another friend in my life,” Gwen admits.

“Wait, you know what the crazy chick meant?” Duncan inquires Gwen.

“No, but if I did and if I think I do, Izzy knows what the psycho girl meant.”

Izzy glares at the ground and doesn’t talk for a minute. After the silenced minute, she answered, “I do know. Don’t remind me of that place. I barely escaped alive; I don’t know how Eva really got out either now that I think of it.”

“Talk less extreme for a second,” Geoff responds hesitant. “Just please tell me what happened. Bridgette is my girlfriend, I have a right to know and so does she.”

Izzy hesitates for a moment. She finally replies, “When someone is eliminated…you go to this place called the Playa De Losers. After one week there, people go a little psycho since it’s all perfect but the thing is it’s in what we eat. I didn’t eat anything there because the beavers usually provide me some food. Anyways, as the peeps ate more and more they got more calm and relaxed, but a little crazy at the same time. Sierra meant Bridgette was the next to go meaning she’ll also be the next one to go insane after Trent.”

Bridgette tried to put this in but was having a hard time. “I think I have to take a rest guys,” She lied in her bed disappointed and worried at the same time. How could she deal with the craziness there? She knew to eat the food and she was a vegetarian so she wouldn’t each much anyways but still how will she make it without falling through with the others? Then she got her plan. Eva escaped once from there so Eva must’ve known what was going on. She had to team up with one of her biggest enemies to get out of there before it was too late. Bridgette then fell asleep.

“Ah…is that you Eva?” Bridgette asks in her dream.

Eva is roaming around like a zombie along with a few familiar faces such as Courtney, Cody, and Sadie. Eva walked over to Bridgette and muttered something,

“I was happily sucked in to this little “disease.” It’s not that bad as you will soon have it yourself. Izzy was too foolish to tell you everything but it may be because she didn’t want you guys to get suspicious of her. You’ll wake up in a moment but you need to remember that this is real. And also, Izzy secretly has this disease and plans to give it to everyone making soup for them tomorrow. You won’t be able to escape as we have escaped at the moment and will be crowded around those doors so beware!”

Bridgette woke up screaming as loud as she could. She realized it was already morning and ran to mess hall to see what was happening. Was she late? Did everyone leave and start trying to spread it around? She stared at the clock above her head and realized it was too early in the morning for anyone to be up not even the always strange Chef.

She then heard a noise coming from the kitchen. She then ran out and tried to devise a plan. If Izzy was under this so called “disease” maybe there is a way where the disease could be deactivated or where I could make Izzy think she was deactivated. It was the only shot Bridgette had and she was willing to take it.

2 hours later it was time for to put her plan into operation. She already her sounds in the mess hall and when she went in…she was in for a big surprise.

“Ah,” Chris screamed immediately as Bridgette popped in.

Bridgette yelled as loud as she could and didn’t find herself walking in to the mess hall but what looked like an aftermath room.

“What’s going on? Has Izzy turned you crazy yet? Am I hallucinating?” Bridgette questions. She could’ve gone on with more and more but paused knowing that it wouldn’t help to what she thought she was going to become.

Izzy, Sierra, Gwen, LeShawna, Geoff and Duncan walked up to her also looking a little stunned.

“We were shocked when we came here too!” Duncan explained. “No one informed us we were being videotaped and now we were pranked on national TV!”

Bridgette looks relieved and doesn’t seem that mad. She retorts, “Really? I knew something was up when I heard absurd noises.”

The lights turn off and a sound yells, “Mwahahaha.”

The End! D:

Tdi's Story

House of Terror


  • Duncan
  • Gwen
  • DJ
  • Bridgette
  • Courtney
  • Geoff

One night, which happened to be Halloween, six teenagers decided to pull pranks on the neighborhood. They threw toilet paper at houses, placed ugly ornaments on lawns, and carved on trees. They reached this one house, which had an eerie look.

"I'm not so sure about this," Bridgette told everyone, scared.

"Ah, come on," Geoff said," it looks like no one is home. We could sneak in!"

"Oh, I'm not going in!" DJ said, taking a few steps back.

"Nope," Courtney scolded.

"I won't go in," Bridgette replied.

"Chickens!" Duncan teased.

"Let's just go in," Gwen told Duncan and Geoff.

The three of them walked up to the door. Geoff turned the knob, and he was able to open it.

"How lame," Geoff said, a bit sad," the door is open."

"Too easy," Duncan said, rolling his eyes.

"Hurry up, before they get home," Gwen scolded.

Back outside, Bridgette, Courtney, and DJ waited.

"The owners will be home any moment!" Courtney said, annoyed.

"We could get away," DJ reminded.

"I'm not leaving without Geoff," Bridgette said aloud.

They all heard a scream from inside the house.

"Run!" Two voices yelled. They were Gwen and Duncan's. A figure followed.

Everyone started running from the house, screaming, hoping someone would notice. All of them realized that no one in

this neighborhood was home. They ran as fast as they could, then, Courtney tripped.

"No!" Courtney yelled, as the figure pulled her into the darkness.

The rest ran up to a fence, and hopped over it.

"I'm so tired!" Gwen complained," that was scary."

"Where's Geoff?!" Bridgette yelled.

"Be quiet!" Duncan whispered," we don't know. We went into the house and lost him. Then we heard a scream and ran."

"We have to go get him!" Bridgette said.

"Am I the only one who notices Courtney is gone?" DJ asked.

"Oh no! Courtney!" Bridgette yelled.

"Who cares," Gwen said

"I'm going back," Bridgette said, hopping the fence.

"No!" Gwen replied," haven't you watched slasher films?"

"Oh please, that's just Hollywood," Bridgette said. The dark figure appeared behind her and grabbed her. The others screamed.

"Jump the other side of the fence!" Duncan yelled.

Gwen went over first, then Duncan. As Duncan got over, the figure jumped over the first fence. DJ started climbing, then, the figure grabbed him. "Help!" DJ screamed as he got pulled into the darkness. Gwen and Duncan ran away, knowing they would not be able to get DJ. "We need a plan," Duncan told Gwen," to get rid of that figure." "How?" Gwen asked. "Hmmmmm," Duncan thought," I know! We just need some supplies."

Duncan and Gwen went to the house, with vacuum cleaners and flashlights.

"You do realize this is ghost hunting materials," Gwen told Duncan," when it could be a zombie, or vampire, or...."

"We could just hit it," Duncan interrupted. Gwen nodded her head and they walked in. There was enough light to see, but it was dark. They walked around for a few minutes. Soon, Gwen couldn't hear Duncan's footsteps.

"Duncan?" Gwen asked. There was no one with her. She started getting tears when she heard a scream.

"Duncan!" She yelled and started running back. She saw a light and headed towards it. It lead to a room. She ran in.

"Surprise!" People in costumes yelled. Gwen noticed Geoff, Courtney, Bridgette, DJ, and Duncan.

"What?" Gwen asked.

"Aw, darn!" Izzy yelled.

"What is going on?" Gwen asked again.

"Apparently, Izzy is throwing a Halloween party," Courtney explained.

"For my parents!" Izzy yelled.

"When we walked in the door, she assumed it was her parents, and scared me," Geoff said.

"You and Duncan ran out the door, making Izzy think it was her parents," DJ added.

"So she came out and started abducting us," Duncan said.

"Someone is walking up the sidewalk!" Someone yelled. They turned off the lights. The two people walked through the door and walked into the room. The light turned on.

"Surprise!" Everyone yelled.

"Hi mom! Hi dad!" Izzy cheered. They two people who walked in were green, with large heads and antennae.

"Nice costumes!" Duncan said, giving them a high five.

"Zee-bong-gat," one of them said.

"Boi-zing-yop," the other said.

Everyone stopped talking, screamed, and ran out of the house. One of the aliens took off their mask.

"Who would've thought people are afraid of aliens?" Izzy's mother asked.

"I like your costume!" Izzy said. All of them hugged each other.

"Da-hyt-ming," Izzy's father said.

The End...?


Nalyd: I have looked over the stories. Because everyone posted a story and they all look good, there will be no elimination this week.

Week Five Chat

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Challenge Five

Today's challenge will use TD characters... as fairy tale characters! That's right, you're gonna be writing a fairy tale and re telling it with Total Drama characters! From now on, the story must be posted prior to Friday. In other words, it'll be closed on FRIDAY. If you post on Friday, we won't count it.

Bbhinton15's Story

Fairy Tale: Rapunzel


Character Fairy Tale Portrayal
LeShawna Rapunzel
Harold The Prince
Heather The Witch
Jalessa Rapunzel's Mother
A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff Rapunzel's Father

Author's Notes

  • The names of LeShawna's mother and father are not real. Those two names are names I made up for the sake of this story. The names of LeShawna's parents have yet to be released in any Total Drama episode.
  • Along with the story being done Total Drama style, this story will also feature a few hints of slang and comedic relief, since the judging says this story won't be judged on grammar.
  • This story references real life people, things, establishments, and/or buildings.
  • Since this is a fairy tale, it is highly expected that some things can/will happen on here that may defy the Laws of Physics or any of the natural laws given to us.
  • The word "rapunzel" in the real fairy tale was old slang for herb leaves. LeShawna's name will be used for that purpose in some points of this story, also.
  • Author's Point of View - 3rd Person Past Omniscient


There once lived a childless couple out in the middle of scenic nowhere. The man of the couple was watching a small television, softly singing to a rap song that he stopped on. The woman was sighing remorse, looking out of the only window in the entire house. The woman's name was Jalessa. She was average height and weight for a woman, African American, wearing somewhat tattered clothes and a cooking apron. Jalessa put her elbow on the window pane and her hand on the bottom of her head, sitting her head on her hand... sighing once more. She turned over to see her "husband" was still watching half-naked women bounce around on a rap music video. The man's name, believe it or not, was A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff. He would immediately get angry if someone were to call him just 'Sho' 'Nuff' or 'A Pimp' or any other shortened variation. He would weirdly respond only to A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff. A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff was wearing a complete purple and white suit, decked out in the finest linens with a small cane, leaning on the side of the couch A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff was sitting on from time to time. Jalessa, still looking out the window, sighed loudly again, trying to get her partner's attention.

She, then, walked in front the family television, "I said 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!'!" she imitated her own long sigh, rather badly.
"What'cha want, woman?!" A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff yelled at her, bucking his head to the left and right sides of his wife to see the screen.
Jalessa sighed, "You know what I want. I've been talking to you about it for the last few weeks!"
"Fool, I don't remember anything!" A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff interrupted her.
"Sho' 'Nuff, I--"
"Ah, ah, ah!" A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff stopped her, "You know that my naaaaaaaaaaaaaaame...... is A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff."
Jalessa ignored this, "Whatevs. But, you know what I've been talking to you about and I want it now."
"Look... After this is over, then we can go into the bedroom and--" A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff was stopped.
"No! Not that!" Jalessa cut him short. She, then, grabbed the purple and white necktie A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff was wearing and dragged him to the window Jalessa was previously gazing into.
"Hey! Hey, girl! Hey! No, I'm missin' my stories!" A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff shouted, referring to the rap music videos. When the two of them reached the window, Jalessa pointed out it, revealing that she was staring at beautiful, healthy herbs and leaves surrounding a watchtower/lighthouse-shaped castle.
A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff looked in the direction Jaleesa was pointing in, "Them leaves!?" Jalessa shook her head.
"I work too dang hard to keep a roof ova' your head and food on ya' plate! Now, I think I deserve some herbs to eat! I want some of that LeShawna," Jalessa accosted him.
"That's what those things are called? LeShawnas?" A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff sighed, "Alright... if it means that much to you, I'll go get you some...... right after my stories go off." A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff quietly bulleted back to his seat on the couch. Enraged, Jalessa got in front of the television screen again, pointing out the window.
A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff let out another deep sigh, "Ugh, fine."

A few hours later, around evening time, A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff set out to go to his neighbor's yard. He trekked his way there, took a few handfuls of LeShawna leaves and proceeded to walk back to his own house, when he noticed an old witch was standing directly behind him while he was trying to turn around. A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff screamed into the night.
The old witch covered her ears, "Ahhhhh! What are you trying to do? Scare everyone around here to death?!"
"With those looks, I'm sure you're doing a pretty good job of that yourself," A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff said under his breath.
"You've got a lot of nerve, you know. Stealing my plants, talking trash about me up in my own yard! You must be crazy! You will be punished for this!" the witch told A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff.
He immediately said under his breath again, "Put a mask on... I'm sure we're all already being punished by looking at that."
"You will pay for such insolence!" the hag told the man. The witch's name was Heather. Heather was a person, embodied with nothing but pure evil. She had the basic looks of any average witch of the land. Along with the clothing, Heather had on a black, pointed hat. Heather took the leaves and herbs from A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff.
"Hey, what'cha do that for?! Give those back!" A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff shouted, trying to reclaim them.
Heather grinned evilly, "Oh, I'll give them back to ya! On one condition..."
"Great," A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff said low, "What could your toothpick-lookin', skinny, decrepid butt want from A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff?" A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff questioned.'
"............ Your future baby," Heather told him, coldly.
"Baby?! We're not even thinking about... that," A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff told her.
"Not with me, you skeeze!" Heather, the witch, told him, "I meant with your wife in there. You give me the baby, you get the LeShawna leaves." A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff pondered this for a moment. He, then, quickly grabbed some more of the LeShawna leaves and ran off.
"Hey!" Heather yelled out, "You owe me one baby! And, you better get it to me!"

One Year Later

Jalessa was seen with a baby on her bosom. A beautiful baby girl, about 2 months old. Unfortunately, at that point, the witch immediately appeared right in front of A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff, Jalessa, and the baby. Jalessa screamed, however, A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff anticipated it.
"Who is this?!" Jalessa shouted out.
"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I forgot to tell you. Them leaves you've been eatin' over the years... were only yo's if you gave our baby to this girl," A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff confessed.
"What?! No!! You can'--"
"Oh, but I can," Heather cunningly said. She then, grabbed the baby away from Jalessa and disappeared within a flash.
"How come you didn't tell me about this!?" she yelled at her husband.
"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah," was A Pimp Named Sho' 'Nuff's only answer. Jalessa immediately began sobbing.

Years Afterwards...

The baby we once knew grew up to be very beautiful. Long black hair, 16, great body, the works. The witch, Heather, who kidnapped her years ago, hid this beauty from the world by locking the girl in a high tower located in a forest, miles away from her birthparents. Due to the birth mother of the child's need and small obsession of the LeShawna leaves growing next door to her, Heather decided to name the girl 'LeShawna'.
Every so often, to check on her, Heather would call up to LeShawna in the high, one-window tower, "LeShawna, LeShawna, let down your weave." Every time LeShawna heard this, she had no choice but to let down her very long hair for the witch.

After a while, LeShawna was singing a melodious song, to cure her boredom.
"I whip my hair back and forth! I whip my hair back and forth! I whip my hair back and forth! I whip my hair back and forth!" LeShawna sang out, whipping her weave around. The length of the hair was so long that while LeShawna whipped her hair around, the hair, still connected to her head, went out the window and knocked a nearby tree down to the ground.
Meanwhile, a fair prince came and heard this beautiful song.
"Gooooooooooooosh. She's... She's... beautiful," the prince said to himself, hiding in a bush near the tower. The prince's name was Harold McGrady, someone who was born into royalty. However, his nerdy and small stature would tell someone otherwise. Harold, the prince, then heard leaves and twigs crunching.
"Uh-oh! Someone's coming!" Harold ducked behind the bush, hiding himself.
"LeShawna, LeShawna, let down your weave!" Heather beckoned to her, once more. Harold witnessed this, and saw that LeShawna let her hair down for this hideous creature to climb.
"Interesting..." Harold mumbled to himself, "I wonder if that's healthy for her hair."
After the witch departed, Harold took a deep breath and tried to do the same thing. He hustled and jumped out of the bush and came up to the tower, only to see LeShawna jamming to the same song as earlier.
Harold cleared his throat and chanted the sentence, "LeShawna, LeShawna, let down your weave!" Immediately, again, LeShawna let her hair down, having Harold climb it.
She immediately noticed that he wasn't the witch, "Wait... You're not hideous, you're kinda cute," she said nonchalantly.
"Yes. And, I have come to declare my royal love to you," Harold announced to her.
LeShawna was immediately overjoyed, "That's what's up! But... I don't know how I'm gonna get out of here. Perhaps you and your... little man biceps... can help me." Harold looked puzzled.
"Bring a dang ladder next time!" LeShawna yelled at him. Harold immediately grasped the idea, and climbed back down, in haste to retrieve a ladder.

Meanwhile, the chant was heard again, and LeShawna let her hair down, in happiness.
She then noticed it was the old hag, Heather, "Oh... I thought you were Harold." She, then, immediately covered her mouth and gasped.
"What!? Harold!? Who's Harold?! Ugh!! You were brought here to be away from everyone!!" Heather screamed at LeShawna.
LeShawna thought on her feet, "Harold? Who is Harold? I dunno, sounds like a nerd to me."
Heather, "No. Not buying it. Now... you must be punished." Heather immediately threw her hand in the air and flicked it towards LeShawna. When she did this action, all of LeShawna's hair immediately fell out and off of her head.
LeShawna sharply gasped, "OH, NO YOU DIDN'T!"
"Punished!" Heather cast another spell on LeShawna, a transporting one. LeShawna closed her eyes when this one was going on and when she opened them, she saw herself to be in a deserted area.
"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeatherrrrrrrrrrrr!" she screamed to the heavens.

The witch, still in the tower LeShawna was previously in, grabbed all the hair that fell out of LeShawna's head and braided it onto her own.
Unfortunately, the prince, Harold, decided to come back to the tower, "LeShawna, LeShawna, let down your weave!" The hair was immediately let down. Harold got to the top of the tower, only to notice the witch was waiting for him.
"A-ha!!" Heather shouted out.
"EW!! You're so ugly!" Harold immediately called out, not even thinking that LeShawna wasn't present.
"You're one to talk! UGH! Anyway... the girl that once lived here was not supposed to have anyone here! I'm the momma, I decide who she can and cannot have up in this grill!"
"NO!! It.. It cannot be! Where is he, you hag!?"
"Far away! And, you shall never see her bodacious-ness again!"
Harold began backing up, nearly sobbing, and tripped over his own feet while backing up, falling out of the only window of the tower. He did live, however, he was blinded, as he fell face down onto some thorns. The thorns pierced through the glasses he was wearing and made their way to his eyes. All the Prince could do now was cry, and that was all he did do. Cry.

He began wandering, blinded, and, through the power of clumsiness, made his way to a desert-like area. Immediately, he heard the same song that attracted him to the luscious LeShwana as before, and he followed these tunes. Fortunately, Harold found LeShawna and immediately passed out in front of her.
LeShawna saw that Harold had made his way to her position, stopped her song, and began sobbing when Harold passed out in front of her.
"Harold, no!!" was all she could say before she began blubbering. Through some miracle, the tears LeShawna wept seeped into Harold's eyes and Harold could see again. The two, then, went off... happily ever after.

The End

Crag's Story


Main Characters


Heather and Courtney-Step-sisters

Beth-Fairy Godmother


“GWEN! I found a mark on my dress! Why did you not wash it properly?” Heather bellowed.

“I'm sorry...” Gwen grovelled, “I was just hungry and I might have not done it perfectly..”

Courtney scowled and said, “You better not hope I find a blemish on my dress! Now go make our dinner!”

Gwen scampered off and spoke to herself, “Why don't they treat you like a sister...” She looked down at the clothes she wore, stained from cleaning floors. “Oh, I bet that if I could I could show them who's best but who would ever pay attention to the slave girl..”

Heather asked, “Courtney, do you thin we're being to hard on Gwen?”

“Haha, I don't think we're being hard enough!” Courtney replied.

“Yes, we're helping her. How will she ever live if she ever gets a husband..”

The two girls immediately start laughing, “Gwen, get a husband? That's about as likely as Duncan getting realised from jail!”

“Don't you say his name!” Courtney warned.

Gwen was in the kitchen working over the stove, “This is exhausting!” She cried as she wiped her brow.

“Gwen! Are you almost done? It's been an age since you left us!” A voice shouted.

Gwen hastily removed the chicken from the oven and cut pieces off for her step-sisters. “Go to the dining hall!”

Gwen heard the sound of heels against the stone floor before two loud shrieks of chairs. They were waiting.

“Well, Gwenderella?” A voice shouted, “We don't have all day!”

Gwen quickened her pace and served her mistresses.

Courtney took a bit, “Horrible! Revolting! Did you cook a mouldy chicken or something? First thing in the morning you are going into town and buying new groceries.”

Gwen walked away with a defeated look. She returned to her dormitory but heard footsteps running up, “You've reconsidered?”

She was greeted with the locking of a door. Gwen sullenly dragged her anguished limbs into bed and had a good night sleep.

She was greeted to see a towering Courtney, “Had a nice sleep did you? Well get up and get to work!”

Gwen got into her “best” clothes and headed towards town where she saw many huddles of groups, all talking with a hushed whisper but many were holding pieces of paper.

“What's that?” Gwen asked aloud.

A plump woman turned rude and rudely replied, “You don't know? Do you live under a rock? The Prince is having a ball and the kingdom is excited!”

A smile stole Gwen's face, “A ball? With Prince Trent? If I go maybe he'll notice me.. I better tell Heather and Courtney and maybe they'll let me go!”

Gwen hastily gathered the groceries and tried to run back without tearing her clothes. When she got back she was dripping in sweat,she opened the door, “I'm back!”

“You should have been back here seven minutes ago!” Courtney said.

Heather warned, “Do it again and you will be locked in the dungeon for another month!”

“But, Prince Trent is having a ball and everyone in the kingdom is invited!” Gwen told them.

“Prince Trent?” Courtney asked. Gwen nodded. “Heather, we could boost our status and let me marry the buffoon, then we're in the royal family.”

Heather smirked and turned to Gwen, “Why are you so happy?”

“Can't I go?”

“If your good.. I suppose...”


“Make us food.”

Gwen walked to the kitchen but frowned, “Did I want to help Heather?”

“It's the night of the ball, I hope my step-sisters allow me to go.” Gwen spoke to herself.

“GWEN! Get your sorry butt down here!” Courtney yelled.

Gwen ran down the spiralling staircase, “Have you thought about my arrangement for the ball? I've worked ever so hard.”

“We talked about it and we decided...” Heather began.

“And we don't think your going! We concluded that if we dangle a prize you'll work hard but no reason to actually give you it!” Courtney concluded.

Gwen looked down to the ground, upset with the deceit exhibited. “Fine then, do you have a request for dinner?”

Heather laughed loudly, “We're still going! Why would we not?”

Gwen grimaced.

“Now, because we're kind we're giving you the day off so up to your tower and Heather will be up momentarily to lock it.”

“Can I have pumpkin? Two?” Gwen asked.

Courtney screwed her face, “I suppose? Do you want a knife to carve them?” Gwen nods.

“Fine, don't make them two scary though.” Courtney said as Gwen walked into the kitchen and took two pumpkins and a knife and climbed the stairs.

Gwen looked outside and saw Courtney and Heather enter a black limo in dresses. Gwen sighed and looked at her knife, “Better late than never.”

She stuck the a pumpkin, “Don't do that!”

The pumpkin turned into a brunette with braces. She appeared to have a gash on her arm. “I should turn back sooner.”

“Who are you?” Gwen asked.

“I am the Fairy Godmother, but you can call me Beth.”

“What are you going to do? Make fun of me because I can't go to Trent's ball?”

“What's a ball? A dance? I should totally go!” Beth said.

“Can you help me go?”

“Sure..” Beth waved her wand and suddenly a black dress appeared on Gwen.

Gwen looked down, “Wow, thanks! But what about shoes?”

Beth waved her wand and a pair of glass slippers appeared on Gwen.

“Could you turn these into some trainers?”Gwen asked.

“Well,” Beth waved her wand to follow the command, “It doesn't work but it's your choice.”

“Awesome! Can you get me there?”

“Sure, it's always great to be fashionable late!”

Beth turned the second pumpkin into a horse-drawn carriage.

“That's out of style, limo?” Gwen asked.

“Picky picky.” Beth sighed but complied. “Anything else?”

“I think that's it, but can you put me in the limo? The door is locked.” Gwen asked, “Final thing, I promise.”

“Sure thing!”

A bright light appeared and suddenly Gwen appeared in the limo.

Gwen exited the limo, she had untied the shoes.

She entered the hall and was greeted with loud music and strobe lights. “COOL!”

Gwen went down and started to dance.

Gwen looked up to the stage and saw Prince Trent on stage. “Than you all for making it here and I thank each and everyone of you.” Trent looked down and found himself looking deeply into Gwen's eyes. “I.. I..” He jumped off stage but by this time Gwen was leaving, she lost her confidence and couldn't face him. While she was on the stairs her left trainer came off but she didn't return for it. She ran home and ran up to her room, throwing the dress out the window.

Gwen returned to town and saw a queue. At the front she saw Trent. She saw women where trying on her trainer! She watched closely as Heather tried it on. It barely got onto her big toe so she walked off, cursing herself.

Gwen observed Courtney put the shoe on and saw the shoe straining, as if it would tear apart from the seams. Trent's helpers quickly removed the shoe, Trent looked over in Gwen's direction.

“You, peasant girl! Come try this shoe on! I command you!”

Gwen complied and the trainer fitted her perfectly. “It was you?” Trent asked.

Gwen nodded. “Then, we're going to be married! I know I love you and I hope you love me! We could get married on the ninth of September and have nine children and....”

Trent rambled for age before Gwen kissed him and he blushed.

“Let's just take it slow...” Gwen said.

The End

Mrdaimion's Story

MTDM's Story

(MTDM: Ummm..., okay. Here's the deal. I may not be getting a story up. Sunday (aka the past) is my pre-think day. Monday; pack for a trip. Tues.-Wed.; trip. Thursday; no school, but have to study for a big test the next day. Friday; school + I can't hand it in. But, I'll try... --mtdm doz knot no hoe 2 spill 23:06, November 8, 2010 (UTC))

Fairy Tale: The Three Little Pigs

(MTDM: Plat, please don't think I'm copying you. This is, like, the only fairy tale i've read. XD. --mtdm doz knot no hoe 2 spill 23:06, November 8, 2010 (UTC))

Plat's Story

The Ogre


(Note: This is based off the book/movie Shrek. The character names will remain the same as they were in Total Drama. However, the chart shows which roles they take on in Shrek. Also, some characters may be a bit OOC. This is because I wish to conserve a lot of the original Shrek.)

Duncan- Shrek

Owen- Donkey

Trent- Lord Faarquad (The evil guy)

Gwen- Princess Fiona

Izzy- Dragon

Eva- Robin Hood

This is the story of The Ogre

Long ago, there was a princess by the name of Gwen. She was forced by her mother and father to live a princess lifestyle, with no concern for her well being. She continually dreaded this life, as she would rather be listening to music or hanging out with friends. However, she could not go outside at night, for she could be seen in her true form: an ogre.

"Mom, can I go to the concert tonight?" Gwen would ask.

"Sweetie, how many times do we have to go over this? You can't go out as a hideous beast! You're a princess!" she would answer.

"What if I find a way to redeem myself?" asked Gwen.

"Like that will happen," answered her mother. "You turn into an ogre because of a spell a witch put on you a couple of years ago. The only way to cure it is love's first kiss."

And with that, Gwen went to her room. Ten years later, she sits upon the tallest taller of a dungeon surrounded by a fire breathing dragon.

"If only my true love would come..."

Owen was a donkey. He has been trapped in a cage all of his life. His only companion was the darkness that surrounded him and his mistreating owner.

"Who wants a talking donkey?" the owner would ask.

This claim, was of course fake, as Owen couldn't talk. However, his lifelong dream has always been the ability to speak. One day, as Owen and his owner were going through the market, fairy dust was spilled everywhere and spread all over Owen.

"I can fly!" Owen screamed, as he had enough strength to brake open the cage and escape.

Owen ran deep into the forest, where Duncan lived. Duncan was an ogre. He was mean, green, and everything in between. He would always cause trouble to the townspeople for pure entertainment.

Duncan saw Owen and started yelling at him. Owen wasn't intimidated, because he sensed something in Duncan that could save his soul.

"I don't see pure evil in you," said Owen. "You seem to scare people out of loneliness."

"Well, I don't have friends," Duncan said. "Got it?"

At that moment, a bunch of other fairy tale creatures invaded Duncan's home and wouldn't leave. Duncan asked one of them what was going on.

"Why are you guys on my swamp?" asked Duncan.

"It was on demand of Lord Faarquad," said one of the creatures. "We have no other choice but to live here!"

"Well, I'll go speak to this Lord Faarquad," answered Duncan. "I'll show him who's boss of my swamp."

So, Duncan was about to leave when Owen stopped him.

"Hey...can I go with you?" asked Owen. "After all, every knight needs his loyal steed!"

"No, I don't want a stupid donkey to go with me," said Duncan.

"Well, too bad! I'm following you anyways!" said Owen, like a huge stalker.

So, Duncan and Owen went to Lord Faarquad's castle. They both asked to go in, and the gatesman opened the door.

"I have been expecting you," said the Lord. "Please, call me Trent."

Trent turned around and looked at Duncan. Trent was shorter than usual, and was fit like a king.

"I have a favor to ask of you," said Trent. "You see, every king needs a queen. My magic mirror has showed me the one I wish to marry. Her name is Princess Gwen."

"What do I get out of it?" asked Duncan.

"It's quite simple, to be honest. If you get me Princess Gwen, I'll clear your swamp out of all of those pesky fairy tale creatures," answered Trent.

"That sounds good," answered Duncan. "You got yourself a deal."

After the conversation, Duncan and Owen went on a journey to rescue Princess Gwen to try to save Duncan's swamp. They went through fiery mountains, deserted plains, dangerous forests, icy mountains, piranha infested lakes, walking through pitch blackness. They had to deal with the rain, barren deserts...icy mountains again.

"Hey, wait," said Duncan. "Haven't we been here before?"

"Nuh-uh," answered Owen, shaking his head. "I'm pretty sure we haven't been here yet."

"If you insist," answered Duncan.

So, the two went traveling again through rough conditions, as they crossed numerous continents and evil fairy tale creatures...and icy mountains a third time.

"Are you serious?" asked Duncan. "We're going around in circles! This is getting really repetitive."

"Well, I don't think so," said Owen.

"Why do you think that?" asked Duncan, rolling his eyes.

"Well...because..." Owen started.

However, at that moment, a fierce dragon carried Duncan off and dropped him off at an abandoned castle. Owen quickly followed, and they both stared at the castle.

“This is a humungous castle!” yelled Duncan as he got dropped out.

“Well, the princess is always in the highest room of the tallest tower,” said Owen.

Duncan glared at Owen for acting weird.

“Hey, don’t judge me! I love fairy tales,” said Owen in defense.

So, Duncan and Owen entered the castle and saw dead bodies all around them. Duncan grabbed some of the armor from a dead knight,

“Look! I see the princess!” yelled Duncan in delight. “We can finally get out of here!”

Duncan and Owen dodge multiple traps as they made their way up the tower. When they got there, they saw Gwen lying in her bed.

“Hey princess, we’re here to save you,” said Duncan hastily.

“Oh, my brave knight…” started Gwen, as she got muffled as Duncan carried her out the door.

“You know, I always…nice…” mumbled Gwen, as she tried to pull Duncan’s hand off of her mouth.

“Well, I ain’t no knight in shining armor,” answered Duncan as they almost escaped the castle.

However, at that moment, the dragon came back again and had the ability to speak.

“No one steals my prize and escapes with it!!!” she yelled. She then toned down.

“By the way, nice to meet you, my name’s Izzy.”

Owen and Duncan scratched their heads as they ran. Izzy roared and grabbed Owen as they tried to escape.

“I’m too young to…ooh, you’re pretty cute,” said Owen.

Izzy blushed and flew away with Owen and the two fell in love. Duncan started running with Gwen to make sure nothing like that would happen again.

“Well, you can at least take off your armor,” said Gwen. “I should at least see the face of my hero.”

Duncan took off his mask and quickly grabbed Gwen as she started screaming.

“You’re…an….ogre!!!” yelled Gwen as Duncan ran off with her.

So, Duncan carried Gwen through fiery mountains, dangerous forests…and…icy mountains again. However, Gwen and Duncan shared the time and bonded, making each other snake balloons and slowly appreciating the other’s existence.

“Why am I always here?” asked Duncan in disgust.

At that moment, the sun was about to set. Gwen looked awefully worried.

“Um…I have to go to sleep now, bye!” Gwen said nervously. She jumped inside a nearby igloo and fell asleep.

Duncan was curious and went inside. He could not believe his eyes. He ran away with her secret in hand.

The next morning, Duncan saw Trent arrive and take Gwen away. Duncan couldn’t help but feel something missing inside. He went back to his swamp and the fairy tale creatures were gone. However, he couldn’t help but feeling lonely.

“I sorta miss Gwen,” claimed Duncan sitting alone.

At that moment, Izzy arrived and dropped off Owen. They kissed as Owen yelled good bye.

“What’s up!” yelled Owen, obviously in a melancholy mood.

“Gwen left….and I never felt so empty,” claimed Duncan.

“Well, then go stop the wedding!” yelled Owen. “Hey Izzy, can you give us a ride?”

“Of course!” yelled Izzy as she picked them up.

The three went to Trent’s castle and dropped off Duncan.

“Stop the wedding!” yelled Duncan, as he crashed through the doors.

He saw Trent and Gwen dressed up and Gwen almost in tears.

“Duncan!” yelled Gwen as she ran up and hugged him. “I was so mistreated here!”

“What? A human falling in love with an ogre?” Trent laughed. Everyone else laughed along with him.

“Wait,” said Gwen. The sun was setting and Gwen turned into her true form: and ogre.

“What?” asked Trent in shock. “That’s it, kill both of them! I can’t have this hideousness here!”

Izzy suddenly swooped in and ate Trent. All of the audience members cheered as Gwen and Duncan kissed. They stayed as ogres, and lived happily ever after.


Poppy's Story

Based On: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Note: They will have the personalities of the TD characters, but I will call them by the fairy tail names.

Lindsay- Goldilocks

Owen- Papa Bear

Sierra- Mama Bear

Cody- Baby Bear

Once upon a time, 3 o' clock in the afternoon to be exact, Goldilocks, a sweet, young girl was walking through the woods. She came across a fork in the road, then picked it up. This fork will be good to eat cake with, I think, thought Goldilocks. She put it in her pocket. She continued walking, and found a split in the path. She started eating it. Mmmmm, this stuff is good, Goldilocks thought. She continued walking, very full, when she realized she had forgotten her fork at the split.


Spenstar's Story

Little Red Riding Hood: The Truth

Deep in a forest untouched by human guns or chainsaws, where there was always a creepy critter watching your every move, where wolves reigned supreme and the national code of law was Darwinism, a young girl scurried through. In her hand was an old-fashioned basket, its contents carefully concealed by a picnic blanket. The girl had no time to look around, no time to be afraid, no time to ask herself why. All she knew was that she had to deliver the contents of that basket to her grandmother's at all costs.

To her family and friends, she was Beth Olivia Spencer McGrady, sister of Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V, daughter of Brittany and Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady IV. To the rest of the world, she was Red Hood, running in the shadows and doing whatever it takes to fulfill her mission. Countless times she saved Steve's Agents Inc. from disaster, and this was another one of those times. She had no time to be afraid when everything she knew was at stake.

Red Hood pulled the red hood after which she was nicknamed over her head for comfort. The blood red eyes in the darkness stared into her very soul, and even she was beginning to get afraid.

Chill, she thought to herself, you're known for spitting in fear's face, this is nothing. Just running along to my grandmother's, like a fairy tale.

Red Hood took deep breaths as the eyes narrowed and increased in number, and the bats flew and screeched over her head. But the scariest part was that she demanded to know the contents of the box. She didn't want to think about it, but the thought tormented her mind. Her grandmother, her inspiration, her fellow Agent of Steve... this could be the last time she would see her hero.

Pushing the idea to the back of her head, Red Hood pressed on. Ignoring the stalking eyes was her first mistake, because when one stepped out of the shadows, Red Hood didn't notice until his Mexican voice caught her by surprise.

"Hola, little girl!"

Red Hood turned around and was in total shock at what she saw. His wolf eyes pierced her soul, yet his smile was entrancing. He had all the fearful traits of a wolf, yet the alluring attractiveness of a Mexican model. Red Hood didn't know whether to run away or stay.

"What's your rush? You're missing all the flowers."

Red Hood quick regained her composure and replied, "I'm in a hurry, so if you don't mind, I have to go." Red Hood quickly took off, but the wolf ran in front of her and stopped her.

"Why take off so soon?" he asked, "I want to know your name. Mine is Alejandro."

The mere sound of Alejandro's name passing through his lips entranced the girl, but she quickly snapped out of it. Mission first, romance later.

"I am Red Hood," she said, "I'd love to stay but I really have to go."

"Where to?" Red Hood wanted to give an answer, but resisted the urge. Even if not for the mission, Red Hood would not let herself get strung along like Brady and Justin before him. She knew better.

"My grandmothers. It's down by--" Red Hood caught herself, and quickly ran away before Alejandro could respond. Once the girl was out of sight, the sly wolf scurried up a tree and noticed the cottage in the distance. He smirked.

If he was right, he'd eat like a king tonight.

When Red Hood arrived at her grandmother's, she slowly opened the door and crept in, closing the door behind her. Sensing something amiss, she didn't bother to remove her hood. She slowly walked to the bed her grandmother was asleep in, but she looked strange. Red Hood was too distracted by her encounter with Alejandro before to figure out what, though.

"Grandmother, what happened?" the body in the bed was covered by a blanket up to its nose, concealing the sly smile beneath.

"Nothing, deary," said the creature, in a high-pitched voice.

"Grandmother, what a high voice you have!" exclaimed Red Hood, "That's not usual for you! And what big eyes you have, and what big ears, and what hairy--" It suddenly hit her.

"You're not grandmother!"

"Why of course I am," said the impostor in the same fake voice.

"Then why am I here?"

"Because you love your grammy?" suggested the imposter, uncertainly.


The impostor jumped out of bed, affirming his identity as Alejandro. Red Hood ran screaming, but the wolf cornered her.

"What did you do to my grandmother?" asked Red Hood, standing tall even in the face of death.

"I ate her! Too bad she was already dead. But the flesh was fresh, and it was a good meal."

"No..." Red Hood dropped her basket in shock and sadness. She was too late, and even if it weren't for Alejandro it would have been too late. But it didn't matter now. Red Hood recalled the first thing her grandmother taught her: always think on your toes.

Red Hood looked around the room, and found a revolver on a dresser barely ten feet away. If she could get it, she could kill the wolf closing in on her. But, how? Suddenly an idea sprang to her mind. Red Hood grabbed the wolf by the collar of his fur coat and kissed him deeply. As odd as it seemed, Red Hood thoroughly enjoyed that moment of lust. When she pulled away, Alejandro recoiled in shock and disgust, giving Red Hood enough time to run the ten feet, grab the gun, and take aim at the wolf.

"Adios, 'amor'!" She shot.

With grandmother gone, Steve's Agents would fall apart. The members would claw each other to death for the chance to replace her. The girl dropped her gun and pulled down her hood. She was Red Hood no longer.

Beth removed the picnic blanket from the basket and pulled out the form inside. On the dotted line, grandmother was supposed to write down the name of her successor. Now she never will. Beth's tears filled with eyes, but when she released them, she noticed a piece of paper on the dresser. Beth wiped her eyes and began to read it.

"To whoever may read this, in case you do not get here in time, as you know, my time is up. The past forty years as an agent have been fun, but like all things good and bad, it has come to an end. In case I have already passed away when the sender of the agency will arrives, I would like to say now that I want my granddaughter, the fearless Beth McGrady, to replace me as the leading Agent of Steve. Lead the team well, my little Red Hood. Sincerely, Lindsay Gwyneth Owen McGrady."

Beth's tears turned bittersweet as she put the paper in her basket and concealed it with the picnic blanket.

"I'll make you proud, grandmother," she said softly to herself.

As she left the cottage for the final time, Beth pulled up her hood and smiled. She was Red Hood once again.

Tdi's Story

Little Red Riding Hood


  • Lindsay as Little Red Riding Hood
  • Alejandro as the wolf
  • Heather as Grandma
  • DJ as the lumberjack
  • Bridgette as the mom
  • Courtney as the teacher

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lindsay.

"That's me!" Lindsay cheered.

Not yet!

"Aww," Lindsay pouted.

Anyways, she was the prettiest girl in the whole land! However, she wasn't the smartest, either.

"You failed your test! Again!" Ms. Courtney scolded Lindsay.

As a child, Grandmother Heather made young Lindsay a red riding hood, and it made her even prettier! Soon, the town was calling her 'Little Red Riding Hood.' When Lindsay would hear it, she would scratch her head and say:

"What does that mean?"

One day, while playing outside, her mother called her.

"Lindsay!" her mother explained," Grandma Heather is very ill. I just told her that you will go her house in the woods to give her this basket full of bread, blankets, and other little things. Go take it to her and keep company for a few minutes."

"I don't like Grandma Heather," Lindsay complained.

"Neither do I," mother said," but she is very old, so we need to make her last few years, err, meaningful."

"Okay," Lindsay said.

She grabbed the basket and ran off.

"Make sure you stay on the path!" her mother yelled.

But Lindsay didn't hear. She continued running into the forest. She soon came across a patch of flowers.

"Oh," Lindsay said to herself. She got off the path and started picking flowers. Then, a wolf came and started talking to her.

"Hello little girl," the wolf said," What brings you out here?"

"I'm going to my grandma's house to take her this basket!" Lindsay replied.

"May I know your name?" the wolf asked.

"My name is Lindsay, but people call me Little Red Riding Hood. I don't know why," Lindsay explained.

What an idiot, the wolf thought.

"Well, my name is Alejandro," Alejandro the wolf said.

"Yay! We can be best friends forever!" Lindsay cheered.

"So, let me assist you to your grandma's house," Alejandro the wolf told Lindsay.

"Okay!" Lindsay said.

They started walking down the path. Soon, they reached a fork in the road.

"Oh no," Lindsay cried," How will we know which path to go down?"

"Well, how about I go down one path, and you go down the other?" Alejandro asked.

"Good idea!" Lindsay agreed.

That was not a good idea, though. Alejandro knew the paths and went down the path that allowed him to get to Grandma Heather's house quicker. He arrived at her house and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?!" Grandma Heather yelled," I demand an answer now!"

"It's me, Lindsay," Alejandro the wolf said, impersonating Lindsay.

"Go away!" grandma Heather yelled.

Alejandro the wolf instead burst through the door and ate Grandma Heather. Meanwhile, Lindsay was on her path when she came across a lumberjack.

"Hello, mister lumberjack!" Lindsay greeted.

"Hello little girl," DJ the lumberjack said," what are you doing out here?"

"I'm going to my Grandma Heather's house!" Lindsay said,” this nice wolf named Alejandro is helping me! I got to get going, bye!"

Lindsay skipped off.

"Wait," DJ said to himself," a wolf named Alejandro?"

Lindsay reached her grandma's house and knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Alejandro the wolf said, using grandma Heather's voice.

"It's me, Lindsay!" Lindsay said.

"Oh, come on in dear," Alejandro replied.

Lindsay came in and gave Alejandro the basket.

"Oh grandma! How nice you have been!" Lindsay said.

"Oh, being sick makes me feel so welcoming!" Alejandro lied.

"Oh grandma! What big ears you have!"

"The better I can hear you with."

"Oh grandma! What big eyes you have!"

"The better to see you with."

"Oh grandma! What big teeth you have!"

"The better I can eat you with!"

With that, Alejandro the wolf ate Lindsay. He ran out, but then, ran into DJ the lumberjack.

"I know what you're up to!" DJ yelled.

With that, he took at whack at Alejandro the wolf. He coughed up Lindsay. After another whack, he coughed up Grandma Heather.

"Oh, you need to clean the inside of your mouth!" grandma Heather complained.

Alejandro the wolf ran off into the forest, never to be seen again. A week later, when Grandma Heather got over her illness, they threw a party at Lindsay's house.

"This house is so ugly!" Heather complained," Bridgette, how could you raise your child like this?!"

"Yes mother," mother Bridgette said, annoyed.

"You should've left her in the wolf," Lindsay whispered to DJ the lumberjack.

"Yeah, I should've," DJ agreed.

Everyone started laughing.

The End

Webly's Story

The Obese But Yet Somehow Little Mermaid

Sadie- Ariel
Courtney- Ursula
Owen- Flounder
Trent- Sebastian
Alejandro- King Triton

Ezekiel- Scuttle

Sadie was always the lazy type. She never wanted to do everything and was just a plain spoiled brat. She demanded for everything and never said thank you to anyone. Her mother died when she was little, so she was left with her adventurous sisters who she despised a lot. And the worst part was… she was a mermaid.

“Sadie, what do you want to have for lunch?” Her servant Owen reluctantly questioned.

“Some iced tea, 5 hamburgers and a taco to go!” Sadie demanded. You could see her stomach start to bulge a little out showing how fat a mermaid could be.

Owen closes his eyes and says the words that Sadie wanted to here, “Of course.” He then makes a soft side comment, “I just hope I don’t eat it first.”

“Was that a side comment I heard?” Sadie asked. “Because you know what I do with people who have those nasty side comments. By they way, if you don’t give it to me now, I will eat you! I’ve tasted you humans before you have raw and unexpected tastes.” She and Owen both stare at the floor to see a ton of weeds that contained faces. There had to be at least 100 of them if you were looking closely.

“Sadie, I didn’t have a side comment.”

Before Sadie could say a thing, Owen dashed away helplessly.

The scene faded and a sea witch with the name of Courtney appeared.

“Look at that quite ugly, fat lady! If only I could have her life. Being stuck in this dirty old ditch they call a sea cave is like a new definition of he- mommy did always say to not say that word.” Courtney says with her tentacles flying everywhere. She is seen looking into a glass ball with her servant giving her, her meal. “It’s quite atrocious what a princess like that can become.”

Courtney then made a plan, a plan to show that the little big brat needed to know how it was to be not spoiled. Her plan was simply to promise her obvious empty promises and then manage to marry Triton and then proceed in murdering him. Would it work? Probably, she was right about something Sadie was very spoiled. But she wasn’t the only one who thought so too!

The scene changed to a bird requested by Sadie to be a present for her.

“Here’s the bird you wanted,” Owen says as he gives her the bird. “I just got it from up there.” He points to the top of the ocean.

“Why is it purple?” Sadie asks while chewing her gum.

“Um…I just got it! I mean birds can’t live under water.”

“Why you telling me that now? Now, go get a swimmy suit on the fish and bring him down here again!” Sadie demands. “Also, make a name for him after you get the swimmy suit!”

On the way up, the bird died. Since what Sadie explained was let’s say, wrong, Owen decided to improvise and then put a helmet on the once living bird. He swims down back to Sadie whose chewing gum even louder and more obnoxious than she was.

“Owen,” Sadie said softly. “Tell me the babies name now!”

“It’s Ezekiel,” Owen retorts.

Sadie rolled her eyes and asked, “What kind of made up name is that?”

“Ma’am it’s not a made up name. I guess it’s a little older.” Owen suggests to Sadie.

Sadie spits the gum on Owen’s face. “Put that on the recycling bin, okay?”

Owen glares at the ground and takes the gum off of his face. “Um…you don’t recycle gum and there is no recycle bin down here.”

“I don’t care what type of grade you got in English class,” Sadie exclaims. “Put it somewhere away from my mouth.”

Owen comes back up and down while Sadie notices the bird is not alive.

“The birdie died already? I was predicting he’d die in the next minute!” Sadie yelled at Owen.

Trent and Sadie’s dad, King Alejandro swim by and then notice Sadie.

”Hey Sadie,” King Alejandro says. “How’s your day been going?”

“Well, I got a new bird and then it died. I almost killed another worthless servant but I didn’t! I probably will in the next 10 minutes. So, it’s been a normal day, how about you?” Sadie replied sounding exhausted.

“Oh, I’ve just been roaming around with Trent, who’s decided to help you with focusing better tomorrow. It sounds like you’ve had a better day than I have already and it’s only 12:00pm.”

Trent and the king start to walk away.

Trent asks the king, “This is the freak you explained to me?”

“Sadly, yes, but she’s my daughter but I wonder why I don’t feel bad about no standing up to you.”

Courtney popped out of the seaweed. She says, “Sadie-

“I don’t want to sniff your fruit salad! Leave now!”

“CUT!” A random producer shrieks. “What kind of movie do you think we’re trying to film? Next people to audition, go!”

Trent looks at the camera who doesn’t realize that he only had one line. “Well, I thought I was doing a phenomenal job!”



Nalyd: I apologize for the lack of judging. Reddy did read the Gophers stories, unfortunately Chimmy/Shane couldn't get around to dong Bass judging. The Gophers lose. Mrdaimon, for not posting a story, you have been eliminated.

Week Six Chat

Nalyd: Challenge six will be posted soon.

Plat: For BB/my challenge, can we post more than one question/answer for our advice column? Thank you in advance for answering.

Nalyd: You only need to write one character asking one question, but you may do up to three.

MTDM: For Tdi/my challenge, what do the interviews need to be about (example?)? I think Spenny covered interviews already... Thank you in advance for answering. *homework*

Tdi: I think it's more like a one-on-one, like, you interview Duncan. Spenstar's did multiple people and told us like Courtney and Duncan got back together, Izzy is in jail, Harold is a ninja now, etc.

BB: Well... The chat is dead this week. :|

Crag:With competition heating up, will the judges judge us or eliminate nobody? Find out next time on TDA6!!!! But seriouly, they will next to eliminate someone, they skipped the third week becuase there was a double elimination since Ult quit and they want to have 11 weeks

BB: *sigh* I'm starting to have second thoughts towards signing up for this competition.........

Nalyd: Okay so we're gonna get the judging for this week done this week. I apologize for the delays. There will be an elimination next Saturday.

Plat: Is it possible to start the next week and have a double elimination on Saturday?

BB: It's Monday... I wish we could. Honestly.

Challenge Six

Nalyd: This challenge, each of you will be assigned a role. You must write something that would be found in a newspaper. To make the teams even, Spenstar is now on the Gophers.

Bbhinton15 and Plat will write an advice column. Write a letter from the character of the show in which they ask you for advice. Explain their problem and question, then write a letter replying to them.

Crag and Poppy will write a "Sports" article. Write about a challenge in TDI/A/WT in the style of a sports reporter. Point out good moves made by the competitors in the challenge, and pick an MVP.

MTDM and Tdi will write an interview in which they ask a Total Drama character questions, and they will write the character's answers.

Spenstar and Webly will write a gossip article about Total Drama characters. Who's going out with who? Who broke up? (Why do people find those interesting?)

Bbhinton15's Story

Writer's Notes:

  • These are advice columns, and the typical newspaper advice columns of the world have their writers sign their letters with anonymous alias. I plan to do the same with my advice columns. If you need to know which Total Drama character, I'm using (if it isn't obvious), they are listed below:
    • Letter One: Sierra
    • Letter Two: Katie/Sadie
      • The text should be invisible/transparent for those that want to figure out who's who by themselves. For the judges, simply highlight the text to see the names above.

Letter One
Friday, September 19th, 2008

Dearest BB...

I think I need your help. There's this guy that I like love am "married" to in my mind. I love him with all my heart. I've written blogs about him, I know everything there is to know about him, I give him so many hugs... kisses... foot massages. I've even saved his life a couple of tiems times. But, I have the smallest, tiniest, "itty-bittiest" feeling that he just might not love me the exact same way. I want him to love me exactly like I love him... which is a lot. Any idea on what I should do?
Sincerest Regards,

TDA6 Signature (1)

Mrs. S. E. J. Anderson

Reply One
Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Dear Mrs. Anderson,

First of all, I want to congratulate you for doing the step a majority of people with problems wouldn't do: admitting you may have a problem. It seems to me that the "relationship" you are in with this person is very one-sided. Your letter included everything you've done for him. What has he done for you? Has he shown any signs of actually liking or loving you? Again, everything you said sounded very one-sided for a relationship. My solution to this would be backing down for a few days with all the things that you do for him to see what he could actually do out of love for you. This would be considered a test to see if he really does like you as much as you like him. If he shows some signs of this, then I think you have a great chance with this person in a two-sided relationship. If he truly doesn't do anything, relationship-wise, then my honest opinion would be to tell you that being with him is a lost cause.
Best of Luck,

TDA6 Signature (2)


Letter Two
Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Hey, BB Omigosh, BB!

BB, BB, BB, BB, BB, BB!!! Oh, my gosh! Okay, so... Today, me and my BFFFL were talking about going to the mall one day. :) And, when we were talking and stuff, she said she didn't want to go. And, I'm all, "Why not?". And, she's all, "Because, I just don't want to". And I'm all, "Well, if you don't go, you're not my friend". And, she's all, "I'm really tired". And, after that, I left. It's been like 3 years months days since this has happened!! :( And, I don't know what to do! I miss my friend but I'm scared to talk to her now. Can you help me!? :(

TDA6 Signature (3)

Depressed BFFFL

Reply Two
Monday, October 20th, 2008

Dear Depressed,

Take it easy, take it easy. Alright, it sounds like you and your friend are having a common BFFO, Best Friend Fall-Out. If you want my opinions, if you're like everyone else that I've talked to about this, you are probably assuming the worst for yourself and your friendship with this person. What you can do to remedy this situation is to use BB's 3 "Be's" Solution. BB's 3 "Be's" Solution is to... Be calm, be courteous, and be contiguous. First off, Depressed, be calm. This goes back to what I was saying earlier; calm down about the entire situation. The more worked up you get, the more you may make the situation worse on yourself when the situation may be really minor. Make sure to calm down and take everything slow. My second and third steps are to be courteous and, if applicable, be direct. Honestly, you are going to see this person again. When you do, to see if she'll talk to you, give her a compliment here or there. Tell her that you like her shoes or what she's done to her hair. If she thanks you, or even compliments you back, there's no need to go into the next step, because you two are probably friends again. If the friend, continues to ignore you, then you need to resort to drastic measures: be direct. What you would need to do is face her, eye to eye, and ask her directly "are you mad upset with me?". If she responds, there's hope for you to still be friends; if she doesn't respond after your first few attempts, then, not to be a downer, but she was never your friend to begin with, sweetie. It's life. It's the way things are. However, I do predict that you two will be okay. If this doesn't help, feel free to come seeking more advice. I'm always here.
With Love,

TDA6 Signature (2)


Crag's Story

Total Drama News

Hello sports fans, last night's challenge from Total Drama Island was a deadly one, “Dodgebrawl”. For those of you who miss the wonderful show, five rounds of dodge ball.. Two teams, one winner. The Screaming Gophers came back after their second win in a row hoping for an easy win while the killer Bass tried to keep up. Round one saw the Gophers using LeShawna, Lindsay, Cody, Heather and Owen face the Bass' Courtney, DJ, Katie, Harold and Tyler. Tyler messed up catastrophically as he assured his team he would dominate the game, but failed and was put out.

Harold tried to show of his “mad skills” with a ball but it failed to make a mark and was quickly hit.

In the end, DJ and Katie were left against a lone Cody. Courtney, as well as the rest of the Bass, thought it was an easy out but looks can be deceiving as Cody sprung into action and used a ball which had boomerang like qualities hitting DJ on the return trip. With it one to one, Cody pulled out another electric ball, or should I say static electric as he rubbed the ball against his clothes creating a ball which acted like a heat-seeking missile. Katie tried in vain to dodge but was eventually hit bringing the game 1-0 to the Gophers. Not looking good for the Bass.

Round 2 saw more action with Tyler leaving to walk with his girlfriend, this should be considered a blessing for the Bass as he stank! This round saw Owen fill with rage and threw balls as such an incredible pace dodging was nearly impossible. Obviously, nobody on the Bass' team dodged so the score was 2-0. The Gophers needed another round while the Bass needed a clean sweep.

Round 3, the Bass risked their lives when they woke Duncan,who was sleeping from the previous challenge, as he was the only person who could save them with them voting off their strongest player! Duncan awoke and enforced a new strategy, “Pound the New Guy” which turned out to be an amazing success as the Killer Bass stormed through the next two rounds eventually becoming level with the Screaming Gophers, with the score tied up with the last round being the decider.

In the final round, it took a long time with many being caught out allowing other a member of the other team able to enter. Geoff, possibly out of pity allowed Harold to enter the game as Harold has sat out every round after the first and this decision proved to be the game-changing decision.

After a double out with DJ and Gwen,the final 2 were decided, Owen for the Gophers and Harold for the Bass. Owen, confident, threw balls at Harold who dodged them with ease. After a time out Harold knew he had to catch the ball as he wouldn't be able to hit Owen out. Owen threw another, powerful, ball at Harold. Harold flew backwards and hit the wall, smoke appeared and Harold was announced out. But! The smoke cleared and Harold was revealed to have caught the ball! This meant the Killer Bass win their first challenge!

After that exciting instalment, I'd say that without Duncan,. They would have lost by a clean sweep so Duncan is this week's MVP!

MTDM's Story

~ Interviews ~
Total Drama Daily

(MTDM: I forgot Monday was Monday, so I didn't see the finale. All I know is: Ezekiel got shot into a volcano (and shot out), Alejandro's a robot, and Heather won. So, if Zeke's not an animal anymore, don't blame me.)

Hello, and welcome to another installment of Total Drama Daily! This is Mr. Totaldramaman, with the interviews. Today we're interviewing Ezekiel, after being shot out of a volcano! But let's recap him, first!

In Total Drama Island, Ezekiel was voted out first, due to his sexist comments against girls. During the loser episode, he became a gangster wannabe, and had a little crush on everyone's favorite surfer, Bridgette (dropping his sexist remarks). In the special, he grouped with Lindsay and Beth. Although he kept finding the million, Lindsay and Beth kept telling him to "stop interrupting their girl talk." Ezekiel did not make it to the next season, though his partners did.

Ezekiel appeared in the Total Drama Action Aftermath. Throughput the show, he usually claps at Geoff's statements, smiling. In the special, Ezekiel becomes more of a wannabe gangster, adding some bling-bling to his outfit. Part of the bling, was a cowbell. As home-school kept getting tangled, looks like he made a new girlfriend. His pet bull instantly falls in love with him, hearing the sound of the bell! Anywho, Zeke tried to convince his peers he can survive alone in the streets. But when he tried to, a hobo stole his wallet. Ezekiel teamed up with his peers to stop "Total Drama Dirtbags." Ezekiel was saved by the host, making it to season three.

During season three, Chris was annoyed by Ezekiel. He then threw him off the plane, and officially eliminated him. Although, he appeared as a stowaway, and Chris let him return. However, in the next episode, Zeke fed his team's stick to a crocodile, trying to tap it on the nose. This resulted in Zeke's elimination, however, he hang onto the plane's wing, vowing to win. He climbed back into the plane, becoming a stowaway, again. He made several cameo appearances in the season, and later had a major role in London. He...was...the...ripper! He totally changed: green skin, bitten ear, no hat, etc. I know it gave me the creeps! If Gwen and Courtney didn't find Duncan, Chris would have let Zeke return, but didn't. Chef then threw Ezekiel out of the plane, but Ezekiel — or should I call him "Zombie Zeke" — hung on the plane's wheels! He kept making cameos again, and then had a major role in Africa. The remaining contestants had to tranquilize him. It never worked, until Duncan had to wash himself in the lake, where "Zombie Zeke" was hiding. He then jumped out of the lake, and scratched Duncan. Heather then tranquilized the two, and won. As the cast left, Ezekiel was seen going back into the plane. Bla bla bla, more cameos, bla bla bla. When Heather won, "Zombie Zeke" stole the case from her, and was sent flying into an active volcano, eventually being shot out.

Time to start the interview!

  • Mr. Totaldramaman: Hello... Ezekiel.
  • Ezekiel: Blargh!
    • Caption: Hello, eh?
  • Mr. Totaldramaman: What happened to you!?
  • Ezekiel: Blargh blargh, bler. Bloorgh.
    • Caption: No food, eh? I'm like, semi-dead, eh?
  • Mr. Totaldramaman: Do you believe you'll get sued, because of stealling the million?
  • Ezekiel: BLAAAAARGH!!!
    • Caption: I don't know, eh?
  • Mr. Totaldramaman: Are you still sexist?
  • Ezekiel: BLARGH!!!!!
    • Caption: Sexist, eh? What's that, eh?
  • Mr. Totaldramaman: Who had the best run in the series?
  • Ezekiel: Blargh.
    • Caption: Me, yo.
  • Mr. Totaldramaman: Do you plan to go the the zoo in the future?
  • Ezekiel: Blaaaaargh!!!!
    • Caption: Oh, yeah, yo, eh? I love those chipmunks.
  • Mr. Totaldramaman: I meant resident in the zoo, in a cage.
  • Ezekiel: Blargh, blargh, bloooorgh!
    • Caption: What, eh, yo!?
  • Mr. Totaldramaman: Who do you hate the most in the whole competition?
  • Ezekiel: BLOOOOORGH!
    • Caption: Eva, she's mean, eh?
  • Mr. Totaldramaman: Who's your best friend in the competition?
  • Ezekiel: Bloorgh!!
    • Caption: Geoff, eh?
  • Mr. Totaldramaman: Man, I can't believe I understood you the whole time. I think I speak Zeke! Anyways, who do you have a crush on? (raises eyebrows)
  • Ezekiel: (scratches Mr. Totaldramaman's chest; leaves)
  • Mr. Totaldramaman: (on a gurney) That's all the time we ha-. (ambulance brings him to hospital)

The End...?

(MTDM: This has got to be my weirdest story, yet. xD.)

Plat's story

This is an advice column which is written by Chris

Dear self-obssessed host,

Hey, I am Eva. For some reason, many people have been glaring at me from the streets. It's like they don't even appreciate my existence. Sure, I might be haughty to them or beat them up, but that doesn't give them the right to be looking at me weirdly! Anyways, that is not my main point of this stupid advice question, I was just complaining on how my life sucks. My main point is how people view me. A while ago, I was chatting with my "friend" Noah over by the pool at Playa Des Losers. He uttered three words that severely annoyed me: "Anger management issues". Now, I have no problem with that being said as a joke, but he continually pummels me with insults about my problems all the time. Listen up, Chris! I don't have any problems with my temper, and I want to prove to Noah that I don't! Please respond, or I'll increasingly make you suffer more than you already do in life because of your huge insecureness.

You better answer,


Dear Eva,

First of all, do not insult the person who you are trying to get advice from. So, your question is how you can prove Noah wrong. However, I think the more appropriate question would be how you could get to improve yourself to show Noah that you are correct instead of him. Noah has a point that you are not the best candidate for friendship on this show. In fact, you threatened me with death just to let you return in Total Drama Island! You shouldn't be hating on him, when you are the one looking more like an idiot for being a bully then he is just trying to be normal and survive another day. And also, stop being so self-obsessed. Not everything on Earth revolves around you. It revolves around me, Chris McClean. You should know that by now because you are asking me for advice. I think that your evilness derives from the part that your world revolves around you. You should take a moment, and acknowledge the true superior being in this

You're welcome,

Chris McClean

Dear Mr. Wizard of Awesomeness,

I need some dating advice. You see, my awesome beautiful luscious girlfriend does not appreciate my existence anymore. I would like to keep my animosity covered, like they say at Mystery Steve's Mystery Camp. Anyways, I heard you have had much success with many feministic people before and I would like to know more about handling with people of the opposite gender. So gosh, I hope my secrecy is held because Dun...someone would bully me if they found out I turned to you for dating advice. So, I hope you take my question into serious consideration as I turn to you for a crucial moment in my life.

P.S. Do you live in your parent's basement?

Your anonymous Lv.45 Wizard,


Dear Harold,

Don't worry, your secret is kept safe with me, the most forgiving and female friendly host ever. I could easily answer your question because I have had numerous dates before. In order to go out with the one you love, you should give tons of money to the one you love and they will love you back. It has worked all the time for me, and I feel like they have real feelings for me because they say they really love my donation. It is with these reasons why I think that you have turned to the right person. Your awesome host, also known as myself, knows all when it comes to the "ladies". Trust me, if you give someone a lot of money, they will love you for it. Don't worry Harold, your animosity will remain intact.

Your beloved host,

Chris McClean

Dear No Good Selfish Helicopter Only know what I mean,

Hello, Chris. It's me, Sierra. You know, the one who almost got abandoned in Drumheller because you cared too much about a nonliving object? Well, as long as Cody want hurt, I'm fine. Anyways, I need your advice. You see, my persistent mom has maintained a crush on you ever since you hosted that cooking show, "Keeping It Plain With Chris McClean". Anyways, after I told her of your vile selfish act of abandoning me in the middle of nowhere, she still doesn't have the heart to mentally break up with you! I want to know how to make her forget of your evil and twisted mind and instead try to help her give Cody and I some money to support our honeymoon to Nicaragua. I heard they have a reality show there that is much better than yours.

P.S. No, my mom is not attractive. She's kind of old...

I made a vow to sign all my letters using the name Cody, Sierra

Dear Sierra,

Why did you destroy my plane????? It was my beauty, my love, mi amoure amoureeeh whatever Alejandro said to Heather when he kissed her. Anyways, there is no way that I could ever give advice to someone as horrible as you! I mean, I loved that plane more than I loved Chef...I mean my girlfriends, which I have plenty of so I don't need your mom or anything twisted or discombobulated as that. Anyways, in order to get your entire family away from me, I suggest you get abandoned and die in Drumheller try to find a way to impress me and not talk about my horrible cooking show. So what if it got no views and failed epically? I was the star which makes it a billion times better than any other cooking show. So, what I suggest is that you pay your mom a lot of money to stop bothering you or me about this whole unrequited love situation. For the last time, I have Chefypoo a girlfriend!!!

I want a new plane, Chris McClean

P.S. Did you see that rhyme right there? Never mind...

Poppy's Story

Total Drama MVP

Edition 10- If You Can't Take the Heat...

Last time on Total Drama Island, Cody had some serious issues with his planning- he got eliminated! However, on the thrilling episode last night, tensions flared in a deadly cook-off. It all started out great, until Duncan took a big whiff and got Harold's crusty undies right in his face. That's got to stink!

Chris introduced the challenge, and Geoff led his team. However, over at the Screaming Gophers, Heather forced her teamates to elect her. They were mad. LeShawna led the rebellion against the mighty Heather and her alliance. Even Lindsay joined in.

However, Owen was the big Lump of The Dump. He got stung by bees twice, gave Trent a concussion, and made the Screaming Gophers lose! He ate the entire meal, people. Or, at least what was left of it.

The Killer Bass took the win, however I think the MVP was LeShawna. She brought the team together after disastorous efforts made by Heather were stopped. Go LeShawna! You showed Heather who's boss. You even locked her in a freezer! Great effort.

Harold, last we saw you you were nude on the Dock Of Shame. You fought Duncan, and even though your crusty underwear will always be disgusting, I feel like you should get a honorable mention.

At the elimination ceremony, Heather pulled a dirty move and bribed her teamates to vote off beth. And it worked. Heather showed no regret as Beth walked down the Dock of Shame, and Beth was totally destroyed.

Well, that's it for this edition of Total Drama MVP. Join us next time. Will the Screaming Gophers take the win? Or will they be seen sending another loser home?

Spenstar's Story

Total Drama Inquirer

Wazzup, fellow Total Drama fans! This is your all-knowing, all-seeing buddy on all things Total Drama gossip! Just last night, Total Drama World Tour runner-up Alejandro was seen emerging from the luxurious McLean spa center, relieved of all his wounds from the finale. He claims that his current girlfriend Courtney let him "borrow her lawyers" for a successful lawsuit. Chris McLean was not pleased.

When asked about Heather, Alejandro merely said, "We're over. I don't know what I saw in her, but it's gone now. And Courtney is simply amazing!"

Speaking of hookups, Duncan and Gwen are still going strong. Gwen was seeing wearing a heart necklace that she claimed Duncan had gotten for her. Who knew he had a soft side? When we asked Duncan how he got the money, he bolted.

"I'm happy for them," said Courtney in an interview, "I'm over Duncan, but we're still good friends. It was my idea for him to get her the necklace in the first place!" No wonder fellow fans hate Courtney. Do you really have to take the credit for everything, girl?

Forget Spring, the fall is officially the season of love for DJ and Katie, who were seen walking down the school halls together hand-in-hand. Katie has also become a cheerleader alongside Lindsay and Sadie, giving DJ and Tyler the motivation they need to win football games like they were going out of style. But that's not all! Heather was seen last week cuddling up to Trent while he was singing one of his original songs. She was seen the next day on Trent's lap with his arms around her waist.

"Heather's not the same person she was on Total Drama," said Trent in an interview, "She's changed, a lot. She's really nice, and she's inspired a lot of my newest songs."

Speaking of Trent, he recently separated from the Drama Brothers and got a record deal on his own. And let me tell you, his songs are amazing! This boy's got it all: looks, money, fame, talent, and a hot babe on his arm. And as for his manager? None other than the hosting genius Chris McLean, who has retired from Total Drama to get rich off of Trent's talent.

Finally, our beloved geek Cody was seen on a blind date that apparently, Cody's close friend Sierra set up for him. According to Cody, the date went wonderfully, and Cody and the girl are now official.

That's all for this installment of Total Drama Inquirer! See you next time!

Tdi's Story

Interview with the Queen Bee

Hello fellow Total Drama Fanatics! This is Tdi with another interview. Today, I am interviewing Total Drama World Tour winner Heather! Heather has been on all three seasons, making it to the final eight everytime!

On Total Drama Island, she formed an alliance with Lindsay and Beth, made enemies, almost broke Trent and Gwen up, and made it to the final three! However, she was eliminated in the dare challenge when she refused to get a haircut from Chef Hatchet, but ended up anyways! On the finale, she rooted for Owen. During the special, she worked with Harold, and made it to Total Drama Action!

Heather's time on Total Drama Action wasn't easy, losing her wig, having no friends except Harold. Strangley, she made it past two eliminations, and even stranger, she got the boot when LeShawna became the villain of her team! Heather started a video blog war with Gwen, mocking Gwen, Katie, and Sadie! When the bus went over the cliff, she stayed with mostly everyone and joined Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama World Tour wasn't any better than Total Drama Action. She was placed on Team Amazon, along with Courtney, Gwen, Sierra, and Cody, all who don't like her. Luckily, her team lost twice. The first time, she was voted out, but Chris McClean revealed that nobody was going home, and when the second elimination came, Courtney and Gwen were the two with most votes. When the merge came, she was able to dodge elimination everytime. All the while, Alejandro, the new hot guy, who was also strategist, almost got to Heather. In the finale, however, she tricked him and won a million dollars! Unfortunantly, Ezekiel fell into a volcano with it. Now is the time you've been waiting for, my interview with Heather!

  • TDI: Hello, Heather, nice to meet you
  • H: Who are you?! Why are you here?!
  • TDI: I'm here for an interview.....
  • H: For?!
  • TDI: A newspaper.
  • H: Oh, carry on.
  • TDI: Okay...... so, how does it feel to win a season after two troublesome seasons?
  • H: It would feel better if I sued Chris for everything he has, but I guess kicking Alejandro off the volcano is fine enough.
  • TDI: Are you mad at Ezekiel for losing the million?
  • H: Yes! He ruined my life! All those season for nothing! That terrible final challenge and all I get is nothing!
  • TDI: Well, you can say you won a television show...
  • H: Oh yeah, sure (rolls eyes)
  • TDI: So, have you made friends with anyone from the show?
  • H: Well, Harold. Cody is also now my friend. Sierra is now my friend too.
  • TDI: What are you planning to do in the future?
  • H: Get my own reality show, I will call it Heather's World
  • TDI: I'm sure it would be interesting.
  • H: Oh, it will.
  • TDI: Time to get the dirt. Who is the one contestant you just can't stand!
  • H: Only one?!
  • TDI: Other than Alejandro, Courtney, Gwen, and LeShawna.
  • H: Oh, Justin. I hate people who try to be "bad."
  • TDI: Okay, worst relationship.
  • H: Oh please, Gwen and Trent were terrible! I also hate Bridgette and Geoff. Also on my list, Lindsay and Tyler, Courtney and Duncan, Gwen and Duncan, Izzy and Owen, and LeShawna and Harold.
  • TDI:......... that's basically all of them.
  • H: Exactly.
  • TDI: Last question, who should get together?
  • H: Harold and Beth, both are nerds.
  • TDI: No rant?
  • H: I'm done ranting, bye. (walks out door)
  • TDI: Gee, I guess she got the last word.......... see you next time!

Webly's Story

Total Drama Gossip

Hello, I’m Weebly, I mean Webly or so it says on my note card. Anyways, today you’ll be dished with who won the Total Drama World Tour season. You’ll get to find out what was behind the break up’s and the twisty tricky eliminations this season. Finally, we’ll get an interview from Bridgette who never got a chance to explain what exactly was behind her elimination in the aftermath which is by far way worse than this show.

First on the show, let’s discuss on who won Total Drama World Tour! I have to say, I did not see it coming. Since I might spoil it for you, you might as well leave now while you can before I tell you Heather won in the epic finale. Yep, you better go. I was rooting for Cody, who earned the place of 3rd. I really can’t believe he went after Sierra and would let Alejandro and Heather beat him. I mean she is a stalker for crying out loud. You know, she probably would be pretty good for this show though. Especially if it was called the Cody show.

Another candidate Alejandro was very close to winning but was bested by the girl he called “his love.” In the tiebreaker challenge, he rudely shoved Cody in the shark invested lake. This really lost his support from the peanut gallery. He wasn’t even easy on Cody. I say Cody really should’ve gone further, I mean who likes Alejandro. In the battle to win, Alejandro picked Courtney and Lindsay to help him win but he was stopped by Heather who he revealed his love too! Heather kicked him and she won the game. He is ashamed of himself so he is now in hiding. We recently recovered a letter he sent to Heather after he lost. Heather never got to see it and now we are going to read it on live television. Alejandro, Heather, I really hope you are watching right now. The letter reads,

Dear Heather,

My love for you is all the worth while but when you won, I was ashamed. I underestimated you and your talent and I understand if you don’t love me. I still have feelings for you and maybe you do too! If you do, come to my homeland in Coco, Mexico. I’m going under the name Chris McLean. So, when you come and find me, look for the big house. I wish you the best of luck in life and I’ll always be watching out for you.

Love, Alejandro.

It may seem like Alejandro does have a sweet spot but in poorly erased on the side it reads, “if you fall for this, you really aren’t a villain like I thought you were.” It is unknown why Alejandro did this but hey he just got owned on live television. He probably will go in hiding now especially because everybody hates him. Yesterday, I went into town and ran into Alejandro’s mother who explained how they kicked Alejandro out of the house for being so rude on Total Drama World Tour. He is now secretly residing in a town in Arkansas. So, odd people who still like Alejandro, I’d advise you to go now before he leaves Arkansas. Man, I can’t believe everyone thought he actually died. Did you guys see the alternate ending? That was another dummy. I honestly think that the people stupid enough to mourn over Alejandro’s death need to get a life and fast before you die too!

Since this episode isn’t all about Alejandro which is a good thing since he his very stupid. Let’s talk about how Heather is doing lately.

Heather, who currently holds the title of first place also kind of holds the title of biggest Total Drama villain. It didn’t take a lot to accomplish that role until this season where Heather was faced with the big threat, Alejandro. She was intimidated by him but when she bested him it proved that she was the best villain. I wonder what exactly she’ll think after she’ll hear Alejandro’s so called “love letter.” Anyways, in the last episode the only reason Heather won was because she threw the dummy into the volcano first. The money she had won was all lost by Ezekiel who fell in the volcano with the case. It is confirmed that Ezekiel has been spotted yet again although dying but he is not appeared to be rich.

Anyways, let’s get on with the relationships that have been happening with the ousted contestants. Gwen and Duncan have currently broke up as Duncan is developing feelings for Blaineley who is currently is going out with Josh, her partner in Celebrity Manhunt to make Duncan jealous. Gwen is also getting feelings for Trent. How do we know this? We have our stalker crew. The couples of Lindsay and Tyler and Bridgette and Geoff are going great at the moment while, LeShawna is finally going out with Harold. Just recently, Katie and DJ were spotted hanging out at the mall. This could possibly be a couple in the long run.

Remember Bridgette, the girl who got stuck to the pole? No, not the guy from that old Christmas movie but the hot Bridgette from the Total Drama series! She and I had a talk just yesterday about behind her elimination and where she is at now.

Here’s the clip of my exclusive interview with Bridgette.

Webly: It’s great to finally meet someone like you, Bridgette.
Bridgette: Thank you.
Webly: How has life been going with you after you’ve got out of Total Drama World Tour?
Bridgette: Honestly, at first it was rough. I made the biggest fool I could possibly make of myself on television and made the first mistake that I’ve made in my relationship.
Webly: First mistake?
Bridgette: Well, we all know what happened in Total Drama Action. But I’ve put that behind me.
Webly: Do you wish you would’ve been the person holding the check of one million dollars?
Bridgette: Of course, who wouldn’t? I had major plans for the money.
Webly: Such as?
Bridgette: I was going to pay me a full ride in college and Geoff as well. I then would’ve gave the rest to the Make a Wish foundation.
Webly: That’s really kind of you. I wish everyone in America had a eye like you. How’s you relationship with Geoff going?
Bridgette: It’s actually been great. Geoff is getting to be less self-centered and nice and more thoughtful.
Webly: That’s good to know. You said earlier that you wanted to go to college. Which college would it be and would it be the same as Geoff?
Bridgette: It would probably be Stanford as I’ve heard they have a great campus there. As for Geoff, it’d be his decision. In our relationship, we agreed to not control anyone else’s thoughts but I think he’d have an eye for Stanford too!
Webly: Have you and Geoff had any parties after Total Drama World Tour?
Bridgette: As a matter of fact, we’ve had one party. It was a big hit and all the contestants of the Total Drama seasons were there.
Webly: And I wasn’t invited?
Bridgette: No offense, but I’ve never heard of anyone named Webly before.

Um... let’s fast forward the rest it wasn’t important what I said after that. Anyways, I’m closing off the show. Remember, next episode we are having a big party that you do not want to miss. This is Webly, saying goodbye from Total Drama Gossip!


Nalyd: I have discussed it with the judges, and the Gophers win. You guys really did great this week, and I feel like all of your stories were enjoyable. The judges and I have decided that the weakest author this week was Poppy. You all did really great this week, but Poppy was barely below the others.

Week Seven Chat

Nalyd: Final seven!

Plat: Sorry Poppy. Anyways, Congrats to everyone left in the final seven.

Webly: I really saw Poppy's elimination coming but I'm really excited I made it this far.

BB: Wow, Final Seven. :P Yes, congratulations to everyone that's made it this far. :)

MTDM: O...m...g. Our first win! Is it because Spenny wa on our team!? >.> Loljk. Anyways, I g2g says line in a amp I finally remembered about. *makes a shortcut* But first..., this is the first ever TDAuthor season I've ever made it this far!! :D *thinks for a moment* Wait...

Tdi: Wow, this is the first time I made it past six weeks on TDAuthor........

Crag:Yay for final seven! Everyone has done wonderfully so far and let's keep that up :)

Webly: I'm very excited what lies ahead of us in the game and I hope the challenge is posted soon.

Spenny: Yes MTDM, it is all because of me XD

MTDM: >.> I was jk. >.> Lol. Anyways, all seven contestants have talked! :D *can't wait for challenge* With only seven contestants left, who will win? Who will lose? And who will eat that bucket of platypie (hopefully, that's the plural of platypus. XD. Or maybe it's platypuses, platypeople, platy— oh, you get the point. [yes, I saw that P&F eppy. Lol.]) *points to Plat; Plat gets mad* Find out after this commercial break! *runs; gets chased by Plat* lol

Plat: *glares at MTDM* It's platyp.....i. xD

Spenny: I was also jk MTDM. :P

MTDM: @Plat - Whatevz! @Spenny - I know. That's why I added the "Lol". :P. Ah, I remember when I first met Spenny. *has a flashback of his first day at Chatango; Spenny joins the chat; Me: Hi Spenstar. Can I call you Spenny? [a user whom I forgot which]: Yes, you can. Everyone calls him Spenny. :P Spenny: Yeah.; xD.*

BB: *sirens go off, robotic voice* CreeperAlert... CreeperAlert... CreeperAlert. -w-

Tdi: That's not creepy........

BB: Meh... It was a joke. -w-

Challenge Seven

Nalyd: This week you have to write about a Total Drama contestant's time on another reality show! This can be before or after they were on Total Drama. Please tell us the show that they are on, and tell about them joining the show, their time on the show, and their elimination.

Bbhinton15's Story

Writer's Notes:

  • Analyzed Character - Lindsay
  • Reality Show - Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
  • Characters
    • Contestant - Lindsay
    • Host of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" - Jeff Foxworthy
    • 5th Graders
      • Alexandria
      • Caitlin
      • Fatima
      • Martin
      • Tyler

Not many know that after Lindsay's time on Total Drama, she was known even more for a short time on the hit television game show, "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"!

Lights shined, and an audience roared to the tune and theme song of the show, 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?'.
"♪ Are you smarter than a 5th grader!? Grab a pencil and a piece of paper! ♪" kids sang in the background, while the show's logo appeared in front of a television screen. Host of the gameshow, Jeff Foxworthy, walked out to the show's stage, while the audience behind him applauded. Five young children in the 5th grade ran out onto the main stage and took their seats on the stage, cheering with the booming audience.
"Hello! And, welcome to 'Smarter Than a 5th Grader'!" he shouted, variating the show's name, "Let's get right to it! On this show, we give common people the chance to win $1,000,000 by answering primary and elementary school questions!! Yeah, you would think it's simple, but you haven't met these contestants! In fact, let's meet this one now!"

A picture of Lindsay, at the age of seven, wearing designer baby clothing and a tiara-crown mix on her head flashed on the main screen of the show's stage.
"She's a 16-year old heiress with a taste for what's in and what's now! It's Lindsay!!" Jeff Foxworthy announced, as Lindsay ran onto the main stage, cheering, giving high-fives to each of the 5th graders she passed. She, then, tripped and fell, but immediately got back up and ran up to Jeff Foxworthy and her podium.
"Welcome, Ms. Lindsay!!" Jeff told her.
"You seem to be in a good mood," Jeff replied. He, then, took out a few cards that usually every game show host has, "Let's learn a little bit about you. Here it says...... your name is Lindsay."
Lindsay blew a warm kiss to the camera for no reason and then agreed. Jeff, then, began frantically going through all the cards that he had in his hand to see that they all said 'Lindsay'.
"Uhhh... Did you answer all our questions with 'Lindsay'?"
Lindsay looked at him funny, "Those were questions?"
Jeff smacked his head as the audience laughed, "Boy, this is going to be a fun game for you. I don't know how you got to this, but here we go!"

The music in the room intensified as Lindsay clapped her hands, "Oh, yay!!!"
Jeff looked at her and quickly uttered, "Right. Well, as you know, hopefully, in order to get to the $1,000,000, you have to answer ten questions, all answered every day by fifth graders! Here are the questions' subjects... on the board:"

Left Column Right Column
5th Grade Earth Science 5th Grade History
4th Grade Social Studies 4th Grade Measurements
3rd Grade Geometry 3rd Grade Spelling
2nd Grade Grammar 2nd Grade Life Science
1st Grade Math 1st Grade Vocabulary

Lindsay stared at the board with all the subjects, "Oooh, so colorful! Who did it's makeup?! I want their number!" she smiled.
Jeff, again, looked at her funny, "The board? We don't have a makeup artist f-- Uhh... Nevermind. Anyway..." Jeff waved his long arm towards the 5th graders, "I see you noticed your 'helpers' when you came in."
"Yeah, they're all so cute!! Including that little girl over there. I could just eat her up!" Lindsay screeched, pointing to one of the three girls.
Jeff eyed the girl she was pointing at, "That's Fatima! Very pretty for a 5th grader!"
"Fa-- Fa-- Ewwwwwwwww, that's so ugly!" Lindsay frowned at her. The camera immediately went back to Fatima, while the audience made 'awwwwwww' noises for Fatima. Fatima, with water in her eyes, began crying and ran off the stage.
"No, Fatima, wait!! Fa--" Jeff Foxworthy sighed.
"We'll be right back," he said, as the screen faded to black.

The screen faded back in to see Jeff comforting Fatima, back at her seat.
"And, we're back with '5th Grader'!" Jeff smiled, patting Fatima. Jeff, then, went back over to where Lindsay was standing, who was covering her mouth over what she said.
"Well... I think we're ready to start. Before we went to break, I was saying that you have to answer 10 questions in order to have a chance at the million!! But, you may need help along the way! And, here's your help right here!"
The camera panned to each 5th grader as Jeff announced him or her, "Caitlin! Martin! Alexandra! Fatima! And... Tyler!"
Lindsay let out a huge, sharp gasp, "Oh, my gosh! Tyler's here!?! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"
Jeff winked at Tyler, "Looks like you have your own fan already, and you don't even know her."
"What do you mean? Tyler's my-- W-wait... Who's Tyler, again?" Lindsay asked, immediately forgetting about her own boyfriend.
"He... He's right there," Jeff pointed at Tyler. Lindsay looked over to the effervescent 5th graders, then to Tyler, who winked at her.
Jeff got into Lindsay's face, "I think he likes you."
"Bu-- bu--"
Jeff covered Lindsay's mouth, "Choose a 5th grader to help you out for a couple of these questions, Chatty Cathy!" After Jeff said that, the audience began roaring and all the 5th graders raised their hands.
"Well, to make it up to her, I guess I'll choose Fa-- Fa-fa-- Fa-- YOU!" Lindsay said, tongue-tied and pointing to Fatima. Fatima immediately got up from her seat and joined Lindsay at the big podium, facing the main screen where the questions would be shown.

"Alright!! Lemme show you how these guys work. In a couple minutes, you will have a question on the board here. Fatima, over there, will be answering these questions with you. At any point you think you are unsure of the answer to the question is, you can cheat off your 5th grade neighbor, Fatima. Now, there's t--"
"What!? But, that's cheating!" Lindsay gasped.
Jeff cocked an eyebrow, "Yeahhhh, that's what I just said. Anyway... there's three ways to cheat here. You can 'peek' off Fatima's paper, meaning you can see what she says and see if you like her answer. You can 'copy', meaning you will lock in the exact answer that Fatima writes. Or, if you get your question wrong, but Fatima gets hers correct, she can 'save' you. Understand?"
"Good! Let's get started with the very beginning! First Grade Math! The first question is worth $1,000! Here we go!"
Again, the music intensified in the studio as the question appeared on the main screen:

What is 2 + 2?

Jeff laughed, as he read the question out loud, "What is... 2 + 2?!"
Lindsay, then, inhaled sharply and began panicking, "Uhhh... I remember learning this, like, 2 days ago. Uhhhh...."
"Are you being serious ri--" Jeff stopped as Fatima locked in her answer.
"Like I said, Fatima will be answering these questions with you. She's locked in her answer." Jeff continued.
Lindsay scratched her head, "I-- I wanna say 3... Uhhh.... Noooooo...." Jeff stared blankly at her. Fatima and the other fifth graders looked at Lindsay also.
"Your...answer, Lindsay?" Jeff asked her.
"My brain hurts," she mumbled, frowning, "I think it's 5, now. So... I'm gonna go with 5!"
Jeff, then, made the "cutthroat" motion with his finger, "Wow. That's... that's wrong."
"Awwwwwww, I knew it was pie!!" Lindsay yelled out.
"Don't fret yet, Lindsay. There's a way you can stay in the game. Like I said, earlier, if you get the answer wrong, your partner can save you if he or she is right. Let's see what Fatima wrote." Jeff laughed, "Fatima said:"


"22?!" Jeff looked at her, "Oh, come on! You knew the answer was four!!"
Fatima almost began crying again, "That's what she gets for calling my name ugly!" She ran off the stage, in tears, "YOU BIG MEANIE-HEAD!!"
"Uhhh.... Okay, then? Lindsay... due to terrible circumstances, you've been eliminated from the show." Jeff mumbled to Lindsay.
"Uhmm.... What?" Lindsay said, confused on what Jeff just told her.
Jeff Foxworthy, then, slowly reiterated, "You.......... lost......... game."
Lindsay's smile, then, turned to a frown.
"Yeahhhh, usually we have the person that loses says to the camera that they're not smarter than a 5th grader, but... you're special, so we're not going to do that for you."
"Awww, thank you!!" Lindsay's frown reimaged itself back into a smile.
Jeff, then, turned to the camera, "Well, this ends one of the weirdest episodes of 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?'. We'll... seeya next time." Lindsay, then, ran off behind Jeff, falling down in the process, as the screen fades to black.

Crag's Story

Big Brother

Heather sat down onto a black chair in a dimly lit room, “Hello applicant 20139, are you here to audition for Big Brother 15?”

“Yes,” Heather replied without a hint of emotion.

The voice replied, “Why do you want to be on this show?”

“Well, first of all, I am called Heather “The Queen” Beatrice. I should appear on the next Big Brother because I am a master of reality shows,” she replied.

“Have you had any other experience with reality shows?”

“Me? Reality show?” Heather questioned, “I was the star of Total Drama, I won the third season!”

“If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?”

“Sexy, naughty and well, strategic.”

“Alright, you may leave to the door on your right.”

Heather looked angry,”Is that all?” She questioned angrily.

“Please leave via the door on your right.”

“Heather!” Josh announced, “you are the 12th house guest going into the house!”

Heather was wearing a silver dress and walked down the red carpet where 77 others where standing. “I knew I'd get in, it's only natural I-” Heather began.

Josh pushed her towards the door, “Just get in there!”

“You are going to pay for that you-” Heather screamed.

“Save the swearing for the house.” Josh advised.

Heather was dragged up the stairs while kicking an screaming, “LET ME GO! I HAVE TO PUMMEL JOSHUA!”

“It's Josh, and we're going to have a short break,” Josh annouced. Inside the house, Heather looked around to see it was decorated with an underwater theme.

“This is horrible!” Heather yelled.

The first 11 to enter the house all looked up where their faces turned to sheer horror when they see the black haired devil. “What are you all staring at?” Heather asked.

A friendly looking male approached her, “Hello, my name is Carl, it's a pleasure to meet you.”

“Get away from me!” Heather shrieked and she went into the diary room.

“How can Big Brother help you Heather?” A metallic, cold voice said.

“How could you put me in a house with her!” Heather replied.

“Big Brother does not wish to harm anyone and we try to ensure nobody knows each other from time outside the house. Any bonds are purely coincidental.”

“Fine! Let me out!” Heather stormed out the door. Although, when she exited she smiled and tried to befriend the others, and she first approached Carl, “Hello Carl. Can you help introduce me to everyone? I'm a bit nervous.”

Carl smiled, “Sure, you seem like your nice now! Well,” Carl pointed to an over-weight male, “He's Cyrus, nicest guy you could ever meet! And that's Margaret talking to Nicole and..”

Heather was crying, “Can we just talk alone? In the bedroom?”

“Sure, it's over there,” Carl instructed as he and Heather entered the room. “What's up?”

“Everyone will treat me like a monster.”

“No they won't, if you have changed you'll be everyone's friend and you'll do fine.”

“If you insist, but I'm going to go to bed,” Heather told Carl as she went down on the bed farthest form the door and slept in her dress.

“Morning beautiful, I made you breakfast in bed,” Carl woke Heather up gently with a tray of breakfast. “I made this specially for you.”

“Wow, I've never had this before,” Heather genuinely smiled and ravenously ate the whole thing.

Carl was walking out of the room when he remembered, “I'll introduce you to the rest of the guests tonight when Big Brother wants us in our good clothes.”

Heather smiled, “Okay.”

Heather and Carl spent the day together as everyone else avoided except for another male, called Senta.

The trio were in the garden talking, “Man this is boring...” Senta complained.

“Yup,but I'm going to go get changed for the event, I bet Goth Girl is getting eliminated.” Heather said.

Carl was gazing at Heather,”Sure..”

Heather got changes into a bigger version of the clothes she wore in Total Drama, “Always right to wear the same thing when you go..” She sneered at Gwen.

“Big Brother House, this is Josh, tonight there is an eviction which the public have been voting for all day. Those who are safe are, in no particular order, Nicole, Carl, Margaret.”

The three all let out sighs of relief, “Also safe are Cyrus, Chandler, Lisa and Cody. Joining the house another day are Senta, James and Chrissy!”

Gwen and Heather threw daggers with their eyes at each other, “The last person safe is...........


Heather, you have been evicted.”

“What!” Heather yelled, “This is an outrage!”

“Heather, you have been evicted, please leave the Big Brother house.” This message was repeated many time until she finally left to booing crowds.

“Well boo to you too!”

MTDM's Story

Survivor: Toronto

You know that rumored season all the fans have been blogging about? The one that's in 2011? Well, you guessed it, it happened. Right after the end of World Tour.

After experiencing an active volcano (making it out alive), Courtney thought Total Drama was over for good. As she still wanted a million bux, Courtney decided to sign up for the twenty-second season of the popular reality show, Survivor.

Audition Tape

Courtney was seen in her bedroom.
"Hi, my name is Courtney," she said.
"Put me on your next reality show, got it!?"
"I'm rating TNT, and I've experienced reality before."
"You know, Total Drama?"
"Anywho, put me on your show... or else."
She turned off the camera.

Courtney has been accepted into Survivor: Toronto, along with a few others: MarcKenTobyMarshallJoSammi, and Laura.

The host, Jeff Probst, decided that this season was going to be fail, due to only six competitors competing. But right then, Jeff thought it would be sad to just cancel everyone's favorite reality show! So, he decided to keep it.

"Castaways," Jeff said. "Congratulations on being the only ones to sign up for Survivor's twenty-second season, and making it!

The contestants, minus Courtney, all cheered. "What's the point, guys? You're all just gonna die, leaving me...a C.I.T....the winner."

Did you hear her? She took her I'm a C.I.T.' act back together! Remind you of something? Yup, Island, back in 2007.

"Did anyone hear that?" Ken asked.

"Shaddap and let the narrator talk!" Jo yelled.

"No! Don't let the narrator talk! The narrator's badmouthing me!" Courtney yelled. "Let's just get this compotition back on trach!" She folded her arms.


"Castaways, you're first challenge is... tommorow!" Jeff told the contestants.

"What about teams?" Marshall, Sammi, Laura, Ken, and Toby asked.

"What about teams?" Courtney glared.

In the confessional, Courtney said, "I'm surrounded by idiots. There's no way I'll lose!"

"I'll tell you tommorow," Mr. Probst said. "Now catch your rest."

"We don't know where we sleep!" the cast, minus Courtney, said.

"Have you not watched these seasons!?" Jeff asked annoyed. "The ground! You need to make your own beds, in a tent!"

"We don't know who to sleep with!"

"Your team-mates."

"We don't have teams!"

"OKAY! Boys vs. girls. Now...go!"

"What are our tribe names?"

"Kamata are the boys. Alvillar are the girls."

The next day, everyone woke up.

"Castaways," Jeff said, after everyone was up, and out of their pitch-tents. "It's time for the reward challenge. Please follow me." Jeff went to the lake, as did everyone else. "Time for a fan-favorite of Survivor: Nicaragua!"

In the confessional, Jo said, "Woop!"

"Stand on these flat platforms," Jeff started, "and hang onto the rope. Every minute, you must move your hands down an inch. If you fall down, or just let go, you don't win the reward. Want to know what you're playing for?"

"Yeah," everyone, including Courtney, smiled.

"The winner will get to pick three people to go along with them to... the Survivor park," Jeff said. "It has all the rides you can think of: rollercoasters, water slides, etcetera. And later, you will be gobbling down a feast, courtisy of Survivor's personal chefs!" Everyone cheered. "So..., what are you waiting for? You want that food or not?" Everyone cheered, again, and got on the platforms.

Sammi said, "So...girls, like OMG, if one of us win, we should like... bring eachother to the feast!"

Jo agreed, "great idea." Laura nodded.

Courtney crossed her arms, "fine."

"Guys," Marc said. "Guys!!" The boys looked at Marc. "We need to win this! If one of us do, we'll pick eachother to go to the reward, 'kay?" The boys nodded.

"That's one minute," Jeff said, as everyone moved their hands down an inch.

"Ugh, I can't take this anymore!" Laura said, looking at her nails, falling in the lake.

"Laura, please take a seat on the bench," the host said.

After another two minutes, (Laura,) Ken, Toby, Jo, Marshall, and Sammi were on the bench.

In the confessional, Courtney said, "Really!? It's only been three minutes!"

"You're dead-meat," Marc said. Courtney just rolled her eyes. "Don't you roll your eyes at me!"

"That's another minute," Jeff Probst said, as Marc & Courtney moved their hands down an inch. The camera leaned into Marc, as his fingers were cracking, and cramping. Eventually, he fell into the lake. Courtney just rolled her eyes, and jumped into the lake.

"Yeah!" Sammi shouted.

"Courtney, you would have to go with your tribe, but we're giving a pick, since this is episode one. Now, pick three people," Jeff said.

"I pick...," Courtney said, as the girls were grinning. "The boys except Marc."

The girls' jaws were dropped open. "What!?"

"You heard me," Courtney said. "Toby, Ken, and Marshall."

"Technically, you said the boys except Marc," Jo stated matter-of-factly.

After the teens enjoyed their reward, it was time for an immunity challenge. "Come on in, guys!" Jeff shouted, as the eight castaways came to the forest (MTDM: Are there any forests in Canada? Lol.). "Today's immunity challenge is about knowledge. Take a seat. The challenge is answering these random fun facts. Once I ask a question, you must buzz in quickly, and answer it. Get it right, a point. Get it wrong..., you're out. Whoever gets five points first wins. Everybody got it?" The teens nodded. "Alright, first question is a true or false statement. True or false; when your a baby, you have more bones in your body."

Laura quickly buzzed in, saying "false."

"Sorry, Laura, but you must take a seat on the bench," Jeff announced.

Marc buzzed in, "true!"

"Correct!" Jeff announced. "One point Ma—".

"No fair!" Courtney declared. "It's two choices. Laura gotit wrong, so it was obvious!"

"First, no rules against that," Jeff said. "Two, you never buzzed in. You're out."

"Uggggh!" Courtney whined, taking a seat next to Laura.

As the questions went by, Marc had 4 points, Jo had 2, and everyone else was out.

"Name two different kinds of lucky charms," Jeff said.

Marc buzzed in. "A four leaf clover, and a horseshoe."

"Correct!" Jeff said. "Kamata wins, Alvillar has to go to today's Tribal Ceremony."

Later, at the Tribal Ceremony, Jeff was talking. "Laura, do you think you'll be eliminated after failing in both challenges?"

"You know Jeff," Laura started. "I don't really care about this contest anymore. I'm gonna die, anyways, so what's the use?"

"Okay...," Jeff said. "Courtney, how about you? In the reward challenge, you backstabbed your team by not bringing them to the park." Courtney just rolled her eyes. "Time to vote."

Five minutes later, Jeff started to read the votes.

"Courtney. That's one vote Laura, one vote Courtney."
"Courtney. That's one vote Laura, two votes Courtney."
"The first castaway leaving Survivor: Toronto is Courtney."

"Courtney," Jeff said. "Please grab your torch." As Courtney was about to take her torch, she swore for revenge. She gave her torch to Jeff, and he snuffed (according to NaOnka (s21) language) it. "Courtney, the tribe has spoken."

Courtney swore for revenge, and vowed to return.

Believe it or not, she did.

Backstabbed Laura.

And won Survivor: Toronto.

The End

(Umm..., okay? XD. --mtdm doz knot no hoe 2 spill 04:01, December 3, 2010 (UTC))

Plat's Story

Survivor: The Unaired Season

Heather had experience with reality shows. In fact, she had a lot of experience. Before Total Drama, she had been on many other reality shows that involved manipulating and backstabbing. One of these was called "Survivor: The Unaired Season".

Heather was writing her application for Total Drama. 

"Let me think, it says to put how I deal with other people. Let me think...." she pondered, as her mind traveled back in time. 

This season was originally not called "The Unaired Season". This title was dubbed after a disastrous event happened on set. Heather remembered her time on the first ever Kid Survivor. 

"This is going to be perfect," she said, when arriving at the set. "Time for me to win one million dollars!"

"Um, you do know that the reward is a gift card to Starbucks," muttered one of the interns.

"Shut it!" yelled Heather. "I feel like winning anyways!"

So, at the event, there was a kid on her tribe, "Anyong", who's name was Ulong. Ulong was a guy who had recently joined at the last second. His family was also obsessed with Survivor. 

"So, what are you doing here?" smirked Heather. 

"Oh, my name is Ulong," said Ulong. "My parents are and I are huge fans of this show. However, my name is based of of one of the worst tribes in history. Anyways, what's your name?"

"My name?" asked Heather. "It's Heather, and I hope to become friends soon."

You see, Heather was not always her evil present day self. As Harold explained in the TDI Special, she was either "pimply and ugly" or "unpopular and nice" at one point of her life. The latter applied in this situation. 

"You look like a nice girl," said Ulong. "Perhaps we can make an alliance."

"That sounds like a splendid idea," smiled Heather. "We could go all the way to the end together!"

So, the days passed on, and more people got voted out of the game. Kids got upset, more alliances were broken, but Ulong and Heather stocked together. One day, they were sitting alone at the beach. 

"So, the merge is approaching," started Ulong. 

"I know, we're getting close to the end," said Heather. 

"You know, we've been in an alliance for a really long time," he continued. 

"Yeah," blushed Heather. "You know, we've gotten to know each other well."

Ulong and Heather stared a long time into the other's eyes, and they kissed. They were both in the other's world and did not feel anything else. 

"That was amazing," whispered Heather. 

"I feel the same," whispered Ulong.

Soon, the merge approached. On the other tribe, the person in power was a girl named Dorothy, who was the undisputed leader of the tribe. As time went on, the former "Anyong" were slowly whittled away until only Ulong and Heather were left. 

"I'll get eliminated before you," offered Heather. 

"Don't say that," said Ulong. "There still are many ways to survive."

After that, Ulong got up and started to talk with people of the other tribe. He didn't talk to Heather for a while, so she got up and started to look for him. 

"Ulong, where are you?" asked Heather. "I can't find you anywhere!"

Heather looked at camp, and the only two people missing seemed to he Ulong and Dorothy. She walked into the forest, and she couldn't believe her eyes. 

Ulong and Dorothy shared a kiss.

Heather was heartbroken, and she screamed at Ulong. 

"I thought we shared something special!" Heather yelled. 

"So wait, you thought that kiss was real?" laughed Ulong. "I was just playing with your weak mind! Now that you are in the minority, I can easily get rid of you!"

Heather ran away crying, while Dorothy and Ulong conned to make out. She had no alliances left, and that night, she got voted off ending up in 7th place. 

"I can't believe that backstabbing Ulong could do that!" she yelled. "I'm never going to trust anyone ever again!"

Eventually, the final two appeared ending up to be Ulong and Dorothy. Ulong gave his final jury speech. 

"Why do I deserve to win?" he started. "I was the best player here. I manipulate everyone unde my control. I controlled feelings, and even had four girls make out with me over the show!"

"Four???" Heather whispered in disbelief. "How could I ever trust him? Although, I hate to admit it, but he did play a good game. Ugh, Heather what are you saying! You hate him!"

In the end, however, she was the tiebreaking vote. However, something disastrous happened. Dorothy found out that the vote was 3-3, so she went up to Heather. 

"If you vote for him, I will kill him in his sleep!" Dorothy yelled. 

Heather decided to take a page out of Ulong's book and lies to Dorothy. 

"Don't worry, I'll vote for you!" Heather lied. 

"You better," said Dorothy. "This is my final warning."

Eventually, the host reads the votes. There were three for Ulong and three for Dorothy. Heather notices that her vote is in fact the deciding vote. 

"The winner is..." the host started. "...Ulong! Congratulations, you win the coveted Starbucks gift card! Oh, and we'll throw in a broken microwave and a picture of me."

"I won!" yelled Ulong, as he accepted the items. "This shows to prove that manipulation dominates!" he screamed to Dorothy. 

Heather fell asleep, knowing that evil has prevailed. She woke up, and looked at the newspaper. The heading shocked her as she started to cry. 

Boy Killed By Starbucks Gift Card...

Heather grinned as she put that instance on her Total Drama profile. She had vowed to avenge Ulong's death by competing like him. 

"I will manipulate them all!" she said, finally turning her application in. 

So, after her experience, she manipulated people like Ulong did. He was her motivater for future experiences. She backstabbed her best friend, and kissed her enemy's boyfriend. She made enemies, and even kissed someone she despised for a million dollars. 

"I knew his techniques would get me to win someday," she said in a confessional, after the events of Total Drama World Tour. "However, I didn't know that some viral animal was going to steal my money! Even so, I hate to say this but I'm going to have to."

Thank you, Ulong...

Spenstar's Story

Million To One Chances...

The night was young; there was not a cloud in the sky. The full moon seemed to shine directly upon Jeff Probst, waiting for his newest season's losing team's second tribal council. Day two was just about to conclude in a Tribal Council.

And then, they came. Nine lit torches made their way to the tribal area, each one with its own carrier. Among the group was someone who had done all this before, on a different show. In fact, he had won. Struggling to carry his torch, Owen Shilling trailed behind the rest of the team.

At last, the team made it to the Tribal Council. Owen set down his torch with the others and collapsed on the floor, panting heavily.

"Carrying fire is hard work," he said, followed by his signature naive laugh. The guy sitting next to him rolled his eyes.

"Welcome, Luchador Tribe," said Jeff, "How is everyone today?"

"Crappy," replied the team in unison. Owen snored loudly.

"Kendra, why did you think your team lost the challenge?"

A dark skinned girl answered, "I think there's a lack of spirit. I don't mean to sound like my principal, but everything seems so dull and drab. That is, when all our food's mysteriously being stolen from us." Owen farted.

"Clay," said Jeff, "Why do you think there wasn't any 'team spirit'?"

"To be telling the truth," said a redheaded guy with a ten-gallon hat and a gruff beard, "I reckon it's because we ain't got no dang food! I'd kill for a good Texas bar-bee-cue!" The contestants sitting next to Clay inched away from him.

"I think that's enough," Jeff laughed, "Time to vote. Winnie, you're up first."

Owen crudely wrote down Clay's name. "Don't kill me, please!"

Once all the votes were cast, Jeff went and got the jar without saying a word. When he returned, he started counting the votes.


"Clay. That's one vote Owen, one vote Clay."

"Owen. That's two votes Owen, one vote Clay."

"Trent. That's two votes Owen, one vote Clay, one vote Trent."

Owen's eyes widened, before coming to the sad realization that the Trent Jeff was speaking of wasn't Owen's best friend.

"Owen. That's three votes Owen, one vote Clay, one vote Trent."

"Owen. That's four votes Owen, one vote Clay, one vote Trent."

"This is impossible," whispered the former TDI winner to himself.

"The second person eliminated from Survivor is Owen."

"NOOOOOOOO! WHYYYYY???" Owen yelled.

"B'cause you be stealing our food!" said Clay, "That ain't never right!"

"But this is impossible!" Owen let out a creepy laughter. "I won this kind of show before!"

"On a million to one chance," Kendra pointed out.

"And million to one chances don't happen twice," added a pale guy with a gray hoodie as he was using fire from his torch to light a menorah in front of him.

"The tribe has spoken," said Jeff. He got out a doughnut and threw it away from the area. Owen doggedly chased after it and was never seen again on the show. Jeff walked to Owen's torch and snuffed it.

The cheering was heard all across camp, for Owen's departure.

Tdi's Story

Beth on the Bachelor!

Everyone knows about Total Drama Action. Duncan won, and after that, everyone had been in the public eye. Like Beth and Lindsay in Paris. However, before that, Beth joined The Bachelor! How come people didn't know about it? No television stations would take it, which is silly. They taped it before they asked.

"Welcome to 'The Bachelor: Young Love (Celebrity Edition),'" the host said," We have twelve famous teenage female celebrities going to fight for this hot guy!"

A teenage guy is shown.

"My name is Jacob, and I can't wait for these ri-I mean pretty girls to come!" Jacob said.

"Here they come!" the host said.

A limo drove up the driveway of the mansion and stopped. Twelve girls got out of the limo and walked into the mansion, and were met by the host and Jacob.

"Here is who you are fighting for!" the host announced to the girls. They cheered.

Later, all the girls are sitting in the living room.

"Okay, let me introduce myself! I am Demi," Demi said first.

"I'm Selena!" Selena yelled out loud.

"Hey, y'all, Miley is me!" Miley said, with her country accent.

"My name is Emily," Emily introduced herself.

"Miranda's the name, winning's my game," Miranda snorted.

"Jeanette is here!" Jeanette yelled.

"I'm Victoria, though, you all know," Victoria said, running her fingers through her hair.

"I'm Debby," Debby said.

"Hi, I'm Jennifer," Jennifer said.

"I'm Bridgit, here to win" Bridgit introduced herself.

"I know I girl named Bridgette!" Beth said," I'm Beth!"

"I've never heard of you," Selena said, a bit suspicious.

"Yeah, I know, y'all," Miley agreed.

"I was on 'Total Drama Island' and 'Total Drama Action!'" Beth said to everyone. However, they still were confused.

"What is a Total Drama Island?" Miranda asked.

"It's a reality show where we competed for money!" Beth explained.

"Oh, I bet on Total Drama Action, you guys did action things!" Victoria said.

"No, it was based on movies," Beth said, a bit irritated.

"Y'all are weird!" Miley said, leaving the room. Soon, the other girls left.

"It's okay, I think reality shows are cool," Debby told Beth.

"Really?" Beth asked.

"Yeah, I watched them all the time," Debby replied.

"No!" Someone yelled.

"What happened?!" Beth and Debby yelled, in unison, as they walked in the kitchen.

"Selena put her dang peanut butter in my chocolate, y'all!" Miley yelled at Selena.

"No," Selena argued," You put your dang chocolate in my dang peanut butter!"

"They put their dang peanut butter and chocolate in my cookies!" Emily cried.

"Now there's chocolate, peanut butter, and cookies all over us!" Miranda yelled.

"Okay ladies! Time for the challenge!" Jacob said over the speaker. The girls gasped, as they looked terrible.

All the girls walked out to the pool where Jacob was. When they walked out, he gasped. All the girls took their spots.

"Um, what happened?" Jacob asked.

"Well," Miley explained," Selena put her dang-"

"They tried to make you sandwich cookies," Debby interrupted," it didn't work out so well."

"I can see that," Jacob replied," Well, your first challenge is a speed date, where you tell me about you. First up is Victoria."

All the girls except Victoria went back into the house and waited for their turn. Soon it was down to Beth and Bridgit. Debby walked back in after her date.

"How did it go?" Beth asked.

"It went great!" Debby replied, excitedly," I think I'll be here longer."

"Beth please!" Jacob said.

"Bye!" Beth waved to Debby as she walked out.

Beth walked to Jacob and sat down.

"Hello Beth, where are you from?" Jacob asked.

"I'm from Canada, like Justin Beiber, Nelly Furtado, Drake-" Beth said.

"Enough," Jacob replied," What is you favorite food?"

"Well," Beth thought," I like bacon, but I can't eat them since my pig, Bertha, is always around me. I also like tacos, but I get sick after eating them. Hamburgers are good, but in my town, we only have McDonalds, which I hate. Oh yeah, there's also-"

"Times up! Next!" Jacob interrupted.

That night, Beth and Debby are hanging out when they hear screams. They run downstairs.

"What now?" they both asked.

"Selena used Miley's make-up," Victoria explained.

"Selena looks so pretty!" Demi said, as the two were brawling.

"You don't take another girl's make-up!" Jeanette yelled.

"Hit her, Selena!" Jennifer yelled.

"Go Miley!" Emily screamed.

"Don't take my dang make-up, y'all!" Miley yelled, as Selena pulled her hair.

"Don't put your chocolate in my peanut butter!" Selena screamed.

"It's time for elimination!" Jacob said on the speaker.

All the girls gasped and tried to get ready as fast as possible. They walked out to the poolside and saw Jacob had eleven roses.

"Are these real," Jacob asked, then touched one," Ow!"

The girls giggled.

"Okay, so if I call your name, come up and get this rose. The first rose goes to Debby!" Jacob announced.

"Yay!" Beth and Debby squealed.

Debby went up to get her rose, and went back in. One by one, girls got their roses. It was down to two girls.

"Miley, Beth, please come up," Jacob announced.

Miley and Beth went up to Jacob, both scared.

"The final rose tonight goes to.............. ...............







Miley. Sorry Beth, but you are leaving," Jacob announced.

Beth started crying and went inside. She said her good-byes to everyone. She got her bags and left in the limo. A week later, Lindsay and Beth went to Paris.

The End

Webly's Story

The Apprentice: The Stupid Celebrity Edition

After Sadie was on Total Drama Island, she got a call from Donald Trump for a spot for the fourth celebrity edition of The Apprentice. She got very excited and asked specifically if Katie could also join the game. Donald Trump explained that the viewers of the previous celebrity seasons wanted to see Sadie to try and go on her own. She at first turned down the offer but after persuasion from Katie, she finally said “yes!”

On the show, she was placed on a team with all guys. She was originally on the all girl team but when there was too many on that side she joined the other. On the guys tribe, they won the first two challenges but throughout the challenges she would often get angry at Russell who did a bad job at trying to be a good worker. The third week she was project manager to prove that she is more than a embarrassed girl who was placed on an all guy team and that she was a strong player. The task for the two teams was to sell the most lemonade which sounded easy but her team didn’t have the right style for selling things.

“Hey guys! Come drink this free lemonade!” Russell shouted while it seemed like the whole town ran over to their cart. He was slirping on some lemonade at the time and didn’t seem to care he was breaking the rules.

“Russell, you are supposed to sell each cup at 50 cents each! You are making us lose money. I’m so throwing you under the bus at the boardroom!” Sadie yelled at Russell.

Sanjaya walked up to Sadie. “Gal, you just have to shake it off. Come hula dance with me!”

“Oh my gosh, I absolutely love hula dancing!” Sadie said while she hula danced. “Come buy our lemonade customers!” She danced around while people were staring at her with both odd and confused looks.

“Talk about horrendous dancing,” Russell said with a smirk in an attempt to irritate Sadie.

“Your like so mean,” Sadie screamed. She started to cry a little. “The only reason we’ve one is because your Mr. Trump’s nephew. My obsesser friend, Sierra, told me all about you. You just joined the game to impress your rich uncle is so uptight! Tell him to live a little!”

Ivanka Trump, a judge of this task, walks by to see what’s happening. She asks, “How is your task going?”

“Good, I guess. Sanjaya is teaching me to hula dance while I’m explaining to Russell how to live a little.”

Ivanka looks confused. She explains, “I meant how are the lemonade sales going.”

“Oh, let me count how much money we have,” Sadie quickly runs to the lemonade stand. “So far we have 0 dollars!”

“Not any money at all?”

Sadie stupidly questions, “Is that a bad thing?”

“The task is to sell lemonade. Whichever team has the biggest profit wins. It’s one of the simplest tasks I’ve ever judged for and you have no money?”

“That’s what has happened for every task, I thought. Don’t we just have to get one customer?”

Ivanka smacks her forehead. “What do you even do through these challenges?”

“I can answer that, my cousin,” Russell interrupts with a smirk. “Half the time she is in the bathroom and the other half is eating. She’s pretty much the useless player on the team and I’ve even been selling the lemonade for free. That reminds me, it’s time for our twentieth refill.”

“This is going to be interesting at the boardroom,” Ivanka admitted walking away.

At the boardroom it is revealed that the girls won by a landslide. The guys and Sadie were taken to explain the whole challenge and what happened. After they explained the most of it, Sadie, Sanjaya and Russell were the ones chosen to stay in the boardroom.

“I don’t know how I got here!” Sadie admits to Donald and the other judges. ”No one else was doing any work!”

“I think we’ve established that already, Sadie. The whole challenge you did nothing. As a distraction Sanjaya hula danced with you while Russell made you cry.” Donald Trump retorts summing up the whole thing.

Russell smirks and adds to the conversation, “Making Sadie cry was my favorite part about this challenge. I may be a bully but at least I’m a better project manager than the worst hula dancer in the world here.”

“Russell, you are perhaps the meanest person I have ever met. Sanjaya, you are the only guy probably in the world that hula dances. Sadie, you are a pathetic cry baby, and a person with an image that looks like they are almost animated and that’s why Sadie, your fired.”

Sadie started crying, she ran away and tripped getting in to the elevator. She is then seen in her cab protesting about what just happened. “I don’t look like a cartoon character, do I? I hope not because if I was this season possibly couldn’t happen but it’d be such a vivid imagination of mine. Oh, well, I did not see my elimination coming. It took guts for Donald Trump to say your fired to me because I am so like able.”

Rockport presents next steps.

Sadie appears all fashionable and explains, “After The Apprentice, I got a job as a reviewer in Entertainment Weekly. I usually review some big actors and right now I’m going to interview Sanjaya, a odd hula dancer from American Idol!”



  • BB – I seriously wanted more. Oh well, I loved it. XD
  • Crag – At first I thought it was Eva instead of Heather… Sorry man, not your strongest entry.
  • MTDM – Cool, the average good story for this show ^^
  • Spenstar – I loved it, but it was just a nighttime scene. I would’ve loved a full episode. Sorry, man.

--The BOW for this group is BB…again.


Plat:, that was really compelling to read, actually! Ulong was actually an interesting character, but I have to does a gift card manage to kill someone? Other than that, the logic in this story was great. I didn't notice any spelling/grammar mistakes, and it was a good concept. Great job!

Tdi: Yay for irony! This was a decent idea, but I think it could have been executed a bit better. It seemed like it was just random chaos at points, but I do appreciate the Miley Cyrus mockery involved. It also seems a little strange since Lindsay wouldn't know when Beth would be eliminated that she planned to go to Paris, but I'll give her benefit of the doubt. This, overall, was an OK job.

Webly: I've never watched Apprentice, so I'm just gonna assume that this is a faithful representation of the show. It was an interesting idea, and it was written really well. I liked the inclusion of the other celebrities, and I thought the choices helped the story. I think there were some run on sentences, but besides that it was a good story.

--The BOW for this group is Plat. Good job! ^^

Elimination Ceremony Seven

Nalyd: The Bass win! BB, please nominate two of your teammates to be eliminated.

BB: (No Hard Feelings... Everything I'm saying is based only on your story for this week.) This decision, honestly, was very hard. However, one had to be made... yadda-yadda-yadda. I'm not going to bore you with that stupid drama drawl from other reality shows. My choices are Spenstar and MTDM.

  • Spenstar - I believe Spenstar's entry was the worst of the 3 on our team (excluding my own). It was pretty short, and, like Reddy said, it was more of a scene. Sorry. :/
  • MTDM - I had excruciating difficulties choosing between you and Crag... but, mainly, the reason I chose you is because of the grammar mistakes, the inclusion of your own text in your story (that shouldn't be there, to me), and the ending... that really didn't make much sense to me. And, I may be wrong about this, but... On Surivor, doesn't the host say that you can never come back to that series? (That's only what I hear, I don't watch the show.) Sorry, again. :/

Spenny: I misread the directions apparently, and I figured that doing just a scene would be okay. I'd like to say that I was extremely tight on time this week, between tutoring, Hanukkah, and plain old HW, but thankfully Hanukkah will be ending soon and my tutoring is done for now, so in future weeks I'll have more time to write a far better entry. I'm really sorry for not posting the right entry, and I swear it won't happen again if I live to write another week. I'd also like to say that this is my first time in the three seasons I've been nominated, while MTDM has been nominated once before.

Nalyd: The judges and I have talked, and come to a decision. Spenny, your story did not meet the qualifications of what we were looking for. MTDM, you have consistently had grammar mistakes and such. The person going this week... Crag. I'm sorry, Crag, but we feel that you were the weakest story this week. We hope to see you here in the future, however, and see new works from you.

Week Eight Chat

Nalyd: Only six remain... Not the merge. ;)

BB: It's not!? >.>

Nalyd: Nope, sorry! (BB, if you get on, I gotta talk to you for a sec. :p)

Plat: There...I finished my happy story for the most part.

Spenny: LOLZ. No merge? What.

Challenge Eight

Nalyd: This week, you must write about a day in the lives of a married couple from Total Drama. They can have kids, jobs, etc. Please provide some background to their lives up to the story, and then write about a day in their lives.

Bbhinton15's Story

Author's Notes

  • Analyzed Couple - Courtney and Duncan
  • Characters
    • Duncan - Courtney's husband
    • Courtney - Duncan's wife
    • Dante - Courtney and Duncan's son
  • In this story, Courtney and Duncan are both aged 38.
    • Courtney and Duncan's son, Dante, is aged 16.


After Total Drama World Tour's finale, many years ago, Courtney and Duncan went their separate ways. Duncan, still in an assumed relationship with Gwen, went in his own direction with her. With virtually nobody with her, due to Alejandro admitting his love to Heather, Courtney also went by her own accord and stayed a distance from Duncan. A few years after World Tour, Duncan matured more and occupied himself as a tattoo parlor manager and artist, which specialized in skull-type tattoos. Duncan chose not to go to college; however, Courtney did decide to go. After World Tour, she moved into the United States of America area and attended a few of the prestigious Ivy League schools, due to transferrals. Courtney grew up to be one of her dreams, an attorney. Courtney made multitudes of money amounts weekly, whilst Duncan earned the common upper-class cost of living. Around 5 years after their "successes", Duncan, now about aged 21, was framed for an arson offense to an innocent family. Duncan was taken to court, and, of course, the plaintiff's attorney was Courtney. This was the first occurrence that Duncan and Courtney had with each other, ever since the Total Drama World Tour's end. Even though she was arguing for the opposite side to Duncan's arson claim, Courtney looked at him, what he had become, and stared into his eyes, seeing that he really didn't commit arson. She began secretly arguing the case for Duncan, and, after the arguments, the judge over this court case ruled in favor of Duncan. The two then immediately came to each other and admitted their obvious love. It has been 17 years ever since this event. Courtney and Duncan are both happily married, aged 38, and taking care of a beautiful teenager, Dante, aged 16.


A blazing alarm clock was heard in the distance. The device began to grow louder and louder in ringing and disturbances.
The next thing heard was a giant smashing noise. Further realization observes it to have been Duncan, smashing the alarm clock to pieces with his bare fist.
"Ugh!! Enough!" he said, while in a bed.
"Duncaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" Courtney, Duncan's wife, yelled his name from the near bathroom, "It's time for you to get up! It's 7 in the morning! You're already late! And--" Duncan, then, covered his shameless face with a pillow, making it were all he could hear from Courtney was "wah, wah, wah-wah-wah, wah-wah, wah, waaaaaaaaaaah!".
The man, then, grew tired of even listening to that much of the conversation and angrily got up.
With crust in his eyes, he muttered, scratching his back, "Mmm.... I hate mornings."
"You're 38 years old! You should have been getting used to them over the years. You're a working man, now!" Courtney screamed at him.
These comments made Duncan reminisce about his days on Total Drama, as he mumbled under his breath, "I sure wish I had a confessional right now..."
"What was that!?"
"I-I-I said 'I wish I had a professional.'!"
"A professional what?!" After that question, Duncan stayed silent for quite some time.
"Anyway," Courtney continued, "I have to get to the law firm in about 5 minutes. You have to get dressed and go to that stupid tattoo parlor in 10." Courtney left her bathroom and bedroom and proceeded to the front door, "Do you think you can handle all that while I'm gone?"
"Pshhhh," Duncan rolled his eyes at her, as he followed her, standing in front of a living room couch.
"Ughhh..." Courtney sighed. She, then, muttered under her own breath, "Mom was right, I should have married that chimp." She, then, slammed the door behind her, a bit angry.

As soon as Courtney did that action, Duncan immediately passed out on the couch behind him, not giving a darn about his job. Right then, Dante, Duncan and Courtney's son of 16 years, ran out of his room, fully dressed for school, and pounced on his dad.
"Dad!" Dante yelled out, "I missed my bus!!" Duncan only mumbled, as he was half-asleep again. Dante began jumping up and down on Duncan.
"Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!" Dante said, with each time he landed on Duncan.
"WHAT?!" his dad oozed back at Dante.
"I need you to take me to school!"
"What do you need to go there for?"
"To.... uhhh..... tooooooooo..... uhhh..... to-uh, to-uh, to-uhhhh......"
"Exactly. You don't even know why you're going. Your idiotic mother has you brainwashed."
"Mom says it helps me have a good life in the future."
"And, look how your mom turned out. An uptight, stressed busybody with a gigantic pole up her butt. And, look at me, a successful, worry-free tattoo artist."
"... You're successful?"
Duncan, then, slapped his forehead, "There's so many things I have to teach you."

10 Hours Later...

Duncan was seen, still hardly dressed, sitting on the couch with his son, Dante.
"Do you understand, now?" Duncan asked him.
Dante, with what seemed like a completely different attitude on everything, uttered, "I guess."
Duncan slapped his back, "That's my boy."
Courtney, then, came running into the home, shouting, "I'm home!"
"Duncaaa-" she started, before she immediately saw him and Dante, sitting on the couch. She immediately dropped her bags, purse, and other things in her hands and arms.
"Well, look who's back," Dante scolded at his mom.
"Yeahhhhhh, look who it is," Duncan aided him.
Courtney buried her forehead in her hands, "I knew this would happen. Duncan, why on Earth did you not go to work?!"
"Psh. Didn't feel like it. Plus, I was working plenty today. I was educating our little pride of joy here."
"Wait... He didn't go to school today!?" Courtney shouted, "His grades... his school hours... his perfect attendance record! Tarnished! Dismantled! Done for!"
"Will you ever calm down?" Duncan muttered back at her, "He doesn't need that school any more than I need that stupid job."
Angered, Courtney replied, "Duncan, you had no reason to take him out of school. I was doing just fine with little Dante!"
"You were? Courtney, don't forget who's child this is!" Duncan replied.
"Yeah, you moron! He's mine!"
"No, mine."
Courtney sighed, "Ours."
"Well, it wouldn't have happened without me and my 'little buddy', so he's mine!" Duncan threw back at her. A record scratch, then, went off in Dante's head.
"Whoaaaaa!! TMI, dad," Dante looked at him, funny.
"Whatever... Your mom knows that you belong to me."
"He's ours, Duncan," Courtney started breathing heavily, "Dante shouldn't be hearing this kind of stuff, anyway. Parents shouldn't be arguing over the kid. The dad should be out, working, anyway."
Duncan threw in, "Yeah, and the mom should be in the kitchen, fixing dinner at about this time." He checked his watch and snickered, "Oop. Right on time."
"Ugh!!" Courtney yelled, stomping into the kitchen. Duncan and Dante snickered more as they slapped hands, put their feet on the table, and watched the TV Duncan had on.

MTDM's Story

(MTDM: This was the second busiest week of my life. Sunday- Pre-think day. Monday- ANOTHER "pre-think" day 'cuz I was blacked out of ideas. Tuesday- Had to practice for an annual basketball game; students vs. staff. Wednesday- B-Ball game. After school, I wrote up until " he was some kind of dummy. Thursday- Have to study for another huge test (why are all the huge tests on my busy weeks? -.-). Friday- Huge test + can't submit. I'll try, though.)

A Tyler x Lindsay Story

"...See you next time on Total Drama!" Chris said, at the end of the World Tour finale. "With probably an all new cast, cause these guys are probably gonna melt." Chris chuckled, as the Zombie Zeke-beam shot at his boat. It sunk. The cast laughed, lava was shot at them, and they started swimming.

~ End Episode (not the fanfiction..., the episode) ~

"Darren!" Lindsay shot out at Tyler. "Help me from this fire!"

"Lindsay, didn't you remember my name?" Tyler asked.

Lindsay was thinking. After a brief pause, she said, "Mike, wasn't it?" Tyler groaned, and started swimming. "Wait, Mike!"

"It's Tyler! We're obviously not making it out alive," Tyler said, "so what's the point to stop and talk? We need to swim if we want to!" Lindsay looked at Tyler like he was some kind of dummy.

Plat's Story

A "Normal" Day for the Andersons

Total Drama World Tour had just ended. Chris announced that he needed a new cast, and that he would flush the old ones down the toilet. 

"See you next season!" he announced. "Cause let's face it, these guys won't be alive anymore."

Chris and Chef zoomed off into the distance with the cast of Total Drama World Tour stuck in the water. 

"Wait, where's my money?" asked Heather. 

A giant meteor hurled toward her but she swam away just in time. She started to scream. 

"I want my prize! Or at least the chance to survive!" she yelled. 

"No one really cares Heather," says Sierra. "All I want is for my Codykins to survive."

"That's really nice of you," says Cody. "How are we going to escape this mess though?" 

Sierra looked around and saw Blainely's stretcher at the bottom of the ocean. She swam down and obtained it. 

"If we find an old motor, you and I can get back to shore!" Sierra squealed with delight. 

"You mean all of us, right?" asked an upset Courtney. 

"Nah, I only mean Codykins and I," says Sierra. "There won't be room for all of you."

"You better make there be room for us," threatens Duncan. 

Cody gets upset and uppercuts Duncan again as he did in "Greece's Pieces". Duncan falls unconscious in the water. 

"Stop treating Sierra like that!" yells Cody. "She's my friend!"

Sierra screams in delight upon hearing these words from Cody. She finds a motor at the bottom of the ocean. 

"Codykins, I found a way to escape!" she says. 

"That's great!" yelled Cody. "See the rest of you some other day!" he yells, as he and Sierra zoom off into the distance....

A whole future was set for them...

It was ten years since Sierra and Cody escaped from Hawaii. The other contestants took months to swim to the nearest island, while Cody thanked Sierra for saving him. In fact, that act of kindness led to their wedding. 

"Happy anniversary, Codykins!" yells Sierra, as she holds up a box full of candy. 

"Um, aren't you a little old to still use nicknames, Sierra?" asks Cody. 

"Well, sorry, honey, I couldn't resist it. Anyways, I have a box full of chocolate for you!" she screams. 

It has been exactly one year since Cody and Sierra had married. They were celebrating their anniversary at a restaurant called "The Total Drama Jumbo Jet 2", creatively named after the original that Sierra destroyed. 

"Isn't it ironic?" asks Sierra. "I mean, we are celebrating our anniversary on a model of the plane I destroyed. I'm just glad I don't have to go through any of that drama again."

However, the peace could not sustain. Ezekiel crashed into the plane in his viral form. You see, even after 10 years, Ezekiel had not turned back to normal. 

"Blargh!" yelled Ezekiel, as he crashed through the room. He kidnapped Cody, and then broke a window to escape. 

"Codyk....I mean, I'll save you Cody!" she yelled, chasing Ezekiel. 

Ezekiel ran far off, but Sierra was always prepared. She had a tracking device that she kept anytime that Cody was gone to make sure that he wasn't cheating on her. 

"Hopefully, Ezekiel has a good reason for capturing him," she told herself. "Maybe he isn't all evil like everyone says he is."

Sierra walked to the place where Cody was kept captive. She kept thinking to herself on Ezekiel's deeds. 

"Well, being the Total Drama fan that I am," she started. "I know he used to crush on Bridgette. Maybe Bridgette wants my Cody!" she yelled. 

Sierra became infuriated when she ran to where Coy was being captured. However, when she arrived, she reached a gated wall with a three digit lock on the front door. 

"Hmm, let me think," she says. "Ezekiel was eliminated first, second, and then fourteenth on season five," she muttered.

Sierra turned the lock to the respective numbers, but the door remained lock. 

"What am I going to do?" she pondered. 

Sierra found it useless to continue alone. Therefore, she called up her "frenemy" from Total Drama World Tour, Heather.

"I really don't want to do this, but she might be the only one who will have wits to get my Cody back," Sierra mutters. "I guess I have no other choice. 

Sierra took out her phone, and called Heather. Heather picked up the phone, obviously irritated as she looked at the caller ID. 

"Is this Sierra?" she asked. "Listen, I'm busy, what do you want?"

"Could you come over here and help me rescue Cody?" asked Sierra. "I'm trapped outside a huge mansion in front of a secured door."

"Well, forget it!" yells Heather. "I'm not he type who would just help people."

"I'll throw in ten thousand dollars," bribes Sierra. 

It so happens that everyone on Total Drama received ten thousand dollars for being filmed. Sierra decided that this is the time she needed to spend the money the most, otherwise she might never see Cody again. 

"Fine," says Heather. "I can't refuse that much money."

Sierra smiled and hung up the phone. About two hours later, Heather arrived with a lockpick. 

"They obviously don't know how to secure a place," says Heather, as she unlocks the door. 

"Thanks, Heather!" yells Sierra. 

Sierra ran into the mansion, while Heather rolls her eyes and reluctantly follows. 

"Ugh, what creep would live in here?" asks Heather. 

"Be quiet, my Cody sensor is picking up something," says Sierra. 

Sierra and Heather finally climb up the stairs and see Duncan continually uppercutting Cody. 

"How do you like it now?" asks Duncan. "I am not going to be humiliated on national TV ever again!"

Sierra was confused on what was going on. She shrugs, as saving Cody was more important to her. She freed Cody from Duncan's grip. 

"Are you defying me?" asks Duncan. "Don't make me beat you up too."

Duncan got ready to throw a punch, when a voice is heard coming from the front door. 

"Duncan, don't do it!" yells a familiar voice. 

"Gwen???" asks Duncan in disbelief. 

Sierra was even more discombobulated on what was going on. She decided that it was wise to ask for clarification. 

"Wait," says Sierra. "I thought you and Gwen were going out."

"Let me tell you what happened," said Duncan. "You see, Gwen and I went out for a while, but after a while, it was evident that we were more like friends than love partners. So, we mutually decided to end the relationship."

"Well, I..." starts Gwen. 

"Wait, let me finish my story," interrupts Duncan. "Anyways, we were good friends until she started going out with this tough guy. He saw that I got beat up by some scrawny loser, and then told Gwen and I to stop being friends. So now, I'm stuck alone with my pet Ezekiel because of that stupid jerk!" he yells, pointing at Cody. 

"Well, I changed my mind," said Gwen. "He and I broke up, and I want to go back out with you."

"No," whispered Duncan. "I made my decision a while ago..."

Sierra watched as Duncan pulled out a dagger. 

"No, don't do it!!!"

Six moths have passed since the event in the mansion. Gwen was in tears, as she still has images of reliving the moment where her ex-boyfriend got killed. 

"I still can't believe he commuted suicide," mutters Cody. 

Cody and Sierra had decided to attend the funeral, as they were "friends" from Total Drama, and were there when Duncan had suffered his mental breakdown. 

They stood in silence as they all mourned for Duncan. The sun set on the horizon, as Sierra was weeping in Cody's arms. 

"I don't want anything like that to ever occur in our relationship, ok?" cries Sierra. 

"Don't worry," says Cody. "You and I were meant to be."

"Are you sure?" cries Sierra. 

"I promise..."

Spenstar's Story

Cody's eyes opens in the total darkness. He looks to his right and sees his beloved lying beside him, lost in sleep. He leans over and softly gives her a kiss on the cheek before getting up. Cody slips into his bathrobe and walks into the bathroom connected to the bedroom. He turns on the shower, makes sure it's nice and hot, throws his bathrobe onto the floor, and gets into the shower, letting the hot water slowly wake him up.

The digital clock next to Cody's half of the bed reads "6: 00".

As he washes, Cody begins to space out. Sometimes he does this, and fondly remembers how his life got off the ground.

Total Drama, of the Island, Action, and World Tour varieties, were behind him. Summer was over, and junior year at Gatenburg High had begun. As the month wore on, Cody found himself in the same cycle he'd been in throughout high school. He studied hard, played video games with his circle of friends in his spare time, and was the envy of everyone in his class who wanted an A in any given class. And when he wasn't doing what he did before, he talked to his old friends from Total Drama on the phone or on Facebook.

But something wasn't right for Cody. What once satisfied just made him empty this year. And in October, Cody decided he was going to find out what.

In the shower, Cody hums a soft tune, the very first tune he ever had to sing in front of a camera, of course because of Chris McLean. He gets out of the shower, dries himself off, and quickly gets dressed while making sure to not disturb his wife. Blue jeans and a white button-down shirt is his dress code. Cody steps out of the bedroom and walks into the kitchen. He pours himself a cup of coffee that he brewed the previous night, puts some cream in it, sits down at the table, and sips his coffee. With this time, Cody's mind wanders back ten years ago to the day he found his calling.

Cody took a creative writing class because he thought it sounded fun. After class one day, he stayed after everyone else had left.

"Mr. Pasti," he said, "I need some advice."

"What's the matter?" asked Mr. Pasti.

"I've been doing everything I did my entire high school career, but nothing feels right anymore. I want to try something different, but I don't know where to start."

"Well," said Mr. Pasti, "The school paper needs an editorial. If you come to this room after school, we'd love to have you."

"I'll be there, Mr. Pasti. Thank you."

That day as Cody was typing up an editorial after school, he realized that his true calling was not science as he once thought, but creative writing. Cody couldn't remember the last time he was so happy.

"This is what I'm going to be," he said to himself. Only 17 years old, and already he knew the course of his entire life.

Cody finishes the last sip of his coffee and eats the last bite of cereal he poured. He gets up and walks down the hall, and into the room of his daughter Kathie. Careful not to wake her up, he gives her a kiss on the forehead before leaving. His destination is Tetra High, where he would spend another day as the creative writing teacher.

After graduation, Cody enrolled in Vassar college to major in writing. He already had a job as a columnist for Action Magazine, for which he wrote a weekly editorial. It paid well for a college student, and Cody even had some money left over at the end of each month that he put away in a bank account. But the truly important part of his time at college was who he met there. They met during Total Drama and kept in touch ever since. When Cody saw her at campus, he ran up to her. She turned around and saw him, and a bright smile made its way onto her face.

"Cody, is that you?" Cody nodded, and she gave him a big hug.

"Great to see you again, Gwen."

Gwen slowly gets out of bed and checks the digital clock. It reads "7: 40". She gets up, and after a nice, hot shower, slips into a T-shirt and sweat pants. She slowly walks into her 3-year-old daughter's room and turns on the light.

"Good morning, Kathie!" Gwen smiles wide, picks Kathie up off her crib, and shares a hug with her. They walk together to the kitchen. Gwen puts Kathie in her crib, pours a bowl of cereal for herself and for her, and shares a peaceful breakfast with her Kathie.

When she saw Cody in college, a spark formed in Gwen. She looked into his eyes and smiled. Sure, in Total Drama she wasn't interested, but something changed since then. She was falling in love with him.

In between classes and dates with Cody Gwen sat at a computer in the library and typed furiously. Like Cody, Gwen found her calling to be creative writing and began work on a murder mystery, called More Than Drama. The characters were based on Gwen's friends from Total Drama, and the plot revolved around the mysterious death of the rebel goth girl Gianna. By the time Gwen graduated college, she had a hardcover copy of her own book on her shelf, as a good luck charm for the future.

In the year 2014, Gwen and Cody were married. Old friends from Total Drama, and old friends in general, attended the wedding. The newlyweds bought a small home in Virginia, and between Cody's earnings and Gwen's profit, they managed to get by. Cody went to grad school to get his master's degree while Gwen stayed home and worked on her sequel.

After dropping Kathie off at day care and coming home, Gwen takes her laptop and a cup of coffee, walks outside onto the deck, and starts writing her fifth novel; her fourth and the last in the More than Drama was published years ago. For a change in pace, Gwen's first chapter of her new series identifies the book as a surreal fantasy. Gwen smiles as the thoughts work their way onto her document.

By the time Cody got his master's degree and got a job as the creative writing teacher in Tetra High, he and Gwen had a baby girl, who Gwen named Kathie after her great-grandmother. Between Cody's income as a teacher and his pay as a columnist for Action Magazine, and the money Gwen's phenomenal novels earned her, they had enough money to move to a house with more room, to suit their family.

Hours later, Cody's car pulls into the driveway. Gwen smiles and walks inside, out through the front door, and over to her husband.

"Hey Gwen." He kisses her.

"How was your day, sweetie?"

"Just got better." Gwen smiles at him. Cody walks inside, hangs up his coat, and begins to prepare dinner.

After dinner, Cody smiles at the others and says, "You know what time it is?"

"TV Time!" Kathie squeals happily. She, Cody, and Gwen walks downstairs and sits on the couch. Gwen snuggles up to Cody as he turns on the TV.

"Wazzup? This is Chris McLean here, coming back for season 10 of Total Drama Island!"

Tdi's Story

Webly's Story


Chimmy's Judging (Bass)

BB: This would have been great if you finished...however, since you didn't, I will judge what there is. This WAS really well written, and seemed believable. I also thought there were no spelling and grammar errors. However, my main quip is that you did not finish, as this probably would have been the best entry of the week otherwise. What was there, however, was fantastic.

MTDM: Again, not finished...and this time there's even less to judge. I was a little in suspense as to wether they would make it or not, and it was a creative idea just to start from the season end. However, this was INCREDIBLY short, and I would have liked to see more.

Spenstar: I praise you for having the only completed story here. I did enjoy that you named Gwen and Cody's daughter after Sierra's prototype name, I wouldn't have thought of that. I also appreciated that you added a lot more backstory than either of your teammates, and that was much appreciated. However, I would suggest that if you do this again you divide the parts that were in the past and present, as someone might get confused. Overall, though, this was a great story.

BOW is Spenny.

Reddy's Judging (Gophers)

Plat – Interesting plot, and story overall. I liked the story =) Um, so that’s all for this review and my reviews overall because the Bass have a whopping one entry…


Nalyd: Because Plat can't be reached, he will not nominate anyone (though he is BOW). The judges and i came to the decision that between Tdi and Webly, Tdi will be eliminated.

Week Nine Chat

Nalyd: Only five remain... Not the merge yet, BTW.

Plat: Sorry, my power's out so I can't really edit much, it'll be fine by tomorrow :D

Spenny: Dawww... no merge? Aw well :P

Webly: I feel super bad for not turning in my entry which may hurt my reason to go further in the long run. I would've submitted something but life happens. I really hope I can enter a story in for this week.

BB: Poor Tdi...... Nothing against Webly or whatever, but... why was he eliminated, again? O.o

Webly: I know I also feel bad which is why... I might quit. I never EVER thought it would come to this. I am just SO busy lately and I'm not even entering quality stories each week and I know I really could do better. I know I would've probably made it to the final three but then I'd probably drop out or not enter a story. I just don't see the point in staying if it's not quiet. I can get it up tomorrow and if I do, I'm staying. I also understand if you guys are like "wimp" for coming this far but if I do get fifth, I've made it here two times but then there's that feeling of regret. I may quit. I just don't know yet.

Webly: I've come up with my AWFUL decision and I quit. I personally think I could've gone further but I decided it's for the best. GO PLAT, BB, SPENNY, AND MTDM! You guys are all winners.

Challenge Nine

Chimmy: This week's challenge is a What-if. If you don't know what that means, it's basically that you write a story about a character or multiple characters if a crucial event hadn't occured. An example: What would happen if Sierra hadn't shielded Cody from the 'cannonball' in Sweden Sour? (Please don't use that one.) This challenge will be judged on creativity of the What-if, if it is believable, spelling, and grammar. This story is due Friday.

Bbhinton15's Entry

Question: What if Ezekiel stayed quiet in "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2"?


  • Focal Character - Ezekiel
    • In this version, technically, Courtney is a focal character, also, due to what happens.
  • This entry starts halfway through the Total Drama Island episode, "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2", as the scenes before this point do not change.
  • The majority of the originality comes in at the "The Big Sleep" episode.

All 22 campers were sitting in the Mess Hall of Camp Wawanakwa. The Screaming Gophers just came back from winning the first challenge in Total Drama history. The camera went to the table where the Killer Bass were deliberating on the next few events to come.
"So, uhhhhh, what do we do now?" Katie murmured, looking around the Mess Hall.
Courtney, with a chicken hat on and a swollen eye from the challenge, replied, "We have to figure out who we're gonna vote off."
"Well, I think it should be Princess or The Brickhouse, over here," Duncan confidently said, pointing to Courtney and DJ, respectively.
"What!? Why?" Courtney demanded to know.
"Because, unless I'm mistaken, you two are the only ones here wearing chicken hats!" Duncan scolded her, as Courtney looked up at her hat. "And, if we ever have to lift a truck, I like our odds with the big guy."
"W-- You guys need me!! I'm the only one--" Courtney started.
Bridgette interrupted her, annoyed, "We know! You used to be a real CIT. So, who would you pick?"
Courtney hesitantly looked around and threw a finger at Tyler, "What about him?!"

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!" Lindsay shouted from the other table, as Tyler looked shocked.
An awkward silence occurred, as Lindsay continued, "I meeeean, no salt! There's no salt on the table... Bummer." Cody and Heather looked at her, weirdly.
"He-hey! At least he jumped off the cliff, chicken wing," Duncan said.
"Shut it!!" Courtney threw out.
Geoff got in between them, "Okay, let's just chill out. This is getting wayyyyy too heavy."
"I've had enough prison food for one day. I'm gonna go have a nap," Duncan rose from the table and got ready to leave.
"You can't do that!! We haven't decided who's going yet!" Courtney yelled at him.
Ezekiel, with his arms crossed, "Well, I just don't get why we lost, eh?"
Duncan, then, stopped in his tracks, "Because, we had two non-jumping chickens."
"Huh," Ezekiel said, then thought in his mind, "Really? But, they're the ones with six girls."
"I told Chris that I had a medical condition," Courtney told Duncan and her team, "I-- I shouldn't be held accountable for this."
"Well, that medical condition probably cost you the cash," Duncan said, leaving the Mess Hall.
Courtney, then, looked around the Killer Bass' table to see everyone staring daggers at her.

The Killer Bass were then seen at the first Campfire Ceremony, which would deem which camper is safe and which is eliminated. All campers continued to stare daggers at Courtney.
"Killer Bass. At camp, marshmallows represent a tasty treat that you enjoy roasting by the fire," host Chris McLean told the Killer Bass, as they all looked lovingly at the marshmallows he had in his hand, "At this camp, marshmallows represent life."
Geoff made a pass at Bridgette as Chris continued, "You've all cast your votes and made your decision. There are 10 marshmallows on this plate. When I call your name, come up and claim your marshmallow. The camper who does not receive a marshmallow tonight must immediately return to the Dock of Shame to catch the Boat of Losers. That means... you're out of the contest. And, you can't come back...... ever. The first marshmallow goes to... Geoff."
Geoff ran up to claim his marshmallow, as Chris said the next name, "... Tyler..."
"Whoo-hoo-hoo!! Place at the table!!!" Tyler yelled out, claiming his.
"Katie.... Bridgette.... Ezekiel.... Harold," Chris resumed.
"Yessssssssssssssssss," Harold let out, getting his marshmallow, with the other three campers.
"Saaaaaadie," Chris called.
Sadie ran up, claimed her marshmallow and hugged Katie, "Oh, yay! Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!!"
Duncan smiled and grabbed his treat.
"Campers," Chris went back to his serious mood, "This is the final marshmallow of the evening... and it goes to...."
After much dramatic pause, Chris uttered, "......... DJ." Smiling, DJ ran up to get his marshmallow.
Courtney looked up and gasped, "Wh-what!? You really voted me off?"
"Sorry, sister... You're out," Chris told her, pointing to the Boat of Losers.
"Noooooooo! I-- Wait," Courtney said, "I can handle this. I am a professional. I will leave with dignity. I hope you all realize that you lost the best person you could have on your team." Courtney, then, got up, stuck her head in the air, closed her eyes, and gracefully walked to the Boat of Losers. Unable to see it, Duncan blew her a kiss in a joking manner.

Chris followed Courtney to the Boat of Losers, "And, with Courtney's elimination, we have eliminated our first contestant. Who will be our next unlucky stiff?!"
The camera, then, switched scenes to the Screaming Gophers, enjoying their reward from the challenge.
Cody, in the Gophers' hot tub, stood up and said, "To the Screaming Gophers!"
"The Screaming Gophers!! Whooooo-hoooo!!" Heather, Trent, Lindsay, and Justin joined in with Cody, in the hot tub.
"Go, Gopha's! Go, Gopha's! Go, Gopha's!" LeShawna danced with her behind, in front of the hot tub. Noah and Owen soon joined her, as the screen faded to black with their dancing.

The screen immediately faded back in, with Chris standing at the Dock of Shame in broad daylight, "Last time on Total Drama Island, 22 campers arrived and learned that they'll be spending 8 weeks together at this cruddy camp. What's more, they learned their first challenge: jumping off a cliff into shark-infested waters! Most campers took the plunge; others... chickened out. And one of them, I.E. Miss C.I.T., faced the consequences. Courtney was the first ever camper voted out of Total Drama Island. Something tells me that was a mistake.................. Ah, well. Find out what happens and who's the next unlucky guy to walk down this dilapidated dock! Now on Total... Drama... Island!!"

After the theme song, Chris announced his presence with blowing an airhorn into a megaphone, "Move it, move it, move it, people!"
After a few minutes, all campers were outside, in their usual clothes, standing in a line behind Chris.
"Well, well, well, who's ready for a challenge!?" Chris McLean asked them, sarcastically. The campers mumbled, indifferently.
"Hi, Chris!" Heather yelled out, "You're looking super-buff in those shorts!"
Chris looked at her and winked, "I know. Anyway... what I was about to say was... I'm hoping you guys have enough energy and stamina for this next challenge: a 20-kilometer run around Lake Wawanakwa!!"
Eva, the surliest and possibly strongest female competing, cocked an eyebrow, "Oh, so you're funny now!? Stop enjoying this!"
Chris smiled, "I can't, it's so much fun, it's addicting."
Ezekiel went over to Eva, "Not to worry, eh? This body was built for running! Our team'll win." Ezekiel patted Eva on her shoulder.
"Take it off... before I break it off," she sinisterly whispered to him. Ezekiel immediately grabbed his hand back and ran off.
In the confessional, he was heard saying, "Sheesh. She's got an attitude. Ah, well, I let her win that one. Doesn't mean she's stronger'n me, eh!?"

The camera switched scenes to see a few campers running the perimeter of the lake; some chose to walk.
"Do you know how much longer?" Harold heaved to Gwen, looking a bit tired from just walking.
"Don't... walk next to me," Gwen reprimanded him.
The camera then went over to Heather, who was passed by both Ezekiel and Noah who were running, hitting her in the process.
"UGH! Do you mind??" she let out.
They both kept running; however, Ezekiel yelled out while running, "You shouldn't be out here anywayyyyy!"
Heather gasped and yelled back, walking, "What's that supposed to meeeeeeeeeeeeean?!?"
In the confessional, Heather was seen, ranting, "No." She laughed, "No, no, no. I do not get insulted. And I definitely do not get insulted by country bumpkins!"

After numerous minutes of running, all campers made it into the Mess Hall, the apparent checkpoint after running the 20 kilometers. Ezekiel, the person who, unexpectedly, came in first, ran up to Chris, "First place!! First place!!"
"Yeaaaaaaaah, congrats, dude. But, you don't get anything! That wasn't the challenge!!" Chris announced, as Ezekiel slides off his body.
Panting, Gwen wondered, "That... wasn't... the challenge?!"
LeShawna, stretched out on one of the Mess Hall tables yelled, "Then what is!?"
Chris walked over to the center table and pulled off a cover, revealing a delicacy of many foodstuffs, "Whoooooooooo's hungryyyyyyyyy!?"
In the confessional, Gwen stated, "After days of all this slop... I almost cried when I saw that buffet table."
"It's was the most amazing thing ever!!" Katie and Sadie mimicked into the confessional camera.

The camera, then, switched scenes to everyone, groaning and moaning over their eating.
"Everybody get enough?" Chris wondered. Owen, then, slowly crawled past him, with his mouth wide open and chewed up food inside it.
Chris looked, "I'll take that as a yes. You guys want some more?"
Geoff looked at Chris, "Nah, dude... I couldn't eat another bite."
"Yeah, I'm with Geoff on this one," D.J. interjected, while many of the campers shook their heads.
"No, no, no, no. Not more food.... another challenge!" Chris responded.
"What?! What more do you want from us!?" Gwen responded to him.
Chris chuckled, "I'll tell-- Huh?" Chef Hatchet, then, came into the Mess Hall and delivered a letter to Chris. Chris snatched it and began mumbling parts of it out loud.
"... Courtney.... elimin-- WHAT!?! $50,000!?" Chris and the campers gasped.
Duncan looked up, stuffed, "What's the... ergh... problem?"
Chris, then, read the main point of the letter out loud, "It is the with the decision of Judge Fredrick Pierialli that Total Drama must suffer the inane consequences for eliminating my client, Courtney. My client has informed me to have you either rectify this problem at hand by paying us a fine of $50,000 or have one person booted out of the team of the Killer Bass as soon as physically possible for revenge that belongs to my client."
"English, dude?" Ezekiel informed him.
Angry, Chris yelled, "Either I have to pay $50,000 for eliminating Princess or one of your teammates needs to go to the Dock of Shame now! And, I'm not having $50,000 come out of my paycheck. Just doesn't work like that. Killer Bass, to the Campfire Ceremony."
The Screaming Gophers cheered as Eva let out a, "What!? NO WAY!! We didn't even do anything!"
"According to Courtney's attorney, you did," Chris replied.
"That white girl has lawyers?" LeShawna butted in.
"Apparently. And, this show does not and will not deal with the law. So, it's off to the elimination ceremony for those cats."
The Killer Bass all began jeering and talking amongst themselves. Ezekiel stood out, "Chill, guys... Maybe we'll get lucky and boot another girl out, eh?" Everyone, minus an uncaring Duncan, gasped from the Killer Bass.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Bridgette wanted to know.
"Well... It means we need to get rid of all the girls. They shouldn't be here. They all can't do anything, anyway!"
Duncan, then, burst out laughing, "Dude! Do you realize how big of a grave you just dug!?"
"Whaddaya talkin' about, bro? I didn't do nothing!" Eva, then, grabbed Ezekiel by the neck and carried him off to the Campfire Ceremony, with every Killer Bass female following her, looking evilly at Ezekiel as the screen faded to black.

After the commercial break, the Killer Bass were seen at the Campfire Ceremony.
"I still view this as unfair," Bridgette questioned, with her index on her chin.
The camera panned through all the Killer Bass: Duncan rolled his eyes, DJ and Tyler shrugged their shoulders, Katie and Sadie only stared, Geoff didn't say anything, and Eva was still strangling Ezekiel in her seat. When Chris walked in, she finally let him free.
"Hello, campers. Remember... at camp, marshmall--" Chris was interrupted.
"We know!" each Killer Bass member told him.
Chris cocked an eyebrow, "Yeesh. So much for the drama. Uhhh... It's pretty obvious who's gettin' the boot. Do I even need to ca--" Chef, then, came to Chris' ear and whispered to him that he had to do what Chris was about to say, which was 'call everyone's name out'.
Chris sighed and did it quickly out of boredom, "Katie, Sadie, Tyler, DJ, Bridgette, Harold, Duncan, Geoff, and Eva! You're all safe!! Ezekiel... home-school... time to go!"
"Seeya, Ev-- Wait, what!? Why do I have to go, eh?!" Ezekiel wondered out loud.
Eva, angry that Ezekiel was about to call her name and over the fact that Ezekiel didn't know the error of his female judging ways nearly ran towards Ezekiel, wanting to choke him, "Lemme at him! Lemme at'im!!" She was held back by DJ, Bridgette, Geoff, and Duncan. Seeing this, Ezekiel ran off and immediately hopped on the Boat of Losers, scared for his life.
"And, that makes two unlucky souls cast off the island from the Killer Bass team," Chris waved at Ezekiel as he departed, "Who will be next? Find out... next time on Total... Drama... ISLAND!!" The screen, then, faded to black.

Answer: Ezekiel gets eliminated the next episode.

MTDM's Entry

(MTDM: For Purple Kelly. Hehe, ask DJ fan.)

What If: Chris Didn't Make it a Double-Elimination in Chinese Fake-Out?

Chris was reading the votes.
"It's a tie!" Chris said.
"Yes!" Courtney whispered. "Prepare to go down, Blainley. I am excellent in a tie-breaker situation."
Chris gets a call from the producers.
"UGH!!" He shouted, throwing his phone away. "I am tired of these stupid producers! Tie-breaker time!"
Blaineley suddenly gets a call. "Y'ello? Yes. Uh-huh. Mhm. Okay!"
"What!? Was it the producers!?" Chris frowned.
"Indeed it was Chris," Blainley grinned. "They said they heard you call them stupid, and fired you."
"What!?" Chris shouted. "There is no Total Drama, without Chris McLean. Who'll host now, huh? They can't get a new host in a day."
"Me," Blainley smiled, kicking Chris off the plane.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Chris yelled.
"But, what about the tie-breaker!?" Courtney yelled.
"No more. You're eliminated," Blainley winked, pushing Courtney off the plane.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Courtney yelled.
"We have our final five!" Blainley yelled. "And a beautiful new host! What will happen next time on Total... Drama... World Tour?"

~End Credits~

"Last time on Total Drama World Tour," Blainley said. "I became host, Courtney got eliminated. Blah, blah, blah. We've got our final five! What will happen this time on Total... Drama... World Tour!?"

~Theme Song~

Duncan was whistling, while smiling.
"Smiling? Whistling? This is the happiest I've ever seen you!" Alejandro said.
"What can I say?" Duncan asked. "It's like all my problems were kicked off a plane. Speaking of failed romances, want me to hit the common area so I can let you two love-birds build your nest?"
"Yeah, right!" Alejandro and Heather said in unision. "As if! Stop that!"
The camera panned to the First Class area.
Cody was on Sierra's lap.
"Oh, Codykinz," Sierra said, "drink some more of my tea."
Sierra poured the Love-Me Tea in Cody's mouth.
"Ooh, Cody, do you love me?" Sierra said.
"Bloorgh," Cody said, drugged from the tea.

Through the intercom, Blainley said, "Welcome to the Serengetti, contestants. Please exit the plane, and we will begin our challenge." The contestants exited the plane, and followed Blainley. Sierra came late, and said "Sorry. I was working on our "Just Married" sign." She giggled. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Blainley said. "Can I play for Codykinz?" Sierra asked. "No," Blainley said. "WHAT!?" Sierra yelled. "You want to be eliminated?" Blainley asked. "Um..., no," Sierra frowned. </poem>

"Originally, Chris wrote in his plans the challenge for today is a game he made up called Sock-et to Me," Blainley stated.
"Sounds fun," Sierra said.
"Yeah," Blainley sarcastically said. "No. I'm the new host; we'll be doing things my way. The new challenge is: Compliment Blainley. Name three character traits about me. Purple-head, first."
"Mean, agressive, rude," Sierra said.
"Annoying, stupid, (bleep)," Heather said.
"Sounds like you," Sierra teased.
"Stupid, (bleep), annoying," Alejandro said.
"I just said that!" Heather yelled.
"What!?" Alejandro said.
"He likes you," Sierra said, grinning."
"Mowhawk!" Blainley said, "You're up."
Duncan crossed his arms, and said nothing.
"You're turn, Cody," Sierra said.
"Bloom, jom, bing-bong," Cody said, light-headed.
"Hrmph," Blainley said. "Cody wins, for saying things that don't make sense, but are the best, 'cause the rest were nothing about me."
A cricket chirped.
"CRICKETS COME OUT AT NIGHT!" Blainley said, stomping on the cricket.
"Cody gets an advantage in the next challenge," Blainley said. "Find out what the next challenge is when we return to Total Drama World Tour!

~Commercial Break~

"And we're back with Total Drama!" Blainley said. "The next challenge was supposed to be tranquilizing this animal," Blainley pointed to Ezekiel in a cage, biting the bars. "Yeah. Not anymore. The new challene is tranquilizing your opponents!"
"Awesome!" Cody, not light-headed anymore, glared at Sierra, grinning.
As Cody glared at Sierra, Sierra glared at Heather, who glared at Alejandro, who glared at Duncan, who glared at Cody, who glared at Sierra, who glared at Heather, who glared at Alejandro, who glared at Duncan, who glared at Cody. (MTDM: I meant to do that.)
Blainley gave Cody a pistol, and 10 tranquilizing ammo, as the others only got 3 ammo, and a rubberband.
"Use them wisely," Blainley winked. "Last one non-tranquilized wins."
The five teens start running in the woods.
Sierra ran after Cody, and Cody saw her. "Ahhhhhhh," Cody screamed, about to shoot.
"No, wait, I come in peace!" Sierra smiled.
"So you'll leave me alone!?" Cody cheered.
"What!? As if I'd leave my husband alone! I was thinking an alliance, that neither of us shoot each other!"
"Sorry, Sierra, but no," Cody said, running away.
Sierra sat on a rock, and started crying.
"Why didn't I shoot her!?" Cody thought to himself.
Cody was walking into a cave. "Amazing way to hide from Sierra!" he said. "I'll leave after the challenge."
In the meantime, Alejandro caught up with Heather.
"What do you want?" Heather asked.
"No time for talking," Alejandro said. "Let's have an alliance. Together, we'll be in the final two. Good?"
In confessional, Heather said, "Is it me, or am I hearing myself?"
"Fine," Heather lied.
Sierra started walking, as did Duncan, and the two ended up with Alejandro and Heather.
"Ahhhhhh," the four said, as they all shot eachother at the same time.
The music ding was heard in the background.
"Really, Blainley!?" Heather said. "Our legs are sound asleep!"
"You really think I'd stop the best part if season three!? Now sing!" Blainley demanded.
~Song Start~
Heather:  Well, it's a beautiful day on the Serengeti. The perfect time to snag a pup.
I'll win this dumb game, as soon as my leg wakes up. Ah!
Alejandro:  Going alone just makes you look sad and pathetic. Plus, you'll die without a trace.
Heather:  Hey!
Duncan:   I was almost there!
Heather:  "Almost" gets you nowhere around here. You're a loser duo, and that's all.
Alejandro:  "Loser" is what the lion called you, when you couldn't find your balls. Tranq balls, that is. I wonder where they went?
Sierra:  I better sing or I get kicked out. (faints) I got something I want to say. Cody? Cody? Cody? I ca- I can't feel my face. Where'd you put it? Cody?! Cody?! Co... (faints)
Heather:  Well, it's a beautiful day on the Serengeti. The perfect time to snag a pup.
I'll win this dumb game, as soon as my leg wakes up. 
My leg.
Alejandro:  My hand. (gets punched by Duncan) 
Duncan:  My arm.
Sierra:  Ugh, my face.
Heather, Alejandro, Sierra, and Duncan:  Wake uuuuuuu-uh-uh-uup!
Wake uuuuuuuuuuuuup!
~Song End~
Blainley clapped.
"Hey, Cody didn't sing," Heather said. "He's out!"
"Nope," Blainley said, "he didn't get tranquilized. Now, to the plane."
Four interns carried the contestants, respectivley, to the plane.

An hour later, Blainley was counting the votes.
"Tie!" Blainley shouts, as she gets a call from the prducer. "Yes, okay. Okay."
"WHAT HAPPENED!?" Alejandro and Heather said in unision.
"Both of you are eliminated," Blainley said, "due to budget cuts. This was supposed to happen last episode, but couldn't. I don't want to be like Chris and get fired, so I'm listening to the producers." Blainley shoved Alejandro and Heather out of the plane.
"Cody, who are you taking to First Class with you?" Blainley asked.
Cody gulped, "Duncan."
In confessional, Cody stated, "It was either him or Sierra."
Sierra started to tear up.
In confessional, Sierra said, "First the declining, now this!?" She cried.

"Well, that raps this episode up!" Blainley said. "Will Sierra survive alone? Will Cody survive with Duncan? Will I continue to be the awesomest host ever? Of course! Find out what will happen with our final three next time on Total... Drama... World Tour!"

~End Credits~

"What-If" Answer: The final two would be eliminated earlier, and there would be a new host.

Finally, The End.

  • Goof: Cody was in the cave, but it's unknown how he got to the plane.

Plat's Entry

What if...

...Cody was born on April 2nd?

Chris was reading the votes in the final four. The only four contestants remaining were Cody, Sierra, Heather, and Alejandro. 

"The first marshmallow goes to Sierra!" Chris exclaims. 

"Aww, I used to eat these at home while watching the show," she said, as she caught her marshmallow. "Wow, these are so much better in person."

Chris snickered and moved on. 

"The next marshmallow goes to...Heather, who also has no votes against her," Chris said. 

"Yes!" Heather yelled, grabbing her marshmallow. 

"Now, let me read the votes," Chris exclaims. "Let's see, one vote for Cody, and two for Alejandro. And the last vote is for....Alejandro!"

"What??? But, Heather?" he whines. "This can't be true!"

"Ah, but it is," answers Chris. "Sorry, but you are out of the game."

Chris escorts the four contestants into the plane, which is still fully intact. Chef started to fly the plane, and Chris laughed when they were going. 

"Alejandro, grab a parachute," he said. 

"Heather, you are a pret...vile beast!" Alejandro yelled. "That million would've been mine!"

"Yea, but I can't believe you fell for that fake cry for help," laughs Heather. 

"So, wait, you don't have feelings for me?" Alejandro asks in disbelief. 

"Not really, sorry for the news flash," she answers. 

Chris got bored and eventually kicked Alejandro off the plane. 

"Only three remain, find out which two remaining contestants will move on to the finale on...Total Drama World Tour!" Chris announces to the audience. 

Cody went back on the plane in loser class because Chris let only Sierra be in first. He had to be stuck with Heather. 

"Perfect," Heather said in the confessional. "Now that his stalker girlfriend is in first class, I can manipulate Cody into getting what I want."

She decided to take a page from Alejandro's book, even if it was to her disgust, and tried to manipulate Cody by flirtation. 

"So, Cody, it's pretty cold down here," she said, batting her eyes. 

"Um, we're in the middle of Alberta, where it's a desert," answers Cody. 

"Well, who are you going to bring to the final three?" Heather asked, while patting his head. 

"I don't know, Sierra's been pretty nice to me the entire season, but I don't know what I should do," Cody says. 

"Ugh, that loser is so....repugnant! I wish I could throw him off the plane, but he is a better ally than Sierra, who won't vote for Cody even if it wins her a million bucks. So, I must do what I have to," Heather sighs in the confessional. 

A voice came from Chris' private quarters. 

"Welcome competitors, you are now airborne. Try to get some sleep, as tomorrow we'll be landing in Mexico for our final three challenge!" Chris announces over the megaphone. 

Heather snuggled up with Cody and falls asleep. Cody, unsure of what's going on, backs away and sleeps in the corner. 

"I'm not sure what Heather is doing," Cody says in the confessional. "She might be using her old tricks again. Plus, if I bring Sierra into the finals, there's a chance that she'll give the million to me! It's awesome!" Cody vents in the confessional. 

Meanwhile, up in first class, Sierra was trying to break a door. 

"Let me into loser class!" she yelled at the producers. "Heather's probably in there trying to break our marriage!"

She kicked the door but it wouldn't budge. She eventually got put to sleep by a tranquilizing dart that came from Chris' quarters. 

"I love this show," Chris snickers, as he puts his tranquilizing gun away. 

Cody woke up the next morning, with a party hat in his lap. 

"Happy birthday!" yelled Sierra, finally in the loser class. 

Cody looked behind him and saw three broken doors. He decided ignore that "detail" and noticed that it was his birthday today. 

"Woah, it's my birthday!" he yelled. "Thank you, Sierra! My parents even forget my own birthday!"

"Yeah, it's sad," Sierra starts. "Last year your parents thought you were pulling a late April Fools joke when you told them today was your birthday. They just got a pair of socks from their closet and said it was some sort of limited edition "cool kid" socks.

"Um...never mind, I'm not even going to ask how you know that," sighs Cody, as Heather starts laughing. 

"Heather, did you remember Cody's birthday?" asks Sierra. 

"His birthday? Twerp is lucky I remember his name,"  Heather says in the confessional. "However, I can't say that because I need that "twerp" to get in the final two with me."

They eventually landed in Mexico, surprisingly with a comfortable landing. The three contestants left the plane and saw Chris in a sombrero. 

"Welcome, final three! Time for the challenge that will decide this season's final two!" he yells. 

"What's with the dorky hat?" asks Heather. 

"It's, not dorky, it's a traditional Mexican hat called a sombrero," he says. "Anyways, it's time for your final three challenge. All three of you will participate in a challenge called the traditional Mexican fire dance of death," Chris says, while revealing a platform on the water surrounded by sharks. 

"This looks like a challenge that could be done anywhere," Heather says. "What does it have to do with Mexico?" 

"It's traditional," answers Chris. "Now, to determine who will be the one who'll be tied up..." 

"Uh, Chris, you didn't announce the challenge yet," Cody says. 

"Wow, you're such a downer, huh Cody? Anyways, there will be one person tied up to a pole given as a "sacrifice" to the Mexican gods. That person will move on to the final two. Th other two fight with tacos and try to deplatform the other and untie the person to win."

"So, Chris-y, how will we decide the positions?" asks Sierra. 

"Well, that isn't going to be hard," laughs Chris. In the aftermath that we just had, we had a vote to see who would reach the final two." Chris said. 

(Author's Note: Since the plane remained intact, Chris was in a euphoric state, and therefore let the peanut gallery ponder upon the decision of voting on one person to reach the final two.)

"Who would that person be?" asks Heather. 

"Not you!" Chris laughs. "The peanut gallery voted on Cody to reach the final two! Therefore, you two ladies will fight on the spot on being in the final two with Cody on the Mexican Dan e of Death!" Chris announces. 

Sierra smiled at Cody and glared at Heather. Heather knew that she was against an opponent who really wanted to be with her "hubby" in the final two. 

"And just to make things more interesting..." Chris says. "...we are bringing Ezekiel in to speed things up!"

Chef shoots a bow and arrow and set the platform on fire. He also used the arrow to shoot Ezekiel onto the platform. 

"Um, Ezekiel, remember Camp Wawanakwa? You know, when you were semi-human?" Heather asks. 

"Speaking of which," says Chris. "Time to sing!"

A bell rings in the background and the three contestants moan. 

"This show's a train, it's moving fast, Codykins is meant to last. Winning the dance just won't be right, so look out now, you're in my sight," Sierra starts. 

"Mrs. Fair now, suddenly! Ezekiel, don't kill me! Don't you remember the old times back when you were not Frankenstein," Heather continues. 

"I'm gonna win this, and you can't stop me now, just you try. Cody is waiting, it's time for you to say bye, bye, bye," Heather and Sierra sing. 

"Please ladies, don't fight over me. Even though we're in the final three. But now that you two are in a fight, I wish Sierra does what's right!" Cody yells. 

"I'm gonna win this, and you can't stop me now, just you try. Cody is waiting, it's time for you to say bye, bye, bye," Heather and Sierra sing. 

"Go Sierra, I know you're fighting full. I hope Heather gets attacked by Ezekiel!" Cody screams. 

"I'm gonna win this, and you can't stop me now, just you try. Cody is waiting, it's time for you to say bye, bye, bye," Heather and Sierra sing. 

The song stops and Heather continues to look nervously at Ezekiel. 

"I would've helped Heather out if it wasn't Cody's birthday," Sierra says the confessional. "However, I can't get eliminated before I bake him a chocolate cake!"

Ezekiel attacked Heather and tackled her off the platform. Sierra quickly untied Cody and hugged him. 

"I'm so glad you're safe!" Sierra yells. 

"I'm just glad I'm in the final two with someone who cares," says Cody. 

The three contestants get back on the plane while Chris announces the results. 

"Heather, it's time for you to go," says Chris. "Any final words?"

Heather is seen on wheelchair, obviously damaged from Ezekiel attacking her. Chris shrugs his shoulders, and pushes her off the plane with a parachute anyways. 

"Only two rem..." Chris starts. 

"Wait, before you continue, let me get something. Be right back!" Sierra yells. 

Sierra ran into first class and brings out a cake. 

"Happy birthday, Cody!" yells Sierra, as some of the Sparks from the candles reach the floor. 

"Quick, grab a parachute!" yells Cody, right before the plane explodes. 

Luckily, all the living beings had safely landed on the ground. However, Chris was furious because his plane was destroyed. 

"That's it!" he yelled. "I hate to do this now, but I'm kicking Sierra out of the game!"

Sierra looked upset, but not of Chris' actions, but of the cake she lost. 

"It was chocolate, your favorite!" Sierra mutters. 

"Aww, thanks for all your effort Sierra. I couldn't have done it without you," says Cody. 

"So, I guess I'll be announcing the winner of Total Drama World Tour in the middle of an Arizona desert...Cody!" Chris says. 

"Wow, I won?" asks Cody. "How awesome is that? I thought I would be the first one gone!" 

"Congrats Cody," Chris says as he hands him the million. "Now find a way to escape with your plane wrecking girlfriend," he says, as he and Chef get their emergency helicopter and fly away. 

Cody didn't care. It was a million dollars...

Cody and Sierra finally arrived at the Aftermath studio. It took them a week to get there, but what matters is that the million is safe. 

"So, are you going to split any of the money with Sierra?" asks Gwen. 

"Of course!" says Cody. "After all, she helped me win it."

"No thanks, I don't need money," says Sierra. "You can keep it all to yourself."

"That's sweet of you and..." Cody starts, before getting smothered by Sierra. 

"I love it when you pay attention to me," says Sierra. 

"Ugh, is there a way to sell Sierra for a million bucks?"

Spenstar's Entry

What if scenario: What if Geoff voted against the guys' alliance instead of with it, or not voting at all?

"All three of you received a lot of votes tonight."

On Chris McLean's platter, there were only two marshmallows. Sitting before him were three campers: Bridgette, Duncan, and Owen. Bridgette was shaking with nerves, while Duncan sat nonchalant, one hundred percent sure that he would get a marshmallow and that Bridgette wouldn't. Owen's stomach growled.

"The next marshmallow goes to Owen!" Chris threw the marshmallow right into Owen's mouth. He swallowed it in one gulp.

"Woo-hoo!" Owen made his way to the others standing beside Chris. Chris smirked deviously at Duncan and Bridgette.

"The final marshmallow..."

Geoff stared at Bridgette, just as nervous as she was. In the confessional he said, "What if she doesn't get the marshmallow? What if I just acted against the tough guy for nothing? That'll be pretty heavy, man."

"...goes to Bridgette. Duncan, you're out!"

Duncan's smirk slowly faded until he had good from cool and collected into vengeful and pissed off.

"What?!" he yelled as he got up. "Who did this?!"

"Sorry Duncan," Geoff shrugged, "But you were being kind of mean, and anyone who asks me to vote out my girl is just asking for it. Sorry."

"YOU?!" Duncan charged at Geoff, but was carried away by two buff interns. "Let me at him! Let me at him!" he shouted as they dragged him to the boat of losers, which drove him off to... wherever it is that the boat of losers takes him.

In the confessional, Duncan ranted, "I can't believe this! Geoff was a Bass, he was a bro! I can't believe he'd just go behind my back like that! That's low... and I know low! I'm a criminal!"

The next week, Geoff and Bridgette worked together on their bikes. There was a calm feeling in the air; for once, there was no talk of big-name alliances or planned elimination. The only thing that remained was the partnership between Heather and Lindsay. Geoff liked this feeling, but he worried it wouldn't last.

"Don't worry," said Bridgette, "Everything will be fine!" She kissed him. Normally, when someone says that everything will be fine, that someone is dead-wrong, and what follows is disaster.

This time, Bridgette was completely right.

The new calm, only growing after the end of the final official alliance of the game, gave the happy couple a clear head to think with. As time passed, everybody else went through bad moments, but the couple remained unscathed. DJ was freaked out to the point of unconsciousness by the Psycho Killer With a Chainsaw and a Hook (TM), Izzy was punished with elimination for tranquilizing Gwen by mistake, and Heather's attempts at making a new allaince only led to her elimination. LeShawna was taken out by a scam of Chris McLean's, and in a boot camp challenge, Owen followed his coconut best friend to the boat of losers for eating sticky buns, and to top it all off, Gwen calmly decided she'd rather lose the game than shave her head. Only Geoff and Bridgette remained.

Now, the stage was set. The pair were on the home stretch. The peanut gallery of failure, each side seating ten, began cheering wildly as Bridgette and Geoff crossed the finish line at the same time.

"Interesting," said Chris, "I'll have to ron some slo-mo shots of that. The winner will be revealed tonight!"

Later that night, Geoff and Bridgette stood on opposite sides of Chris, in front of the losers, at the marshmallow ceremony area.

"After eight cruel weeks, it is my pleasure to bring you the winner, of Total Drama Island: GEOFF!"

"Rock on!" Geoff smiled wide and held a peace sign up in the air. he embraced Bridgette close, and gave her a soft kiss.

"Good game," he whispered to her.

"Good game."

"So, Geoff," said Chris, "Do you have any regrets?"

Geoff looked at the other campers who sat before him. His eyes met with Duncan's, who's eyes were narrowed into a glare. Geoff gulped, took a big, heavy sigh, and said wholeheartedly:

"I have no regrets. I wouldn't change a thing. In the end, Bridgette was right, it turned out okay."

Webly's Entry

Week Ten Chat

Nalyd: Bbhinton, Spenstar, MTDM, Plat, you are the final four, and have become the Best-Sellers.

Plat: Sorry Webly, and congrats to everyone else for making the merge!

MTDM: Two members from the two original teams merged. :p And BB & I are first in ABC order. And yaaaay for final four!! :D I'm scared. xD. Anyways, yeah, so, um, I was gonna say something, but forgot. :|

Spenny: W00tness!

BB: Congratulations to everyone that's made it this far. ^^

MTDM: Haha, I told you so Bb. xD. I knew it'll be the review challenge! :p Anyways, are we allowed to review challenge one entries? Of the people who didn't make it? Like the one-sentence ones? xD. Jk. But, srsly, are we?

Nalyd: No... real entries only from week two on.

Plat: Good luck to everyone still left in the competition. :)

BB: Oh, my boxers. This is going to be really close. All of these reviews are pretty good... exceptional, even. The only difference I see between all four of us is our review lengths. I would think the content in all of them are almost equal. :-/

Challenge Ten

Nalyd: I apologize for this challenge being late. It is due December 31. You will take 3 stories from this season and write reviews for them. We're looking for reviews that show thought behind them. One of you is going to judge next season. We would like you to find areas of the story to criticize and praise. If somebody has many grammar/spelling mistakes, please cite specific examples. The two worst judges will be eliminated.

Bbhinton15's Reviews

Challenge Reviews

Challenge Criteria One

  • Challenge Author: Mr. Totaldramaman
  • Challenge Number: 3
  • Challenge Description: Last season we had to do stories about Sierra before she went on Total Drama World Tour, and now you will do the same thing for Alejandro. Justo una cuenta a cerca de la muy normal viva de Alejandro (Just a story about the very normal life of Alejandro). It doesn't have to be "normal" just pick a day in his life before he competed on Total Drama and write about it. This will be judged on spelling, grammar, in-character-ness, creativity, and originality. This is due Friday.

Review One

  • Judging Criteria: Spelling, Grammar, In-character-ness, Creativity, Originality

Alright, since we're judging on five key factors within a story, I'll go through all of these. First of all, spelling; I don't think there is anything to say here. MTDM, you executed each word almost perfectly when it came to spelling. Unless I overlooked a matter, I saw no spelling mistakes and I am proud to say so. On the grammar side, I believe I only saw literally one mistake and, again, I applaud you for that. Here is the only example of grammatical error that I found:

Man, being on Total Drama, and being the Gemmies host? I thought. José will be on the floor, begging to be me. I smirked, as I picked up the phone. First, I called Celebrity Manhunt.

The comma after the fifth word, "Drama", is not supposed to be there, to my knowledge. As of right now, this entry is astounding. Now, the "in-character-ness" judging can go any way because we all have different viewpoints on Alejandro before Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour. I do like the fact that you stayed in character with Alejandro, concerning his conflict that he has shown to have with his older brother. However, in a give-and-take method of analysis, I have to say that I strongly disliked the fact that you focused only on that. The approach you used with the Alejandro-José conflict was good, but I don't think a common reader would know anything else about Alejandro pre-Total Drama after reading this. There's no connections with his family members and other siblings, his friends, his pre-Total Drama interests, the works; still a good job, however. Creativity and originality are two factors I'm going to judge together. Honestly, I think this is where your story lacked towards becoming the best entry of everyone left in this competition at this point. The challenge was to write about a day in the life of Alejandro. Now, I'm not saying what you did was wrong, but it severely hurt you to reference and talk about Total Drama so much in a day that was supposed to be about him before having anything to do with Total Drama. That really marks you down, in my opinion. What you could have done, however, was write about... just a plain, ordinary day. That way, you could have kept your Alejandro character in conflict with José and filled in the other Total Drama information with whatever was going on that one, random day. Incorporating Total Drama in something that was supposed to be set aside from Total Drama really didn't sit right with me. Another thing I would point out is that this story didn't feature an entire 24-hour day, but I don't expect any of the entrants to go that far with the word day. All in all, however, this was a decent entry for Challenge Three. Not your best, but decent. I didn't know where else to throw this, but I'll say it here.... I enjoyed the Spanish language being utilized. Great job on that.

  • Scoring
    • Spelling - 10/10
    • Grammar - 9/10
    • In-character-ness - 8/10
    • Creativity - 6/10
    • Originality - 6/10
    • Overall (Raw) - 7.8/10
    • Overall (Rounded) - 8/10

Challenge Criteria Two

  • Challenge Author: Platypus09
  • Challenge Number: 8
  • Challenge Description: This week, you must write about a day in the lives of a married couple from Total Drama. They can have kids, jobs, etc. Please provide some background to their lives up to the story, and then write about a day in their lives.

Review Two

  • Judging Criteria: Background... and, that's it. o.O

Oh, my. Well, this entry was definitely dark, I can say that without any doubts. The only things that the judges called for when reviewing these entrants is to make sure the challenge was done correctly and to input background of the marriage and history before getting into the actual story. Well, those are both fairly simple for me to review. The challenge, of course, was done correctly, as this story was a day in the life of Cody and Sierra getting married. The only thing I have to go with concerning this story's background is the actual season of Total Drama World Tour since Cody and Sierra did not know each other before that. Honestly, that was one of the low-points to this story. I like how you took this story into your own hands, but I don't think there's enough background as to why they "got married" and how they arrived to the point of where they were in this story. All I have to go by is the season of competition they were in and 10 random years. Those 10 years that passed would have been the best way to put in some background to their marriage and beyond. I can't really say much about your entry or anyone's entry for that matter because there wasn't much that the judges had to look for in this case. I do want to say, however, that spelling and grammar could have been a bit better in this entry. These are small examples of small spelling errors I found; they could be typos, but still do take a look:

Sierra became infuriated when she ran to where Coy was being captured. However, when she arrived, she reached a gated wall with a three digit lock on the front door.
"Are you defying me?" asks Duncan. "Don't make me beat you up too."

I'll leave it to you to find the spelling or grammar error in those selections. That was bad. What I found that was good, though, that wasn't supposed to be judged is the fact that you used the narrator as a gateway for him to talk to his readers, i.e. me. I can't find it now, but there was a good example in this entry that had the narrator, in a sense, talking to the reader, which makes this story stand out in originality than most others. This is only my opinion, but something I didn't enjoy was, ultimately, Duncan's death. Unless he had a traumatic event that happened to him in the 10 years that we hadn't seen him, he shouldn't have killed himself. I honestly don't see a person like Duncan killing himself over Gwen through Cody, he's too "Duncan-y" to do that. Furthermore, I was surprised Heather was the person Sierra called to get in the house and not Duncan. However, I take the Duncan part back as I continued to read and find out that he was the owner of that estate, so Sierra couldn't have called him. All in all, I would document this entry as "decent" but close to "needs improvement" or something along those lines.

  • Scoring:
    • Background - 8/10
    • Spelling - 9/10
    • Grammar - 7/10
    • Originality - 9/10
    • Overall (Raw) - 8.25/10
    • Overall (Rounded) - 8/10

Challenge Criteria Three

  • Challenge Author: DJ Spenstar
  • Challenge Number: 9
  • Challenge Description: This week's challenge is a What-if. If you don't know what that means, it's basically that you write a story about a character or multiple characters if a crucial event hadn't occured. An example: What would happen if Sierra hadn't shielded Cody from the 'cannonball' in Sweden Sour? (Please don't use that one.) This challenge will be judged on creativity of the What-if, if it is believable, spelling, and grammar. This story is due Friday.

Review Three

  • Judging Criteria: Creativity of What-If, Believability, Spelling, Grammar

Alright. First off, I want to say that I throughly enjoyed this story. Total Drama would be forever impacted if it actually happened like this. Now, we are to judge on the above criteria. Alright, creativity of the 'what-if'. Spenny, your choice of 'what-if' was beyond impeccable. I, myself, would not have honestly thought to do something like this. After I read this one, I was very much surprised that someone else didn't post a what-if like this one, also. Great work. I enjoyed it. The what-if's creativity and if it's believable, in this case, really go hand-in-hand for me. On the real show before this event, Geoff was uncertain about either following Duncan or going his own route concerning voting for Bridgette. So, him changing his mind at the very last minute does, in fact, make sense and is believable. Again, great work. Spelling and grammar were also pretty well-developed. My eyes catch almost everything when it comes to proofreading, so I've been told. I examined your entry and I do not remember finding any spelling mistakes. Along with that, the grammar could have used a few tweaks in certain spots, but it was still great. I hope I haven't heightened you up too far because with every compliment comes some type of criticism. This isn't really something that the judges were supposed to be looking for, but I hope what I'm about to point out helps you in the future with your writing. First of all, development and length. I understand that you weren't able to physically re-write every single episode in your image between "Hide and Be Sneaky" and "The Very Last Episode, Really!", but all you gave the reader where the eliminations. That is enough in a sense, but... just showing the eliminations made your story really chopped up and short, which is one of the major things that I disliked about this story. I know you were to only focused on the main character and the in-turn supporting character, Geoff and Bridgette, but... I guess what I'm trying to say was that it wouldn't have hurt for you to thrown in a little more detail over the episodes you spanned through to get to the season's end. I honestly believe that poor development and length of story were your only real faults. I didn't see much of anything else wrong with this story. One thing that I did like that I'm really not supposed to say due to the Judging Criteria was your use of foreshadowing through these lines in your story here:

"So, Geoff," said Chris, "Do you have any regrets?"

Geoff looked at the other campers who sat before him. His eyes met with Duncan's, who's eyes were narrowed into a glare. Geoff gulped, took a big, heavy sigh, and said wholeheartedly:

"I have no regrets. I wouldn't change a thing. In the end, Bridgette was right, it turned out okay."

Will Duncan and Geoff ever bury the hatchet? Will Duncan hold a grudge forever? That small instance right there is what keeps me guessing and what keeps me wanting more from an author like you. Other than the length of the story, which really disappointed me on the inside, and how you went from one episode to another to get to the end, I truly loved this entry. Very well-made, very original... If you want to write the remake of Total Drama Action due to this change in Total Drama history, I'd totally read that season.

  • Scoring
    • Creativity of What-If - 9/10
    • Believability - 10/10
    • Spelling - 10/10
    • Grammar - 9/10
    • Originality - 9/10
    • Overall (Raw) - 9.4/10
    • Overall (Rounded) - 9/10

MTDM's Reviews

Hello, I am Reviewer Totaldramaman, here to review some Total Drama Author 6 stories. First, I'd like to recap how the season went… sort of. There were thirty-two contestants in the first week, however, twenty dreams were crushed, when being eliminated in the preliminaries. That leaves us with twelve, and four of us were lucky enough to make it this far; the final four. I'd like to congratulate my three opponents for making it this far. Now, onto the reviews.

Review of UltimateTORINOR's Challenge 3 story

First of all, I found no spelling or grammar mistakes whatsoever. So, good job on that. However, I have some complaints about the story itself. One; what's the plot of this story? All I read was Alejandro's mom talking to Alejandro for a few moments, and then a few hours later, she died. Two; Alejandro wasn't exactly in-character. As I read the story, I didn't find the Total Drama World Tour Alejandro. Three; I want more quotations. Argh. Four;—wait, no, that's it. However, you got a tear out of me, so I think I should congratulate you on that.

Review of Bbhinton15's Challenge 4 story

Thank you for being creative. This story sets itself apart from any regular Halloween story. Why? Because it's creative, and not Halloween, like the other entries—it's horror. Anyways, no spelling or grammar complaints. Congratz. The story was amazing in general. It had everything a horror flick needed; horror, cliffhanger, etc. I loved at the end when the love triangle was in danger. What I didn't like is that many people didn't talk, and just got "killed." Owen, Izzy, DJ, etc. But in general, again, amazing story. I want a Pt. II to see what happens next!

Review of Platypus09's Challenge 7 story

One spelling mistake, and some grammar mistakes. The spelling mistake is, Ulong said "my name is based of of...". The first of should have another f. Before the flashback, Heather says "let me think" twice. In Ulong's first quote, he said "my family are and I are". He could have just said "my family and I are". And there are also some past tense/present tense mixing up. Letting those mistakes slide, this story was actually very believable, and I liked it. What I would really like is if you could make a full fanfiction of this!!

You three are gifted authors.

--Reviewer Totaldramaman is reviewing stories like a roadie, a roadie!

Plat's Reviews

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS JUST A REVIEW. THIS IS MEANT TO BE CONSTRUCTIVE, AND NOT TO HURT ANYONE. (Author's Note: I decided to review the three remaining contestants besides myself for ironic effect. I'll be reviewing three stories that I had very different thoughts on, to have varying reviews. Also, PLEASE do not take what I say to heart. It is meant to be constructive criticism. Trust me, I value friendship more than these reviews.)


MTDM's Challenge 6: Survivor: Toronto

  • Grammar Review

First of all, I could barely tell that it was a story. There were more run on sentences than I could count! You would think that there would be at least grammatically correct sentences in the first paragraph! Right off the back, we get hit by a run on sentence with "Right after Total Drama World Tour." I mean, where the heck is the verb in that so called sentence? Grammar 101: A sentence has to have a verb. However, it gets much worse. We get compelling dialogue such as the word "Meh" used by itself. Couldn't there have been more dialogue put on that line the one word??? It gets worse. Later, there is a lot of dialogue that just is a bunch of dialogue without acknowledgment of who said it! The grammar alone in this story is bad enough to turn many readers off. Especially since this is week six, you would expect that there would be better grammar from one of the best writing competitions on the wiki. That's pretty much...wait. Did he use the word "bux" formally? You should never do that in a formal writing! It's like using curse words or slang language in an essay to college! He also uses "gotit" and "lol" as an author's note in the middle of his story. Why would you ever use text talk in a story such as this one? Clearly, he was trying to go for quantity rather than quality. There is also MANY points where there is only one quotation mark when there should be two, or loads of times where there are missing commas. Overall, the entry is very weak, and MTDM could improve this in order to become a better author. Many one word lines like "Meh" and "Woops", appaling run on sentences, and slang language didn't really help this story out in the long run.

  • Content Review

The story began with Courtney acting well, a good anti-hero/antagonist and a lot of personal and mental threats that she brought to the story, which matched her character. I have to give props to you by making her rant about her being a CIT, and her audition tape. I mean, Courtney was more in character than some of the characters in Spenny's entry. However, there is one MAIN FLAW in the content of the story: the ending. How the heck could a contestant come back and win the entire thing? There is no way that any of the contestants would vote for some backstabbing returnee. The ending is unreal, it's just discombobulating to put together how Courtney would return and win the entire competition! There is no way that would happen in real life, and if it did happen, he left the readers with NO way of saying how it happened! You have to make sure that the ending will at least comply with Survivor rules and the way the jury works. Overall, even though Courtney was in character, the ending really was distracting from an otherwise decent story up until that point.

BB's Challenge 3: Omniscient of Alejandro's Past

  • Grammar Review

Now, this is an example of a story well executed and grammatically correct. However, if you are going Second of all, I'm glad you used Spanish, but if you are going to use a foreign language, but if you are going to use it one time, give a translation, in this case, "Don't be so clumsy," because that phrase is not so common in Spanish. There is also a typo which says "mijo" instead of "hijo" which can really confuse a reader as a grain of rice and a son are two TOTALLY different things. One could lose focus on the rest of the story and think, "Why did Alejandro's mother call him a grain of wheat?" Ok, yea, I know I'm just commenting on a typo here so it wasn't that bad. Also, there were some run-on sentences when you combined too much description and dialogue. It's easy to split them apart, just take some more time to do so. Also, here are points in the story where you put ellipses and commas in the same dialogue line. In correct writing, there should be one or another, as an ellipse is used to show that a comment is unfinished, and a comma gives the same effect. Otherwise, most of the punctuation, spelling, and grammar are good, and if you improve those minor details, along with some tedious paragraphs of description that can be broken by dialogue, this is a good story grammatically. However, most of the spelling is sufficient, and the choice of vocabulary was rather intriguing.

  • Content Review

Honestly, this story confuses me. At the beginning, it seems just like I'm waiting for something to happen. It's like a boring movie that never ends, as no plot occurs, and what is said could easily be condensed into four or five sentences. Honestly, I felt like the whole "modeling" thing was a writer's block as a lack of an idea. I mean, there was absolutely no need to have random dialogue between him and a male photographer. I mean, the story should appeal to ALL readers, not ones who like scenes between two male models. Well, on to the second part of the story. I'm glad Alejandro and as his brother Jose stayed in character. However, I do have to ask...what is with the plot? I know the topic was to write a day in the life of Alejandro, but honestly, it should have SOME excitement attached to it. I mean, this seems like a boring day with no real plot or backstory attached to it. The only interesting part were the last three sentences when he finay DOES get accepted into Total Drama. Even then, there is STILL no evidence to back up why the call was placed, or why Alejandro was picked instead of his more handsome and athletic brother Jose. And also, the story dragged on with Alejandro and Jose's fight over his name. I mean, I know it plays a major role and all, but it's still tedious and boring to see the same word repeated over and over again. So, overall, I say that the story was rather boring until the last few sentences, which therefore makes it less interesting to read. This competition is about quality, not quantity and I'm afraid that this entry does not show evidence of you trying to creat an interesting plot or character development. The ending was confusing, and the acceptable grammar makes up for the boring plot and confusing ending. However, it was a story, and I commend you for making the characters "in character" and to make all the scenes realistic. You did the best job of that out of the three, let me tell you that.

Spenny's Challenge 8: Cody and Gwen's Marriage Scene

  • Grammar Review

I think out of all three of the stories, this one is the one in between the other two. I mean, it was quite a short story, which takes away some possible potential. Like BB, there was a lot of long paragraphs that could easily be broken by dialogue. There also was a lot of pronouns, using "he" and "she" after lines of dialogue. Is it really too much effort to write the character's names. I mean, Cody and Gwen are really short names. Why confuse the reader with pronouns when it only takes a second to make the story less confusing? However, I say this is the best story grammar wise and spelling wise, and I give you props as I don't see really any spelling errors. To be honest, I was pretty impressed by the grammar. However, the MAJORITY of the problems come from the content of the story.

  • Content Review

Three words: Out. Of Character. I mean, isn't the #1 point of a story based on Total Drama to make the characters themselves??? I mean, even the CONCEPT is out of character. What in the world would make Gwen marry Cody??? The story provides absolutely no backstory for this outrageous idea. I mean, I support Cody and Gwen, but if you are to do a story based on them, you should at least EXPLAIN what the heck happened. Secondly, why would CODY take a job as an editorial??? Last time I checked, his personality was a wannabe technology geek, not some artsy type of person who reads and writes. In fact, that would be one of the LAST jobs he would accept. Also, I can't even grasp the concept of the story. Like BB, it seems like the story has no real plot, and therefore is quote uninteresting to read. Also, what the heck happened to Sierra??? Did she just stand back and let the marriage happen??? The fact that there's no mention of Cody's "ex-wife" is also VERY unrealistic. Also, the inclusion of "Mr. Pasti" I think was a waste of space and served no purpose in the actual story. This story would've worked well with a normal couple. However, this is anyhthing BUT a normal couple. This is Cody and Gwen we're talking about!!!! Why would Cody suddenly become an editor and Gwen suddenly "transform" from a goth to a happy wife and mother??? Like I said earlier, this story would've worked better with either different characters, such as Geoff and Bridgette, or maybe if there was a LOT more backstory involved. Overall, the grammar makes up for the confusing storyline. One last thing. The ending was boring and had NO purpose in the story. It didn't solve anything, and was uneventful. Usually, one shots end with some exciting event happening. BB and MTDM accomplished that with their story, but I think that this ending was dry and boring. In conclusion, the above average grammar makes up for the numerous out of character moments in the story.

Overall Rating Out of 10

MTDM- 3.2

BBhinton15- 8.1

Spenstar- 5.7

Spenstar's Reviews

Review of BB's entry in Challenge 9:

Bbhinton15's Entry: I praise you for using Ezekiel's Elimination as your idea, as it was an interesting concept. Many elements of this story were very well-written, such as Courtney's elimination, Ezekiel's little insult during the 20-Kilometer-run, and Heather's response. However, there are also some moments that didn't make much sense. If Ezekiel had known to keep his mouth shut in the first elimination, why couldn't he in the second? If Courtney lost a lawsuit for a genuinely unfair elimination in the canon, why did she win a lawsuit so soon for a fair one? How did Ezekiel win the 20-Kilometer run against Eva? However, despite the fact that the situations didn't make much sense, the scenes that came as a result of them were executed nicely. Also, why did you end such an early-game "what-if" at Ezekiel's elimination? The Bass now have Eva, but they don't have Courtney, which could drastically change the course of events in the future. Overall, this was a nice entry with an awesome premise, but the questions that come from it and an unsatisfying ending keep it from being a really great entry

Review of Plat's Entry in Challenge 4:

Plat's Entry: I'll start with the nitpicking in this entry before I tackle the whole story. The extra description, while very effective at times, usually took away from the rest of the story. There was a bit of background info regarding TDA at the beginning, and it would have been nice, but we already know about Harold and Total Drama Action, rendering it unnecessary. Also at the beginning, I saw some redundant statements, such as ...wondered Harold, as he pondered in his room, and ...said Duncan, while trying to remember what he was missing. "What did I forget?" If you want to convey a feeling or action, once in the sentence is enough. Also, in the beginning of the entry Harold established some useful info: Duncan was the only fellow Total Drama competitor who lived near him. Yet, Gwen, LeShawna, and Courtney all play some part in this story of yours. With noteworthy info, you have to be consistent. As for the story, most of it was good. The premise was nice, everyone was in character, and it ties in nicely with the spirit of Halloween. But, dude, pretending to cut off someone's hand? That's a pretty harsh prank, even for Duncan. Even worse is that you took LeShawna out of character afterward. Let me remind you: SHE CUT OFF HIS HAND! FOR REAL! that's a huge deal! Beating him up would have been enough, maybe a good scare, but you took it to the extreme. And Duncan later completely shrugging it off is just wrong. Overall, the first half of the entry was very good, but not quite great, while the second half plundered into n00b territory.

Review of Crag's Entry in Challenge 2:

Crag's Poems: Since this challenge involved two poems, I'll review them both separately. You got all the syllables right in your haiku, and the idea seemed to lend itself to poetry quite well. Of course, before reading your haiku, I never would have guessed that it would make a good one. I don't like haikus, but every time they're done in Total Drama Author, there's always one or two people who get it right. You did, Crag. Everything Katie most likely felt after leaving Sadie, after they spent their lives together, is conveyed in this poem. You even included the "oh my gosh", one of Katie's most used phrases, so kudos on that. It's a good thing your haiku was so good, because it helped make up for your limerick. I may have missed something, but I don't remember Chris McLean (you spelled his name wrong, BTW, you said McClean) paying at all by the end of Total Drama, let alone paying the most. Alejandro was forced to live in an eternal life support robot, while Chris was laughing at him, at the end of World Tour. Aside from that detail, the lines didn't flow very well. The first and last lines were short and sweet, while the rest of the limerick felt too long; there were too many syllables and it felt dragged out. Overall, your haiku was truly great, while your limerick was mediocre at best, resulting in an entry that was above average, but nothing spectacular.

Elimination Ceremony Ten

Nalyd: Tonight, two of you will be going home. The first person going home is... MTDM. Sorry, MTDM, but this is as far as you go. You did well to make it to the final four though.

Spenny: The suspense is killing me! I hope it can last XD

BB: Oh, don't mind me. Nothing's wrong.... I'm just dying over here, is all!!

Spenny: If you die, that would make the choice so much easier xD... okay, not funny... >_>

Nalyd: The first member of the final two is... BB. Congratulations BB. Spenny, Plat, one of you is going home.

Spenny: Congrats Bb! Okay, here we go...

Plat: Congrats BB! Spenny, good luck to you.

BB: I'd like to first express my condolences to MTDM. I apologize that you didn't make it to this level. :-/ As for Plat and Spenny, I look forward to competing with either of you. ^_^ And, as for the judges... I love you guys! ^^

Nalyd: Spenny, Plat, for one of you, this is as far as you go. You're both very good authors, and truly deserve to be here. But the person going home is... Plat. Plat, you're an amazing author, and I look forward to seeing your future work.

Spenny: OH MY GOD!!! Thank you so much! Sorry Plat... you were great this season :) Best of luck, Bb

Plat: I'm gonna call my la--!!! JK :P. Congrats BB and Spenny for making the final two! :D

BB: Thank you, Plat. :) And, Spenny, thanks to you, also. Best of luck to you for the Finale. :D Again, MTDM, I'm sorry that you didn't make it to the Final Two. 4th out of 12 is nothing to be ashamed of, though. ^_^

Spenny: You mean 32. 4th out of 32

Week Eleven Chat

Nalyd: Previous contestants may talk about who they want to win.

Crag:Now this is an interesting turn of events. Well, not really, I predicted these to be the final 2. First of all, I was a bit bitter towards my elimination but that's in the past, right? Anyway, Spenny has been a good friend of mine while Bb never NOMMED me so I'm on team DB

Plat: It's a tough choice, and I will state reasons why both of you shall win.

  • BB: Newcomer winning streak and you were the best in this competition by far. 4 BoWs and no NOMs. Only thing against you was that incomplete entry. Yikes...
  • Spenny: You finally broke that 3rd place streak! :D You were good enough that you switched teams to turn the Screaming Writers around to have both of the final two be them. However, BB has been better than you statistically with BoWs and NOMs.

Overall, I'm on Team BB. However, good luck and congrats to the both of you! :D

MTDM: Both of you are really great friends. But I have to pick someone... right after my speech! :D
Um..., I don't have one. But thanks for eliminating me before a week of tests (minus Wednesday & Friday)! xD.

  • Bb, we've been through a lot together. I've known you since Day Two (aka EXACTLY 365 DAYS AGO). We've been great friends since then. You just made it to TDA6 with Nalyd and Reddy's deal (I read the pic when I was editing GM's talkpage a few months ago :3). So..., congratulations. And remember, stop thinking badly of yourself. Don't say you're a bad author. Why? 'Cause you're not a good one, either. You're an amazing one. You're an epic writer as Eminem is an epic rapper. Anywho, all that's the up-side... for me and you. The down-side for me is that everytime we lost you won BoW and NOMed me. Fortunatley, I "found out a way to sneak out of it". Hehe... *gives Nalyd $20*
  • Spenny, I remember you too. My first day at Ch— I said this before. Anywho, your also an epic author, and you finally broke your Final 3 Curse! :D Congratz? xD. You've been through much. Kept winning for your team, switched to my team, a TDAuthor veteran, et cetera.

Good luck to both of you, but I'm rooting for Bb for being my longer friend, and my team-mate since Week Two. :D They've I've got nothing on against you..., baby Spenny. (And now, I must go study for a Vocabulary test, a גמרא (Gemara) test, & a חומש (Chumash) test. xD.) --mtdm doz knot no hoe 2 spill 01:58, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

Spenny: is anyone actually on team Spenny? i feel lonely :( --DJ Spenstar! 00:07, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

MrD: I support you! You're the oldest user who's still not an admin, and I'm pretty sure you signed up for every 'TDA since it started, so I feel sorta sorry. GO SPENNY! I was told to get a signature , so I did 01:10, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

Poppy: I never pictured myself winning anyways, so GO SPENNY AND BB! I can't choose.

Ult: "You've both earned your spot in this finale, and I couldn't possibly choose between the two of you. Good luck."

Sunsummer7: *holds a Team BB flag*

MrD: Woohoo Spenny, I love your entires! Especially the "Deleted Scene" one!

Spenny: Today's the daaaaaaay!!! :D

BB: *drowns in his own sweat due to being so nervous* x_x

Spenny: Try to relax for now. Patience is key; Shane and Sunshine might not give their results for a while. However, it is possible that we only need one...

Challenge Eleven

This challenge is due January 21. You must complete the challenge of every judge.

Chimmy's Challenge

My challenge, if you ask, is very simple and nostalgic one. You will be writing a deleted scene from any of the episodes of Total Drama. The scene can be anything as long as it isn't too short. This will be judged on the cut scene, logic, grammar, spelling, and originality.

Bbhinton15's Entry

-- From "Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 2"

Ezekiel was seen alone in the pyramid, walking around alone, "Guys!" He stops walking and notices a black object embedded into the wall next to him.
"An intercom? What the shizzle?" he asked. He then said, into the intercom, "Yo, playas!!......... Is this thing on?" Ezekiel, then, presses it. This action causes a trapdoor to open up below him, causing him to fall in and get covered in gauze and mummy wrappings.

The camera switched scenes to see Heather and Sierra still walking, trying to find the pyramid's exit.
"So, Heath," Sierra tried to make small-talk.
Heather cringed, "So, Sierra..."
"I was thinking about--" Sierra was stopped by a misstep. The camera goes down to see that Sierra's foot stepped on another booby trap. This trap threw out multiple bombs towards her and Heather.
"Duck!!" Heather commanded. The two did and the bombs passed right by them. The camera followed the bombs to see that they were on a crash course to Cody.
Sierra gasped, "Cody!!! Duck!!"
"Huh?" Cody turned around and saw the bombs getting hurled at him. He ducked respectively and began shaking on the ground.
"Cody, I'm coming!!" Sierra said, as she got up.
Heather gasped, "Sierra, wait! There might be oth--" Heather notices she isn't listening, "Ugh!!"
Heather: (in confessional) Befriending the new girl... not... that... hard.
Sierra began running towards Cody. Cody looked behind him, yelled, and began running away from Cody.
"Cody, don't run from loooooooooooove!!" Sierra shouted. Cody continued running and hit a booby trap. More arrows from the earlier booby trap were released. Cody ducked immediately; the arrows went going toward Sierra. Sierra, also, ducked, screaming. Heather, trying to catch them both, didn't know that the arrows were coming for her and got hit by a couple arrows, causing her to fall.

"I'll save you, Codykins!" Sierra continued running. Then, she, herself, activated a booby trap.
Heather: (continuously bangs her head against the confessional table)
This booby trap let out 5 giant rolling stones. Cody and Sierra dodged where they landed; however, Heather got smushed by one of them.
"Ughhhhhh," Heather said, tiredly.
Sierra: My Cody runs away from me so much. (giggles)

Sierra, then, finally catches up to Cody and grabs him by his feet, with Heather trailing right behind the two of them. Sierra, once again, stepped on another booby trap. This one, however, didn't do anything.
Heather caught up to the two of them, catching her breath, "Nothing? No trap? Yes!!"
Cody inferred to the two of them, "We're still not done!"
Sierra laughed at him and put her index finger on Cody's mouth, shushing him and slowly walking, "You're so funny! That reminds me of the day you--" her voice trails off in the distance as Heather follows behind them, rolling her eyes.

The camera, then, switched scenes to see Alejandro, Lindsay, and Bridgette on top of the pyramid....

Spenstar's Entry

Deleted Scene: From "I Triple Dog Dare You", TDI

"You'll be penniless! Jobless! You're name will be mud on every block from here to Cape Brett! Are you listening to me? You're done! Done! You're through!"

The boat of losers was well on its way by the time Heather had stopped yelling. It took everything in her power to stop the tears from flowing after her humiliating elimination. She felt the top of her head to confirm to herself that she was indeed bald. As her hand ran down her now bare head, she felt a piece of soft hair that was spared by the razor. As she felt it, though, it came right off. Heather looked at the piece of hair, and saw everything she had worked for in it. All the alliances she formed, acts of leadership she demonstrated, immunities she earned, and sneaky tricks she pulled, were seemingly visible in that piece of hair. In a gust of wind, the piece of hair and everything it symbolized blew away, lost forever. Heather finally gave in; she rested her head in her hands and cried.

"Most people get to lose with dignity," she told herself in between sobs, "They get to leave with their head held high, full of hair and everything. Why couldn't I? What did I do to deserve this?!"

The driver of the boat said, "Well, you kind of—"


"Okay," the driver muttered meekly.

By the time Heather had stopped crying, the boat parked at Playa Des Losers. Heather sniffled and looked at the resort. A smile found its place on Heather's tear-stained face.

"This is your home for the three days until the finale," droned the boat driver. Heather stepped off the boat and slowly walked into the resort. She found herself in a lobby, like at an office, looking at a secretary behind a counter, reading a book.

"Are you the new guest?" she asked, not even bothering to look up from her book.

"Yeah," whispered Heather. The girl tossed her a key with the number "20" on it, mumbled something, and gestured to the set of doors down the hall. Heather smiled a bit wider as she pushed open the doors, and found herself in a resort nearly too good to be true. Nineteen pairs of eyes stared at her, and immediately started cheering. Heather frowned.

"Hey guys, look whose karma finally caught up with her," jeered Noah.

"Don't go near her," she heard either Lindsay or Katie whispering, "you'll catch her mean!"

"It's about time!" exclaimed a triumphant Trent.

Heather found Eva in the crowd, who glared at her and made a slit motion across her neck. Heather gulped.

"Hey guys, cool it down, will you?" Heather turned her head and found DJ, not looking too happy.

He continued, "This is no way to treat a guest!" DJ walked over to Heather and said, "I'm so sorry about them. Do you want me to show you your room?" Heather could only nod while fighting back another wave of tears.

"Follow me." DJ walked out of the resort room, down a dark hall, and up two flights of stairs. Heather followed him. When he got to the third floor, DJ walked down another hallway until he reached room 320.

"This is your room," he said. Heather turned her key and opened the door. There was a bed, a TV, a bathroom, and a large window next to the bed with a view of the lake. Heather turned to face DJ, with a broken smile.

"Thank you so much," she said weakly.

"No problem," he said, "That's what friends are for, right?"

Heather looked shocked. "We're... friends?"

DJ nodded. "Of course we're friends! Everyone around here is a friend of mine!" DJ saw the tear stains on Heather's face and slightly opened his arms. Heather hugged him tight.

"Let it all out," he said softly. Heather did just that. DJ held her until the sounds of her crying became slower and calmer.

"Fell better?" asked DJ.

"Yeah," whispered Heather.

"That reminds me, wait right here, I'll be back in a second." DJ let go of heather and ran off. A few minutes later, he returned with a dark brown wig. It was a little homely, but Heather could tell DJ was happy about it.

"Here," he gave the wig to Heather, "It's not that great, but it's all we've got, and it's something."

Heather took the wig and slowly put it on. It felt tight around the areas where Heather still had hair, but aside from that, it was soft and cozy.

"Thanks DJ," said Heather, with a genuine smile.

"No problem," he said. "Hey, sorry, but I have to go meet up with Geoff and Duncan. I'll see you 'round, Heather."

"Okay." She hugged him tightly. "See you, DJ." She walked into her room and silently closed the door.

Reddy's Challenge

My challenge for you? Use any of the Total Drama characters (no limitedamount) in a fantasy themed story. Your story can take place in space, in a land of dragons, original fairy tale, or whatever else you can think of to fit the criteria. I would live to see originality, in-characterness, and the good grammar/spelling that got you this far.

Bbhinton15's Entry

Once upon a time... a time not too long ago, there lived an all-powerful magician by the name of Harold. Harold lived in the land of Dramapolis, a city filled with enriching customs and influential people. This "magic dude" was loved by many people, almost the entire town of Dramapolis, cherished Harold. He was envied by few, hated by none, and loved by all. Harold was Dramapolis' hero, driving many of the city's villains and crime-causers from the city. Everything seemed to be going fantastic in this town... that is, until an evil presence descended from the skies.

The town suddenly turned black and depressing as many pedestrians and vehicle passengers looked up to see, what looked like, a giant dragon hovering downward into the town's vicinity. The dragon slowly looked around at everyone he could spot, as everyone began to scream and point at the beast. The dragon's name, weirdly, was Duncan. He possessed the power of flame and fire, seen when he utilized it by blowing out fire from his mouth, terrorizing the citizens.

The screams alerted Harold, the hero, and he immediately blitzed into action, finding the dragon at neck-breaking time.
"Haaaaa!" Harold let out a battle cry. He then spoke, assuming the dragon understood common English, "Foul beast! Leave this city!" Harold was levitating in the sky directly across from the dragon when saying this; after commanding the dragon to leave, it did nothing but roar in his face. The townspeople continued screaming in the background of the two of these figures bickering.

Harold pointed down at the townspeople, "You hear them!? These are the people I fight for! I ask you again... leave this city!!"
Duncan, the dragon, only looked at Harold, then down at the townspeople. He immediately inhaled and then quickly exhaled, trying to kill them all with his fiery breath. Right as the flames began shooting down, Harold flew down closer to the townspeople, reached into his pocket to grab what resembled a wand, and waved it all around him. This motion created a giant barrier around the town where the fire was unable to penetrate it. The fire was kept at bay and the shield disappeared.
"Gosh!!" Harold let out, "I will tell you once more! Leave. This. Town!"
Duncan quickly roared yet again. This time, he aimed his giant head upward and let his fire out again, resembling a genuine flamethrower. The flames went up into the sky as everyone stared at him do so. The fire quickly died out in the sky, then, seconds later, an explosion was heard. The townspeople continued to look up into the sky to see that the flames that Duncan blew upward had turned into flaming meteors as they hit an atmospheric point.

The meteors then began raining down, putting the townspeople in danger.
"Harold!!" one of them shouted out, pointing to a defenseless baby in a carriage as one of the boulders was about to smash into the child.
Harold used his wand to fly over to the baby carriage and push it out of the way just in time.
"Great Magician!!" a hefty man called out. Somehow, he entrapped himself under a town bench with one of Duncan's meteors falling above him.
"Yahhhhhhhh!!!" Harold pointed his wand toward the bench, emitting a ray of energy towards the bench. The light energy hit the bench as it burst to pieces. The man quickly got up and ran, right as the meteor landed, imploding the area the man was just trapped at.
"Look out!!" the townspeople yelled at Harold, pointing behind him. Harold immediately looked back to see Duncan, exhaling fire at Harold's backside.

As the fire neared Harold, he turned around, grabbed his wand, closed his meek eyes, and began waving his wand around his body, chanting in the process.
"You evil little beast, know you not what you do; you've caused all the misery, let's give it back to you!" Harold yelled. At that point, many of Duncan's fireballs falling to the Earth were seen swirling around Harold's head as Harold swung his faithful wand around.
"Daaaa-yaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Harold pointed his wand back at Duncan, hurling the fireballs return-to-sender. The fireballs literally damaged Duncan ultimately and reduced his scaly body to ashes after the burning. The ashes fell from the sky to the ground.

Harold began hovering down back to his public, as they began to cheer for his good deeds and dance on Duncan's ashes.
"My faithful citizens, you are safe once again!" Harold yelled as he put his index finger in the air, simultaneously with the town's cheering.

Spenstar's Entry


Lightning flashed in the sky, yet there was no rain. The heavy storm clouds held back the water, but by the looks of it, it was going to let go at any moment.

"Run, quickly!" shouted Beth, the town's most powerful water sorceress, "I can only hold it back so much longer! If you don't go now, the storm will kill you!"

The residents of Nawka Village started fleeing immediately. Entire families were running away in panic. Beth saw it all from the top of the hill they were on, to use their water magic to spare her homeland.

Among the fleeing families was Beth's father, mother, and brother. The mom was sobbing her brains out, while Beth's father fought them back as hard as he could. He knew he needed to be strong for his family. Beth's brother had no tears running down his glasses, though. All he wore on his face besides his glasses was a proud smile.

"Don't worry, honey," said the father, "Our Beth has it all under control. She'll make it out in one piece, I know it. Isn't that right, Harold?" he asked Harold with a degree of doubt, for even Beth's father didn't know enough to be free of worry.

"If anyone could, Beth will," responded a confident Harold, "She's a water prodigy! She's the greatest water mage in the country, if not the world!"

"But what about the queen?" asked the mom in between sobs, "The past events all happened because of the queen! My little girl will be scared to pieces if they come face to face!"

"Open your eyes!" Harold was somewhere in between a frustrated rage and a fantastic state of inspiration. "Beth spits fear in the eye! When we were at magic Steve's thunder magic camp and Cody made a robot monster, did Beth run away in fear? NO! When the power went off after the house got struck by lightning, did Beth cry? NEVER! When I demonstrated my awesome ninja skills in front of her, did she get scared? Of course not! No stupid princess of darkness is going to scare MY sister!"

Once Beth saw that everyone had evacuated, she let the spell go and stopped to catch her breath. As her home was flooded, Beth saw out of the corner of her eye a silhouette, in a dress of some sort. It was laughing manically. Beth got a feeling that this was what was causing the disasters across the land; this was the queen. Beth gathered up rainwater until she had a sizable missile, and then fired it at the queen. Its laughing stopped. The queen turned around and flew toward Beth. As it got closer, Beth saw the queen's true appearance: an African bulky man wearing a pink dress and a tiara. Beth's eyes widened with shock.

"You disturbed my evil laughter!" the queen shouted, "prepare to be destroyed!"

"You mean die, right?"


"Then stop hamming it up and let's fight already. This is for my people!"

Beth conjured up a whip of water and lashed it at the queen. It was visibly hurt, but its dress didn't get wet. The queen roared inhumanely and fired a beam of dark energy at Beth. It hit her square in the chest. She flew backwards and landed on her back, unconscious.

"Beth's in trouble!" Harold could sense it. "Wish me luck!" With the super speed that came with thunder magic, Harold ran into the scene of the battle. Harold rested his hands on the lens of Beth's glasses and focused his energy. Beth glowed briefly and got up. She nodded to Harold, exchanged a smile with him, and without another second's hesitation, created a giant wave. The wave pummeled into the queen while it was busy laughing.

"NOOOOOO—" The queen's hammy no was cut off by the wave swallowing her whole. To finish the deed, Harold fired a bolt of lightning into the wave. There was a beam of pink and brown light flashing toward the sky briefly, and when that light faded, the clouds disappeared.

"What a pushover," laughed Beth.

"Yeah," said Harold, looking at the destroyed village, "Now what?"

(Author's Note: The queen is Chef Hatchet)

Shane's Challenge

For the prideful, this will be a major challenge. *looks at the two left in the game* Uh... guess I'm choosing right! Anyway, why will this be tough? Simple. You must write about your opponent winning the entire thing! That's right, Spenny has to write about BB winning, and BB has to write about Spenny winning. I will be judging for grammar and spelling (Just because I haven't judged all season doesn't mean that I won't this time! This time, I will!), creativity, and about how the loser (you) reacts to winning. Now I don't want no Mary Sue action here, people. I want to see some negative emotions. Write how you'd feel, don't leave anything out. Also, glorify the "winner". We DO want this to be realistic, people! Also... to make up for me not being here, it MUST be over two pages long! Happy writing! :D

Bbhinton15's Entry

The ten previously eliminated contestants of Total Drama Author 6 were standing behind me and DJ Spenstar. We both looked with anticipation, guilt, terror, fear, and mostly, assurance at Nalyd Renrut, ChimmyCharific, Reddude, Goldenshane, and Sunshineandravioli, the five judges of the bestowed competition.

All 5 of the judges were facing the two finalists, with Nalyd Renrut, commonly called "Nalyd", in front of the other four. Nalyd was wearing his trademark gray hoodie, building up pressure, stress, and intense drama between me and Spenny He was seen holding a blue flashcard with the winner of the competition's name engraved on it. I wanted to kill him, he was making us wait so long to hear the winner. The 10 previously eliminated contestants stayed quiet the entire period.

ChimmyCharific, or "Chimmy", was seen smiling. Reddude, "Reddy", had his arms crossed waiting on Nalyd to read the card, patiently. Goldenshane, or "Shane", was looking at Nalyd, also waiting. Sunshineandravioli, called "Sunshine" for short, was the only judge on the ground, playfully rolling around. I looked at DJ Spenstar, "Spenny" for short, and he looked at me. A bead of sweat dropped from my nose to the ground as my legs were about to give out for standing so long.

Spenny put his hand on my shoulder, "Good luck, man. We've both played a great game." I stared daggers at his shoulder, shook my head, and then smiled at him.
Turning the shoulder-touch into a hug, I uttered, "You, too, man. You deserve it."
"Naaaaah, you do. You've done more work than I have," Spenny corrected me.
I looked at him funny and laughed, "Don't be so modest. It's not about who does more, it's about who is b--"
Nalyd took on a Chris McLean attitude, "If I could interrupt the bromance, I do have an announcement to make." He waved the flashcard around in our faces. The two of us gulped loud enough for nearly everyone in the area to hear.

Nalyd looked at the flashcard and raised his arm for dramatic effect, "And the winner.... is....." Both me and Spenny closed our eyes and clinched our teeth tight. Chimmy, Reddy, and Shane had taken their eyes off of the competition to stare at Sunshine, still rolling on the ground, while Nalyd was taking his dramatic pause.

"SPENNY!!" Nalyd yelled out. I dropped to my knees as Spenny gasped and jumped sky-high after hearing his name. The remaining judges all heard Nalyd say the name, immediately picked themselves up and began clapping and cheering for Spenny. The eliminated contestants were also seen in the background, cheering. Spenny was seen still jumping up and down like a jumping bean with his eyes closed. I had fell to the ground after hearing the dramatic news, whimpering because I was so sure I would win this competition. Spenny finally stopped jumping and looked down at me. He put his hands on his mouth, gasped, and ran to my side. It seemed as if everyone closed in on me as I was on my knees. I began sniffling and a few tears left my eyes to hit the ground, one by one.
"Hey... Hey, BB?" Spenny started, "Are... are you okay?" The judges and eliminated contestants looked worried. I rose to the occasion, got up, and looked at Spenny. I remember that I began to smile, but the smile soon faded into an angry frown. The cheers subsided when I pushed Spenny down to the ground.
Spenny fell with a thud, "Aaah! What was that for?!"
"You... You didn't deserve to win!" I shouted at him, in jealous spite. I became a tad hostile and almost attacked him but held back, "Just... just forget it."

I remember that Spenny stared at me for quite some time. I shook my head to try clearing my thoughts and extended my hand to him, "Con... Congratulations, Spenny. Again... you... you de-de... deserved it." Spenny looked at my hand for a while, then finally extended his own and shook it. We both smiled as everyone behind us continued to cheer on for Spenny. Mrdaimion and Webly grabbed Spenny's legs and raised him up on their shoulders.
"Spenny..." Nalyd started, looking up at him, "It is with great honor that I give you..." Nalyd took out two metaphorical medals, "... these medals."
He stepped up to where Spenny was being lifted and bestowed both medals onto Spenny, "Congratulations to our newest administrator and Total Drama Author judge!" Everyone, once again, began cheering like mad. Wiping my eye from thoughts, I began cheering for my old rival.

A Note from the Author

Hi. I'm Bbhinton15. You may know me from this competition, Total Drama Author 6. I want to take this opportunity to speak seriously on behalf of DJ Spenstar. Think of this note as a supplement challenge entry to my main challenge entry above. I want to say that, honestly and without a doubt, I couldn't have picked a better person to compete against for the title of best author ever. There were very formidable people that have competed and lost this season behind us. People such as UltimateTORINOR, Mrdaimion, Weblykinly, even Platypus09. Do not get me wrong, they are all great authors, but, due to their own personal problems, they weren't able to prove themselves as much as DJ Spenstar has proved himself to me. If I lose this competition, that... that will be just okay, because I can have the satisfaction of knowing that I lost to a great author, poet, and writer in general. Once again, I could not have asked for a better person to compete against than DJ Spenstar. Spenny, my hat's off to you.

Spenstar's Entry

I'd like to begin by saying that, obviously, I'd be disappointed if I lost. It's a simple reaction, sadness over something falling just out of grasp, and it has nothing to do with my opponent, Bbhinton15. (Henceforth referred to as Bb) To have pined after victory in Total Drama Author and have fallen just short of victory three times in a row is frustrating and saddening, no matter whom it happens to. I'd like to give another disclaimer before I begin: I am telling the complete truth. Nothing written in this entry is the result of a lie, stretched truth, or sugarcoated truth. After all, this was in the challenge criteria.

As of late, I've been less active in the Fan fiction and Camps wikis, and I apologize for this. Winning TDA6 will give me a drive to resume high activity on both wikis, losing admittedly, will not. I'd also like to point out that this will be my final season competing in Total Drama Author, due to schoolwork reasons and the like. If I win, I'll be a diligent judge and try to make up for the lack of formal judging this season. Looking from the sidelines as a competitor, I have to say I've been nearly disturbed at the lack of judging this season. If I lose, well, it's out of my hands, and Bb will have to be the one to restore the judging to its former glory. Normally, writing this would fill me with panic, but it's Bb I mentioned. He'll do fine as a judge. He'd do great as the winner of TDA6 and the latest "Best Author Ever!"

That is the truth: there's a perfectly good reason why Bb has made it this far and has received such high critical acclaim from the judges. He's clearly the best of the original Writing Gophers, (I don't count, I was originally a Typing Bass) a great judge, and a wonderful person altogether. Bb's reviews were impossibly long, but he had a lot to say, though the numeral ratings got to go. And, good luck compressing those reviews, or else, Bb, you got a painful next couple of seasons.

As for Bb's strength as an author, I'd say he and I are around the same level of talent. And, he seems completely committed to these final challenges, which means that, barring a disaster, he won't end up like Cokeman, who lost simply because he didn't get his entries in on time, or Josie, whose broken leg considerably slowed down matters and possibly contributed to Reddy's win last season. This battle between me and Bb will be the first 100% fair fight in three seasons. The most satisfying victory, and the least disheartening of losses, is the result of a close-call even matchup, and so, I couldn't be happier.

It is said that the winner of each Total Drama Author season gets bragging rights as the latest "Best Author Ever!" There's always been some confusion with that in my book, because what it's basically saying is "Best Author Ever Except For That Guy Who Won Right Before You!" I don't mean to undermine any of the authors who actually one a season, and granted, there have been cases where this bragging rights title was absolutely true. I actually count three of these cases: TDI19 from Season 1, Sunshine from Season 2, and, assuming this essay assumes that I will lose the competition, Bbhinton15 from Season 6. (I'm not sure whether or not I would qualify if I won, and since the most accurate opinions are those outside the target, I won't count myself as yes or no)

As a matter of fact, I can say with some degree of confidence that Bbhinton would be the most talented winner of Total Drama Author since Chimmy from Season 3, if not Sunshine herself, though that's debatable. I do not mean any offense to any other Total Drama Author winners, but Bb has a lot of talent and is an awesome writer, and truly deserving of the title "Best Author Ever!"

As a judge and provider of challenges, Bb would be absolutely trustworthy and wonderful in my book. That's not to say I wouldn't be as well, and leaving the position of judge and challenge provider to Bb would make me a little anxious, but I trust him. He's a nice guy who means no ill will, yet speaks the truth and what he really thinks. He'll try to find the good in any entry that has any good whatsoever in it, yet will also try to find weak areas in awesome entries. He has a lot to say, and his only challenge would be to compress that into smaller reviews for every story. Impossibly long reviews for each and every entry all the time will get tedious to both him and the contestants, but if he can work through that obstacle, he'll do great.

There's something else about Bb that I can't really ignore. You can argue that one of the reasons Bb deserves to win is because he got a total of 4 BoWs and I only have one, and while he had never been nominated, I was nominated once. This is true, but keep in mind that on 2 of the weeks where Bb got awarded as Best of the Worst, my team won the challenge, and on the first week, everyone who made it got BoW, so the degree to which you can count them is questionable. There was one time where I got nominated while Bb was BoW, but that was only because I misunderstood the challenge in question. Nevertheless, the fact that Bb got BoW every single time his team lost is no doubt impressive, and I commend him for such a feat.

All this makes me wonder how well Bb would take winning, or losing, this whole competition. Everyone appears to lose gracefully on the internet, but one has to wonder what's behind the posts, I know that, upon losing, I wouldn't show any disappointment or resentment because that would kill the mood, so there would be some negativity behind my posts that I won't show, but what about Bb? How would he handle a loss? Or, for the sake of this essay, how would he handle winning? If there's one thing I can't stand above anything else, it's a sore winner. Feel free to call me out on hypocrisy at any time. I'm pretty sure he'll be mature about it, what with him being 18 years old and all, but I can never be sure. I will say this, though: if Bb wins and proves to be a sore winner, or loses and proves to be a sore loser, I will take back everything I have said about it being an honor going up against him and whatnot.

Another little bit of curiosity has hit me: how will Bb do in the other challenges? Three out of five are like a usual Total Drama Author entry; a story about the contestants of TDI or its successor. I wish Bb the best of luck in the other challenges, and if I can guarantee nothing else, it's that I'll be looking forward to reading his entries, both as his opponent and his fan.

All things considered, Bb is my greatest and most talented opponent from all three seasons that I've competed in, and it has been an honor to compete with and against him in this season of Total Drama Author. Whether I defeat him or lose to him, at the end of the day, we'll both know it didn't really matter. Bb is an incredibly talented author, a fair and well-thought-out judge, and a nice person and great friend. As far as losses go, especially at this point in the game, it's going to be bittersweet for whoever loses (and for whoever wins in this case) but against Bb, this one would be more sweet than bitter for me. Again, good luck Bb, you truly deserve it. Final word: obviously I wouldn’t enjoy losing, but if I had to lose to someone, any of my opponents over the past three seasons of Total Drama Author, it would be Bbhinton.

Sunshine's Challenge

...Well... evidently I've missed a lot in the time I spent lost in my magical office, considering it's the final two already. But, I feel both of you are deserving finalists, and I wish you both the best! Now then, your challenge... as I'm sure the two of you have heard, the next season of Total Drama is to be Total Drama Reloaded, featuring twelve new characters. I would like you two to write the premeire episode of TDR, introducing each of the twelve characters, setting up the teams, and overall introducing the new season. I will judge you on how well you created the characters' personalities based on their appearances, how well you set up a potential new season, the spelling and grammar, the overall flow, creativity and originality, etc. Good luck, you guys; I'm honestly looking forward to seeing what you can do with this challenge!

Bbhinton15's Entry

The camera fades into a very familiar island. It was none other than Camp Wawanakwa. Chris ran in front of the camera, a bit freaked out, "DUCK!!!!"
The camera panned up to see a giant meteor crashing towards Camp Wawanakwa. It met with the campgrounds and imploded, dousing the entire camp with weird green goop that freaked Chris out. Seconds after the green splat took over the camp, it began to glow green. Literally everything began glowing a sickly green-ish color.
Chris scratched his head as Chef Hatchet came into the picture, also, "Uhhh... What just happened?"
"How should I know?!" Chef grumbled.
"How are we going to explain this to the new campers??" Chris yelled out.
Chef cocked an eyebrow as a giant yacht filled with the new contestants rested at the dock.
Chris began stammering, "I-- Ehjeh-- E-... I--... Ugh!" He, then, faced the camera, "Welcome, our loyal viewers to the next installment of Total Drama: Total... Drama... Uhhh..." He looked at the island's glow.
"Reloaded?" Chris shrugged. He, then, looked at Chef on the dock, who also shrugged.
Nervous about the island's new looks, Chris carried on with the show as he normally would, calling out the contestants as they stepped off the yacht and waved into the camera, "And, here's our contestants now! Anne Maria! Brick! Cameron! Dakota! Lightening! Mary! Mike! Molly! Sam! Scott! Staci! And Zoey!!" Everyone immediately stepped off the yacht.

Staci was the first person to comment on the camp, "Is this place... supposed to look like this?"
"Not really, it--" Chris began but got cut off. He looked offscreen as a faint voice was heard.
"Oh, oh, right!" Chris continued, lying, "This is how the island is supposed to look! We did it up all special-like for you guys!"
Cameron came up behind Staci, "Really?"
Chris snickered, "Of course! Now, we're burning daylight already... We gotta show you guys around town!"
Mary mumbled, "Psht. No one's used the phrase 'around town' since the French Revolution."

The camera switched scenes to the 12 contestants following Chris around the campgrounds, "As I said earlier, this is Total Drama.... RELOADED! A chance for me to come back to good old Camp Wawanakwa with brand new bait-uhh, I mean, campers! Not that much has changed from Season One."
A record scratch was heard in the background. Dakota spoke up, "What about this giant green glow around the entire camp?"
"I was getting to that. We've got a new theme for this season. All the challenges will be based on weird stunts and radioactivity!"
"How is that any different from Season One?" Lightening asked, as Sam and Molly laughed behind him. Mary and Brick both looked at Lightening.
Chris made his way to the mess hall of Camp Wawanakwa, unchanged, "You'd be surprised. This here is going to be your 5-star dining experience! The mess hall! With your cook in the back, Chef Hatchet." The camera went over to Chef Hatchet, who was mixing some of the green goop around camp with the soup he was making. Everyone immediately began to retch at the sight.
"Is he-- Is he allowed to do that?" Lightening wondered.
"Boy, you're talkative," Chris ignored him and continued leading the contestants on.

The camera switched scenes to Chris in the outhouse confessional.
Chris: Remember this thing? Pretty stinky? Disgusting? Yeah, the outhouse confessional! This is where our new campers will be coming or going to confess something or to get something off their chest. Always here.
Anne Maria: (applies make-up in the confessional)
Brick: (grumpily) Total... Drama... (clenches fist) Reloaded. (grumbles) I hate it already.

The campers were seen in front of the cabins they would be staying in.
"Oh! Next-to-last thing on the agenda. Teamsies!" Chris chuckled.
Mary cocked an eyebrow, "Teamsies?"
Chris took out a piece of paper, "Yes. Teamsies. Got a problem with that word, then... uhh... deal with it. Anne Maria, Zoey, Staci, Mike, Lightening, and Brick will be known as The Radiations and Mary, Molly, Dakota, Sam, Cameron, and Scott will be known as The Gases. Radiation will be staying in the west cabin, Gas in the east. Time to get to know your bros!"
Zoey obnoxiously cleared her throat.
"...and sis's..." Chris plainly said. Cameron looked at both Scott and Mary, who were standing on both of his sides, a bit scared. Dakota and Molly looked at each other and immediately hugged one another.
"While they do that, I'll be saying.... 'we'll be right back'," Chris said, as the camera faded to black.

The camera fades back in.
Zoey: I'm getting strange vibes from Brick... already.
The camera went into the west cabin to follow The Radiations.
Zoey walked into the cabin and accidentally bumped into Brick, "Oh, I'm sorry."
"Yeah, whatever," Brick snapped immediately back at her.
Zoey stared at him as he walked away, past her.
Brick: I already don't want to be here. I shouldn't even be here. My stupid friend signed me up for this show.
Anne Maria put her stuff on a bed, "I guess this bed can be mine."
"I call this one," Lightening threw his luggage onto the top of one of the bunk beds.
"Lightning, is it?" Staci tapped his shoulder.
Without even turning around, he corrected her, "Lightening. Ten, ten."
While the explanation was going on, Mike ran into the room, knocking Anne Maria down in the process, "Whoops, sorry!!"
Anne Maria struggled getting up, "You did that on purpose!"
"No, no! I didn't!"
Staci bit her tongue but spoke out, "Guys, guys! Calm down... it's just the first day." Lightening was watching all the chaos on his bed.
Lightening: So many weeks with these people. I'm not going to be able to take minutes with them.

The camera went over to The Gases' cabin.
"Beep-beep!" Cameron playfully said, sprinting into the cabin, hitting Mary.
Mary stared at him and sinisterly said, "Watch where you're going!"
Saddened, Cameron ran out of the cabin.
Molly put her hand on her brow, "Man, that lil' dude can run fast."
Molly: My name's Molly. And, I just wanted to come on here to say that I'm kinda already diggin' this show. My team seems to be okay, too. Except for freaky Mary and... scary Cameron.
Sam looked at Scott and extended his hand, "Sam."
Scott looked at his hand for a while, then shook it, "Scott."
"Nice to meet you."
"Nice to--" Scott was cut off by Dakota, tripping by accident, knocking Cameron's stuff onto the floor. Cameron's suitcase went flying open and a pair of underwear landed on Sam's head.
"Ahhhh! Get it off, get it off, get it off!!" Scott ran around and bumped into Molly, who ran into Molly, slapping her accidentally in the process.
"UGH!" Mary scolded out loud.

The camera went back outside to see Chris listening to all the controversy in both cabins.
He laughed, "Heh-heh, oh, yeah! This season is going to be the best yet! Find out what happens next, our first challenge, and all the action next episode of Total... Drama... Reloaded!!" Chris looked at the camera, “What!? The pilots are never any good! I don’t write this stuff!”

Spenstar's Entry

REALLY Ticked off Campers – Part One

Standing on the Dock of Shame, Chris McLean flashed his pearly whites at the camera. He reported, "Last time on Total Drama World Tour, the finalists raced up a volcano for one million dollars! Among Heather's victory, a lot of stuff happened that even the most hardcore Total Drama fans will pretend was all a big fat lie. So, after some requests from... dear... loving... fans..." Chris's eyes twitched, and his smile faded. He suddenly panicked, "No! Stay away! Stay away you psychotic creeps! No, not the rods oh please dear Xenu, not the rods! NO! NO!!"

Still alone on the dock, by now Chris was in fetal position. "Um, Chris, you're doing it again," muttered one of the interns. Chris quickly got up, flashed his pearly whites again, and continued.

"We decided to have our fourth season here, on Camp Wawanakwa! So, fasten your seatbelts, hold on, put your rods away, and get ready for one wild ride. This is Total! Drama! Reloaded!" When he thought the cameras were off, he stopped smiling and said, "Hey Ravi, could you schedule another appointment with my therapist?"

A little while later, a boat pulled in, and a burly, angry-looking guy with a unibrow stomped off the boat.

"Hey, Brick!" greeted Chris. He giggled a little, but a death glare from Brick quickly shut him up.

"If you keep your mouth shut, we might co-exist peacefully," "reassured" Brick, "Maybe." One boat stop later, a big and friendly looking guy with curly hair and a beard stepped onto the dock.

"Sam! What is up?" Chris exclaimed.

Sam looked up and said, "I think I see our ratings!" he and Chris exchanged a high five.

"This is Brick," stated Chris. He gestured to a completely emotionless Brick.

"So I noticed," Sam laughed. Brick walked over to Sam and raised his fist.

"One more wisecrack and you're toast," he whispered angrily. Sam gulped.

"Okay, okay, just trying to have a little fun," he said uneasily. Sam walked as far away from Brick as he could, and stood there awkwardly.

A slightly masculine woman in grey sweats stood on the deck of the next boat. When the boat arrived at the dock, she jumped off.

"Hey guys," she said with a smirk, "I'm Mary."

Sam ran over to Mary and nearly shouted, "Hey! I'm Sam!" Chris looked at him awkwardly, to which he whispered, "Sorry for being enthusiastic, it happens when your only other companion is fittingly named Brick."

"It's cool," laughed Mary. Suddenly, standing behind her was a very thin girl with short black hair.

"Hey, I'm Molly!" Mary jumped in shock.

"That was fun," Molly laughed, "Did you see the little hairs on her neck stand up? It's so cool when they do that! It's like the way water expands when it freezes, you know?" While Molly kept babbling on, Brick grabbed her by the back of her shirt and threw her into the lake.

"I'm okay!" Sam helped her up onto the dock, just before another boat pulled in.

"This is Cameron!" a short boy with brown hair and a red hoodie stepped off the boat.

"Hi," he said meekly, "Yeah, I'm Cameron. It's nice to be here!"

"That's nice," said a completely uninterested Mary.

"Hey Cameron!" chirped Molly. Cameron laughed nervously and stood next to Sam.

"You okay, little guy?" asked Sam.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I guess," sighed Cameron, "I just get shy in public."

Sam responded, "It is totally fine, man. I'm Sam, by the way, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," Cameron smiled genuinely.

Chris smirked and said, "Boys, I'd like to introduce you to Dakota!" a model-figured and immensely attractive girl showed up at the dock and flipped her red hair.

"Hey boys," she said.

"Um, hey, I'm Cameron," said the boy shyly. She gave him an uncaring glance, and then walked over to Brick.

"Hey there cute stuff," she said slyly. Brick showed no signs of an emotional response.

"Fine, be that way," said an annoyed Dakota, as she walked away from Brick. Mary just rolled her eyes.

Another boat pulled in, and an African-American jock jumped off and onto the dock, with a basketball.

"The name's Lightening," he declared, while dribbling his basketball professionally, "I'm the fastest, strongest, meanest wielder of the basketball you'll ever see in your life!"

Chris laughed, "That's one way to put a target on your back." His eyes widened in fear as he muttered, "Target... I was a target for their hate..." a slap in the face from Mary quickly brought Chris back to his senses.

Molly ran over to Lightening and gleefully said, "Hi! I'm Molly! You have some amazing skills there! Have you been practicing? That's awesome!" Molly tripped, knocking the basketball out of Lightening's hand and into the lake, where it floated away from the dock.

"My ball!" yelled a panicked Lightening. He jumped into the dock and swam out to get it.

"Moving on," said Chris, "The next boat should be here soon."

"I got it!" Lightening stood on the dock, dripping wet, panting for breath, but triumphantly holding the basketball in his hands.

"That was aweeeeeeesome!" shouted a dot-eyed boy with spiky blond hair in the background.

"Mike!" yelled a disturbed Chris, "How'd you get here?"

"Like, my boat totally got here when the black guy was dribbling his ball, so I like, snuck out, hid in plain sight, and like, watched the show!"

"It's Lightening," scoffed Lightening.

"Pfft, what a total loser," muttered Mary.

Dakota responded, "But you have to admit, he's kind of cute... in the crazy cute way." Mary shrugged.

Chris smiled and announced, "Here comes Zoey!" a girl with glasses, brown hair tied up with a ribbon, and an unsettling smirk stepped onto the dock.

"She scares me," whispered Cameron to Sam. Sam nodded.

"Hey guys," said Zoey, seemingly lost in thought.

"What are you thinking about?" asked a worried Mary.

"That 'gift' I left for my ex-boyfriend. I can just envision the look of sheer horror on his face when he finds it." Brick laughed, but Mary took a step back in fear.

"You're all right," said Brick.

"No the party don't start till I walk in!" As the next boat pulled in, a full-figured, Latino diva stepped off the boat and onto the dock. Whistling sounds were heard from the crowd.

"The name's Anne Maria, learn it," she said, with a clearly sassy tone. She scanned the crowd and saw Lightening, dribbling his basketball while looking at her. She walked over to him and smiled.

"Look!" Molly pointed to the next boat pulling in. On the dock stood a redheaded tough guy with a vicious glare on his face. Molly swooned, Cameron shivered, Sam gulped, and Brick grinned.

"This is Scott, people," said Chris.

"Well, well, well," said Scott, "Look what we have here. I advise you guys to get to know that dock you're standing on; one by one, you're all going to walk it after I'm done with you."

"Hi Scott!" chirped Molly. Scott completely ignored her

"Hey! Listen to her when she's talking to you!" Scott turned around to find a round girl with blond hair scolding him.

Scott rolled his eyes. "I don't care who you are," he said, "but you're clearly an idiot. Nobody tells me what to do."

"Well excuse me for caring about a friend!" retorted the girl.

"That's Staci," said Chris, to clear any confusion.

"That Scott kid really bugs me," said Lightening to Anne Maria, "I can't wait to put that cocky snub in his place."

"Be patient," said Anne Maria, "You'll get him eventually, I just know you will!" she giggled.

"Okay!" shouted Chris. Once he had everyone's attention, he spoke in a normal voice. "The twelve of you are all here obviously, so it's time to put you into teams. Boys, you'll be Team Owen, after our first season winner! Girls, you'll be Team Heather, after the winner of season three!"

"What, you expect us to believe that?" Molly laughed, "Season three was a lie! A lie, I tell you!"

"See, I told you," Chris chuckled, "anyway, that wraps things up for today? Who will crumble under the pressure? Who will rise to the occasion? Let's fine out, on Total Drama Reloaded!

Nalyd's Challenge

All I want is to know why you think you deserve to win. What have you done to deserve the victory and the prizes that come with it?

Bbhinton15's Entry

It's a constant reminder to me that only one person can be considered the "Best Author Ever" in this competition, and for this season, I believe it's me, Bbhinton15. I strictly believe I deserve to win this game.

Alright. The main reason I believe I deserve to win is because of all the good reviews I have gotten over this competition. The judges in this competition, in my opinion, can be pretty strict and mean, yet I haven't heard many, if not, any negative-based reviews. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but, overall, I think I did a great job with this competition, especially considering this is my first season of competing in Total Drama Author. I have received the award of "Best of the Worst" (BOW) a total of four times. Four times. In my opinion, that should say something about my writing prowess and potential. I distinctly remember one of the more active and responsive judges, Reddy, had complimented my work multiple times, saying it was "the best of the week" or saying that "I would go really far in the competition". If these aren't signs, I don't know what are. This is only what I'm seeing, people.

What I consider to be a secondary reason as to why I deserve to win is the "perks", if you will, that come with winning this competition: judging the next season and becoming an administrator of the Total Drama Island Camp Wiki.

First things first, becoming a judge. It's my understanding that the winner of this season gets to become a judge and critic for the next two seasons of this installment. I am someone that has the skills to be a judge for this competition. I inherently enjoy critiquing, proofreading, editing, revising, everything that comes to being a judge for anything, including this competition. As you saw in Challenge Ten, the judging challenge, I go all out with whatever I critique because I have the desire to make everyone better in anything they do, writing in this case. Judging work is an important factor in this contest. Like my noble competitor Spenny will probably mention, the judging for our season was severely lacking and poor. If I do win this competition, I promise to bring respect and honor to the judging position of Total Drama Author (7) by updating the contest at a fairly punctual time. This, I will not fail you.

I know what some of you are thinking: "You're a n00b."; "You don't even have a thousand edits yet."; "You can't do this."; "You don't do that." You wanna know how all these statements link together? They all come up with it comes to me "being an administrator". It's been called into question this season, but, as far as I know, the winner of this competition also gets to become an administrator of the TDI Camps wiki. Once again, this is something I would love and have a desire for. I ask that you look past the amount of edits I have, the amount of time I've been on the wiki as told by my userpage, the amount of time I'm in Chatango, and the amount of admins I talk to... Look past all of that. An administrator on a wiki should be someone that's admired and earned their way to the position that they receive. Through this competition, I believe I have earned the title of being an administrator on this wiki. I am liked by many regular and active people of this wiki. I love this place. Something else that may work for me is the fact that I've had prior experience on a wiki a bit more advanced than this one, the Total Drama Wiki. I've had experience there and I'd like to gain some on this wiki, as well. Again, I ask you to look past my edit count, look past my "amount of friends", look past it all and think... Have I earned it? I believe I have. But, it's up to you all.

As I said in my author's note in Shane's challenge, I couldn't have asked for a better rival to compete against, than Spenny. However, this isn't about why he should win. Granted, I think he would make a fine admin, judge, and reborn user on this place if he were to win and I'd wish him luck. But, honestly... I feel like I deserve it more. I may not have submitted in every entry of Total Drama Author (all but one, but I did get it finished), but I'm still dedicated. I love this competition. Total Drama Author, if I lose you, I will see you again. Thank you for your time with reading this.

Spenstar's Entry

This past season of Total Drama Author has been quite a thrill ride from beginning to end, and it feels wonderful being in the final two. At the end of the day, though, only one person can be declared “Best Author Ever!” and go on to become a judge for the next two seasons, at least. So without any further ado, it’s time I let you know why I have what it takes to win the season.

My original team was the Typing Bass, and while I was on that team, we were winning every challenge that called for a winning team. I took every challenge seriously and gave it my all, each and every week, and it showed. My team got so far ahead that, six weeks in, I was moved to the Writing Gophers to make things more “fair”. When I changed teams, the balance shifted and the Writing Gophers broke out of their losing streak to win three more challenges, a winning streak interrupted by a single loss. To be frank, I highly doubt this was mere coincidence. In fact, I’m almost certain that my shift to the Gophers was the direct cause of the shift in balance. In short, I single-handedly turned an entire team around. Furthermore, when the judges actually did get around to judging my entry in a given challenge, they almost always said that they thoroughly enjoyed my work. I always brought everything I have to the table for every challenge this season, and it worked out very nicely as far as the judges are concerned.

In contrast, however, the only time my team did lose, I was nominated for elimination due to not following the challenge criteria. This was an honest mistake on my part; I simply misunderstood the challenge in question, something that has not happened before or since. That is, except for Shane’s challenge this week, but I don’t count that because Shane told me that he liked the product of my misunderstanding.

This season, my reviews were good enough to earn me a spot in the final two. I made sure each one of them had a lot of thought put into them and reflected my honest opinion on the work in question, without becoming too large as a result. I will continue this method of reviewing in the seasons to come, if I win and become a judge.

This brings me to the one thing about Total Drama Author 6 that I did not enjoy. Throughout the season, I found a lack in effort on the part of the reviewers: Chimmy, Shane, and Reddy. Aside from this week, the three judges did very little judging this season, especially compared to the last few seasons. I looked forward to my entry being analyzed and reviewed by a judge every week, and in the weeks when that was not the case, I felt ripped off. Therefore, if I win and become a judge in the next few seasons of Total Drama Author, I will review every entry I’m assigned to do, every week, until the end. After all, the talented authors competing here deserve nothing less.

Every entry of every week I have submitted to Total Drama Author, I have given it my all, and if I win, I will continue to do so as long as I am a judge. It was an honor competing in this writing competition, and I hope this is not the last Total Drama Author will see of me.


Tda6 doors final 2

Nalyd: BB, Spenny, it's time. Each of you must turn your door handle. One door will open, the other will remain shut. The one that opens will win Total Drama Author 6, the position of judge next season, and adminship on this wiki. Please turn the handles.

Spenny: Wait, does my door even have a handle? It looks like an indent... Oh well, here goes everything... *turns the doorknob, pushes the door as if trying to open it*

BB: Geez, I'm so nervous. *looks at Spenny* Good luck, man. *takes a deep breath and gulp* Here goes... nothing. *runs towards door and tries to turn its handle*

Spenny: good luck to you too :)

Chimmy: *walks into Nalyd's office* O hai.

Nalyd: Chimmy, what are you doing? You're supposed to be waiting outside with the other judges and eliminated contestants!

Chimmy: All the tall people were standing in front of me, so I couldn't see.

Nalyd: ...

Chimmy: *sits on Nalyd's desk, eats popcorn* Go on.

Nalyd: Alright... Lets see who's door opened. *turns to BB and Spenny* and the winner is...


Spenny: *hugs Bb so tight his bones crack* Congrats man!

BB: *with near-cracked bones* Thanks, bro! ^_^ I can't believe this!! :D *goes Owen mode* I won.... I won!! :DDDDDD <3