I'm trying out a brand new camp. One of the things I really enjoy doing is character creation. There are so many possibilities out there, depending on how you want to go about your story. This camp will not deal with art, though there will be at least one challenge that asks for description of what a character you think up will look like. Please, only do what is asked of you for each challenge. It's likely that anything else will be covered in a future challenge. This camp will ask you to come up with character labels, backgrounds, bios, personalities, descriptions, story ideas for characters, and whatever else I can think of. I hope whoever decides to join will have fun with this camp.

Sign Ups

Holy Cats! Twenty-two people?!?! Sign ups closed! XD

Reddude! (Yay!)

Joseph510 (hmmm)

Ben-Ben109 (He told me to do this :) xD)

Jason (Uh okay.)

MTDM (I'll try...)

Dark (....)

Tdi (This camp will be fun!)

Teddy - Teddy10 (I guess I'll try)

Chimmy (Aw heck ya 8D)

Tcf09- (It's Tcf09 just in case you didn't knowXD)


Fanny (This sounds fun)

Lindsay(alright,Im totally in!!!)

Sorrel (worth a try :) )

Nalyd Renrut (This camp's winner is in da house >:D)

Zach (TDADJ) - (I'll try... :/ )

Cragiled dyrium (I'll give it a try)

Dakotacoons! (TRIXIE IS BACK BABY!)

Spacebuddies123 (I'll be out first)

Sunshine (WHOOT I GOT IN A SPRINK CAMP :D *dances horribly*)

DuncanGuy (I will be second out!)

Higgnkfe (...) Friend ghost (I’m in!)

Elimination Table

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
DuncanGuy OUT
Jared OUT
Space OUT

Pregame Chat

Sprink: I'm not sure how many people will be allowed to join, we'll see how sign ups go. Hopefully, some of you are interested in this. 8D

Reddy: First yay!

Sprink: You may be the only one to join. Yay! Easy victory! XD

Jared * Falls from sky* Great I land in this dump *gets up and brushes self off* well at least Ben isn't he--

Ben: WEEEEEEEEEE *falls on Jared* HI brother I 'm a koala * hops on Jared's back*

Jared: Great! Just great :@ >:(

Sprink: Welcome, Jared and Ben. I love sibling rivalry, since one of you is bound to place better than the other. Muahaha!

Ban and Jared: Me *point to thierselves* what No I will *strangle each other* ( xD we both came up with this he's right beside me JSYK)

Red:Unless they're eliminated together >:)

MTDM: Sprink, I love the logo!! :D

Ben and Jared: *wrestling each other Ben on top* Imposible *jared switches to the top* Impraubable *Ben yells from bottom* stop saying big words ;( *Jared Yells* NEVER >:D (what I said last time xD)

Sprink: Thanks to the latest joiners. And thanks MTDM. :D

Jarred: * flys right by the other competitos and crashes off screen* I'M OKAY

Sprink: Ooh. A good number of signer uppers so far, but I'll wait a little longer.

Lindsay:Hi everybody!!

Jared: * head first in trash can* GREAT!

Zach: O.o *Runs*

Jared: *on phone* Yes i know I can sue. Well I don't want to yet! SHUT IT COURTNEY

Nalyd: *arrives* This camp's winner is in da house, eh!

Cragiled:*arrives*Now he is.

Jared: *rollseyes* I can see that one has modesty (xD)

Zach: *to Nalyd* Uh-huh. You just cursed yourself with saying a Ezekiel line.

Jared: Woo hoo *end sarcasm for now*

Chimmy: *is in ninja stealth mode* No one shall suspect...8)

Lindsay to Chimmy:HI!!*scares Chimmy* Jason:(confessional) OMG! I'm like Nalyd's biggest fan! Maybe we'll have an alliance or something! Wont it be awesome!?

Trixie (Dakota): *arrives* I'm here! Hold the applause.

Reddy: *reads a book* shyeah right! *tears book in half* ^^

(Red: dakota. this isnt an RP camp. U have to be urself)

Zach: Oh, honey, I don't even have a single clap for you. I hope this isn't like one of those art camps

Jason:(confessional) OMG! I'm like Nalyd's biggest fan! Maybe we'll have an alliance or something! Wont it be awesome!?

(Dakota: But can I make the character things for her?)

Dakota: (CONF) I am going to mop the floors with these losers.

(red: idk ask sprink)

Red: (conf) Yay a place to nap. *naps* (XD)

Chimmy: o.o

Zach: So... like... When do we start?

Sorrie: *comes in with a binder of paper and pencils* sooooo..... when do we start?

Jacob: *arrives* Hello Nalyd!

Cragiled:(CONF)Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,why is Reddy sleeping in a corner?

Sunshine: *falls out of sky in a cardboard box, pops out* HI!!!

Ben: (conf) It's soooooooooooooo broing I could just go to sl*falls asleep and strats to snore*

Sunshine: *goes into confessional, sees Ben, pokes him repeatedly with a stick* (XD)

Sorrel: (conf.) Chimmy, Sunshine, and Nalyd is here... greattttttttttt

(Conf.) Sunshine: *crammed in between Ben and Sorrie* It's getting kind of crowded in here... *pause* Hi Sorrie! :D

Ben(conf) *has shades on and is beween both of them* Oh yeah (xD)

Sorrel:(Conf) hello sunshine :D

Cragiled:*tries to go to conf*Is there a party in here?

Reddy:*wakes up* I was here first! D:< xD

Sorrel: (conf) theres a party here no way!

(Conf.) Sunshine: *crammed in with Ben, Sorrel, and Cragiled* ...yeah, it's definately getting crowded in here. (XD)

Ben(conf): I'm likeing it *has shades on* OH YEAH! (xD I'm so awkward)

Cragiled:(CONF)I wish there was a party :(

Reddy: (conf) *pushes everyone out of confessional except himself* bahumbug! *slams door* *sleeps*

Sorrie: (conf) hello

Red: (conf) *cries* (xD)

Sorrie: *walks out of the conf.) red is crying

Zach: Shut. Up! You guys need to like, calm down!

Duncan: Hi everyone!

Sunshine: DUNCAN?! *passes out XD*

Duncan: ...

Cragiled:Why did she faint?Your not the real Duncan....Are you?

Duncan: Im not real Duncan, but im strong...

Ben: *running around with a pretzel bag on his head* YAY YA YAAY AYA YA YAVAGA AYT S WEE *hits pole* ow

Sunshine: *revives* NOOO!!! *points to Duncan* YOU LIED TO ME! *runs off crying* (XD JK)

Higgen: You guys creep me out a little. Yes, I'm talking to you Ben.

Duncan: I didn't say anything to you...

Duncan: (CONF) She is crazy!

Cragiled:(CONF)Sunshine scares me

Duncan: (In front of confessional) Girl scared you? *laughts*

Cragiled*exits CONF*You should be more scared, you're impersonating her idol

Duncan: ah....who cares...*goes in CONF and falls asleep*

Ben: *dnces like an idiot* weeeeeeeeee *dances with a snickeers bar and his gunia pig* WEEEEEEEE

Duncan: Why you waked me up? *about to punch Ben*


Duncan: *Punches Ben stronger*

Sprink: (no excessive role play, please) The first challenge will be up later today.

Ben: :D YAY CHALLENGE (Uh by exessive you mean)

GM: Kewl, like, a challenge. YIPPEE!! *dances like a maniac and trips on a stick* (xD)

Sorrel: challenge yahhhh

Duncan: Hmmm.....

Dakota: Challenge! Yay!

Sprink: By excessive I mean, so often that people get edit conflicts when trying to post on here. Friend ghost:I’m the Son of the Cartoon character Casper you know the friendly ghost that isn’t scary

Challenge One

Okay. Here's what I want for challenge one. I would like for each of you to write up an original character bio, that is proceeded by the character's name and label. What I want to see in the bio is clear relation to the label. You can make it state why the character has a label like that, how they became that way, an example from their everyday life that shows how they're the way they are, or all three. No need to have a reason for joining the contest. Foreshadowing is not necessary, just a blatant explanation of what the character is like. Here's how it should look:

"So-and-so is a character labeled as 'The Competitive Jock'.

So-and-so comes from a large family. They often had to fight over who got what toys to play with, who got to eat what, and who got to wear the best clothes. So-and-so was usually the most timid of the group, and often ended up with the raw end of the deal. Eventually So-and-so learned to step up their competitive spirit, and was always early, and did their best to become stronger. That translated to school, as well, where So-and-so strove to get the best grades, and succeeded. So-and-so loves sports, now, and does really well. They lose at times, and handle loss incredibly poorly. So-and-so is also competitive in the dating world, only dating the most attractive, popular people."

So hopefully it's clear what this character would be like. XD That's what I want to see. A character that becomes very clear how they will be from the bio. This challenge is due next Wednesday.

Entries One

Reddude's Entry - Akeno is the Ecstatic Troublemaker of the group. Akeno grew up in a small town in China. He was often a troublemaker there, until his father’s work shipped his family over to America. They settled in New York City, where his father worked almost every hour and his mother was busy trying to find a job. Akeno was of equal trouble as he was in China, and eventually got arrested by authorities after stealing from a fruit stand. Akeno was released on probation until his lawyer asked the judge if Akeno could be sent off to a reality show where Akeno’s antics would be put to better use. The judge allowed and Akeno was off to Total Drama.

Jared's Entry - Jeremy is labeled The Show Off. Jeremy thought he knew everything and could do everything. When Jeremy was in elementary school everything changed. Jeremy was playing dodge ball. He was actually pretty good. He dodged and threw. He caught and flew. He was the last one on the team. No jailbreaks were allowed, and he only had to hit one more person to win. As he ran to throw the ball he tripped on his shoe lace sending the ball spiraling out of his hands flying towards the other boy. The other boy was laughing and didn’t notice. He was hit.. Jeremy won and for then on he was cocky. He later began to become cocky with dates. He’d hit on a girl thinking they would defiantly choose him. Little to no time his date life went out of control. As did his social life. His parents began to dislike their son. Jeremy made one final comeback to his parents “Why don’t you do it?” he had said. He broke the last straw. His parents sent him off to Total Drama (insert) without knowing he had no word not knowing he stepped on the bus thinking he was going to school. He found out he was heading to a place where kids would compete in crazy challenges. He claiming he could do anything. He later lost and his parents wouldn’t let him back in. His years of torture living in that house we’re over he had failed at what mattered most. He lost his respect from his family. He later joined many reality shows loosing everyone. He finally joined Total Drama again. He set his heart to win. He lost his parents respect and his new goal was to earn it back. He never changed though he kept being cocky he just became a lesser show off. Yet his show off personality still lives on.

Ben's Entry - Piper is labeled The Optimistic Farm Girl. Piper Mcloud grew up on a simple farm in Lowland County. She worked on a farm with her parent’s Betty and Joe. Betty, a Christian mother, (Note: I have nothing against Christians as this is just a stereotype) who believes asking to many questions is not the way of things. Piper kept asking questions from “Do cows have feelings?” to “What’s for dinner?” She kept growing and asking. Her father, Joe, was a simple farmer. He loved Piper very much, but her rapid fire questions and nonstop talking made his head spin. Piper worked hard on the farm and loved her parents. However, Piper wanted to have a social life meet new kids. She later had a flier to join Total Drama (insert) with a single signature her life changed heading out to a new world full of kids she didn’t know. Before she left her Father Joe gave her would be birthday present. A gracefully carved bird which put around her neck would fall right on her heart. Reminding her of her parents love and of home, Piper left.

Jason's Entry - Marisa is labeled as The Pampered Princess. Marisa grew up in a mansion with a golden spoon in her mouth. She always abused her household rights. The butler, who was hired stickly for serving food and drinks, was often the main source of Marisa's enjoyment. She would take advantage of the butler's overly-kind personality. When Marisa would want a foot rub, she'd get it. If Marisa wanted her car washed, buffed and restyled, he would do that. Often when her dad got home, he would find the butler doing these outrageous commands. He would point the finger at Marisa, but than she'd point the finger around, at him. The butler would often get punished for doing these commands. Later that year, Marisa was discovered. Her mom over heard Marisa commanding the butler to do an odd thing. Marisa was punished by going on a "life changing" reality show called, Total Drama Island. The producers promised it would change her of her devious ways. After the news broke to her, Marisa had anothing devious thought. Why not bring the butler as well? One week later she ended up on the camp site, with the butler at her side. Will she change? Will the parents know the butlers gone? Find out the obvious answers on Total Drama Island!

MTDM's Entry - "Somebody", labeled the Antagonist Who Has Parents That Are So Not Creative Which Agrivates Him. "Somebody" grew up spoiled. Anything he asked for, his parent bought it for him in return of his "name". ...Until he turned 14. When he became fourteen, his parents gave him nothing, not even new clothing, food, or drinks. This causes him to get very angry, and moves out. He bought food, drinks, and clothing. Until he turned 16, and signed up for a reality show. And due to his anger towards his parents, he was the main antagonist.

Dark's Entry - Ian,The Weird Sexist of the group. Ian was born in a sexist family,and so,Ian became sexist.But,he wasn't a normal sexist.He actually though WOMAN was better MAN. Which brought grave confusion in his schools. His parents tried to help him,but he didn't understand what they were doing.His parents try hardly to understand how he views the world.They just gave up on his 16th birthday,which then he said he wanted to go on a reality Tv Show.No one knows what will happen...

Tdi's Entry - Irene, labeled the Girl Who Can Take Charge. Irene is a girl from a family consisting of her parents, and two sisters. From an early age, she was seen as very well behaved and quite intelligent, and she would take lead. But, the reason why, is that sometimes she would feel as if other children didn't take focus much. If she had a group project, and if they got off topic, she would take charge to get the project done. Then after they were done, she would get off topic. She has many friends from her town.

Teddy's Entry - Candy, labeled the Rich Brat. Candy comes from a huge family of rich people, and her father is the president of 5 national banks. She was once a good girl, behaving very well and listening to anyone who was talking to her. She eventually became very sad, as her parents became more addicted to money and both started to pay less attention to her and more to their work. She became very rotten, demanding things whenever she thought of them, and even sued her brother when he refused to buy her a new pair of shoes. She is very close to being the most brattiest little girl in the entire continent of Europe, as announced by her own family.

Chimmy's Entry - Monique, labeled "The One That Bores". Monique is just plain...boring. Few things that she says will interest you, and things that will she'll go on about for days. Most of them blame the problem on her overactive imagination, but really, its her parent's fault. As a young child, Monica was told repeatedly to always speak her mind, and she took that rather seriously. Oblivious to her rambling, she continues with this near criminal act...some people have even threatened to sue. Unfortunatly, one did, and Monique is going on this show as her community service.

Tcf09's Entry - Angelica, labeled The Short-Temperd Girl. Angelica was not always a hot head, she use to be a nice caring person to everyone. She has been this way until the day of her eleventh birthday, when she found out her father died in a mysterious car accident while he was coming home from work. Ever since her dad died she has never been the same, she started getting a temper and hasn't been as happy as she use to. Angelica would be mostly be pessimistic about everything now and she'd spend most of her time alone in her room or out with her friends everyday to get her mind off of her dad. Her fathers death has really affected her life, and her mother wonders if she'll ever be the same again.

GM's Entry - Richy labeled The Unknown Star is a contestant in a upcoming story.

Richy is a unknown star. He has many minor roles in TV shows and movies. His mother was murdered when they walked out of a musical by someone named Charlie Puck just after he came out of jail. As Richy grew up, he wanted to become a star, he was in the movie Dark Knight, but had a minor role. He met his girlfriend at a Los Angeles Lakers game. Her name was Carissa Olsen, she was a very nice lady and had smarts. She said she could help become more of a star, Richy didn’t believe her. She said she would marry him and Richy quickly accepted. Right now Richy is trying for main roles, like Tim in Dinner for Schmucks. The producers called him a loser for failing everything, even the easiest role in the world.

Richy signed up for this show to prove to the producers that he’s not a loser.

Fanny's Entry - Bianca is labled The Ex-Jerk of the group. Bianca was born into a royal family. She was always a little bit snobby around her friends and other classmates in elementary school. In middle school, she decided that she would rule the school. She made a list of who was cool and who wasn't. She sat with the cool kids and left the "uncool" kids to sit at the other end of the cafeteria. In high school, people got annoyed of Bianca. When Bianca didn't make the cheerleading squad, she wasn't the leader of the school. Everyone shunned her. The only place Bianca could find a place to get away and not be shunned was the theatre, where she worked backstage with the lighting and curtains. She became friends who worked the lights and the curtains too. She turned from a queen bee to a quiet nice girl. She doesn't make anyone feel bad anymore, as she has seen what it's like to feel bad. Bianca was let into Total Drama when her friend, Bridgette said it was somewhat fun.

Lindsay's Entry -Sue,she is labled the secure downer.Sue was once a wild child.She would go to parties everynight,until one night when her friend,Jasmine,who had way too much to drink,got into a car accident and died the next day.Sue couldn`t stand the incident, and swore never too step one foot outside again,seeing the world a dangerous hazard.Her once peppy and happy personality had changed into the exact opposite,gloomy and sad.She now lives in her dark,gloomy room, far away from everybody.Her parents worry about her and hope that one day,everything will change.

Sorrel's Entry - Sorrel is labled the crazy and random girl. As a young child, she was very atheltic and daring, climbing high trees, playing witih snakes, and got into trouble. She loves music and dancing and espicially animals, since she loved animals so much, she tried to rescue a cat but was hit by a car in the process. She then became a troublemaker and was always in detention. She was really smart, and always snuck out of detention. She became crazy and random, so much that her parents sent her to therapy and a mental institution. She dislikes anyone really popular and stuck-up. Despite the accident, she is really smart, athletic and loves animals, but tends to be crazy most of the times.

Nalyd Renrut's Entry - Dom (a.k.a. The D-Man), labeled as The Daredevil, is a contestant on the upcoming season of Total Drama. The first daredevil-tastic stunt ever performed by the D-Man was jumping off the swings in kindergarten; from then on he knew his mission in life was do make life as crazy awesome as possible! Whether its studying Egyptian history while bungee jumping off a pyramid, or learning about aerodynamics while being fired out of a cannon, or lighting birthday candles with a tank of gasoline and a match, Dom's gonna do it!

Zach (TDADJ)'s Entry - Zach is labeled The Kind Outcast. Growing up, Zach has alway been a softie and would help out people mostly. He was a loner a lot of the time and has trouble speaking with others He always gets scared when someone talks to him if he thinks they may hurt him. He tries to get out, but is to nervous to do so. His parents even tried to hook him up with a girl one time, who then stood him up. Zach is sometimes too nice when someone asks to borrow something and doesn't understand the word "no."

Cragiled dyrium's Entry -George is labled the video game addict.George is the only child of two overachieving parents, so he was often spoilt.He was never allowed to play with other children.He was never given much time with his parents either,he was often stuck with a babysitter who didn't care about his welfare and he would normally play on his computer.His favourite game was Super Mario and occansionally he would go an illusion that Mario was real and would try to jump on people.This behavior eventually got him expelled many times despite good grades.He currently goes to a strict boarding school.His nickname is Mario.

Dakotacoons's Entry - Trixie, labeled “The Actress” is a competitive player, but hides her personality through her acting. The contestants do not know that she is evil, because she acts like a dumb blonde. She plans not to reveal that she is smart until she needs to. She comes from a small family, having only an older brother, Evan, who is a world famous pop musician, and a twin sister, Holli, who is a complete opposite of her. She attends an acting school, which she keeps a secret, at which she is very popular, largely due to her vast amounts of money left to her after her parents died when she was young. She does not let anyone know about her money, and will be ready to use her parents’ deaths as an excuse not to be eliminated. She is willing to make both friends and enemies in order to get what she wants. She is physically fit, and is very smart, helping her in both mental and physical challenges. She applied for TDI, but was rejected in favor of Heather, who was "meaner". She is class president and head cheerleader, and head of Yearbook Club, Debate Club, and founded the PGAA (Popular Girls Association of America). She also was homecoming queen, but broke up with her boyfriend shortly after. She wants to prove that she IS mean, beat Heather, and live up to her brother's fame.

Spacebuddies123's Entry - Jacob, labled the dummie, grew up in a small town in West Virginia. He get's a tan every summer, when ladies see him, they wanna date him. They go on there first date, and he acts stupid. His sister enters Reality Shows with him. Her name is Kayla. He came 3rd in a camp. That is the best he has ever done. He loves aminals, green things, and his sister.

Sunshine's Entry - Terri, labeled The Over-Actress, has always been used to being in the spotlight. Her parents were both actors, and they auditioned her for commercials before she could even walk or talk. She continued to act as she grew up, and consistently puts everything she has into her acting. The problem is, she puts in a little too much, constantly overdoing her roles, which takes away from the actual skill she has. Furthermore, she doesn’t leave this tendency to overact onstage; she approaches real-world situations as if she was onstage, and if someone doesn’t go according to her script, they’re ignored. Thus, she has very few friends, and the ones she have are either getting sick of her, or are just as weird as she is. She joined Total Drama to advance her acting career and get the attention of talent agents.

DuncanGuy's Entry - Kyle, the cool guy. Kyle's family wasn't rich, and he grew up with he's two sisters and he's puppy! Mother was having problems with head...And father was having problems with he's leg, he even wasn't able to walk...Kyle was nice guy, but sometimes he pranked nerds! He always liked smart and hot girls, but he was lonely, he didn't have much friends...But one time Kyle maked really cool party, he called friend's and friend-friend's in he's rich friend house, even he's TV exploded! Kyle likes animals, girls and another cool things!

Higgnkfe's Entry - Alexis, the sensitive jock. Alexis is the daughter of a pro footballer, and grew up with her four brothers. Her mother was murdered in front of her when she was only five, and because of that always sticks up for the little guy. She started tai-kwon-do in 2nd grade and currently is at a red belt. She secretly is an expert musician at the piano.Her dad is dating a woman that she doesn't like, so she stays out of the house when she is there and hangs out with her friends.

Chat One

Sprink: I wanted to put "and pictures" in this heading. XD I look forward to the entries. :D

MTDM: I really like this. It helps me think of new characters. If I make like 16, I may make a new ff. :D

Lindsay:I can`t wait to see what the others come up with!

Spacebuddies: I can't wait 'till elimination. I hope I don't go home.

Sorrel: ooh i love this challengeeeee

Reddy:Akeno will make me preoud. >:D

Cragiled:Does anyone else feel less confident as they read other people's stories?

Sorrel: what do you mean

Dakota: @Cragiled Nope! Because mine is better. Yep, because everyone is doing a great job so far.

Duncan: *sad* I think that I will be eliminated first...

Sorrel: its all up to sprink...

Dakota: (CONF) I hope I don't get eliminated first.

Cragiled:I hope I don't get eliminated first but I am against all-stars DX

Spacebuddies: @Cragiled Yes, people do a lot better than I do, so I'm probably gonna be out first.

Cragiled:No way,I'm going to go out first.

Lindsay:have some confidence

Spacebuddies: I hope I don't go first, I really like this camp! =D

Teddy: I hope mine's good :o

Ben(conf) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH I might wineth eeeeeeeh I did gooooooooooood EEEEEEEEEEEEH *falls asleep*

Tdi: Phew, got it done :)

Spacebuddies: Good job Tdi!

Cragiled:But don't we have a week?

Sprink: It'll be a week, unless everyone puts up their entry early.

Ben: Five more entries til I win!

Tcf09: Til??? Ha! Haha! your funny

Ben: What? >:D LETS SING

Tcf09: ...Why???

Sprink: Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that there's going to be more than one person eliminated after this challenge. Muaha!

Ben: *has a random helmet on head* cause i'm das terminata

Sorrel: wait two people are going to be eliminated

Ben: That's right Dawg WORD

Spacebuddies: Probably me, and someone else.

Tcf09: I hope I stay in... I worked really really hard on my story... it took like six minutes to do itXD

GM: Phew...mine isn't to long, I'll make it better next week.

(GM: Guys, I'll be in Florida from Sunday to Friday, but I'm taking meh laptop with meh! I'll try to get meh entry up, but if I don't you know why.)

Sunshine: There's some really cool characters so far :D I hope everyone finishes so we can have early judging!

Spacebuddies: Just Jason and Nalyd.

Jason: OMG...WHAT?? I didn't even know we had a challenge!? Everyones done?!? Holy crap!

Sprink:Nalyd is the only one left to submit. Surprise. Surprise. XD

Red: Come on Nalyd! XD

Spacebuddies: Yea Nalyd Renrut!

Nalyd: I hope you all know that I'm only doing this so people stop bugging me! XD *goes to make a character*

Sunshine: *gives Nalyd her creepy pixie stare until he finishes* (FEAR IT RENRUT. XDDD)

Red: Yay! xD

Nalyd: I don't know why you guys wanted me to finish so badly. It'll just help me win, yo.

Sprink: Thanks, Nalyd. :P I'll judge most likely tomorrow, as today is busy. XD


Judging One

Reddude - Okay, let's start out with the label. Ecstatic Troublemaker honestly seems like a noun randomly slapped with an adjective. I don't really see the ecstatic part brought out in the bio, so just "troublemaker" would have been perfectly fine. Also, the bio seemed improbable. Someone who stole from a fruit stand probably would not have been in jail very long, so probation probably wouldn't have factored in. But everything was clearly written, it was coherent, and the spelling was good.

Jared - Parts of this bio are pretty confusing. It mentions how he felt he could do no wrong, and could do everything, and then an experience made him cocky. That's not exactly a change in personality. You highlight his dating and social life without specifics, so it is a little unclear as what you mean. You also could have summarized the part with his parents as him being disrespectful toward them, so they sent him to the Total Drama series. There are also some unnecessary sentences, and some that make little sense, due to wording or lack of punctuation. Something I like about it, though, was the fact that he was on several different reality shows, leading to the current one he's auditioning for.

Ben - I actually like this fairly well. I like that she's inquisitive, and that she didn't have any major trauma happen to her. The whole thing was rather believable. I think it could have been done without the specific mention of Christianity. That may offend someone, somehow, and simply saying that her mother was "religious" would have accomplished the same point without mentioning specifics. There was one spot, after the fact that she signed up for Total Drama (insert), that needed a period, and a new sentence formed. You left out an "a" at the would be Birthday present part, but overall, the bio was good.

Jason - Hehe. I like this pretty good. I like the whole concept of the character, and she and her butler would be interesting to read about. There are some minor issues. You say "stickly", when I think you meant "strictly", "over heard" instead of "overheard". One more suggestion would to have given the butler a name, as he was an incredibly focused on character in the bio, and he'd be appearing in the story, as well (but that's a pretty minor suggestion, which doesn't affect your bio in anyway). But yeah. You did well.

MTDM - This is hard to follow, honestly. I don't get why his parents suddenly stopped providing for him, or why they gave him things in return for his name. I really have no idea what that's talking about, unfortunately. The fact that his parents are not creative confuses me, too. I also did not like that it mentions how he was on the reality show, when the bio is meant to describe things prior to the show.

Dark - I really like the concept. A lot of the sentences run together at the punctuation marks, and some things are worded strangely. This bio would have benefited with an example of his sexism against males.

Tdi - You did pretty well with this idea. I think everything was pretty well put with an example of the label in her life at school. That made it easier to get a grasp of the label.

Teddy - This is really super good. I like the change in her attitude and the reasoning behind it. You did really well, Teddy. Keep up the good work, and you'll make it far in this camp.

Chimmy - I love the humor in this bio. XD You made it really clear what you meant, and you also were able to inject your sense of humor into it. You did a really good job, so there's not much else to say.

Tcf09 - I liked this bio. I feel that often times, when someone includes a traumatic event in a bio, they tend to be overwhelming, and pretty blunt. Instead of stating that her father died flat out, you led into it, saying that she was a certain way "until", preparing the reader for something instead of just randomly placing it there. With that said, there are a couple of grammar issues. You used "use" instead of "used", and "be mostly be". There were a few other problems, but overall, I think you did great. Just work out the grammar and punctuation issues, and you'll do really well, I think.

GM - I like the overall bio, but there are some issues. Grammar-wise, you say "a unknown" when it it should be "an unknown". I also feel like you made Richy's mothers murder pretty blunt. There's certain things you need to put more sensitively so as not to hurt someone's feelings who may have suffered something similar. Also, the use of specific, full names seemed a little unnecessary in the bio. Also, specific pop culture references could become funnier, and less seeming like name dropping if you turn the title into a pun. Such as "The Dark Paladin" or the "The Light Knight", or "Brunch for Buffoons", or something to that effect. Overall, the character seemed pretty interesting.

Fanny - This was a nice bio. Everything flowed nicely, and the story was pretty good. The character seems like someone that would be interesting to read about. I suppose this is like a thing that bugs me, personally, but with labels that start with "Ex", they don't really give a feeling of what the character is like, now. They highlight what the character used to be like. The bio is there to cover that aspect of how they were, so the label can highlight how they are now. But overall, other than that slight thing, I think you did really good with this.

Lindsay - This is pretty dark and depressing. I don't think the bio is bad, though. The punctuation is the problem. Everything runs together. Also, you never cover how she plans to compete in a reality show, if she just locks herself in her room all the time. That's an important aspect to cover. There were a couple of spelling issues, also.

Sorrel - This was a pretty entertaining bio. XD I think you wrote it quite well, though there were some issues. One issue is that the bio's tense changes between past and present tense when referring to her at the same point in life. Change in tense only comes when describing how a character was, and how they are, now. One thing that would make it a little better would be adding "also" to the line that reads, "She became crazy and random". It comes later into the bio, so it sounds like the source is being in detention, as stated in the previous sentence, as opposed to the car accident.

Nalyd - Hehehehe. This was really good. Sounds like an awesome character. One issue is in the last sentence. After the first comma you use "or", and after the second comma you use "or". Take out the first one for it to flow better. But overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this. :P JK I knew you'd probably do well.

TDADJ - I like the concept. I would use a character like that. You missed a period after one sentence, but that's a minor mistake. You did well with the biography, overall.

Cragiled dyrium - This bio is pretty interesting. There's a lack of spacing between punctuation and the next sentences, though. One sentence that got messed up said this in it "he would go an illusion that Mario was real". That needs proper wording. Overall, I liked the concept.

Dakotacoons - I like this one. I think she does sound meaner than Heather. XD If I were to include her in an actual story, I'd leave out some details, like what she might be like in the competition, just to give the reader a little bit more of a surprise. With that said, that works for this competition, assuming she won't be used for an actual story. One issue is that it mentions that she is popular at acting school, because she is rich. The next sentence says that she hides the fact that she is rich from everyone. A little more planning would have made this bio even better.

Spacebuddies123 - Okay, so... This bio has a lot of unnecessary details, like names and places. It also barely covers why he is dumb, only stating it in one word, as opposed to an example. It could have been lengthened more to add detail to his character.

Sunshine - Love it! Seems like a really good idea for a character, that would be fun to read. I don't see anything to critique you on, so great job.

DuncanGuy - This bio is... interesting. It's pretty poorly spelled and formatted. You leave out a lot of "a"s and misspell "his" as "he's", like in this part of a sentence, "he grew up with he's two sisters and he's puppy!" It changes what is meant by the sentence. I get the feel of the character, but it could have been brought out as little bit better.

Higgnfke - I like this bio. I like the feel of the character. I usually don't like the bluntness of things like, "hey, y'all, this character was murdered" but you balanced it out with the end of the sentence with Alexis being concerned about the little guy. I feel like you really used subtlety to bring out ways in which she is sensitive, with several meanings, and ways she is a jock. I liked the bio, overall. You did well with it.

Elimination - Okay. I said in the chat that there would be more than one person leaving the competition, but I hadn't stated how many I meant. I meant... 3. It takes a long time to judge this kind of thing, so that's the main reason behind the multiple elimination. 22 competitors is a lot. So, on with the eliminations. The first person leaving is Spacebuddies123. The second is DuncanGuy. The third is Jared. Thanks a ton to the three of you for competing. I hope you continue to grow in your writing skills. To the remaining contestants, I'll try to limit the multiple eliminations to people who do not submit an entry from now on, so don't needlessly worry about that.

Friend ghost-label-Friendly Cartoonic ghost He is the Son of the Famous Cartoon character Casper He is very friendly like his dad and he can fly but doesn’t possess powers. He then falls in love with Sarina who is the Beautiful teen witch daughter of The teen witch Sabrina. They have different parents and different personalities. Sarina loves being alone and reading while Friend ghost loves playing video games and studying to learn more about things that they never knew at school. Even though they are different they begin to form a romantic relationship and declare their feelings for each other. Soon they confess their love to each other and tell their parents that they’re in love. Which surprises them and ask how they met each other that day. They tell their parents that they saw each other and talked together about their favorite things and then develop a romantic relationship together. Their parents are so happy for them and let them enjoy each other every day together at Camp.

Challenge Two

Challenge two is kind of similar to challenge one, only this time I want you to give a new, original character a stereotype and bio that isn't actually an indication of what they're like on the inside, but how they are on the outside. After writing the label and bio, I would like a small paragraph (or a sentence or two) explaining how the stereotype is smashed in the story, and how the character really is. I would also like hints to the problem in the bio, but attempt to make those hints subtle. Also, try to be sensitive to whatever issue you try to cover. It need not be a major deep/dark reason, it could be a simple sensitivity, or secret insecurity. Here's an old familiar example (just so I don't take anyone's idea):

"Yi Min is a character labeled as The Dumb Jock in Total Drama Reality.

Yi Min was adopted at the age of four and began his life overseas. He was able to learn English easily through association through viewing images. His father is a high school football coach and his mother is a P.E. teacher. They encouraged Yi Min to pursue all forms of athletics very early on. He finds studying to be extremely difficult and he spends almost all of his time training for, playing, and thinking about sports. Yi Min was forced off of all of his school's sports teams due to his poor grades. His father agreed with the decision as he doesn't want to be accused of nepotism, despite his son's fantastic athleticism. Yi Min is teased relentlessly by other teenagers who call him "stupid". He never retaliates, however, but he suffers emotionally. He longs to be able to compete on his school's teams, who have never won since he was taken off of them, but is unable to improve his grades. Yi Min's parents want their son to do better in school and to be able to compete at something.

It is revealed in the story that Yi Min doesn't know how to read, majorly due to the fact that his dyslexia has gone undiagnosed. The hints to this in his bio are the fact that he learned English through association with imagery, and the mention of him finding study difficult, implying that it was so difficult, that he tried to avoid learning. Yi Min's stereotype is shattered in the story, when there's reason behind his 'dumb' behavior, and it's shown that he has a lot of common sense."

No need to copy the example exactly. Try to make it your own. This one will be due next Saturday, unless everyone puts in a n entry before then.

Entries Two

Reddude's Entry - Herman is labeled the Antisocial One of the group. Herman’s parents died in a plane crash when Herman was but three months old. So, as you probably figured, Herman never knew his parents and the only home he knew was the foster home. He usually condemned himself to his room, because he liked to be alone and always felt out-of-place, and whenever he was visited, visitors always chose the more upbeat kids, saddening Herman more. Herman then one day snuck away to Total Drama one day, to find his place in the world.

On the island, Herman was nervous about meeting other people, and grew his first true conflict with Harry, an upbeat and excited guy. The two conflicted all the way to the final seven, where Harry accidentally mentioned his Uncle Haris. Herman was shocked to know, as he had an Uncle Haris from eavesdropping on conversations, as that’s what he did occasionally. Harry and Herman come to the conclusion; they’re twins that were separated at birth! Herman is eliminated at the final seven, even though he had just started to get along with Harry. Harry made it to the finals, where Herman supported him, but Harry lost to the other finalist. After the competition, the boys moved in with their Uncle Haris. The show gave Herman what he desired most; a home, and a friend.

Ben's Entry -

Jason's Entry - Holly is labeled as Just the Pretty Face. Holly was very smart girl growing up. She had a family that loved her, friends who loved her as well. After a few years of school, she started to realize something; everyone started stereotyping her as a plain Jane. Her friends and family still loved her, but people thought she was to plain. Holly wanted to stick out. In the next few weeks of that school year she started becoming emotionally sour. She wasn't happy with herself. She felt like she wasn't good enough, when everyone loved her. Shortly after that, she began distancing herself from everyone who loved her. She began to hate everyone. Her appearance was one of the only things that she had. She still had her long blonde hair, blue eyes and luscious pink lips. She still dressed in her skirts and blouses. Inside, she was dying quickly. She signed her self up for Total Drama Island because she wanted to get away and start a new life as a new girl. She promised herself she wouldn't show people who she really was. Will they ever find out?

MTDM's Entry -

'Dark's Entry - Joesph labeled as The Idiot

Joesph was born with the mental capacity of a rock.That's not his fault,he was dropped on his head by a doctor,which literally flipped his mind upside down.He was also taught advanced math and science by his own parents,as he was home schooled.Which didn't work at all,so they just made him do what he wanted.They then shipped him to school,with a breathing equipment,food that soaks easily,diapers,and an answering machine.Even though he learned to talk,walk,breath,sleep,and eat at the age of 15!He usually eats dirt though,which makes him very,very,socially awkward. No one know how to talk to him,so they just don't.If he tries to talk to him,they just scoot away.His Parents,Teachers, and students shipped him off to a show,so he can at least get more social status/brain power in it.

On the show,He acted like a total moron,but not on purpose,easily getting on bad terms with the smart people,and the people who are serious on the show.One person though,A Person named Ienzo,Helped Joesph to learn,in basic kinder garden language.Joesph,soon learned at least the basic,stuff,and in physical challenges he was decent.The villain of the season though,Jacob,Tried to get Joesph in an alliance,Joesph asked "What is an alliance" obviously,not learning an alliance is,till Ienzo explained to him later. Jacob,wanted to make him vote off,Ienzo,which he refused,and voted off Jacob,with a few of the other smart people voting off Jacob.Jacob was voted off 14th.He was learned a lot of stuff in the show.He was voted off 10th,for him not knowing 7+5,452.Joesph supported Ienzo in the finals,which he won.Joesph then returned home a decently smart person,thanking Ienzo to this very day.

Tdi's Entry - Connor is labeled the Absent Minded. As a child, Connor tended to forget things. His family tried to help him, but he would forget to do things, like turning off the lights, or to put away his clothes. At school, he would forget to do his homework and would also forget to study for his tests. He would generally do bad, but did good enough to make it to the next grade. Mean kids took advantage of him, being mean one day, and Conner would forget about them. He was very happy all the time, due to his forgetfulness.

On the island, he would make friends, but then would forget about them. If Chris would tell him to go somewhere, he would forget where he was and get lost. However, he met Megan, who was his teammate, and he really liked her. He would get near her. Little did he or anyone know, she also liked him too. She talked to him and she wanted him to stop forgetting about everything, so she told him. He said he was little, when he was playing and fell and hit his head, so he explained why he forgot things. She said that everyday, he remembered that he liked her, thus, destroying his label. He started remembering things, such as his 6th grade science test, and the mean people. He was the eighth person eliminated, and rooted for Megan in the finale, who won.

Teddy's Entry - Marina, labeled the Angered Girl

Since Marina can remember, she was angered very easily. She would throw tantrums when someone would say "no" to her, and would throw her things out the window when her parents told her something to do something she didn't want to do. One day at school, Marina was expelled from school, as she threw a tantrum at her Math teacher when she scolded her for not turning in her homework. She cried that night, and her parents tried to cheer her up, only to recieve another tantrum from her. Marina sulked for a few more days, and didn't know that her parents signed her up, hoping it could solve her anger issues if she made new friends.

It is finally shown that Marina never meant to be so cruel, and her parents finally found out she was bipolar. Whenever she threw another tantrum, she would immediatly try to quit and apologize. When she sees her parents again, she tells them she is sorry for every tantrum she has thrown, and was put in a special class for bipolars. She has gotten some control over her no-reason anger, breaking her stereotype.

Chimmy's Entry - Nia, labeled "The Cruel Girl"

Since birth, Nia has crushed her toys, broken expensive items, and her older brother has fallen victim to blame. Even as she grew older, this aggression hasn't settled down. While she was in middle school, she played with boys' minds to no end, making the girls who really loved them cry their eyes out. Thankfully, the boys realized what was going on after a while, and Nia hasn't gone after a guy since. Nia's parents are desperate to help her, but Nia has shut the doors on her family entirely, and keep everything she does under lock and key. Nia's parents signed her up without her knowledge, hoping that this experience would help her.

It is revealed in the story that Nia is not as cruel as she seems, when she injures Collin, and sits by his bedside until his arm heals. Nia reveals that she didn't intend to play with the boys in the 8th grade, she just didn't know how a relationship worked and ended up dating at least 7 boys at once. When Collin leaves the island, Nia whispers in his ear that she cares, shattering her stereotype.

Tcf09's Entry - Shannon, labled "The Girl who never talks"

Ever since Shannon was born she never spoke a word, in fact, she never used her voice in any way. Her parents were worried sick and wondered if it was just a phase and soon she would say her first word. Unfortunately, that day never came. Shannon also had trouble in school because she never had any friends. She tried hard to make some friends but it was very difficult. Most of the kids at her school would bully and make fun of her because of the fact that she didn't speak. There were some people who took sympathy and were actually nice to her but they were very rare. Shannon would come home from school everyday and cry on her bed because she felt like she didn't fit in at school. She very much wanted to have a friend and tell someone about her problems but, she could never find the words or the voice to do so.

It is revealed that Shannon's inability to speak means she is mute. Her parents are very worried about her and wonder if her voice would ever come in. She tries hard to make friends in school but it's not that easy beacause most of the kids there don't appreciate her. It is also revealed that she is very unhappy about her disability because she spends much of her time in her room crying, and wishing she could have friends to express herself to.

GM's Entry - Indigo labeled The Insulter.

Indigo likes insulting people, that’s why she doesn’t have any friends. From the day she could talk she was an insulter. She was later taken to an adoption center, her parents felt bad about it. Indigo was adopted and was happy cause she wanted to start a new insulting life, it ended up her new parents were strict and the school was strict, so she was told to shape up and become a little nicer. She didn’t care and got in a lot of trouble, her biggest punishment was when she got 5 months detention for insulting the teachers and principal. The parents grounded her for 9 weeks for insulting Santa Claus on Christmas at the mall.

Indigo met the boy of her dreams when her parents adopted him for being a punk. She later became all the sudden really nice and got a bunch of friends, her insulting personality became ruined after she met the boy of her dreams.

Fanny's Entry - Selena is labeled as The Tough Chick. Selena's parents are both bodybuilders. Selena and her older sister, Alex always tried to build up their strength so they could be like their parents. Selena soon became to obsessed with building up muscles. She was known as the girl who was strong and didn't care about anything. Not any living creatures. She was called 'The Tough Chick' behind her back. She didn't have many friends. Selena started to stop working out as much as she did, and soon she started to not be as strong as she used to be. She then became depressed with her life, and really did not care about anything.

On the island, it is revealed in around the tenth episode, that Selena has a soft spot and cares for animals and her friends. She saved Joanie's bunny from it's death to save Joanie from sadness and quitting the game. Later in the seventeenth episode, Selena showed her soft spot again by letting Joanie win the challenge. Selena was then later eliminated because the guy's liked her as the tough girl.

Lindsay's Entry -Jane is labled the smart blonde.

Jane was one of the smartest people in her class.Usually getting A's and B'sHowever,nobody paid any attention to Jane's smartness,but to her apperance.Everybody just thinks She's one of those pretty blondes that doesn`t have any brains.This makes Jane really mad and upset.When one of her school`s bullies told Jane about a reality show,and how she wouldn`t be able to last one day there,she saw this as her chance to show the world that blondes aren`t jusr beautiful,but also strong and smart.She signed up for the show and got on.

On the island,jane decided to play dumb and act when she only needed to.She was quickly taken advantage of by the main antigonist,Sharon.Jane followed under Sharon`s rule,until she decided to vote out her boyfriend,Joey.Seeing this her moment to shine,she convinced the others to vote for Sharon,resulting her getting 13th place.Jane was able to stay under the radar until she reached the final five,where she was elimanited due to her being a threat.At the reunion,she was awarded,smartest move.Back at school,Everybody looked at her diffrently.Not just at her appearence,but also at her brains.

Sorrel's Entry - Stella is labeled the "Mean Girl"

As a young child, Stella made a lot of friends at a young age, therefore her sterotype was a playful young child. As she grew older, she became popular and mean. She always bullied kids, poor and others not like her. She lost her status as the popular girl, and became the most hated girl. People were scared of her, they would move tables if she came during lunch. She went into high school without friends. Her mom considered to pull her out of high school and home-school her, but her dad refused for it to happen, but as for now, Stella has been mean and has no friends.

It is revealed at a young age, a group of boys made fun of her long silky blonde hair. When she got older, she was known for her blonde hair and became popular, as for revenge she bullied others. She is really desperate for friends, but cant adjust to everyone hating her.

Nalyd Renrut's Entry - Felipe, labeled as The Popstar, is a contestant on an upcoming season of Total Drama.

Felipe was born into a family of five brothers and five sisters, and he was the youngest. When performing at an elementary school talent show, Felipe realized he had a powerful singing voice. A talent scout was in the audience and signed Felipe to a hundred thousand dollar contract. Felipe became an instant celebrity with his boyish good looks. He later joined the boy band "Guyz in da Boulevard." His career abruptly ended a month before the show, due to his voice cracking.

While on the show, Felipe tried to get by on his fame alone, despite no fans of his on the show. It took him several episodes to fully comprehend this, and annoyed his teammates, receiving the final Gilded Nalyd three times. He struggled in mental challenges due to only having a third grade education, and had an even harder time with physical challenges after being waited on hand and foot all his life. Felipe ended up being the fifth person voted off of his team. By the end of the show, Felipe is labeled as The Washed-up Celebrity.

Zach (TDADJ)'s Entry -

Cragiled dyrium's Entry -

Shaun labeled the ACCIDENTAL INSULTER.

Shaun spent the first half of his life living in Ireland. When he was in Ireland he was immensely popular and would excel at both academics and sports. Although this changed because when he was nine his parents died on a cruise along with his brothers, but he survived by getting on a lifeboat, while his family was not so lucky. Due to this he was sent to live in America with his uncle and aunt. When he went to America, he was very uncooperative and would go straight home from school. His grades were poor for many months while there and he was often bullied by classmates because of his accent. When he started being more co-operative, he would often insult anyone he talked to due his friends in Ireland. So he didn't have any friends. He often voiced a wish to return to Ireland but his uncle and aunt rejected his pleas in favour of wishes for their other children.

On the island Shaun will stop insulting people and his accent will work to his advantage, he would open up and his time on the island will lessen his need to return to return to Ireland and by the end of his time, he will become the COOL IRISH GUY.

Dakotacoons's Entry - Zoey is labeled as, “The Model Without a Clue.” All of her life ever since birth, Zoey was put in front of the camera, shooting photos for many different things. From Elementary School through High School, everyone thought of Zoey as the hot girl without any brains. She was always angry when people said that, but she did not care as long as they called her hot. Her parents never felt that she needed to be tutored, due to the fact that she was making enough money by modeling. It is revealed in the story that she really was smart, but that she thought that people would like her less and would think that she was less pretty if they knew she was smart. Near the end of the story, she decides that she doesn’t need to be dumb to be pretty, and that she should be herself, no longer being a model, but studying to be a doctor, breaking her stereotype and changing it to “The Independent Woman.”

Sunshine's Entry - Serena, labeled The General Do-Gooder, wants nothing more than to help anyone and everyone. She spends all her spare time volunteering at homeless shelters or soup kitchens, donating money to various charities, helping old ladies cross the street, rehabilitating injured animals, et cetera. She never says no to anyone in need, and would gladly give up everything she had if it meant helping someone else out. Along with helping her fellow man, she also does her best to help the planet by recycling, planting trees, and always riding her bike to go places, never using a car. She also makes sure to always be optimistic and wear a smile on her face, as she believes all a frown does is make the people around her feel bad. Her older sister, whom Serena has lived with since the girls’ mother passed away, is worried that Serena’s extreme generosity will one day get her in trouble, and thinks she needs to put herself first for a change. Serena’s sister signed her up for Total Drama in hopes that it would help Serena be a little less selfless.

It is eventually revealed that Serena’s extreme generosity is her way of making up for her mother’s death. One day, when Serena was young, she refused to listen to her mother when told not to run across the street, because she wanted to see a toy in the window of a store across the road. She ran across the street to see it, followed by her mother, only to find a car screeching towards her. Serena’s mother pushed her out of the way, which led to her being hit and killed. Thus, Serena holds the belief that she indirectly murdered her mother, and does all she can to be a good, selfless person in hopes that she will make up for it one day. Revealing this to her friends on the show helps her start to recover, and after the show she cuts down on her excessive do-gooding, instead spending time with her sister and beginning to rehabilitate herself.

Higgnkfe's Entry - Earl is labled as The Little Execituve. He was born in New York City to a big shot corporate executive. His father trained him to follow in his footsteps, and Earl was up to the job. He is always calculating statistics and pretending to make endorsement deals. He had practically no friends but would excel in school, although no one called him a nerd. They just left him to his calculator and graphs. On a business trip to Las Vegas, Earl decided that he would try ang play at a csaino, but was caught and sent back to New York with a punishment. After spending a few nights in a cell, he was going off to Total Drama.

On the island, Earl's business type ways would come in handy when making alliances, and might make some actual friends.

Chat Two

Sprink: I look forward to everyone's entries and what you come up with.

Teddy: This challenge was kinda hard!

Sprink: Sorry about that. But, this must be done to find... the best! XD

Cragiled:Is it one person out each week now?

Red: I hope Herman (and harry!) pull through for me. :D

Ben: I knew I'd beat my brother *in RL gets hit by pillow*

Sorrie: this challenge is soooo hard!

Tcf09: Very hard

Ben: Very Very hard

Sprink: Oh... Sorry, guys. I didn't think it'd be that hard.

Ben: Very Hard wait sorry though it was a running gag

Crag:You're not normal, Ben, are you....

Tcf09: Your just now figuring that out?


Crag:But I want to be friends :(

Ben: YAY :D

Crag:*dances*I'm kewl XD

Tdi: Why, hello there................... (freaky music plays) This challenge was..... difficult...

Tcf09: Should I be scared or disturbed??? and Ben you said i'm mean to you???

Sprink: I forgot, too. XD I'll judge today.


Dark: Mindless arguing great....


Crag:*cries*I thought we were friends D:<

Tcf09: Wait i'm confiddled... i'm never mean to you... or anyone i just speak my mind heehee


Tcf09: *Goes over to ben and pates his back* ...I'm sorry

Ben: For what tee hee

Dark: <_< how am I gonna survive?

Tcf09: You don't...

Crag:*dances Hokey Pokey*You put your....

Dark: Sing the rest of that and I will make your life miserble

Sprink: Ben, please don't accuse people of things/be rude, even if you're joking.

Crag:*sings rest of Hokey Pokey*

Tcf09: Your dead dude... hope you have a great afterlife:)

Crag:Thank you come again :D

Ben: ;( okay *puts duck tape on his mouth and head sinks low*

Tcf09: Your welcome and i will:D

Dark: *throws Crag into a black hole which makes his atoms explode once at a time*


Teddy: I really want our reviews... can't wait :|

Sorrie (when does this challenge end) wow people so violnet

Crag:*hears tune of I'm on a boat*I'm in a hole and

I'm blowing up and *continues singing*

Sorrie: whoa when was there a black hole!

Crag:I think it's always been here XD

Sorrie: *sticks her hand in and takes it out* amazing!

Crag:I've had enough fun in here, can you help me out?

Sorrie: *drags crag out of the black hole* there you go

Tcf09: Should we... um... get rid of the black hole, it seems kind of dangerous:/

Sorrie: nah its amusing

Crag:*throws Sorrie in*YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY*jumps in after*

Sorrie: *jumps rite out* im scared of hights *shudders*

Crag:Come on, Sorrie. The black holes fine. XD

Lindsay:the black hole looks fun!*Jumps in*

Crag:This could be my clubhouse! XD

Sorrie: so what do we do in the black hole

Crag:*pulls Sorrrie in*What do you think of my bachalour pad?

GM: Umm... what's going on? *gets sucked into hole* NOT WHAT I EXPECTED! XD

Crag:Like my pad GM?

GM: What is da pad?

Crag:This is my home now. This is the main room, *shows GM round*

Teddy: Main room...?

Crag:Living room, and how'd you get in here?

Lindsay:NICE room crag!

Crag:Why thank you, PARTY!*dances*

GM: *dances, slips head first into a pie* Mmmmm...... jelly stuff....XD

Tcf09: *goes into blak hole* Woa! Is everything floating?! or am I just imagining things?!

Crag:This is my nouse now Tcf09!

Tcf09: Awesome!:)

Crag:Not long left...

MTDM: OMG! I forgot about this... :(

Crag:I spent too much time with Ben, I'm crazy now. So who's out?

Tcf09: Woah! I forgot about this to:/

Judging Two

Reddude - Ooh. I really like the idea and the twist. Only mistakes I noted was that condemned is used in a way that does not apply to the word. Also, snuck is not a word. Sneaked is the correct form.

Ben - No entry.

Jason - I like the profile fairly well. There are some mistakes with a lack of 'a' and 'and' in a place or two. You also used 'to' instead of 'too'. But nicely done, overall.

MTDM - No entry.

Dark - The profile had some funny moments, but seemed fairly negative in the depiction of Joseph. It doesn't quite make sense that he was unable to learn for so long, and then suddenly can learn fairly easily on the show. Also, the sentence structure is a bit off. Sentences should have a space after commas and periods.

Tdi - I actually kind of like the idea, and the fact that he began to remember while on the contest. Good job with the profile. It seems like an interesting character.

Teddy - I do like the profile and the deep meaning behind it. There was a typo involving something a couple times in a row. It could possibly be considered as offensive to people who suffer from the disorder, so that always needs to be thought of.

Chimmy - I like this profile. I didn't notice any mistakes, so you did well. I like the ideas, though it seems slightly unreasonable to date seven boys at once just because she didn't understand, but whatev.

Tcf09 - I like the bio, and it well written, but it seems that the people in her life would know she was mute far earlier than that.

GM - I do like this, but the adoption segments and the reason for adopting the other boy are a little bit confusing.

Fanny - Some inappropriate apostrophes, but I like your idea fairly well. I like the twist on how she really is.

Lindsay - I'm really impressed with your profile. I like the idea, and how it all played out. Unfortunately, the sentences run together, when they need to have spaces after the commas and periods. There were a few spelling issues, as well.

Sorrel - This is very well written, and I like it, a lot. The reason for her being doesn't seem too strong, but I suppose some people do things for slightly poor reasons.

Nalyd - Aw, that's kind of sad. I do like it, but it seems a tad... crazy. I think it would work in one of your stories, though. :P XD

TDADJ - No entry.

Cragiled dyrium - XD I like the profile. It seems like parts of it could have been elaborated on, like him insulting people because of his Irish friends... What does that mean exactly? XD You did well with not too many mistakes, just 'to return to return'.

Dakotacoons - I like this one majorly. Good job, Dakota. I like the transition and how everything is described.

Sunshine - TT_TT This one was sad, but I loved the explanation. You did so good. *sniff*

Higgnfke - I like the profile, although there are two spelling mistakes. I'm just not sure how it applied to the challenge. He sounded the same on the show as he did normally.

Elimination - TDADJ, Ben, and MTDM are out for not submitting entries. Sorry, guys...

Challenge Three

Something I've noted in stories at times is that the name that people pick out for a certain character doesn't exactly suit them. The problem I find with this is that I have trouble remembering the character and associating them with who they are. For this challenge, I'd like you to come up with a name, profile, and stereotype that suit each other well. It can be an appropriate name, or an ironic one. This is due next Saturday. Example:

Sandy is a character labeled as The Beach Babe.

Sandy is almost always on the beach. She loves tanning and surfing, and scoping out guys. She often daydreams about the beach when she isn't there, often shirking off different chores that need doing, or not doing her homework. Sandy is a popular girl, however, as she is pretty and kind.

So, that's a short bio, but the point is that the name, personality, and bio go well together. You should easily remember that Sandy is related to the beach without repeatedly going to her profile page, or what have you.

Entries Three

Reddude's Entry - Lily is labeled the Flower Girl of the group.

Lily has always loved nature, given her hippie ways. Most people yell and scream that the age of the hippies has gone and left, but Lily doesn't let that stop her from promoting recycling and such. She loves the Earth's creation of life, and feels that mankind should repay mother nature by helping Earth stay clean. She randomly showed up at the meeting before the contestants went to the island, saying she didnt fill out and application because she said that it's a waste of mother nature.

Jason's Entry -

Dark's Entry - Dexter,labeled the "Scientist"

Dexter was always a genius,he even built a huge label under neither the city.He was apart of a rich family so they give him any equipment he wants,he can makes 50 chemicals a year.Once,he blew up an abandoned house by accident.Which made him have to sell his lab.He then created his room into hi lab,sleeping on the couch as his bed.While he works on his lab,he saw an ad in his TV.he though iit was, "a genius way" to show his true brain power.So he auditioned,and then joined to the show.

Tdi's Entry -

Teddy's Entry - Booker, labeled the Bookworm

Booker always loved books. He would rather read them than go to amusement parks, watch television, or even meeting the president. He would be always be labeled as an odd one by many people, due to his reading obsession, and his name, but he ignored, and would always keep on doing what he was doing, which was reading most of the time. Eventually, he opened up to different things, and stared reading less, but not much, as he would never forget to open up his favorite book and read at least two chapters of it before returning to his new and much for fun for others hobby

Chimmy's Entry - Brooklyn, labeled The City Girl

Brooklyn, since birth, has loved the city. Growing up in Albany, she had to learn to develop a sense of who to trust at an early age. Brooklyn has learned the basic rules that any child would learn, but much more efficiently--she developed a radar, blocking out who wasn't important almost instinctively. Once, however, Brookyln was betrayed by someone she trusted, and was taken hostage. She got next to no nourishment, and when she was rescued 5 days later, she had severe malnutrition. Her friend was arrested, but Brooklyn was hospitalized for 2 weeks, and has scars from the incident, no longer knowing how to trust.

Brooklyn joined the show to share her experience with the world.

Tcf09's Entry - Emily, labled the Dancer.

Ever since the age of four Emily has loved dancing. She discovered it by her mother, who was a dance teacher at a local performing arts center in her neighborhood. When Emily first saw her mother dance at the center she instintly fell in love. She loved the sight of people gliding across the floor or soaring in the air. Emily felt so inspired while watching her mother that she decided to take up dancing herself. She has now been dancing for twelve years at the center and is currently the captin of her schools dance team.

Emily took up dancing because she realised how much fun and inspiring it was to her.

GM's Entry -

Fanny's Entry - Basil is labeled the Chef of the group.

Basil was born in a kitchen in a five star restaurant in Paris. Basil's parents were world famous chefs. They had their own chain restaurants over the world and a reality show on TLC that appeared right after Cake Boss. Basil's older twin siblings, Tarragon and Paprika never liked to cook. Basil did though. Basil first started out with cookies for her neighbors and now, at the age of sixteen, works at a fancy restaurant in Paris. While her parents are away, Basil cooks meals for the family. Basil wishes that everyone could be as talented as she is. She hopes to open her own pasta restaurant soon once she becomes eighteen.

She joined the competiton to have fun, and use the money to open her pasta shop.

Lindsay's Entry -Sing is labled the chinese-american singer.

Sing was introduced to music early in his life.Both of his parents were famous singers.They would spend large amounts of money on Sing`s music.They would hire the best singing coaches in the world to help Sing with his music.When he was ten,his parents took him out of scool so he could began touring around the world.Sing's musical career ended when puberty hit him.His family considered him a disgrace to their musical life.When he heard that Chris Maclean was hosting a show called Total Drama,the Musical,Sing decided to join,in hope that the show would help him with his music.

Sorrel's Entry - Piggy the labeled the piglet-obssed girl

Piggy grew up on a farm with her mom and dad. Piggy loves animals, especially pigs. She would carry a piglet all around the house, and will treat it like her own child. Her parents didn't mind, a normal 5 year old would do that. As Piggy got older, her parents got really worried, Piggy was obessed with the piglets. When Piggy turned 14, her parents sent her to a public highschool, hoping she would make friends... real friends. Unfortunatly, Piggy never made friends. She brought a piglet to school, and brought it to every class. The teachers got so sick of her and her piglet, and they expelled her.

Her parents are desperate to have Piggy make friends.

Nalyd Renrut's Entry - Walker, labeled as The Cross Country Runner, is a contestant on the upcoming season of Total Drama. Walker has one talent in life; running. He can't throw a ball, swim or do anything that requires being flexible. He just runs. He set the cross country record at his school, running ten miles in twenty-five minutes. He's pretty sure that his speed will help him win the contest, but if he gets in trouble he can just run.

Cragiled dyrium's Entry -Brock, labeled The Tough Guy

Brock was born in a boxing family, so he was forced to at an early age. He liked it but after several blows to the head his IQ dropped, so he resorted to bullying to get respect. This behavior caused him to be expelled when he broke a classmate's arm when he was kept back a year. This was this only school in his area so he couldn't go to school and therefore had more time for boxing, much to his parents' pleasure. He entered several boxing competitions and won most. He entered Total Drama to pay for a boxing school where he could also get a proper education. When he got there he used his strength to avoid getting eliminated until....

Dakotacoons's Entry - Otto (Auto), labeled The Racer

Otto has been obsessed with cars ever since he was born. He loved to go fast which led to him being hyperactive as a child. When he was old enough to get his liscence, he entered a local racing group, and won many competitions. He then traveled the world winning international championships. Due to him racing instead of doing schoolwork, he is below the average intelligence. He then decided to join Total Drama to win yet another competition and to show that he can use his hyperness to his advantage.

Sunshine's Entry - Crystal, labeled The Jewel Lover, was an only child born to fairly well-off parents. She showed an interest in the finer points of life, jewels and jewelry in particular, from a very young age, when she would stare at her mother’s diamond ring as if mesmerized. Her parents initially passed it off as her simply liking the objects because they were shiny, but this obsession with jewels went on well into the rest of her life. She would often ask her parents for jewels and jewelry of her own, and because they were under the impression denying her requests would make their child believe she wasn’t loved, her parents always gave her what she wanted. They thought she had still grown up well-adjusted in spite of this, as she was always well-behaved when her parents were around, but at her school she was notorious for behaving like a pompous, spoiled little brat. She joined Total Drama in hopes of buying more jewels with the winnings, and perhaps even buying out an entire jewelry store to indulge her obsession.

Higgnkfe's Entry - John, labeled The Constipated Guy

John loves, food, always eating three servings of whatever he could get his hands on. Unfortunately, his favorite food was cheese, and would snack on that all day. Due to eating so much cheese as a child, he now permanently needs to use the John. He doesn't hang out with many friends, and is very obese. He had to go to a doctor to get some medicine to take, and that now helps him out. Now, he only uses the bathroom once every 20 minutes. He decided to go onto Total Drama to meet some new people.

Chat Three

Sprink: Chatting is for here.

Sorrel: being blonde here, I don't get this weeks challenge...

Sprink: I'll put up an example.

Sorrel: ah thanks :D

Higgnkfe: john the toilet guy

Teddy: The challenge is to create a person who's name matches their stereotype...

Chimmy: It technically does, though it's kind of...grotesque... ._.

Higgnkfe: Yeah, it was just the first one that popped into my head. I was gonna go with John or Lou.

Sorrel; yes i know what the challenge is... sprink just gave me an example

Teddy: Can't wait for the results x.x

Sorrie: these entries are so cool!

Sprink: Yay! I put up a good challenge for once. XD

Crag:Did everyone forget about this-again?

Sprink: Not everyone. I will judge later today at some point. People can still submit entries until the judging takes place.

Crag:Sorry if that came off nastily, I meant it as a joke.

Teddy: I'm so scared of what my result will be D:

Higgnkfe: Me too...

Teddy: Is Booker even a name? Oh is since it doesn't have red lines underneath it when I type it :D

Crag:*hugs everyone left*Huggy mood XD

Judging Two

Reddude - Sounds a little like Waterlily, but I liked it. It was well written, and I liked the part about not filling out an application. XD

Jason - No entry.

Dark - There are several typos and a lack of spacing between sentences. Pleas, fix that next time. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Tdi - No entry.

Teddy - The last part of the last sentence was a little off, but I found the bio to be fairly humorous.

Chimmy - Aw. That's so sad. I like it a lot, though. I love the name you chose, too.

Tcf09 - I like the bio, but I'm not sure why Emily relates to dancing... I could have used some explanation.

GM - No entry.

Fanny - I liked this. I thought it was fairly funny and creative. After the fact that basil was born in a kitchen at a five star restaurant, I would have added, 'It immediately went down two stars'. XD Also, I don't love it when specific things like TV shows/channels are stated specifically, I like references better.

Lindsay - I like the name and the bio. The problem lies in the punctuation and spacing. Please, work on that or you may not last another challenge, no matter how good your ideas are.

Sorrel - I like the bio, though a tad hard to relate to/understand. You misspelled 'obsessed' in the label, but your spelling is good, other than that.

Nalyd - I like the bio. The name is funny, too. I think the lack of development, could lead to an interesting story in story, if you know what I mean.

Cragiled dyrium - I liked the name and bio. I like that you didn't go so literal with the name, yet it still felt like it fit. I don't love the way the paragraph ends. A lead in to foreshadowing as to his end in the story isn't very necessary in a competition like this. But I like your effort.

Dakotacoons - I liked the bio. You misspelled 'license', though. I think the bio talks more about hyperactivity than liking cars, though.

Sunshine - Interesting. A bit weird for a character, but I'm sure it would work. I could imagine her liking shiny things, in story. XD There was a 'that' missing mid-paragraph, though. Other than that, no mistakes.

Higgnfke - Um... No typos or mistakes, but... A little crude for my tastes. XD

Elimination - Tdi, Jason, and GM are out for their lack of entries. Sorry, guys. I appreciated it when you submitted stuff...

Challenge Four

Something that is pretty tricky is making a good, unique antagonist. That's what I would like to see this time. The character must have antagonist in their label, but it can be paired with an adjective, or whatever. Please make it believable, and interesting. I want no Alejandro or Heather clones, please. Also, I would like one example of something they would do in the story that would bring out their villainy/antagonism. This is due next Saturday.

Example: Um... I'll only provide an example if people ask for one, so I can avoid taking anyone's idea.

Entries Four

Reddude's Entry - Vivian is labeled the Farming Antagonist of the group.

Vivian is a naturally caring person. She loves animals and farming. She grew up on a farm, and her parents taught her to value hard work. Vivian’s parents wanted her to go onto Total Drama for her to have a break.

On the show, Vivian was surprisingly mean and intimidating to everyone who even brought up that they were going to win. The reasons for her actions were unknown until she became the runner-up, where she apologized to everyone, saying that she really wanted the money because she knew the real reason her parents sent her to Total Drama was so she wouldn’t hear about tax collectors taking the farm away, though she had already known. By the end of the season, she had made amends with everyone she had backstabbed and lied to, and won the award for “The Most Improved Contestant” at the reunion show.

Dark's Entry -

Johnny "The Vile Gaming Antagonist"

Johnny was born as a nice kid, till school. He was bullied on how ugly he looked,how kind he was,or how he wasn't cool.Johnny was devastated, but the teachers were nice to him. He always liked his teachers,and he thought that people his age were cold-hearted. He became a hard-shell to people his age. At Age 10,He become almost obsessed with Video Games, which made him more unpopular, but he shunned them. One of his Teachers recommend a Reality TV show, so he can try to make friends, but he thought of it as a way to torture him, so he became more bitter and mean. He started to make fun of people, laugh at them and still be mean. He then gained bags from staying up to late, and thought of the reality TV Show, he auditioned for it, and joined it.

Teddy's Entry - Pinky, labeled the Pretty Antagonist

Pinky was always evil, but she figured out how to hide it at an early age. She would always cause trouble for her six older brothers, and would always get away with it. For example, once, Pinky was playing Monopoly with her oldest brother. Then, she tricked him into calling his math teacher to ask her on a date when she slipped a fake note into his pocket, getting him into trouble. Pinky's brother accused her for doing it, but she quickly used her pretty and sad-like puppy face to get away with it. Later, she was almost busted when her mom's security camera caught her in the action. Since Pinky knew that only her dad thought she was a good girl, she quickly busted the security camera and replaced it with a fake video of her second oldest brother slipping it into the other brother's pocket. She continued to get her brothers in trouble, then moved on to adults, then to celebrities, making a tenth of the celebrities fired from their career.

On the show, Pinky immediately made a small alliance with two people. In one challenge, she red aloud her fellow competitor's diary out loud, causing every person except her alliance to turn on her. She won immunity in most of the challenges, which explained how she made it to the final five. Then, the next challenge was for the losers, where they all voted Pinky off. She screamed and struggled to get out of her straight jacket when she was put on a prison boat that was on it's way to a Juvenile Detention Center.

Chimmy's Entry - Jila, labeled The Gothic Antagonist

Jila wasn't always evil, and wasn't always a goth. She went along with the flow. If punk rock music had been popular during her childhood, she might have actually turned out to be a sweet, bubbly girl. But unfortunatly, pop was in the now, so she became the opposite: a cruel, evil, gothic girl. Causing terror wherever she goes, Jila blames the trouble she causes on whoever is there, fake-crying her eyes out and claiming to be a witness. Since people think that she is easily distressed, and don't want any more harm to befall her as she already looks morbid and depressed, they always believe her, and the 'perpertrator' of the crime is always punished. Once, however, she was a CIT at a summer camp, and set a cabin on fire. Jila could have easily pulled off her crocodile tears act, if it weren't for the fact that a boy at the camp saw her do it. Obviously, the other CITs blamed Jila since the boy had minor burns on his arm. Jila signed up for community service.

On the show, Jila pulled many tricks, but there is one she is infamous for-kissing Yura's boyfriend Vic, whom she knew was slightly attracted to her, during the couple's first date. This turned nearly every remaining contestant against her, and the act became known as a codename around the competition and the fanbase: "To Kiss on a First Date". Still, Jila managed to make it to the final 4 with manupulation tactics alone, and when she was voted off she swore revenge against everyone on the island, and cussed the host out.

Tcf09's Entry - Kiradella, labeled the Wanted Phycopath

Ever since Kiradella (a.k.a. Kira) was ten she has been wanted by the police in forty-six different places around the world. She is wanted for the use of explosives, lighters, flame blowers, and any other trap that has to deal with fire. Kira sets these traps on random people and records everything that happenes to them on her video camera. She doesn't do this to people because she hates them, but simply to put the videos on her website called "" Where fire is our desire! Kira got the inspiration for this website at the age of eight when she tried to light the fireplace and accidentally set fire to her cat, Patchy. She thought that if the sight of her cat meowing and hissing at the fire on its back was funny, then setting fire to people should be hiliarious. When she turned nine she started putting plans together of how she can set traps for people to get caught in. When Kira turned ten she put her plans into action and recorded them for enjoyment later. At the age of eleven she thought of the idea of a website so she can share these videos with the whole world. Kira decided to call the website "" Where fire is our desire! beacuse her other options were quite... graphic. Now, Kiradella has been doing this website for eight years and wonders when she will stop. Either when she runs out of locations and the police finally catch her, or when Patchy comes back for revenge after what she did to him eight years ago.

On the show, Kiradella caught many people in her traps. Most of them didn't know what hit them, the others avoided her traps since they've seen her website and know what she could do. Kira made it to the final three of the show but had to quit because the next destination was a location in which she was wanted in. She figured that if she stayed in the game she would eventually get caught and get thrown in prison. Kira didn't want to risk getting caught because she didn't want to leave her website just yet. She also didn't want to get attacked by Patchy either but that happened about three months ago when she went to go visit her parents secretly.

Fanny's Entry -

Lindsay's Entry -Taf is labled the Fat Antagonist

Taf was born into a family of overweight parents. In elementary school she was bullied by many of her fellow classmates. Then in middle school during the school president elections she was able to rig the votes and become the school's president.She then began torturing the bullies that bullied her. She was tricked into signing up for a reality show by the bullies that were totured.

On the show, Josh began laughing and mocking Taf. Taf then threw the first challenge and elimanited Josh. She also pulled many pranks and broke many relationships. She surprisingly won many challenges after the merge. She then made it to the finals. She was able to win after convincing the jury members that Tina(the other one in the finals) voted them all off. She manage to get all of the jury members to vote for her. She qualified for the second season but was the first one elimanited.

Sorrel's Entry - Cara, labeled as the Short Antagonist

Cara was a normal child, normal sized, normal weight, normal family and so on. When she reached the age 13, she seemed a little short then everyone, her parents thought this was normal. But at 15, she was shorter then everyone at high school. Everyday she was called "shorty" or "little person", and got very annoying. She was ignored most of the time. She thought joining a reality show, Total Drama, would get people to recognize her.

On the show, people thought, "oh Cara can't hurt a thing", but they thought wrong. She tricked people to quit the show, she manipulated a lot of others. She was known to be "small but deadly".

Nalyd Renrut's Entry - Kim, labeled as The Gossip, is a contestant an the upcoming season of Total Drama. Kim knows everything about everyone, and she knows it. She knows how to get the dirt on somebody, then sling it back into their faces. She understands how to trick people into telling her secrets, and by the end of the day, they won't be secrets anymore.

On the show, she tricked Harold into admitting that he had a crush on Heather by promising to keep it between them, and offering to help him with his situation. She quickly told LeShawna who became jealous and angry. Harold was unanimously voted off by his team. Kim got Heather voted off too, by telling everyone that Heather stole Harold from LeShawna. later in the game, Kim spread a rumor that Owen had hit on her, resulting in Owen being voted off.

Cragiled dyrium's Entry -Ife, labeled the Acting Antagonis't, she is appearing as a contestant is a new Total Drama. Ife would pretend to be stupid but really was backstabbing. She is a small girl, being only 5ft 1in, but she would use this to her advantage by making her seem like a sweet girl to get want she wants....

On the show, Ife would befriend everyone while laying out the order they where going to lose in. In episode 5, she realised Fred was a threat so she made a scene that looked like he had tripped her on purpose causing the rest of his team for hurting the small girl. This lead to Fred being dragged down shouting Ife was evil while no-one believed him. When she got to the final 7, she saw that nice people where being voted off so she revealed her true colours-ironically causing her to be eliminated that same episode. She made it to season two where she won due to bringing Timmy, to the final with her, with Timmy being Owen's brother, she easily won the race.

Dakotacoons's Entry -

Sunshine's Entry - Daisy, labeled The Well-Concealed Antagonist, appears to be a fragile and helpless little girl. She apparently joined the series, in spite of her parents’ protests, because their family is struggling financially and she hoped the prize money could get them out of debt. She appears to have low self-confidence and fears she will hold the team back and be voted out, and is grateful to have so many teammates who are sympathetic to her family’s struggling and are willing to protect her from the dreaded vote. In reality, Daisy is a tough and devious girl more than willing to play her unsuspecting teammates like a violin. She hopes that by acting helpless and making her teammates believe in her tragic back-story (which is a complete lie; her family is actually fairly well-off), they will more or less carry her on their shoulders to the finals.

Daisy’s plan works flawlessly for more than half of the series, her teammates suspecting nothing and feeling pity for the “helpless little girl”. She would come up with innocent-sounding reasons to eliminate someone she disliked or found a threat- for example, claiming a strong, finals-worthy competitor had scared her with a brief outburst of anger, or pretending to worry about a minor injury that had befallen a girl who refused to vote with her, noting that she would be treated more thoroughly if they sent her home. Only one of her teammates- Davis, a boy who had stuck with Daisy since day one- became aware of her true intent, and far too late. He became romantically involved with another girl on the team, and refused to vote her out upon Daisy’s innocent-sounding suggestion of doing so. Realizing that his loyalty was straying, she went to her other followers, faking tears, and claimed he had been cruel to her. He was subsequently eliminated, realizing while on the Boat of Losers that Daisy had been playing them all along.

Higgnkfe's Entry -

Chat Four

Sprink: Wants teh entries. *nod*

Reddy: Hmmm, good challenge. ^^

Teddy: I am the first one to ask for an example XD

Sprink: You really don't understand? :(

Teddy: I'll so lose if everyone post's a story...

Sprink: You need to mention an example of villainy after the bio in the competition.

Teddy: Is mine okay? Pinky does a bad thing in her bio...

Sunshine: Do we have to detail if/when our character got eliminated on the show? Everyone but me seemed to do that, so I just wanted to double check...

Sorrel: mine seems soooooo lame!

Teddy: So worried... X.X And isn't Sprink supposed to judge today?

Sprink: I'm about to. :P I would have earlier, but I decided to give everyone a little time.

Teddy: SO SCARED!!

Judging Four

Reddude - Nice entry. I like that you included the reason for her antagonizing on the show.

Dark - There was more messed up sentence structure. Please, try and work on that... Anyway, some words like 'teacher' and 'reality' were capitalized, where they didn't need to be.

Teddy - Well, I liked your idea. You used the wrong word for 'read'. One problem was that she ended celebrities careers, but not why or how. No mention of any connection to celebrities was mentioned prior, so it didn't make a ton of sense. Otherwise, the bio was fine.

Chimmy - The bio is nice. It just has a couple of misspelled words, 'unfortunately', 'perpetrator', and 'manipulation'.

Tcf09 - Okay, Kira is a psycho. XD I liked the bio, sure. Just a couple of misspelled words, so be sure to proofread.

Fanny - No entry.

Lindsay - Thank you so much for putting in the effort with getting proper sentence structure. It made it more enjoyable to read, and you only ran sentences together once. You misspelled two words, as well, 'eliminated' and 'tortured'.

Sorrel - Interesting bio. I liked it. there were some mistakes I have to point out, though. One was a sentence that should be 'a little shorter than everyone'. Also, 'got very annoying' when it should be 'it got very annoying', I think.

Nalyd - Interesting bio. No mistakes that I could see. She was randomly on a season with Leshawna, Harold, Owen, and Heather. XD

Cragiled dyrium - Your bio was good, I only noticed that 'realized' was spelled wrong. There's also an incomplete sentence, 'In episode 5, she realised Fred was a threat so she made a scene that looked like he had tripped her on purpose causing the rest of his team for hurting the small girl.' Be sure to proofread.

Dakotacoons - No entry.

Sunshine - Your idea is really good. No bad spelling or grammar. I could see this character working very well in a story.

Higgnfke - Nooooo entry. :(

Elimination: The three non-submitters: Dakotacoons, Higgenfke, and Fanny are out. Sorry, guys.

Challenge Five

This time I would like you to write a bio for a character that would be eliminated from the story first. Their bio or label can be anything. I would also like a small hint for how the character would be eliminated in the bio, and then a small paragraph stating how the character would be eliminated. Example (I'll italicize the part in my bio that gives the hint, but you don't have to do the same thing):

"Mike is a character labeled as 'The Arrogant Jock'.

Mike loves sports and himself. He was raised in a competitive family who are always involved in some sort of sport. Mike's father is a football coach, so he pushed for Mike to be a star jock. Mike didn't always love sports, though. When he was younger he preferred drawing, and showed little interest in anything else. His father never said that he was disappointed in Mike, but Mike heard his parents talk about him, and heard how disappointed his father was. Mike decided to put aside his hobby for his father's sake. He enrolled in peewee football, and he actually came to enjoy it. His father was delighted, though he tried to hide that fact. Mike knew that his father was pleased, and that made him glad, as well. Mike has trained and practiced for a long time, and he rarely loses a game. The only time his team lost, is when he was sidelined for injury.

Mike decided to join Total Drama, because he wants an athlete to win, and he wants to make his father proud.

Mike arrived on the show very arrogant. His team quickly began to dislike him, but they felt he was a strong asset to their team. Mike got drafted into an alliance, early on. During the first challenge, Mike told his team that they didn't have to do anything for the challenge, and that they'd just get in his way. Mike dragged his team along by a rope. About five feet from the finish line, Mike pulled a hamstring. He could barely walk, and the other team surpassed him, and won the challenge. Mike was then voted out by his team, being deemed as useless by them. After going to the loser resort, Michael had to stay in bed. Having so much time on his hands, he started drawing, again."

Entries Five

Reddude's Entry -

Leon is labeled the Troubled Guy of the group.

Leon grew up with his father in a small town. His life was just like every other average Joe’s, until one night when he and his father were boating and his father accidentally wrecked with another boat. Leon made it out in critical condition, but his father sadly didn’t make it. Leon was about to be put in an orphanage after he got well, until he signed up from Total Drama and high-tailed it out of there.

Leon arrived the first day staying very quiet. Even the mean teens didn’t bother to even glance at him. When the first challenge was revealed to be a boating challenge, was when his team noticed his refusal to get on the boat. A mean girl, Jenny, forced him onto the boat. But when his team was half-way through the challenge, the other team had won. Leon was eliminated, and he sadly explained why he had refused to go on the boat. A jock, Kenny, told him he was a little too late on that explanation and if he had just said so the team would have understood. Jenny didn’t care, regardless, and shoved Leon on the boat of losers.

Leon sadly went to an orphanage soon after.

Dark's Entry -

Teddy's Entry - Lorraine, labeled the Happy Clueless Girl

Lorraine was always very happy since everyone could everyone. She would always laugh at people's jokes, help them out, even give huge tips to people in restaurants. But the bad thing about her Happy-Go-Lucky personality was that she wasn't cunning. She was usually the target of school pranks since the one pranking her knew that she was too happy to get angry at them, and too clueless to tell on them.

Lorraine decided to join Total Drama, because she wanted to make lots of friends, who she thought were celebrities, but they were also new to TV.

She arrived very excitedly, hugging everyone, giving them high-fives, and when she saw a tough guy, she thought he would be her friend if she pushed him off the dock. Almost everyone disliked her, with an exception of about two or three people. During the first challenge, the teams were to race around the whole island. Lorraine was doing fine, until halfway there. Since her team was ahead, she went to the other team and helped them by showing them a shortcut to the finish line. She heard about this from the host. When she finally caught up with her team, she saw that they were all mad at her for letting the other team get ahead. She still wasn't targeted for elimination. At dinner, before the elimination ceremony, Lorraine stood up on the table and announced that from then on, she would help the other team along as her team. This caused everyone to vote her off. On the loser boat, Lorraine cried heavily. At the loser resort, she completely forgot that she was even on the show, and went back to being happy and clueless.

Chimmy's Entry - Liam, labeled The Sugar Addict

Liam has never been...quite like the others, to say the least. Sure, he's a lot less crazy if he hasn't had any type of caffeine or sugar, but the insanity's still there. Being introduced to candy at a fairly young age, Liam quickly acquired the nickname "The boy who tried to kill me" by many of his fellow preschoolers. The urge to murder ceased after some brief counseling, but Liam's family has never seen any other problem of his, unfortunately. Once Liam comes down from his sugar highs, however, he is completely burnt out, and needs an hour or two to rest, giving his prey that he will likely be chasing a chance to escape. Liam is also adept at baking, but he puts his talent into making more sweets for his sugar highs. Liam joined to have fun.

Once Liam arrived on the island, he immediately dove for Chris's shirt, trying to rip it off. When questioned about it, Liam simply stated that he liked the shirt. When the challenge was revealed to be a jog around the rented area, Liam bolted off even before Chris started the challenge. After going missing for most of the challenge, Liam was found passed out halfway, having come down from his sugar rush. Since Eusine had to carry Liam's extra weight, his team lost the challenge, and Liam was voted out.

Tcf09's Entry - Bianca, labled the Bratty Rich Girl

Bianca grew up in Hollywood with her mother Patisha Pyrus, sister Mace Pyrus, and father Tilly Jay Pyrus. Bianca grew up as a spoiled child because her parents always gave her and her sister everything they wanted. Their parents spoiled them until the point where they always got everything they always got everything they wanted and never worked for anything they got. Patisha and Tilly realized what they had done to their kids and decided to putting them on dangerous reality shows that require them to work hard and try to win the money. Bianca was put onto a crummy reality show called Total Drama Island and Mace was put on Fear Factor.

On the Island Bianca faced many obsticles like, braking her nails, not getting enough any sleep, and of course... lack of hairspray. The only girl Bianca got along with on the island was Michelle. She was the only girl she could relate to, thus making them very close friends. Michelle was always there for Bianca if she always had a problem. If she ran out of nail polish... Michelle was there, if she needed shampoo... Michelle was there, and if she ever needed someone to blame for loosing the challenge... Michelle was there. Until she got eliminated on the 7th challenge for all of the blames that were put on her. Before Michelle left she spilled that all the challenges were lost by Bianca and that she should be eliminated. When everyone heard the news they all vowed to vote off Bianca the next night, and they did. They purposly lost the challenge so Bianca could leave. Everyone was getting sick of her anyway so what Michelle told them just gave them another reason to vote her off. When Bianca left she was so furious, as she got on the boat she threw out a few profound words to everyone while it was leaving the dock. Although Bianca may have seemed angry on the outside she was devistated on the inside, knowing that she let her parents down because of how she acted on the show.

Lindsay's Entry -Angel is labled the sweet thing

Angel grew up in a small town. Her mom was a math teacher and her dad was a preacher. The three of them lived on a farm. She grew up with plenty of love and the meaning of hard work. She grew up with plenty of friends in school. She signed up for Total Drama to make more friends.

On the island, she began making friends with everyone. She became BFFS with Nicole. Angel was placed on the killer bass team along with Nicole. She was one on the three people that didn`t jump off the cliff for her team. This resulted in her team losing. Sareena convinced the killer bass to vote off Angel. Angel was confused when her team voted her off. Sareena told her that she was too nice and had to go. Angel understood and went to Playa Des Losers. At Playa Des Losers she began to write a book. She voted for Nicole to win at the finals.

Sorrel's Entry - Mary Ann is labeled the Shopaholic

Mary Ann grew up to very rich parents, her mom who owned a make-up company, and her dad who is the richest lawyer. Her parents spoiled her, getting whatever she wanted. When Mary Ann tagged along to her mom's shopping trip, she wanted clothes and toys and of course, she got all the things she wanted. Since age nine, she got her own credit card, and used it all the time. At age thirteen, she walked in the house everyday with shopping bags. She stopped going to school and spends eight hours at the mall, lying to her parents that she was at school. She was quickly draining money from her parents, and at fourteen, they moved to a smaller house and took away her credit card. Mary Ann stole money from her parents wallets. Her parents grew tired of it, and signed her up for Total Drama, without her knowing. They told her that she was going to a huge shopping spree, and quickly left.

Once Mary Ann arrived, she looked around confused and asked "Where's the mall?". The other campers snickered at her. She refused to do anything when Chris told her there was no shopping malls. Her teamates thought she was useless and voted her off. At Playa de Losers, she looked everywhere for a shopping mall. She is attending rehab and is seeing a thearpist.

Nalyd Renrut's Entry - Jeremiah, labeled as The Techno Geek, is a contesant on the upcoming season of Total Drama.

Jeremiah lives with his mother, father, and his three sisters. He quickly decided he'd rather play online games like "World of Witchcraft" and "Monkey Pops Balloons 3: Revenge of the Balloons" than play with Barbie and Ken in their Malibu dreamhouse. Jeremiah's fascination with online gaming made him because interested in the technical designs of computers, and hopes to join the Nerd Patrol, a group of computer store employees who fix people's computers. Jeremiah sees himself as an underdog due to his lack of physical strength or social skills, and hopes to win Total Drama for the underdogs.

Jeremiah arrived to the island playing with his MP3 player. He walked down the dock, not noticing Chris or the other contestants, and ended up walking right across the dock into the water. His MP3 was lost in the water, infuriating him. He didn't pay attention to his team, and was instead focused on finding his MP3 player. He missed the first challenge because of his search, but his team was able to win without him. His team warned him that if he didn't participate in the next challenge they lost, he'd be voted out. He ended up costing his team the second challenge, a talent show, because his talent was writing words on a calcultor. His whole team voted him off.

Cragiled dyrium's Entry -Jenny is labeled The Attention Seeker.

Jenny grew up being the centre of attention due to a mix of her parents being rich and her having good looks. She was always invited to things where everyone would pay attention to her. With the attention she got as a child she expected the same through her life, although when she was 13 she burnt her face- ruining her good looks and then a year later her parents lost most of their money so she was ugly and poor. Nobody payed any attention to her anymore despite her best efforts.

Jenny joined Total Drama because she wanted to have the same attention as when she was a child.

When Jenny got to the island she would try to get everyone's attention, which she failed. The first challenge was a 5-round game of dodgeball. In the final match when it was two each she was forced to sit out but she was screaming at the dodgeball players- distacting her own team which caused them to lose. Her team voted her off for causing them to lose.

Sunshine's Entry - Ron, labeled The Inadvertent Heartbreaker, is generally an all-around nice guy. He’s friendly but not overbearing, smart but not nerdy, good at sports but not a jock, decently good-looking but not narcissistic, et cetera. He never thought much about it, as his brains and athleticism were just something he was born with, his amity simply the way his family taught him to treat people, and he was never really concerned with whether or not he was attractive. This lead to him being relatively well-liked and having many friends throughout his life, but as he entered his teenage years, it also resulted in a situation he hadn’t expected. Impressed by his balanced personality and flattered by how kindly he treated them, Ron gained an unprecedented following of female admirers, all of whom believed he was the closest thing they would get to the perfect man. For a while he didn’t realize they thought of him romantically, believing they were simply good friends, but then girls started confessing their love and asking him out left and right. Ron feels he’s not quite ready to be in a relationship, so he constantly has to turn them down, feeling bad about it each time. Some of the girls he’s turned down have become bitter towards him and spread rumors that he’s just toying with them, much to his dismay. He joined Total Drama for a chance to make some new friends without said rumors getting in the way, and so he could use the prize money to save for college.

Ron quickly became amiable with his fellow competitors upon arrival, but unbeknownst to him, his unintentional charms quickly began to wreak havoc on the show’s females. He inadvertently made things worse by being friendly to the girls, making each one believe that he might like them. Throughout the first day, the girls flirted with him (he didn’t understand that it was romantic, and interpreted it as them being friendly) and tried to impress him (he thought they were just putting effort into the challenge). Things took a turn for the worse, however, when some of the bolder girls tried to ask him out, only for him to turn them down. Later on, two girls began arguing about which one Ron would like and got into a physical fight, which he witnessed and attempted to break up. When the two girls subsequently asked him to settle the argument by telling them who he liked more, he blurted out that he didn’t like any of the girls on the show. Heartbroken, the girls on his team voted him off that night, as did a couple of the boys who thought his outburst was out of line. Ron was subsequently the first one voted off, admitting that it wasn’t a good idea to sign up for the show and wondering how he could stop breaking hearts without compromising his views or personality, with no ideas.

Chat Five

Sprink: Challenge five, uh huh.

Teddy: Final 10!? Yay!! Although my stories get worse every's awesome to be here! Sorry that mine's too long, I don't want to be eliminated.

Reddy: Hope mine pleases. >:D

Higgnkfe: So dissapointed that I'm out, stupid! *facepalms*

Sorrel: oooh challenges get better and better!

Teddy: Who likes the elimination table? :D

Judging Five

Reddude - That's so sad. TT_TT I like it. XD

Dark - No entry...

Teddy - One line is off: 'everyone could everyone'. XD Other than that, I liked the bio. I'm also glad that she forgot about being on the show. XD That was funny.

Chimmy - XD Okay, I love this bio. It's too funny. He would definitely be an interesting character to read about.

Tcf09 - One error: 'where they always got everything they always got everything they wanted'. 'Obstacles' and 'devastated' were spelled wrong. The bio is fine, but you must have misread the rules. The character was supposed to be the first person eliminates, not the eighth.

Lindsay - The bio was okay. 'Labeled' and some other word were misspelled. I forgot what it was. XD I liked the bio, though.

Sorrel - Okay, I found that to be really funny. XDDDD Anyway, you did good. 'Teammates' and 'therapist' were misspelled, though.

Nalyd - Well, this bio was funny! I like it a lot. Their were four misspelled words, though. And he was second voted off (I'm guessing) and not first, like the challenge required. Good effort, though.

Cragiled dyrium - 'Center' was misspelled. Anyway, the bio was pretty good, though.

Sunshine - Aw. This was sad. XD It was really good, though, and well thought out. But... *cries into hands* you inappropriately used 'lead' instead of 'led'... I don't know if I can go on. XD

Elimination: Well... You all might have noticed a pattern. No entry means elimination. Dark, sorry. You're out. Thanks for competing, though!

Challenge Six

The challenge for the week is to create... a brand new host for the Total Drama series! Explanation of why Chris is gone, and the new host's personality and background would be appreciated. The challenge is due next Saturday, and hopefully it's self-explanatory, so no example (I'm really just tired, and don't want to do an example right now XD).

Entries Six

Reddude's Entry -

Keith is labeled the Perfect Host of the show.

Keith is arrogant, shady, and all-around devious. A perfect host for a reality show! Keith has never really liked his family, so he lives on set in Hollywood, with his agent being his “guardian”. Keith is just too arrogant to want to need help, so he never asks for it.

One day, Keith was called up to be Chris McLean, a Canadian television host’s, opponent in his hosting test. After many trials of Keith versus Chris, something happened to Chris that had never happened before… He lost! Keith shamed Chris upon Keith winning, and got to sign a contract to be Total Drama’s new host. Keith wants to bring drama to the show that Chris would never have been able to.

Teddy's Entry - Mimi, labeled the Lazy Host

Mimi is always lazy, which is pretty much the best thing to say about her. She's been watching Total Drama World Tour for a while, and she even saw the funniest thing on earth: Chris was sued by Courtney's family. He lost all his money, so he called Mimi, whom he knew from high school (They were lovebirds, or at least to Chris's point of view) Mimi accepted, and arrived to host Total Drama Reloaded.

During the show, Mimi didn't really give much thought to what the challenges were, so the contestants mostly competed in lemonade selling challenges. Other than that, Mimi always overslept, causing all the contestants to quit the show, and Total Drama losing it's business. Mimi thinks this is all Chris's fault, but was proven wrong when the Total Drama company took money from Mimi and used it to turn their company into a Happy Kids Toy company.

Chimmy's Entry - Nolan, labeled The Unwilling Host

Nolan never wanted this job...see, he has no experience with hosting anything at all. After the last episode of Total Drama World Tour, Chris nearly drowned thanks to Ezekiel crashing into his boat. Nolan was generous enough to pay the medical bills for all of the contestants and Chris, since Nolan's parents are quite rich. In thanks for saving him from about 24 lawsuits, Chris gave Nolan the honor of hosting, the former planning to kick back and relax in Vegas. Nolan didn't want to host, but couldn't turn down the offer.

During the show, Nolan didn't seem to give much a thought to challenges. He basically reintroduced the challenges from the first or second season, but with something usually removed or added: for example, he made the contestants prepare meals, but didn't give them any ingredients-they had to find the materials themselves. After the show ended, Nolan was nominated for Best Handling Of 22 Psychotic Teenagers on National TV at the Gemmies.

Tcf09's Entry -Tom is labled the Overly Happy Host mostly because he is always happy. When someone puts him down he doesn't let it affect his perfect day, he pretty much smiles through everything, the good and the bad times. Toms Family often times asked why he smiled so much but he always gave the same answer "It takes more work to frown than to smile."

Tom became the host of Total Drama after the third season was over. He got this job after Chris nearly killed the contestants in the final episode of Total Drama World Tour. When the contestants' parents saw what happened to their children in Hawaii they sued like crazy, especially Courtneys mom. Right when Chris was about to pay the parents for what he was sued for in court, his agent Tom burst through the doors and told him the money he was using didn't belong to him but to the the Total Drama Company, thus making Chris not broke but worse, in debt. Soon after Chris found out this tragic news he was put in jail, only able to get out to work his community service hours. While Chris was busy mourning in jail the Total Drama Company was busy looking for a new host. Since they couldn't find an expierenced host as bad as Chris anywhere they decided to hire Tom, Chris's agent. They gave him the job because he was the only person left who was close to Chris and actually knew how to do his job. The other person was Chef but after the TDWT finale he gave up on the show and decided to persue his dream by finally creating his "Road Kill Cafe."

Lindsay's Entry -

Blain is labeled the evil hostess

Blain is Chris's younger sister. They both shared the passion of hosting reality shows. They both decided to sign up to host Total Drama Island. When Chris was decided the host Blain was enraged. She spent the whole season of plotting her revenge. Before the start of Total Drama Action she hired a bunch of men to dispose of Chris. When Chris was "Gone" Blain became the hostess.

During the show, Blain was revealed to be more torturous than her brother. She made the contestants wake up early in the morning and only served them one meal day. She made them do harder challenges. Blain decided she wanted to be the producer of the show and fed a family of wolly beavers the producers. Blain seemed to be unstoppable until the merge. She was found by the RCMP and was taken to jail. She spent many, many years in a jail cell.

Sorrel's Entry -

Nalyd Renrut's Entry - Ralph Hoste, labeled as The Forgetful Host, is the host of the upcoming Total Drama season.

Ralph has been a fan of reality shows his whole life. He was a fan of shows such as Fat People Lose Weight and Cry, Heaven's Dining Room, Antarctican Idol, and Project Model. Originally, he wanted to compete in reality shows, but his short attention span caused him to lose the audition forms, or forget to fill them out. He became the host of Total Drama when he accidentally auditioned to be host, instead of a contestant like he hoped. He replaced Chris after Chris got Total Drama sued when he made the challenges too dangerous, and Chris was fired. Ralph was chosen because he was "just stupid enough to work."

During the show, Ralph made many mistakes. He accidentally put all of the contestants, except for one, onto one team, making the teams twenty-one against one. He also gave them the wrong challenges. On two separate occasions, he eliminated the wrong contestant because he misplaced the votes. Ralph forgot to have a challenge for an entire week, putting the show behind. This reulted in the finale being a final seven instead of a final two. Ralph accidentally spent the show's million dollar prize on light-up shoes. Unsurprisingly, Ralph was fired.

Cragiled dyrium's Entry -Jimmy Cookoo, labeled the Crazy Host. Jimmy would be constantly babysitted due to his mental condition, his brother, Timmy was very unsupportive although he was normally the one who was stuck with him.

After the finale of TDWT, the producers recieved lawsuits from most of the contestants, who settled for Chris getting fired. Though this left the producers needing a new host, so they put out auditions and a handful were picked to return. One such applicant, Timmy, was forced to bring his brother with him. He left Jimmy out with a Barbie doll etc. While Timmy was donig his interview, one producer who was bored looked out the window and saw Jimmy tearing the Barbie apart and demanded for him to come up. Timmy brought his brother up and the produces gave him the job after thinking he torture the contestants more than Chris. Timmy convinced the producers to hire him to help his brother if he does something wrong.

On the show, Jimmy would often not concentrate and would lose focous. Although the producers let him set the challenges which he made very dangerous but the contestants couldn't sue because of their contract. His sidekick, Timmy, would often see over the challenges while his brother was "busy." After two seasons of him hosting, the producers fired him after, they themselves worried about the contestants safety. He was sent to a mental home where he lived from then on...

Sunshine's Entry - Alexander Koneko and Alexandra Koneko, labeled the Twin Hosts, were nearly identical from birth, except for Alexander being a boy and Alexandra being a girl. They lived in a neighborhood with no other children their age, and their parents were always working, so the twins developed an extremely close bond bordering on supernatural. They are often mistaken for one another, as they wear nearly identical clothing and haircuts, and are almost never seen apart. The two always have the same cold, blank expression, and appear to be able to read each other’s minds, constantly finishing each other’s sentences when they speak. Because of this almost terrifying closeness, the twins have gotten the attention of talent agents, and actually played starring roles in a made-for TV horror flick recently.

After Total Drama World Tour, Chris McLean was met with numerous lawsuits from the families of several contestants, citing unsafe conditions and a complete disregard for the teens’ welfare (the incident where the plane crushed Owen and Izzy was brought up prominently, as were the many incidents where eliminated contestants were dropped out the plane without parachutes). Panicking about the budget, ratings, and the possibility of further lawsuits, the producers subsequently fired Chris. They discovered the twins in their recent TV movie role, which had become a cult hit, and they decided to hire the up-and-coming stars to host. Alexander and Alexandra (occasionally referred to as “Alex” and “Ally”) often terrified contestants and viewers alike with their never-changing expressions and ability to finish each other’s sentences without fail, but still managed to endear themselves to their audiences, and some of the braver contestants. Furthermore, they were able to keep their challenges both safe enough not to cause worry, yet difficult enough to give the competitors trouble. After the very successful run of the show, the twins received several offers for film and television roles, and are currently off starting what looks to be a promising career in the role of horror movies.

Chat Six

Sprink: Yay! It's Chat six!

Reddy: Yes! >:D

Teddy: I hope I win this season, if there's another XD

Sunshine: Can I do twin hosts?

Cragiled:I forgot about this :P

Sprink: Judging might be up today. Sorry, I had a busy day, yesterday.

Judging Six

I apologize to everyone, you won't get individual reviews this tiem, but I'll try to do full reviews next time. Everyone who submitted an entry did great. Cragile, your entry was a tad weird, though. Everyone made minor mistakes (except Sunshine. I didn't notice any problems). I think I liked Nalyd, Sunny, and Chimmy's best this time. Good work. One person didn't submit an entry, so...

Elimination: Sorrel is out for the lack of an entry. Sorry! You seem to have gone missing. Thanks for playing, though.

Challenge Seven

For this challenge, I would like you to create a character that would appear on a season with the series original characters (or some of them). Write a name, label, and short bio for them, then write about how they interacted with some of the other contestants (and Chef or Chris if you would like), and how they placed in the competition. You can do any kind of character, but I suggest something that would explain why only they would be competing with the original characters, and also something that would work with their personalities.

Entries Seven

Reddude's Entry -

Nic is labeled The Triumphant One of the group.

Nic has always been triumphant. He’s won all seven reality shows he’s competed in, each consisting of twenty or more contestants. Nic has a gigantic ego, which no one seems to be able to burst. And worst of it all? Nic knows exactly what strings to play when he’s in the process of eliminating yet another contestant. Everyone knows him. Everyone fears him. Everyone trusts him. Nic joined Total Drama to win another show.

Nic was placed on ‘Total Drama: Island of Action, Plus Touring the World’. Nic questioned the title, but just shrugged. He was placed on the ‘Killer Anvils’ with past contestants Tyler, Alejandro, Izzy, Lindsay, and Courtney. The opposing team was the ‘Screaming Vikings’, consisting of past contestants Gwen, Sierra, Blaineley, Cody, Owen, and Ezekiel. His team was able to dominate the whole game until but one Screaming Viking, Ezekiel, was left. Chris, being the jerk he is, didn’t allow the merge. Nic had stayed quiet up until that point, and gained Ezekiel trust. He helped Ezekiel win the sixth challenge, where Nic used his early alliance of Alejandro and Izzy to eliminate Courtney. He was able to dominate the game to the finals, where he had kept his promise to Ezekiel to take him to the finals, and was facing Ezekiel. He was BEAT by Ezekiel, for everyone having seen his ways. Nic was shocked. His ego was burst, and the contestants all ran him down…

Teddy's Entry -

Chimmy's Entry - Magena, labeled "The Native American"

Magena has been raised in traditional Indian methods, and has been seperated from technology for most of her life. She weaves baskets, has learned to cook at a younger age than many people, and is overall a very independant woman. She recently, however, has discovered the modern world, and is rather fascinated by it. She has dyed a small portion of her hair purple, but covers it with her headdress. Magena also has watched a bit of TV, and saw Total Drama Island. Slightly scared, she called the producers and questioned the safety of the show. To show her for herself, Chris signed her up.

On the show, Magena was unfamiliar with a lot of challenges relating to pop culture, but overall fared well. She became close friends with Bridgette and Gwen, with the former because of their love of nature, and with the latter due to Magena's underlying feelings for Trent. Gwen, having past experience with him, advised Magena what to do to win his heart. Magena eventually revealed her purple streak to him, something they both greatly admired doing. Magena was eliminated in the Trivia challenge for barely knowing anything. She finally decided to reveal her feelings for Trent, and gave him a necklace of her astrological sign as a parting gift.

Tcf09's Entry -

Lindsay's Entry -

Jose is labeled the Mexican.

Jose was born in Mexico City. Jose was the youngest of 5 children. He lived in a bad neighborhood and there would be fights outside his home everynight. When Jose was 10 his mother died in a car accident. Several nights later Jose found out that his mother`s death was because of a local gang. He also found out that his older brother was the one who was responsible. When Jose returned from school one day he found out that his dad was filing for bankruptcy. Jose then decided to sign up for Total Drama Island.


Jose was the fifth to arrive on the island. He quickly befriended Bridgette and Dj. He was placed on the Killer Bass with both of his friends. Jose didn't want to jump off the cliff but decided to anyway. He then convinced Dj to jump. His team won. He asked Dj and Bridgette for an allaince. They both agreed. The allaince managed to stay hidden until the merge. Heather suspected another allaince in the game. Heather was able to elimanite both of Jose's allies. Jose felt alone. He was able to hook up Trent and Gwen in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon. After the challenge the two formed an allaince with Jose. That night Heather was elimanited. This allaince made it to the final 3. Jose won the daring challenge and gwen was elimanited. In the final episode most of the contestants sat on Jose's side. Heather gave Jose a cupcak, but Jose refused to eat it. Jose won the final challenge. Jose decided to go back home to his family. Jose's family moved to Canda. He was surprised to find his neighbor was Bridgette. She asked him if he would like to be the other host for the aftermath. Jose agreed.

Nalyd Renrut's Entry - Gerald, labeled as The Unpaid Intern, is a contestant on the upcoming season of Total Drama.

Gerald has always lived a life in the background. He's not popular at school, the teachers rarely notice when he's in or not in class, and he's the bench-warmer for the school wrestling team. His hobbies include stamp collecting and walking short distances, but his true passion is working in film. He's not good at acting, writing, or really much of anything, but he's quite skilled at standing and holding a camera. These abilities landed him a spot as an intern for Total Drama Llamas, the sixth season of the show, featuring llama based challenges. When Chris wanted to bring back 18 old contestants for season seven, only 11 agreed to return. Gerald was cast on the show because Chris decided he'd be an early out.

Gerald returned to the show, and explained to everyone how he worked on the show. Chris mocked Gerald when nobody cared about his former job. He was put on the Killer Kangaroos with Sadie, Eva, Katie, Tyler and Justin. The other team was the Screaming Screamers, made up of Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, and Noah. Chris explained that the theme of the season was doing challenges based on high school. Gerald was excited for the first challenge, texting. Chris forgot to let Gerald go for the challenge, and the Killer Kangaroos lost. Geral tried to form an alliance with Katie and Sadie, but they were too busy squealing over Justin to notice him. Gerald tried to talk Eva and Tyler into an alliance as well, but they also ignored him. The team ended up voting Tyler off, but Chris didn't have enough marshmallows to hand out to everyone, so Gerald and Tyler were both eliminated. The other contestants, even from the other team, cried when they saw Tyler leave and all hugged him goodbye, while nobody noticed Gerald leave.

Cragiled dyrium's Entry -"Peeker" is labeled the Pervert. Timothy Grandjy Juny II was often insulted for his name until one day he asked his class to thikn of a nickname for him. He would always put cameras in the girls' changing rooms and would often use a pair of binoculars to see into girl's rooms and would spy on them all night. When he asked for a nickname the girls all suggested a very insulting name, but one who he enjoyed spying on the most, suggested "Peeker" Which he chose to try and gain her affection. He would not reply to his oringinal name and his teachers eventually caved in and started to call him "Peeker".

"Peeker" appeared on season 17 of Total Drama called Total Drama No Name. "Peeker" was placed on Team Unimaginative with Duncan, Lindsay, Bridgette, Owen, Heather and Noah. And they were against Team Boring which contained Gwen, Courtney, Tyler, Eva, Geoff, Trent, Beth and Eva. He would try to make out with all the girls but was constantly rejected, although he grew fond of Lindsay in particular. He hacked the voted several times eliminating others when he should have been eliminated. One day he went to see Lindsay in the showers, but when she saw someone he ran off. She decided to tell Chris but he couldn't decide who did it. At the merge, "Peeker" won many challenges much to everyone's dismay. When it was it the final 6, Chris finally figured out it was "Peeker" who was spying on Lindsay in the showers and personally eliminated him. At the finale he supported for Lindsay and was saddened when Noah won, although Lindsay kissed his cheek and forgave him. But this just added to his longing for her and he moved near her and stalked her...

Sunshine's Entry - Mikey, labeled Owen’s Little Brother, is nothing like his famous older brother, or the rest of his family for that matter. He is the only skinny person in his family, due to his extremely high metabolism, and is rather serious compared to his brother. He is shy around other people, especially ones he doesn’t know very well, and does his best to avoid the spotlight. Obviously, this became extremely difficult for him after his brother appeared on the Total Drama series, and he constantly has to go out of his way to avoid crazed fans desperate for gossip about Owen. Mikey never intended to join the Total Drama series, but he unintentionally caught the producers’ interest when his big brother made his audition for TDI, wandering into the room and appearing in the video. Intrigued by him and other siblings of the original contestants, a season was created where Total Drama contestants would compete against their siblings, much to the camera-shy Mikey’s dismay.

Mikey was hesitant to interact with his fellow competitors at first, and probably wouldn’t have so much as introduced himself had Owen not forced him. After a while he bonded with Gwen’s younger brother, who emphasized with Mikey’s frustration at having a famous sibling. The two became fairly good friends, and Mikey was among the first included when Gwen’s brother started a “little brothers' alliance” on the sibling team, which lead to them getting through several challenges and eliminations. Close to the merge, however, Mikey was voted off since he had not made ties with anyone but Gwen’s brother. While he was disappointed he had lost, Mikey found that he left the game with new social skills and confidence, and had majorly overcome his shyness by the time he returned home at the contest’s conclusion.

Chat Seven

Sprink: Challenge seven. 8D

Higgnkfe: Do youi think we could have a return?

Sprink: Nah, sorry. Judging will be tomorrow, or later tonight, all.

Judging 7

Major apologies. Judging will be up later, but the elimination is decided.

Red - Everything was spelled right and the grammar was good. I just don't like that Ezekiel won, but that's just me. :P I think you tied him into the story well, too.

Chimmy - I like the bio and the reason for inclusion. The showing of the purple streak to Trent was a little weird. XD

Lindsay - Well, I'm not so sure about this. It appears that he started in the original season of Total Drama Island, but he's from Mexico and not Canada like everyone else, so it doesn't seem to fit. Also, you misspelled Cupcake and Canada.

Nalyd - This was decent. XD Nah, I really liked it. You misspelled Gerald once, though. XD I want to see Total Drama Llamas, though...

Cragile - o_O That was really weird, I ain't gonna lie. XD You misspelled 'think' at one point. The whole concept was fairly disturbing, though. Also, he was randomly placed among the other contestants without explanation.

Sunshine - I liked this one a lot, and the concept of the season. Would be an interesting idea, honestly. You misspelled led as 'lead', again.

Elimination: TCF09 and Teddy are out. Sorry, both of you. You were doing good, but no entry = elimination. Thanks so much for your entries.

Challenge 8

This week will be for you to make an accident prone character. In the bio, I want to see examples of clumsiness. This may seem like a straightforward challenge, but it will make it even easier to compare what you guys wrote. Try to think of some funny, non-gory, original ideas.

Entries 8

Reddude's Entry -Dan is labeled the Accident-Prone One of the group.
All his life, Dan has been the center of many mysterious mishaps. One time in kindergarten, while he was running to the playground, he ran into a huge spider web and became incased in webs within minutes of trying to escape. No other major mishaps happened until high school, where Dan's skin turned green due to an explosion in Chemistry class while the teacher was out of the room. Those are the only two major mishaps, but Dan has also been chased by bees, trapped in a trailer when he had to "go", and ran over by a protest mob to keep Subway sandwhiches in his town! Dan joined Total Drama to escape all this, but it didn't help much, as he got a paper cut from the application and tripped on the boat to the island twice...

Chimmy's Entry - Joshua, labeled The Accident Prone Bully

Ever since the death of his father, Joshua has never been a nice kid. He broke other children's cookies in half in preschool, kicked people down the slide throughout elementary school, and his behavior only worsened with age. However, he has one fault - he's extremely clumsy. A day doesn't go by without him knocking something down or tripping over something at the very least. Because of this, he has begun to get a bit of a taste of his own medicine, but goes on bullying. One day, a particularly embarrassing incident occurred: Joshua had given a kid a wedgie and was proceeding to hang him on the flagpole, but tripped over a basketball and somersaulted into a goal post. No one has let him live the incident down, and Joshua joined Total Drama solely because of this.

Lindsay's Entry - Milly is labled the Accident Prone Flirt

Milly had always been a clutz. She also had a habit of flirting with boys. Everytime she does she ends up hurting someone.(or killing) One time she flirted with a guy from school, but instead she pushed him out of a three story building. In art class while flirting with another guy she gave him an unexpected makeover with permanent markers. Her town had enough of her. They sent her on Total Drama without her knowledge. On her boat to Camp Wawanakwa she flirted with the driver. She then tripped and knocked the driver out of the boat. He then got eaten by sharks. She then tried to swim to camp but there have been no sign of her since

Nalyd Renrut's Entry - Randall, labeled as The Accident-Prone Nature Lover, is a contestant on the upcoming season of Total Drama.

Randall loves the outdoors. He's a fan of all plants and animals, and camping is one of his favorite activities. Unfortunately for him, he's a danger to himself and those around him. Nobody's entirely sure how, but he once set the school greenhouse on fire with a bag of Miraculous Grow and a trowel. He went camping with his friends once, and ended up leading everyone off a cliff. Randall's accidents have resulted in numerous lawsuits, and his parents don't let him leave the house anymore. Randall joined Total Drama so he could be near nature again.

Cragiled dyrium's Entry -

Jimmy is labeled the Accident-Prone Sugar Addict

Jimmy was always very hyper, but her was also extremely clumsy. Once, when he was buying some candy from a vending machine, he tripped and he got a lot free. One time in school, after lunch when he had chemistry he tried balancing a test tube on his nose and ended up dropping it, and it contained a deadly acid onto the ground which burned through his schoolbag. Jimmy saw a commercial for Total Drama and was literally bouncing off the walls, hitting his head several times. He was accepted and brought with him candy, for the trip there... And while staying there... And for the trip back..

Sunshine's Entry - Angie, labeled the Accident-Prone Optimist, seems to have been born unlucky, but hasn't let that stop her from facing life with a positive attitude. When taking her first steps, Angie tripped over a toy and landed face-first on the ground, only to laugh it off and try again with the same results. On what was supposed to be her first day of kindergarten, she stepped out of her mother's car and accidentally closed the car door on her fingers, but still optimistically claimed that it would at least insure she remembered the day. When trying out for Little League baseball, she unintentionally threw the baseball at the coach's face rather than the backstop, but shrugged it off when she was cut from the team, claiming it would allow her to focus on her piano lessons (where she was notorious for accidentally playing the wrong notes). On her first date, she stumbled and accidentally spilled her drink on the boy, and simply reasoned that the relationship wasn't meant to be when he subsequently broke up with her. Even though Angie doesn't let her mishaps get her down, her friends and family are getting worried about her, and fear something serious will happen to her one day. She joined Total Drama in the hopes that it would be a good experience, but not before her parents extensively updated their insurance.

Chat 8

Sprink: Okay, sorry about the delay, everyone. I was busy this weekend.

Nalyd: Final six, yo! This season's winner is in da house! :D

Crag:I decided to do a review for you Sprink, seeing as we are at the final 6...

Sprink, you judging has been very good as have your eliminations, but you spell things wrong, including a particularly good new user, Cragiled which you have spelt as Cragile. I've no join but to eliminate you.. So sorry, maybe next time. What do you think :P

Nalyd: Whoa, Sunshine, I was scared you were getting eliminated. D:

Sunshine: Me too. >.<; *waits for reviews, hint hint Sprink... XD*

Nalyd: Yo, don't worry about it, S-Dawg. Ain't no need to worry. The Sprinkster'll do 'em soon, yo. *is in it to win it, yo*

Judging 8

Reddude - You misspelled 'encase' and 'sandwiches' (daydreams about being encased in sandwiches)... Anyway, this had more focus on the incidents as opposed to personality. I liked the incidents, though. XD And yay! You put the character name in the same line as your entry thingy. XD That almost got you eliminated before, as I accidentally thought you didn't put in an entry.

Chimmy - Awesome... I loved this idea. Lots of personality, and you gave the character an interesting twist. Nicely done!

Lindsay - 'Labeled', 'klutz', and 'every time' is spelled wrong. Also a missing period at the end. The bio is a combination of funny and o_O... She killed people. O_o I think that's slightly too dark. Sorry.

Nalyd - I really love this idea! Nicely done. He's a plant murderer. XD

Cragiled :P - A lot of grammar mistakes, but you did well with spelling. I really like your idea, but some parts are difficult to make sense of.

Sunshine - Really nice! I love this! Great job, Sunshine. You didn't misapply 'lead' this time. XD This would definitely be a great character read about. The fingers in the door was a little cringe worthy. XD

Elimination - I'm not positive who to eliminate. XD I guess I have to make the decision. I'm going to eliminate Lindsay.. Sorry! I saw your writing really grow in this contest, so that's awesome. Thanks for competing.

Challenge 9

For this challenge I would like you to write a biography for an actual Total Drama character. Um... Because that would be lame on its own, I want you to have them be competing in a new season. The bio must have the character having a change of heart, detailing a life changing event or epiphany that the character had after their latest season of Total Drama. I want them to sound like an all-new character. This is due next Sunday.

Entries 9

Reddude's Entry - Courtney, labeled the Laid Back Girl used to be a well-organized young woman until the end of Total Drama World Tour.

After TDWT ended, Courtney met Jordan, the dreamiest hunk any girl could ever find. Jordan taught Courtney that not everything had to abide by the rules, and she began to loosen, letting her inner-sweetness blossom. Courtney is an international surfer now, and is known around the world. She is engaged to Jordan, and Duncan even once asked Courtney to take him back, but she declined…er…told him to move on, “bro”. Courtney likes to party too, and occasionally gets arrested for breaking laws, but Jordan is right there by her side…

Chimmy's Entry - Alejandro, labeled The Shy Guy, is a contestant in the upcoming season of Total Drama.

When Total Drama World Tour ended, Alejandro had to spend 5 months in the Drama Machine in order for his wounds to heal. Though his body returned to it's usual perfection, his heart never quite healed. After experiencing true love and having dreams shattered, Alejandro now knew what he put people through. Not knowing what to do anymore, Alejandro became shy and reclusive. Girls are still attracted to him, of course, but he tries his best to avoid them. The producers wanted him back for another season, but Alejandro declined, not wanting to experience de ja vu. However, with a little competitive edge inside his heart, Alejandro finally gave in and signed up for another season.

Nalyd Renrut's Entry - Geoff, labeled as The Up-Tight Dude, is a contestant in the upcoming season of Total Drama.

After Total Drama World Tour ended, Geoff went back to school and realized his grades were in the toilet. Geoff had to stop throwing parties every night and do some serious studying. Geoff recruited the help of Harold and Noah, but the two quit when Geoff's grades got even worse. Geoff got Bridgette to help him get smarter, and realized she knew how to explain things to him. Soon, Geoff didn't need Bridgette's help, and studied on his own. Geoff's need for knowledge resulted in a schedule that controlled every minute of his life. He became less fun-loving, and more serious. He hasn't said the word "dude" or "party" in six months. He cut dating out of his study schedule, and he and Bridgette broke up. Geoff was chosen to return to Total Drama in hopes of having a fun, crazy guy to keep everything interested, but the producers were seriously disapointed when they discovered Geoff was a suit wearing, hair combing, proper English speaking stick in the mud.

Cragiled dyrium's Entry -Noah is labeled The Funny Loving Party Guy, is a contestnat is a new season of Total Drama.

After Total Drama World Tour, Noah was loved by his school when they saw him on television. He was invited to lots of parties and was originally unwilling to attend, but he kept recieving them. Once, someone who he'd liked for years invited him one, he decided to see what was so good. While there, the host of the party made out with Noah and this brought out a new side him. Noah would attend many parties and went through many girlfriends, decreasing his vocabulary at each eventually using a speech pattern similar to Geoff's speech. His grades would fail but he took little notice of it, often going out every night and skipping school if he was still tired from the night before.

Noah was invited back as the producers wanted his one-liners, but were sadly disappointed with his change in personality, a fun-loving stupid party boy.

Sunshine's Entry - Owen, labeled the Advocate for a Healthy Lifestyle, was originally a carefree soul who believed in eating anything and everything, so long as it was delicious. He paid little attention to nutritional facts, ingredients, and wasn’t exactly using exercise to work off his massive daily calorie intake. Then, sometime after returning from TDWT, Owen got two firsthand looks into just what his eating habits could do to him: his similarly obese older brother was diagnosed with diabetes, and his grandfather suffered a minor heart attack due to high cholesterol. Realizing that he could very well be in their place, Owen spent long hours at the computer researching obesity, healthy eating, and exercise. After doing this research, he made a presentation to his family on his findings, and suggested that all of them help his older brother and grandfather change their ways by doing the same. The family agreed with him, and spent the rest of the summer eating healthy and exercising together, though none were more determined than Owen. He became a member of the local gym and visited every day, went vegan for three months, took walks with his brother and grandfather as often as possible, and gave up fast food. The next thing he knew, he had dropped over a hundred pounds and changed his fat into muscle, finding he was just as happy as he was before, if not more so. He is now an advocate for healthy living, and speaks to the kids at the local elementary and middle schools about childhood obesity and eating right, using himself as an example that change is possible. He recently received a letter inviting him to a reunion season of Total Drama, and decided to accept so he could spread his message to the world.

Chat 9

Sprink: Hehe. I like this challenge idea.

Reddy: So, we like, put them in an all new season? O_O

Nalyd: Epic challenge, dawg! I think me and Sunshine are gonna be da final two, yo, and then I'm gonna kick it into high gear! (And lose cause Sunshine pwns, and so SPrink can have revenge for TDA2 XD)

Sprink: Reddy, yeah, but it can be a sequel. Nalyd. *whistles innocently but lets out a 'Muaha!' by accident*

Sprink: Reddy, I'm not asking for an incident in the competition. I mean something that happened to them before that competition. It can be in their daily life, or in a previous season. It's supposed to read like a bio, not a recap.

Red: Oh, fail me. :p

Crag:Everyone else is an admin :O! But final 5 is still good enough

Crag:And will there be more seasons? I like this :P

Sprink: Not sure. I have another camp planned after this is over.

Crag:Your All-Star camp?

Sprink: No.

Judging 9

Reddy - I like the idea, though it seems reminiscent of what Duncan did to... for her in season one. I don't love the 'er' inserted, as I view profiles as hard fact, not the writer's opinion. Also it should state 'party, too', not 'party too'.

Chimmy - I really like this idea, though it's full of spoilers. It would be nice to see Alejandro have a change of heart, as I feel he is the most one dimensional character. Nice job.

Nalyd - Ooh. I like this. Great job. 'Disappointed' was misspelled, which was... disappointing. The bio is otherwise perfect, and would make for a very interesting twist on his character.

Cragiled - 'Contestant' and 'receiving' were misspelled. I think you meant 'fun loving' in the label, too. There are a few grammar mistakes, and this basically just sounds like Geoff. I did like some aspects, like why he decided to attend the party. His vocabulary slipping because of girlfriends is hard to understand for me, though.

Sunshine - Aw. This was sweet, and a little sad, but very believable. This is exactly what I want to happen to Owen's character, but I'll have to dream (and reread this bio XD). One thing is that fat doesn't change into muscle. :P But otherwise, I really liked this bio.

Elimination - Cragiled is out. Sorry, man. Of the remaining contestants, you seem to most consistently make mistakes. You did well, though. Thanks for competing.

Challenge 10

For this challenge I would like you to write any old bio that comes to mind for a new character. After writing that up, I want you to write a paragraph detailing their appearance. Try to make it fit the bio so the reader can easily link it to the description of them, and make it believable, but not too painfully obvious (like a hippie with long hair, hemp, bell bottoms, etc.).

Entries 10

Reddude's Entry - Trevor is a character labeled as The Germaphobic of the group.

Trevor grew up in a clean, rich family. He had everything he had ever wanted, until one fateful nigh when Trevor was eight and a few teenage punks committed a huge arson and burned down his family’s mansion. Trevor, having never come intact with so many bacteria, freaked out. He was taken to an orphanage, where he was informed his parents had died in the fire. Trevor went crazy, and vowed to never let his past die off. Trevor takes pride in keeping his room in the orphanage as clean as possible, to keep his rich history alive. The orphange owner was so worried that they sent him off to Total Drama.

Trevor has deep black hair and slightly tanned, white skin. Trevor's normal attire is a tuxedo and black dress shoes, with a golden watch to bargain. He wears a tie also, and it is maroon with scattered dollar signs. His eyes are piercing, deep blue also.

Chimmy's Entry - Jolene, labeled The Serious Girl, is a contestant in the next season of Total Drama.

Jolene's family hasn't been really well off from the beginning. Once both of their parents lost their jobs at a chewing gum factory, her brother Murdoc has been the only source of the family's income. However, Murdoc's work consists of competitive fighting, and comes home every day bruised and battered. Jolene knows what he has been up to, but does not want to tell her parents, as she knows they will make him stop and they will go broke. Jolene, however, has recently gotten a job as a secretary at the fighting arena. This way, she can monitor Murdoc and bring home some extra cash. All this has made Jolene very aware of the tough world around her, and she hasn't developed as a normal girl would. Jolene joined Total Drama for the cash prize.

Jolene has very pale skin, and blond hair. Her hair comes out in one large bang across her forehead, which has a small scar on it. Jolene has glasses, but her eyes are gray. She wears a magenta hat, a black collared top, a gray skirt that goes down to her knees, and black dress shoes. Jolene's ears are pierced, but she normally doesn't wear earrings unless it is a special occasion.

Nalyd Renrut's Entry - Fabio, labeled as The Wannabe, is a contestant in an upcoming season of Total Drama.

Fabio's family is made up of singers, dancers, actors, and models. All he wants is to fit in. Unfortunately for him, he can't sing, can't dance, can't act, and can't model. He is well-liked in school, and doesn't seem to realize he's a nice guy. His obsession with finding fame often distracts him from other things, like school work or his social life. He hopes that being on Total Drama will help him become more well known.

Fabio has short brown hair and a pencil mustache. He's tall and skinny. Fabio is incredibly tan, almost orange. He wears a white t-shirt, blue jeans, brown sandals, and black fingerless gloves.

Sunshine's Entry - “Minya”, labeled the Cat-Girl, is a contestant on an upcoming season of Total Drama.

No one really knows where Mina (better known as “Minya”) and her obsession with cats really came from. Some believe she was raised in a litter of kittens. Some theorize she was a cat in a previous life, and is still very aware of said existence. Some think she’s just plain insane. But whatever the reason, “Minya” absolutely adores cats, and they tend to share the sentiment. She rarely actually speaks, communicating solely through meows, purrs, hisses, and the like; strangely, it appears that she can communicate with felines in this manner, and quite effectively to boot. No one has ever seen her family, only many different cats that all seem to live in her home, adding onto the many theories about her mysterious past. Still, she does not seem to be aware of the rumors spread about her, and is generally very friendly and cheerful. She joined Total Drama so she could use the prize money on fish, kitty toys, and catnip.

“Minya” has shoulder-length black hair, dark brown eyes, and somewhat tan skin. Along with a white t-shirt that reaches to her navel and grey skinny jeans, she wears a hat with kitty ears on it, shoes and fingerless gloves resembling cat paws, and a tail attached to her jeans. She has long nails that are filed to resemble claws, and has whiskers drawn on her face.

Chat 10

Sprink: This is chat 10. Congrats to the final four.

Nalyd: Aw yeah! I'm winning this, yo!

Reddy: Not before me, yo! xD

Nalyd: I think either me or Chimmy is out this week.

Sunshine: It could be any of us at this point... especially since mine kinda stinks this week...

Reddy: Ugh.... Sprinky, c'mon! xD I want judging. It could also be me, as I'm the most inexperienced left...

Sprink: Sorry all. It should be judged tomorrow.

Reddy: yay! =D

Judging 10

Reddy - I like the bio and the character, a lot. I just feel like you missed the mark with the description of the appearance. He sounds like his rich self, sure, but it would have been more effective if he had been described as wearing rubber gloves, a surgical mask, etc. You misspelled orphanage by accident.

Chimmy - The bio was good, I think, but I'll focus on the description. It is quite detailed, which I appreciate. I kind of get the picture, though you have the character that could basically look like anything. I still feel it applies, though.

Nalyd - I like the bio, but I wish that the bio was more descriptive. It could have sounded more plausible if you mentioned him wearing skinny jeans, maybe a necklace or earring with a star in it, etc, to kind of highlight his story better.

Sunny - I like this bio, too. I think this is probably the one that makes the most sense, and I actually drew a sketch of a female character a lot like this. I just feel like it was a bit over the top in the description, I suppose. Her affection for cats could have been highlighted more subtly.

Elimination - Huh... This is a tough choice. I think it comes down to a misspelled word, but this was between two people for me. Reddy, I'm sorry, but you're out. Thanks so much for your entries. You did awesome.

Challenge 11

So... Our final three all have made characters based on themselves on the fanfiction wiki. What I would like to see is the three of you base a character on one of your competitors. It has to be different from the character that the user already has of them, like it can't be exactly the same, but it can be similar. I'll assign specific ones for you:

Chimmy, you get to make the character based on Nalyd.

Nalyd, you get to make the character based on Sunshine (try to make it different from TWE's Sunshine, too, if you can).

Sunshine, you get to make the character based on Chimmy.

Hehe. Hopefully this isn't confusing.

Entries 11

Chimmy's Entry - Alec, labeled The British Guy, has had a legacy behind him since he started learning how to swim. Those that lived to tell the tale said that they were nearly blinded by his incredible lack of skin tone. This fateful day would be the first of many where Alec would be talked about by all that considered him their friend. However, it is usually one sided, as Alec isn't really all that social. He does, however, have his own sense of humor, earning him popularity, and causing him to accept a small group of friends. Alec has expressed an interest in reality television from an early age, and even hosts his own website dedicated to them. Winning a reality show has been a lifelong dream to Alec, and so he set forth, studying every tactic used by the contestants, from Jack Injustice to Allie Black. Unfortunately, some of this harsh nature started coming out onto his friends, causing them to back away from Alec in fear. Alec never noticed this, though, and almost subconsciously continued with his "training." The newfound harshness of their son even is creating some tension between his parents, who both try to help him but are always shoved away. Mastering each of the arts, Alec now believes he is ready, and thus joined Total Drama.

Nalyd's Entry - Cheyanne, labeled as The Goofball, is a character on an upcoming season of Total Drama. Cheyanne is very friendly, maybe too friendly. She's known for having crushes on bad boys and loners, but her peppy attitude drives them away. Despite being bubbly and fun-loving on the surface, Cheyanne is also very intelligent. She's won several awards for her artwork, and even won a national young author contest. Cheyanne's main weakness in achieving her goal of becoming a professional author/artist/wife of a bad boy is her short attenion span. Currently, the longest she's been able to pay attention to one task was thirteen and a half minutes (mostly because she forgot to stop the timer). Cheyanne is also known to not talk for many days at a time. She likes to go into her room with some ravioli and think about big questions in life like "Why are we here?" and "Who are we?" and "What will get this ravioli stain out of my curtains?" Despite being a little crazy and very hyper, Cheyanne has very close friends who care about her greatly. Cheyanne joined Total Drama because "(she) would like to inspire a generation of creative young men and women to go towards achieving their dreams. Anybody want pancakes? I like dogs."

Sunny's Entry - Candace, labeled the Offbeat Sweetheart, has always been a little... special. She’s always acted quite a bit different from other girls her age, never quite likes what’s currently popular, and has a somewhat abnormal attraction to fire. Thankfully for her social life, she has one particular quality that balances out her other abnormal traits- she’s an adorable, amiable little thing, more than happy to be someone’s friend with no questions and no judgment. Her friends and classmates cherish her well-intentioned antics, her fairy-tale daydreams, and her eternally optimistic view of the world; over the years, they’ve found that her slightly different mindset and occasional fire-related accidents are a small price to pay for such an incredible friend. Candace is more than pleased to have so many good friends, but in recent years, she’s found one little thing that bothers her: her male companions see her simply as a good friend or little-sister figure, never as a potential romantic interest. While she’s happy that the boys like having her around, she is starting to long for one of them to take a second look at her and realize she’s not only a good friend, she’s a good female friend. She joined Total Drama to have fun, make new friends, and hopefully meet a boy who’s willing to look past the friend and see the girl.

Chat 11

Sprink: Final three. Let me know if I have to clarify this better.

Reddy: Aww, One. Flippin'. Word? D:

Sprink: Sorry. It was that close... It almost wasn't you, but I had to come back to that. :(

Reddy: I understand.

Sunshine: Can/should we name the character after the user or come up with a different name?

Sprink: You can name them whatever you want.

Sunshine: I just realized in the 11 weeks we've been doing this, 7.5 of my entries have been girls. XD

Nalyd: I get Sunshine?! XD Well, that's easy. I've known Sunshine for a year and a half, she's pretty much my best friend here. XD

Sprink: *feels sad*

Nalyd: Why, Sprink? You wanted me to get eliminated? XD

Sunshine: Nalyd, we didn't even really talk until Owe's camp and TWE. XD

Nalyd: No, we talked before that. I remember complimenting your art and you doing something Sunshine-y and me doing my whole Nalyd-is-a-square thing. XD

Sunshine: I remember you commenting on my first fanfic when I was just an IP and making me feel special. XD (PS: finish your entry plzkthx XDD)

Nalyd: Well, ladies, I do believe this will be my last day here. It's been a pleasure competing with you.

(CONF) Nalyd: I hope I win, yo.

Sprink: I had a busy weekend.Sorry, guys. Expect your reviews today or tomorrow.

Nalyd: Alright. Sunshine, Chimmy, may the best girl win.


Nalyd: *knew you'd say that* I know it's me going home, good luck to both of you. *starts packing bags* (The villain comes in third XD)

Judging 11

Chimmy - I like this a lot. It sounds like Nalyd, gives explanation for his behavior, yet it's all done subtly. Great job. Newfound isn't a word, though...

Nalyd - I like this. It sounds a lot like Sunshine. My only issue, besides 'attention' being misspelled, is that it describes the character without any real background. Like, the reasons for the way she is isn't gone through.

Sunny - While this isn't really descriptive in why she is the way she is, I love the setup of this bio. It makes the reader want to see what will happen with this character in a compelling way. Also, it looks like a page out of Chimmy's life. XD

Elimination - Well, this is tough. You all did great throughout the season. I thought about ending this at the final three, but... I can't make the final decision, yet, as I feel two of you have a pretty equal chance at winning. But anyway, let's get down to who is out... Sorry, but Nalyd... You're out. You did great, throughout, but it comes down to Chimmy and Sunny doing a little bit better. You seemed to lack confidence toward the end, though. Thanks so much for competing, and trying. :)

Teh Final Challenge!

Congrats to the final two. This challenge I would like you two make two bios each. I would like for it to be two characters that wind up being in a romantic relationship with each other in the actual story. They can't have prior knowledge of each other, but I want to see hints toward their relationship in the bio, without being too obvious. This may be tough, but I believe the two of you can do it.

Teh Final Entries

Chimmy's Entry - Lea Anne, labelled The Tomboy, is a contestant on the next season of Total Drama.

Lea Anne never quite enjoyed what the other girls did. While they got makeovers, she went to shoot hoops, and when they went to sleepovers, she pulled out her catcher's mitt. Lea Anne is quite athletic, and is considered the best girl athelete in the school. However, Lea Anne has quite a few faults: guys are like siblings to Lea Anne, but on the other hand, girls are an alien species. This feeling is mutual, as most girls go out of their way to avoid Lea Anne, afraid she is different inside. Lea Anne doesn't enjoy this, and feels she should be able to connect with people a little bit better. Lea Anne's family is also a little on the poor side, but that doesn't get her down, as she knows everything will work out sometime soon, and she hates seeing people unhappy. Lea Anne joined Total Drama to excersize her social skills, but also believes she'll do well in the physical challenges.

              Kai, labeled '''The Gamer''', is a contestant on the next season of Total Drama. 

Kai was a real sports star back when he was young, and considered by many to be the best 5-year old ever to play tee-ball in his small town. But that all changed once he was introduced to video games. This was not on his own hand, though: Kai's best friend was a gaming addict. At first, Kai tried to help his friend overcome addiction, but after sitting down to play the games, Kai got hooked as well. About a month after, Kai's friend was found dead, hung from a tree. The motive was later determinded that his parents realized his addiction, and deprived him of his systems. Kai, shocked by guilt, went into a depression that he only recently came out of. During this long time of sadness, though, he was still found playing video games every so often. He does the same today, but not on the level of his friend, afraid he would follow the same path. Kai joined Total Drama to have fun, but secretly plans to donate the cash prize to his friend's family.

Sunshine's Entry - Crisóstomo, labeled Mr. Critic, was once a loving and accepting soul. This was a result of his mother’s teachings, as she believed in treating everyone with equal kindness, partially because she was a Mexican immigrant who had to deal with racism and discrimination when she moved to America. Chrisóstomo took her teachings to heart, and treated everyone with respect, even those who teased him for his background. However, this worldview changed for the worse when he was ten. While walking home from work one day, his mother was attacked by a gang of white men, and ended up dying as a result. A distraught Chrisóstomo felt that this meant his mother’s kindness was in vain, and his personality became the opposite of what it had previously been; he became extremely bitter and critical, always finding faults in everything around him. He refuses to find joy in anything, and pushes away potential friends or romantic interests because they do not match his very high, specific standards. In reality, he’s just afraid to care for or accept anyone after what happened to his mother, and his “specific standards” for companions are really him looking for someone with traits like his mother. Chrisóstomo did not want to be on Total Drama; he posted a video online of him criticizing the series, and was forced to sign up so they could prove to him the quality of the show.

Amanda, labeled the Girl Unable to be Labeled, has always been a free spirit that broke boundaries. Her parents expected her first words to be something generic like “mama” or “kitty”; instead, the first thing little Amanda ever said was, “Peace on Earth”. Based on this, her family braced themselves for raising a child with a mellow, hippie lifestyle, only for her to suddenly and unexpectedly gain an interest in skateboarding at age four. She continued to blow away everyone’s expectations as she grew up, and her current hobbies include advocating for veganism, participating in skateboarding competitions, composing and performing original piano pieces, cosplaying, volunteering at soup kitchens, street painting, and much more. She still lives by her first few words, and believes that achieving world peace should be a goal for all nations; after all, she feels people are people, no matter what they look like, how they act, or where they come from. She dreams of working with the United Nations one day, and is in the process of learning many languages, including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, and Arabic. Amanda’s classmates are perplexed at and somewhat annoyed with her, as high school is well-known as a time where kids are given labels, something they are unable to accurately give her. Still, many are secretly impressed by her, and she’s gained a small, quiet following over her lifetime. Even so, she doesn’t feel she is better or worse than the rest of the kids, as she lives by her belief that people are people, no matter what their high-school label (or lack thereof). She joined Total Drama because she loves the show, and she wants to change a few minds on the possibility of a peaceful world.

Teh Final Chat

Sprink: Anyone who competed may chat here.

Crag:Duncan would be proud scared of these finalists together. :P

Nalyd: Haha, Sprink, fooled you! *evil laugh* I wasn't confident at any point in the contest! XD Congratulations Chimmy and Sunshine. *puts on his Team Sunshine hoodie and his Team Chimmy soda-drinking hat*

Reddy: *sits on Nalyd's head* I forgot to bring my cheesy promotions items, so I'm just gonna advertise myself on Nalyd. :3

Sunshine: *is nervous, stops being nervous because she got distracted by something shiny* It sparklesss :D

Lindsay: Congrats Sunnshine and Chimmy! I had lots of fun here. I hope I can be on the second season!

Teh Final Judging

Chimmy - I thought these bios were quite nice. I think you did well. I found them funny and pleasant, and Kai's friend died. O_O That was a bit of a shock, and IDK if it was entirely necessary to go that route. I mean, it would have been just as effective, while less disturbing, if his friend were sent to military school, or something along those lines. But overall, you did well. The potential relationship wasn't too apparent to me, unfortunately. I'm not sure how the two would compliment each other, other than the tomboy girl getting along with guys better than girls.

Sunny - I like the concept of Crisostomo, and I wasn't too disturbed by the mentioned death. I would have liked to have explained where he lived, or who he lived with after the incident. Also... Did you write this before I wrote Creigh's updated bio? XD Sounds similar to his, though not identical. I really enjoyed your second bio. She would make for an interesting character. I also can fully see them as a couple, though I had to think about it. You did well on making this eventual couple subtle, but still believable. Nice job.

And the winner is....


Sunshineandravioli! Congrats! You did great throughout the season (as did Chimmy), but this final challenge was one of your best submissions. Thanks so much for competing in this, and trying your best.

Chimmy, you did awesome, too. I thought you could win at one point, so you did a fantastic job. Thanks so much for competing. I loved reading your entries each time.

Teh Actual Final Chat

Sprink: Thanks to everyone who joined this camp, as it was a new one. I'm not positive if I will do another, but if I do it'll be later on. I'm glad this camp went pretty well, and that anyone was interested in it. :)

Reddy: Grats Sunshine. :P

Sunshine: *SQUEEEEEEE* I winned!!! :D Good game, Chimmy! You gave me a run for my metaphorical money! XD (I'm actually thinking of using the characters I made here in a compitition fic someday :D)

Sprink: That's cool. You made some that would be fun to read about.

Chimmy: Aw :P Good job, Sunny...I suppose I should write what I was thinking XD Kai was mentioned to be a great t-ball player when he was young. Lea Anne is good at sports in general. I was going for a little bit of opposites attract in their labels...Kai came out of a depression, while Lea Anne is, as said being poor doesn't get her down, a cheery person, and could help him with this. I didn't even consider the getting along with guys better than girls XD