Dominic: *arrives with Dawson*

Dawson: Plugplgpglagikglgpga! *Falls down*

Dominic: Dawson! *helps him up again and puts him on a wheelchair* Are you alright? Is this some sort of seizure?

Dawson: 'Firmary. I want-- *Stands up, before falling into a cabinet, causing bottles and vials to fall out*

Some of the bottles and vials seem to be empty, with not much remains inside the rest.

Dawson: N-no! Don't see this! *Tries to grab as many of them as he can, but only drops them in the process*

Dominic: ...

Dawson: *Mumbling* Oh, what's the point? *Exhales, loudly* I don't even-- *Stands up* Just, get me out of here. I don't think I should be here, after I tried to-- never mind. *Sighs* Stshufmuh! *Stumbles over to the door*

Dominic: ...No. Get back on the wheel chair- seeing this shows you need massive help.

Dawson: *Crying* 'Kay...? *Stumbles over to the wheelchair, and then sits down* I-I-I'm s-sorry.

Dominic: ...

Dawson: *Begins to drift off to sleep*

Dominic: ...I need to go get Coralinea.

Dawson: *Jumps up* Huh!? No... please don't. I don't want anyone to know... I wanted to... to... to... die. I didn't want this to happen. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm... a mess. *Begins to cry*

Dominic: ...*pulls out guitar from guitar case* Well, if you want to die...I'll make it quick.

Dawson: *Leans his head to the side* What?

Dominic: You heard me.

Dawson: No. If you killed me, you would die. And, you can't die. You don't deserve to die. But, why-- Why would you risk your life? Especially, for me?

Dominic: I don't care about my own life much. I'd rather case for other's lives. From all my memories, no one really cared for me- not sure if people secretly hate me or not here. Plus it would allow progression for the others to survive. *puts guitar away* I won't kill you- I really wouldn't want to, but it would have seemed to please your wishes. Just don't let me hear you saying you want to die. Alright?

Dawson: Okay. *Smiles* But, hey, you're an awesome guy. Don't diss yourself. *Smile fades away* What do we do now?

Dominic: Many thanks. Let's just go back to the others. Stay in the wheelchair to avoid any further collapsing though, alright?

Dawson: I've been in this thing... right? Oh, um, uh... yeah. He, he, he.

Dominic: ...We'll see if Komaeda might have anything to help. Let's be on our way, then. *leaves with Dawson to the Dark Arcade Room*