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Welcome to the Friend Codes forum! This forum was created to make it easier when sharing friend codes with other wikia users through a Nintendo 3DS or a Nintendo Wii U console. 

When editing, make sure to keep the table format correct and add your username alphabetically

User 3DS Friend Code Wii U Nintendo Network ID
ACTN 4124-5277-3225 mcevans930
Blake Megido 1220-6238-6113 N/A
BlazeHead 51 4398-9755-6365 charlie1997
Chase555 N/A mr33nboi
ConkerChu N/A Conker511
EnderEmerald46 1504-6771-8861 N/A
HockeyHero954 N/A MapleSyrupREborn
IcicleIllusionist 4399-1989-3142 Liamliamliam800
IfraidGryphLW160BSF 3282-4603-2674 sebasnmario128
Loenev 4227-1722-1751 Brandonn_Robin
NegimaLover 0232-9728-7804 N/A
Phyneo 4141-2444-0359 phyneo
Tikkibikki 5343-7628-5072 N/A
TrentFan 5155-3327-3619 Conker512
WelshGirlAmber 4828-5721-9075 N/A
Wolfdragon Rex 2509-2278-9014 N/A
Wikivision 2810-0480-1664 N/A
XrosHearts N/A Xros64
XxSolarEclipsexX 4356-0906-8314 PotatoWarfare

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