Nalyd Renrut's Tenth Camp is the tenth camp in the Nalyd Renrut series.


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Contestant History

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Contestant User Original Teams Second Teams Merged Team Status Total Votes
The Cliche Antagonist
Returned day 10
Codmister22 Fans Out
The Psycopath
Camps: 8
Reddude Faves Out
The Immature Guy
Theeviloctorock Fans Out
The Italian Goddess
Gwen Is Kewl Fans Out
The Rotund Rebel
Camps: 9.5
TotalDramaAddict Faves Out
The Insane Pyro
Camps: 6, 7
ChimmyCharific Faves Out
The Awesome Guy
Camps: 7, 9, 9.5
Owenguy101 Faves Metallica Out
The Smooth-Talker
Kate4TDWT Fans Dragons Out
The Mean Girl
Puffles Rule Fans Dragons Out
The Pyromaniac Jock
Neko-naito Fans Dragons Out
The Underdog
TDA ROCKS Fans Metallica Legendario Jury
The Juvenile Delinquent
EvaBridgetteGwenRocks Fans Metallica Jury
The Arch Villainess
KoopaKidJr. Fans Metallica Jury
The Cliche Antagonist
Codmister22 Fans N/A Jury
The Ravioli Pixie
Camps: 4, 5, 5.5, 8
Sunshineandravioli Faves Dragons Jury
The Narcissist
Camps: 9.5
Mrdaimion Faves Metallica Jury
The Wealthy Princess
Camps: 9, 9.5
TDALindsayfan1 Faves Metallica Jury
Miss Attitude
Camps: 9.5
Leshawnafan Faves Dragons Jury
The Friendly Strategist
Alejandrofan3000 Fans Metallica Jury
The Gamer Boy
Camps: 9, 9.5
Oatmeal- Faves Dragons Out
The Clumsy Strategist
Camps: 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9.5
Nalyd Renrut Faves Dragons Win



  • Keyshia and Mason
  • Pete and Vin
  • Michelle and Vin
  • Nalyd and Jessica
  • Nalyd and Owe
  • Jessica and Owe
  • Nalyd and Keyshia
  • Sunshine and Nalyd
  • Jessica and Keyshia


  • Michael and Mason
  • Nalyd and Fluffy
  • Nalyd and Shawn
  • Jessica and Shawn
  • Jade and Vin
  • Jade and Michelle
  • Jessica and Mason
  • Jade and Nalyd
  • Jade and Keyshia
  • Jessica and Michelle
  • Nalyd and Michelle


  • Pete to Jade


  • John and Kayla
  • Jessica and Michael


  • Mason, Shawn, Fluffy, Keyshia (Day 1-2)
  • Michelle, Robert, Vin (Day 1-12) *Jade leaves Day 5, Pete switched teams Day 7
  • Jade and Pete (Day 4-8)
  • Jessica, Keyshia, Michael, Nalyd, Owe, Sunshine, Shawn (Day 1-17)

Elimination Table

Do Not Edit This

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Nalyd Fluffy Shawn Chimmy John Jade Pete Vin Kayla Michelle Katie Sunshine Michael Jessica Keyshia Robert Win
Shawn Nalyd Nalyd Mason Chimmy John Jade Pete Vin Kayla Michelle Katie Sunshine Michael Jessica Keyshia Robert Lose
Robert Katie Matt ? Owe Vin ? Michelle Katie Sunshine Michael Jessica Keyshia Shawn Nalyd
Keyshia Fluffy Fluffy Shawn Chimmy John Jade Pete Vin Kayla Michelle Katie Sunshine Michael Jessica Nalyd Nalyd
Jessica Fluffy ? Mason Chimmy Vin Vin Kayla Michelle Katie ? Shawn ? ?
Michael Nalyd Fluffy Mason Chimmy Owe Vin Kayla ? ? ? ? Shawn
Sunshine Fluffy Fluffy ? ? John ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Katie ? Nalyd ? ? ? Nalyd
Michelle Katie Matt Natalia Owe Nalyd Kayla Jessica Shawn
Kayla ? ? Natalia ? ? ? Nalyd
Vin Katie Matt Natalia Owe ? Nalyd
Pete Katie Matt Natalia John Shawn Nalyd
Jade ? Matt Vin Pete Shawn
John Katie Kayla Natalia ?
Owe Fluffy ? ? ? ?
Chimmy Nalyd Nalyd Mason Owe
Mason Nalyd Fluffy Michael
Natalia Katie ? ?
Matt ? ?
Fluffy Nalyd

Pre-Game Chat

Chris: Welcome to the show.

Nalyd: Glad to be back.

Michael: *glares, looking around* Where's Sharon? >.>

Michelle: Sweet, I'm actually here.

Keyshia: (CONF) It feels amazing to be back! And I'm playing with people who are pros at this game.. It'll be cool and tough at the same time! I love some challlenge.

Shawn: Hey Guys. :D

Chris: *paints a red circle on Nalyd's hoodie*

Nalyd: Huh?

Chris: You're a target.

Fluffy: *jumps out of plane and lands on Nalyd's head* Woohoo! This is even better than that time I impaled a chipmunk!

Shawn: -put an arm around Nalyd's neck- Don't worry -grinned- BUD, Your not a target to me.

Michelle: *to Nalyd* What's up, Hoodie Town?

Nalyd: *sees the Fans* Can they be on my team?...

Mason: I'm back, and I intend to do more this time around.

Fluffy: No, silly, it's fan vs. faves! *pats Nalyd's head*

(CONF) Nalyd: All the Faves want me out, that's wonderful.

Mason: *sees Keyshia* Finally, somebody I'm friends with.

Fluffy: (conf) Am I targetting Nalyd? Heck yeah! He's a two-bit lying little -CN edits-!

Shawn: (conf) Was I not right about Nalyd last season?

Keyshia: *Waves to Mason* Hey buddy, what's new?

Pete: Heeeeey, everyone! :D

Vin: *arrives with a shirt entitled "Welcome to my Hood"* Hello, cuisines.

Shawn: -glared at Keyshia- Was I not right Last Season, BUD.

Mason: Nothing much, except a whole new attitude! :D

Keyshia: *Glares at Oat* You would've done the same! *To Mason* Great! :D

Vin: So... I'm guessing you guys cheated on each other? :-\ *stares at Oat and Keyshia*

Shawn: Whatever, lets just be friends right guys? How about an alliance?

Pete: -takes cold oatmeal out of his backpack- I'm hungry.

Fluffy: *jumps off Nalyd's head an onto Keyshia's* Hi, friend! :D

Mason: *starts whispering to Shawn* We would need more people to secure a majority.

Keyshia: *Reaches up and waves to Fluffy* Hey there!

Michelle: *walks up to Vin and Jade* What's up, you two?

Shawn: But who?

Jade: *arrives as cowgirl, with country accent* Why hello everyone, isn't this just a lovely shindig?! *bird poops on her* Hehe, yeah. (CONF,as regular self) If I wasn't so "nice", I would go balistic right now. >.>

Fluffy: Hi! :D *jumps onto Mason's head* Hello, subatomic whatchamacallit known as something! ^^

Vin: *Looks at Michelle* Well, you see I'm doing my G.T.L.

Mason: Hi... Fluffy? *starts whispering lower* Well, since we have three people, counting Keyshia, we need three more, and I think we could let in Fluffy here. *points*

Michelle: *to Vin* What's G.T.L.?

Fluffy: Oh, sure, I could do that! :D (conf) When I was little this old wise man took me on a cliff to teach me a wise lesson, but I tripped and fell! I almost died, but I didn't, obviously. Anyway, it cracked the right side of my skull and blood was like gushing everywhere! Anyways, after surgery, my right ear's always been able to pick up some crazy things. Like this one time--*conf gives out*

Mason: Good?

Vin: *responds to Michelle* Gym, Tan, Laundry. Wait, you think this naturally happens? If you wanna get the girl, you only need one weapon. Confidence.

Pete: -while eating the cold oatmeal, walks over to Vin- Hey, I'm Pete. How's it going? :)

Jade: *picks up a piece of cloth* Wouldn't this just look lovely with my outfit?

Michelle: That would look great on you.

Keyshia: (CONF) I'm back for blood this season. So it'll just be natural for me to make big moves this season.

Vin: Hey, Pete. Just what are you eating? Oatmeal.

Michelle: I just hope we get something to eat too.

Day One Chat

Faves Chat (1)

Nalyd: Welcome to the island, everyone/

Shawn: Whats up Nalyd?

Fluffy: Yay! Let's burn stuff. :D *starts piling wood* >:D

Shawn: Hey Fluffy, If I let you burn my bed, will you join an alliance?

Mason: *whispers to Shawn* Dude, all you have to do is tell Fluffy that we're eliminating Nalyd. :|

Fluffy: Yeah sure whatever! *eagerly sets fire to Shawn's bed* burn baby burn! >:D

Shawn: Did I mention, we are ELIMINATING, nalyd?

Mason: *whispers to Keyshia* How about joining an alliance with me, we can eliminate Nalyd.

Fluffy: Even better! *jumps onto Shawn's head* Excelsior!

Keyshia: *Whispers to Mason* Sure! Sounds great!

Shawn: Hehe, Nalyd Boyo.

Mason: Just two more... *looks over at Michael, then walks toward him* Hey man!

Nalyd: Anybody up for an alliance? Sunshine, Owe, Jessica?

Fluffy: *jumps onto Michael's head* Hi, friend! :3

Michael: No-one jumps on the great Michael's head! :@ *throws her off* >.>

Mason: Say, Michael, how about we continue from last time, you know, eliminating Nalyd?

Fluffy: Oh, no you did NOT! *the others restrain her from pouncing on Michael* T_T

Michael: Maybe, buddy. >.> *backs away from Fluffy slowly*

Mason: Well, if you don't want to succeed in something Sharon failed to do, so be it.

Michael: *laughs* You actually believed Sharon was the antagonist of last season? I was the leader of the alliance, I ruled the game for the most part, and then, because I decided to listen to Sharon's advice cause... I'll admit, I had, emphahys on had, a crush on her, and tried to get you out instead, although I was aiming for Nalyd the next vote.

Shawn: I REFUSE to have relationships on Reality shows. They lead to desperation.

Mason: Well, that's your choice, and I'll have to respect that, just remember, Nalyd won last time, and he can do it again.

Nalyd: *is forever alone*

Shawn: Honestly, do you think he's going to make it that far? -leaned back- Yet alone merge?

Mason: You never know, look how far Heather managed to get. (An indirect reference to Sharon, just sayin')

Shawn: Cause Heathers Hawt. Did I say that outloud?

Mason: Yes, yes you did.

Fluffy: ...*chews on Nalyd's head randomly*

Fans Chat (1)

Michelle: Welcome to Casa Del Fanso!

Jade: (to Michelle) Thanks, it's so wonderful to meet you! *grins widely* (CONF) Right now, I feel hatred.

Vin: I can get used to this, I hope Chris won't give us a difficult task. :-\

Pete: -sees Jade, mouth falls open and oatmeal falls out- Why, hello, there. ;)

Jade: Well, hello! My name is Betsy Sue Golden Heart! I live on a farm in Alabama, just a little north from here actually. (CONF) Dude, would they believe my name is actually Betty? They must be pretty stupid...

Michelle: (CONF) I don't know if I can play nice longer, but I have to stay nice if I'm gonna have a shot at forming an alliance with someone.

Vin: (Confessional) Everyone appears pretty chill here. Pete's oatmeal does not look sanitary to look in his mouth. (Non-Confessional) *waves to Jade* So, you gonna be pumped for the challenge? :-)

Jade: Oh, why yes, it's going to be such a delight! *rubs Vin's head*

Vin: The pleasure is mine. *appreciates it*

Natalia: Hey guys.

Robert:What's up, everybody? Great to finally be here!

Vin: Yeah, welcome to the club.

Pete: I'm Pete, Betsy. I think we'll get along juuust fine. ;)

Robert:Thanks, dude! Hey, Pete.*looks at Jade*(CONF) Betsy Sue my ....Anyway, I smell a faker. But...Why should I ruin her fun?

Michelle: *pulls Robert aside* I know this is short notice, but you and I along with Jade, Vin, and Pete; we form an alliance to get to the final five. Are you in?

Robert:Sure. Why not? Thanks!

Michelle: No problem.

Robert:Great! (CONF)I was gonna need an alliance for sure. And Michelle seems really nice.

Katie: *looks around with a glare, rakes a deep breath, and then runs over to others* Hey guys! I'm Katie! I'm single, just in case you, well, want to go out... (CONF) Gah, this nice girl schtick is killing me. Luckly, if it works, I'll get my true intentions planned out...

Michelle: (CONF) I can see right through Katie, it's like we need ANOTHER poser on this show. Great casting producers, great casting!

Challenge One

Chris: Jump off this cliff in your bathing suits. This cliff is particularly dangerous. There are sharks at the bottom, and wouldn't it be embarrassing to be eaten on TV? The first team to get seven jumpers will win!

Do not edit this scoreboard (Or any scoreboard ever) Faves - 7 | Fans - 5

Nalyd: *leans over the edge* Gulp... Fluffy, how about you go.

Mason: Woo! *jumps off*

Michelle: *screams as she jumps* I hate sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *lands in water and tries to run away from the sharks*

Michael: This seems familiar... *shrugs, and shoves Nalyd in, then jumps in himself*

Nalyd: *bathing suit gets caught on a twig, giving him a wedgie, and leaving him dangling above the water* ...Help...

Michelle: (CONF) Nalyd's been in like over 9000 camps, how many times does this happen to him? It's like he wakes up every morning and says to himself, 'I won't be voted out today, but something just as bad will happen to me.'

Nalyd: *still being held up by the stick* ...Help....

Natalia: *in purple bikini* *dives perfectly but gets attacked by sharks* *punches alll the sharks in the face* Allright you gilled monsters lay off!

Shawn: Didn't we do this bef- -strong windgust knocks him over, he rolls off the cliff-

Nalyd: How do I get down...

Shawn: -while rolling off cliff, he rolls into a stick sticking out of the cliff, and hit it with his crotch and yelled in a high pitched voice- KI-wis...

Vin: *in a red swimshort* Geronimo! *dives off the cliff; and swiftly swims away from the sharks*

Keyshia: *Looks down from the cliff* Whatever, like I haven't done this before. *Dives off the cliff and begins swimming to shore*

Nalyd: *branch snaps, he fells into the water* Well this swim suit is ruined!

(CONF) Nalyd: I sound like a girl D:

Pete: *jumps off of cliff in a cannonball* WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *splashes down* ... Uhhh... I think I lost my trunks. :s

Nalyd: *realizes there's a hole in the back of his swim suit* Great -_- *wraps towel around waist*

Vin: Uhm, Pete. You could have my extra pair of swinshorts. :-| But, don't rip it?

John: *in spedo* Okay. I can do this. *smiles* Ready ladies? *trips and falls down* Ow! Ow! Agh! *lands in the water* That was intentional. *swims to shore*

Chris: All tied up! First team to seven wins!

Michelle: Don't you mean to six?

Fluffy: Ooh, sharks! :D *jumps while laughing* woohoo!!! *splashes into water and is surrounded by sharks* hey guys! :D

Mason: *on shore* Come on, just one more jumper.

Keyshia: *Reaches shore* Ugh, tell me one more person will jump so I didn't just do that for nothing.

Nalyd: *standing at shore in towel* Come on, guys! Chimmy: WOOOOO! :D *runs up to greet team, falls off cliff in process*

Chris: The Faves win!

Fluffy: *riding a shark* Aw, can I keep him? :(

First Vote (Fans)

Michelle: *votes Katie* Change of plans, guys.

Vin: Katie...

John: *votes Katie* This might not work....*buts gauze on arm*

Chris: Katie needs three move votes against her. (If nobody votes, I'll close the vote tonight/tomorrow.)

Pete: -wearing Vin's swimtrunks- I vote for Katie. Nothing personal, you've just done hardly anything

Natalia: I guess Katie.

Chris: Katie, the team has spoken.

(Alfan:Got up a little too late, it seems. :P)

Robert:I would have voted Katie.

Katie: *flips everyone off and leaves* (Cod: This is ridiculous. I was enormously busy this week. How do you freaking expect me to be on everyday? I was dreaming of this camp, and I'm the first one out. Thanks. And Michelle, I hope you're teammates realize that you should leave next.)

Day Two Chat

Faves Chat (2)

Nalyd: Good job yesterday.

Keyshia: Come on team, lets keep this up!

(CONF) Nalyd: I got Shawn gunning for me and I got Fluffy gunning for me. Looks like I'm doomed.

Chimmy: *comes up behind Nalyd with Awesome Face mask on* :D

Mason: *watches with a smirk*

Nalyd: *jumps* So why would you do that?

Fluffy: *omnoms of Nalyd's head more*

Keyshia: Uh, Fluffy? Maybe you shouldn't do that...

Shawn: Hey Chimmy~ -wrapped arm around her neck- WHAZ UP?

Oweguy: Hey how's everyone doing?

Nalyd: Owe, buddy, can I trust you to vote with me? I can take you all the way, again.

Fans Chat (2)

Michelle: (CONF) That was torture! I don't want to go through that s**t ever again, but if we do, I plan on getting rid of me people that are flat out dead to me like Kayla and Matt.

Robert:(CONF) I won't be missing the next challenge! We can turn this all around!

Michelle: *to Robert* Next loss, we vote out stupid Matt.

Robert:Okay, I will vote him out, but don't call him names. We are longtime friends, thank you very much.

Michelle: Well, he cost us the challenge along with other people so I'm still getting the anger out.

Jade: (CONF) I can't believe I'm telling the truth... (NonCONF) *walks in as normal self* My real name is Jade, you people give me a rash, and I really feel hatred for you all. *scoffs* You must feel pretty stupid right now!

Michelle: *glares at Jade, impressively* This is going to be one great season.

Vin: Indeed. *notices Michelle*

Pete: So, wait... You don't want anything to do with me? D: (Conf) ...She's still really hot. >_>

Kayla: *waves* Hi! I'm Kayla! Uh..sorry I haven't been around...but I'm here now! (Me: I've been grounded..:()

Michelle: Nice to meet ya, Kayla. (CONF) I hope she joins us in voting Matt, then again, I bet everyone else is gonna vote him off too.

Jade: Talking about things I hate is difficult because there's soooo much. Have you ever been to a fancy restuarant and you order pasta and shrimp? And the shrimp has tails. Tails, still on the shrimp... I hate that. It's like my boyfriend takes me too this sick, fancy restaurant and I order pasta and shrimp. And when I go to eat it, I see that the shrimp still has tails. WHAT?! So, I say to the waitor, dude is the chef taking a nap? What was he to busy to take a knife and slice the tail off my shrimp, before he dropped it in my pasta? Guess what, I don't want to sit here squeezing it off with my fingers. I find that disgusting. And not the good kind of disgusting. And the waitor goes, "Well, the chef said shrimp that have tails on adds flavor." So I pick up my plate, walk all the way over to a trashcan, and drop my shrimp tailed infested pasta in the garbage. It felt really awesome. Restaurants, listen up, when you serve people pasta with shrimp... cut the tails off! It's not my job, you do it. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Ok, this is like the twenty-seventh time I'm talking about things I hate. Don't think this is a show, because it's not. These are segments the I appropriatly named... THINGS I HATE, got it, good. I hate when people say the word supposably, because it's supposedly. If you go around saying supposably, I probably hate you! What about those geniuses that say fustrated, when it's frustrated. It's not that, got it jersy boys? Or else your a walking idiot. I hate it when people put ketchup on hot dogs. I swear that just makes me... The hatred I feel. I hate it when I go to someone's house and their dog jumps all over me, and then they say. "Oh, he's friendly!" Guess what, I'm not, get your dog off me. I hate people that complain when I chew ice. *chews ice* Does this bug you? GOOD. I als0 hate, uh... tuna fish, flowers, giggling, the word panties, cilantro, rainbows, ducks... man I hate ducks! Cramps, string cheese, clocks, wet door knobs, bras that hook up in the front, the color yellow, carpeting...

Vin: Uhh... Jade. That's nice to know. o_o (CONF) This season is going to a long one... >_>

Challenge Two

Chris: For this challenge, we need three members of each team. It's dodgeball time!

Faves - Keyshia, Mason, Michael | Fans - Vin, Pete, Michelle

Nalyd: I'll play.

Vin: I'll go for the Fans.

Mason: I played last time, of course I'm gonna play this time.

Michael: I'll go, for the awesome me couldn't possibly lose!

Fluffy: Aw, I wanted to cream people. T_T

(Reddy: I won't be here from noon to the afternoon so if we lose please don't vote me off. v,v)

Jessica: Me too, Fluffy... me too...

(CONF) Jessica: I can't last this long not having an alliance... OMG... I'll be gone next... But, maybe the cutie, Michael, can save me from going... Hm...

Pete: Oh, oh, oh! Pick me! I want to play! xD

Keyshia: *Cheers* Go Faves! (CONF) I won this challenge last season for my team, so hopefully they can do good this time.

Chris: When a third Fan joins, somebody add them to the scoreboard. The game will immediately begin. No godplaying, you get two dodges before the ball definitely hits you. When you get hit, please use bold *is hit*. Catching counts as being hit.

Michelle: I'll join!

Vin: *rapidly; throws the dodgeball aiming towards Micheal* WooHoo!

Mason: *picks up a ball* Who should I target first?

Michelle: *picks up a ball and throws it at Keyshia*

Keyshia: *Picks up a ball* Don't think, just throw! *Throws a ball at Vin*

Vin: *dodges the ball swiftly, and teams up with Michelle by throwing a rapid ball at Keyshia*

Keyshia: *Ducks and dodges both balls, and throws one at Michelle*

Mason: Right! *throws a ball at Pete*

Michael: *is hit* Aww...

Michelle: *is hit* (CONF) I got out on purpose so we can rid of Slacker Matt, once he's out, I'll be doing challenges like a pro. Hiya! *kicks camera* Oopsy!

Vin: *throws a ball at Keyshia*

Keyshia: *Is hit*

Mason: *throws another ball at Pete* Last for my team again. -_-

Pete: -ducks and throws a ball at Mason-

Vin: *throws ball at Mason*

Mason: *dodges Pete's, neglecting the one thrown by Vin, and... is hit*

Pete: Aw, yes! :D -high-fives Vin-

Vin: Nice work, Pete. *high-fives back*

Michelle: We won! *hugs Vin and Pete* (CONF) So we survived this time and I was just ready to vote Matt's lazy butt out of here. Looks like that will have to wait.

Fluffy: Aw, we lost! D: (conf) Nalyd is going down! You hear me? Down like Ezekiel went on the popularity charts! :@

Mason: Well, I tried, only to lose just like last time. -_-

Keyshia: (CONF) Who am I voting? Well, it's simple really. I'm voting--- *Tape scratches so you can not hear her vote* *Tape is back to normal* I mean, come on! There such a huge threat to me. I would be stupid not to vote for *Tape cuts out again*

(Jessica: I vote with Nalyd tonight... *gulp*)

Vin: (Confessional; reading a note from his friend, Paul) "Yo, Vin. If you play that skinny rich girl song and think of me, I'll have to kill you." *gulps* o_o"

Pete: -to Jade- So... How about a kiss for the winner? :)

Weird Al: Fans win!

Second Vote (Faves)

Nalyd: Tonight, I vote for the poison on this team... Fluffy. (Jessica votes with me, per above)

Michael: I'm probably gonna regret this desicon... but I vote for Nalyd. I don't care if I'm getting voted off soon because of it, I'm sick of him making final two every frickin' time! If I get voted off for taking a stand, so be it.

Mason: I vote for Nalyd, see ya.

Nalyd: I'm guessing this is gonna end up 4-4 and waiting on Sunshine Owe, I'll make a brief speech to them. I've played the game with you both a couple time, and I've gone pretty far with both of you. I want you to know, I wouldn't mind going to the end again with you two. Hint hint.

Chimmy: *votes Nalyd* Reveeenge. :D

Shawn: -votes Nalyd- REVENGE. :D

Oweguy: Um I don't want to make Nalyd upset so I vote for Fluffy.

Sunshine: Weeeell, Fluffy seems totally awesome and all, but Nalyd's my Best Square Friend For Life so I'mma gonna have to vote for the Fluff-ster. Sorries! :( (I'M BACK YALL XD)

Keyshia: Well, the votes are pretty split. This may come as a shock, but I vote Fluffy. What? This ain't zapatera. I want a strong team! Fluffy is cool, but she worries me a little...

(Reddy: *at bowling alley* first, what the frick Keyshia? And Nalyd didn't even know I orchestrated this in-game -_-)

Fluffy: I vote Nalyd.

Chris: Time for a re-vote.


Chris: Nalyd, Fluffy, you cannot vote. Everyone else must vote for one of you.

Keyshia: I vote Fluffy, and I'll stand by this, so if anyone needs an explanation, do ask.

Shawn: I vote Nalyd, he got me out twice. Revenge?

Michael: Hmm... *writes name down on slip of paper, although all you can see on it is a "l"* (To get Koops to stop bothering me to vote. -.-)

Mason: Ugh, a re-vote? I'm gonna vote for Fluffy, considering nobody is gonna bother to change their vote. (, Reddy, >.>)

Chimmy: *looks at Nalyd and Fluffy voo-doo dolls, pokes Nalyd one in the eye* My vooote. :D

Michael: *pulls away from slip of paper, revealing he voted for Fluffy* (Since Addict also betrayed, now I won't feel guilty about it. :) )

Sunshine: *sings* F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for u and meeee! N is for Nalyd who is my BSFFL, and so I'mma vote for Fluf-fyyyy! *ta-daa :D* (My favorite part about this vote is that I actually got the two verses to rhyme. XD)

Chris: Fluffy, the song has spoken.

Day Three Chat

Faves Chat (3)

Nalyd: Guess we see where we all stand...

Keyshia: (CONF) I made a power move and it paid off. Don't say I never did anything, cause I was originally allied with Mason, Shawn and Fluffy.

Mason: Yeah...

Nalyd: *changes into bathing suit, goes swimming in lake*

Sunshine: RENNY! *charges into lake and tacklehugs* Did'ja miss me? Huh? Huh? I bet you missed me since we're totally best friends :D How's the camp? Huh? Isn't it a great camp? Huh? Huh? Huh? How's Ravi? She blocked my number on her cell phone so I haven't been able to talk to her in a while. So how is she? Huh? Huh? And Amy and Elmo? How're they? Do they miss their Auntie? Huh? Did you like my song? Huh? Did'ja? I bet you did. How come that vein in your forehead keeps throbbing? (XD)

Nalyd: ...

(CONF) Nalyd: Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine. You and I have been in many a camp together. And every time, you blindly follow me. Am I surprised? Nope. (The character, not you Sunshine. Real Sunshine is my best wiki friend. xD)

Nalyd: *goes to top of cliff* You guys ready for this?

Mason: *now in the water* Don't get your bathing suit ripped again.

Nalyd: *glares at Mason* It's not gonna happen again... I hope...

Keyshia: *Sitting by lake* Let's see the epic jump, Nalyd! :D

Mason: *swims by Keyshia* So... Hows it goin'.

Keyshia: *Dips feet into water* Good! How are you, Mason?

Nalyd: *dives face first* SPLASH *runs to shore* Did you guys watch me! :D

Keyshia: *To Nalyd* I did! It was EPIC :P

Nalyd: Yay! :D *runs back to top of cliff, dives head first again*

Mason: Nice! Anyway, yeah, I've been good.

Keyshia: Nice again Nalyd! *To Mason* That's good!

Nalyd: *dives off the cliff face first again* You guys gotta try it! :D

Sunshine: *dives off after Nalyd* WHEEE! *pause* Wait, I can't swim. *SPLASH* OMG NUUUUU - oh wait, I'm wearing my floatie. Nevermind! :D

Keyshia: *Puts on bikini and walks up to the cliff* Um yeah, never done this before! *Dives off of cliff*

Nalyd: *dives off, gets caught on the branch again, receiving a super wedgie* Ouch...

Mason: Saw that coming. *goes to the top of the cliff and cannonballs* WOO!

Mason: *to Keyshia* Anyway, sorry about last season...

Nalyd: *hanging from tree branch by swim trunks* Help...

Keyshi: *To Mason* It's fine!

Nalyd: *falls* -SPLASH- I'm free! :D

Keyshia: *Looks up at branch and points to trunks*

Nalyd: *long awkward silence* Those are mine, huh... *runs to cabin*

Keyshia: *Skakes Head* Poor, poor Nalyd.

Nalyd: *hides under bed* :c (xD)

Keyshia: Ok then O.o

Keyshia: *Walks into cabin to comfort Nalyd* There, there buddy. We all get ebarrased sometimes! It's ok!

Nalyd: Not all of us end up naked on national TV. (xD)

Keyshia: Yeah, that was hilarious! I mean.... so sorry....

Nalyd: It's fine. *gets out from under bed* Thanks Keyshia.

Keyshia: O.o Um, no problem? Yeah, so... Nalyd... you know... you're still naked...

Nalyd: ... *jumps under bed* You can leave now... (xD)

Keyshia: I certainly will. Bye naked Nalyd! *Exits cabin* (xD)

Nalyd: *gets dressed, takes a nap*

Chimmy: *tiptoes around camp* >:D

Nalyd: *snores ridiculously*

Keyshia: *Walks back into cabin* Nalyd, I--- OH MY GOD! You're still naked O.o

Nalyd: *jumps awake* What? O.O

Keyshia: *Laughs* Just kidding!

Nalyd: Oh good. *awkward laugh* (xD)

Keyshia: Yeah... so... now what?

Shawn: Hi Guys <3

Mason: *floats in the lake*

Michael: *sleeping in bed* Snore noise... Snore noise...

Fans Chat (3)

Michelle: We won last time, let's do it again; if we lose, let's just kick Slacker Matt.

Vin: I am glad we won our first challenge, I hope we can do it again though.

Vin: *changes into his swim-shorts* Well, anyone wanna go for a swim with me? :3

Michelle: *is sleeping, anticipating the next challenge*

Vin: Everyone's asleep... eh, I'll just go by myself and my pet, Lil' Cuddle . *walks off to the lake*

Pete: Wait, Vin! -runs after him- (Conf) I'll admit, I'm not great with the ladies. But Vin seems to know a lot, so maybe he knows how I can get Jade to fall for me? I dunno.

Vin: Ey, what can I help you with, Pete?

John: *smiles* Team we can win this! We have strong men and beautiful ladies! Our team is awesome!

Kayla: We have just gotta win for once!

Michelle: (CONF) No thanks to you Kayla.

Challenge Three

Chris: We need three people from each team.

Fans - Nalyd, Michael, Keyshia | Fans - Vin, Robert, John

Nalyd: I'll prove myself to you guys!

Mason: I participated in the last one, I think everybody should get a turn, so I'll sit this one out.

Vin: I'll participate.

Michael: Fiiiiine...

Keyshia: Sign me up!

Robert:Me for the Fans, I guess.

John: I shall prove myself for the Fans!

Chris: This is a swimming challenge! Swim out 100 meters, then swim back. First three back win. (All go at once) Go!

Nalyd: *wearing third bathing suit, dives into water, paddles*

Vin: *gets in his swin-shorts; prepared to paddle*

Vin: *notices Keyshia swimming; and quickly passes thorugh her* Bye, Keyshia! :P

Keyshia: *Wearing dark blue bikini, dives into the water and begins swimming*

Keyshia: *Glares at Vin and picks up the pace*

Nalyd: *continues swimming*

Vin: I'm sorry we got on the wrong foor, Keyshia. May we settle our differences once this whole challenge is over? :P

John: *dives in and starts swimming*

Nalyd: *keeps swimming*

Keyshia: *Catches up to Vin* Sure! I'm all for second chances :D

Vin: Oh, good. *starts swimming next to Nalyd* Hey my broski.

Robert:*starts swimming*

Nalyd: *keeps swimming*

Keyshia: *Continues swimming*

Nalyd: *keeps swimming*

Chris: Nalyd and Vin at the halfway point! Start swimming back!

Nalyd: *starts swimming back*

Keyshia: *Keeps swimming*

John: *keeps swimming*

Vin: *starts swimming backwards*

Nalyd: *continues swimming*

Michael: *swimming* (Didn't know the challenge started. :|)

Keyshia: *Reaches half way point and starts swimming back*

Vin: *swims quicker*

Michael: *continues swimming*

Nalyd: *continues swimming*

John: *keeps swimming*

Keyshia: *Keeps swimming*

Nalyd: *keeps swimming*

Chris: Vin, Keyshia, Nalyd, almost back to shore!

Michael: *continues swimming*

Vin: *swims faster*

John: *keeps swimming*

Keyshia: *Keeps swimming*

Nalyd: *reaches shore, jumps up* Yes!

Vin: *reaches shore*

Michael: *continues swimming*

Keyshia: *Reaches the shore*

Michael: *continues swimming*

Chris: Two faves, one fan back at shore!

Vin: *gets a chair and relaxes till the others arrive* 8)

Chris: Michael at the halfway point, John on his way back!

John: *swimming back*

Michael: *turns around to go back and swims*

Nalyd: *hugs Keyshia* Great work!

John: *keeps swimming*

Keyshia: *Hugs Nalyd* Yay! Good job!

Nalyd: Hope we win. *smiles*

Michael: *continues swimming*

John: *keeps swimming*

Chris: John and Michael almost back to shore!

Michael: *continues swimming*

John: *swims to shore* Yes!

Michael: *reaches shore* Woot.

Chris: Faves win!

Keyshia: *Cheers* Yes!

Third Vote (Fans)

Vin: I vote for Max, Matt whatever his name is. (Rocks: Alfan said he votes for Matt as well.)

John: *panting* I swam all that way....I vote Kayla.

Pete: Uhh. So many choices. o_o I vote for Matt. He's barely even spoke since we got here. He's lucky I know his name.

Michelle: *votes Matt* Na na na na na, hey hey, goodbye. LOSER!!!

Jade: Dude, you guys, we lost again? I vote off Matt, wait who is that?

(Alfan:I can edit now. :P ) Robert:Yeah, I vote Matt.

Chris: Matt, you're out.

Day Four Chat

Faves Chat (4)

Nalyd: *tiptoes into girls' cabin, drops a spider in Keyshia's hair, sneaks out*

Shawn: -glares at Nalyd from a distance- Here's what you need to do. -grabbed Owe's clothes from his suitcase, and put it in Chimmy's suitcase. While removing Chimmy's clothes, and putting it in Owe's suitcase.- Watch. :D

Mason: I have a feeling we're gonna win this one.

Nalyd: *snickers* That's awesome, guys. xD Chimmy's gonna kill ya, Shawn.

Keyshia: *Wakes up and feels through hair* ... There's something in my hiar... *Take spider out* *Screams* AH!!!!!!!!!! *Runs out* I know who exactly did this....

Nalyd: *goes into shower, showers (SQUEAKY CLEAN :D sorry, I'm weird xD), gets out of shower, gets dressed, looks in mirror* Why is my hair green... *gasps* I know exactly who did this...

Chimmy: *hands Nalyd voodoo doll to Sunshine* It's a happy doll! Squeeze it when you feel good :D

Keyshia: *Waits for Nalyd* (CONF) Yes, I switched his shampoo with green hair dye. What? I only did it because I know he put that spider in my hair...right?

Nalyd: *marches up to Keyshia, points at his hair* Did you do this? >.>

Mason: *walks around the campground*

Keyshia: *Laughs* Yes, yes I did. But maybe you shouldn't put a spider in my hair next time -.- *Takes spider out of jar and throws it at Nalyd*

Nalyd: *shrieks runs in circles, shakes spider out of hair* You win this round.

Keyshia: *Smiles* That's how it should be!

Nalyd: *sticks tongue out* Wanna hang out?

Keyshia: Sure. As long as you don't put anymore spiders in my hair... *Reaches up and pats hair nervously*

Nalyd: *sits on sand at beach* Who do you want gone next?

Keyshia: *Sits down next to him* I really don't know. Just as long as we keep winning, I'm good.

Nalyd: *smirks* You just don't want to make enemies :p

Keyshia: *Glares at Nalyd* Hey, if the ending is a jury vote I want the majority on my side, so of course I don't want to make enemies... but I think Fluffy probably already hates me...

Nalyd: Fluffy's gone, we don't have to worry about her anymore.

Keyshia: True, but I don't like making people angry :O

Nalyd: *smirks* Good.

(CONF) Nalyd: Looks like I got a new Jessica.

Keyshia: (CONF) I ain't no coat tail rider. Anyone who wants to label me that is wrong. Enough said. *Outside Confessional* So, how are you enjoying your new hair, Nalyd? :D

Sunshine: HAPPY DOLL :D *flails Nalyd doll around* (Every time I play as Ravioli, I miss playing as Sunshine, LOL XD... but now I miss playing as Ravi D:)

Nalyd: *feels severe pain in arms* Sunshine put that doll away. (Leshawnafan and I were talking about Ravioli being in this camp xD)

Keyshia: O.o Wow, i guess voodoo really does work.. (Yeah, we were talking about it yesterday :P)

(Nalyd: I g2g, I'll be back in less than ten minutes, then we can do le challenge!)

Sunshine: But Chimmy said it's a happy doll D: (Really? LOL, that's great. XD OMG for the first time I'mma be here for a challenge! :DD)

Keyshia: Maybe Chimmy gave you that cause she knew you would flail it around. Cause voodoo dolls are not happy dolls :P

Sunshine: What's a voodoo? Is it kinda like a vaccuum? *makes vaccuum sounds*

Keyshia: Um, no... It's a doll that looks like a person, and when you're mad at that person, you hit or do something to hurt the doll, and somehow it actually hurts the person O.o

Nalyd: Yeah, please dont mess with it, or give it to Keyshia... (xD)

Keyshia: *Smiles* On second thought, you could give it to me :D

Nalyd: *grabs doll* Or not.

Keyshia: *Glares* I'll get it somehow :P

Nalyd: *puts doll in hoodie pocket*

Keyshia: (CONF) Well, now I know where he's hiding it. *Laughs* Yay, another way to me with Nalyd! :D

Nalyd: *walks away*

Sunshine: My happy doll D: *pauses, thinks, pulls Duncan doll out of ponytail and flails it around* :DDD (This explains so much. XD)

Nalyd: *hides doll in dresser* (BTW, Sunshine, epic job on the TWE characters, I think I'm gonna work on a new chapter xD)

Keyshia: *Runs into cabin* Oh god, the spider is loose O.o Of course, just what I need.

(Sunshine: Yay, thanks :D I still have to pick a good chapter to start on... I'm thinking either one of my "Day in the Life" chapters or the "Bring Your Random Family Member to School Day" one...)

Nalyd: *falls asleep in guys' cabin* (I think either one would be epic, just flip a coin xD)

Sunshine: *stares through window of guy's cabin, looking for her happy doll* (I'll probably have to do that, LOL)

Nalyd: *has that awkward feeling he's being watched, is too lazy to stop sleeping* (OMG, Sunshine, I was looking through old camps! We used to be newbs! o.o xD)

(Sunshine: OMG NO WAI!! :o LOL, I won the first NR camp I was in... then again that was 'cause you pitied me in the final three vote and then I was against Heather... XDD)

(Nalyd: Nah, you totally had that right from the start. xD Speaking of Christin, the book I'm reading in school, the main character is a rip-off of Christin. xD)

(Sunshine: I oughta sue, LOL. XD)

Keyshia: *Walks by Sunshine and slips into the boys cabin* Now, let's see where that doll is :D

Sunshine: So that's how you open that door... o_O *sneaks in after Keyshia*

Nalyd: *is sleeping more*

Keyshia: *Whispers to Sunshine* Wanna help me find that doll?

Nalyd: *SNORE*

Keyshia: God he snores loud. Wait, *looks over at Nalyd* is he wearing a night gown O.o? I should take a pic! *Pulls out phone* Perfect :D

Nalyd: *is wearing a night gown* (xD)

Sunshine: Woah, how'd you get the producers to let you bring a phone? Whenever I get on, all they let me bring is my Duncan doll, a can of ravioli, and the beeper that alerts medical personell if I get rabies again...

Keyshia: You've gotten rabies before O.o Poor, poor you! Anyways, I just snuck it in. If you play all nice, they don't check your purse! *Pulls out blue purse* It's very handy!

Nalyd: *talks in sleep* Ugh... No more bacon... loljk, bacon, yay!

Sunshine: They let you take a purse? O.O I always have to hide my stuff in my hair... *pulls a can of ravioli out of her ponytail XD*

Keyshia: He's thinking about food now? Weird... *Opens dresser and finds doll under hoodies* Yes! Well, before we go, *sprinkles itching powder on Nalyd's clothes* Another thing I snuck in :D

Keyshia: *To Sunshine* Yeah... they really need better security here (xD)

Nalyd: *starts waking up* Hm...

Keyshia: *Stares at doll* Hm, I guess we could make you hit yourself :D *Starts making the doll hit itself*

Nalyd: *starts hitting himself* What are you two doing here?

Keyshia: *Hides doll in her purse* Oh nothing, just watching the beautiful... ceiling?

Shawn: -walked in and took a look at Nalyd.- What.. are you wearing?!

Nalyd: It's a night gown. All of you get out, I'm getting dressed. *glares*

Keyshia: Ok guys, time to go! *Pushes Shawn and Sunshine out, and drops a bottle on the ground* That's your cologne by the way, Nalyd.

Shawn: We are dudes any ways, right? -lifted arm up, and arm pit smell started to stink- We don't take showers. Right? -walked back in-

Keyshia: *Grabs Shawn and drags him out* He doesn't want anyone in there :P

Sunshine: Happy doll :DD

Shawn: You can handle my smell?

Keyshia: *Hands Sunshine the doll* Do whatever you want with it :D. *Lets go of Shawn* What smell?

Sunshine: Yaaay :D *pulls a tea party set out of her ponytail, starts having tea party with Duncan and Nalyd dolls*

(Conf.) Sunshine: Oh yeah, I guess I managed to sneak on my tea party stuff this season... actually, I don't know what's in this ponytail of mine anymore... o.O

Fans Chat (4)

Robert:(CONF) I really hope we win this time! Now that Matt is gone, we finally have a chance!

Michelle: (CONF) I hope we win this challenge and if we don't, I know who is taking the fall.

John: *smiles * Listen, we should try our hardest! I don't want to lose and vote any of you pretty ladies and strong men off!

Vin: (CONF) If we lose again.... I will beat Chris with a stale breadstick in his cabin or my name isn't Vinster the 4th!

Challenge Four

Chris: Four people from each team, volunteer please.

Faves - Nalyd, Sunshine, Keyshia, Oweguy | Fans - Vin, John, Michelle, Kayla

Nalyd: I will compete.

Sunshine: *tacklehugs Nalyd* Me too! Nalyd and I can be competition buddies! :D

Keyshia: I'll compete!

Vin: ....I guess I'm competing again.... :-\

Oweguy: I'll compete!

Chris: Just three more fans.

(Sunshine: It seems like whenever I'm here for a challenge, there's not enough members on the other team willing to participate... was it something I said? XD)

(Nalyd: This season the Fans generally show up late to the party. xD Me and LF are hanging out in camp chat above.)

John: I shall compete for the fans!

(Oatmeal: I always want to try the challenges. But It's always posted when I'm off. >.<)

Michelle: I'll play again!

Kayla: I'll compete!

Chris: Paintball deer hunt! Sunshine, Owe, Vin, and Michelle are deer, the rest of you are hunters. When you get shot, if you're a deer, say *is hit* in bold. You get two dodges. Go!

Nalyd: *charges at Vin, firing at him*

Keyshia: *Runs at Michelle*

Vin: *notices Nalyd and flees from him*

Kayla: *puts on a camo hat and holds her gun* Bring it on!

Nalyd: *follows Keyshia, running after Michelle, fires at Michelle*

Vin: *sees Michelle, and helps her by distracting Nalyd* Hurry, Michelle! D:

Keyshia: *Starts shooting at Michelle*

Nalyd: *continues shooting at Michelle*

Keyshia: *Continues shooting at Michelle*

Chris: Only hunters have guns.

Nalyd: *shoots Michelle*

Vin: *holds Nalyd down*

John: *winks at Kayla* Hey, I'm John. *starts shooting at Sunshine*

Nalyd: *shoots Vin up close*

Keyshia: *Shoots at Michelle*

Jade: Well, this isn't interesting... *grabs Kayla's gun, and shoots her* Yep, now it is!

Vin: *quickly dodges; snatching the gun from Nalyd* Heheh! :D

Chris: Michelle is out!

Nalyd: *jumps on Vin* Shoot him, Keyshia!

Keyshia: *Turns and shoots at Vin*

Vin: *gets Nalyd off him, dodges quickly and flees far away from Nalyd and Keyshia; taking Nalyd's gun in the process*

Sunshine: *flies up the side of tree, dodging John's hits* Ha ha, you missed m- *smacks into tree branch* (LOL fail. XD)

Kayla: *to John* Oh, hey.

John: *stares at Sunshine* I'm not exactly sure how to react to that.....*continues shooting at Sunshine anyway*

Chris: Vin, god play, you're out. Faves win.

Fourth Vote (Fans)

Vin: I vote Natalia off, too inactive barely did anything.

Michelle: A switch better come! I'm tired of losing! *votes Natalia*

Kayla: Uh...o...k *votes Natalia*

John: *eye twitch* My team....better win....*votes Natalia*

Jade: I vote Vin, he gives me a rash and stupidly godplayed... *slaps Vin*

Vin: ....Jade...That was surely not necessary. Plus, I've been helping since Day ONE and you've done absolutely nothing.

Pete: Aw, I missed the challenge again. :( I vote for Natalia, she's not pulling her weight for the team.

Chris: Natalia, sayonara!

(Alfan:Crap. I got on early as I could and Missed it. I would have voted Natalia,though. :P)

Day Five Chat

Faves Chat (5)

Nalyd: *gets dressed, sprays self with cologne* AAAH! This is pepper spray! And my clothes are full of itching powder! *runs out of cabin, runs around camp*

Shawn: Go commando, for a few years! Like me! -raised armpit, acid shot to nalyd.-

Nalyd: *continues running* Help me! D:

Jessica: *rolls her eyes and runs next to Nalyd* Here. *hands him a bucket of water*

(CONF) Jessica: So, I wonder if anyone knows about me liking Michael... Hm... *hears a noise at the door and quickly opens it* Who's there?!

Jessica: *sits on her bed*


Nalyd: Much better... *knocks on door of girls' cabin*


Shawn: WHERE ISH YOU D:< I wants me a sammywhich. <3 (Conf) Smooth. Right? XD

Jessica: *opens the door to see Nalyd* Hey Nalyd.

Chimmy: ...*pulls out Shawn voo-doo doll, throws it in kitchen* :D

Shawn: That doll had a mohawk. HELLO!?! Jeez, woman. :3 Now. LETS GO BURN SOME stuff up. XD

Jessica: *smiles at Chimmy and pushes Nalyd inside the girls' cabin* You go Chimmy!

Nalyd: *is pulled inside* Sup, Jessica? Haven't been able to talk to you all season.

Chimmy: *gets on knees and hands Nalyd sandwich* Extra crispy :D

Jessica: Nuthin' much, you? (CONF) Was it the strategic boy that heard me?

Shawn: -climbed onto Chimmy's head- Wewt. PARTEH

Jessica: Oh be quiet gamer boy.

Nalyd: *throws sandwich out window, faces Jessica* Not much. Me and Keyshia have become good friends, which is awesome.

Jessica: Yeah...she's nice, I guess. So, did you hear about the rumor about the girl with the crush on that guy, Michael. (I gtg.)

Nalyd: No, I haven't *gasps* Is it you?

Michael: *leaning back in chair and overhears* Everyone digs me, I'm not surprised.

Keyshia: *Walks out of cabin* Hey Nalyd, did you like my little surprise :D

Nalyd: No >.>

Keyshia: *Pats Nalyd's head* There, there buddy, it's ok. I know i got you good, don't be afraid to admit it :D

Mason: *thinking* Hmm. (I just needed to "talk" D:<)

Fans Chat (5)

Vin: (CONF) Did I pull through my team? Yes. Am I aggravated at Jade? Mhm. Now the only thing we need is a victory! x_o

Michelle: (CONF) Jade's tirade against Vin just cost her dearly.

Jade: You might wanna be shutting your face there. *repeatedly slaps Vin*

Kayla: *carving a skull into a chair*

Vin: ....Jade, I suggest you leave. If not, I will surely get my revenge on you.

John: *smiles at Kayla* Hola my beautiful friend. Your artistic talents are very...*glances at skull* Interesting.

Kayla: *looks up* Oh..thanks...*brushes hair out of her eyes and then keeps working on carving the skull*

Robert:(CONG) I HATE missing challenges. It happens so much. <_<

John: *sits next to Kayla* So, Kayla, where did you learn to carve such wonderful peices

Vin; Guys, I have a very important story to tell you. :P *gathers everyone in the cabin*

Kayla: *to John* Oh, all of the time at juvinile detention, you learn things...interesting things...from the other people I met there...

Jade: Vin, does it looks as if we care?! (to John) Ohhh, so how are you dump her? *smiles deviously*

Michelle: *glares at Jade* (CONF) Jade is an idiot, she pretty much just dug her own grave; she makes it so easy, next time sweetheart, keep your mouth shut.

John: Juvie? A girl with the beauty of an angle doesn't belong in juvie! Di aios mios....*smiles at Jade* We aren't dating, but I'm single...

Vin: Okay, everyone listening? No. Then, here's my tall tale. My grandfather taught me hunting skills. I caught a shark once; it bit me in the butt once. I still have the scar mark to prove it.

Michelle: *rolls her eyes jokingly* Your so getting this from Total Drama, Vin. *chuckles*

Kayla: *to John* You get used to it after a while.

John: *laughs* I figured as, do you know any other skills?

Vin: John, Kayla. Anyone of you wanna have fun in the lake? :P

Kayla: Um yeah. I am pretty good at lacrosse and athletics...stuff like that.

John: I love basketball, can you play?

Kayla: I'm ok at playing it....*looks up*

John: *nods and smiles* What's your favorite color?

Kayla: Either Midnight Blue or red. You?

John: The color of your's a very inticing color.

Kayla: *flattered* Oh, thanks...Fave Song?

John: Your's like a thousand angles. And some

Kayla: I like rock music. And some punk.

John: Nice...nice. So, are you single?

Kayla: Yeah. My stupid ex, Adrian dumped me for some other chick named Chrissie. I hate him for that.

John: Who would dump YOU? Anyone who would dump you is crazy? I would kill for a wonderful girl like you!

Kayla: Really?...That's really...awesome of you....

John: It's the truth. The awesome truth for an awesome girl...

Kayla: *smiles* No one ever thinks that..

John: That "Adrian" was a lucky guy. But no girl could compare to you...

Kayla: *blushes a little*

Challenge Five

Chris: Alright, this is a gross food eating marathon! First seven people to eat the food move on! First dish; mud pie with worms and bugs.

Faves - Michael, Chimmy, Keyshia, Mason | Fans - John, Michelle, Robert

Nalyd: ... No thanks.

Michael: ... *gulps, and starts eating*

John: *pinches nose and starts eating*

Michelle: *starts eating*

Chimmy: *slurps it up* :DDD

Keyshia: *Shrugs* I've got a rock solid stomach! *begins eating and gags* O.o Maybe not...

Michelle: *finishes* This is so gross!

Michael: *finishes* Ugh...

Chimmy: *shows clean plate* Encore! :D

Keyshia: *Finishes* O.o that was...interesting

John: *finishes* Next?

Vin: *starts eating*

Mason: I still wanna see if I can eat this. *starts eating*

Mason: *finishes* Not too bad? (I waited five minutes, nobody else posted anything >.>)

Robert:Ewwwww....*starts eating*

Michelle: *is grossed out* I hate the person who created this challenge!

Robert:*finishes eating* Horrid!

Vin: *finishes eating*

Faves - Michael, Chimmy, Keyshia, Mason | Fans - John, Michelle, Robert

Chris: Now you will eat slug gut soup with mold and toenails. First four to finish move on.

Keyshia: Hehehe, yeah, I don't think so...

Mason: *starts chugging the soup* (as in, drinking, sorta :|)

Robert:*starts slurping the soup down*

Michelle: *starts slurping with a disapproved look*

Robert:*finishes his soup* That was horrific!

Mason: *finishes*

Michelle: *finishes* Are we done now?

Jade: Eat that? Cool. *chows it down quickly*

Chris: Jade, you're not in this. One more person can finish.

Michelle: It's too late to save yourself now.

Chimmy: ...crap, allergic :(

Pete: Go Fans!!! :) (CONF) I keep missing the challenges... :s This is NOT a good way to impress Jade.

Michelle: *whispers to Pete* Vote Jade tonight. She betrayed us, now we betray her.

Keyshia: *Looks at soup* Well, we need a fourth person... *Begins drinking the soup*

John: *pinches nose and closes eyes* Down the hatch. *starts drinking the soup*

Michelle: GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!

Michael: *gulps, then starts drinking it*

Keyshia: *Slowly finishes the soup* Um, ewwwww

John: *finishes soup* Blehh.

Mason: Great job Keyshia!

Michelle: Can John be in just so we can be even? Please?!

Mason: With Keyshia in, its 2-2, so its already even. :|

Faves - Keyshia, Mason | Fans - Michelle, Robert

Chris: Final round, first to eat this wins immunity; Skunk-dirt, sewage waste lasagna! Enjoy!

Michelle: *starts eating fast*

Mason: *starts eating as fast as possible*

Michelle: *finishes and falls down* DONE!!!

Mason: Again?!?!?! *vomits* Ugh...

Keyshia: *Starts shoveling the food in her mouth*

Chris: Fans win!

Kayla: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps up*

Mason: Always, always, second! -_-

Fifth Vote (Faves)

Nalyd: I vote... Shawn.

Keyshia: I vote Shawn.

(Oatmeal: Please don't vote me.. im going through.. some hard stuff right now.)

Nalyd: Guys, Keyshia and I cant change our votes, but I'll have pity on Shawn cause he's going through some stuff right now, so I urge the rest of my alliance to vote for Mason.

Chimmy: *votes Mason*

Michael: ... Mason.

Shawn: Mason.

Mason: Not like it matters, I'm voting Michael.

Jessica: To end this vote now, I vote...Mason. *votes Mason* *whispers* That's for messing with Michael last season.

Chris: Mason, you're out.

Day Six Chat

Faves Chat (6)

(CONF) Nalyd: The two people in the Nalyd-opposition are out. Duh, winning.

Keyshia: (CONF) *Is writing in a journal* What? I'm just planning out today'sm pranks on Nalyd, gosh! Now, leave me be, you don't want to spoil the surprise do you?

Oweguy: I feel like I'm missing a lot. (BTW Nalyd the contestants page is messed up)

Nalyd: *goes to the mess hall, eats breakfast*

Jessica: *wakes up and puts on a purple tanktop, flipfops and a jean skirt*

Nalyd: *goes to top of cliff, slips on banana peel, slips off, falls to water* x_x

Keyshia: *See Nalyd fall off and runs over to the water* O.o NALYD!!! Are you ok?

Nalyd: x_x

Keyshia: :O I know I ain't no doctor, but I think he's dead! :'(

(CONF) Nalyd: Old trick I learned, I can actually stop my heart from beating for a few seconds. Watch! *dies* (xD)

Keyshia: *Starts crying* Why must the good die young? (:P)

Nalyd: *eyes shoot open* Gotcha! *laughs*

Keyshia: *Screams* You jerk! *Grabs pepper spray from purse and sprays it in his eyes* That'll teach you to mess with me!

Nalyd: *shrieks*

(CONF) Nalyd: So- *camerman laughs* Shut up >.>

Nalyd: My eyes!

Jessica: *laughs* Good going Keyshia!

Nalyd: *stands up* Alright, we've all had a little fun at Nalyd's expense. Very funny, girls.

Keyshia: *Smiles at Jessica* Thanks! I always keep my pepper spray handy, incase moments like this occur. *Glares at Nalyd*

Jessica: *walks over to the two* So, do ya wanna hang out on the beach, guys?

Nalyd: *is magically lying on beach towel in bathing suit* (xD)

Keyshia: Sure! Let me go get my bikini! *Goes to cabin and changes into royal blue bikini* Ready!

Nalyd: *has two more towels for Keyshia and Jessica* Take a seat, ladies.

Jessica: *lays down* Ah...

Keyshia: *Lays down* Aw, this is nice! :D I love the beach!

Nalyd: *works on tan, starts falling asleep*

Jessica: So, who's next to go?

Keyshia: *Puts on sunglasses* I have no idea, but hopefully we wont have to think about that for awhile :D

Nalyd: SNORE.

Fans Chat (6)

Vin: *wakes up, heavily and drops to the floor* Well we actually won a victory, now we just need to keep doing it!

Michelle: I agree, unless some twist happens.

Jade: *scoffs, starts cutting up flowers with scissors* (CONF) I wonder how long I'll be able to live these people. I mean... the hatred I feel for them.

Challenge Six

Chris: This will be a three round physical challenge. One member from each team will face, trying to knock the other off the platform. Who will go first for each team?

Nalyd: I will go first for the Faves.

Michelle: I'll go!

Chris: First round; Nalyd vs. Michelle! You're on a platform above the lake, first one to fall loses. Go!

Nalyd: *dives at Michelle's lower legs and feet*

Michelle: *gets up and dives at Nalyd's knees*

Nalyd: *falls on butt, pushes Michelle's shoulders*

Michelle: *pushes Nalyd's chest*

Nalyd: *rolls over, pinning Michelle* This is awkward. *gets up, takes a few steps away*

Michelle: *gets up and pushes Nalyd as hard as she can*

Nalyd: *stumbles backwards, grabs hold of Michelle's wrist in an attempt to pull her with him, loses grip, falls off, SPLASH* Dang *swims back to shore*

Chris: Fans win round one! Next round, we need one from each team.

Jessica: Me!

Jade: I will go second for the Fans... (CONF) Wow, I just volunteered. -.-

Chris: Jessica vs. Jade. GO!

Nalyd: *watching* This is gonna be awesome. (xD)

Jessica: *slaps Jade's face* (xD)

Michael: Jessica! Kill Jade! >.>

Keyshia: *Cheers* Go Jess! Kick her butt!

Jade: Dude, seriously? *pins Jessica on ground and repeatedly slaps her*

Jessica: *pushes Jade off of her* Lose already! (I vote w/ Nalyd.)

Jessica: *falls back and falls off* Darn. (I gtg.)

Jade: I am VICTORIOUS! *slips off* AHH!

Chris: Fans win... again?! o.o

Sixth Vote (Faves)

Nalyd: The last member of the resistance goes home... *votes Chimmy*

Keyshia: Bye girl, but you are our last threat... *Votes Chimmy*

Michael: *votes off Chimmy* Diiiiiie...

Chimmy: ...wut? D; *votes Owe*

Shawn: Chimmeh. D:< NO SAMMYWHICH? NO MILLION! YOU GO HOME -voted her-

Chris: Chimmy, Nalyd your team has spoken.

Day Seven Chat

Chris: Both teams vote for a team captain, you may vote for yourself.

Faves Team Captain Vote

Nalyd: I vote myself.

Shawn: I vote my right-hand man, NALYD.

Keyshia: I vote my prank buddy, Nalyd :D

Michael: Nalyd... (CONF) If I don't I'm totally out next... :|

Chris: Nalyd is captain for the Faves.

Fans Team Captain Vote

Michelle: I vote me like I always do for these types of things.

Vin: I will vote for Michelle. -w-

Robert:I gotta vote Michelle for this.

Pete: Can I vote Jade just for being super hot? D: Although Michelle has been leading us in the challenges... Fine, I vote Michelle. >_<

Chris: Michelle is captain for the Fans.

New Team Selection

Chris: One at a time, you two will take turns picking one person for your team. Also, team captains, name your teams. (Short names, please) Begin.

Dragons - Nalyd, Keyshia, Jade, Pete, Shawn, Sunshine, John | Metallica - Michelle, Jessica, Michael, Vin, Robert, Owe, Kayla

Nalyd: Keyshia.

Michelle: Jessica.

Nalyd: Jade.

Michelle: Michael.

Nalyd: Pete.

Michelle: Vin.

Michael: *walks over* You made the right choice picking me. ;) (CONF) Thank God, my days were numbered with Nalyd, and I'm on the same team as Jessica, who won't vote me off...

Nalyd: Shawn.

Michelle: Robert.

Nalyd: Sunshine.

Michelle: Owe.

Nalyd: John.

Chris: By default, Kayla goes to Metallica.

Pete: (CONF) YES! I'm on the same team as Jade! Vin's on the other team, though, which stinks. :/

Dragons Chat (7)

Nalyd: Awesome new team!

Keyshia: *High fives Nalyd* Woot!

Pete: -walks over to Nalyd and Keyshia- Hey, I'm Pete! :D

Sunshine: *paints a dragon on her shirt* GO TEAM DRAGONS!!! (I missed a lot, LOL. XD)

Keyshia: *Waves to Pete* Hey! I'm Keyshia! :D

Nalyd: Sunshine, buddy, can I speak to you? Alone.

Keyshia: *Looks at Sunshine's shirt* Nice Dragon, Sunshine :D

Sunshine: Thankies! I'mma making shirts for our new epic team! GO TEAM DRAGONS! Now if you'll excuse me... *follows Nalyd*

Pete: What's up, Keyshia? :)

Nalyd: *whispers* I just gotta make sure you're with me and my alliance. I can't tell with you sometimes. *realizes he must put this in Sunshine terms* When we vote, vote for the same person as I do, and I'll give you a cookie. Or if I cant get a cookie, my undying friendship. (xD)

Shawn: Meh who wants to be my lover? XD.

Sunshine: *paints a dragon on Nalyd's hoodie while he's talking* I'd prefer the cookie. (XD) But totally, Rennie! You're my homie. My dawg. My brada. My-- (FUN FACT: I gave this same speech in camp 5. Twice. XDD)

Nalyd: Great. *goes to cabin, changes into new hoodie* DOUBLE HOODIE ALL THE WAY ACROSS MY TORSO :D (Sunshine - The Sierra of Nalyd Camps xD)

Sunshine: *stands on tree stump, realizes this still leaves her shorter than the rest of the human population, shrugs it off* WHO WANTS TEAM DRAGON SHIRTS? :D (Gaspeth! That is so not true! I have a ponytail, not a braid. XD)

Keyshia: :O I want a team Dragon shirt! :D

Metallica Chat (7)

Michelle: Whose ready to rock n' roll?!

Vin: I'm up for it.

Robert:(CONF)We need to start a winning streak! :D

Michelle: (CONF) As evil as I am, I'm getting close to Vin and Robert and I'm hoping we can make it to the merge together. Wow, that sounded out of character. (XD)

Robert:(CONF)Vin and Michelle are great friends! I really hope we can pull it together and get a winning streak.

Michael: (CONF) *prays* Please let the other team get the curse of Fluffy...

Michelle: *to Michael* Can I talk to you for a minute quietly?

Michael: Yes?

Michelle: *to Michael, away from the others* You should forget about Nalyd and join with us; we can rule this game.

Seventh Challenge

Chris: No challenge.

Seventh Vote

Dragons Vote (7)

Nalyd: I vote... John.

Shawn: -smile- No one steals my name. I vote John.

Pete: I vote John, too. :/

Sunshine: I vote John since Rennie promised me cookies :D

Jade: I vote for Pete ... I think he's been sniffing my hair. >.>

Keyshia: I vote John! Sorry dude

Chris: John is out!

Metallica Vote (7)

Michelle: *votes Owe* Later!

Vin: Owe... sorry bro.

Michael: *votes for Owe* You've been inactive lately... Sorry.

Robert:(CONF)I feel like this may be a deciding vote. (:P) I vote Owe. Sorry.

Jessica: *votes Vin* I'm sorry for voting for you... I just can't vote for my buddy, Owe. Please don't vote for me next time because of this. If Owe was your friend, you would understand why I can't vote for him.

Vin: Why me... what did I ever do to you, Jessica? I may or may not let this go but... you should've just not voted at all if you wanted to save him. Either way, your decision risked alot. :-\

Chris: Owe is out!

Day Eight Chat

Dragons Chat (8)

Nalyd: So, team, I guess we're all unified, yes?

Keyshia: Of course! I still want my shirt, Sunshine :D

Nalyd: Looks like Jessica's next to go for Metallica, that's too bad...

Keyshia: Yeah, I really liked having her here :(

Jade: *sees cameraman* Don't turn to me yet, I got something stuck in my teeth!

Cameraman: I'm already on you.

Jade: You turned it on while I was getting something out of my teeth?!

Cameraman: I didn't kn--

Jade: You know, it's alright, let just go, just do it...

Cameraman: You wanna start over? I could just press a button.

Jade: No! Just go, yeah, (sarcastic) go ahead and shoot me from that angle! ...Your batteries dying, it's down to 1% and now it's do-- *camera turns off*

Nalyd: *looks at Jade* You okay?...

Keyshia: *Whispers* I think she has something stuck in her teeth...

Pete: Jade, no matter what you do, you still look hot. :)

(CONF) Nalyd: Pete, Pete, Pete. I don't know what to think of him. We're "allied," but he's also very tight with the other team. Him or Jade next time we lose.

Jade: (to Pete) I know I do. *whispers* Your in my alliance. *feels Pete sniffing her hair* Dude, seriously?!*kness Nalyd in the stomach* I wouldn't have actually killed you right now, but I felt like it...

Pete: (CONF) So, I'm in, like, two alliances... -facepalms- What have I gotten myself into? -_- (END CONF) But your hair smelled so nice... D:

Nalyd: Jade, you just bought a ticket off the island... *collapses*

Keyshia: *Snaps fingers at Jade* Done! (CONF) Really the only good fan on our team is Pete, unless he somehow betrays us...

Metallica Chat (8)

Michelle: That's one less person to worry about in the Hoodie Town Alliance.

Kayla: Hey Guys!

Michael: *leaning against tree* So little people talk here...

Vin: Sup, Michael. How's it hanging? *waves to Michael*

Robert:Hey, Vin.

Michael: Oh, hi Vin...

Challenge Eight

Chris: We need one person from each team.

Pete: I want to go! :)

Vin: I'll go.

Chris: Alright. *brings the two in a plane* You will both sky dive, trying to land on a sofa below. Your teammates will move the sofa to help you land. Go!

Nalyd: Let's just leave it here, he'll make it.

Vin: *gulps* What happens if I fall straight into the ground? o.o

Keyshia: Lets wait till he jumps to move it, Nalyd. That way we can wait a little bit.

Pete: -looks for sofa- THIS... IS... AWESOME! :D

Chris: You can jump now.

Pete: -leans too far out, and loses balance and falls- AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! THIS IS AMAZING! :DDDD

Nalyd: *waits to see which way he goes*

Keyshia: *Stares at nails* Hmmm, I wonder how this will work out...

Pete: -flies to the left- WOOOOOOO!

Keyshia: *Starts pushing the sofa* Come on guys, we gotta get to Pete!

Vin: *falls off* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *screams like a little girl* Come on team, land me safely.

Michael: *moves the sofa*

Vin: *flies to the right* Oh, boy I hope this doesn't kill me. x_o

Nalyd: *pushes sofa with Pete* We gotta catch him...

Keyshia: *Continues pushing* Gah, we have to win!

Michael: *pushes sofa to the right*

Vin: *sees the sofa and keeps falling on his current position*

Michael: Come on Vin...

Pete: -sees the sofa and positions his body in a dive position to help his aim-

Vin: *continues falling*

Nalyd: *sees Pete coming in head first* Uh oh.

Vin: *is nearly landed to the sofa*

Keyshia: *Looks at Pete* O.o That's not gonna end well...


Vin: *lands on sofa unharmed* Woohoo! :D

Chris: Metallica wins round one! We need another member of each team for round two.

Pete: -lands on the sofa head-first- Ow... I feel dizzy... o_o -passes out-

Michelle: I guess I'll go.

Pete: (CONF) Don't worry, it's only concussion number nine... Hey, it's Obama! :D

Jade: I'll go. *sees Pete* Um, you okay? (CONF) I actually kinda feel bad for him...

Chris: Jade vs. Michelle. You two will each ride a wild Canadian bucking moose, last one on their moose wins. *puts girls on Moose, moose begin jumping wildly* Go!

Michelle: *hangs onto the moose* I'm not letting go easily.

Both moose: *begins jumping around and running into each other at high speed*

Michelle: *hangs on for dear life*

Jade: I feel so much hatred... AH! *crashes into Michelle making Jade's moose fall* We couldn't have gotten helmets?!

Michelle: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Jade: You might wanna be shutting your face there. *still on the moose while it's sideways, but it gets up*

Michelle: You already fell, so I can care less now.

Chris: Metallica wins!

Eighth Vote (Dragons)

Nalyd: I vote Jade. Nuff said.

Shawn: I dun know you so,... -voted Jade-

Keyshia: *Shrugs* You were gone from the start. I vote Jade.

Jade: >.> *nudges Pete* I vote Shawn, you should've been in my alliance...

Pete: -still can't think straight due to concussion- I vote Obama. That guy is freaky, man. >_>

Chris: Big ears don't make someone a freak, Pete. Now vote right. *whips out tazer*

Pete: You means you guys don't see Obama? Right there? :| Fine, whatever. I guess it's between Shawn and Jade... My alliance or my "one true love"... I vote... Shawn. I'm sorry, Nalyd. I just can't vote for Jade. :(

Chris: Jade, time to leave.

Day Nine Chat

Dragons Chat (9)

Nalyd: *is asleep on the beach, working on his tan*

Keyshia: *Tip toes up to Nalyd and takes out phone* Perfect! I know exactly what to do! *Takes a picture* Now all I gotta find a computer...

Nalyd: *jumps up* Who's there?! *does a ninja roll into the lake*

(CONF) Nalyd: I'm used to Sunshine taking pictures of me for her "Adventures with Renny" photo album, so I've trained myself to spazz out when I here a camera go off.

Keyshia: *Walks over to Chris's trailer and knocks on the door* Hey Chris, can I use your computer? :D


(CONF) Chris: I don't want anyone to know that I'm a hardcore NalydXRavioli shipper.

Keyshia: *Smiles and blows Chris a kiss* Thanks honey! *Walks in and sits down on the computer* Now all I gotta do is upload this, and add in this and that, and there! *Prints out a picture* Perfect! :D

Chris: *kicks Keyshia out, goes back to writing his epic fanfiction "Nalyd and Ravioli - A love story for the ages"*

Nalyd: *sees Keyshia giggling, walks up to her* Sup?

Keyshia: *Hides pic in her purse* Nothing much, you?

Nalyd: *sees her do that* Whatchu got there?

Keyshia: Oh, um... I was just reading something I printed off of Chris's computer. *Giggles nervously*

Pete: -lies on his bed, depressed and crying- JADEEEEEEEE! :'(

Metallica Chat (9)

Michelle: I hope we keep this streak up, guys.

Challenge Nine

Chris: We need two people from each team.

Nalyd: I will go for the Dragons.

Keyshia: I will as well!

Pete: (CONF) Because I voted with Jade, I don't think I'll be around much longer... Nalyd was really mean, though. I'm glad I left his alliance. But it won't bring Jade back... God, I miss her. -holds up a picture of him and Jade, with Pete smiling and Jade about to slug him- This is the only way I can remember her by... -begins sobbing-

Vin: I guess I'll participate.

Robert:I shall, as well. :P

Chris: This is the mud ski challenge from TDI. First team across the finish line wins immunity. This will be the last vote off before the merge. Teams, pick who drives and who skis.

Nalyd: I'll drive.

Keyshia: *In high voice* Yay! I'll ski! I get ot model my new bikini! (xD)

Vin: I'm driving, Robert. :P

Chris: Nalyd and Vin driving for their teams. Go!

Nalyd: *puts pedal to the metal, zooms across mud* Awwww yeah!

Vin: *stomps on the pedal and catches up to Nalyd*

Keyshia: *Is wearing a neon green bikini* Yay for new bikinis! :D

Nalyd: *looks behind him, sees Keyshia skiing, continues driving* Eat mud, Metallica! (Hope that doesnt mean something bad xD)

Keyshia: *Is perfectly balanced* Go Nalyd, go!

Robert:Wait, whu-O.O Crap! *is pulled along* :P

Nalyd: *turns around to look at her, a branch cuts his top off* O.O *covers his chest and shrieks* (Heather moment xD)

Vin: *continues driving and bumps into Nalyd* Nice try, Nalyd. -w-

Keyshia: *Laughs* Nalyd, you're a guy :P

Robert:Nalyd, get a shirt!*gets balanced*

Nalyd: *face palms, turns around, continues driving* Come on...

Vin: *takes this chance and outpasses Nalyd*

Nalyd: Oh no you dont! *steers, aiming toward Robert* Forgot your friend, huh, Vin? *turns sharply at Robert*

Robert:How do YOU like distractions? *slides away* :P (I cannot wait for merge, Nalyd is fun to be around with the randomness. :P)

Vin: *turns round and bumps into Keyshia; knocking her off* Forgot your friend, huh, Nalyd? >~>

Keyshia: *Gets up and is balanced* Look Nalyd, It's Ravioli! *Points to side lines*

(Nalyd: Okay, Keyshia's behind Nalyd, and you're ahead of Nalyd, you couldn't have hit her.)

Nalyd: Where?! *turns around* Wait! *crashes into a tree* *screams*

Vin: *gets the pedal to the metal and quickly heads toward the finish line*

Keyshia: *Skakes head and looks at butterfly* Oh, it was just a butterfly....

Chris: Looks like an easy victory for Metallica.

Robert:Wow, your own teammate? :P

Vin: *nearly at the finish line*

Chris: *rushing* Team Metallica wins!

Ninth Vote (Dragons)

Nalyd: I vote... Pete. You've made your bed, and now you can lay in it. (*huggles Neko*)

Pete: This is to avenge my Jade. I vote for Nalyd. The Faves should've gotten rid of him a loooooong time ago. He's a j-e-r-k, and I wouldn't be in this situation if he was gone. (DUDE. NO. :'()

Keyshia: I vote Pete. Should've stuck with us!

(Oatmeal votes Pete. He said his block is up and would like me to post his vote.)

Chris: Pete is out.

Day Ten Chat

Return Vote

Chris: Current contestants, eliminated contestants, you can vote for one person to return. If you're eliminated, you cannot vote for yourself to return.

Owe - 1 | Mason - 1 | Katie - 4 | Fluffy - 1 | Jade - 1

Nalyd: I vote for Owe. Good guy, didn't deserve to go.

Robert:I dunno, Mason?

Michelle: I vote Katie.

Chimmy: Katie. :D

Mason: I vote Fluffy, I owe it to her for my betrail.

John: *looks at nails* Katie. Whatevers.

Keyshia: I vote for Katie.

Jade: You guys aren't voting for me? >.> The hatred I feel, I'm not voting for anyone...

Shawn: I want Jade to return. So we can vote her off again XD

Fluffy: I advise the past faves to do what they do best; write my name down today. <_<

Chris: Katie is back in the game.

Legendario Chat (10)

Chris: You are now one team! Come up with a team name.

Nalyd: The Nalyds.

Robert:Nalyd, maybe something a little more catchy. Like....I have no idea. :P

Michelle: How about ACDC, All Contestants Dominate Camps? (I don't know why I keep thinking of rock bands with the names. XD)

Robert:Well, maybe. Hmmm.....Team Sunshine?(I am in a happy mood. :P)

Michelle: Whatever it is, it shouldn't be dedicated to one person. (CONF) Unless it's me!

Robert:I never said Team Sunshine was dedicated to any one person! :P Besides, I like the name. :P

Michelle: Anyway, I vote ACDC as the merge name.

Nalyd: Let's do Legendario. It's spanish for legendary.

Keyshia: I like Legendario, it sounds majestic and cool!

Nalyd: Everyone else like it?

Michael: I agree with Nalyd and Keyshia.

Michelle: I still vote ACDC, it sounds more epic.

Kayla: I like Nalyd and Keysha's idea also.

Robert:I think we should go with Team Legendario as well. :P

Michelle: Fine, Legendario it is.

Nalyd: Welcome back, Katie.

Keyshia: Yes, congrats Katie!

Nalyd: I'm bored. Who wants to go on an adventure?

Keyshia: I do! :D

Nalyd: *runs into forest* Hey, a cave! :D

Keyshia: *Follows Nalyd* :O How has no one noticed thta yet?

Nalyd: *runs into cave* ECHO :D

Keyshia: *Runs in* Wow, this place is awesome!

Nalyd: ECHO! *rumbling noises heard* Uh oh. *crash, rocks fall, blocking the entrance* We're trapped! D:

Keyshia:O.o Oh god... Now what?

Nalyd: There's no way out! I don't wanna die with you! *huddles up in corner* I'm scared.

Keyshia: *Sits down next to Nalyd* Calm down honey, someone will notice we're gone.

Nalyd: But none of them like me, they'll want me to die! D: I don't wanna die like this, with you! No offense...

Keyshia: *Galres* Thanks, glad to be stuck with you too. But I'm sure they'll get us, just calm down.

Nalyd: *hyperventilates* Keyshia, I'm scared. And I have to pee. We're doomed! *cries* (xD)

Keyshia: *Rolls eyes* Calm down, we're not doomed. You over react too much. And don't you dare think about peeing while I'm in here :| (xD)

Nalyd: I wouldn't with you in here. >.> I'm gonna go look for an exit. *walks away*

(CONF) Nalyd: Keyshia bugs me, but we're friends too.

Keyshia: *Stays still* Fine, let me know if you find one.

Nalyd: *grabs Keyshia's arm* You're coming with me. I'm not getting eaten by a bear alone.

Keyshia: *Gets up* Fine, but I think we would know if there was a bear in here already.

Nalyd: *walking* Keyshia... What if we don't get out of here?

Keyshia: *Sighs* I already told you we would, just calm down and lets keep looking for an exit.

Michelle: *with Katie where nobody else can hear* Katie, I know I've voted you out in the beginning but I think it's best for both of us to call a truce, because the Faves might vote you off this time if your not careful. So what do you say? Me, you, Robert, Vin, and Kayla to the end?

Nalyd: Okay, I'll try. *walks quietly*

Keyshia: *Smiles* Good. Now let's keep looking.

Nalyd: Hard to look when they're no light. *trips on a rock* Ouch!

Keyshia: *Takes phone out of pocket* Here, we can use this as our light.

Nalyd: Okay. *walks, bats fly through his hair* They're in mah hair!

Keyshia: *Hits Nalyd in the head* Sorrry, trying to get the bats away...

Nalyd: Ouch. What was that for? >.> You know, you're not very nice sometimes.

Keyshia: *Glares* Hey, I was trying to get the bat away! You said it was in your hair...

Nalyd: I know, but other times you're not nice. *continues walking, suddenly falls in a hole* Whoa! OUCH! My leg!

Keyshia: *Helps Nalyd out of the hole* Are you ok? Do you need any help?

Nalyd: I can't move my leg... ouch.

Keyshia: *Leans Nalyd against her* Come on, I think I see an opening.

Nalyd: *limps while leaning on Keyshia* Great.

Keyshia: *Takes Nalyd to the entrance* See, I told you we would find a way out.

Nalyd: Awesome. By the way, got ya! I got us trapped on purpose, I'm not even hurt! *jumps on his feet, laughs*

Keyshia: *Kicks Nalyd in the crotch* Ugh, why do I put up with you? I should've expected something.

Nalyd: *collapses* Hey, you've pulled pranks on me, I pulled some on you. We're even now, right?

Keyshia: *Sighs* Sure, I guess.

Nalyd: Good. *sticks tongue out*

Challenge Ten

Chris: First four people to sign-up may compete in the challenge!

Michelle: I'll do it!

Keyshia: I will as well.

Nalyd: I will.

Michael: I'm in.

Chris: This challenge is a foot race to the other side of the beach. That's 1 kilometer. Go!

Nalyd: *begins running*

Michael: *starts to run*

Keyshia: *Begins running*

Michelle: *begins running*

Nalyd: *tries to run fast, ends up almost slipping, goes back to normal running*

Michael: *running*

Nalyd: *runs, pants*

Michelle: *begins to run faster*

Keyshia: *Jogs* (CONF) Meh, I wont be eliminated if I don't win. I already know who's going...

Michael: *running*

Michelle: *runs as fast as she can*

Nalyd: *running* This is tougher than it looks... *steps on seashell* Ouch, my foot! *trips, falls*

Michael: *running*

Keyshia: *Continues running*

Nalyd: *sitting on beach* Ugh, I hurt my foot...

Chris: Michael takes the lead, followed by Keyshia then Michelle!

Michelle: *runs and passes Keyshia* (I hope this isn't godplaying XD)

Michael: *running*

Keyshia: *Continues running*

Chris: Michael past the half way point, the girls neck and neck close behind him!

Michelle: *tries to catch up to Michael*

Michael: *running*

Michelle: *catches up to Michael*

Michael: *running; hits Michelle with fist* :@

Keyshia: *running, and laughs*

Chris: Michael manages to keep his lead, for now! He's almost to the finish line!

Michael: *running*

Michelle: *gets up and kicks Michael from behind*

Michael: *falls onto Michelle* :@ *gets up, and runs again*

Chris: This is gonna be close!

Michelle: *gets up and steal's Michael's lead*

Keyshia: *running* Woot for third place!

Michelle: *is almost at the finish line*

Chris: Michelle takes a sudden lead! Almost to the finish line! Gonna be a photo finish!

Michael: *tackles Michelle* >.> *gets up, and runs to the finish line*

Michelle: *crosses the finish line*

Chris: Michael wins immunity!

Michelle: Damn it! *kicks sand*

Michael: *crosses* Yes! Hypnotisim does work! =D

(Nalyd: Okay, Michael didnt cross that first, Michelle wins instead, my bad.)

Tenth Vote (Legendario)

Nalyd: I vote Vin.

Michael: ... Meh. Vin.

Keyshia: *Shrugs* Whatever, I vote Vin.

Jessica: I vote Vin. Payback, dude. (Sorry for being inactive lately.)

Michelle: I vote for you, Nalyd.

Shawn: Who are you? I vote the dude with a N-I-V in his name. (XD) I wonder who it is.

(Koops: Katie votes Nalyd, Cod can't edit at the moment.)

Robert:(CONF) I hope I prove where my allegiance lies with this vote....I vote for Vin. We were teammates and all, but our alliance has to end here, I'm afraid.

Chris: Vin, the team has spoken.

Day Eleven Chat

Legendario Chat (11)


Nalyd: *showers*

Robert:*relaxes on the beach* Such a sunny day.

Michelle: *relaxes* This is nice, a strategy-free day for once.

Kayla: *sits on the pool deck and then accidentally falls in*

Katie: *is getting a tan* Ahh... Second day here, and already a vacation...

Nalyd: I'm siiiingiiiing in the shooooweeerrrrr! (xD)

Michael: *leaning in recliner* I wonder where this hand-dandy recliner came from... Probably came running to the epicest guy in camp. 8)

Keyshia: *Hears singing and walks into the bathroom and sees towel* Perfect! *Grabs towel and walks out*

Nalyd: *sticks head out of shower* my towel... *insert rage guy face* (xD)

Keyshia: *Walks outside with towel* What to do with this towel... I know! *Starts walking faster*

Jessica: *lays down on a towel next to Michael in a white bikini* Hey, Michael!

Nalyd: *leans out of shower* Hello?...

(CONF) Nalyd: Why?...

Nalyd: *runs to cabin*

Keyshia: *Is laying in boys cabin on a bed waiting for Nalyd* Poor little lose >:D

Michael: *looks over at Jessica* Oh, hey Jessica. You look... Nice.

Nalyd: *walks in, sees Keyshia* Hm... This is awkward. *le poker face*

Keyshia: *Looks away from Nalyd* Are you looking for this? *Shows him the towel*

Jessica: *smiles* So do you.

Michael: *smiles slightly* Thanks.

Nalyd: ... Yes. *grabs towel* Now leave. >_>

(CONF) Jessica: *smacks her forehead repeatedly* Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid...

Keyshia: *Gets off of bed and heads toward the door* Silly Nalyd. *Winks at him and leaves*

Michael: *sits up in chair* So, what's up with you?

Nalyd: ... *gets dressed* She's... odd.

Keyshia: (CONF) WHAT? It was a prank, gosh. I enjoy the days here. At least it ain't hell.

Jessica: *smiles nervously* Nothin' much, you?

Michael: Aside from being on some stupid reality show against my will, nothin' much.

Jessica:'s not so bad. *many random animals scurry across the beach in front of the two* Maybe it is...

Nalyd: *walks by Jessica and Michael* Love is in the air.

Michael: Does that mean you finally asked Keyshia out? (xD)

Keyshia: *Walks up* *In girl-ish voice* Hi Nalyd :D

Nalyd: *fails to think of something witty to day to Michael* Shut up. *Looks at Keyshia* Here to prank me again?

Keyshia: *Bats her eyes* No, just wanted to talk.

Michael: *shrugs* 'Kay then. *leans back in recliner* And before you ask me to leave, no can do, I accidently glued my rear end to the recliner.

Nalyd: ... About what?

(CONF) Nalyd: No... She couldn't like me.. Could she?

Keyshia: *Smiles* About us, about how YOU really feel ;) (CONF) Just another big prank! This is gonna be good :D

Nalyd: *stutters* I-I-I have a girlfriend. :|

(CONF) Nalyd: I've become Bridgette! D:

Keyshia: I know, but it could be our little secret. *Winks*

Nalyd: Are you asking me to cheat on my girlfriend with you?

Keyshia: I don't see why not!

Nalyd: Cause I have two kids... and my girlfriend is really awesome. She gets me. And she's, like, insanely hot. Except for her heart, which is a disturbingly low temperature. I'm rambling. (xD)

Keyshia: Well, I could support you, and I get you. And I'm like totally super hot, and I have a normal heart 8)

Nalyd: But you pull pranks on me... I'm sorry, Keyshia. I'd really rather just stay friends.

Michael: *eating popcorn* Oooooh! :o

Jessica: *staring at Michael's bare chest* Eh...

Michael: What? Is there something on my non-existant shirt?

Jessica: No... you're just... hot.

Keyshia: Well, that's ok Nalyd, because this was all just a prank anyways! *Winks at Nalyd* Fooled you :D

Michael: *blushes* ... Oh.

Jessica: *blushes*

Michael: So, um, what now? ^.^"

Nalyd: *blushes* You're the worst... (xD)

Jessica: *blushes* A hug? A kiss? A relationship? *bats her eyes*

Keyshia: *To Nalyd* I know, I try :P

Michael: Sure... Whatever. *blushes, and holds out his hand to Jessica*

Challenge Eleven

Chris: We need four people.

Nalyd: I'll go.

Michael: Why not? I'll go.

Keyshia: I'll go!

(Jessica: I vote with Nalyd tonight... Yes, Nalyd, you!)

Jessica: Fine.

Chris: You must balance poles on your hands, last one balancing theirs wins, go!

Keyshia: *Picks up poles and starts balancing them* Oh, this is gonna need some focus!

Jessica: *picks up her pole* Yay! *slips on rock* Darn...

Chris: Jessica is out!

Nalyd: *pole wobbles* Whoa...

(Jessica: YAY! I'm out!)

Jessica: *cheers* Go Michael!

Michael: *juggling his* Ha! This is ea-- *hits himself on head with one, and is knocked out* x.x

Keyshia: *Stands still like a statue* *Mutters* Focus!

Nalyd: *continues wobbling* Must beat Keyshia...

Keyshia: *Bug lands on her nose* NO! You will not distract me! :P

Nalyd: *smirks* This'll be an easy win...

Keyshia: *Stands still and blurts out* I saw Nalyd naked >:D

Nalyd: hey! *drops pole* Come on! -_-

Chris: Keyshia wins immunity!

Eleventh Vote (Legendario)

Nalyd: For lack of anyone else to vote out... Kayla. (Trying to vote out inactive people)

Keyshia: I vote Kayla.

(Nalyd: I'm gonna lock this page, I'll open it up again when/if I'm on tomorrow, or on Sunday)

Chris: Votes were recorded in chatango, Kayla is out.

Day Twelve Chat

Legendario Chat (12)

Nalyd: *relaxes on beach in bathing suit* Life is good today...

Michelle: *sits beside Nalyd* Your always having a good day.

Nalyd: Yep. Couldn't help but notice you voted with me last night. You want in on the alliance?

Michelle: Did you look inside the urn or something? *giggles*

Nalyd: *smiles* Just a hunch. But they tell us who everyone votes for, so yeah.

Michelle: So about this alliance, would Robert and Katie be on this? It could be an alliance of six; you, me, Robert, Katie, Keyshia, and Jessica. What do you think?

Nalyd: I already have an alliance of six. You can be my seventh if you want, but Katie and Robert are as good as gone.

Keyshia: *Puts on sunglasses and bikini and sits in a chair near the beach* This is great. Final 2 here I come.

Nalyd: *sits next to Keyshia* You think you're going to the final two?

Keyshia: *Rolls eyes* Obviously, cause you're taking me >:D

Michelle: *rolls eyes* Planning so ahead? :P

Nalyd: *smirks* What makes you so sure?

Michelle: You like to talk about it, don't you?

Keyshia: *Smirks* This makes me so sure: Hey Ravioli, I saw your boyfriend naked >:D

Michelle: Whose Ravioli's boyfriend?

Nalyd: ... Final two buddy! :D *hugs Keyshia, whispers* I hate you >.>

Keyshia: *Smirks* That's what I thought. *Hugs Nalyd and whispers* Love you too :P

Nalyd: *swims in lake with dolphins*

Keyshia: *Dives in with him* This is relaxing!

Nalyd: Keyshia, we're friends right?

Keyshia: *Swims over to Nalyd* Of course! Why wouldn't we be?

Nalyd: Well, you've pulled some harsh pranks on me, so I just wanted to make sure.

Keyshia: *Laughs* I only pulled those pranks cause I knew you wouldn't get really mad at me since we're friends.

Nalyd: You made me streak across the camp >_> *sigh* Okay, fine. :p So... Who do you like at camp? ;)

Keyshia: *Smiles* That's what friends do :P What do you mean like? I have no crush ;)

Nalyd: Come on, there's gotta be somebody. Robert? Shawn?

Keyshia: *Laughs* Nope. Not everyone gets into a relationship :P

Nalyd: *laughs* Well, I did haha. Ravioli's a great girl.

(CONF) Nalyd: Then it hit me... I'm gonna get revenge on Keyshia.

Keyshia: *Laughs* Well, at least you're happy with her even though she's not here.

Nalyd: I miss her like crazy though. Hey, it's getting kinda cold, wanna go back to shore?

Keyshia: *Shrugs* Sure, it is getting kind of cold.

Nalyd: *gets out of lake*

Katie: *comes out in slightly revealing bikini and bottom* Hey guys, what do you think of my new bathing suit? *teeth and eyes gleam* (Um, is this too sexual? O.o)

Keyshia: *Gets out of lake, following Nalyd*

Katie: *is watching Nayld* (CONF) I know I'm on the cutting block. I'm not stupid. And no WAY am I getting out again. I think I can get Robert on my side, but the others are total Nalyd loyalties. Sigh, why am I against all of the brainwashed idiots?

Robert:*to Nalyd* I heard you want me out. What did I do?

Nalyd: Nothing personal, Robert, you're just on the wrong side of the numbers. *stares at Katie, remembers he has a girlfriend, covers his eyes* (xD)

Katie: Aw, what's wrong Nalyd? *gets wet and splashes around in the water* (...)

Nalyd: ... Nothing.

(CONF) Nalyd: *clings to picture of Ravioli* See? I'm not cheating on you!

Keyshia: (CONF) I don't know if I can trust that Katie girl. But, I'm not worried. My alliace will stay strong.

(CONF) Jessica: Nalyd and Katie... psh... Natie will never work out... I hope... *clings to a picture of Michael shirtless* I like this hottie anyway!

Jessica: Ladies, gentlemen... *growls* Michelle *stops growling* ... It has come to my attention that there are some people not in the alliance that are liked by people in the alliance, i.e. Nalyd and Katie. This must stop... Also, there is one unwanted person in our alliance that is unwanted by me... I will not point fingers but I will say that it is a girl who's name starts with an M and has an I, C, H, E, L, and another L and ends with an E. That is all...

Michelle: Why do you want me out? Because I'm playing a game? Last time I checked, you do nothing but ride Nalyd's coatails.

Jessica: You shut your mouth! I don't ride Nalyd's coattails... I can beat him... I choose to join his alliance because he is a strong player... If he happens to be eliminated before the finals and I am still around, I'll lead a new alliance... I want you out because you are the biggest threat in this game. I hope you do understand that I have won a season because I was friendly... I was not Michelle... I sure hope your little brain can understand what I'm saying...

Michelle: If I only cared about what your saying to understand it.

Jessica: What is Nalyd's alliance, Ometepe? And your little group, Michelle, is that Zapatera?

Michelle: What is Ometepe and what is Zapatera? Are you just starting to think random names to give the alliance, or did Nalyd pick it out for you to say to everyone?

Jessica: They were the teams in the new Survivor... at least that's what I heard from people on this island...

(CONF) Jessica: Nalyd, Keyshia, Shawn, Robert... I have to get them to vote Michelle...

Jessica: Hey, Robert! You're lookin' nice today! Anyways, *whispers* vote *whispers* off tonight. 'Kay?

Michelle: *has a confused look on her face* Jessica, what the hell is Survivor?

Jessica: *walks with Keyshia* Heyz! (CONF) I heard Katie earlier... I'm not brainwashed... Who is she? Michelle?!

Michelle: (CONF) It's so obvious Jessica wants me out, she can just scream it to the heavens that she wants me eliminated, yet she still won't get it; when I'm in the final eight, I'll be sure to rub it in her face.

Katie: (CONF) Still need to get through to... them... but how else could I get more seductive? (out of CONF) *groans, kind of... yeah... seductively...* Ow, I stubbed my toe, could someone come and kiss it? *looks sexy* (Um... Yea, no comment.)

Shawn: Uhmm, sure. Theres a first for everything.. right? (Conf) -throw up-

Nalyd: Girls, stop fighting!

(CONF) Nalyd: This fighting is awesome. Makes this next elimination much easier.

Keyshia: *Laughs* Oh my god, this is insane. (CONF) It's pretty obvious Katie s just trying to get the guys on her side, which isn't really working. And now that Michelle and Jessica are fighting, it may make an elimination easier. This is perfect!

Nalyd: *goes to cabin, changes back into normal clothes* Time to pull a prank on Keyshia... *sneaks into girls' cabin*

Keyshia: *Walks into cabin and sees Nalyd* What the hell are you doing in here?

Nalyd: Um... nothing...

Keyshia: *Galres* I don't trust you...

Nalyd: *grabs Keyshia's pepper spray, sprays Keyshia with it, runs away with pepper spray* Haha! Mine now!

Keyshia: *Screams and rubs eyes* Oh my god, get back here! *Runs out after Nalyd*

Nalyd: *runs into boys bathroom* Haha! Can't get me! (xD They're like small children)

Keyshia: *Stops* Ugh, that guy drives me up the wall. *Walks back to girls cabin*

Nalyd: *runs out of bathroom, runs to beach, buries pepper spray in sand* Phase one complete...

Keyshia: *Sits on bed* This has to be one of his revenge pranks or something...

Nalyd: *walks around girls cabin, waiting for Keyshia to walk out*

Keyshia: *Grabs purse and walks out of cabin*

Nalyd: *runs into cabin, pours itching powder in Keyshia's dresser, runs out*

Keyshia: (CONF) Lord knows what that guy is doing now. Oh well, it's just a matter of time till I find out anyway.

Michelle: What is going on? I fall asleep for two hours and I wake up to this?

Jessica: Oh shut up, Michelle!

Michelle: *flips off Jessica and walks away* I don't feel like hearing it for the rest of the day.

Nalyd: *runs out of cabin giggling, sees Jessica and Michelle fight* Whoa...

Challenge Twelve

Chris: Today's challenge, just vote for someone other than yourself to have immunity.

Keyshia - 4 | Nalyd - 1

Nalyd: I vote for my friend Keyshia.

Shawn: I vote for my friends friend Keyshia.

Keyshia: I vote for Nalyd!

Katie: I vote for Keyshia, as she seems to be enemies with mostly everyone here. Bye bye :) (sorry LF)

Michelle: Meh, I vote Keyshia.

Chris: Keyshia has immunity.

Twelfth Vote (Legendario)

Nalyd: I vote... Michelle.

Robert:(CONF) You may be my friend, but....You are just too harsh. I vote Michelle.

Michelle: Jessica. Your a waste of life, riding off of people to get you want, I hope you go broke and die on the streets. Goodbye! (Referring to the character, not user.)

Jessica: I vote... *votes Michelle* Michelle, the witch. Good luck surviving this vote you little- *gets cut off*

Keyshia: I vote for Michelle. You were all good with our alliance till you got in a fight with Jessica.

Shawn: I vote Michelle, no one messes with our friend Jessica. You little twit.

Chris: Michelle you're out.

Michelle: Before I go, Nalyd your hoodie smells like garlic powder for real. Keyshia, can't diss you because I barely know you. Shawn and Michael are coatails, riding Nalyd's saddle to the end. Sunshine is the load trapped in sauce-filled pasta dish (wink wink XD). And Jessica, I'd rather stick my tongue in a meat-grinder than converse with you and I'd rather burn my eyeballs so I don't have to see your bratty little face. Okay, I'm done! Goodbye my loves!

Day Thirteen Chat

Legendario Chat (13)

Chris: Loved ones are here! (Play your own loved one)

Nalyd's Mom: I'm here!

Nalyd: Mom?! O.O

Robert:That is your mom? Cool.

Albert:Hey, Robert.

Robert:NO, I HATE YOU! Why are you here?

Albert:I destroyed the bucket they were bringing.

Robert: ;(

Nalyd's Mom: *pinches Nalyd's cheeks* My baby's in the final eight!

Nalyd: Mom... please stop...

Keyshia: *Laughs* Awww, how cute! :P

Leshawna: *Walks up to Keyshia* Hey sis! What's up?

Keyshia: Leshawn! I've missed you! See that white boy over there? *Points to Nalyd* He's fun to prank!

Leshawna: O.o Dang, I thought Harold was pale but that boy beats him by a long shot!

Robert:LESHAWNA! I am such a big fan of yours! You and Harold are awesome.

Albert:They all suck, especially LeShawna.

Robert: :@

Nalyd: hahaha, very funny.

Nalyd's mom: Nalyd, honey, I brought your baby pics! :D

Nalyd: Give me those!

Nalyd's mom: No, you'll ruin them.

Keyshia: *Walks over to Nalyd's mom* Can I see the pics? >:D

Leshawna: Thanks, um.. Robert is it? Your support means a lot! *Glares at Albert* Well, I don't need you to like me.

Nalyd's mom: *hands Keyshia the pics* Isn't he cute? :D

Nalyd: Mom I hate you...

Keyshia: *Takes pics* Thanks! *Starts looking at pics* OH MY GOD these are perfect! >:D

Nalyd: Give those back! >:(

Keyshia: *Smirks* Not until I revela them to the world! *Shows the pics to the camera men* See, here's a pic of him puking on Santa, a pic of him dressed up as a bunny for Easter, and of course a pic of him in the bath! Aren't they just adorable? >:D

Nalyd: *blushes* Mom... -_-

Leshawna: *Looks at pic* Whats wrong with your face in the bath pic? O.o

Nalyd: I had soap in my eye!

Robert:He hates everybody awesome.

Albert:Shut up.

Robert:LeShawna, could you knock HIS teeth out? :@ :P

Leshawna: *Laughs* Aw, like I did to Heather? ;)

Keyshia: *Laughs at Nalyd* Poor you :P

Nalyd: *sticks tongue out*

Keyshia: Don't be a child, they're just pics >:D

(Nalyd: What do you people keep doing to the page?)

Nalyd: They're embarrassing pics. *grabs at pics* Give me them!

(Alfan: Not sure what you mean.)

Robert: I <3 pixie dust right now.

Albert:*rubbing his eyes* Fiona fan much?

Robert:Who? (:P)

Jessica: My loved one is... who?

Rebecca: Me, silly! I'm Rebecca, Jessica's twin sister. I'm more of the brains.

Jessica: Who's my loved one? I only see my twin sister.

Rebecca: *hugs Jessica* I am very happy you found a boyfriend.

Jessica: *pushes her away* You mean Michael?! Oh, yeah, he's my... bf!

Rebecca: *smiles*

Michael: Loved one... *pulls out a mirror* Hey there sexy. ;) (CONF) I'm a only child and my parents hate me, sue me...

Challenge Thirteen

Chris: Everyone in your bathing suits! You gotta push the opponent off their dock. Last four standing move on.

Sunshine vs. Shawn

Shawn: Everyone's called me a hardhead, get it.? Hard HEA- -rammed into Sunshine with his head-

Jessica vs. Michael

Michael: *stares atJessica in the bathing suit, then remembers it's a challenge* Sorry for this. *pushes her*

Jessica: *stares at Michael's bare chest as she falls backwards* *stops looking at Michael's chest and stays on the dock* I'm sorry for this, too. *pushes Michael hard* (BTW, my family person was my sister, Rebecca.)

(CONF) Rebecca: Jessica's new boyfriend is good looking. She better beat the crud out of him, though.

Michael: *is about to push her again, then pauses* ... Meh, neither of us are going home either way. *jumps off backwards*

Jessica: Thanks, hun!

Chris: Jessica wins!

Robert vs. Katie

Robert:Katie, sorry! *slams into Katie as hard as he can*

Katie: *turns red and slaps Robert* You'd BETTER be SORRY! :@ *pushes him*

Robert:*is slapped and pushed*The last two fans facing each other in combat! Never thought this day would come!*pushes Katie back with all his might*

Katie: *almost falls off* Same! *lunges at Robert's back*

Robert:*turns around* When were you behind me?*is hit, and starts pushing back as hard as he can*

Katie: *dodges Robert* Sigh... No matter who wins, the other will be eliminated... (Sorry about the confusing behind thing) xD

Keyshia vs. Nalyd

Nalyd: *pushes Keyshia*

Keyshia: *Slides a little but stops* Ohhh, time to go down scrawny boy! *Gets up and shoves Nalyd*

Nalyd: *stumbles back, pulls pepper spray out of bathing suit pocket, sprays Keyshia with it*

Keyshia: *Screams* Stop using my own pepper spray against me! *Grabs it out of Nalyd's hands and sprays him*

Nalyd: *screams* No fair! *grabs it back, sprays Keyshia*

Keyshia: *Screams* You... UGH! *Takes it back again and sprays Nalyd*

Nalyd: *screams, grabs can, throws it in ocean* Haha!

Keyshia: *Glares* First you steal it from me, then you spray me with it, now you throw it in the ocean? That's it! *Jumps and tackles Nalyd*

Nalyd: *falls on his back, laying on the dock* Whoa. *stands up, grabs Keyshia's arms and starts walking toward her, pushing her*

Keyshia: *Rolls to the side and pushes Nalyd's back*

Nalyd: *stumbles forward, turns around, jumps at Keyshia*

Keyshia: *Ducks and turns to push Nalyd*

Nalyd: *stumbles back, is now on the opposite side of the dock*

Keyshia: *Pulls out baby pic of Nalyd in bunny outfit* Hey Nalyd, look! >:D

Nalyd: *dives to grab pic, grabs it falls off*

Chris: Keyshia moving on!

Keyshia: Woot! Sorry Nalyd!

Round Two Chris: Shawn vs. Jessica vs Keyshia! Go!

Keyshia: *Runs at Shawn* You're both going down, but one at a time!

Shawn: Meh, i'm to lazy

Chris: Keyshia wins! (Oatmeal can't edit, he dropped out on chatango)

Thirteenth Vote (Legendario)

Nalyd: *votes Katie* Yeah...

Keyshia: *Votes Katie* Meh, let's keep the streak going!

Robert:*votes Katie* Sorry.(CONF) So this will make me the last Fan. Cool. 8) Sorry, guys...

Jessica: I will be the last Metallica left after Robert leaves... but he's my friend, so I'll keep him around... oh, and Michael... but, hopefully, he won't leave... I'll vote for Natie... I mean Katie... she needs to go, otherwise Nalyd will never be able to make it farther... and I need him... for now... *votes Katie* (Don't worry, Nalyd, you'll never be a main target of mine...)

Chris: See ya, Katie.

Day Fourteen Chat

Legendario Chat (14)

(CONF) Nalyd: This is the part of the game where people in the alliance have to turn on each other... Luckily, however, there are a few people who made themselves easy targets.

Robert:(CONF) There we are, I am the last Fan standing. Jessica is nice, Nalyd and Keyshia are fun. Shawn is cool, too. Michael and Sunshine, I don't know them as well. But glad I made it this far. Everyone here is just great. :D

Keyshia: (CONF) *Is curling her hair* What? A girl needs to look good, sheesh. This is just another thing I snuck in with me 8) Anways, I'm not completely sure who will go next... since everyone left is an ally... but I have a pretty good idea.

Robert:Hey, guys! Keyshia, Nalyd, all. :D Isn't it cool to be final seven?

Jessica: I've been here before... it's fun to be back, though. (CONF) Robert is, like, my new bestie. Michael is my BF. Nalyd has been my bestie since, like, my first season. Keyshia is a new but awesome friend. Shawn is okay... I don't really know Sunshine... but she seems too friendly...

Keyshia: Yeah, it's really cool to be in the final 7, Robert! (CONF) I've been here before, it's not that surprising though. I think I have a good shot at winning, and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure I do win.

Nalyd: Hey, Robert. It's nice to make is this far. You guys wanna chill at the beach?

Challenge Fourteen

Chris: You gotta dive into this pool with 3 hungry sharks, last person swimming in the pool wins, go!

Nalyd: I'm not going in there...

Keyshia: Um... I don't want to get eaten...

Nalyd: *pushes Keyshia* >_>

Keyshia: *Goes flying into the pool* *Stares at sharks* Um... nice sharkies?

Nalyd: *laughs*

Chris: If Keyshia's the only one who goes in, she wins.

Nalyd: *dives in pool* I will win!

Keyshia: *Floats* No, I will!

Robert:*dives in* Hey, guys! :D

Nalyd: *gets out* I'm safe tonight so... yeah.

Keyshia: *Glares at Rboert* Get out so I can win immunity! :D

Robert:I need immunity, you don't. But if you and Nalyd promise not to vote me off, I will. :P

Keyshia: Trust me, Nalyd and I will not vote for you, I promise.

Nalyd: Neither of you are going home, one of you get out.

Keyshia: Fine. *Gets out* I don't want to mess my beautiful hair up anymore >:D

Chris: Robert wins immunity!

Fourteenth Vote (Legendario)

Nalyd: *sighs deeply* It pains me that I'm voting out somebody so close to me... *Votes Sunshine*

Keyshia: *Votes Sunshine* Sorry girl, it was nice to get to know you though!

Robert: 8) (CONF) Keyshia and Nalyd are great, we would be an awesome final 3, those two are just so nice. I never thought I would ever say this, but...I vote Sunshine. You are awesome, and crazy funny. So you will be greatly missed.

Chris: (Shawn voted Sunshine via the IRC, he still can't edit) Sunshine, time to go.

Day Fifteen Chat

Legendario Chat (15)

Nalyd: Final six...

Keyshia: Woot! 8)

Robert:We are doing awesome, guys! :D

(CONF) Nalyd: The next two eliminations are gonna be a piece of cake. Final four, here I come, baby.

Robert:(CONF) I am so glad to make final 6. I will miss Sunshine D: But I still have friends like Keyshia and Nalyd to have as company! :D As long as another prank war does not break out.... :P

Keyshia: (CONF) *Twirls hair and talks in a girly voice* Like OMG I'm in the final 6! *Normal voice and rolls eyes* Psh, I've been here before. I could care less. All I care about is winning.

(CONF) Jessica: Finals, here I come.

Challenge Fifteen

Chris: Dive off the cliff, land in the boat below. First two to land in the boat move onto round two.

Nald: *dives head first* Aaaaah! Bad idea!

Keyshia: *Dives off the cliff* So many things with cliffs now xD

Nalyd: *crashes into branches* Ouch! x_x *splashes in water, missing the boat* Darn it.

Jessica: *jumps off cliff* Yipee!

(Jessica: I vote w/ Nalyd.)

Jessica: *lands in boat, head first* AUGH! That really hurt! *flops out of boat* Darn...

Keyshia: *Flails and lands in the boat* Ugh, I'm getting tired of these challenges...

Robert:*sees they made it, and helps Nalyd from the water* Missed that one, I guess.

Chris: Keyshia and Jessica move on! First to climb back up the cliff wins! You can climb up, or walk up. Hope you're not too hurt from diving.

Keyshia: *Starts walking back up* Why waste my energy climbing? Walking is more fun >:D

Robert:(CONF) Keyshia is so gonna win! :D

Chris: Keyshia takes a slow lead, Jessica is still in the boat.

Keyshia: *Continues walking up* This is easy!

Chris: Then run and finish the challenge! >:O

Keyshia: *Rolls eyes* Don't nag me, fool (xD) *Starts running up the cliff*

Chris: Keyshia almost to the top, Jessica hasn't even gotten on the cliff.

Keyshia: *Reaches the top* I told you I would win :D

Chris: Keyshia wins immunity!

Fifteenth Vote (Legendario)

Nalyd: I vote for Michael. From day one you've been lying to my face, switching alliances. Bye.

Keyshia: *Votes Michael* Meh, you've been on the outs recently.

Jessica: I won't vote my boyfriend off... I vote Shawn... I don't want you to go home, but I want to vote...

Robert:*votes Michael* See ya.

Chris: Michael, time to go.

Day Sixteen Chat

Legendario Chat (16)

Nalyd: Final five... Here we go.

Keyshia: *Pulls out phone from purse* I need pics of this place for when the show is over!

Robert:We did great to be here! I can't wiat for the next awesome challenge! :D

Shawn: Heh, same place I made it last time I was here, well two times ago. Let's make it farther this time!

Robert:Hey, Shawn! :D

(CONF) Nalyd: One more easy elimination, then the game really gets good.

Keyshia: (CONF) *Is texting someone while talking* Yeah, I already know who's going next. It'll be sad, but it has to happen. Then, we'll see who's ready to go to the end once we make F4.

Challenge Sixteen

Chris: Who was the first person voted out?

Keyshia - 3 | Nalyd - 0

Nalyd: Um, Fluffy?

Keyshia: Well, technically Katie was the first one voted out, but she returned so now it's Fluffy.

Chris: I'm gonna give Keyshia the point because she said Katie. Who was the 8th person voted out? (Counting Katie)

Nalyd: Pete?

Keyshia: John... I think? Meh (xD)

Chris: Correct! Who received the most votes so far in the game? (Out of everyone)

Nalyd: Me.

Keyshia: Katie?

Chris: Ding ding ding, Keyshia wins immunit-ay!

Sixteenth Vote (Legendario)

Nalyd: I vote... Jessica.

Shawn: I vote Jess, sorry. But, PAYBACK.

Keyshia: I vote Jessica. Sorry girl, it was nice having you with us!

Robert:I vote Jessica. I will miss you, former Metallica.

Chris: Jessica is out.

Day Seventeen Chat

Legendario Chat (17)

Nalyd: Looks like we're heading for the toughest vote of the season...

Robert:Nalyd, don't worry, you will make the right decision. You always do. :D

Keyshia: (CONF) Well, last season I got 4th place, so lets hope there's no repeat!

Robert:(CONF) I would have gone long ago if not for Nalyd, I am with him to the end.

Nalyd: *lies on beach, napping*

Shawn: Grr... Hey Guys! We made it far enough right? -smile-

Shawn: (Conf) I got 5th my first season, and 8th last season. Lets NOT get out fourth.

Keyshia: (CONF) I have a decision to make. Do I stay with the person I've been allied with the whole game, but possibly lose in the end? Or do I take someone to the end who I think I can beat? We'll see.

Shawn: So Keyshia, you and nalyd are pretty tight right?

Keyshia: Yes, we are. Why?

Challenge Seventeen

Chris: You're all on a platform covered in mud over the water. You gotta push each other off, last one on wins immunity. GO!

Nalyd: *charges at Keyshia* Help me, Shawn!

Keyshia: *Charges at Nalyd* Don't you think I'm not gonna do anything!

Shawn: Let's go Nalydy! -jumped on his back trying to launch into the air to attack keyshia- Watch out, Keyshia!

Nalyd: *tackles Keyshia, grabs her arms in an attempt to swing her around*

Shawn: -is mid air and started to head down on both Keyshia and Nalyd-

Nalyd: *grabs Shawn's arms*

Shawn: Nonononononononononononoonononononnoonnonono. -shifted direction, which caused nalyd to jerk to the side a little bit-

Robert:*grabs Shawn from behind* Gerrof Nalyd! D:<

Shawn: KARATEEE -diid a mule kick toward robert- KICK!!!

Nalyd: *falls off the edge, holding onto Shawn's arm, dangling over the edge* Shawn... Help me up...

Keyshia: *Stands up and slips on the water and falls off* Please don't air that on TV (xD)

Shawn: Errrr....... -started to pull Nalyd Up- Buds?

Nalyd: Thanks. *slips, falls off*

Chris: Shawn and Robert remain!

Robert:*pushes Shawn towards the edge*

Shawn: -starts to slip, falls on his back, and extends his leg towards roberts crotch-

Robert:*is hit in the crotch, falls on Shawn, grabs him, and throws him closer to the edge*

Shawn: Weee, lets go for a spin buddy! -grabbed his arm while rolling towards edge-

Robert:*grabs Shawn and spins him around towards the edge*

(Shawn: Wait... iw as rolling towards the edge. and yuo spun me towards the OTHER edge XD)

Shawn: Hehehe, -extended his leg at him-

Robert:*trips, grabs Shawn, and flips him over towards the edge*

Shawn: KAAMAKAZIEEEE -grabbed robert, and launched both him and shawn off the edge- o_o.

Chris: Nobody wins immunity...

Seventeenth Vote (Legendario)

Chris: Nobody's safe.

Nalyd: I vote... Keyshia. You've been a loyal ally.

Shawn: Sorry, Keysh, I know your a good friend.

Keyshia: Well, here I am again. Going home f4. Because of the same person. *Glares at Nalyd* Anyway, I vote Nalyd, but that wont make a difference.

Robert:Keyshia, I am so sorry. I will miss you, bye.

Chris: Alright, Keyshia's out, but there's a twist! Final three will now vote again!!!

Nalyd: I gotta vote Robert. Robert's been loyal and is pretty much the reason the Fans got eliminated, but Shawn's been with me since the start.

Shawn: Sorry Rob, You play to win right? Heh, You know this game. Backstab 101.

Robert:Shawn, plain and simple.

Chris: Keyshia, Robert, time to go.

Keyshia: Just one second! *Flags Nalyd* Shouldn't have voted for me :P

Day Eighteen Chat

Jury Questions

Chris: Vin, Kayla, Michelle, Katie, Sunshine, Michael, Jessica, Keyshia, Robert... The 9 of you will get to ask Shawn and Nalyd questions before deciding who you vote for.

Michael: Nalyd and Shawn, how would you describe your time on the show?

Robert:Shawn, my question is...Why do I hate you?

Shawn: With all you great people? Awesome. But you guys, Nalyd's a great guy. He deserves this prize. But, I hope we can all be friends after this show! -smile-

Shawn: @Robert, because I betrayed your skinny white... Thanks to my bud nalyd.

Nalyd: It was a battle, Michael. The second day my team threw a challenge to vote me off, and I had to fight to stay alive. The game was a battle, but I slayed my enemies, and hopefully you can respect why I voted you all out.

Keyshia: Shawn, tell me one big move you made in this game. Nalyd, why should I vote for you after you betrayed me?

Shawn: I set my eyes on you -raised eyebrow- Nah, my cutthroat move, eliminating Robert over Nalyd.

Nalyd: *laughs* If I remember correctly, you just followed me and took the easy way. Anyway, you know, I'll admit I betrayed you, but you were too big of a threat to keep in the game.

Keyshia: Hm.... I will need to think about this one ;)

Chris: Anymore questions?

Shawn: Before we close this up and start to vote, I want to say. I had a fun time :D. -smile here-

Nalyd: Yep, having Nalyd think for you must have been real fun.

Chris: You can keep asking, and the vote is now open for when you're ready.

Michelle: I actually have something to say. *stands up* Nalyd and Shawn, let me first start off by saying neither of you deserve to win this game. Nalyd, you don't deserve to win because you won too much to give somebody else a try and Shawn, you didn't do anything on your own. Also, Nalyd, you have a thing for taking your closest ally to the finals with you, and your closest ally is in the jury box because of you and in my opinion, Keyshia deserved to sit there along with Robert. Shawn you could've caused a tie and made a move on your own, but you just did what Nalyd told you to do. So, because I can't think of legit reasons on why I should vote for you, both of you pick a number between 1 and fitting for this camp, 10.

Jury Vote

Chris: Vote for who you want to win, Nalyd or Shawn? Refusal to vote will result in being banned from all Nalyd camps.

Vin: I vote for Nalyd. Nuff' said. ^^

Keyshia: Meh, I vote Nalyd. I had too much fun pranking him. And to answer what you said, I was not a coat tail rider ;) I won most of the challenges, or a lot of them for that matter.

Michelle: The number was 9, so therefore I vote for Shawn to win since he was closer.

Michael: I obviously deserved to win the most so I couldn't care less, so... Eenie meenie minie... Shawn. -w-

Robert:Keyshia, Nalyd let you win them, hush. :@ I vote for Shawn to die, and for Nalyd to win, understand?

Keyshia: *Slaps Robert* First of all, he did not just let me win. Second of all, I actually competed in all of them, thank you very much.

Vin: *randomly slaps Keyshia* Whoops. o.o

Keyshia: *Turns around and tackles Vin* What the heck was that for?

Vin: Didn't anyone tell you to was-watch your mouth? *puts soap in Keyshia's mouth*

Keyshia: *Spits soap out on Vin* Oh, it's on! *Pulls out pepper spray* Get over here!

Vin: Bring it, Coat tail rider. Nalyd, your girlfriend must love riding on your back. ;) *gets out a rock as his weapon*

Keyshia: *Rolls eyes* I didn't ride no coat tails, I played my game. And look who's talking, what place did you get? Like 9th? I'll be remembered, and you'll be like dust. *Sprays pepper spray in his eyes.*

Vin: Remember as a Nalyd's slave. ;) *gets hit in the face* My eyes!!!!! My eyes!!!!! :'(

Keyshia: *Looks around* What's that? Did someone say something? Cause all i heard was a forgettable person. (This is not personal what so ever :P)

Vin: I ain't forgettable now. *pants magically fall off* ......O.O"""""

Keyshia: *Laughs* Wow, smooth move.

Vin: I hope no camera saw that. My butt doesn't need filming. :( *looks at Nalyd* Ooooooooh. *takes his pants and dresses himself* Thanks, bud. :P

Chris: Kayla, Jessica, Sunshine, Katie, vote.

Robert:Keyshia, we both know Nalyd is better than you, you got 4th twice. Say what you will, but Nalyd is in final 2, not us. We totally should be, but meh, blame Shawn.

Keyshia: Um, hello, I wouldn't have been out in 4th if you didn't vote for me. Don't start, you're lucky you got as far as you did since you were a fan. (:P)

Kayla: I'm voting for Nalyd to win :)

Katie: Well, the vote can end with my vote, but for whom shall my important influence be towards? The Almighty Nayld, or the boy named Shawn? I have thought, and thought, and thought, and came up with the decision: I can go home if I vote Nayld, so I shall. Sorry, Shawn. (For real, sorry Oatmeal, you played a great game)

Chris: Nalyd wins, game over.