• Ma

    I'm Blocked

    January 9, 2016 by Ma

    Oh no!

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  • SerenelyChaotic

    That link will lead you to our brand new wikia, Wawanakwa Central (obviously)!

    It's currently a work in progress, but we should begin transferring finished and in progress camps (and fanfictions from our users) from here to there today!

    All of our currently active staff plus myself have already fled to there and we're currently working on the wiki itself, so it can become a hospitable environment to not only our Camps veterans, but also for new users!

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  • Wes Holden

    I hope you will all respect my opinion as I want to respect Liam's Blog so I am taking my reasoning to another platform.

    Personally I have no incentive to leave this wiki. What do i gain from leaving this wiki. A majority of the people who are active on chat speak to me rarely and if they do it is usually to fight with me which is not fun for any of us. So if I go and join your new wiki that is all I have to look forward too, being excluded from your group more.

    Also if I leave I lose all the history that I have spent the last 5 years working on. To me the 11,000 edits I have are important as the Featured Camper, Featured Camp and other awards I have won here. If I leave this wiki I feel that I would lose all of that. I also have a lot of bl…

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  • Solarrion

    Hello everybody, so as you've noticed since about April we've been working really hard on improving the wiki considerably, and everyone can agree it looks so much better now than it has ever before! But with all these improvements, has sparked debates on whether we should move wikis entirely...

    Here are some Pros, Cons and some Neutrals of moving wikis. Please take the time to read this entire blog before commenting, as this is a really important issue.

    • We would be able to widen our audience: We could include new content on this new wiki such as Fanfictions and Canon Articles to do with the series, and become a Canon and Fanon database dedicated to Total Drama.
      • In doing so, we can also have a larger audience of users. However we would have to…

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  • OstianWendy

    Hi; I have something I've been meaning to tell all of you for a while now, and I think it's time to confess. Everything has consequences and it's time for me to face them, bad or good. It may come as a surprise to you, you may think it was obvious, I don't know. I already told three people who are very close to me about it, and they've been so lovely and forgiving. I just hope the rest of the community is as supportive as those guys were.

    I am the same person that used to go by the name BlaineleyRox222/WelshGirlAmber. Before you exit this tab and think that I'm wrong and horrible for making a sockpuppet, please hear me out.

    "Lucina" is not who I am. She is a completely fake identity. The identity that I use on this account is me. When I was …

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  • SerenelyChaotic

    Of our staff, we have 1 bureaucrat [XxSolarEclipsexX], eight "sysops" better known as admins [TrentFan; Phyneo; Sunsummer7; IcicleIllusionist; Chase555; 1dra7; Wolfdragon Rex; Blake Megido], and two chat moderators [AlejandroCodyTylerNoah; WelshGirlAmber]. I have several problems with this, that, I'm sure, are shared with at least a few others.

    1. Only one bureaucrat, meaning only one person to promote/demote users. Since we're not large, or even decent-sized at the moment, I do believe a poll of some sort should be taken to promote another user to bureaucrat position. And, all bureaucrats should be voted on by all of the wikia members through polls or just a forum.
    2. 1dra7's last edit was made on May 3, eighty-four days ago; AlejandroCodyTylerNo…
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  • SerenelyChaotic

    I've stated so before, but this is to better communicate with the other four people who have never seen me post such thing. I believe the wikia should be renamed to something, like, "totaldramaroleplay(ing)" or whatever. Since this is a wikia thing, I first wanted to see if everyone approved, and, if so, what should it be changed to?

    Please comment below to save le wikia.

    We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside us. - The Joker 18:11, July 27, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Solarrion

    We're keeping Featureds. The Featureds that will continue are:

    • Featured Camp
    • Featured Camper (User)
    • Featured Character

    However we still have a couple of possible Featureds which could work...

    • Featured Couple (A pair of contestants who have a recognisable relationship whether it be Rivals/Lovers or what have you)
    • Featured Quote (I know many people are against this lol)
    • Featured Victory(?)

    Yeah if you have any other Featured ideas drop them in the comments below, or if you have an opinion you can also leave that, yeah. Yay for being admin-ly.

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  • ThelegendofImpaTheLastSheikah

    Yep we are here again the biggest finale we have till now! 19 songs, you have rank your top 10 and they will get points! You can send your vote via pm or to the wikivision e-mail: .

    For the new once you have to rank your top 10 songs of the songs that made the finale, you can't place your own song in the rankings. your 1st place get's 12 points 2nd place get's 10 points 3rd place till 10th palce get's 8 points down to 1 point!. 

    Duke Dumont - The Giver

    Maroon 5 - Animals

    Avril Lavigne - I'm With You

    Marina And The Diamonds - Blue

    Internet Icol - I'm Coming Home

    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Trapped In The Drive-Thru

    Golden Time - Golden Time

    Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman

    Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire

    Taylor Swift ft. Kendr…

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  • Tikkibikki

    The Liar Game.

    July 22, 2015 by Tikkibikki

    I cant explain to much but you will play in games to try ad swindle money off eachother, who will win it big and who will leave in debt? only one way to find out

    sign up with 2 characters, the second may be dropped depending on interest, I need at least 11 users

    Alejandro - The Geeky Nerdy Guy - Xroshearts

    Jacob - The Malevolent One - Jomack

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  • ConkerChu

    Summer's Out

    July 21, 2015 by ConkerChu

    I don't know why

    You think that you could hold me

    When you couldn't get by by yourself

    And I don't know who

    Would ever want to tear the seam of someone's dream

    Baby, it's fine, you said that we should just be friends

    Well, I came up with that line and I'm sure

    That it's for the best

    If you ever change your mind, don't hold your breath

    'Cause you may not believe, mmm mmm mmm

    That baby, I'm relieved, mmm

    When you said goodbye, my whole world shined

    Hey hey hey

    It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling

    If we're drinking, then I'm buying

    And I know there's no denying

    It's a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music's playing

    And even if it started raining

    You won't hear this boy complaining

    'Cause I'm glad that you're the one who got away

    It's a bea…

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  • OstianWendy

    Title. Have a good day :0

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  • ThelegendofImpaTheLastSheikah

    Hello fellow wikians I will attempt to host another wikivision and I hope I can get enough users, I want at least 11 users to join this wikivision. There will be no semi finale's so everyone who joins is automatically in the finale. So for those who don't know what wikivision is here is a link to a previous wikivision for a explanation. So leave a comment in the comment section if you have question and if you want to join!

    Since this is the return of the wikivision you can use song by any artist even those that were in the previous wikivision however you can't use the same songs that were used in any previous wikivision except for those that were used in wikivision 4.

    You can submit your song two ways, via chat or via the email: wikivisionso…

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  • ThelegendofImpaTheLastSheikah

    Hi fellow campers and fanfiction writers for as far as there are any here. Does anyone want me to host another wikivision, I personally would love to but I don't want it to die out because of lack of activity. So just a simple question, do you guys want another wikivision?

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  • ThelegendofImpaTheLastSheikah

    hey peeps check this out the rest of the exclusive clips of TDAS, They are better than the season itself. Personal favorites, Cameron's,Duncan's and Alejandro's

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  • SerenelyChaotic

    Until Dawn

    July 14, 2015 by SerenelyChaotic

    Rank "Contestant" Prologue
    Ashley Alive
    Chris Alive
    Emily Alive
    Jessica Alive
    Josh Alive
    Mike Alive
    Matt Alive
    Sam Alive

    • Beth: Fast _ Safe
    • Beth: Follow Footprints _ Follow Noise
    • Beth: Follow Shadow _ ???
    • Beth: Drop Hannah _ Let Go

    • Beth: ???
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  • SarcasticSenseofHumor


    thats that


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  • SpiritAnimal


    July 8, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    Dont mean to be one of those people but I created a new rp wiki and I'd like some sign ups!

    Click HERE!

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  • Michael.11allstar

    This is like Big Brother with the twist of the Batle of the Block. There are 16 spots. BB Takeoever enforced so there will be new twists every weeks

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  • Jomack03

    I thought I would makers my way for total drama if this season does well I will keep doing these except I will go to the next season and so on until I run out of seasons.

    Welcome to Total ..Drama .....Island!

    Episode One

    Chris okay I will now make the team's Harold, Ezekiel,Justin,Bridgette,Courtney,Heather,Geoff,Tyler,Lindsey,Eva,Trent.You guys are the screaming Gophers.The rest Duncan,Noah,Cody,Leshawna,Gwen,Kadie,Sadie,Owen,Izzy,Dj,Beth.You guys are the killer bass!Now meet me in 30 minutes for your first challenge.

    Chris:Your first task is to jump out of a plane with a parachute the person that pulls their chute closest to the ground wins it for their team and you get a reward for the second part of the challenge building a hot tub.


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  • Sgt.FrogEpic190


    thats all thats here


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  • Tikkibikki

    Im organising a camp thats a little bit different, its based off the japanese manga "The Liar Game" and the japanese and korean dramas based off it

    There are 10 contestestants aiming to lie, cheat and bargain their way to the grand prize of 10 million dollars

    Signup with 1 character

    Each round will have different formats and I will explain more when we get started

    Everything will be non live so time zones wont matter

    Conker - The Amazing Guy - Conker511

    Jacob - The Malevolent One - Jomack

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  • ConkerChu

    Okay, so, the wiki is getting really, really, really quiet, so I decided to try something new. I'm just going to label my top favorite characters on this wiki: Rules are that I can't use ANY of my own characters, and try not to be biased towards the character's user. Just a note though, I haven't seen most of these character in a long while, so I might not be completely correct on what I say about them.

    Let's just get Saionji out of the way, I shouldn't like her, I don't have a reason to like her, I just do. I don't know why but the way Saionji acts is really fun for my characters to socialize with her. So, anyway, her user is now left or is leaving the wiki (I haven't kept up with the ASvU) and I'm glad that he decided to use this characte…

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  • ConkerChu

    Kendall: Hello, my name is Kendall Smiths! I'm hosting auditions for a brand new season of Total Drama called... Total Drama City! Sixteen teenagers are put into a new city. This brand new city is built on an island, which connects to New York by a bridge. Before the city allows people to move into it and start businesses here, these contestants must run around, be separated into two teams, compete in challenges and the losing team will have a player eliminated. Step three and four repeat until only one is left, that one not only names the city, but gains one million dollars as a prize! Please sin up to my show!

    • You can only sign up as two characters per user.
    • No offensive labels or characters.
    • Sign up auditions must include who they are, the…

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  • Laugh in the Haze!

    So, how do you guys feel about this

    I am happy, of course :D

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  • ConkerChu

    Why I am so amazing?

    June 26, 2015 by ConkerChu

    Well, everyone knows why I'm so good. I'm an egotistical, narcissistic jerk who is overall not funny and annoys many of the users on the wiki unintentionally to the point where they wish he jumps.

    Wait...! These are all bad points, you say? ... ...




    ... *criez*

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  • Solarrion

    Improving Camps II

    June 24, 2015 by Solarrion

    A follow up blog to MRace's old one. Basically we're opening a box of idea to the community on how they think we should improve the wiki as a whole. I felt like the old one needed a bump so I decided to make a second blog, also since a lot of the ideas from the old one happened. 

    All the suggestions will be recorded in this blog under the heading "Ideas". You can suggest any idea in the comments and then discuss them with other users, which could help bring out the good in the idea or the negatives in the idea. The only thing I would ask you to not suggest is promotions. 

    Feel free to leave an idea in the comments!

    • Wikia Gallery by MRace2010
    • Forum with the links to the wikia games by IcicleIllusionist
    • Secret Santa by Sunsummer7
    • Annual Wiki Award…

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  • ConkerChu

    10,000 Edits

    June 22, 2015 by ConkerChu

    Hey, guys. It's-a me, Conker. I've finally gotten 10,000 edits, and I couldn't have done it without you guys being so much fun. I wouldn't be here if you guys didn't make it such a delight to be here. Even when it's a slow day, you guys still have some interesting conversations on chat, and honestly, I love being in them. Thanks to all of you, and I just want to say, you guys are the best. :D

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  • HockeyHero954

    So, most of you know I make rap battles. I also help out other people with their series. There is a series on Youtube called CartoonMadeRapBattles (link below) that is using some Total Drama Characters - but we need some Female VAs! We're looking for rapping va's for Heather, Izzy and Gwen. talk to me on skype (username is stlouisblues11) , or leave a comment here, or leave a message on my message wall. Thanks for your time!

    (Oh, and Angels vs Devils is running again yey :D)

    - Liam

    CartoonMadeRapBattles Channel:

    (14K Subs :oooo)

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  • Tikkibikki


    June 21, 2015 by Tikkibikki

    vote for wileycoyote here, i really want votes daily

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  • ConkerChu

    Surfer and Alpha had been waiting for their big fight. They didn't know why, but they decided to fight. "Surfer, we shouldn't be fighting, we should be working together." Alpha ranged.

    "Oh, yeah, you're right. We can be a duo." Surfer surfed.

    "Can I join?" Conker chu'd.

    "No." They replied. Surfer, Alpha and Nano beat Conker up, the end. 

    I gotta stop with the drugs. 

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  • DerpyandDawn


    June 18, 2015 by DerpyandDawn

    shes perfect

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  • Tikkibikki


    June 18, 2015 by Tikkibikki
    • Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa! 
    • Jomack03 has debuted. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • ElectraHeart11 has debuted. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack03 was voted off the island. 
    • Jomack0…
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  • Tikkibikki

    Roy and Ryu in Sm4sh

    June 14, 2015 by Tikkibikki

    Just announced :D opinions?

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  • ConkerChu

    Okay, so I'm going to rate the TDRR characters for what I've seen of them so far.

    No... just no.

    They don't intrest me, plus they just use smart words to sound smart, that really bugged me with Cameron. 

    Speaking of Cameron. There gag made me laugh once and that was the papercut joke. All there other jokes are cringe-worthy and they took up 60% of the episode. They can be tolerable when there not "overcoming adversity."

    They didn't do anything but they are eventually gonna be interesting so I'm putting them above the others. 

    Eh, Owen's interactions with Noah and Leonard were nice but their jokes weren't good, except for the Leonard one.

    Eh, They have potential but they're meh to me.

    Okay, they made me laugh but they're too boring. 

    Um... they didn…

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  • Miguelcamino

    Ranking Charcaters Reason
    18th Laurie and Miles The reason why I strongly dislike them is because they had 0 development and they are the last competitors that I imagine when I think of TDRR. I don't like their hippie personality and all of their lines were boring.
    17th Crimson and Ennui Who? I quess they were the most boring couple since neither of them talked nor had a conffesional nor did something special that will develop them a lot. I also strongly dislike them because of their ugly and dirty designs. I hope they are early boots.
    16th Jacques and Josee I dislike these two because they aren't something really fun to watch and are more annoing than hilarious to watch. Although they aren't the best they had some funny moments and that's wh…

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  • ThelegendofImpaTheLastSheikah

    I don't know if anyone wants it to return but it will return, once I have my laptop back, which is probably monday I am able to be more active and am able to host it over again. This theme is start all over. That means that there is almost no rules except one. So you vna sign up here or in a future blog.

    Your Winston 

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  • Surferdude1219

    Here are my rankings for Ridonculous Race characters. I will update this each time I view an episode (btw, does anyone have a guess as to when the next episode should surface on YT?)

    Ranking Team Explanation
    18th Crimson and Ennui I don't see the appeal in them. They don't speak, they're creepy tbh, and the only way they are gonna make it far is as fillers. I don't see how they can be antagonists, because to be an antagonist you have to talk, unless they are just acting and in reality they are gonna strategize or something, or maybe mess up some other teams.
    17th Rock and Spud For some reason, I don't know why, they just pissed me off everytime they came on screen.
    16th Stephanie and Ryan They didn't live up to my expectations, though they wer…

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  • SerenelyChaotic


    Pair Label Reason
    18th Crimson & Ennui The Goths Their designs are... interesting, but neither of them spoke, nor did they appear too often.
    17th Lorenzo & Chet The Step-Brothers Everytime they appeared they were arguing. I understand, step-siblings bicker and all, but that's all there is to their characters: fighting with each other. If Crimson and/or Ennui had at least one line, these two would probably be in last place.
    16th Rock & Spud The Rockers While Rock's lines about the wind were entertaining, Spud didn't speak and they didn't do much.
    15th Tom & Jen The Fashion Bloggers These two appeared so much yet I found most, if not all, of their lines annoying.
    14th Laurie & Miles The Hippies There's one problem with these two: I don't have a reason to …

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  • AlejandroCodyTylerNoah

    For each episode of TDRR I will do a ranking of all the pairs beginning with episode 1! 

    Ranking Character Reason
    18th Crimson and Ennui They didn't speak at all. I think there's something to them though. They might actually be the antagonists of the season.
    17th Laurie and Miles They're very similar to Dawn, but more interesting. Just need to hear more from them.
    16th Leonard and Tammy Very shocked to see Leonard in TDRR. Tammy has a great design, but she didn't talk. In future episodes they will probably be ranked higher.
    15th Rock and Spud They seem like a parody of the two main characters from Wayne's World. Only Rock spoke and it just didn't connect with me. 
    14th Gerry and Pete The idea of having older people in the show is a good concept. Their ri…

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  • Alpha Ranger

    My ban is over. *laughs evily* Lol.  

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  • Nemolee.exe

    Hey Guys.

    June 7, 2015 by Nemolee.exe

    I will finally be coming here often.

    That's right, back into business, baby!

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  • WelshGirlAmber

    4 years ye

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  • Sunsummer7

    The title just about says it all doesn't it? 

    As of the creation of this blog, it's been five whole years since I joined on that fateful day on June 6th, 2010. My life changed forever (no really, this site was just about all I'd do... I have no life whatsoever). Although I was a mega noob back then, being warned by admin Kenzen to stop advertising back when that was actually a major rule, I still prevailed in making a camp. It sucked, but after TF dug it up last year and we both loved to mock it, it led to a comedy sequel this year. 

    I know you guys are probably wondering what you get out of this blog post and why read my reflection of my experiences here, but hang in there. There are shout outs at the end, or you could just skip to them rig…

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  • XxSolarEclipsexX

    hi. im like leaving after asvu is done. :~) thought i should announce that tbh. pls dont pretend u actually care i love nlg and goodbye in advance. idk what to do with my powers tho so if anyone got a good idea you should feed that to me :~) 

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  • HockeyHero954

    Ok. Clearly I was inactive and not paying attention to my camps again. I'm really sorry. I've been busy with school. That, and some IRL issues. I'm gonna be more active starting next week.

    Also I'm in Total Drama: Gone Wild yay me I'm a VA again :DDD

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  • Nduke

    Hey guys! True Colors' is BACK, and therefore, the audition process begins as well. This season, the theme is Worlds Apart. For this season, the teams will be divided upon their rank in the social world: blue collar (working class), white collar (bosses, corporate workers, CEO's), and no collar (unemployed, hairdresser, coconut vendor, pedicab driver). 18 all-new competitors will travel to Pahkitew Island.

    • Name: Elissa
    • Gender: Female
    • Label: The Transformed Model
    • Occupation: Model
    • Tribe Designation (Blue collar, no collar, white collar): No collar


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  • 744442

    OC Thief

    May 23, 2015 by 744442

    Oh No!

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  • Solarrion

    Liama: Welcome to Rating Game: All or Nothing! In this season, competitors will be living in a house featuring of themselves and their peers. They will take place in daily tasks (ratings) with some sinister tricks along the way. More will be explained when the season begins, but for now, you can sign up! 

    • Name a.k.a Nickname
    • Age (doesn't have to be real)
    • Three Words to Describe Yourself
    • Why You Should Join


    • Liam aka Liama
    • 16
    • Fresh, Hip, Fun
    • Because the host should compete in everything, even his own show.

    • Surfer
    • Dianted
    • Conker
    • Chase
    • Milkshake
    • Electra
    • Blaze
    • Don
    • Nemo
    • Boo
    • Miguel
    • Michael
    • Holden
    • Emerald
    • Leafy
    • BB
    • Dark
    • Blake
    • Jordan
    • Dylan
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  • OstianWendy

    1,000 Edits

    May 23, 2015 by OstianWendy

    I'd like to thank Blake, TF, Liam, Jordan, Mabel and Dianted.

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